NHL Rumor Mill – November 16, 2018

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As the Dec. 1 signing deadline for Toronto Maple Leafs winger William Nylander draws nearer, trade speculation is growing. Check out the latest in your NHL Rumor Mill.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Leafs could face three options with Nylander: re-sign him before the Dec. 1 deadline, trade him before that deadline, or consider shopping him at the trade deadline if they don’t find a suitable offer before Dec. 1.

The last one would involve non-playoff clubs as Nylander would be ineligible to play this season if not under contract by the deadline. LeBrun considers it the least-likely option.

Another day, another plethora of speculation over William Nylander’s future. (Photo via NHL Images)

Bob McKenzie believes re-signing Nylander remains the Leafs’ priority. One agent not involved in the situation predicted both sides could settle on a three-year bridge contract for “four million in the first year, five million in the second year, seven million in the third year. That would be a $5.33 million AVV.”

Carolina Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell confirmed he’s interested in Nylander but believes the Leafs still hope to re-sign him. Waddell thinks “multiple teams” have contacted the Leafs to see what’s going on. For his part, the Hurricanes GM said part of his discussions with Leafs GM Kyle Dubas was focused on gaining insight for his own restricted free agents.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In case you’re wondering, this isn’t tampering because Nylander is a free agent. 

The Hurricanes have been linked to Nylander and the Leafs for some time. If the Leafs put Nylander on the trade block, the Hurricanes have depth in defensemen to tempt them.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun recently listed the Hurricanes, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, Anaheim Ducks, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Arizona Coyotes, and Colorado Avalanche as potential trade destinations for Nylander. Appearing on TSN Radio yesterday, LeBrun speculates at least one-third of the league have contacted the Leafs expressing some level of interest in Nylander.

LeBrun’s colleague Jonas Siegel believes if the Leafs can’t re-sign Nylander they should not trade him but let him sit out the season and attempt to re-sign him next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My feeling is Nylander and the Leafs agree to a bridge contract leading up to Dec. 1, probably close to the breakdown McKenzie suggested. Of course, both sides are going to take as much time as possible in these negotiations as they attempt to jockey for leverage against each other.

I’m not surprised that there’s so much interest in Nylander. You can’t blame those general managers for checking in on his potential availability and how much the Leafs could ask for his services. Here’s my take on those clubs listed by LeBrun:

Hurricanes: Have the depth in defensemen and other assets (including salary-cap room) to tempt the Leafs but of late it sounds like Waddell could be looking elsewhere for a scoring forward. He’ll likely keep tabs on Nylander but I think he’s got other targets in mind.

Kings: Lack the depth in tradeable assets and sufficient salary-cap room to make this work. I don’t see Dubas having interest in Alec Martinez or Jake Muzzin as he’ll likely prefer younger blueliners with a longer shelf live.

Wild: Unless they’re willing to part with Matt Dumba (and I don’t believe they are), I don’t see a deal here.

Ducks: Like the Hurricanes, hold depth in good, young defenseman. LIke the Kings, they have limited cap space. Probably no deal there.

Panthers: LeBrun believes they’ve internally discussed Nylander but they haven’t reached out to the Leafs. That suggests they’re not serious suitors.

Blues: After loading up on forwards this summer, they’re now having difficulties on defense and in goal. Nylander won’t help address those issues. And no, they won’t part with Colton Parayko. 

Golden Knights: The asking price will likely be Shea Theodore and I don’t see GM George McPhee agreeing to that.

Coyotes: Yes, Nylander would be a good fit with their young nucleus. Like LeBrun, I don’t see them seriously pursuing him. LeBrun jokingly suggests they’re keeping their powder dry for an expensive offer sheet next summer for Arizona native Auston Matthews. Let that rattle around in your heads for the weekend, Leafs fans. 

Avalanche: They’re soon to face a significant re-signing of their own with emerging superstar Mikko Rantanen. I don’t see Nylander as a fit there.

