NHL Rumor Mill – November 6, 2018

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Latest on the Kings and William Nylander in your NHL rumor mill.

Los Angeles Kings winger Tanner Pearson is starting to surface in NHL trade speculation. (Photo via NHL Images)


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday appeared on NHL Network discussion the Los Angeles Kings’ recent coaching change and some possible roster moves going forward. He believes they have looked at potentially making moves, “and one name I keep hearing out there is Tanner Pearson to see what he can do in terms of creating a market for his services and what’s out there for him.”  For now, however, he believes “they’re going to look to try to find ways to coach and create offense, and see what they can do.”

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Writing about the Kings’ coaching change, Helene Elliott believes if this move fails the next step will be breaking up the team. “That wouldn’t be easy with an older group that carries a bunch of hefty, difficult-to-move contracts. In addition, he has consistently said that the Cup-winning core has another championship in it. Shaking up the roster would be conceding the season and starting a rebuild.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  That older group carrying those expensive contracts (many with no-trade clauses) includes goaltender Jonathan Quick, defensemen Drew Doughty and Dion Phaneuf, and forwards Anze Kopitar, Ilya Kovalchuk, Jeff Carter, and Dustin Brown. Sure, there will be teams interested in some of those players, especially Kopitar, Doughty, and Carter, but not a lot of teams have both the cap space to take on their contracts and available depth in promising young talent to dangle as trade bait.

If the Kings decide to shake things up, their most tradeable assets could be younger, less expensive players such as Pearson, Tyler Toffoli, and Alex Iafallo, or affordable defensemen such as Alec Martinez or Jake Muzzin, who’ve both recently surfaced in trade speculation. Pearson has really struggled this season, with one point in 13 games, but a rival club could gamble on a change of scenery rekindling his offensive game. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: During an appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, Elliotte Friedman discussed the ongoing contract standoff between the Toronto Maple Leafs and forward William Nylander. He believes the Carolina Hurricanes are very interested and have the trade pieces that might interest the Leafs.

Friedman also thinks the Kings and Minnesota Wild are interested but doesn’t believe they have what the Leafs want (a right-shot defenseman). He still believes the Leafs want to re-sign Nylander but there’s a realization that might not be possible. “I think you would have to assume everything,” considered Friedman. “I think they would love to get a defenseman or a right-shot D, but if you’re taking Nylander off your roster, you might need another forward.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Dec. 1 deadline for getting Nylander re-signed fast approaching we can expect to see and hear a lot more about his trade status in the coming weeks. If the Leafs decide to trade him, I believe the Hurricanes are the best fit given their blueline depth.

Wild defenseman Matt Dumba frequently appeared in trade rumors during the last two seasons. However, I doubt they’ll part with him now as he blossoms into a reliable top-pairing blueliner. 

I don’t consider the Kings a serious trade destination for Nylander. The Leafs would probably love to land Drew Doughty but I don’t believe the Kings are even considering moving him. Assuming Doughty waived his no-trade clause to accept a trade to Toronto, his new contract ($11 million annual average value) is far too expensive for a club with two young stars (Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner) in line for big raises next summer. Alex Martinez or Jake Muzzin probably aren’t enticing trade options for the Leafs. 



  1. Canadian King re yesterday’s dramatic comment there you have it. The only players because of salary and age and no movement clauses the Kings have to trade are Martinez Muzzin Pearson and Toffoli. Possibly Kempe in a package. And I do watch games. In fact seeing them live at the end of November . Willie as in Desjardins is not the answer either. Did not last long with the Canucks out of junior.
    Unless something changes by then I might give up the tickets

    • How about Carter and Quick?

      Can’t wait to hear your beef on them and how they have zero value.

      So yea I stick by my comment on being dramatic.

      • LMAO. You want the leafs to trade a 23 yr old fantastic player for Quick when the leafs already have a #1, and Carter, who is aging fast? My goodness, not only dramatic but dumb. Good job. LMAO

    • Oh and by the way SS, completely agree about Willie, he’s not the answer but I don’t think LAs sold on him either given the interim tag.

      Personally I’m more intrigued about the Sturm signing seeing what he did for Germany on the international stage.

