NHL Rumor Mill – November 2, 2018

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Could William Nylander fit with the Hurricanes or Flyers? What’s the latest on the Bruins and Rangers? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: During a recent appearance on Toronto’s TSN 1050, Pierre LeBrun was asked about the possibility of the Toronto Maple Leafs landing defenseman Brett Pesce if they were to trade William Nylander to the Carolina Hurricanes. He said it’s his understanding the Hurricanes would consider it. However, he reminds us we still don’t know if the Leafs intend to trade Nylander. It’s also one thing for the Hurricanes to be among the clubs believed monitoring Nylanders’ status but it’s another to say they can sign him.

Could the Carolina Hurricanes consider trading Brett Pesce to Toronto for William Nylander? (Photo via NHL Images)

During this week’s “31 Thoughts” podcast, Elliotte Friedman said the Philadelphia Flyers haven’t been mentioned much regarding Nylander but he thinks they have the pieces to interest the Leafs. “So who have we mentioned. We’ve mentioned – if Toronto gets to this point – we’ve mentioned Los Angeles, we’ve mentioned Minnesota, Carolina definitely – they’re all over the place there – but I really do believe that a stealth team that has what Toronto would want would be the Flyers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting note from LeBrun regarding Pesce. The Hurricanes value him highly but one can’t blame them for at least considering the possibility of moving him for a skilled top-six forward like Nylander. Pesce would probably be the Leafs’ asking price. The 23-year-old is a mobile blueliner with good size (6’3, 200 pounds), a right-handed shot and (stick tap to Cap Friendly) carries an affordable $4.025-million salary-cap hit through 2023-24. 

As for the Flyers, NBC Sports’ John Boruk is skeptical about their chances of landing Nylander. If the Leafs want a defenseman, Boruk dismisses the notion of the Flyers parting with Ivan Provorov or Travis Sanheim and doubts they’ll move promising Philippe Myers. “If I’m Hextall, (Robert) Hagg may be the only defenseman I’d be willing to part with in a deal for Nylander and it would likely take a little bit more on the Flyers’ end to facilitate a trade.” He also questions if the Flyers could re-sign Nylander and where he would fit among their top-six forwards.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Toronto’s TSN 1050 yesterday, Darren Dreger noted the Boston Bruins have some good young players, such as Danton Heinen and Anders Bjork, who are “kind of similar to one another” that they might be willing to move for an experienced forward. “Maybe, maybe there’s a fit, maybe there’s a piece in Los Angeles that makes sense to Boston, and L.A. gets a cheaper, younger player, as an example. And I use L.A. just for sake of discussion here. I’m not suggesting that there’s any trade dialogue happening between those clubs.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins are in need of secondary scoring and recent media speculation suggests they either want a second-line winger or a third-line center. The Kings could soon be in the market for younger, more affordable forwards and Heinen or Bjork could be interesting to them.

Jeff Carter, who lacks a no-trade clause in his contract, checks the box in terms of top-six experience. However, he’s also 33, missed most of last season to injury and carries a $5.27-million AAV through 2021-22. The Bruins would probably have more interest in younger, more affordable options like Tyler Toffoli or Tanner Pearson. 

During this week’s “31 Thoughts” podcast, Elliotte Friedman spoke about the possibility of the New York Rangers shopping pending free agent veterans Mats Zuccarello and Kevin Hayes. Co-host Jeff Marek asked about moving defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. Friedman believes he’d be more difficult to trade because he’s still got term on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s expected Zuccarello and Hayes will be traded by the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline, if not sooner than that. Shattenkirk is in the second season of a four-year deal with an annual average value of $6.65-million per season. He also carries a 10-team no-trade list. Not saying he can’t be dealt but as Friedman observed he’ll be tougher to move. 



  1. The one thing the Flyers have is CAP room. Provorov is definitely off the table. Sanheim has also become a quality dman. He would be tough to lose. But to get quality you have to give quality.

    If the leafs are serious about a cup run this year. They should try and pry out Wayne Simmons. He is a missing skill set that the leafs need up front.

