NHL Rumor Mill – November 20, 2018

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Latest on the Oilers, Blue Jackets, Penguins, and Jeff Skinner in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports there have probably been a few more senior management meetings for the Edmonton Oilers as their current slump continues. Going into last weekend the feeling was they would stay the course but back-to-back losses have made things white hot in Edmonton. Dreger said it’s not as simple as changing the coach, pointing to their inconsistent goaltending and sketchy transition play.

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Insider Elliotte Friedman appeared on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 discussing the Oilers’ current woes. He feels everyone in the organization is on pins and needles right now.

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz also wonders how much longer can the Oilers go on like this. He believes asset management is the biggest issue, pointing to the poor returns general manager Peter Chiarelli has received in his recent trades, specifically the deals that saw the departures of Taylor Hall, Justin Schultz, and Jordan Eberle.

Could Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McLellan become the next NHL coach to be fired this month? (Photo via NHL Images)

“That points to an even bigger problem at the top — above even the head coach and general manager — because that has been the one constant in the organization. It also paints a disturbing picture for Oilers fans because it should be obvious that the current organizational structure is not working and that changes probably need to be made. But what faith do you have that the people in charge are going to make the right changes?”

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples believes it’s time for a coaching change as the Oilers seem to have tuned out Todd McLellan. He suggests they look into hiring former Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville.

THE ATHLETIC: Jonathan Willis considers Zach Kassian, Drake Caggiula, Matt Benning, and Al Montoya as plausible trade candidates. Depending on where the Oilers are in the standings near the Feb. 25, 2018 trade deadline, Cam Talbot or Mikko Koskinen could be available.

Willis also touched on struggling young winger Jesse Puljujarvi. “If we were to make a list of trade warning lights, “player who might not be happy with his handling” and “player who might be valued more by other teams than his own” would be near the top of the list and Puljujarvi is a good candidate for both descriptions.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s no trade coming at this point in the season to save the Oilers. They’re top-heavy up front, they still have defensive issues and their goaltenders are struggling of late. Last week’s swap of Ryan Strome to the New York Rangers for Ryan Spooner did nothing to improve the situation. If things don’t soon improve, big changes could be coming behind the bench and in the front office. 

**UPDATE** Soon after this was published, the Oilers announced McLellan was relieved of his duties and replaced by Ken Hitchcock. You can read my take on this here


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports on the status of Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and winger Artemi Panarin, who are both slated to become unrestricted free agents in July. There’s been little change in Bobrovsky’s status but Panarin’s agent is set to meet with him following the holiday break to discuss their contract situation.

With Panarin apparently happy and scoring and the Blue Jackets in first place in the Metropolitan Division, GM Jarmo Kekalainen could keep trying to show that Columbus is a good place to be. LeBrun thinks the Jackets will make a contract offer to Panarin before the trade deadline and see if they can convince him to stay.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s all the Jackets can do at this point. Even if Panarin and Bobrovsky won’t commit to a new deal by the trade deadline, I think Kekalainen will retain them if they’re still in the thick of the playoff chase. Of course, he could listen to trade offers but it could take a substantial pitch to pry either guy out of Columbus. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford is “very much open for business.” He’s already made one trade shipping Carl Hagelin last week to the LA Kings for Tanner Pearson. McKenzie believes it’s safe to say that the only untouchables are Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. “So open for business, but those big deals are hard to make. But, open for business nonetheless.”

TRIBLIVE.COM: Mark Madden believes there’s no quick fix for the Penguins’ current problems, which includes poor play from starting goalie Matt Murray, a decline in their speed affecting their system, and a lack of energy and production from their bottom-six forwards. While Rutherford is working the phones, Madden cautions against attempting to over-fix the problems and risk putting the club into a deeper hole beyond this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because Crosby and Malkin are the only untouchables doesn’t necessarily mean stars like Phil Kessel and Kris Letang are hitting the trade block. Could Rutherford listen to offers for those two? Sure, but moving them isn’t likely to fetch a return that provides immediate help.

More likely options are players such as Daniel Sprong, Olli Maatta, Bryan Rust, and Riley Sheahan, who’ve frequently surfaced in recent trade speculation. Unless Rutherford is planning on blowing things up already, I think he’s looking more for tweaks than an overhaul. 




