NHL Rumor Mill – November 19, 2018

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Latest on the Flames, Penguins, and Oilers in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Cory Schneider of the New Jersey Devils, and Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings top Rory Boylen’s list of possible trade targets if the Calgary Flames decide to go shopping for a goaltender. The others are Jaroslav Halak of the Boston Bruins, Charlie Lindgren of the Montreal Canadiens, Ryan Miller of the Anaheim Ducks, and Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators.

Could the Calgary Flames target Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard for a possible trade? (Photo via NHL Images)

Several of these goalies (Bobrovsky, Schneider, Howard, and Lindgren) were discussed by Elliotte Friedman during a recent appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960. Boylen noted Bobrovsky’s no-movement clause makes it unlikely he’ll come to Calgary. He also observed Schneider’s been struggling to regain his form following offseason hip surgery.

Friedman suggested Howard might be a better option, even though there are rumors that he’s looking at signing a short-term contract extension with the Red Wings. He doubts the Flames can pry Halak away from the Bruins and thinks Lindgren could be a more affordable acquisition than Howard.

Boylen wonders if Miller might be an option near the trade deadline if the Ducks are out of playoff contention by that point. Anderson expressed interest in a trade during the summer as he was growing weary of the drama surrounding the team. However, their surprising play this season and lack of a quality goalie in their system who can step into the starter’s job could make the Senators reluctant to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bobrovsky’s not joining the Flames via trade. Even if he was willing to accept a move to Calgary, the Blue Jackets’ asking price and the high cost of re-signing him could hurt the Flames more than he could help. Schneider’s difficulties won’t make him an attractive option for the Flames, assuming he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause.

Howard’s played a crucial role in the Wings’ recent resurgence. He wants to stay in Detroit and the Wings appear keen to keep him. Unless things go off the rails in the coming weeks, I don’t think Howard’s available. Tuukka Rask’s inconsistency this season means the Bruins aren’t parting with Halak.

Anderson could become available if Senators owner Eugene Melnyk decides to blow things up but that’s unlikely to happen as long as the club continues to exceed expectations this season. As for Miller, his wife is actress Noureen DuWulf so I don’t think he’s keen to leave Anaheim even if the Ducks continue to struggle this season. 

Of those on this list, Lindgren seems the most likely trade option but there’s no certainty the Canadiens will part with him. Montreal general manager Marc Bergevin could prefer keeping Lindgren as insurance in case Carey Price or Antti Niemi get hurt at some point in the season. 


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Pittsburgh Penguins aren’t likely to stop at their recent addition of winger Tanner Pearson, especially when they’re sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and GM Jim Rutherford remaining keen to deal.

Johnston noted younger winger Daniel Sprong has surfaced in the trade-rumor mill and defenseman Olli Maatta’s name has popped up as well. “There have even been some renewed whispers about Phil Kessel’s availability — although the Penguins need more scoring behind Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, not less, and Kessel has an eye-popping 115 points to show for his last 100 games.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Kessel going anywhere. He’s their leading goal scorer (nine goals) and sits second in points (23) behind Evgeni Malkin. Sprong and Maatta are more likely trade candidates. Forwards Bryan Rust and Riley Sheahan could also be available. 




  1. Calgary could probably get Lindgren IF they also took Alzner off Bergevin’s hands.

    • George,

      Off-hockey topic, but a Calgary topic…. congrats on the 3rd trip in 4 years to the Grey Cup. Nice win.

      I’ll be cheering for you. 🙂

      • Hamilton looked as bad as the BC Lions last week. QB Trevor Harris set a modern-day record with 29 of 32 pass completions, 6 of them for TDs, and throughout the game hit 10 different receivers. It doesan’t get much more dominating than that.

      • George,

        Yep— absolutely loved the game.

        Growing up in Toronto , it was in my blood to abhor the TiCats …. but I’ve been a fan of Red Blacks since they came back in to the league.

        Great to see the use of 10 different receivers and a good grouping of those were Cannucks!

      • As a Rider fan, I will be cheering for Harris and the RB’s to have another performance like yesterday’s.