To sum up, I believe the Hurricanes stand the best chance to land Nylander if the Leafs decide to trade him. It’s possible, however, one of the other clubs listed by LeBrun could step up with a big offer, or perhaps another team not on that list could surprise us. 

And to wrap this up here’s a truly eye-rolling suggestion from Damien Cox. Discuss!




  1. Normally I think Cox is a bit of an ass guess I’m not the only one judging by Rogers reboot of NHL coverage, but I honestly don’t think this is as Eye rolling as once thought given the contract speculation

    • As a leaf fan I’d be happy trading Matthew’s for a bucket list of high end picks or prospects so long as I could use the cap savings on Matthew’s to sign Duchene and Stone as UFAs.

      • Does Toronto really need more scoring forwards though?

        Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s NMC doesn’t kick in until next season…just sayin’.

        I seriously doubt that Matthews gets dealt, but with the right return I think TOR could actually be better setup as a cup contender.

    • Pretty sure I floated this option a couple of weeks back.
      I stand by it.
      Trade Matthews for a bunch of assets.
      Leafs don’t need him, but they sure need what he can fetch in a deal.

    • It does make one think twice of the idea. The Leafs will enter cap hell next season: potentially; Matthews $11 M -$13 M, Marner $10 M, Tavares $11 M. Kapanen? $5 – $6 M?
      To me Matthews has “injury prone” written all over him. He’s a glass china doll. This makes me nervous.

      • Greg

        I’ve seen other people suggest Kapanen is worth $5-6M. I don’t get it. Connor Brown scored 20 goals (36 puts) as a rookie and signed signed for $6.3M over 3 years.

        Do you really think Kapanen is worth 2-1/2 times as much as Brown coming off his ELC?

      • Probably the same people who think Nylander should sign for less than that.

      • I also don’t get why everyone continues to talk about Marner at the $10M + level, comparables suggest he’s in the $8-9 range, or the leafs bridge him for far less, absorb Matthews hit and wait and see. Look at Kucherov as a comparable.

      • Remember when Sidney Crosby had multiple concussions, Greg, and many people thought his best days were behind him? Two Stanley Cups later, he seems to be doing all right.
        I would keep Auston Matthews.

      • I would trade Mathews to Florida for Barkov,Matheson and 1st round pick in a heartbeat.

      • It what world is Kapanen 5-6


      this is where the Nylander situation has taken you guys in talks and Hockey talk ….

      Trading Matthews…..
      all of a sudden becomes a viable option to talk about …COME ON !!

      this is just non sense talk here….
      literally !!!

      Seattle is coming in…. Europe is opening up and the cap will grow very nicely due to this situation where as they can keep everyone long term !!

      Ive been reading and posting here for 7 and a half years …Ive seen guys get ripped a new
      ” A HOLE ” for suggesting a trade where as someone didn’t like it because it was undervalued…or someone didn’t like an opinion of someone else but this is crazy talk!

      The LEAFS will never EVER have a guy like Matthews walk through the door the way this guy just did when the Franchise was at the absolute bottom of the barrel…and was literally dying for a guy like this and a Natural Center man that took years to replace Sundin !!!

      Finally they possibly have the best 200 foot Hockey player in the world… plays every aspect of the game has an elite shot …makes everyone look like an $8 million dollar player even when they ARE NOT a.k.a ( Nylander ) and he gets hurt and they do well and you think trading Matthews for a bunch of guys to fill holes for 4 – 5 years that they are leaking from is going to fix everything wrong with the Leafs …..and try and save money when the league is going to open up in Europe soon and the cap will go through the roof and there will be no issues to keep the guys who they need long term will not be any problem what so ever !!

      HOLY #!@?
      what are you guys thinking here ….this is the most insane thought process and a new low here for topics of discussion ….

      and you guys run out daily good posters here and trash them for less …sheeesh 🙁

      Finally the Leafs have a legit Franchise player a 200 FOOT CENTERMAN and the idea of trading him is to get ….MAYBE …2 top 2 D men and a boat load of picks and prospects and clear cap space is going to fix everything or HELP long term …NO WAY !! WOW CRAZY TALK!!!

