NHL Rumor Mill – November 3, 2018

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A look at TSN’s first “trade bait” list of the season in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander, New York Rangers forwards Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello, Los Angeles Kings defenseman Alec Martinez and Detroit Red Wings winger Gustav Nyquist top Frank Seravalli’s season-opening NHL “trade bait” list.

Seravalli believes Nylander’s ongoing contract standoff with the Leafs increases the possibility of a trade, noting the Carolina Hurricanes are among a handful of teams with interest in the young forward. The Kings’ early-season struggles and the Rangers ongoing rebuild explains the inclusion of Hayes, Zuccarello, and Martinez on the board.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nylander’s status is the hot topic in the rumor mill. With the Dec. 1 deadline for signing restricted free agents approaching, the interest in his trade status will only increase. Hayes and Zuccarello are pending unrestricted free agents and likely to be shopped at some point before the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline. Martinez could be available but the asking price is likely to be an affordable scoring forward. Nyquist said he’s not surprised he’s on the list. Like Hayes and Zuccarello, he’s skating on a rebuilding team and is eligible for UFA status in July. 

Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky is among the notable names in early-season NHL trade speculation. (Photo via NHL Images)

Kings winger Tanner Pearson, Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce, Winnipeg Jets blueliner Tyler Myers, and Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin are ranked sixth through 10 on the list.

Seravalli notes the combination of Bobrovsky’s poor start and his stalled contract talks suggests things could go off the rails between the netminder and Jackets’ management. He also believes the Jackets seem content on playing out the season with UFA winger Panarin before making another attempt at re-signing him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seravalli’s TSN colleague Pierre LeBrun and Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman also noted the seemingly frosty relationship between Bobrovsky and the Jackets right now. Friedman points out Bobrovsky has a full no-move clause but believes the goalie has given them an idea where he’d like to go and the Jackets may be exploring the possibility.

There’s speculation linking Bobrovsky to the New York Islanders but no indication they’re on the goalie’s list of preferred destinations. However, if Bobrovsky’s performance improves and the Jackets are in the thick of the playoff chase by the trade deadline, I believe they’ll keep him for the rest of the season.

Pesce has been mentioned as a trade chip by the Hurricanes if they pursue a Nylander trade. The Jets are all-in for the Stanley Cup this season and I don’t see them shopping Myers, even at the risk of losing him to free agency in July. 

Rangers forward Vladislav Namestnikov, Montreal Canadiens winger Charles Hudon, Edmonton Oilers winger Zack Kassian, Kings forward Kyle Clifford and Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds round out the list. Seravalli believes the Flyers have no idea how things will go with UFA Simmonds, who could be re-signed or traded by the deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Flyers want to keep Simmonds but they also want to ensure his offseason pelvic surgery hasn’t adversely affected his game before committing to a long-term deal.

Kassian recently denied requesting a trade from the Oilers, clarifying that his agent had spoken with Oilers management regarding his status and the option of a trade was mentioned if he wasn’t happy in Edmonton. He insists he wants to remain an Oiler.

Cap Friendly indicates Namestnikov is signed through 2019-20 with a $4 million annual average value. That might make him more attractive to clubs seeking more than a playoff rental this season. 



    • That cheap hit was Tom Wilson like … only positive was Trocheck stayed in the game and appeared to be okay … Lemieux can throw those lefty bombs though … 5 games sounds good, a few more would be better but not counting on it.

      • I will give it to Brendan that he at least fought after the dirty hit rather than turtling or hiding behind someone like his old man…

        That hit was reminiscent of the hit that got Wilson 20 games…of course Lemieux is new to the league so isn’t a repeat offender *yet*

      • Ed


        I hope goon Wilson was any inspiring these.

        … and yes to Double Minor … not a repeat offender …. yet

        I’m thinking he’ll get 3… less than I think it’s worth as I want this crap out of hockey… but it’s what I think he’ll receive

      • Crap

        Was supposed to read … hope Wilson is NOT inspiring these

    • Too bad Trocheck did not get a chance to drop the gloves…. Love Trocheck’s game

      Elbom/forearm to the head even when a player has head down needs to go away

    • Brendon Lemieux has a screw loose, the Sabres drafted him and in training camp he was trying to seriously injury guys, the coaches couldn’t control him so they traded him, he is just nuts. sad because if he just focused on scoring he could be good.