  1. 9.5 mill for Skinner huh? Looks like some agents (not unlike Nylanders) have figured out where the cap is going in the next few years

    • Oilers need to replace both Coach and GM at same time, enough is enough. ASAP!

      What a waste of Connor McDavid over a 4 year stint.

      Taylor Hall – Hart Trophy

      Jordan Eberele – 25 goal campaign last year

      Justin Shultz – Top 2 D man in Pitt 2x Cup Winner


      Larson , Strome & a 3rd Round pick

      Justin Shultz has more Goals than Adam Larson and Ryan Strome combined over 3 year term

      Enough said or ..done.. for that matter

      When Chirelli traded Hall he gave Lucic a deal that paid him more that what Hall was making and replaced Taylor Hall with Lucic….for longer term and more money… WOW!

      • At The time people were applauding the Hall for Larson move and many pundits and talking heads were saying “this is the cost of a quality dman.” I said at the time and continue to say one trade by one GM doesn’t start a trend.
        The state of the Oilers started to decline with that trade and with PC at the helm who was trying to replica his Stanley Cup team of Boston, which was a physical team, by adding players like Lucic, Kassian and Maroon.
        I find it funny that now some of these same pundits who said the Hall for Larson deal was necessary are now saying PC didn’t get enough value for Hall. Reality of it, was NJ won this trade on day one.
        The only player that could be moved for immediate help is Jesse Puljujarvi.
        For cap space maybe package Puljujarvi with Kassian and bring something back, or Puljujarvi with Lucic and bring back nothing other then cap space.

      • I was not one of those people trade stank from the get go and listening to some like Striker who sounded like the Oilers won another draft lottery after the deal was done is pretty comical now I must say

      • Hold on, be fair, the Oilers also got super star Rob Kilinkhammer in the Shultz trade.

  2. Edmonton should fire coach and gm. Trade RNH. Trade Larson. Focus on Hughes sweepstakes. Bring in Vigneult.

    • Wow. The firing of coach and GM is the only thing you said that’s smart.

    • Yeah because the draft has been working so well for the Oilers over the last decade right? Yeah Chia and the coach need to go and they need to get some of their younger players to figure it out and contribute. Maybe McClellan is a veterans coach and doesn’t know how to make younger guys comfortable.

    • I think there should a limit on how many times you can get the first pick and still suck.

      In the end they will never be able to draw and keep talent. Just move the team now…

      The Houston Oilers! (I like it – it feels familiar…)

      • Warren Moon is that you?

        Man I loved the Oilers

    • I was definitely NOT one of those “people” applauding the Hall for Larson deal. I laughed on day one because I knew the Oilers got hosed on that deal. If you’re trading Hall, you’re either doing it for a franchise d-man or someone that is as close to a sure thing d-man prospect AND other pieces. Not a highly drafted “should be able to plug into our top 4” DEFENSIVE defenseman. That trade was garbage for the Oilers the second it was announced and has only gotten worse since. At the time, my Oiler loving friends tried to give me the “Ok, but would you trade Hall for Larson AND Lucic, because that’s essentially what Chiarelli got”…and the answer was still a big NO…which bothered the hell out of them at the time…probably not so much anymore.

  3. gmjr… dont move the first! imagine the cries of foul that would ring if the pens won the lotto amd drafted hughes?!?! that would be so much fun.

    • Not as fun as if Edmonton wins it again hahah

      • If the Oilers win again you think it would be funny? Your an Oilers fan right?

    • At least your staying positive…good for you.

      • I mean… hard to complain after attending two parades in past few years. Many fans of teams go years-decades-lifetimes without seeing champions… I’ve seen 5 cups. 2 as a kid and getting to enjoy the spectacle from that perspective… 1 as a partying twenty something… 2 more as a somewhat mature adult. During that time I got to watch the greatest hockey player of all time and had to settle for Crosby jagr and Malkin as substitutes after.

        I only hope I get to see more when my kids are old enough to enjoy the ride.