      Matthews is a GAME BREAKER and is ELITE and IMO is a better all around player than Mcdavid through out the entire ice surface !!!

      If anything the Oilers need more help through out a line up and need MAJOR help in every aspect of the Oilers …so why not trade Mcdavid as this would be the more reasonable option to bring in a boat load of assets as they stink with him and need more depth …OHHH!!… but that would be insane !!

      Its the same thing here …holy cow guys !!

      The Leafs have Sandin, Liljergen on D who are going to be un fricken real in the NHL …when they get the shot!

      Rielly is in talk of a Norris …Marner and Kappy are on fire all of a sudden Patrick Marleau sucks for 12 games LMFAO and everyone says ditch him…LOL ..NOT!!

      …and because NYLANDER IS OVER VALUING HIMSELF …the idea of trading Matthews is a topic worth talking about >>>OMG

      If you are a Leaf fan and you think this is a viable option for a bucket list of players AKA ( question mark s in picks and prospects ) guys who may never see the light of day in the NHL

      SHAME ON YOU !!!..Its no wander leaf fans get ripped …this is just nonsense

      Finally you have the best team in its history a top 2 player in the league and you want to trade the best player on it !@!

      Give your head a shake guys !!

      Only 1 team wins the cup …you keep your BEST PLAYER to get there !!

      Or at least give you that opportunity for as long as you can …AKA Washington Capitals and Ovechkin !

      Yea…. trade Mcdavid because the Oilers need at least 15 better players on that team or they are GOING NO WHERE even with Mcdavid !!!
      My as well ..your going no where with just McDavid !

      • This was awesome.

      • I don’t think anyone put a value on Mcdavid here today. Just talk of “the possibility ” of trading him.

        As far as Mathews being superior to Mcdavid, now that’s crazy talk. I like Mathews, but let’s not get silly here. Nothing as of today would make that statement even remotely true.

        I like Stamkos, Tavares, Seguin, etc. but they’re not even close to Crosby. Pittsburgh is one of my least favorite teams in the league, but reality is reality.

        The idea of trading Mathews, or even the reality of it is a lot better than some proposals I’ve seen from some leaf fans… Doughty for a bunch of guys we don’t want etc.

        Do I think Mathews gets trade any time soon? Doubtful. However discussing it shouldn’t be considered Blasphemous either, especially considering what this team will be facing in cap complications in the near future.

        And as shticky points out, it’s not exactly the same thing as Chicago or LA. They have cups to show for all those contracts. Most of which came after winning. Toronto could be put in the same position as the oilers. A lot of expensive contracts that handcuff them , and making their window start closing before it ever really opens.

        I want everyone that is getting insane about the idea of trading Mathews to bookmark this page. So the next time a Gardiner and Nylander for Hedman and Kucherov deal come up, we can revisit ridiculous trade scenarios again at that point.

      • Value on Mathews, not Mcdavid…

      • Wow what a well presented, rationale post! I almost thought this was not a hockey rumour site and a place where adults can have a congenial discussion. p.s Lyle you should be commended for creating an environment where a sense of decorum and intellect is beginning to trump juvenile testosterone driven drivel. kudos

    • Only in Toronto can people propose the dumbest things…Toronto a team who has rarely had a top 10 player being discussed about trading away for a mystery box of players that would never replace what Matthews can bring. Like anywhere else no one would ever think it but Toronto, why not?

      • Again just depends. Not saying it’s super great idea, but I am saying I wouldn’t be lining up to give a guy no matter who he is or where he plays over 10 mill a year when he has been in the league only 2.5 years and has had 2 pretty similar significant injuries that have kept him out of the lineup for a substantial amount of time with out looking at all the options available, but hey you want to back up the brinks truck up with out making sure it’s at the right house go a head.

      • The ONE and ONLY time I have agreed with Ron Moore in 8 Years !!