  2. I’m not a King’s fan but it will be interesting to see how the team plays with Brown back. I think he’s the straw that stirs the drink with that team. Lets see where they’re at after 10 games with Brownie and a coaching change under their belts…

    • Careful Swiss, that’s the kinda talk that’ll get you in the bad books of a couple people on here that think 10 games is the be all end all.

  3. Lots of interesting posts about trading Willie Nylander! I doubt he sits out all year because that would almost certainly end his Maple Leafs career……is 7 the magic number? If so , offer 7, and if that is turned down, trade him to the best offer and serves him right if he loses the great opportunities that playing in Toronto offers….he could play with rising team, core of talent and a city where he could make millions in marketing himself.If his father is calling the shots, he probably is not focused on that but on the base salary offer and the years.
    Doughty to Leafs? Not likely and not a great deal for Toronto: he has lots of miles, great as he has been, reminds me of what happened when Shea W went to Habs.
    The Kings demise? Same as Hawks, they made a bargain with the devil that brought them two cups-which team would not make that deal!! Now old, slow and lots of non movable [parts…they will rebuild and be better once they suffer a few years of pain: their best move would be to trade Quick to the Flyers who are going nowhere without better goalie.

    • Funny you mention the Blackhawks. TSN reporting they just fired their coach also. I imagine Quenneville will have a new gig rather quickly.

      • They also fired assistant coaches Kevin Dineen and Ulf Samuelsson. Nothing on who takes over yet.

      • Jeremy Colliton? 33 years old? Do the players listen to a guy who is younger than them and tune out a 3 x Stanley Cup winning – 890 win (2nd most all time) coach?

        I know the NHL is now a young man’s league but man – that’s young. BTW – hope Willie Desjardins hasn’t unpacked his suit cases yet – if i’m Rob Blake i’m on the phone…

      • Black Hawks have the wrong Bowman – he’s the one who needs to go, not Coach Q. Bad trades and stupid contracts are on the GM. Betcha Yeo won’t sleep well knowing Q is available.

      • 3cups in a dacade with bad contracts and trades? Me thinks not

      • LOL. Yeah, Bowman just got tossed in the “what have you done for me lately?” file.

      • They should have kept Panarin . Him and Kane were golden when playing together. What the heck were they thinking when they brought back Saad for AP? Bowman is definitely kicking himself for making that deal , and yes , i agree , Quenville should have stayed and Bowman gone . Maybe it’s time to strip the core and trade a few pieces while there is still some value.

      • Tallon should get a stick tap for the 3 cups.
        Bowman won the cup in his first year as GM.
        Toews, Kane, Keith, Sebrook, Hossa, Sharp, Byfugien and Hjalmarsson were all drafted or acquired by Tallon as GM.
        Tallon built it with Bowman as an assistant
        who then managed it, who should get more credit?
        I will go with Tallon as in the end he had final say on picks and moves on all the key players on those champion teams.

      • Me and Ray think a like yep Tallon is a good hockey man. Thing about Bowman to me except for the past season and a bit is how he navigated around things good organization one of the best in hockey the past decade all good things come to an end doesn’t need to be a whole bunch of finger pointing here imo. Retool rebuild whatever term you want to use it happens

    • Jon, just looking at the Nylander situation from the clouds as of course we don’t really know what is going on. I suspect the Leafs offering 6 has forced Nylander to ask for 8 meaning 7 is likely the number Nylander wants. Many have made commentary around the Leafs asking Nylander to take a discount. Six, IMO, is not the Leafs asking for Nylander to take a discount. I believe his closest true comparable is Ellers. Ellers is at six. Even if we factored percent of cap, it is still under 6.5. Between six and 6.5 is fair assuming a 6 or longer year deal. The Leafs should not be paying more than fair market value.

      I think the Leafs have been more than fair. I can’t see the Leafs dealing Nylander as they won’t get what myself and likely Dubas feels would be fair value due to the situation at hand. I have no issue with the Leafs having Nylander sit for the year. Not that we don’t need him, but being held hostage as Nylander is trying to do with the Leafs should not be a tactic Dubas succumbs to

      • Trekkie
        Shanahan came out and said point blank the youth will need to accept less to make things work . Which means less than what ? His value ! From Shanahan himself . A comment he should regret making in public like dubas with “we can and will” .
        I’ll ask you same as I asked yesterday.. is dubas really willing to go down that road of Willie sitting the year ? Imo not a chance . How does it help anything ? Leafs or Willie ? No help for this years team on last year of elc for m and m, after signing Tavares and gardiner and Hainsey on last year of contracts . Hurts his development , which hurts Willie and the leafs . Hurts his trade value , and next summer your back to the table after m and m , after another projected cap rise . What part of this would help the leafs present or future ?
        If Willie is willing to sit until he gets his number , that is the only leverage he has , I think he has proved that to be the case but a few weeks to go yet . If you believe dubas is willing to go down that road , Willie has next to no leverage I would agree . I’m not in that camp , I believe he will have two options , come up slightly in the 7’s and get him signed or Trade him for the best offer from a team who will .