        Course pens could pull a philly and rip off a win streak to get them back in contention. Just hope gmjr holds that 1st until the deadline at least to see where pens are at

      • Plus 15 scoring champs in the last 28 years. That usually means you have some special players to watch.

      • I’d rather get the first overall pick in 2020 but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • Chrisms— yep yep yep and more yep

      No waaaaay should he be moving the first

      I liked Pearson starting to gell and getting a G & A. Keep it up. Malkin was pumping for a great deal of the game.

      they just couldn’t close the door. Had Kessel put that 5 on 3 goal in— I think that would have been game over. Instead they let the door open and it hurt.

      Very few Pens played hard the entire 60 minutes. They played well for most of the game but did have some gaps and some mental breakdowns that proved costly. Great game for Jamie O. Rust looked great on the for-check. Sidney when back will mean a big deal and of course when Shultz comes back; at the very least Ruhweedel won’t have to be played. They still seem brain dead on giving JJ more minutes than JO???

      Pitt 7 points out of WC (Bos) with game in hand; 5 and 6 points behind Metro 3rd(Wsh- with 1 game in hand); and 2nd (NYR- 2 games in hand) not even at the quarter pole. So season is not over— but is fading and tough upcoming sched.

      GMJR has to make a move— it is just a matter of major move or bottom 6 swap type… and will it be enough?

      JJ takers anyone?

      I am almost at the point of wishing that there was a brain dead GM out there willing to take on JJ for a 3rd line winger; and then bring up Prow to play bottom pairing. Unfortunately the only takers for JJ will insist on including Sprong and he should not be let go. Start playing him with better line mates and the results should follow.

      • Chrism…..You saw Gretzky play for Pittsburgh? Weird, because nobody else remembers him playing there….

      • Who?

      • Chrisms, you meant Bobby Orr, didn’t you?

      • Orr not

      • Howe not who

      • Mine was bad enough…

      • Sorry, and I agree just bored at home today really

  4. The skinner tweet was immediately denied. Skinner won’t get even close to that. Something in the low 7’s is more likely.

    If they Penguins want to shake things up: Letang+spring for Nylander would do it!

    • Low 7s to keep your leading scorer who happens to be UFA? Not so sure there wouldn’t be a better offer or 2 around than that, 2-2.5 mill difference is a pretty big gap to close over an 8 year deal you really think the nearly 18 million bucks is just a slight over shoot?

    • He’s currently on pace for 55 goals and 86 points. I’m not convinced he’ll stay on that pace but even 40 goals and 65 points would put him out of the $7M range. I doubt he will get $9M+ but I would not rule out $8M.
      Buffalo isn’t exactly a city where all of the free agents are rushing to sign. That does factor in as well, they probably won’t be getting any discount and may have to overpay a bit to keep him.

      • Hmm so you’re saying 60 points give or take is 7-8 mill? Where have we seen an offer like that recently? Didn’t we say that guy was spoiled and overvaluing him self?

      • You do understand the difference between a UFA and RFA right?

        And I never said Nylander was spoiled.

      • So you understand that if Nylander was to sign long term the Leafs are paying for UFA years? Which again is at least 60 points considering he’s putting up 2 60 point seasons at 22 years old a feat that Skinner never came close to

      • A comparable to Skinner might be JVR? JVR is a two time 30 + goal scorer and two seasons of 60 + points got him 5 years $35M as an UFA

        Skinner has scored 30 +goals three times and 60+ points twice

        Their stats are pretty similar.

      • Which is why I believe a bridge deal makes sense for both sides….

      • This I kinda see except I think JVR may have left a bit of money on the table to play in Philly very close to home not sure I’d put Buffalo on the list of desired landing spots maybe but not the same as a kid from NJ playing down the road for the team that drafted him that happens to be the team he followed as a kid but who knows for sure

      • I wouldn’t say that Skinner has “never come close” to what Nylander has accomplished. He put up 31-32-63 totals as an 18 year old rookie. He was on pace for around 60 points a couple of other times but lost games to injury and lockout.

    • If the Maple Loaves want to make that deal where does Rutherford sign? You think adding Letang makes the d better??? bwa ha ha ha ha ha

    • Teams apparently are willing to pay nylander after a trade. Skinner will get his.