  2. Simmonds and Phillipe Myers for Nylander and a draft pick . Not confirmed what either wants for salary and term moving forward. What about JVR (just kidding)

    LA is in trouble and I am jumping into the deep end 12 games in. Bottom five and a front runner for the Hughes trophy

    • Careful there Silverseven or you’ll have someone popping in to tell you that the Kings will be just fine. Just looking at that team on the ice gives whole new meaning to the term “slow as molasses in January” and now, with Quick down (again) long term there’s no one to “steal” the odd game here and there. How anyone can look at their overall make-up and feel they’ll put it all together is, as the King of Siam might say, “a puzzlement.” They are dead last overall (Florida also has 7 points but 2 games in hand) and have scored 24 goals in 12 games while giving up 44.

      If 95 points is again the cut-off to make the playoffs, they’d need to play at a .629 clip the rest of the way. Last year they had 98 points and over 82 games that was a .598 pace. I just don’t see it.

      • Alright seriously give it a rest George, your starting to piss me off. Why don’t you go back and look at how that discussion started.

        People were clearly getting carried away saying that players like Kopitar were garbage, bla bla bla, which is obviously ridiculous. I also said that clearly LA wasn’t a cup contender but that I felt they weren’t as bad as there record indicated. BUt it’s funny that you conveniently leave that out and paint me as someone who blindly follows and props up their team with no knowledge of the game.

        If you’d like I could point out the countless arguments that you’ve been way out in left field on, just say the word old timer and I’ll take you to task, if you can handle it princess!

      • Did I mention you by name? And do you think I give a rat’s ass that I’m starting to “piss you off?”

    • Wow that’s a high valuation on Nylander. Especially given his salary demands and lack of track record.

      • Like Aho and Tuch who will have very similar contracts that don’t have as much production?

      • Tuch signed a 7 year deal last month with a $4.75M cap hit…pretty sure if Nylander would accept that he would be playing hockey right now.

        Aho will definitely get more than that. He is Carolina’s first-line center and being billed as the “face of the franchise.” Very similar career stats to Nylander…but at a different position and different context.

      • Lol “being billed” is that actually something that is in a contract negotiation? Gimme a break contracts are pretty much based and built on comparables pretty sure if Tuch had Nyladers production insread of less than half he would not have slit his own throat and Aho and Nylander are quite comparable minutes position draft position style of play one will make 7 + (Aho) long term the other gets low balled because of a UFA singing. Which btw I’m fine with but let’s call a spade a spade the Leafs would rather have Taveres than Nylander it Taveres didn’t sign in Toronto do you think they are having this problem? No he is likely signed the same or very close to the norm 7 plus mill long term he’s not being greedy Shanahan said he is asking his players to take LESS to stay so if they think 6.5 is less than chances are pretty good he is worth more but they can’t afford him and unless there is something wrong with a person I don’t know who wouldn’t rather have Taveres than Nylander. Its not all these silly theories that he’s not worth it it’s you can’t have your cake and eat it too

      • Oh I can handle it. Meanwhile, stuff the “old” insults and come to the realization that you too will grow old – IF you’re lucky. What are you now, a 12 year old pretending he’s a tough guy with the gratuitous “princess” crap? Dorks like you invite the caustic comments.

  3. If Im the Flyers I pass on Nylander. Too big of a headache and will want way to much money to justify trading for him.

    • Ya the flyers need defense and goaltending before they need Nylander,

  4. Hi ,

    So sorry, been absolutely bogged with a major item at work so I’m responding here to questions posed to me of my post of yesterday.

    Hi NBLeafsguy and Caper,

    re: your response to my post (D— cup runs… what D required— Muzzin and Martinez etc.):

    Sorry again when I type single fingered on iphone and have my thoughts flow, sometimes I miss-communicate the general message.

    I agree with you both.

    I’m not ruling out that an acquisition of a 29 or 31 year old under contract and at a reasonable cap hit will not help the team. It will. I just don’t think that if that is the only move that it puts them in the territory to compete for the SC.