    • And as Tavares slows down over the next few years of his contract and Mathews is rolling through his prime it ain’t gonna be Canadiens fans, Coyote fans, Ranger fans or any others screaming about what the Leafs did. But you can be sure the Leaf fans will be comparing Dubas to Burke and Nonis and Ferguson and all the rest before him, and trying to figure out who they can get as GM to lead them to a cup because the drought has continued

  2. They are similar players at different ages. Why would you keep the older guy? Because you just signed him to a long deal? Keep em both. Make it work.

    • Or keep the pipeline full of more affordable assets that in the later years of bigger contracts of guys like JT, Marner are very valuable and you may not hamstring your team. Leafs haven’t won anything yet if the lock up all their players around what’s being speculated and they stumble they could face the same issues as facing some others like the Hawks now just minus the cups or the Oilers of the past with a bunch of hogh priced young talent and no glue to hold it together. Now I’m not saying it’s a great idea just saying it’s not entirely as off the wall as once thought, currently the Leafs are still winning games minus Nylander and Matthews small sample but looking over the last 2 seasons the Leafs play pretty well with out Matthews in the lineup. It might extend a 5 year window in to much longer depending on what came back keeping the team competitive for years to come

      • Or let him walk on that giant offersheet and take the half decade of first round picks the Yotes use to get him. What rattles around in this Leaf fans head is all the early draft picks the yotes have had and are still a work in progress what’s saying Matthews helps to mprove them all that much? I’m not sure it’s a given that Arizona is going down that road

      • How about Matthews to L.A. for Doughty and L.A.’s first round in 19

      • Take the 4 firsts? If Arizona has the expected results with Matthews, OEL and a solid Raanta in net with all sorts of complimentary pieces then those picks are between 16-31
        Leafs are great at drafting in the top 10 but recent history for later picks in the first is nothing to write home about. Tyler Biggs, Percy and Gauthier
        Liljgren may become really good but he fell in the draft due to injuries, won’t happen every year.

        Thats 4 first round draft picks, which is neatly the same as the compensation for the offer sheet. I don’t know about you but I’d decline Biggs, Percy, Gauthier and Liljgren for Matthews

      • Wanna do this with later first round picks from a better GM not named Burke or Nonis? Cause I think I can find a few guys picked in the bottom half of the first round that turned out pretty well. 8 (if you included their own)first round picks in 4 years aling with 20-12 mill in capspace can be used many ways and would go along way with a rebuilding team so what’s to say it wouldn’t help a good team? Just depends no sense speculating on what’s very unlikely but anyone can be traded and it doesn’t hurt to ask some questions.

      • Yes Schticky, go ahead and name the late first round picks in the latter half for the Leafs – for each and every year. If you think the Leafs are gonna be able to get 4 NHL quality pieces out of 4 late draft picks then that is overly optimistic and at a minimum a large gamble.

      • Even if you have 2 first in 1 year of a draft it doesn’t mean you use em, they are value you can peddle them to move up it is entirely possible another team uses them and outside sketchy managed teams like the Leafs alot of teams that are well managed seem to be able to draft a pretty good player in the bottom half of the first round and later again if the Yotes were to throw that offer sheet I’d drive him to the air port 8 firsts in four years at least and 12-13 mill in space? Umm that goes a lot further than I think you realize and if you already loaded up for a few years with a core I’m not so sure, I’d dismiss the odds of hitting more often with more opportunities is all that outlandish again what if they stumble there is no guarantee success in the NHL if Dubas does go all in on what he has now what happens if it doesn’t work? You’re a cap strapped team for a decade? How long you think these guys going to last if they don’t win a cup or NVM a cup how bout a round or 2 in the playoffs.. what then? Dubas is a smart guy I’m sure he is thinking things through and screwing up Mathews works both ways now that you got Tavares who will be fine for the most part for the first 5 or so years knock on wood but if Matthews in some small way is a miss and you just traded Nylander to tie up money for the wrong guy they will burn Dubas house down in Hog town lol just look at some of these guys posting here

  3. I agree with Jonas Steigal. Do they not keep his rights until he is 27. This year they have oodles of cap space for rentals. Sign him later.