    • Mst,

      Long shot but possibility that GMKD would be interested but GMJR shouldn’t consider that. Great upswing in offence; but still tight on cap to fit in this year (signing WW late Nov is going to be 18/19 hit likely in the $9+ range); and more importantly; the already short D is going to struggle tremendously w/o Letang.

      Knowing the coach— if Letang traded, he’d up JJ to 30 minutes a game and I’d be hospitalized with an embolism.

      Yesterday I presented/discussed/analyzed several failing/brutal ways in which WW could end up a Pen but all, as I showed, would have too much of a detrimental long term effect on the team— none as I showed, would work and I can’t think of any way that WW could become a Pen that GMJR should truly consider signing off on.

      For Leafs— my recent dream is Sanheim and Simmonds for WW.

    • @Cumcuber get your upside down glasses off and look at the jersey number again. Super Mario is bes bro…all time! Forward position anyway.

      • Record books tell it differently and please don’t use he was injured because you know what? He wasn’t playing while he was so he didn’t collect. So no if if if from you. There’s an old saying if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle but she doesn’t so she’s my aunt

      • why would we want to consider the whole picture instead of looking at some numbers? Good point.

  5. Ya…no it wont.

  6. Benning and Caggiula might have some value but not much. Packaged with Puljularvi or Yamamoto would improve a return. However
    Money is also an issue in Edm. Don’t see a short term solution on a trade front unless it involves Lucic.

    10 days to get the ink done on Nylander

    By this weekend you are going to see relatively speaking where teams will rank and then you can hit the panic buttons

  7. totally off-topic but I read comments from someone here who was floating the idea of trading Auston Mathews to Arizona.

    After watching the Leafs last night I think I agree. Teams have to spread the talent pool over time. If you sign Mathews, Marner and Nylander (with Tavares already signed) you run out of money. If you trade and get a boatload of picks and prospects then you may avoid what’s happening to Hawks, Penguins and Kings.

    • If I may interject here, not fan of this topic of trading Matthews I think its a really terrible idea every which way from Sunday.

      Arguably will be the top 2 player in the world.

      In regards to the cap space and the days of old the cap was 20 million lower when Toews and Kane signed and Hawks had to clean house.

      In today s world the league will be opening up to Europe and Seattle is going to get a franchise and teh Cap will go up significantly over the next few years.

      The Leafs will move on from Nylander Gardiner and in another year Marleau saving them a potential average per player of $6 million per player…in another year that opens up
      $18 million plus the $11 million they have now to spend giving them $29 million to spend on 2 players Matthews at $12 million and Marner at $9 million that is a combined $21 million leaving them with $7 million to spend on Kapanen who will get $5 million if he stays.

      leaving you with $2 million to spend and we have yet to discuss teh cap going up and how much over the next 2 years which may open up about lets say $6 million …giving the Leafs $ 8 million cap space.

      Then they have Hainsey off the books as well giving you another $3 million to the sum amount of $11 million in 2 years worth of cap space with all other significant players signed Reilly being the next in line in
      2022 2023.
      …Sandin and Liljergen will be the 3rd pairing ( both on entry level deals for a few years )
      with Dermott and Rielly the 1st pairing and some stop gap guys to throw in ther at lower level contracts

      In conclusion there is more than enough money to sign EVERYONE and not have to give up arguably the best 200 foot player in the league in his absolute prime for a bunch of nobodys !!

      Sorry !
      Stupidest thing I have ever heard is to trade Matthews in his prime for a bunch of fillers the Leafs all ready have in the minors and in the regular roster!

      they need Matthews not an aging OEL and a bunch of guys who many never pan out to be anything…WE all know what matthews is going to be and that is a MEGA SUPERSTAR and arguably maybe one of the best players of all time …so lets not trade him OK !


      • You’re pretty high on Matthews, just saying.
        He’s far, far from being the best 200′ player in the game though.

      • “Arguably…. maybe. “

        That right there says that statement is a bit premature. By about a decade.

        It’s not even remotely arguable today. He’s nowhere near that level.

        I like the guy, but let’s not get carried away here.