    Leafs need to get by TBay and Bos, and then Pens OR Wsh, and then the winner of the West— which as at now I believe will be one of Nsh, Winn, SJ.

    It’s just my opinion; but as at right now— they can’t get through that set to win the SC. I also believe that with the acquisition of either Muzzin they are still not quite there.
    Absolutely under no circumstance am I advocating that once a player is 29 that they decline. Especially not a Dman — as you’ve pointed out, they start later and mature later.

    What I am advocating for is a long term plan—5-7 years that has a core (currently young) developing that is strong enough to compete deep in playoffs for a 5-7 year span.

    No team will be built now (in this 31 team league) to win 5 cups in 7 years. The days of late ‘70’s Habs, and 80’s Isles and Oil are over. The 3 cups in 5 years for Chi I think is the outside edge of expectations, and probably in the rear view mirror.

    Of course I was hoping for a 3 peat with Pens last year; but in reality I didn’t think they would beat Winn or Nsh— little did I know as neither Winn or Nsh in cup and Wsh winning blew me away — that’s another story.

    When Tallon went to work and started the development of Chi team that went on to win 3 cups from June 2010 to June of 2015— look at the start of their run in June of 2010…. Core defenseman of Seabrook (25), Keith (26), Hjalmerson (23)…. Buff (25) was also on that team and then traded. The forwards: Toews (22); Kane (21); Ladd+Versteeg+Bolland+Brouwer(all 24). Hossa was 31 (star power acquisition – akin to Tavares acquisition???).

    Leafs right now have — MM, WW, AM, Brown, Dermott, Kap, Reilly— all 24 or younger. They only have Reilly that could be considered a D that can stay with them and be one of the solid D core that fit into that 5-7 year cup plan I laid out above. I’ve not mentioned Gardner as I don’t think Leafs can re-sign and fit him into the cap.

    With that in mind— I would like to see the acquisition of a good top 4 D (or 2 top 4 D’s) that are on the rise and that are somewhere in the 24-27 range NOW; so that when I believe Leafs can start a 5 year stab at 2 cups (that is starting in June of ’20) they have 3 top 4 D that are THEN in that 26-29 range and at the end of the 7 year window (true window as I see it) they would have these 3 top 4 D in the 33-36 range.

    I realize that mid 20’s D inching towards a top 4 position (if not at already) that are currently available and at reasonable Cap hit; are very hard to find. Not impossible but a rarity. I just think moving towards those types instead of a Muzzin or Martinez—will provide Leafs more of a chance at a cup (or multiple cups)

    Again— Leafs have no shot at Parayko… but that is a bold move that would be great to make
    Also , all just conjecture at this point.

    Sorry again for the miscommunication

    Bogged again at work today so this may be my last post

    • Thanks for the essay. Next time keep your post short and not impossible to follow

      • Did I miss the election or something? Who chose you to be the official moderator?

      • Just trying to educate the ones that need writing advice.

        Also nobody cares about how busy one is at work. I thought this ended when the mighty Striker had left the site.

      • Flyer fan won the electoral college

      • Flyers fans find full sentences “impossible to follow.”

        Next time just stick to grunts and pointing, Pengy. Maybe throw in a little battery tossing.

      • lol he said go leafs go & flyers suck

      • Funny. Though it may be true that no one cares how busy any of you are at work no k e probably cares if you think a post is long either.

        Keep it on subject. The guy was simply explaining why he was posting on yesterday’s topics. I fail to see the problem.

      • MG on November 2, 2018 at 11:30 am

        Flyers fans find full sentences “impossible to follow.”

        If you think those are full sentences, you must have slept through you English class. Flyers Fan is correct. Image that. A Flyer’s fan correct about something

      • You were hot!

  5. If you can stomach having him on your team, Slava Voynov is a pretty solid two-way, right shot defenseman. Easily a top 4D on most teams.

    Many teams could use that skill set, but how many want the potential headache of signing him? With the current political climate (#MeToo movement), bringing a guy who was clearly guilty of abusing his wife might be a PR disaster!

    I don’t usually mix politics and sports but this is one instance where it is a real consideration.