        I share the same sentiments as you two, that was a great showing yesterday.

    • The best goalie among those listed is a healthy and effective Mike Smith. Calgary’s best move might be to bet on Smith.

      • I dont think the Flames would get Lindgren from the Habs .some of the other options look good I would go after Anderson he needs a change of scenery .but what would uvheed to hive up for him

  2. Like I pointed out yesterday, dealing away Larsson to get a better on-ice partner for McDavid would make an already weak D even weaker and, in the long run, solve nothing, as winning enough game 7-6 is damned near impossible.

  3. Larsson is not the fit for Leafs-soft, no real grit, a bad move for Leafs: maybe Nurse, a winger and Kassian for Nylander and a pick or prospect??

    • jon

      You had me at Nurse… yes please

      Won’t happen; but yes please

    • I don’t know about that. Larsson averaged well above 3 hits two years ago and almost 4hits/game last year. I think he’s tough enough. His hits exceed Nurse, by a lot and he blocks too.

      I’d be more than happy to have Larsson on the Leafs.

      • Larsson is a gritty as they come. Plays hard and physical, any comment to the contrary simply isn’t true.

    • Don’t think you’ve seen this guy much – Larsson is tough.

    • I could see the Leafs asking for Nurse over Larsson too. Darnell Nurse is mean & tough as nails. Larsson is no pushover but he’s not as gritty in my opinion. Nurse was a 7th overall pick for a reason. Toronto won’t get more than Nurse & a prospect for Nylander either. If the Oilers somehow make this trade happen (praying) maybe they can get Olli Maata out of Pittsburgh to take his place.

  4. Wonder if Quenneville gets the Oilers job.

    • If you polled the Oiler nation after this weekend they would tell you to have him start today.
      Folks are getting a little antsy up here to say the least. Can’t blame them.
      If they don’t play well on this California trip, Coach Todd is done as PC will have to play that card.
      If this ship doesn’t turn around the PC will be gone with him before the draft as well. As he should be.
      Best line of the day in Edmonton – Who could lose a getting rid of Strome?

      • Peter Chiarelli and Todd Mclellan are in the Oiler Nation doghouse right now. If this California road swing is a disaster Todd and maybe Pete are done. Gulutzan will take the bench and Keith Gretzky will take the GM job. Hopefully McDavid gets a winger too.

  5. Here is an opportunity for 2 teams..it might make some sense for the Rangers and Penguins to make a swap Kevin Hayes and a piece for Kessel.

    It will give the Rangers some scoring they really need at a managable cap for 3 years as opposed to Hayes at $6 million for 7 years and Pens get younger and heavier and if Hayes walks so be it they cleared some cap for next year that they really need.

    Schneider is the best goalie asset that can bring in the best return right now and it not effect the team as a whole but might give them a better asset moving forward .

    Halak has been lights out for the Bs ..he is not going anywhere !!

    Outside the suggested rumor of trading Auston Matthews LMAO …Jim Mathesons comment has topped that idiotic comment suggesting Larson for Nylander …LMAO… Nice try JIM Dubas is not that dumb ! WOW JUST WOW!

    • The Rangers do not need to import a scorer. They are developing from within. So far it has worked pretty well and a much improved Hayes will be a future leader on the Rangers. No need to import an aging Kessel.

    • Kessel doesn’texactly fit into a rebuild. At this point, Hayes makes more sense for 6 years than Kessel does for his 3 plus years remaining.

      If NY cannot come to an agreement with Hayes come January, it gives them plenty of time to shop him.

      Then they can go after future pieces that fit better into this rebuild. And not give up additional pieces for a player they don’t really need.

      They’re not in win now mode. And I can’t remember the last time these 2 teams swapped an players of value to one another.

      • Kessel has a few more top seasons left in him-Rangers are not a destination for him. A contender can take a ride with him-Arizona could use a player like Kessel

      • Kessel definitely not a good fit with the Ranger rebuild. Last trade like this was Zubov/Nedved for Robitaille/ Samuellson

      • kevin Hayes 34 playoff games 2 goals, 1 – 20 goal season in 4 years, not a household name. But I’m sure his agent will ask for 8 million per season.