  4. So Don Waddell is looking for scoring help??? didn’t he give Jeff Skinner away a few months ago? and got draft picks back in return?? What was the new owner thinking when he handed control over to this guy? I wouldn’t let Don Waddell order me lunch, let alone run my hockey team.

    • Look at the horrible trades and draft picks made by the Atlanta Thrashers – for years.

    • Good one, Ed, and the Buffalo Sabres are having a Don Waddell tribute later in the season.

  5. Blues should never have let Carter Hutton walk.

  6. How about taking a page from the penguins playbook. Put Matthews on the wing with Tavares and Marner.

  7. Well I could care less if they traded Mathews or he signs an offer sheet. As of right now they have too many guys that are going to get paid. It might be better to get a ton for Mathews and your out of cap hell. Do I think they would trade him no.

  8. Your going to trade a 21yr 6’3″ 223lbs C who is already one of the top C in the league, for a liter of assets. This kind of thinking is outside the box and in this case, a hard pass.
    Auston Matthews is built for long term success, he has speed, finesse, shot and size, but once he loses a step won’t affect his play because of his skill set. You don’t give this asset away for anything!
    But let me play the game as a bruins fan. I would give MacAvoy, Debrusk, Donato and a 1st

    • Why is it that a Bruins fan and Habs fan (Lyle) making the most sense about what to do with Matthews?
      You do not trade a young, dominant 1C.
      I’ve used this example before, you don’t trade Crosby because you have Malkin. Not comparing players, just the situation

      • Taz, disregard comments on Matthews and signing him. He is one guy Dubas will not mess with.

      • If AM fetched Keller+OEL and they resign Nylander are they better than if they have AM+ a Hurricane defenseman?

        just asking. I would not trade AM. Well maybe for Hedman

    • Leave out Debrusk and sure. MacAvoy has a lot of value, not straight up for Matthews value but Debrusk as a kicker seems steep.

    • Trade Matthews and Nylander. Lol
      The further the Leafs are from the cup, the better.

  9. Note to Bruce Cassidy, when the Bruins are shorthanded tonight, I know you picking are slim with MacAvoy, Carlo, Miller and Chara sidelines but please reframe from putting 5’9″ 174lbs Matt Grzelcyk and 5’9″ 186lbs Torey Krug together on the Penalty Kill, the only think they help accomplish is blocking the vision of the goaltender. Pick one or the other but not both at the same time. Thanks

    • What’s with all the D going down again Caper? Seriously, WTF? The Chara one looked scary might be long term.
      They have to play somebody on the PK, not sure Kampfer is a better option, so go with Zboril, Moore and Lauzon I guess.
      Your also leaving out Vaakanainen who got hurt when he was the first call up. So make it 5.
      Not sure who they find to play in Providence as they will all be here.

      • Ray Bark, Moore is out tonight also; however Miller might be back if not the D are:

        Lauzon- Grzelcyk
        Krug – Clifton
        Zboril – Kampfer

        Both Clifton and Zboril will be playing their 1st NHL game if Miller isn’t in.

    • I didn’t realize Boston had 4 D-man sidelined. I heard about Chara and knew about MacAvoy. Are there any updates on timelines for them yet?

  10. this is crazy! instead of trading nylander for a decent help now return (and pesce, while a tough asset for lina to lose would seem to be a nice return)fans would consider trading the hardest asset in the league to acquire? a franchise center?!?! are these fans so into the rebuild they don’t actually want a cup?

    • Chrisms, when you say fans you’re really referring to a few not too well informed people. All informed fans will never forgive Dubas if he messes up Matthews.