      • Lol no use Craig, seems like alot of people round here missed the part about Leaf management mentioning they are offering less than what some of the young guys would be valued at elsewhere, and they keep saying the player is spoiled greedy or other nonsense when in fact it’s the club trying to be greedy by offering less so they can keep more. In the case of the Leafs it’s not about money they want to keep more high end talent and pay less to accommodate that. It’s team structure that’s the concern not the player.
        If the player is being so outrageous why are other teams interested in trying to trade for him and as others have pointed out generally common sense would say if there is this much interest in an asset it might be a good idea to hold on to the asset and use it for your own benefit if it’s possible. Guy offers 10 dollars to buy your
        15 dollar umbrella in a rain storm do you sell it? If the Canes or another team are willing to talk contract with Willy full well knowing what he is asking for in a contract what’s that say?

      • I think where I disagree with you Craig is the thinking that what if Nylander sits until he gets what he wants? The bottom line is that he can’t. He can sit all year and be right back to where he is today, except out $5M (bridge) or $6-$6.5 if he accepts a reasonable 6 year deal. He won’t get that money back.
        That is why the Leafs have most of the leverage in this situation.
        I am making the assumption that the Leafs are using fair comparables like Ehlers and Pastrnak.
        If they are not then he is right to sit, if they are than he is a fool.
        If the rumors are correct that he is demanding $8M, then the Leafs would be fools to sign him to that.
        This should come somewhere between $6.25 and $6.5 AAV on a 6 year deal. If it is an 8 yr than higher. If a bridge, then less.
        None of know what is being offered so it is fruitless to blame either side without that info.
        Yes the Leafs would rather have him, but they can’t build a consistent contender if they overpay everybody who negotiates tough. Methinks he would rather be playing and making millions that sitting at home playing video games and earning nothing.

      • And I’d say production wise the closest comparable is Pasternak .715 ppg Nylander .7 ppg Pasternak signed for over 6.5 6.7 mill when the cap was 75 going to 79. there maybe close to 10 mill difference in the cap going forward next season with a projection of nearly an 84 million dollar cap depending on the nhlpa escalator Pasternak is a very good deal at around 6.7. Nylander will get 7 plus elsewhere or a bridged in Toronto

      • Ray bark

        He has shown that he would rather be home than accept whatever the offer is , if closevto reported , 6.5 ish . He can sit there until December 1, sign with a khl team to recoup all it very close to the 5 million and can come back knowing what Auston and Mitch are getting and after another cap rise . Didn’t you say all the leverage yesterday ? Now most ? To be clear I don’t see this playing out but Willie has got to be close to the point of proving he is willing to sit it out.
        I don’t think he is aiming for an 8 , just typical shooting high . I think the options are as follows at this stage .
        A – come up from 6.5 ish to 7ish to get the deal done (if a longterm deal at 6.5 ish was an option it would be done)
        B- trade him for the best (reasonable) offer that you can live with . I highly doubt he doesn’t get decent offers , maybe not overpay , but solid
        C – pass on options A and B and sit out the year .
        B seems to be the most logical at this stage for me . A has other issues attached like future negotiations and C is listed but can’t see how it benefits leafs in any way shape or form now or future over option B .
        If the offers are pure garbage and Willie wants 8 , well he wants to play nhl on the x box not in real life and dubas would be right to sign off on it .

      • Craig, I don’t think I said all or most yesterday? How about mostly all? Probably said both over the whole Nylander saga, so let’s assume I’m guilty.
        I believe the Leafs will use it if they have too. They will not sign a risky long term deal unless they think it is worth it. Just being smart IMO. We will have to agree to disagree as we are starting to go in circles.
        I agree with the poster who said this isn’t simply about this year.
        Still think the logical conclusion for this is a bridge. Then Nylander can prove he’s worth it and will get it in arbitration or sign a more lucrative long term deal.