      • Failed to mention most of his playoff games were on the 3rd line. 10 points in 34 playoff games. Yes, one 25 goal season, the season he actually had a top 6 role….. playing the shut down center role.

        Also managed a 45 point, 36 point and 49 point seasons while playing a 3rd line role. 10 million ask? Not even remotely. Not everyone can have that super successful 10 million dollar player like Jack Eichel who puts up tons of points in the playoffs…..
        Oh wait….

      • Least he has 2 good shoulders and is generally healthy…wait a second, nvm

      • If Kessel goes anywhere my money is on Arizona.

    • Just saying, more likely than not Rangers extend Hayes after Jan 1st… no way they trade for the older Kessel. With Chytil playing well on the wing, makes sense to keep Hayes. If anything, Boston would be a better trade partner with a better chance of singing him long term than Pens

      • @Slick. Hayes has been impressive and I was on on ‘team hayes’-still cannot see how the team going forward keeps zib-hayes-howden-lias down the middle

        A team like Calgary or Colorado could use a 2nd line center like Hayes

    • Hi Just Saying

      I’m with dov, NY4Life and Slick62

      I’m not a NYR fan, but I think adding an older winger (who I believe will decline rapidly after this year) for a big and young C, wouldn’t be a prudent move.

      Outside of Pens not needing another C, NYR have some good up and coming players and re-signing the big man certainly is not a detrimental move

      NYR better than Pens right now

      • Kessel doesn’t fit what the Rangers need.
        Hayes isn’t what the pens need.

        Seriously though guys, how are we even debating with these two guys, Kessel is on a different planet.
        New York would be all over this deal, get Kessel and get a massive return at TDL or at the draft.

      • Get Kessel and get a massive return at the deadline? How does that work? Ny would obviously have to give up a ton to get Kessel….. So give up a ton, for a player you have no interest or intention of keeping in hopes you’ll recuperate what you’ve given up, plus at the deadline? Somehow that doesn’t really seem like a plan.

        Why not give up nothing for the player you don’t want, don’t need, and just trade Hayes at the deadline for whatever he will fetch and not give up anything else in the process?

      • @ Taz+NYR4life
        Kessel would get a nice return if Pens dealt him @TDL. Add him to Nashville, Vegas etc changes the West. Somehow see him in a Sharks jersey which they cannot afford but if you are a contender you overpay for that Cup

        But Kessel is not coming to MSG

    • If Rutherford trades Phil Kessel for Kevin GD Hayes he would be chased out of Pittsburgh by a lynch mob. Why are the Penguin significantly weakening their team for a player they have absolutely zero need for? They can just play his brother Jimmy and get the exact same impact and Jimmy is already in the organization. They also have Anthony Angelo who is a 6’5” physical centre that will be one of the first callups when injuries hit and Sullivan gets his head out of his posterior and stops playing Cullen and Grant.

      • While I’d agree Pittsburgh isn’t in need of another center… you’re not really comparing Jimmy Hayes to Kevin Hayes… are you?

        This is your second swing and miss on NYR’s players this week.

      • Pens will have to overpay for a top 6 winger by giving up an underperforming young forward which I am not sure Rutherford is up to doing

      • Opportunity is pretty much the only thing separating the Hayes brothers. Who else did I miss on? Zuccarello? He’s tiny, too old and always injured. Did I miss one of his attributes that is worth trading someone 7 years younger than he is for him?

      • Pittsburgh doesn’t need a top 6 winger, they don’t even need a top 9 winger. They need to give fair opportunities to the guys they have. They don’t really need a centre either unless they can upgrade Sheahan and they put Cullen on the shelf till they are desperate. I hope the Penguins can jettison some of this dead weight and promote some guys. I think a line of Nikita Pavlychev, Teddy Blueger, and Anthony Angelo as a 4th line would take a lot of teams by surprise. Can’t do it this year but next is looking good. Don’t know who the hell Pavlychev is? Look him up because he is the definition of a late bloomer. Here I’ll do it for you

      • Zuccarello….“Always injured “ again he’s missed 14 games over the past 5 years… 3.5 per year.
        Crosby has missed more, Malkin, Letang, Murray…. Are they “always injured “?