      • Agree with this 100%.
        Some ‘fans’ seem to be more fans of rumors and groundbreaking moves.
        Matthews and Tavares as 1A, 1B are cornerstones for the next 6-8 years for the franchise. I’d rather lose Nylander for nothing than to consider trading Matthews

      • Dunno I’m a pretty “informed” fan and all I am saying if you ignore options and contingency you quite often find yourself in a corner. Now doesn’t mean it’s a fantastic idea but as hard as it is to get a Matthews it is also hard to get a top D like OEL or with boatloads of picks your chances of finding something else significant increase and could provide less costly options. If Arizona did offer sheet and didn’t dramatically get better you could end up with what the Leafs have now with a new crop of Marners Nylanders and the like to come and if the timing was right keeps the cycle fresh instead of a tear down of a capped out team in years 6,7,8 of those hefty contracts. Again it’s more about thinking long term and options than it is oh yeah we should trade Matthews, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep options open and that is far from eye rolling or crazy thinking.

      • Fair enough fellas.

        Speaking of nylander if he brought back a pesce or similar d man I think they should run with it. Paying nylander the supposed 8 mil is too much but letting him sit doesn’t help the team now when they have as good a chance at the cup as anyone. He might not garner the return he otherwise would have without the hold out but still the return could solidify the team

      • This talk of trading Matthews is hilarious, there is a zero % chance the leafs do this or entertain it. He’s the #1 marketing player in the NHL right now, why would the leafs trade a known commodity for many unknowns, and even if those unknowns pan out then they could be in cap hell in 2-3 years later anyway. You go for the best team possible right now, win the cup and NO ONE cares about cap hell, ask how bad Chicago or LA fans feel, 2 cups each? I’d die a happy man.

      • The Leafs have won nothing, big contracts that came about in those 2 places were all generally done after winning cups let’s not put the cart in front of the horse

    • Fun to watch though.

      • Shtiky, I know you and I have had some good debates and I don’t want to challenge your level of knowledge. Having said this on Matthews there are no other realistic options but to keep him long term. So I’ll respectfully agree to disagree with you on this one and move on.

      • Chrism, I’m not trading Nylander for Pesce as the principal. I know many hate what I’m about to say, but if this is the best Dubas can get, Nylander needs to sit.

      • fans are fans. I know if guentzel held out I’d be tempted to say let the bum sit. But as someone with no skin in the game objectively trading nylander for a decent return like pesce is a wise move

  11. Trading Matthews might need to happen. But the cap will likely increase. If the Leafs win the Cup this year (which is entirely possible with a deadline deal or two to land some solid D) then trading Matthews is even palatable to Leafs fans (myself included).

    • If you trade Mathews you need a Lindros haul if you can get that you do it

    • Chrism, I’ll tell you why Pesce makes no sense as the principal for Nylander. The Leafs have a number of defensemen in their system that project far higher then Pesce will ever reach. I know some of you think this guy is better than I obviously do, but my point is a guy like Pesce is much easier to find and develop then a guy like Nylander. That deal you think is a wise move will never be one Dubas makes.

      Also, I don’t take Nylander sitting lightly, I and I am very certain Dubas has him sitting over taking the best offer that happens to be based on Pesce.

      • I feel (no basis in facts) that Carolina is playing chicken with Faulk . You’re talking in the system. Leafs should be in this year while elc’s still are on hand. To be clear nylander is a better player than pesce. Inherently more valuable than pesce. But nylander at 8 vs pesce at What… 4.something? Equal value.

  12. Nylander is a passer, not a scorer. So if teams need a scoring forward, Nylander is not the guy to invest big $$$ in, especially if your team doesn’t have a scoring winger he can pass the puck to

    • Mike, the guy that gets the first assist and many of them is just as key as the guy that puts the puck in the net. Have you watched what Marner does? Nylander isn’t quite as good at it, but still near elite as being the playmaker.

    • Most teams have this sort of player.
      Carolina has a young sniper in Svenchnikov, Vegas has Pacioretty/Tuch,
      Wild Granlund, Anaheim Rakell,
      Panthers Hoffman/Dadonov/Huberdeau

    • 8 game winning goals last year he can shoot the puck just fine

      • Shticky, Nylander can absolutely fire the puck – great shot, great stickhandling and skating ability. But does have a pass first mentality. It’s what makes him have the great upside he does have. I also read some comments that Nylander isn’t a 200 foot player. Not from you, just in general. From that end, for his age his is extremely strong on both ends of the ice, only to get better. Ya he makes 200 foot mistakes, who doesn’t, especially at his age.

