NHL Rumor Mill – November 28, 2018

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Latest on William Nylander plus updates on the Blues, Panthers, and Canadiens in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Toronto Maple Leafs and restricted free agent winger William Nylander are “around $300,000/year apart.” However, both sides feel they’ve moved far enough from their original positions and could reach the point where they’re unwilling to move further.

It’s believed the Nylander camp might accept a six-year contract worth around $6.9 million per season but Friedman said that hasn’t been tabled yet by the Leafs. Their unwillingness to take on salary makes a Nylander trade unlikely, as are possible three-way trade scenarios. Their preferred option remains to re-sign him.

TSN: Bob McKenzie dismissed recent rumors of Nylander having returned in Toronto or that a deal has already been agreed to but not officially announced. There’s a strong feeling on both sides that they could get their best offer from the other near the 5 pm ET deadline on December 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While a deal could be announced before Saturday, it appears negotiations could continue up to Saturday. If the Leafs aren’t willing to take on salary in a trade, I don’t see the sense of trying to ship him to another club. Yes, they could get a package of draft picks and prospects but that’s not going to help the Leafs this season, and this is a club looking at Stanley Cup contention next spring. 

Are the St. Louis Blues interested in Detroit Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard? (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the St. Louis Blues “are open for business. A lot of possibilities, and few things they won’t consider.”

TSN: Darren Dreger reports sources said the Blues “have paid considerable attention” to Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard. Landing Howard could come at ” a considerable cost”, leading Dreger to wonder if the Blues are willing to part with the assets to get him. They don’t have a first-round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft and Dreger asks if they’re willing to part with a promising prospect such as Jordan Kyrou or Robert Thomas.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reports out of Detroit earlier this month claimed the Wings were happy with Howard’s performance, sparking talk of a possible short-term contract extension for the pending UFA goaltender. With the Wings within reach of a wild-card spot, they could be unwilling to part with him. 


THE ATHLETIC: George Richards recently listed forward Nick Bjugstad, goaltender James Reimer, forwards Colton Sceviour, Denis Malgin and Frank Vatrano and defenseman Mark Pysyk as possible Florida Panthers trade candidates. Nevertheless, the struggling club isn’t ready to become a seller…yet. If they don’t soon improve and move up the standings, GM Dale Tallon could become “a reluctant seller”. Bjugstad frequently surfaced in the rumor mill in recent years. Reimer might be attractive to a contender in need of help between the pipes. 

Pierre LeBrun reports the Panthers would love to upgrade their goaltending behind oft-injured starter Roberto Luongo. Prior to last night’s games, they had the second-highest goals-against per game. However, they’ll need to find a taker for Reimer’s contract. He has “two more years after the season on his deal at a $3.4-million cap hit including a $2.25-million signing bonus payable July 1, 2020, which also complicates matters.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reimer’s stats also complicates things. He’s won just four games in 14 appearances with a 3.39 goals-against average and .895 save percentage. Bjugstad’s exceeded 40 points twice since 2015-16 and the Panthers have been reluctant to consider moving him. Still, if someone came calling with the right offer later in this season, Tallon could listen. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Montreal Canadiens have given permission to the agent of recently demoted defenseman Karl Alzner is working with GM Marc Bergevin to try and find his client a new NHL home. Given his contract, that won’t be easy. LeBrun suggests they could absorb part of his salary, take a contract back, or trade another defenseman to make room for Alzner. His agent has permission to speak with other clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, Alzner is signed through 2021-22 with an annual salary-cap hit of $4.625 million and a seven-team “no-trade” list. His lack of speed could also make him difficult to trade. 



  1. Howard turns 35 in March…if Detroit could squeeze a young talent like Jordan Kyrou or Robert Thomas out of STL then I’d say go for it but I can’t see Armstrong giving up young talent for an almost 35yo goaltender…he wouldn’t give any of his top prospects for ROR so why for a 35yo goaltender…also have to wonder why for $1 mil difference they let Hutton fly when he had a superb season for them

    • Because, Armstrong was dumb enough to double down on Allen even when he traded Bishop .