  1. It’s looking more and more like there will NOT be a long term deal with WW right now.

    This is good news. Outside of losing him for the year; the long term deal (which would have to be $7M or more) is the most problematic for Leafs long term… cap problems next year to fill the 23 man roster

    GMKD …. good work ; don’t cave

    As each day passes , probably more beneficial (long term) options available to Leafs

    I still believe even without WW for the year AND even if AM Out longer than expected or evening sustains another injury … Leafs still playing Bruins first round and I still believe even with those players in the playoff line-up; Leafs are not getting out of conference next spring

    Trade WW for D upgrade …. does not have to be top 2. 2nd pairing young D on the rise … Pesce is a good example…. will move Leafs step closer to goal of cup contender for a span of several years

    • Pengy, as someone who could care less about the Leafs, this situation with Nylander is a bit conflicting for me.

      On one hand I like seeing a GM who isn’t caving to yet another prima donna players’ ridiculous demands.

      On the other hand, I’m also getting tired of Leafs nation over valuing the return for Nylander. The more and more he sits out, the less his trade value will get. Leaf fans need to understand this and live with it. Your not getting a #1 dman back, so keep dreaming.

      • Oh you’re a hater king! Lol

      • Would love to know exactly what is hold up with Nylander. Seems like there could be more to story than just money. He’s 22 and don’t really see him commanding a long term big money deal at this point. His agent must know this. His dad? That’s a different story. Is there any locker room problems with teammates? Does he maybe just want out of Toronto? ( look at Trouba w/ Jets) My guess is that he doesn’t see Toronto ever paying him even if he does bridge and develops into a top winger.

      • Hi Canadian King

        I agree the WW situation is dragging and I’m with you on kudos to GMKD for not capitulating

        However, I’ve never posted that Leafs could get a number 1 Dman back in a swap for WW…. never

        Do I think they could swap him for a young D that would immediately fit in as Leafs 4th best D… yep

        Leafs D as a whole is not very good …. so slotting in a young up and coming D in a second pairing roll as the value of WW is appropriate IMO

        He would never land my dream acquisition of Parayko … that’s a pipe dream

        St Louis should never consider moving him

        Is there a multi-player swap that could land Parayko and involve WW (noting again only if StLouis becomes brain dead enough to move Parayko) …. I guess anything is possible

        I think I’ve always been reasonable on my evaluation of WW

        As time passes ; the number of suitors have not declined and some could argue the numbers have increased

        This is not to say his (WW’s) actual contract value has changed … but I don’t see without a decline in suitors; the trade return value starting to plummet

        I’ve posted before my belief that WW in or out of Leafs line-up and regardless of AM length of time on IR that Leafs still are destined for first round against Bos and without an upgrade to D are not poised to win a cup in next 5-7 years… that’s just my opinion

        Leafs need to upgrade the D. Bringing in a 2nd pairing on the rise young D is a move in the right direction

        Pesce’s name has been thrown around … no one is advocating that he would slot in as a top pairing guy

      • Pengy, that’s my bad, I didn’t mean to insinuate that you thought the Leafs should be landing a #1 d, it was meant to be more of a comment to a majority of Leafs fans.

        I know your thoughts on Martinez and Muzzin, but personally I think the Leafs should be going after one of them, especially Muzzin. Never a bad thing having a player that has a winning pedigree in the NHL and the international stage. The guy is only 29 years old, signed up for this year and next at a great cap hit and has proven to be effective on both the first and second pairing on a cup contending team.

  2. Really don’t see (as at right now) Bobo and Panarin as Jackets next Sept

    Clb can’t afford to lose them for nothing but I believe they’ll be in playoff hunt position in late Feb so what do they do?

    Should get a fair rental return on both but losing both then has a high chance of dropping them below the bubble line

    Not a good scenario for Jackets

    Posting again …. Simmonds a great add to any team … hope there are no long term effects/complications from his off season surgery

  3. Islanders need a goalie?
    Rask for Eberle and Lehner.
    Money equal. If Eberle would sign an extension.

      • You really think the islanders think rask and his contract is the right fit for them? Lol cmon man! Rask is getting outplayed by halak right now

    • Rask isn’t being traded. What happen when Halak falters and you have no one to fall back on. Rask will regain number 1 status, carry the Bruins to the playoffs and then makes some great saves but ultimately be done in by one of them so often back breaking soft goals he is knowing to give up.

