NHL Rumor Mill – November 22, 2018

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Latest on the Blues, Leafs, Penguins, Hurricanes, Ducks, and Kings in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: During his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman wrote of indications with the St. Louis Blues’ organization with winger Vladimir Tarasenko. He claims no one ever spoke of it on the record and he hasn’t heard Tarasenko mentioned in any trade rumor. Friedman notes that’s a hard trade to win because the Blues would be giving up a great talent.

Are the St. Louis Blues growing disenchanted with winger Vladimir Tarasenko’s performance? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman followed up on this during an appearance yesterday on the NHL Network saying the Blues haven’t always been happy with Tarasenko since he signed his eight-year, $60-million contract in July 2015.

The Athletic’s Jeremy Rutherford considers Tarasenko among the Blues’ “almost untouchables,” adding there’s a belief among the organization that the winger should be a bigger scoring threat and concern over whether he’ll ever reach that level. Still, the chances of Tarasenko being traded are low.

If the Blues go that route they’ll have to consider doing so before July 1, as that’s when his full no-trade clause kicks in. Yes, Tarasenko could still be traded after that but it’ll be easier for the Blues to make that move (assuming they want to) before July 1. 

Speaking of possible trade candidates, Rutherford suggested Brayden Schenn, Alexander Steen, Pat Maroon, Sammy Blais, Carl Gunnarsson, and Jay Bouwmeester as possibilities. He’s not advocating a trade of Scheen but suggests it’s possible if there’s concern over the cost of re-signing him when his contract expires in 2019-20.

Steen has a no-trade clause and two years left on his deal. Maroon could attract interest from playoff contenders near the trade deadline. The oft-injured Gunnarsson probably won’t fetch much of a return, and it’s doubtful anyone will take the aging, fading Bouwmeester off their hands.

Rutherford also wonders if there’s a slim chance the Blues might move struggling goalie Jake Allen, perhaps by retaining some of his remaining salary. He also considers Jordan Schmaltz as the most likely to be traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If things don’t improve soon for the Blues, management will face some tough decisions. I doubt it involves moving Taranseko but one shouldn’t fully dismiss that possibility. They could retain Schenn, especially if promising Robert Thomas fails to develop as hoped. Steen’s no-trade clause could make him difficult to move. Allen’s struggles won’t help his trade value even if the Blues ate some of his remaining salary. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also reports it sounds like the Pittsburgh Penguins “tried to get its hands” on Anaheim Ducks defenseman Brandon Montour but he doesn’t believe the Ducks want to part with him. Friedman also speculates Ducks pending UFA winger Jakob Silfverberg could interest the Penguins, who need more scoring outside of their top-six forwards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In a recent column on which Ducks are most likely to be traded, The Athletic’s Eric Stephens listed Montour among “the conceiveables” but doubts the Ducks will part with him unless he’s part of a big return. Silfverberg, on the other hand, fills most of Stephens’ trade boxes, including being on an expiring contract with enough value to perhaps fetch a first-round draft pick. The Penguins, however, might prefer offering up someone such as Daniel Sprong or Bryan Rust. 


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun wonders if the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes will take their trade discussions regarding restricted free agent winger William Nylander to the next level. He also notes the Hurricanes’ surplus on defense is attracting interest from other clubs. “Which sets up an interesting scenario for Waddell at some point — wait to see how the Nylander situation plays out or consider other options that present themselves over the next few weeks.”

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites Elliotte Friedman’s Tuesday appearance on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 discussing the possibility of Nylander being traded to the Florida Panthers. He feels they have the assets but wonders how much they’d be willing to pay him. Team captain Aleksander Barkov makes just under $6 million per season while the Nylander camp seeks between $7-$8 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nylander is a talented young forward who could one day be worth over $7 million annually but I don’t think the Panthers are keen to fork over that much to him at this point.

As for the Hurricanes, GM Don Waddell recently admitted interest in Nylander but also said he thought the Leafs would re-sign the winger and was considering other trade options. We’ll find out by Dec.1 what direction Waddell takes. 


THE ATHLETIC: Lisa Dillman and Josh Cooper recently listed Carl Hagelin, Alex Martinez, Jake Muzzin, and Nate Thompson as the most likely trade candidates for the Los Angeles Kings. Other possibilities include Kyle Clifford, Trevor Lewis, and Jack Campbell. 

SPORTSNET: With the Kings having made a coaching change and a trade this month, Elliotte Friedman believes they might choose “to see how things evolve before anything else.