      • Have to agree.
        $7 million for 7 years is the max Leafs should go.
        I don’t feel they should trade him as they will likely be giving up the best player in the deal.
        I hope Dubas lets him sit for the balance of the season.
        Holding your team to ransom is not the way to endear yourself to management, staff, teammates or fans.
        Yes he can sign in the KHL but not for $7 million.

    • What “great opportunities” playing for Toronto offers exactly?
      Being lowballed on contract negotiation a month after your GM nonchalantly gave $11m AAV free agent deal?
      Being called “the 6th most important player on the Leafs roster”?
      Being 8tg OA pick, one of the cornerstones of the Leafs’ future,a2 60+ seasons before age 23 – then, days after Tavares’ signing, reading your own fans want to trade you and say Kapanen is better?

  4. More drama in Ottawa wow it never ends with that team. At least the driver got paid some big bucks for the video.

    • Craig, you reference some of Shanahan’s ‘political’ comments. He said he wants to have everyone take less. Do you think 6MM is taking less? I don’t.
      Your other comment is can we not sign or trade Nylander – aka afford to have him sit?
      What we can’t afford is to pay him more than he is worth as well, what we can’t afford is to get trade him for less than he is worth. Those two things IMO trump any commentary around Nylander sitting the year. This is what really matters. The team is built around a strategic goal, not what happens in the next month or this year. So yes, we can afford to make him sit if the other two variable are not something the Leafs can live with strategically.

      In my view, the Leafs need not offer more than 6.5 as this is fair market value. If a trade is needed, the Leafs IMO will not deal him without getting a comparably skilled player back. Why would they?

      • Shanahans comments made clear that to fit under the cap , the young guys must sacrifice financially . I do think taking 6 million is less than he is worth .
        My other comment was more of a question which you didn’t touch , is DUbas willing to go down that road ? And how does it help the leafs today or future ? With my opinion on how it doesn’t .
        I didn’t say they should go out and pay him 8 today or trade him for a bag of pucks . But if Willie forces this situation and it’s sign him in the 7’s , trade for the best offer , or let him sit , I see no possible way letting him sit helps the team or the player in the present or in the future . Which leads me to believe he has two options going to December 1 .his trade value certainly doesn’t improve as we get deep in November nor does it improve after a year off .

      • It’s not on the youth to make the cap work , wasn’t them who decided to give Marleau an extra year or 11 million to Tavares with big contracts looming . If Mathews and Marner were interested in discounts why would they risk injury and play out the year ? To increase the discount they are giving ??

      • Did Shanahan take less when he was playing? I don’t think so !! Shoe is on the other foot here , i kind of agree with Nylander , to get what he can long term , because it takes one boneheaded move from a player to end his career, and if he takes a bridge now , he can screw himself of big money .

        That being said ….he is no Pastrnak ! Not even close !! 6.5 max , and if that’s not good enough , then we can watch him in the Spengler Cup at Xmas

    • yes finally a good story to talk about lets go on this story for a week or so be interesting what the sens fans on here think

  5. More drama in Ottawa it just never ends at least the driver got paid some big bucks lol

    • Craig, you can’t compare UFA signings to RFA signings. They are not comparables. So let’s leave Tavares and Marleau out of the conversation please.

      We can disagree on his worth, I don’t believe Nylander should at this point be making more than Pasternak. So I don’t see 7.

      Regarding the comment you think I avoided, I don’t think I did. All I said was if the Leafs don’t get what they believe is fair trade value, they will not deal him. He is not available for the best offer as he is no where near UFA. So if the best offer is a bag of pucks (just using your example) he sits. I would want a highly skilled forward or defenseman back for him – just stating what I believe is obvious.

      Of the things bantered around on this board, its a no to Pesce, its a no to Doughty for different reasons. I don’t have who would be the right price but it’s neither of these two. Manson is a nice option, I would see Anaheim wanting more and I can’t see Dubas offering more – IMO.

      Long and short, a deal will be very difficult given Nylanders contract demands and the type of player that may be available.

      Sitting is a real possibility, but I really don’t think it will get to that. Carolina has been scouting the Leafs, sending as many as three scouts to games. They are obviously interested in a larger type deal of some type.