    • And apparently – at least according to a hockey panel last evening – IF he is allowed to resume his career in the NHL, there will be a league suspension – and a stiff one – if that panelist is correct.

      • I had read the same thing somewhere. The only real precedent I can think of is Austin Watson’s 27 games; Voynov may get more due to the severity of the abuse…assuming he is reinstated at all.

      • Does someone who has gone through the justice system ever get a chance to move on? He’s already been out of league for quite some time ( deservingly so) isn’t he already been on a suspension? Danny Heatley had a horrific accident while under the influence that resulted in a teammates death! Didn’t keep him out of league.

      • Those were my thoughts exactly Slick when I heard that mentioned. At what point does the sanctimonious NHL feel that someone has paid their debt to society? Or is that organization one notch above the rest of society when it comes to such matters.

      • I don’t know that this guy needs to be reinstated. Punched, Kicked , choked , and put a woman’s face through a flat screen tv!

        I mean fell down?

        Heatley accidentally killed someone…. terrible tragedy! But accidental. Probably should have never played another NHL game.


        A far cry from kicking, choking, punching, and slamming a woman’s face through a tv.

        Men who abuse women are a slither better than pesophiles! But ultimately, they should all suffer a fate worse than death!

      • Hey but if he had a couple drinks it could have been called a terrible accident? No harm no foul? One killed a man dude! he wasn’t smart enough not to drink and drive a race car around a telephone pole the other wasn’t smart enough to know what he was doing one victim is breathing living with family the other isn’t give your head a shake

      • What did I say….””Probably should have never played another NHL game”

        So you’re advocating for wife beating? Lol

        Well good luck with that Mrs. Shricky!!! I hope you have flexible flat screen TVs if dinners cold tonight!

        Give your head a shake!

    • Another point is is Bobby Hull not an NHL ambassador?

      • Like a guy who said Hitler had some good ideas and beat 3 wives?

      • What are you even on about now? Put down the bong and drink. You’re not even making any sense at this point! Lmao

        Get back in the kitchen and make sure that dinners to the temperature of your preference!

      • No there is no excuse to put your hands on snyone, my point was both were bad choices made from ignorance one killed a man the other beat a woman both wrong the guy who killed a man got nothing let alone kicked out of the league

      • Who gives a rats ass what Bobby Hull said or thinks?

      • But you seem to know about as much of ignorance as you do Nylander so…

      • Coming from a guy that advocates abuse of women and hangs on every word of Bobby Hull? I’ll take that as a complement!

      • In case you haven’t caught on yet an organization employing a guy who’s known as much for beating women and praising “Hitler’s ideas” is looking pretty hypocritical when it comes to it’s values rules and regulations.

      • Again, not my beliefs. So why are you bringing up comparables?

        As far as I’m concerned, they should deport Hull and disown him from anything NHL!

        What happened to you? We used to get along famously?

      • Lol when we were getting along you weren’t yelling and screaming and sounded reasonable. I’ve known people who have lost loved ones to drinking and driving it’s not an accedent any more than abusing someone so when I hear that like the driver is some kinda victim of a big misunderstanding accident.. where have you been for the past 50 years? Honestly didn’t know to give up the keys? I know you used to seem reasonable NYR maybe that’s what’s changed none of the TV dinner crap and screaming at people you used to be reasonable

      • Who doesn’t know someone who’s lost someone to drunk driving, on drugs driving? You’re Canadian, about the population of NY and NJ combined. So imagine how much more of a problem it is here with 10 times the population?

        Ditto abuses women. I’m an advocate for neither and stated ….once again … Heatley should have never played another NHL game!!!

        Another case that should have been deported home and improsoned.

        But again, tv to the face, choke, punch kick a woman?

        Cmon man!

      • Ray Rice was a great running back, until he knocked out his then fiancé and dragged her out of an elevator cave man style…. after she spit on him, kicked him, slapped and punched him.

        You see Ray playing in the Nfl today? No! Why? Because tmz ran nothing but the punch and the drag out of the elevator…. over and over and over….