  1. Friedman…..Montour a possibility for Pens??

    Yes please

    If Sprong is being asked for (again I don’t advocate for letting him go) up plus more for Montour…. Sprong and JJ for Montour !! …. I’m dreaming of course … but if that was even mentioned by An …. GMJR… sign right away

    If they are talking Silfverberg for Rust …. “gedder done” ; but I’d think An would want more … and Rust + Sprong for Silfverberg is definitely overpaying

    Montour and/or Silfverberg as Pens …. yes please …. just don’t overpay

    Here’s better move before any rash ones …. sit ZAR for 3 games and play Sprong (with better line mates )…. that will infuse many more scoring chances

    • I don’t get the constant talk of Sprong, is Pittsburgh’s depth that thin? The guy is useless at the NHL level and trading him will get almost nothing back in return I would think.

      Montour will cost a pretty fortune, Sprong would only be a second or third piece of that deal. Not sure Pitts has the assets to make it happen without throwing a 1st plus over.

      • Hi Kent

        Sorry but I must disagree with you regarding Sprong’s ability in NHL.

        He’s a skilled and speedy winger that has been “plodding” with sub-par line-mates.

        When they had him playing in top 6 ; his scoring chances were increased dramatically and he was setting up those liemates as well

        I just believe they are not playing him well

        You are right re his trade value right now as other teams will go on the limited information/stats they have on him and lower minutes he’s played … not a fault of Sprong but indicative of the time allowed and the linemates he’s been mostly burdened with.

        I truly fear trading him will end up as an equal or greater regret to the trade of Pouliot (pittance in return only to watch him blossom in Van)

        Montour won’t cost 3 pieces (or for ;:()/%# ‘s sake better not)

        Perhaps it is a multi-player deal between the teams that nets Silfverberg and Montour … who knows?

        I just would like to know the extra cost needed to flip JJ for Montour … LOL

    • Pengy, you have repeatedly stated that Pouliot is flourishing in Vancouver but anyone who watches the Canucks knows that it isn’t true. He’s
      borderline NHL defenseman who’s playing for his old junior coach thus has a long leash. Here’s a quote from Cole Marton’s write-up (Canucksarmy) on last night’s game against the Ducks:

      “The optimism shown above didn’t last long, because watching Derrick Pouliot play was an eyesore. Pouliot is the bad tonight, even after he scored a goal tonight. Pouliot’s confidence has gone down the drain, and it showed because he was an absolute wreck in his own end. His strengths should be his puck-moving prowess and offensive instincts, but his breakouts were non-existent, he couldn’t seem to make a strong first pass out of the zone, and while he scored tonight, he hasn’t been able to produce for a large part of the season.

      It’s good for Pouliot I’m not in Canucks management, or he’d be on his way to the east coast to suit up for Utica pretty quick. (I don’t see him being claimed…)”

      • Pooliot had 2 brtual turnovers last night that led to 2 goals.

        He makes more turnovers than Pilsbury.

      • There is a false narrative in Pittsburgh that pouliot was mishandled by his coaches. It’s why when people say the pens lost the trade with coover I shake my head. You have to lose something to lose a trade.

      • Gord1970

        I guess I had it wrong… sorry

        You see him way more than me … I was relying on a small sample size … saw first game and he was flying and + 4 or +5

        I saw a couple of other games where he was also very very good …. I think it was 2 or 3 weeks ago … Chi and Col… he was very good in that… then I had heard TSN praising his work and noting he was averaging near 20 mins s game…. so I had a skewed viewpoint on top of what I saw if him in Pitts

        I didn’t like the up, down, press box, play 5 mins routine while in Pitt and I thought he played fairly well while they let others fail and stay up

        I wish he’d get just 10% if the benefit of the doubt that JJ is getting

        The brutal play of Ruhweedel at the expense of Riikola is utterly insane .., the argument that “with Shultz gone he is the only other RHD” doesn’t hold water when he plays that bad

        Last night’s roster worked fine

        Play Riikola , sit Chad; and play Sprong more and in better situations

        If they are still hung ho on trading him ( and I state again that this is not the right thing to do) … it must be to upgrade team now and not for prospects

        BTW … Hunt (VGK RHD) is being under utilized and Schmidt just got back to eat up more minutes… so if Sprong is the pawn …. Sprong for Hunt, Macek, and mid rounder and have Hunt as 7th D; waive Chad; sit ZAR a couple of games and put Macek in his place to see how he does

        This is a minor jig but as at now … with the limited exposure (with good linemates).. this kind of trade is about as good as it will get for Sprong
        …. so keep him and play him more appropriately

      • Sprong is supremely skilled and has a high level NHL shot; an absolute cannon. Issue is that he has absolutely no idea how to play defense and is a liability when he is out there. If he plays top 6 on another team and improves is defensive play he legit could be a 25+ goal guy. With that being said, the way he plays now, he will be a career AHL player.