      I still after all he’s shown from, his time in juniors, & now at the NHL level . What do they see in Allen, that makes them think he’s going to be the goalie that carries the Blues to a Stanley Cup Championship ?

      That is something I’d really would like to ask management !

    • I would NOT give up a top prospect either. Maybe a package of Allen, Blais, and Schmaltz could get it done. The $s would work. Howard would basically be for the remainder of the season, then the Blues could “go shopping”.

    • @ Len

      Could not agree more ….Howard is only a stop gap for the rest of this year if they pull the trigger ..not much there after ..IMO …I was really looking forward to seeing the Blues improve this year…I had them charted as a contender for sure ..but Allen can not carry the mail.

      Hutton was always good where ever he played and really stepped up when he was needed which was a lot …he has really helped the Sabres in a short term and has been really consistent where as that seems to be the knock on any of the talked about replacements for Allen …lack of consistency.

      When Jonathan Qucik comes back the Blues should inquire about the 4th back up ..
      Cal Peterson…I really LOVE the way this kid plays goal …as a former junior goalie myself…he is very solid and FAST and has amazing lateral movement and has really stepped in nicely …I would give him a serious look and take a chance on him …their are not may options out there …the merry go round of Mike Smith, Brian Elliott, Neuvirth , Steve Mason and the likes of …have really past there due dates and are no longer worth the trouble.

      I really like this Cal Peterson..if he is available when Quick gets back as they still have Budaij …Campbell…Just a thought !


      • Kal El, before the season started, the Kings viewed Petersen as their future in goal.

        Since they have been decimated by injuries in goal, Petersen has been thrown into the fire so to speak and has done an amazing job and is most likely viewed within the organization as their present and future.

        He is considered one of the few untouchables in the organization. He truly is the last goalie the Kings would be trading.

      • @ Canadian King

        Glad you chimed in on that !

        I kind of figured that would be the scenario as you’ve stated.

        I am a HUGE Jonathan Quick fan ..and Love what I see in Cal Peterson thus far …if the Kings were looking to maybe get younger and take on a future potential better upgrade on the top 6 which the Blues have in spades …I though this would be a good investment for both teams.

        Peterson will only have limited time in net after Quick gets back and the need for the Kings to get younger and faster Peterson is a good trade chip !

        But I understand your not being fond of moving out Peterson…tough call but depends on what would be the Blues offer as well I guess that would tempt you further ..
        LOL 🙂

      • So true Kal, I guess I should never say never. A good GM should always be listening to offers on anyone on the roster.

        With the Blues struggling, but still seemingly in win-now mode, maybe they should try and lure away Quick. He is exactly what they need. A steadying influence in net that has a knack for coming up big in big games.I dare say a much much better option than Howard.

      • Canadien King…. This is not to attack King’s, but they’re sitting dead last in league. I know it’s early, but at what point do they decide that maybe they need to sell? If they’re high on Peterson, could they possibly look to trade Quick? With a reasonable cap hit for a top goalie when healthy, he’d be very valuable to a team in a better position of competing in near future. He lacks any ntc clause.

      • Slick, I agree 100%. I would absolutely trade Quick to get younger and faster. Both Campbell and Petersen played exceptionally well this year in Quick’s absence.

        Goal tending hasn’t been the problem in LA this year, it’s actually been a strength and possibly a position of strength.

      • Sabres are good in goal – but they would still like to have kept Peterson vs losing him for nothing. He has played well.

    • In regards to the Blues and Goaltending another name out there worth taking a chance on is Cory Schneider ..if for no other reason for the Blues than to just change the option up and go in a different direction both those guys could use a new change of scenery.

      Just a side note and while we are on the Blues topic…LOL…I really love those powder Blue Uniforms ….slick !
      Id go Vintage…. Liut …LOL

      • Kal El

        I agree that Schneider is also a viable option, however more dollars for more years.

        ps If you can believe it, I was the Principal for Cal Peterson as a 9th grader, when he was playing high school/Jr. hockey—GREAT kid with BIG dream!