        He’s right where he belongs regardless of her acts …. bottom line …. don’t punch a woman in the face!

  6. If it’s Pesce for Nylander I would think Toronto would have to throw in a second piece solely based on the cap number.

    Boston trading Heinen of Bjork to LA for secondary scoring…. say what? LA doesn’t have any primary scoring, let alone secondary. Tyler Toffoli would be nice be he’s 26yrs old and I don’t see LA trading him. The bruins went after Kovalchuk, has he realized the error of his ways and willing to move his nmc?
    As a Bruin fan I would give up Heinen first because he lacks foot speed; that should be the same reason LA doesn’t want him.
    The Bruins should be in on the Nylander discussions and certainly have the assets to entice the leafs.

    • I do think Nylander would be a good fit to add secondary scoring in Boston. My concern is the reported $8M per year that he is reportedly demanding. I am just not convinced that he has proven himself as a player worthy of an $8M cap hit…that would instantly make him the highest paid player on the Bruins roster.

      Right now, I would prefer Simmonds from the Flyers as a rental then see if they can sign Panarin in the offseason.

    • Agreed Caper, young top 4 D on an affordable long term deal would seem to be worth more than a winger with contract issues.

    • Agreed Caper, young top 4 D on an affordable long term deal would seem to be worth more than a winger with contract issues.

      • I used reported and reportedly in the same sentence, now you are double posting. My redundancy is contagious.

  7. You know a team that looks like they could really use Nylander right now? The Leafs. I’m not sure why they haven’t gone the bridge route already and settled on something they can both stomach for two years. I think the exercise of trying to predict what Nylander will be worth for the next 5+ years is just too complex.

    We can say that Nylander is being greedy or that the Leafs are trying to get a deal that looks remarkably good 3 or 4 years down the road. There just doesn’t seem to be overlap on a longer deal.

    • My guess is they’ve offered Nylander a bridge deal as well which he also hasn’t accepted. Quite the stalemate that’s shapping up, really backs both parties into a corner on not wanting to budge but no one wins if he’s not signed by Dec. 1.

    • I really like your comment, Styx – Toronto is the best fit for Nylander, especially if Matthews continues to have shoulder problems. Don’t forget that Nylander could be a centre if needed and the vaunted Leaf depth at that position looks pretty thin right now.
      Just sign already, kid, your team needs you.

      • So, in other words, sign now kid for an amount and term you and your agent think are much lower than you believe your stats warrant. Almost identical to those of Matthews and Marner and no one blinks when amounts of $12 mil (for a brittle F) and $8 mil are freely discussed, but to make room for those cap hits and to “keep the team together” you settle for less so Dubas can juggle the cap. Forget this is a business and you are a pro.

        If that’s the message I can see why he and his agent are sticking with “take the proverbial hike.”

      • Couldn’t have said it better George lol. Can’t blame the guy. I’m not taking 30-40 % less than the guy in the desk next to me who started after me to do the same job. Nylander at 7-8 mill is much more reasonable contract in my eyes than paying a guy 13 mill who has very similar numbers and by the looks of things shoulder issues… anyone play hockey with bad shoulders? Not a thing thats assured of ever going away 100% again I love Matthews but things are getting out of whack.

      • “Willy we want to give you a little less money how do you feel about 6 million so we can be competitive for a long time you saving us some cap space will allow us to fill some needs”

        “Sure Kyle what are we gonna do may get a D man or make a trade?”

        No I think I’m gonna give Auston 12 mill and hope Mitchy signs for 10! I know you have more playoff points than both but we
        have a good feelin about this!”

        My answer would be screw that as well

      • Nylander 8 points in 13 game, Mathews 7 in 13. Not really that far off. I’m not saying Marner is worth 10, Nylander 8 or Mathews 12.

        However, if you’re a gm. Who are you building around? Nylander or Mathews? I’m going with the center with 1 less playoff point 11 times out of 10.

        I’m not taking anything away from Nylander, but I’m not handcuffing myself to a winger that’s barely able to ride a roller coaster, over a center that is right up there with the best of them…. not Crosby or Mcdavid, but the level right below.