    • Nylander has a big time shot he will score goals he can do both.

    • For comparison, look at what happened with Montreal when they picked up Max Domi and moved him to centre.
      Nylander could make the same move and his ability to play in the middle as well as on the wing is yet another reason to keep him. the Leafs have three excellent centres but the depth chart after that is pretty thin.

      • BC Fan, watch Lindholm very closely. He’s not flashy and right now not a big offensive threat. You’re going to really like his game, especially in his own end. But I don’t disagree the Leafs are thin in centre prospects.

    • Chrisms, I so disagree that I’m going to leave it at that. You don’t deal a guy for a guy making less money simply because of the money. If that were the case, the Leafs should have dealt for 3.1MM Stome or 4MM Spooner. I’m not going to debate with you any longer. I’m fine that we both see it differently and agree to disagree

  13. Now, I’ve sang the praises on Nylander and have insisted he sign 6-7 years at 6.5 ish. Why?

    He’s an RFA and has no arbitration rights. The CBA is built around the teams have a financial advantage during RFA years and if Nylander wants 6.5ish, he needs to part with 2 UFA years as part of the deal. I know some GMs have paid premiums for their RFAs. I don’t agree that they have done their teams justice in that tact.

    So comments that Dubis low-balling at 6.5 IMO are unjustified. I think he is offering a very fair deal for an extremely talented RFA, just removed from his entry deal.

  14. I don’t think the idea of trading Mathews is ludicrous at all.
    I think there are 3 players I’d never consider trading in the entire NHL. Mcdavid, Hedman And Doughty. And I’d reconsider Doughty in a few years.

    • NY, I think the key term is realistic options. Even the three you outline could be traded, but there is no team giving up the boatload it would take to pry them. I see Matthew in a similar situation, not quite the level of those three, but similar. The Leafs are not getting what it would take to pry Matthews. No team should give that up.

    • Mathews is 21 years old. You’ll be adding him to that list very soon NyR.

      • Again, I like Mathews, but he’d have to be well above the level he’s been to be on that list.

        Hell of a start before he got injured, but I think even the most die hard leaf fan would agree it wasn’t sustainable.

    • My three players I would never trade McDavid Bergeron and Pastrnak Mathews is a close third but believe his contract will be ludicrous.

  15. And just to be clear I’d way rather give 7 to Nylander coming off an ELC than Matthews 10-11 I’m not sure his shoulder won’t give out when carrying all those money bags to the bank

    • Shticky, the shoulder is a scary thing right now, but at least it’s not Matthews head. Your comment is well received.

      • There’s no comparison between hall and Larson’s day nylander and pesce. Situation so different!

  16. I woukd trade Matthews in a second….for Connor McDavid.

    Hockey general managers course 101:

    1. You don’t trade your franchise player.

    2. You don’t trade an elite scoring winger for a defensive top four defenseman that can’t score. See Peter Chiarelli’s resume for specifics.

    3. You don’t sign slow players that can’t score to long term expensive contracts. See Peter Chiarelli’s resume.

    4. You don’t pay a goalie 10 million dollars. If your goalie sucks after he signs you’re stuck with a contract nobody will want and hinders your ability to work around the cap to sign players.

    5. Demote buttercup wingers. If you don’t hit, can’t score, won’t forecheck, you belong in another league: men’s league or the neighborhood reunion church parking lot road hockey league.

    6. As a general rule, don’t trade players where the return is less than what you’d draft ahead of the player you are trying to draft. Nobody would draft Brett Pesce or Justin Faulk ahead of Nylander.

    7. You trade draft picks, prospects, and replaceable roster players for responsible hard working role players to plug up holes on your team for a cup run.