      • Ya, not a fan of the Bruins tending situation. Rask is a middle of the road starting tender who gets paid like a top tier one. But like you say Caper, their is no replacement for him.
        But living in Edmonton I may like Eberle even less. He is more overpaid than Rask IMO, but at least his contract expires after this season. In the last Oiler playoff run he was getting 4th line minutes because he either can’t or won’t engage in puck battles. So useless come playoff time. Book still out on Lehner, but the talent is there. Still too risky IMO.

      • So why not move on?

      • Because they are trying to win a cup over the next 2-3 years. That is their window IMO.I would rather have Rask and Halak than Lehner and Halak.

      • Rask will NOT win Boston a cup.
        Boston has a great defensive system he has enjoyed his entire career. Put him on a bad team and his true colors will be exposed. Almost every backup we have had has done well. If can be moved for a top six forward and a decent backup goalie the team is better off.

      • I’m with Dave on this one.
        For the exact reason he provided as well.

      • The trade proposal was Eberle and Lehner for Rask.
        How about Fillpula and Lehner? He could play 3C as well.
        Not the NYI would do that though.
        Agree that Rask has benefited from B’s systems and players, but he doesn’t suck. Eberle will not get them where they want to go. Not a fan.

      • From an outside kinda view I’d rather have a mid level starter capable of getting on the run than a sieways trade at best that leaves 2 kinda 1 b guys that struggle with health and consistency

  4. Regarding the Kings, personally I’m surprised Martinez wasn’t moved in the off-season. The fact it has gone this long and he’s still a King is a little puzzling to me and I am starting to question Blake’s decision making skills.

    Now that he has waited this long, he is dealing from a position of weakness and will likely get a tad bit less than what he would’ve gotten in the off-season.

    As for Pearson, he definitely needs a change of scenery. He is completely useless on both sides of the puck right now and has zero confidence. With the Kings lack of scoring, guys like Pearson are the problem not the solution.

    Take a look at last season, the first line carried the Kings to the playoffs, with Carter out, the rest of the second line (Toffoli and Pearson) were completely useless. This just confirms the value of a healthy Carter, if I’m a GM, that’s who I’m targeting.

    • I still think the kings will turn it around somewhat, if they do trade Martinez they need to add some speed to the forward group

      • BBB, I completely agree, the Kings aren’t this bad and a dozen games doesn’t seal your fate in an 82 game season, much to the chagrin of Georgie boy.

    • to TOR: Martinez & Vilardi
      to LA: Nylander , 2nd rd pick & solid prospect?

      what can be tweaked with these players part of the proposal…

      • Kings are an older team I don’t think moving vilardi makes sense

      • I’m with BBB on this one. Vilardi is LA’s best prospect right now and moving him seems counterintuitive for LA.

        I hate playing the game of predicting what player should be traded another, as it is hard to take off the rose coloured glasses to some degree. But I would trade a guys

  5. Hayes to Bruins for Axel Anderson and a 1st… Lias Anderson is a point a game guy in Hartford. Only a matter of time before they have to bring him up.

  6. 27 days ….tick tock Nylander
    Going to leave a full year of salary on the table .
    I guess you will have Spangler to look forward to

    • Could look at it the other way too tho. I’m a big Dubas guy smart hockey guy and all the rest but, he’s got 27 days to make his first real big decision as an NHL GM if he drops the ball and gets hissed in a a trade or bumbles the contract watch the knives come out…it’s the Toronto thing to do

      • Honestly there is more than just another hold out. How many agents are not drooling over the chance of getting their hands on the Leafs if the “young inexperienced” GM who never really had anything to do with contract s as Marlies or Greyhounds go at least to some extent, if he messes this up and caves in Make a bad trade like trading a star type potential for a 4 D and go down in the line of trading Courtnal for Kordic or Nidermayer for Kurvers Raycroft Task cause Poggee was the answer. Like it wouldn’t be the first time, there is plenty of other pressure on Dubas here

  7. I just read one another site the persons in named in trade talks was Voynov for Nylander what a joke this Nylander crap is getting nuts really Voynov some people must be smoking some great weed to come up with this crap LMFAO