  2. After watching the Canes leafs Game last night …you HAVE to think of this scenario.

    Out of the 31 teams to trade Nylander to helping out the Canes should not be a trade the Leafs should make ..I think this might come back to haunt them in some case scenario when a bigger game may be on the line, especially now that it looks like the Canes will be entering the post season conversation for the next few years.
    I would be EXTREMELY RELUCTANT to make a deal with the Canes that would help improve them to only fill a questionable hole for the leafs on D that they may be able to fix both internally and or with another club.

    Have to say Iam very surprised with the Blues play ..I had teh Blues and the Flames as my 2 teams to watch out for – for big improvemnets and to move into serious contenders not pretenders …bot are having struggles but the Blues look flat at times need big changes ..but good luck finding an equal trade for Tarasenko …that is going to be tough …I hear Larson is available in Edmonton??
    LOL …thought id stick that in there !

    But really ..lol ….you would have to trade a star for a star in that scenario, Tarasenko puts up A LOT of points and has one of the best shots in the league …that’s a hard and ballsy deal to make !

    I looked through the league and evaluated some possibilities and I have decided not to even attempt a trade scenario on those comments… yea right …lol 🙂

    Food for thought …

    Tarasenko $7.5
    B .Shenn $5.1
    Tyler Wortherspoon $ 700,000
    Bouwmeester $ 5.4.. UFA

    = $19 million cap hit


    RNH – $6
    Draisitil – $8.5
    Klefbom – $ 4.1

    = $18 million on cap

    Both teams could use a big shake up fills all wholes as per player for player and money !
    Give McDavid a legit winger and get some strength back down the middle.

    Blues get younger and faster and have players that play multiple roles now.

    Fire away ..lol

    • Draisaitl as a borderline elite centre, and RNH as a C and throwing in Klefbom is just way overpaying.

      Leaves the EDM with even less depth which is their main area of concern.

      • @ Kent

        I humbly disagree RNH has had his day in Edmonton need a change of scenery in that player ..Scheen brings a more physical game that the Oilers need …and can put up points as well…Klefbom can be replaced with Bouchard in another year and if you sign Bouwmeester to a 1 year deal that could really help skate the puck out of your own end …plus a REAL GOOD prospect in Wortherspoon can also look to replace Klefbom so thats a wash !

        Draisitil comment is a bit much is a top quality player over and every team would love to have him…but getting Tarasenk to play with McDavid is the key !
        You have to give up something to get something but I still think this is equal value for both teams to put them into a new direction with quality players exchanged on both sides position for position and money works…no one looses here…IMO

      • I agree with Kent. You don’t trade a 1C, a 2C and a top 4D for two top 6F and scraps. That would be bad even for Chiarelli. This doesn’t even factor in that Draisaitl has more term than Tarasenko, RNH has more term than Schenn and Klefbom is being given away for an expiring contract and a prospect.

      • I’m very much into fantasy hockey pools and this is a fantasy hockey trade.
        You trade is giving away a winger/center combo for another winger/center combo plus Klefbom for a prospect? The C/W combo from Edmonton is better and younger.
        Klefbom is establishing himself as the #1D on Edmonton and having a very good year. He played through injuries last year.

        The Oilers do not need more grit, they already have that with Lucic, Kassian, Larsson, Nurse, Khaira, Caggiula etc. They need to use that grit properly first before going out and getting Schenn.

        The Leafs should trade Nylander to whoever gives them the best return. The Leafs are good enough where they can afford to improve someone else’s team if their own team improves. That is literally the ideology behind any trade

      • Hmmm, posted a comment an hour ago and it didn’t show up. Grrrrr

        Edmonton does not need more grit, they have enough with Lucic, Kassian, Khaira, Nurse, Larsson, Caggiula etc. They just need to learn how to use it.

        The trade makes no sense as you are swapping a center and a winger for (IMO) a lesser center and winger. The issues isn’t RNH, Drai, McDavid – the issue is secondary scoring.
        Trading Klefbom for a prospect isn’t smart either. He is eveloping into a #1D and playing well this year, he played through injuries last year.
        ‘Give McDavid a legit winger’ Have you seen Draisaitl play?
        RNH is currently playing the best he has ever played, January on.