      • @ iowa boy

        What a great story
        Thanks for sharing that …

        he is a quality netminder hope he gets a shot at a #1 spot somewhere….living my dream …LOL 🙂

        Devils have been in tough lately they need a serious change as well they are underachieving also …maybe a Package with Zacha and Schneider could be in a quality deal to rejuvenate a team looking for a change in net and upfront.
        Money in money out can be dealt with

      • Schnieder is an interesting proposition but I wonder if he is a buyer beware situation. He has had 4 years as a starter and posted good numbers in two of them. Since then he has seen a fair share of injuries and a sharply declining SV% on a devils team that is much improved. Jake Allen hasn’t been much worse and in fact better than him this year. Not sure how much of an upgrade Corey is at this point.

        I know that defense matter but to draw a parallel, Frederik Andersen has played behind a stacked Ducks D and behind a questionable Leafs D but remains consistent with numbers.

        SV% generally is a good measuring stick as opposed to GAA

  2. Can’t imagine that a cup contender would not sign a player that greatly improves their chances, over 300k? That’s absurd. To say they could possibly be that close, but neither side is willing to budge? Always felt there was more to this story. I don’t think his agent could realistically believe that he would get between 7-8 million from ANY team. Going back to Trouba’s holdout, there was belief that he wasn’t happy with minutes and maybe wasn’t happy staying in Canada. Why wouldn’t Nylander want to be on a team that could contend every year for foreseeable future? I don’t think Leafs were lowballing him to point he’d hold out. Could there be some friction between the young stars?

    • Salary cap, dude. Toronto is near the cap already and have 2 players more important than Nylander to sign to new contracts after next season.

      • Paul… salary cap? We’re talking 300-500k?

      • @ slick 62

        leafs will have really good cap in another years time as well…

        Marleau and Hainsey off the books not to mention what they have now available.

        ALL THAT…. will get eaten up in 3 players with just a bit left over for Kappy and then to resign Rielly in 3 years !

        Kappy will take a bridge deal 100%

        I did a breakdown analysis on what the Leafs will have in Cap after signing Marner Matthews and letting go of Marleau and Hainsey in a years time and NOT signing Nylander …but it is in an OLDER post.

        it can be worked out ..very well… and still have money left over as the league will move into Europe and the Seattle franchise will spike the Cap significantly ….ALL DEPENDING ON A LOCKOUT!

      • Kal El… agree totally. Also figure tv revenue should go up with future contracts. Which brings me back to my post. Are they really at a stand still over 300-500K? Also, can’t see not trading him, unless you think he’ll have more value at deadline.

      • Slick62, IMO Dubas has to think of this long term. The Leafs have an opportunity to be contenders for a decade. $300-$500K is huge when you go up and down the lineup. The values differ obviously by the value of the player. In some cases it is over $50-100k but it all adds up.
        So in 3-4 years and you have paid your big 4 forwards and guys like Reilly come due would you want an extra $2-$3M when you are competing against the market?
        It gives you flexibility and strength in the trade and UFA markets.
        He will manage the crap out of the details and his cost and any Leaf fan should be happy he is doing it while he has the leverage to do it.
        Ask an Oiler fan if they would trade Chia for Dubas or at least wish Oiler GM’s had taken the same approach that Dubas currently is.

      • Ray, as Kal El pointed out, you have guys coming off the books and you’ll have younger players coming in on elc’s. Don’t see any logic in haggling with one of your top young players. Nylander is 22 and if he signs long term for 6.9, that will seem like nothing at back end of contract. Compare that to back end of Tavares deal when he’s in his mid 30’s. Plenty of other ways to cut 300-500k off of cap. Not sure what your comparison with Edmonton is. Other than Lucic, problem isn’t really salaries…. More a problem with trades and draft picks not working out.