      • I didn’t compare Marleau and Tavares to Willie . I said it’s not on the youth to make the cap work by taking less . Mentioned those two on how they got there , Tavares especially knowing which deals were coming down the pipeline .
        I disagree on his worth , you asked if 6 was taking less , which I said yes I think it is . Do I think he’s worth 7 ? No but I do I think he will sign for less than 7 ? Also no . In a perfect world he should be 6.5ish but that deal would be signed if an option. Going out and paying him 8 was never an option and I doubt Willie is Holding out for an 8 .
        I also disagree on dubas willing to let him sit , no way imo and still don’t see how that option is better than trade if necessary for the reasons I cited . He will get reasonable offers , maybe not overpayments like some expect but reasonable .
        You said Pesce is a no and followed up with Carolina has been sending scouts , interested etc . Who do you think the main piece is if it’s not Pesce ??

      • Leave Marleau and Tavares out of the conversation? simply because they were UFA signings and not RFAs ?? Aren’t their contracts also a consideration in managing the cap? Sure as hell seems that way to me. Same way the deals handed to McDavid and Draisaitl were instrumental in the Edmonton cap situation. Bottom line is, a manager – or director of hockey operations – can’t attempt to pound a square peg into a round hole by say ing “take a cut for the glory of the Leafs.” The response SHOULD be “take a hike.” –

  6. Craig, you reference some of Shanahan’s ‘political’ comments. He said he wants to have everyone take less. Do you think 6MM is taking less? I don’t.
    Your other comment is can we not sign or trade Nylander – aka afford to have him sit?
    What we can’t afford is to pay him more than he is worth as well, what we can’t afford is to get trade him for less than he is worth. Those two things IMO trump any commentary around Nylander sitting the year. This is what really matters. The team is built around a strategic goal, not what happens in the next month or this year. So yes, we can afford to make him sit if the other two variable are not something the Leafs can live with strategically.

    In my view, the Leafs need not offer more than 6.5 as this is fair market value. If a trade is needed, the Leafs IMO will not deal him without getting a comparably skilled player back. Why would they?

    • Sorry for the double post

    • George, my comment around UFAs dealt with finding Nylander’s value, not about cap.

      Craig, I’ve noted 6-6.5 is fair. I think you and I are on the same page or close enough, so we agree on value. My take is he is comparable to Ellers, who makes 6. The leafs obviously agree. If other teams want to pay Nylander more and will trade for him, go at it – this comment was more for Schticky.

      Regarding Carolina and Pesce, just because they are scouting doesn’t mean they have the right pieces or will offer the right pieces. I can comment on other Carolina players, but I won’t as it will only create a “overvalue of Leaf Player type comment” so I won’t.

      There are alot of analysts that believe Carolina has the right type of defenseman that the Leafs should be dealing for with Nylander. They do, those guys should not be available.

      Back to my original comment, there is a real possibility that if Nylander doesn’t sign at a fair amount, he will sit.

      • Imagine if Dubas let him sit and the Leafs run in to injury issues faulter and miss the playoffs or underperform and the GM did nothing…there is no way Nylander sits guys have been fired for less

      • The analysts are mainly citing Pesce as the guy who the leafs should be dealing for .. your right no one knows the specifics but if a trade does go down between the two I would guess Pesce is involved myself . Faulk no from leafs , Hamilton / Slavin no from canes imo

      • I think if the leafs don’t sign him they will have to trade him. I cant imagine they want to deal with 3 long term contracts next year. they want Willie signed prior to AM and MM otherwise there could be even more leafs sitting next year. I dont think this situation is going to get easier over time, they should just cut bait and run or sign him. I also think that the leafs want a long term deal. A bridge could work out, but if Willie equals the production of the other 2 two they are in an even tighter spot.

  7. Players are not allowed to talk about the coaches when they are together? Why do they have to apologize….

    Employees would need to apologize to a boss if someone recorded them venting about them…jeez

    • Shticky, imagine if Dubas succumbs to his demands or trades him for poor value – he not only gets fired, he never gets an NHL job again.

      Anything else you want to imagine?

      • Those dice are cast already Trekkie that’s the point. The deals are on the table it’s a matter of which Dubas chooses, he is not going to take the chance of spoiling value, no saying Nylander will sign a deal next year either if it’s not going to work by the end of November why would it change next year? Do you think his trade value increases if he sits? Its a waste of an asset to let him sit and it won’t happen. Ask St Louis how Sobotka worked out or a few of the others that went down that road.