      • Based on what production so far and who among his points equivalents are being talked about in terms of $12 mil contracts?

  8. Not a rumor – but if anyone saw the Habs/Caps and/or Bolts/Preds games last night, they saw quality hockey. Not bad for 11.1 plenty of good games coming up.

  9. Any possible way Nylander could end up in Montreal? Maybe Weber and a draft pick?

  10. I’ve said before Nylander would be a good fit on Rangers, who are in a rebuild and trying to build a young core that will compete for years to come. I’ve seen replies in past that say they shouldn’t give up assets, but I think you have to look at him as a prospect that already has proven nhl experience. I don’t think any team will hand him a long term 7-8 mil deal. Rangers are in a great position to offer a 2 year bridge with plenty of cap space coming in next few years. Wonder what a trade would look like between these teams, but I don’t see how acquiring a 22 year old forward with back to back 60 point seasons will hurt a rebuild.

    • You’ve also said Tavares, Karlsson, Panarin etc…. it just seems anyone on the rumor mill is a good fit for a rebuilding team.

      • If he were open to a 2 year bridge deal ,he’d be playing today. If he’s not open to a bridge deal in Toronto, why is he signing up for anything less than the 8 per he seeks in NY. I’ll give you this much, a 22 year old winger fits right in a rebuilding team. A 22 year winger that wants 8 per? Not so much. Does this make NY better today? Is he a 60 point guy with Zibanejad or Hayes? Probably not.

        The Rangers need Nylander for the next 7 years like they need Smith , Staal, Belesky for another 7.

        I don’t see Nylander as a game changer. I also don’t see him as an 8 million dollar savior on a team well entrenched in a rebuild.

        At some point, you’re going to have to accept that this team is not taking this route anytime soon. You’ve sworn they were in on Karlsson, Tavares etc, they never sniffed either……

        Nylander is just another one they’re not going in on. This team is NOT looking to add guys like this, or contend anytime soon

      • So the guy who lives in Fla from NY doesn’t think he’s a game changer look I get it’s an old topic and tiered but how many games you seen to come to that conclusion?
        Nylander had 8 game winning goals last year I think it was 3frd or 4th in the NHL was the leading goal guy at the world championships last year won a gold I believe not sure but isn’t Matthews an American? Pretty sure he wasn’t playing for Sweden…What you consider changing a game?

      • Ny4…And what team wouldn’t want any of those guys? Pay attention. If you’re going to pretend to know what I say on this website, I mentioned yesterday or day before why he might bridge with NY and not Toronto….

      • He’s far from a game changer. Far. Ovechkin… game changer… Nylander… plays on a good line with Mathews…. Is he even remotely the same guy in the nhl with Zibanejad or hayes as I mentioned above? I’m guessing not. Let me ask you this…. is Toronto playing this game with Mathews over 12 per? I highly doubt it. So I don’t think Toronto thinks as highly of Nylander as they do Mathews.

        Slick, absolutely! With the right team at the right time. Does any one of those guys alone (because obviously all of them were not or are not an option) make ny significantly better today?

        Probably not. It seems like desperation at this point… Tavares, Trouba, Nylander, Karlsson, Panarin….

        As I mentioned the other day, they didn’t hire a guy like Quinn to take them to the promised land. They hired a guy like Quinn to develop young players.

        They have him a 5 year deal that has a shelf life of 3-5 years. If they start seeing rapid growth/ development…. Quinn will be out the door.

        And also like I said the other day…. Has this team done anything whatsoever, at all, in any way shape or form to show this is the kind of move they’re making in the near future?

        You’ve chased everyone out there and argued how they’d fit and make NY better, I’ve argued the opposite… so far you’re 0-fer.

        Nylander will not be a Ranger anytime soon!

  11. Leivo and Gardiner for Pesce.

    • You mean 1g 2a 3pts and -4 Leivo? How does that help Carolina even with Gardiner replacing Pesce? And they sure as hell won’t get Pesce even up for Gardiner.

      • Lol I’ll give you my hot dogs for your steak!