      • Slick and Paul

        Could be other issues but I really can’t see it as a true $ issue. Waiting to sign later in the game does save — but as at now; signing today or Sat— Leafs would save only $16 – $17K in the out-years (of prob $84M cap next year)… so waiting until Sat… won’t be savings issue re: Leafs.

        With a cap likely $84 M next year and over $100M at end of a 6 year or more contract— the $300K is less than 0.4% (now) and less than 0.3% (end of contract) of Cap. Yes every cent counts but at this level— the $300K in Cap is not the issue in my mind. The actual cash paid by Leafs in any year for sure is irrelevant as they are the most profitable team in the league— actual cash means almost zilch.

        It’s a stand-off now IMO more likely for “saving face” for WW; but should be (I’m hoping) a long-term planning stance/strategy by GMKD as he has to show what he is willing to do here and now; to help in future (and more serious) negotiations of MM and AM.

        I’m still in the mindset that I don’t think Leafs are quite there yet with or without WW and should be planning for the strongest team possible starting for the playoffs in ’20 and for the next 6 or 7 years after that.

        Leafs— prove me wrong— will gladly swallow crow

        However, with that assumption in mind…. IMO the most prudent financial and long term move for GMKD is to sit him and then wait to negotiate with up to 30 teams in the off-season to upgrade the D

        As at right now… Leafs have 10 contracts in place for next year (I’m not including Holl) and allowing for Kessel hold back and NOT including Horton AND allowing for a 6% increase in cap… Leafs will have 6 Fwds (JT, Marleau, Brown, Kadri, Hyman, Gauthier); 3 D (Rielly, Oz, Zaitz) and Freddy with only about $41M left to sign 13 players.

        Giving WW the $6.9M and the absolute least the big 3 RFAs come in at is $27M (and that is a stretch …. $9M for MM and $11M for AM)

        Now that would leave less than $14M to sign 10 players… AND most importantly at least a top 4 D (as at now only have Reilly, Zaitz , Oz… so Gardner is out of the mix) … get any other top 2 D to fill the gap — doesn’t have to be anywhere near Gardner’s level… but someone… that has to be at least $5M (figure out the quality you are getting for a 2nd best D on a team nowadays at $5M)… that leaves less than $9M for 9 spots… basically all hovering on the league min.

        Kappy, Leivo, Lindholm, Johnsson all need to be re-signed and ALL are already above league min—

        It is a s&^%*$’t storm for GMKD and that is why I think he has rightfully so; been very firm on his stance/strategy.

        Again— I truly believe that in the best interest of the Leafs long-term; barring a miraculous last minute trade (of D upgrade value) in next 3 days… the best option is to make him sit— and get best bang for the buck come off-season. If I believed they could win the cup this year; my mindset would be different. Just can’t see them getting by all the teams they need to get by, as at now.

        Another way to view this— Leafs have been doing great w/o WW. I’d be foolish to believe that the team would not be stronger spending the exact same amount they are willing to pay WW on a new D.

        If you just take $6M and instead of spending it on WW ; spend it on a D that is worth that (worth in the $6M range) … can you not tell me that the Leafs are that much closer to a cup? Goals for should definitely not go down (WW not in line-up now so no GF loss there) and may go up; but for sure with a new $6M D then the GA should come down; and shots at Freddy should come down… that has to be an upswing in probability of a SC.

        Rant done

        Over and out for most of day now; will try and chime back in later

        Will be at game tonight.

        GO Leafs GO

      • Sorry my post should have been to :

        Slick, Paul, Kal El, and Ray

        Started the post when only Slick and Paul had posted in this portion; then had quick meeting and back again– hit send and then noticed Ray and Kal El had joined in that discussion portion


      • Pengy, I don’t think you just skip to next year. Toronto playing well without WW, but having him or adding players in a trade will increase chances this year. You never know what will happen year to year. Part of winning it all is staying healthy. Depth is important. Even if they don’t do anything this week, they can always trade his rights to a non playoff team at deadline. I don’t think leaving it till off season is an option.