      • shoreorrpark nailed it! Kopitar and Bergeron are miles ahead of Mathews in terms of a complete 200′ game, not to mention Couturiere in Philly as well.

      • Hey shore look at the player not the team he plays for. Austin is the realthing. Teams dream of a top Center an like him and people think the Leafs should trade him for a mystery box. It is the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard.

        Just like everyone jumping all over Nylander when the BS claims that he’s asking for $8m but hardly any one is scoffing at skinners $8-9m ask. He’s an average mid 50pt player and seems to not get past 65pts yet so $8-9m seems right since he’s not a Leafs player.

      • Top 2 in the world and maybe 1 of the best of all time? Pump the breaks I’m not sure if it’s d say he is even top 3 players on the Leafs at this point, kinda hard to argue the way Andersson Tavares Marner or even Rielly are not just as valuable considering

      • Not going to be able to give em all 10 mill plus might want to re evaluate how much he means if a team is going at what 13,5 and 2 without him and it’s within a calendar year. Not saying he is overhyped great player but let’s wait and see before we crown him he has missed nearly a 3 of his games in under a season and the team seems ok.

      • In the first 3 years of their careers

        Gretzky put up 513 points

        Mathews only needs 381 points to tie that mark… not impossible, but that injury could get in the way. Maybe he only puts up 285-300 this year?

        Lemieux, 348

        This seems a little more realistic. He’d only need 216 this year. I don’t see that being an issue….

        Crosby 294,
        He only needs 162 to get there! Done! Crosby who?

        I’ve changed my mind completely! He may very well already be one of the greatest of all time!

        I dare someone to argue the above is improbable!

      • Per Toronto :

        Top 5 NHL players all time:

        1) Austin Matthews
        2) Wendel Clark
        3) Doug Gilmour
        4) Mats Sundin
        5) Borje Salming

        These superstars have amazingly combined for 0 Stanley Cups, 0 Art Ross Trophies, 0 Hart Trophies, 0 Norris Trophies.

        Yes Toronto the Leafs have nothing but superstars, always have always will.

        1967 forever, lol.

    • With out even getting in to Richard Howe Orr Belliveau Ovi Bergeron Kopitar center that have multiple cups playing right now… This argument is completely nuts. I like Matthews an awful lot but is the guy who has missed nearly 20 games out of the last 80 with an injury the best on this team that seems to win without him really so important that you lose others who seem to produce just aswell without him? Again not going to be able to afford them all want to close the window in 4 or 5 years or perhaps move 1 that has lots of value to keep it open longer it’s not a magic box you’re moving him for you’re moving him for the opportunity to stay relevant with your cap and future if you were to go down that road. Not a crazy thing to think about. If the Leafs start handing guys 10 mill coming out of ELCs they may find if they don’t succeed right away it gets harder instead of easier which seeing with all the success this team has had over the last half century is something one might want to take in to consideration

      • Was merely stating it would be a good opportunity. Mathews appears a bit arrogsnt to me and might want to break the bank. As stated by others i’m not convinced he’s worth it.
        In return the team would be set for prospects for 5-7 years.
        I think gm are moving away from the long- term contracts. They milk the less than 27 yrs old and move on.

      • Agreed Rene

  8. on topic…Incredible how a team can mismanage high picks for so long. They have not had the right environment for developing and they brought too many youngsters at the top level too fast.

    • I think 10-12 more years of high draft picks and they’ll start coming around.

      • All I really need to know is when we can start talking about the McDavid returning home to Toronto rumors :p

        I joke, I kid…..but you know it’s coming

    • @ Shticky and whom ever

      No offense but if I was to build a team around 1 player right now in the league for whom has the best all around game who is elite it would Be Auston Matthews …does McDavid have the speed for sure, but his 200 foot game is NO WHERE close to Matthews along with the over all talent …and as for the Kopitar and Bergeron comparisons,
      Kopitar and Bergeron have seen better days.

      If you were to say that at present day you would take Bergeron or Kopitar over Matthews in building a team as a top line Center …you guys have destroyed my outlook on you guys of knowing Hockey ..I thought you guys had a better hockey sense or evaluation than that.