        The Leafs should trade Nylander to whomever gives the best return. They are good enough that they do not need to worry about other teams improving if the Leafs improve as well. That is literally the basis of any good hockey deal

      • Wow
        Draisaitl is better than a Tarasenko and younger
        RNH is better than Schenn and younger
        Klefbom is a LOT better than Jbow and a LOT younger.
        So this b prospect makes up all those shortcomings? Not even close.

    • @Kal El
      Blues would throw in 2 1sts or more to make that trade happen.

    • Would not trade Leon straight for Tarasenko
      Would not trade RNH stright for B .Shenn
      Would not trade Klefbom straight for Bouwmeester

      adding Tyler Wortherspoon does nothing

      Blues might need to trade the captain or Colton to change the team dynamics even more

    • I don’t really believe the old don’t trade him in the division talk when it comes to anyone, you could say the same about the Canes maybe their piece who ever it is (and no it wont be a bottom pairing D) coming back if a trade was made could come back and haunt them. Also the Canes are 2 points from the bottom of the met and 4 from the top I wouldn’t discount them making the playoffs but I’m not so sure they are a shoe in either good young team but as you noted about the Blues they looked like they had the pieces in place to make some noise aswell. Pairity a n this league is like never before and things can go south as quick as they can go north, the same as the Leafs it could fall apart pretty quickly anyway you look at it, if you are worried about a player haunting you in a trade it might be a good idea not to trade him period. If you are going to make a trade you better make it for the best return regardless of the other teams location.

      • What!?! A post by Schticky that I agree with in its entirety. Truly a day to give thanks!

      • Would think though that given the choice, Toronto would rather trade him to a western conf team. Have to agree with Lyle, I just don’t see anyone paying him 7-8 mil long term at this time. Sure he’s a great prospect, but all he’s proven is he’s a 20 goal scorer who piled up assist playing with Mathews. Vlad Namestikov had similar numbers, maybe better, if he finished year playing with Stamkos and Kucherov. Not saying Namestikov is better player, but again, can’t see anyone trading for him if he’s not willing to accept a bridge deal.

      • lol Taz what truly amazes me is how cut and dry this is for some. You have a player who is putting up . 73 points a game ask for 7-8 mill no real injury issue no real pp time and everyonr seems to help this guy pack his bags for asking close to market value and trades for a teams 3rd 4th best D seems to be the norm because he is asking so much and so overvalue, then you have a guy who (previous to this year too keep the comparison kinda fair as Nylander never got the opportunity to play on the pp with the current team) is a .89 ppg who A has missed over 20 games the last season and is worth 10-12 million bucks and shouldn’t be traded or is worth so much more? It makes no sense to me. So Nylander in somes eyes is worth a guy like Pesce and oh ya he may haunt us but to mention I wouldn’t care if someone offer sheeted Matthews I’m taking the cap space and 4 firsts I’m the nutty one? Nylander and Matthews value on the ice is almost identical look at the record look at the points look at the deployment, yet somehow it’s a good idea to low-ball one get all these low-ball trade offers and I’m nuts for stating the obvious if you can’t afford both and they are pretty similar why not try and keep the cheaper one and move the one that is going to help the team the most, now again it would depend on the final numbers as far as contracts go but I personally don’t think there is as much a gap in talent in a .73 ppg guy and a .89 as some seem to think there is so why if you are not willing to move Matthews at any cost are some so quick to give Nylander away for second rate players?

      • Good players play with other good players slick what would you say should they load up Matthews with 4th line wingers and see if he doesn’t make em all 60 pt guys? This is the absolute most idiotic argument, you don’t think Pasternak plays with some guys who may help with his stats or Liane how come McDavid needs a winger he not as good as Matthews in your books?

      • We will forever disagree on Matthews Schticky.
        The difference is that Matthews put up points playing with Kapanen too.

        Simply stated: Nylander’s market value is 7-8M but he isn’t worth that to the Leafs.