    • The joke in this situation with the Sens is that Uber apparently has a privacy policy of which they are very proud. So, who gets sued first?

    • Chad White – do you want to make one formal prediction on what might happen to Nylander – be specific if signed or provide principal return guy(s) if traded and date?

      • Trekie
        That’s really hard to say. I think if they sign him it will be between 6.75 – 7.25 x 7 (that would be a home town discount). A trade is hard to gauge, Car may be able to eat that cap hit but a lot of teams cant and what will the leafs expect in return. If they are reaching too high maybe Car should go the offer sheet route. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks for 6.1 to 8.1 mil. they have a lot of youth in their system and really could go without the picks for 1 year. they should not suck so bad in the next few so why not. Pesce and something else maybe, not sure what the something else could be. 2nd rounder maybe. as for a date Nov 23rd it should be wrapped up. Like I said if they ask for more then that the offer sheet would be better for Car. To be honest I don’t watch much of the leafs, but back to back 60 point seasons is not too bad for a 21-22 year old.

  8. I see alot of great View’s on this Nylander sign or trade situation but is it having any effect on the team is the question I think it is in some ways and if it was myself making the decision on his future make him a 6.5 offer if it’s still no good luck and good bye move on get what you can to keep this from causing a problem for the team and or other players looking to hold them Ransom for a big pay day

    • Let’s sum this Nylander thing up a little bit. This is obviously a horrible situation for both sides. Dubas is somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place. Both sides are losing and both sides will continue to lose. This is really no different then when the NHL had their lockout for a year, there were no winners only losers.

      No Leaf fan or hockey fan wants Nylander not playing. I’m not aware of any Leaf fan that is siding with Nylander right now as we all agree his demands are ridiculous. I don’t see a trade that will bring back the right value for Nylander, so the Leafs IMO should not deal him unless they do get the right piece(s).

      I for one am glad to see Dubas doing what he is doing, quite frankly too many GMs succumb way too easy or perhaps other players are more understanding of their real worth?

      I’ve offered my opinions, no one needs to agree with them. We’ll all know the outcome in under 4 weeks.

      My take on what will happen. Seven years at 6.5, with a huge up front bonus paid, could be as high as 35 million up front. It will get ratified on Nov 28th. Can we all mark this down and you can tell me how right or wrong I was on Nov 29th. Have fun, Go Leafs Go!

      • We don’t know his demands or what dubas is offering . IF Willie is demanding an 8 and won’t sign in the 7 ish range , I agree dubas is correct in not caving .
        Other teams know his demands or have talked to gross and are still very interested so I highly doubt this to be the case .
        I agree dubas is somewhere between a rock and a hardplace at this stage , staring down a potential lose lose situation , the closer to dec 1 it goes the more that becomes a reality .
        I’ve noted your prediction and will offer mine .
        He is traded and signed or signed and traded however that works itself out at 7×7-7.25. And on the same day we will watch a players value skyrocket like never before in the nation and dubas get credit for fleecing whoever it may be .

      • My look is if he still turns it down trade him and move on get what you can to have this problem ended more so it takes the situation awareness and let’s other players know the team will not pay a Ransom for there services.
        That being said maybe they get fair value and maybe not but if this is effecting the team it ends and the team can move on .
        I myself think this young man is being miss lead by his agent and a little by his dad he needs to get away from them and make a decision on his own

      • I don’t think he’s being ridiculous at all. Sitting at home hearing about how 2 others on the team that are very close to his production stand to make at least 35% more on their contracts? This deal is done at a considerable higher amount if the Leafs don’t sign JT which is fine by me I’d take Taveres every day of the week but let’s not kid ourselves the Leafs are or have to offer less than market to keep the core togther now someway in it just so happens he is the first big ticket in line

      • When my kids bought cars houses or are making life changing decisions that I have made to it’s called being a parent to give advice. His dad seen alot of NHL contracts in his day and other than recently with all this nonsense most have always said Nylanders dad is a stand up guy who helped alot of guys find their way in the NHL. Good advice there ignore you agent and family…the people who have your back

  9. Craig, I have given you my Nov 28 statement. Pick you own date. What will happen? If its a trade, tell me who? If its a signing, tell me the net result? Let’s have some fun as we have exchanged some good opinions.