        Small, yet manages to put up around 60 points per year….

        Jimmy Hayes… opportunity… now on his 6th organization in his career and is almost 29 years old playing in the AHL… yet again…. I’m sure he’s 1-2 more opportunities away from either becoming a superstar at 30, unemployed, or the realization that he is a career Ahl guy. I guess you see something that 5 previous gms, or his current GM does not see?

        Pittsburgh isn’t exactly in a place they couldn’t afford to give Jimmy a shot. Injuries to Brassard, Crosby. Rust and a lot of others not playing well… are they afraid of losing Hayes to his 7th organization if they waive him back down?

      • Gotta go with nyr4life in the Hayes debate. Not even in the same league, literally.
        Kevin can skate, Jimmy can’t. I’m almost as fast as that guy and I’m 53.
        He got hot on the PP with in FLA with a bucket of goals last half of a season and turned into a few M$ for himself and family from my Bruins so good on him, but he isn’t an NHLer anymore.

      • He lost me when he pulled out a Pittsburgh beat writers take on a c-d prospect (not even on Pittsburgh’s top 10 chart) as a better option than Hayes and Zuccarello. Guys putting up 40-60 points in the NHL and not being a work in progress…. are better options.

        Some people just can’t see past a rivalry, or just another team.

        Next up, why Kreider for Rust would be a horrible idea….. for Pittsburgh! NY would have to at least throw in 4-1sts , Chytl, Howden, and Andersson!

  6. Larsson may be a fit,why not. At this point the leafs have to consider any deal. Letting Nylander sit is not an option, regardless of what you hear. The reason being is it postpones signing Marner and Matthews or makes it it more convoluted, if they sign first WN will want money in line with Marner (rightfully or wrongfully)
    I really don’t think Nylander has any extra affinity for Toronto whereas Marner doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Just a hunch. Of course other option is you just give him a 2 higher 2 year bridge and trade him..

    • I’d love to see Nylander traded for Larsson. I don’t think Chia will do it since it would be an instant hit to his credibility and possibly his ego

  7. Chiarelli trades Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. Now you’re suggesting Leafs acquire Larsson for Nylander?

    Chiarelli will go down in recent history as making a brutal trade. One never knows but I doubt Dubas is that dumb that he’s give away an asset like Nylander for any defenseman that he wouldn’t draft ahead of Nylander.

    • Frank, I’m a Leaf fan..but I’m a realist, there is no Nylander deal that the Leafs can make that will be deemed a win by Leaf fans..none. (unless you somehow land Slavin).
      The reality is a top 4 Defenseman(a good top 4 D)is similar value to a top winger…especially on a team whose number 2 (Gardiner)has already priced himself out of Toronto, next year.
      I am not suggesting the trade..just saying that Larsson plus …isn’t a bad deal…but for the record I would take Taylor Hall over Nylander every single day of the week- there is no comparison there in terms of what they bring to the table…

      • Sam. A leafs fan with objectivity!!! Course technically that makes you not a fan by definition.

    • So, if he doesn’t sign by Dec 1 the Leafs have won what? A Phyrrich victory? How many goals can he expect from Principle or Phyrric?

      The only reason Dubas goes down that road is because he doesn’t want to be seen as “caving in” to a player’s demands in his first year on the job. But the problem there is, he most likely has to deal him at some point anyway – likely at the draft or next summer (few will relinquish assets at the trade deadline for the rights to a player they can’t use immediately and maybe not even be ultimately able to sign themselves).

      • George don’t agree about it being a Phyrrich victory. My logic is the Leafs are not going to win this year….if the offer is not fair…wait until the draft….more teams will be looking for change then….