      • Slick, you do have guys coming off the books, and you have plenty of young guys that will be getting raises.
        You will need to pay Gardner or replace him, or add to your blue line. Anderson in a few years?
        The whole point is you negotiate hard the only contract you have all the leverage on, with guys coming off their entry level deal.
        This isn’t about this or that player it is simply managing the cap so you ice the best possible team.
        Dubas would not be doing his job if he didn’t.
        Simple point really, would you rather have an extra mil or 2 for flexibility or not? of course you would.
        The Edmonton reference was about handing out long term deals to every first rounder at a high rate. McDavid – I get it, pay the man. Draisaitl – would you rather have him at 7.5/8 or 8.5? Eberle became a salary dump because they had no room, should have been a bridge or for $2M less. RNH finally looks about right but could have be gotten for less. They handed out long term deals like candy and everybody got comfortable and they have no cap space and are a bubble team.

      • Slick

        You are correct that sitting WW and do a trade at TDL is an option. Sorry if I inferred that if it goes past this Sat. that the only option was to wait until next summer.

        Yest TDL is an option; but I would be surprised if there was a deal that was so good at TDL for WW they could turn down. Teams trading for an ineligible player at TDL are non playoff teams… so few that would be willing to make a deal then and would likely be offering up only older D UFAs or with maybe a year left on contract.

        Doable— absolutely. A better deal at TDL than off-season— less likely IMO.

        I still think that best option is with more available trade partners— off-season.

        The penultimate:

        What Leaf fan would not want to have all three (AM , MM, WW) for the entirety of their 20’s… WW 10 years $85 M ($8.5 AAV); MM $100 M ($10 AAV) ; and AM $125M ($12.5 M AAV)

        Mathematically it is hard but is possible—

        bridge WW 2 years @ $6M now (next year Cap about $5.25M); then 8 years at $9M

        Bridge MM 2 @ $7.5M followed by 8 @ $10.6M;

        AM 2 @ $9.5 followed by 8 @ $13.3

        Cap save (from all 3 LT option) next year at least $5M— add a D

        Marleau off books for 20-21 season; and much bigger Cap… so no problem fitting

        With same percentage rise in Cap as last year… those 3 would take up (3 years from now) about 35% of Cap and it would taper to about 25% in 10 years from now

        The math fits… but NO WAY it happens.

        No way

        Getting all three to bridge— uhhhh — basically impossible. It IS impossible if WW gets a long term contract.

        If WW is given a long term contract; the other two will ONLY go for long term contracts; and I’ve already pointed out the dire cap situation next year if that happens.

        So…. to me, the only logical option; if GMKD has to sign WW; is to give him a reasonable bridge deal.

        I still say w/o a miracle trade in next three days ; to sit him; and roll up sleeves on a deal in off-season. But if they must sign him— bridge him.

        Good Luck GMKD… this week you will earn your keep and I guarantee whatever decision you make; you will have naysayers. You can’t please everybody; look long term.

        I still stick with my humble joy to eat crow if I’m wrong w.r.t. Leafs winning this year (sans an upgrade to D).

        …. and yes I know they have fared OK so far… playoffs much much different. The D as is, IMO , will not get through 4 rounds this year.

        …. BTW …. crow must be well done…. not raw!!!!

        GO LEAFS GO

    • the issue with the leafs are two fold…

      1. having two much invested on one side (forwards vs D/G). rule is 4/7 on F, 3/7 on D/G. this dummer thay have Matthews and Marner to sign. Say AM is $12M and Marner sign the same as Nylander at $7M. that’s 37M. say the cap of 82. That means they would have only about 10M to spend for 9-10 F/

      Next summer they have around $30M -Nylander signing amount. for 8F/3D.1G the 8 becomes 7 with Nylander signed,

      What Toronto needs to do is trade say Marner or Nylander and get back 2 Dmen.

      • That terrible Leafs D has given the third fewest goals in the league. 25 games in.