  12. Caralina looks to be very interested in Nylander along with many others. It will take more then Pesce to get Nylander just because the oil gave away hall doesn’t mean tor will.

    • Not a chance nylander for pesce plus, it will be nylander plus for pesce

    • I like Nylander … but don’t compare him to Hall,m who had already chalked up 132 goals and 176 assists for 308 points when he was dealt to NJ.

      • I like Hall alot being from where I’m from George I’m not sure it’s AS drastic as that but I am totally on board with Man onTV I’m a long long time leaf fan and I’ve seen this movie once or twice before a guy getting piled on in Hog town and every where else because well it’s Toronto and everyone not from Toronto seems to hate it in this country anyway, then the trade happens and it’s OMG what was Toronto thinking trading this guy!!! Specially after they show their cup rings off

      • You can’t compare hall and nylander! Lol hall brings so much more to the game than nylander it’s really not close, a leaf fan is the only one that woul$ compare hall and nylander

      • I’m not

  13. I’ll make that bet and twice on Sunday

    • I’ll give you 50 to 1

      • The funny thing is, the canes are going to leaf games to scout but nylander isn’t playing? Doesn’t that mean if they’re interested in nylander that they also want something else if they’re going to games?

  14. I think Nylander and Phillie is a great fit to Your. Shayne Simmonds and Sanheim to flyers Nylander and a 2 Nd round pick

  15. George O….I was interested in your writing last week on “haters”. I agree Leaf fans go to that word too often when being defensive.

    But there is some spin off from the tribalism most sports fans have that overrides the logic of their proposals or reactions to other people opinions.

    This morning I had coffee with a very serious Habs fan….he has Forum seats in his basement and walls with Habs pennants.He is a little high these days with how much the Habs are over performing expectations….and rightfully so.And especially after they won last night.

    With great vigor and a straight face he told me Matthews would not stay in the league due to his injury tendencies. He wanted to believe this whereas it is too early to make this judgement beyond his wishful thinking. I did not have the heart to ask him how many games Shea Weber has missed in the 2 years Matthews has been in the league.

    He is a good guy…but I thought of tribalism and quality of judgement. It made me think of the times you have reacted here to the word hate.

    Is it based in team tribalism?

    • LOL. Ask him if he knew the Habs almost dropped Rocket Richard when he missed 34 games his first season due to injury because some thought he might be “brittle.”

      • And personally, in all my years of following sports (and playing several of them at various levels) I never became a “fan” to the point of being a pit-them-on-a-pedestal fawner. I grew up a Habs fan, while closely following the local Senators of the old QSHL/QHL at the same time, and when the team returned to the NHL some 25 years ago I more or less began following them more closely. I do live in the city after all. But my life doesn’t hang on every win or loss and I will be just a critical of their performance in these threads as I will any other team which happens to be up for discussion.

      • Yawn. You walked uphill both ways to school.

      • Really George? Aren’t you the same guy that had a complete meltdown when the Senators were the joke of the league, going so far as to say you were done following them and commenting on this site?

        No, you are definitely the model of being even-keeled aren’t you?

      • LMAO. I didn’t think you cared that much! Yeah, I was ticked off – hardly a “meltdown” – at the lack of professionalism by some key elements at the time … and now that it’s all been removed from the team and I see effort I’m getting some interest back. Maybe that the difference between us – I don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to effort.

  16. To Toronto Wayne Simmonds and Sanheim

    • Is Toronto throwing in dermott and a pick? The whole league knows dubas has a month to trade Nylander or lose him for the yr and probably a trade demand after that which would lower Nylander trade price even more

  17. Nylander and 2nd round and maybe leivo

  18. Simmonds and Nylander’s salary need to align in a dollars sense. Simmonds is UFA that the Leafs have that option to not resign.
    The real trade will be Nylander for the defenceman they agree upon. I like Myers. He was excellent for team Canada world Jrs. A lot like Chabot .

    • That was my point I’m sure it would be alot easier to get AM and MM signed and still have the option to sign or let Simmonds walk and it gets them a good young D man

      • And a big plus it’s gives them some size and grit