      When you talk Bergeron or Kopitar ..yes they are elite in their day and they will go down as fine players and most likely Hall of Fame ..but none of them have the skill set Auston Matthews has …SORRY!

      Bergeron and Kopitar are in the 2nd tier of Hockey names for how good they were and are.

      Matthews is in the Ovechkin Crosby McDavid tier …..and still needs to put up those points yes of course and will and to dispute that would be your own personal opinion and not one that I would agree with unfortunately!

      I am really surprised at the underevaluation of Matthews by most posters here just because of not having the hardware yet…but rather based on his player for player skill set!

      Its actually a very wide comparison IMO Matthews to Kopi and Bergeron, talent wise !

      Just sayin

      • In one breath you say the opinion of others in here shows they have no knowledge of the game – then without pausing, you state definitively (as if this was etched in stone and not just YOUR opinion) that Matthews is in the same class as Crosby, Ovechkin and McDavid.


      • Did you by any chance happen to catch the Matthews disappearing act in the playoffs? Soft, soft, soft.

      • Continued from above, since we’re throwing them in the hat…

        First 3 years

        Ovechkin 310 points
        Mathews only needs 178 this year.

        Mcdavid 256, missing 1/2 a season his rookie year…
        Mathews needs 124 this year.

        Basically, anyone that won’t go along with your opinion that Mathews is one of the best of all time “arguably, maybe” doesn’t have knowledge?

        Oh boy….

      • Just Saying…..if I was to build a team for future years yes I would pick Mathews over Bergeron or Kopitar obviously given their age differences. But in your first post you said NOTHING about building for the future, you were speaking in present terms.

        Now if I was to build a team to win the stanley cup NOW, there is no way I’m picking Mathews over Kopitar, Bergeron or Crosby. That’s a combined 6 Stanley Cups between them. They actually know how to win and step their games up in the playoffs when it matters. How did Mathews look in the playoffs last year? Enough said!

      • I am possibly, maybe, arguably one of the most knowledgeable guys here! So I am very insulted you don’t see it that way!

      • Hey man what ever helps you sleep at night, but I wouldn’t count on it…the Canucks and also got pretty good young center same as the Flames off to starts pretty comparable no I’m not sure the guy who has 0 playoff success and missed a 1/4 of the past season is the guy I build a team around, that being said I don’t just dump him either but I’d be fine with a team that had Tavares Marner Nylander Kapanen Kadri Rilley and Andersson playing the part as a younger core and still take 10 mill if not more in space or more younger players or picks to help round things out. There are very few players in my years of following the OHL I’ve traveled around to watch play Mc David Marner Taveres Subban Stamkos…I think if you are thinking that Matthews is the center piece for the Leafs that’s fine but I wouldn’t bet against Marner and I know there are guys more involved in the league that feel the same as I do, wouldn’t dismiss Marner as the guy and he is by miles and miles a better 200 foot player than Matthews

      • Give it a break guys, this ‘just saying’ guy shows up saying he has been an observer for years and all of a sudden broke out with multiple posts in the last two days.

        For the tenured guys here, you should know that MOST Leafs fans, who are regulars here are level headed.

      • SChticky, are you envisioning Nylander as the #2C? Or is it Kadri? No sarcasm, real question.

        If someone blows you away with a deal then it can be considered. Trading Matthews for picks is absolute insanity.

      • Not saying I’d just trade him for picks but I wouldn’t be racing or freaking out about matching 12 million dollar offer sheets either NVM this year’s draft o wouldn’t mind having that Arizona ping pong ball in the 2020 draft lottery, I think Nylander is a center yes

      • Schticky, I brought this up the other day as well. If Matthews goes to Arizona, you are looking at a very good line up with Matthews, Keller, OEL, Hjalmarsson, Dvorak, Strome, Crouse, Perlini, Galchenyuk, Chychrun, Raanta and older guys like goligoski/demers.

        I don’t see them missing the playoffs for an extended time with all that talent

        4 picks from them really isn’t going to mean much.

        If there is a trade on offer that includes multiple pieces, then it can be considered.