        This a long term asset…the marker experience for this is Sakic and Duchene…it is not so much having a Phyrrich victory as avoiding a stategic error for want of patience or existence of shallow ego

        Different matter…I used to sit high in the south stands of the CNE and watch Russ Jackson cut the Argos up like a master surgeon …I remember thinking at the time…it was what I liked about the CFL….the hybrid amateur/pro athlete…he was a great one

      • Jackson was one of those once-in-a-generation athletes. He could have played in the NFL and, in fact, Jim Trimble tried to lure him to the NY Giants when he took over there in 1962 or 1963 after leaving the Ti-Cats

      • if he is not playing in the nhl and not traded to another team then he can’t score against you either

    • Frank was it you that wrote the 10 guidelines/tips for GM….if so congrats it was a good piece …I was trying to think who wrote it as I watched last night’s Oiler game….there is a GM in need of some guidance…he should study the 10 points

      • Frank, in theory- all makes sense, except that you have 2 other young pillars to sign and no doubt this Nylander negotiation is postponing a signing or announcement. Nylander sitting would directly impact the Matthews and Marner signing. You think if the leafs sign marner to 9 million Nylander won’t ask for even more in the summer? Their position weakens…
        if there was no pending signing to make I would let him sit too, but in this case he sits – he is as good as gone…and if that’s the case why wouldn’t you use your chip to strengthen your team now….They would no doubt be moving a pick or prospects at the deadline for vets..Address the future and present with Nylander deal..
        All this being said- I still think he signs by next week lol

    • I guess the reverse would be why would any GM trade a Defenseman that they did draft ahead of Nylander for Nylander? Who isn’t in a contract dispute? lol

      • Yes it was me who wrote the 10 rules. There is another guy that goes by Frank but I think he’s a Habs fan and a lot nicer than me.

        I agree with letting Nylander sit to send a message not only to him but others in soon to be negotiations ir across the league, assuming of course that Nylanders camp (his father and agent) won’t budge under 7.5 million.

        I agree he’s a long term asset and short term gain to get whatever you can with limited supply and demand is foolish.

        How much money can he earn in Europe? How many commercials can he make?

        I’m all for signing him but if he won’t budge I wouldn’t give him away. I’d give him a dose of reality and feed him a warm slice of humble pie.

      • So, Dubas should cut off his nose to spite his face? If he does that, I hope he doesn’t try somewhere down the line to accuse someone else of wielding the knife.

    • You can’t compare nylander and hall. Hall was signed to a good contract and had more history. Nylander wants to be paid more than he’s worth. Larson for nylander is fair value.

      • Unless Chia gets fired by Nov 29th I doubt it matters because this trade isn’t happening, least I cant see it. There is no reasoning in the world that would support making the Hall for Larsson trade in the first place if this was to happen, at best its a mulligan and I don’t think Nylander = Hall no matter how you want to break it down. This would basically be Chia saying I screwed up big time and this is best I can do to fix it. I’m still not sure Id do it if I was the Leafs (I think its much closer but still not quite), Nylander is still young and it may haunt them a bit although it seems an infinitely better match than most the speculation around here or on paper, I don’t think it would be as colossal a blunder as the Oilers made but still cant see it for a lot of other reasons. IF the Leafs think they need D or don’t think they can take Nylander on long term you get him signed to the most you can afford to on a bridge or 1 year deal and talk about maybe moving him for a Trouba or another younger D that a team might be interested in moving down the road for the same reasons as the Leafs need to move Willy or trade him for a forward who may be looking for a contract next year as well.
        Otherwise its pennies on the dollar value.

  8. Penguins for sure have to do something.

    I still would not trade Sprong.

    He needs to be on a line with more skilled players. Do that and production from him goes up. Keep doing what they’ve been doing for him and at best his trade value is static (and currently low). As at now they would not get a great return for him.

    Again, if they are going to trade Sprong (and I really stress they should not) it should be in a package deal to rid the team of dead weight (yes akin to the renowned JJ) and improve the team.