        Can they use D help? Sure, who couldn’t. To think Toronto is desperate for D is nothing more than an assumption

      • Taz, add to that their 1st 2 picks in last 2 drafts were D men. How far is Linjgren from making it up?

      • Hi Taz

        Leafs not desperate for D. You are absolutely correct.

        I still stick with a need in D upgrade to get a SC.

        No change in D—- will still be gangbusters this reg season; and will look good in first round.

        I still can’t see them getting by all of Bos, TBay, Metro winner and WC champs; with D as is

        Waiting to humbly eat crow 🙂

  3. I think with Nylander it’s about saving face and not looking like he held out for nothing

    • @ RAY BARK

      Difference with Chirelli is that EVERY DECISION he has made has been terrible …
      Except for Mclellan …he was not given the horses …they were taken away !

      IMO …the dumbest thing Chirelli did was not trade Hall it was giving Lucic $7 million after trading hall who was at $6 million ..just WOW!!
      But I digress ….

      • No argument here on Chia, and the long term deals were also done by previous GM’s.
        The man has no patience.
        The Oilers problems are many, I just highlighted one.
        I think the Hitch move is OK, had no choice. He might get them in as the division is weak.

    • @ PENGY

      Enjoy the game …Matthews in tonight !!

      G L G !!

      • Kal El,


        heading there in 5 mins

  4. Canadian King….I am curious for your opinion on who is untouchable and why on the Kings…the wheels seem to have come off

    But the question of the timing of their future window seems intriguing ..if you think this a leading question around Doughty that is only partially true

    It is more about how does a team re-build or re-tool …depending on where you think they are…

    Will tell you my bias….keep the 2 goalies if you think they are strong…without a good goalie you are in tough…. look at Toronto after they got one and St Louis where they got everything but a goalie

    I don’t know how good their talent level is without Doughty and Kopitar..if it is weak depending on the age, wear and tear on those two….how do you rebuild with them ?

    What would you do? I ask as I see that you are an informed Kings’ fan

    I say as a Leaf’s fan…the magic formula for pain….is always coming 8 th or 9 th…close to or just in the playoffs….but never drafting high…my guys did that for decades

    • Excellent question Blue, if I was GM I would set all the young players as the absolute untouchables. Players like Petersen, Kempe, Vilardi, etc.

      Kopitar and Doughty would be the next wave but I would still listen to offers on those two. If a team wants to pay dearly for them and they want to waive their NTC’s to go to said team, then yes I’d consider trading those two.

      I’d trade the rest for young roster players, picks and prospects.

      There are some people on here that think guys like Carter, Quick, etc won’t fetch much in a trade and I laugh at those views. Guys like Carter, Quick, Toffoli and Muzzin will bring the Kings valuable pieces moving forward.

      I actually like the idea of having guys like Brown, Kopitar and Phaneuf around for a rebuild/retool to have some veteran leadership to help guide the next generation. Avoid what the Oilers continue to do in Edmonton.

      • @ Canadian King

        Id be very weary of moving out Toffoli ..this would almost be as bad as getting rid of Hoffman in Ottawa …obviously different circumstances but the same type player !

        He has been on fire as we all said about his hands last year !

        It will be very hard to move out Carters contract ..its not that $5 million its the next 3 years after this year thats the issue…and gone are the days of the Yotes picking up a slack contract with the deals they have been making for the future !

        I think with some of your young D men Muzzin and Martinez are expendable with Kyle Clague coming up …as I said before they miss Braden McNabb .

        If you can find a take for Kovolchuk id make that deal in a heartbeat for picks and prospects !

        Brown is a lifer …he will not waive !

        Kings are in a very serious predicament with money age and inadequate trade scenarios to improve.

        Id keep Quick ( unless ) its just to good to pass up …Old Blue is right about the Goalie position and needing that security in a rebuild ..it helps a lot …as we have been talking ..3 / 4 of the league needs a legit goalie

        Id say the one good think the Kings have right now …is that 8 to 12 teams are dying to make a BOLD move and there could be few a decent deals to be had

      • Kal-el, Ottawa currently sit 2nd in the league in goal scored with 89 – just 4 back of TB’s 93. One-Way Hoffman would add little to their overall fortunes since keeping the puck OUT of their own net is clearly the problem, and for him “defense” is a rumour. The Sens don’t miss him at all.