      • Patrice Bergeron is one of my favourite players ever but how old is Matthews and how good was Bergeron at the same age?
        BTW, any top five Leaf list that doesn’t have Dave Keon on it is just bogus.

      • Yeah not the way I see it, every year or 2 “this is the year the Yotes break through!” Outside Keller and OEL let’s see if Raanta or Chychrun can play more than a half a season, Chuckie seems to be the same Chuckie in Arizona so far as he was in Montreal Hjalmarsson has seen better days and besides that Dvorak and Strome Crouse don’t exactly scream elite to me…never know but it doesn’t impress me as an up and coming team with the others Panik Perlini and NVM lafrenier 2020 is shaping up to be a helluva draft, I’d take my chances if that offersheet came in to play history kinda shows it as 4 early firsts to go along with the Leafs 4 firsts and a tone of space I’d take it

  9. Hitchcock to coach the Oilers? you gotta dig deeper than that.

  10. Todd fired in Edmonton! Hitchcock to take over.

    • Oh, that’ll really help.

      • There Spooner and a guy who likes to use spoons and awful lot it’s all fixed nothing more to see here

    • Guess Joel said no thanks.

  11. Pretty sure the Sens would be all over Montoya if he were made available. Ceci? We’ll pay you to take him.

    also…Doug Gilmour has a Stanley cup,

    • And 3 ex wives who cares

    • wasn’t there a rumor that Ceci plus a pick for Hall was on the table but the Sens took too long to respond? It’s funny to think that Chia could have done worse than he already did

      • Taz: Yes, that it was was rumoured locally and everyone I know was praying it came true at the time.

  12. Hey fellas 1st comment after 10yrs reading… First of all anyone who thought/said/argued that the Hall for Larson trade wasn’t anything but highway robbery, from Day 1 is a fool. The Subban for Weber trade muted the criticism somewhat, but Hall for Larson is akin to Ryan McDonough for Scott Gomez imo. As a diehard Rangers fan who was very against a “rebuild” @ least we’re looking miles ahead of the Oilers. Nooo way you trade Matthews & if they do send him to Broadway for whoever & a 1st, 2nd, 3rd. … Here’s an idea TML send Nylander to Wpg for Trouba?

    • Billly looou


  13. Berube to the Blues? Please, what makes them think he can fix this team? As for the Oilers, I am not sure there is a fix…wasting Connor M., unable to unload their burdens such as Lucic, Kassian, who are both liabilities in the new NHL.
    Specualiton is that the Ranges would deal Kreider and Brady S. for Nylander..I would make that deal if I were the Leafs. Kreider can help the forward line with some size and grit, Brady is gong to get better but needs out of the Big A.

    • That Kreider/ Skjei is more of a Brooks dumb thought of the day gone wild.

      The fact that Skjei has been a healthy scratch 2 games in a row seems to be fueling the fire. But if a healthy scratch or 2 from Quinn meant a trade was imminent, almost 1/2 the Ranger roster would be on the block.

      Kreider would be a great fit in Toronto, and Edmonton. But I like where he is today!

  14. Hitchcock kinda looks like Jabba the hut and coaching the oilers ain’t gonna be helping your healrhy stress free lifestyle out… I donno this is a good idea on sooo many levels Hitch should be an advisor or something to keep him occupied in his retirement but head coach?

    • I think you’re right Lyle you may wanna keep looking up that ladder probably more like the guy who is oking these crazy ideas of Chia this is nuts the leagues meal ticket, player of the future, young guys league…. let’s have a nearly 70 year old man who I’m not sure can be called healthy whip em in to shape! Sure Pete sign him up? Like you sure this is the direction? This is “the move” how many seasons you figure he has in him? He’s your choice out of everyone available? You mean like full time? and not interm basis?? McDavid is gonna see more coaches than playoffs at this rate

  15. not a Hitch fan but think Oilers got the best available….why?? tons of experience but only a 6 month commitment…he can put his finger in the damn while the owner I would hope does some work on defining what he wants

    Then fire them all from Nicholson down to the scouts who doesn’t help realize that vision…bring in a guy understands ownership’s vision and has the cohenes to do it…the current mess is on ownership….but he is not going anywhere so he needs to work and to change