    Kessel move, IMO , would have had the highest return months ago. I think he has a 10 team trade list, plus his cap hit…. limits the number of trade partners. This would have to be a complicated deal (multi-player, multi-team) or to another team panicking.

    I was trying to muddle through a scenario where both of my favourite teams could benefit from a trade. Obviously Pens more desperate than Leafs, and they key acquisition for Pens would be WW.

    A ton of room has to be made for any team getting WW if they are acquiring him to play this year– it looks like any kind of deal due to the late in-year signing would have a 18-19 Cap hit in the 9 range (unless they new team is bridging— which does not make sense). Leafs want top 4 D and top 9 winger. Letang won’t be moved…. so it would have to be Dumo and then Horny? As Leafs are doing fine w/o both WW and AM in the line-up… this is all add an upgrade for the Leafs and add cup winners and maturity in the dressing room.

    Pens do get an upgrade in winger production but suffer big on the back-end. Unless there was a further move to acquire a D– Pen’s couldn’t do it.

    Would Leafs take JJ in deal instead of Dumo if the ante was upped (add Rust?…. that is JJ, Rust, Horny for WW)… I doubt it.

    Maata in deal instead of Dumo— same issue — no

    So… in reality there is no direct deal I can think would work between the two teams.


    Phil to Chi (Chi is on Phil’s list) for Seabrook

    Then Dumo, Rust, Horny for WW

    … that upgraded the D offence for Pens at the expense of losing a solid, younger stay-at home defenceman and WW would not replace production of all three of PK, Horny, Rust

    No matter what way the flips and maneuvers can be tossed out— I just can’t fathom WW as a Pen

    … so no deal there.

    I still say best for Leafs is a WW flip for a D upgrade– I know Carolina (per Media reports) is the leading contender— but GMKD don’t close your eyes on an Anaheim deal (that would include likely Montour) or my most recent dream deal — Sanheim and Simmonds for WW.

    …. too much brain damage over this

    GMJR— this next deal better be a good one

    • Seabrook??!? Are you nuts? Worst contract in the league right now. And then Toronto is going to take on 16 million in long term cap hits for Nylander? Do you actually think about these ideas before you type them out or just start punching keys at an ADHD pace? Seabrook is worse than Jack Johnson and has a higher cap hit than Kessel! And until 2024. Letang can’t carry Jack and Seabrook. If we are planning on just destroying the rest of the Crosby/ Malkin era anyways then they can play those 2 as a pair, that ought to be good for 6 goals against pet game. So they trade 4 of their 10 best players and only get one back? GM material you are not.

  9. Oilers are stuck in a rut financially. The Strome kind iof deal will be all you see. Maybe a Puljularvi for Sprong or Beauvillier or Zacha Depth on the backend is not dealing from a position of strength

  10. Hypothetical- and not for a second suggesting this could come to fruition..but Leafs are set to win now…they have a nucleus of Tavares, Matthews, Marner, Rielly, Anderson and all kinds of young forwards and prospect D coming…so outside the box thinking here…How much of Patrick Kane’s 10.5, if any, would the hawks eat to move him and get a player like Nylander back…would you eat 3.5? to make it 7 for the Leafs. Would you take Gardiner back, a pending UFA and send back Keith who is locked in at 5.5 million for years to come? The hawks in essence trade Kane for Nylander – pay the same salary assuming Nylander takes 8 x 7..get way younger..

    You just wont get a player of equal value and age

    • If Chicago were to deal Kane for Nylander and retain 3.5 million, then sign Nylander to 7, they’d essentially be paying 10.5 for Nylander for the next 5 years. And 7 per for 3 additional.

      I can’t see them even considering this deal. Kane is by far the better player (today). Still averaging over a point a game even as Chicago is stumbling.

      • Nyr4life..true as I pointed out- same salary .10.5 stipend .but long term makes a tonne of sense Kane is almost 30 years old and no doubt better now and better next year but try moving a 10.5 million dollar player at age 32 and 33 and get anywhere close to a player of Nylanders calibre…IF they are rebuilding- its not a bad move? you cannot rebuild without moving some of those contracts.