      • The Kings should ditch Kopitar now if they can, you want a 10 million cap hit for a guy when he’s 33-36? 5 more years. Kings have worst cap in league, so many old players signed for way too long. Carter another 4 years, Kovalchuk 2 more years, they are toast.

    • Oh and you nailed it with middling results. The worse thing for an organizing is just missing or making the playoffs with a first round exit.

      It’s much more difficult to land that impact player needed to be a legit cup contender.

      I watched the kings do this for the entire 90’s and it was the worst.

  5. Quick is 32 turning 33 in January,has 4 years left @ 5.8 mil, he lacks a NTC and is playing on a team that has stumbled out of the gate. Kings need to get younger and dump cap. In the next month if the Kings don’t turn it around in a big way I would propose Blake notify GM’s that he is willing to listen to offers for picks & prospects.

    • I was just looking at Quick’s contract and was surprised that he didn’t have a NTC/NMC given his status as an established star.

      • Yea Dean Lombardi was excellent for not handing out NTC/NMC’s in LA but seamed to have a penchant for giving out contracts that were too long. Trade off I guess.

  6. Allen has been playing well lately. Last big loss against Winnipeg, Johnson was in net. Prior to that Allen had a three game stretch where he allowed one goal per game came away with ONE win. Need to have a contingency plan, no doubt, but you can see why Allen has sympathizers out there. Not a lot of goalies have succeeded consistently in St Louis for some time.

    Also, it was only 4 years ago that Armstrong traded a 1st and some assets for a vet goalie in Ryan Miller and that didn’t turn out well. Would he do the exact same thing again hoping for a different result? It’s tough right now, not many options because of lyle’s point on Howard…What about Crawford in Chicago as a dark horse? Smith in Calgary? I see Varly, Howard and Schneider either unavailable or just poor options.

    • Surprise …Surprise …Picard on waivers !

      All part of the Leafs master plan to claim him back…LOL …yikes!

      • They had 3 goalies up – one had to go down and since all would have had to clear waivers, Picard was the odd man out. It wasn’t as if he had an all-star D playing in front of him. He’ll get snapped up long before the Leafs could even consider taking him back.

    • I don’t even understand why Mike Smith comes up in the discussion of really good goalies. Guy has had one stand out season that just happened to be the year the olympic roster were being constructed.
      I don’t buy the idea of ‘playing on a terrible team’ – might as well sign Ilya Brzgalov, he must have got a raw deal too

  7. So you want to be competitive for the next 10yrs and your belief is to strong arm Nylander and have him sit for the season.
    What if that scenario plays out and you don’t win a cup in 10yrs although competitive.
    Will you then look back at this season and say “boy if we had only signed Nylander or traded him for D help, maybe that could’ve been our cup year.”?
    I get wanting to competitive long term but you have to look at the league this season and ask were does Toronto fit? Their main obstacle in the East is Tampa Bay. One team! Tampa Bay main obstacle is Toronto. Yes there is always upsets, but Toronto is a cup contender this year. There is only two teams with more goals TB and Colorado and this is without WN and AM. The leafs are one of the most offensive talented teams in the league and a cup contender this year. You don’t want to be looking back and saying what if?

    • Hey Caper, I don’t think they are strong arming him at all. If the above is accurate and the difference is between 6.6 and 6.9 AAV, then they are where I thought was fair at $6.6. If anyone is negotiating using harsh tactics in is Nylander IMO, and Dubas has an obligation to do what he thinks is best for the Leafs.
      I also thinks he has way more leverage than Nylander.
      Most on here point at Dubas and ask how he can risk losing Nylander for the year for $300K?
      Easy – because Nylander would be an absolute moron if he walked away over $300K/yr. Does any reasonable person walk away from the $6.5M for 6 years of $300K? The math is pretty simple.
      If I had to bet a paycheque on who gives in first I know who I would take.