        I have said it before that 4 firsts for Matthews isn’t enough. We differ on how Coyotes would look adding AM to their current roster – no point going through that exercise again. I’m not trading a franchise player on speculation

      • That’s the difference Taz. I’m not sure, they either are both franchise types or neither are, teams don’t tend to go 13-5 missing 2 guys like this so yoi can’t have it both ways ways Nylander won the scoring title and a world championship with out Matthews has looked fantastic in other places and had success everywhere he played previous to playing with Matthews. I like them both and would rather keep both but if it’s a matter of kicking one to the curb no matter what I’m not sure you don’t keep the more affordable and likely the more durable and maximise the value, to the team. I honestly believe the franchise player is Tavares or they wouldn’t have gone out and gave a UFA that type of deal, and if it’s down the road again I wouldn’t count the future leader/franchise type guy of this team being Marner.

      • Find me a team that’s 8 games above .500 in 20 or so games without it’s franchise player NVM without 2/3rds of it’s top line and missing the likes of what left via free agency.. are guys like Matters and or Nylander really the straw stirring the drink? Meanwhile you have the leading D men in points a top goalie and oh btw a line of another 1 of the top players in the game in Tavares playing with a 21 year old who puts up numbers very comparable to Matthews. It’s not as easy as saying but he’s a franchise player,when the franchise seems just fine without him. I’m not sure you could say the same in alot of other cases with teams and franchise guys. Not likely to matter I think Dubas so far has showed he has a pretty good idea what he’s doing had success every where he’s been and we are all likely making mountains out of mole hills here wouldn’t be surprised if all got signed to unexpected deals, but u guess my biggest issue with all this is how out of balance it is when it comes to the topic. Sure Nylander could be traded but it’s not going to be for a teams 4th best D and sure he may not get 8 mill long term but 6-6.5 on some bridge deal generally back fires when it comes time for the next contract, and if the only reason to bridge is so you can give a very similar player coming out of an ELC 10 million you are going to be in a far worse spot down the road just depends on the other 2.

  3. The Blues are chasing the Kings for unperformance of the year. I sure got that wrong in September. There had to be a better option than Berube- Dave Tippett ? Allen has the ability but a roller coaster . A 1b is needed on that squad . Maybe they are missing Berglund and Sobotka :]

    • SilverSeven

      With you re Blues…. I did not see this plummet coming. Coaching switch will/should have some impact but in reality players must perform better or a trade will have to happen.

      A slide by LA did not surprise me. I certainly didn’t see this major slide; but had a good sense that they’d be in outside looking in re playoffs

      Ed needs to straighten things out but are certainly not out of it … they are 2 points out of a playoff spot (An) with 2 games in hand.

      A regulation win by Ed and a Van loss tomorrow and Ed is in playoff spot

      • the Blues added too many forwards past their prime. O’Reilly is working out nicely but Bozak, Perron and Maroon…good adds 4-5 years ago but the league is young and fast these days.

  4. I don’t see the Penguins trading for Silfverberg unless a catastrophic injury occurs. They finally have their top 6 spots figured out and they should roll with those as long as they can. The bottom 6 looked as good as it has all year last night but there is no way in hell Derek Grant should be playing over anyone that is healthy. If they went ZAR/Brass/Sprong, Rust/Sheahan/Simon then they are cooking. People keep talking about Sheahans lack of production but his 2 most common line mates are Cullen and Grant, the 2 guys with the lowest possession metrics on the team. Figure it out Mike. I’ll take Montour any day, Schmaltz too is they are so keen to get rid of him, he’s a right handed shot. Dallas is playing Polak, and Bayreuter over Honka then maybe Honka is available as well. We got JO last year at this time for what amounted to be Josh Archibald.

    • When I posted this there were zero comments on the page. How did it end up beneath all of these? Not that it’s important it’s just strange.

      • Maatta, Grant, And B Rust for Montour, and Blandisi.

    • Yes yes yes to Montour … but what’s the asking price? If not too out there …. GMJR … do it

      I’d love him in the line-up…. b-bye Chad

      • Maatta for Montour? The Ducks left side looks pretty bad right now without Lindholm and Fowler.
        Dumo Letang
        JO Montour
        Jackass Riikola
        And then when Shultz comes back
        Dumo Letang
        JO Shultz
        Riikola Montour
        Jackass Ruhwedal
        That’s a nice looking defense right there.

  5. I am a Leaf fan and we do this too….But I can’t get over how the fans of teams that need a fundamental change or change of dynamics as noted above….seem to think or hope that trading 3r and 4 th liners is going to change much…

    I also think that fans in general underestimate the difficulty of making a roster younger and seriousness of letting a roster get old together. This one is like looking back at the rapids not looking ahead

    The only position I see where a one player change may make much of a difference is the goalie….look at Calgary after benching Smith….look at all the changes St Louis made but stayed with Jake Allen

    St Louis LA Philly and maybe the Pens….need get on the stick before they self commit to the museum where things don’t change and not the arena where things change all the time

    • One phrase that comes to mind with teams and GMs is “driving on a superhighway using the rear-view mirror to steer.”