      • The Leafs can’t find Kane under their cap

      • Sam, if you’re going to rebuild, I don’t see taking a 10.5 million player and trading him for a younger 10.5 player.

        If Chicago were to rebuild. They need cap space. They don’t need to get younger at the same price. They need to get younger and cheaper.

        They’d be better off with Kane in the short term, or trading him for picks and prospects with no demands.

  11. People continue to say that Toronto needs a top four defenceman but the greater problem is the thin prospect pool at centre. Sam Gagner was recalled by the Canucks and he was the Marlies’ second line centre. The Leafs are much deeper on defence than they are up the middle; another reason to hold on to Nylander or look for top nine centres in a trade.

    • I think or find that the people who continue with saying the Leafs need D don’t understand how Babcock is using the D.

      The people screaming about D are the same type that scream that the Flames need more fighters to play the Oilers and that Kassian is something that should be of interest in a trade.

      That big tough 4th D man that people seem to have a panache for saying the Leafs need don’t understand that its not the plan to sit around in the Leafs own end.

      Babcock uses D like a point guard in basketball, they are there to get the play moving the other way and distribute the puck, (its not a D line in football) this is part of why the Leafs lead the league in icing the puck by a country mile, it is immediately going the other direction pass dump what ever it takes it is not supposed to be a blocking and hitting and a setting up some kinda cycle letting the other team get ready exercise.

      The only thing this big tough second pairing D that some feel the need to trade a top line talented player for will end up doing is slowing the pace down, giving you 1 less guy who is competent in the other teams O zone, drawing penalties ( all counter productive) and screening Andersson while trying to block shots that are generally from the outside anyway. Look at the majority of goals against, its coming from the outside and D men, its not guys 5 feet from the net unless it involves a tip.

      Listen to every Leaf player and coach when it comes to the game plan between periods or after a game. Its the same answer. “We want to get the puck and move it and play down in their end or in the other teams O-zone…” Babs isn’t Torts and saying we need guys to lay down and block shots, its break the cycle get the puck and move it up the ice hence why every pairing has a guy like Riley Gardiner or Dermott a puck mover (think Babcock hasn’t noticed yet that his guys ice the puck and pinch an awful lot?) its generally not a tough guy but one who can skate break up a cycle and move the puck up the ice or to the other D who runs the ice like a point guard its not the same as goal line stands in football.

      The Leafs game plan same as many others is move the puck up the ice with speed, go north south and transition not set up and stand around your end and move east west. No different than Vegas the Pens Bruins Sens Habs…its not the same game it used to be speed is the key not truculence. \

      Anyone give some thought that maybe the Leafs don’t have these “gritty” types because well they just don’t really have any use for em?

      • Shticky, agree- no need for a gritty type- but they could use improvement, that much is true. Puck movement is one aspect of the game- the other is not routinely allowing 30 plus shots a game..
        Even if you feel they don’t need a D now- they will need one next season- chances are they aren’t going to be able to resign gardiner at his ask.

      • Every team in the league would like to improve their D I agree Sam, I think that the issue is that you don’t want to mess too much with 1 thing at the cost of another and in this game today, the D like forwards need to be able to play a 200 foot game both ends of the ice and a lot of the they need tougher or bigger guys in their own end is pretty much counter to that argument.

      • Shticky, such a well written note regarding the Leaf system. It’s one of the reasons I keep insisting Pesce will never be the guy the Leafs deal Nylander for. Something most guys on this board don’t seem to understand – one of them insisting the money saved on contract makes the player value equal – I won’t mention his name but it’s beyond ridiculous.

        There is likely no deal available for Nylander as there won’t be enough potential trade partners until the draft. So Willie, sign or sit.