    8. Your special teams win games..

    9. Your team needs to be faster than every other team. Period at the end of that sentence.

    10. Captains should have the qualities of Doug Gilmour. Period at the end of that sentence.

    • K I know the Gilmours pretty well and take a look at the list of teams he played for…wanna know why? Cause generally the guy is a bit of a douchebag that other players didn’t really like and that’s not really getting in to his personal traits which are again a little iffy at best

      • With respect to Gilmour no idea how true my next statement is, but there was a rumor in the 80s when he was with St Louis that Gilmour was dating an underaged young lady. It was the rumored reason St Louis got rid of him.

      • 13 year old babysitter yep, and was a pain in the ass in Calgary no one in the Habs room wanted anything to do with him and was a diva in Jersey and Chicago aswell. Blasphemy I’m sure as I’m a Leaf fan from Kingston but I grew up down the street from his family our parents were friends Dougie is not what he appears to be to some Leaf fans and their glorious memories. For the most part in his younger days he was something you would scrap from your shoe after walking in a dog park

      • Gilmour got busted with his teenaged babysitter in St Louis.

        Hence the nickname Doug “the babysitter” Gilmour.

    • agree with your GM rules ….especially number 6…Leafs are not going to win this year….get what you think is fair (Pesce, Faulk, LA defensemen not named Doughty, is not fair) or do not trade

      More teams in the hunt in June and July….Dubas and Leaf upper leadership demonstrate they don’t cave…all that based on assumption that the $$ offer to Nylander was fair and not a low ball….

    • So here is what I’m doing by Nov 30th if I’m Dubas with respect to Nylander:

      6.25MM for 8 years. Total dollars approx 50MM. I’m giving 30MM upfront. Nylander can invest that and likely make 6% fairly easily. That’s 1.8MM in investement income. Total Salary then becomes close to 8MM. Cap hit years 2-8 are under 5.9MM. Win\Win

      • I may be wrong on years 2-8 Cap hit as bonus (up front) money is treated differently against the cap, but even so 6.25 cap hit works.

    • If Matthews and McDavid are to be described as in the same ball park – one’s hitting HR and the other is selling peanuts. So far. That may change, but I’ve yet to see anything that suggests Matthews is even CLOSE to McDavid.

      • Not an unfair statement George. Time will ultimately tell us the facts on each. It will be another difficult negotiation for Dubas.

      • Hoffman’s doing pretty good!

  17. not sure i agree that the avs cant be a trade partner with leafs….just because rants will be due a big raise…they have plenty of cap space…..and a need for secondary scoring…..just not sure what it would take….
    jost and avs first?…..not sens first

    • Avs, that is a very interesting offer. It something I would consider if I were Dubas. Getting a young centre to me is a better option than a defenseman. The Leafs have many defense prospects but not so many at centre. I like the offer alot more than the propsect of Pesce or a comparable to Pesce.

      • I wouldn`t touch that deal, Jost is never going to be in Nylander`s class and a late first rounder wouldn`t even come close to making up the difference

  18. Spooner to Edmonton for Ryan Strome
    hopefully this is the jolt both players need

  19. yogi….avs first rd pick could be a lottery pick as well….i dont think its a late first anyways….
    jost and makar for willy?

  20. Lamoriello pulls power-play on Leafs: with money to spare and prospects galore Isles put 10 yr $12M offer sheet out there for Matthews. Either the Leafs match and tip over the cap or he signs. Either way, one last shot at former team…

    • Perhaps…though the max contract length any team other than Toronto can offer is 7 years, Toronto can offer 8.

    • Here we have yet another cry baby isles fan…..just put the offer sheet in and move on.

  21. Ok now I am convinced: keep am and stop fiddling with fool scenarios: am for Keller and Okiver EL. Come on, folks! For Drew D? No! For Hedman. Do these folks watch hockey or are they soccer fans. The leafs could be a fabulous team but only if they keep Matthews. Nylander is not a must but Auston is: injuries? Great point about Sidney and his situation. Why give up in a 21 year old nowhere near his prime? There is only one deal I would make and that is for Connor M. And why would oil do that??

  22. Matthews isn’t going anywhere – and you would be crazy to move him