    • 3rd and 4th line strength is what wins you championships….that being said , a player such as Nylander’s calibre will warrant more of a top 6 forward or top 3 dman . It doesn’t hurt to pursue a solid 2 way forward that can fill a top 2 line role if an injury occurs which is pretty much a given on any team .So , let’s do the exercise….You have Tavares , Matthews and Kadri as your top 3 centers , then you have Marner , Kapanen and Nylander , that’s good too , then you have Hyman , Marleau and Brown ???? Yikes !
      Maybe a legit left winger is what the Leafs need , and get a decent 30 point dman on the cheap….and ….some insurance in goal if Freddy got fingered goes down ; you cannot depend on Sparks to carry you…. So now the exercise becomes getting a good LW to compliment one of your top 2 lines . My take , sign Nylander now , 2 years , make a smaller deal for a LW that needs a fresh start like Domi in MTL , maybe Coyle in MINN , or Perlini in ARZ , just examples……then get a guy like Pesce , a RH dman in a smaller deal , and scour the waiver for a decent backup , then i think they will be very hard to beat. Just my 2 cents….

      • Why the complete and total disregard for the laws of punctuation? Wow that mess is a hard read.

    • It’s funny how little respect fans show toward goaltenders. Pretty sure that Ken Hitchcock would still be retired if the Oilers had consistently good goaltending. Mike Yeo sure could have used some help from his goalies.
      Good players make good coaches and good goalies are a coach’s best friend. In that regard, keep an eye on the Flyers, the Panthers, the Senators and, yes, even the Lightning.

  6. Kings currently dead last in league. I know it’s still relatively early (1/4 into season) but LA needs to seriously consider blowing it up. Can’t see them climbing back and roster is littered with guys over 30. Right now they’re in a good spot to get Hughes #1 overall. Carter and Martinez both lack ntc protection and would be good pickups for contenders. Maybe they should consider moving Quick as well? When healthy he’s been a top tier goalie and is on a reasonable contract. 5.8 mil per. They should be looking to Toronto and discussing what it would take to get Nylander.

    • Ryan Dzingel got 3 more goals than Nylander last season playing significantly less minutes and would come a lot cheaper. Mind you, he is a UFA at season’s end, but even so he’d be cheaper to sign than Nylander.

    • I would think Dubas is talking to a few teams about what it would take? That’s why he will get more than what Nylander is worth and if he throws in a 1st round and prospect or two, you never know what he could
      Dubas take your time and do it right.

    • watched kings/avs game last nite….it looked like the avs had acme rocket skates on and the kings were wearing sorel ice fishing boots

  7. Other than double D, who would the leafs be interested in on LA?

    • Phaneuf

      • To slow, at best phaneuf would be 7th defenseman on the leafs.

      • Kidding

      • I gotchu Striker, that was pretty funny. I don’t see any trade between the Leafs and the kings either.

      • Huh? Lol

      • You got me!

    • I don’t think the kings have anyone other than DD that would interest the leafs, cupboard is pretty bare. That is why they need to blow up the roster and go for the #1 pick Hughes this year. Only Kopitar and DD should be retained unless they get an offer the kings can’t refuse.

      • They might get Hughes without blowing up the roster…..

      • If you retain the only quality in your mind….why would other teams give you quality for what you will trade…

        How do you make the structural/fundamental change necessary, if you have brackets around the quality……

  8. If the Leafs deal Nylander to canes, Ferland better be part of the deal coming back. Can score, hits. Gritty player who’d be perfect on Matthews left wing.

  9. Breaking News, Penguins Matt Murray out long term with lower body injury.

    • Here I thought it was above the shoulders injury?

    • 1 step forward ; 2 back

      OK Tristan … time to prove yourself… can’t see DeCasey playing both games of the B2B this weekend

      Fingers crossed

  10. Once a band aide always a band aide . And by bandaide I mean injury prone . Not sure why but certain players can’t stay healthy . Murray is one .

  11. Vladimir Tarasenko is a steal of a contract at 7.5 million, you have fools like Trouba and Nylander thinking they are worth 8 million…If he is on the trade block and I was running the Sabres I would trade for him, they can have 2 first round picks and a top prospect etc…Could you imagine Tarasenko on a line with Skinner and Eichel? wow