      • Again we can do the whole how much has Larsson really helped the Oiler D? What has he been like keeping the play in the O zone? has he helped McDavid offensively? is the D as improved as much as the O would be with Hall? You know he could perhaps help offence which in turn would have meant they wouldn’t be playing in their own end as much and sheltering bad d zone play? yes he wasn’t the greatest 200 foot player but Id say all round much, much better player and option to help win way more games than Larsson who also played on a pretty crap team in NJ and changed nothing. Hey remember how bad Schultz and Petry were Defensively couldn’t get rid of them quick enough could they? They look ok where they are now no?… Maybe the issue wasn’t so much the Oilers needed a shut down D and grit as they needed something else, depth leadership maturity coaching perhaps? those all seem more likely to me and could have helped more than 1 D man and some grit so lets not get rid of a piece of the core and a top player in the lineup for something towards the bottom. I wouldn’t be getting backed in to corners and dealing superstars away for magic beans I get it Nylander is asking for a lot in comparison to what the Leafs want and I’m not saying cave in. I don’t think Willy sits who knows (I think its a 3 year bridge maybe a lil higher AAV than I once did) and I think you lose almost all value if he sits but its still a far better option than dealing for some of if not most the guys mentioned here on a daily basis because well the D needs to improve. Everyone’s D could be better that’s not a reason to trade a guy, sure maybe salary is, but that doesn’t mean you dump him for a player that plays a different position and cross your fingers it gets better or doesn’t get worse, novel idea maybe to trade him for close to equal value if you decide to trade him at all regardless of the position everyone could also use more goals which in turn keeps you out of your own end.

    • And also I think in the entire NHL there are maybe 5 teams that avg under 30 shots against a game the avg is around 31.5 and the Leafs avg 32.2 they are with in less than 1 shot a game against a game from being in the top half of the league it’s far from Randy Carlyle coaching Phil Kessel and the boys giving up nearly 40 a night they are .03 shots more than the Bruins and .01 more than the Lightning who are 2 teams that you don’t hear the nonsense over they have a terrible D let’s trade a top line guy for a 4th D

  12. At this point I kind of just wish Nylander gets Ebola because I am sick of reading about him. He’s right to do what he’s doing and the Leafs are right to do what they are doing. Even if they could work out a trade for Nylander the new team has to be able to sign him by dec 1 or he can’t play for them. He should just sign for the rest of the year and play his butt off and then the 3 of them should demand equal contracts next summer in solidarity or hold out. This has been a nightmare with just one of them.

    • Wanna know the night mare contract of the future? His name is gonna be Morgan Rielly 50 points last year now this year so far then with in the next 2 seasons after setting up this crew and only 27???eeeh he’s gonna get a lot of dough

  13. The oilers issue, seem to go back to drafting. From 2005 – 2015 draft the Oilers had 80 draft picks of them picks 13 were first round pick (3 in 2007) that leaves 67 picks from 2rnd on.
    Of the 67 picks only 7 players are presently in the NHL. From a stats points view Tobias Rieder drafted in the 4th rnd 2011 has the most points of any player not drafted in the 1st round his line 330 games 55g 69a 124 pts. Historically the Oilers have not drafted well.

    • The other side of that coin is player development. Could some of those busts have been good NHL players if they were developed properly? There’s really no way to know as an outsider looking in.

    • Not sure if I am over reacting to the last 7 games where the Oil have lost 6, but I am starting to think the Oil fire their entire front office at the end of the year.
      Coach sooner if this doesn’t turn around, and fast.
      PC is in that I need to change something because I can’t just wait mode. He will either give away a young asset for short term fix, or fire the coach or both if this doesn’t turn around fast.
      That is what that Strome for Spooner deal was another example of.
      Strome was liked in the room. Wasn’t scoring but his coach could count on him playing strong and keeping the other side chances to a minimum. Some offence was going to come.
      If Spooner isn’t scoring, which he isn’t, he accomplishes nothing. You can’t play this guy at center. This deal just created another hole. Spooner has value on the PP, that is not where the oil need help.

  14. Chiarelli will solve their problems.

    Maybe we can ship Tyler Ennis and the rights to Dan Daoust for a first round draft pick.

    • Chiaelli should never be allowed near a phone or computer again.
      Mark Hunter or Keith Gretzky will be in Pete’s chair b4 Xmas.

      • Hunter could be a smart call to make for the Oil