  8. If Armstrong is “open for business” i’m surprised we haven’t seen any Nylander for Parayko rumors yet. Parayko (like the Blues) isn’t having a great year but would be exactly what everyone is saying The Leafs need on the back end. His 5.5 AAV until 21-22 fits, leaving more cap room for MM & AM and even some for KK to re-sign than what Nylander is asking.

    Still think it’s a 6 year deal – Leafs will wait until he signs what they put on the table. No urgency on either side now until Saturday morning. What’s another couple games missed for The Leafs or him now?

    Huge mistake if he leaves it there unsigned – he’ll never get this season’s $$ back…

    • @ swiss2793

      The Blues are trying to get rid of Bouwmeester and Gunnarson.

      After that Parayko is there #2 D man …that would be a big hole to fill …

      Plus the Blues have there nose to the cap wall.. Cap Space 149,166
      they would have to make 2 deals or move out another contract with him as well …
      tough to do !

      The Blues are really stuck …UNLESS they make a very significant deal …like really big !

      Ryan O’Reilly C

      Vladimir Tarasenko RW

      Alexander Steen LW

      Jaden Schwartz LW

      Brayden Schenn C

      Tyler Bozak C

      David Perron LW

      • nice breakdown Kal, I’m sure the Leafs would be all over the Parayko for Nylander deal if it were available – they would have no hesitation taking an expiring contract back as well to make the numbers work, that can either be gunnarson or Jbo

      • I was wondering last night what Bozak got…that is a bad number

    • Pengy has been banging the Nylander for Parayko drum for a while now.

      Nylander deal will get done, question is who is the next rumored Leaf to be trading for a D man ?

      • Fergy22

        LOL— even Chia wouldn’t do a straight up trade WW for Parayko

        Of course it is my dream.

        I envision GMKD dressed up exactly as the lady in the IKEA commercial running with packages yelling “start the car; start the car” if St L were to offer a straight up Parayko for WW.

        The metaphor of running while you have a deal in place that you are clearly winning and involves a Scandinavian ; was intended

        Off to game now

  9. To be able to do trade and retrade we should do more one year contract player that we could exchange between each other.

  10. Why would anyone want to keep Kopitar for another 5 years at 10 mill cap hit? Forwards these days aren’t good after age 31.

    • of the top 50 point scorers in the league, only 4 are 33 yrs old or older. OV, Bergeron, Burns @33 and Giordano @35. It is a fast paced, young man’s game now. Ten years ago it was uncommon to see 18 and 19 year old kids making the NHL. I believe that GM’s will eventually smarten up and stop handing out big contracts to players in their mid 30’s.
      While Wheeler is a big part of the Jets and I like him as a player not so sure paying him 8.25 when he is 36-37 will be work out for the Jets.

      • Agree 100% Fergy. you are seeing it in MLB now with UFA’s and the agents are screaming collusion. It was a tough call with Wheeler as he seems like the leader of the Jets as well.
        That deal will force WPG into some difficult decisions with their young talent. Laine, what is he gonna ask for? I guess that is why GM’s get the big$.

  11. My guess is if Parayko for WN was on offer, Leafs would do that..I still think that the Leafs are right to see WN as skilled and a nice addition but not essential..folks seem to forget that his career so far has been that of a perimeter player, feasting off AM..someone on this thread said trade Marner? Are you serious or are you in concussion protocol? Have you watched this kid lately? He is the spark and the joy that makes this team so much fun to watch..yes, the back end is still suspect and the hurdles of TB and now the Sabres and a healthy Bruins team are substantial but adding WN is a luxury….if AM stays healthy, JT keeps getting better and the role players keep contributing, the sky is open..my one worry is that Freddie gets burned out if Sparks does not get more time. I still want a trade with WN but it seems unlikely unless they sign and trade on the same weekend!