    Any others would fun to see? I’m not planning on debating this any longer. Thanks

    • Schitchy, I know I said I wouldn’t debate this any longer, but one more comment. You reference two others – I assume it’s AM and MM? They are both well above Nylander. Neither AM or MM are anywhere near as expendable. They will both get much more than Nylander and Nylander doesn’t have to like it and can fight back – which he is.

      Regarding the 8MM, the reason it’s ridiculous is his comparables are making substantially less. You mentioned next year’s cap, it’s irrelevant as he needs to sign against this year’s cap and we won’t know what next year’s cap will be.

      Also agree with many of your thoughts, I have never had an issue with his Dad getting involved, I like it personally and they are entitled to do what they think is best.

      Would be interested in what you think will actually happen – how much or for who? Have fun. Go Leafs Go!

      • No idea how much for how long but I would tend to think it’s a bit above 7 maybe between 7-7.5 based on Pasternak who I believe is a great contract at a smaller cap ceiling and he likely took less for longer term and playing with Bergeron and Marchand is just as likely to pad some stats as playing with Hyman and Matthews. That being said if Nylander is dealt it would depend on where he is dealt for the money. Sure maybe he does sign for 6.5 but it’s not going to be in a market that he gets taxed like crazy in.

    • I think he is traded , if I had to guess it would be to Carolina . I don’t think dubas is willing to let him sit and I don’t think he will push it to the bitter end and risk his trade value going down .
      So I’ll go with traded to Carolina in middle late November @7×7.25 and I think it will be Pesce going back the other way alone or with high but not elite prospect .

      • Craig,

        7.25, or Pesce. Got it written down.

      • Craig, I misquoted you – traded to Carolina with the primary coming back being Pesce – mid-to-late November. Others may be involved.

        Carolina to sign him at 7.25 for 7 years. I have it straight now.

      • Trek
        First, great debate , we don’t see eye to eye on all , but that’s ok , I think we agree on what his value should be, just not where it ends . But regardless great points from multiple posters and no attacks or barbs lol , that’s something on the wall some days haha .
        To clarify yes 7×7.25 is my guess but not that or pesce . I think dubas only signs that deal to make the trade with Carolina for pesce . I don’t see him on the leafs at 7×7.25 .

      • Schticky, I’m putting you down at 7.25 for 7 years with the Leafs. Is that your final answer?

      • I’ll go go with a 2 year bridge at $5.5 signed before the end of the month.
        If you want more specific, I will go Nov 26.
        Trouba signed on Nov 7, but this one seems different.
        I think the trade happens after the season and he is on the bridge deal as the return will be better then as the market is bigger.

      • No I’m saying bridge with the Leafs (I can’t see a long term deal in Toronto unfortunately right now but I don’t think it’s a great idea to trade him either) 7-7.25 ish if he gets moved and signs in say Carolina

      • Return better next summer with a year to another negotiation with arbitration rights ? Which teams are paying more to jump in to that than a long term known number ? And he will be under contract so won’t be able to talk with the other gm’s.

      • Craig what I said was that the market would be bigger. More teams have cap space at that time of year as contracts expire at the end of the season. Also the draft picks are in play as you know where teams pick.

      • RAy

        You also said at which point the return will be better . Which is why I asked how many teams would be wanting to jump in , and trade for that situation , only next time Willie has arbitration rights . I don’t see the market growing huge or the return bigger .

      • I do Craig, he is a good young player, teams that can afford him will have interest.
        My only reasoning is more teams with cap space means a bigger market.
        More = bigger, not much thought went into it.
        Arbitration is nothing to fear. UFA is something to fear.

      • Craig, also to answer your return question directly, if more teams are bidding for his services from the leafs, it only serves to reason the return would be better.
        If you’re Carolina, and you think think you are the only team bidding and the Leafs are up against a hard date of Dec 1, are you going to offer more or less?
        Does that change if SJ now jumps in because EK won’t sign an extension? How about Boston shows interest because they have money coming off the books?

    • It’s not irellivant at all Trekkie for the last few years the cap was not going up at the same rate as it is now. The whole point of the cap is as it goes up so does salary generally by close to the same percentage guys who signed deals when the cap for a few years was going up by at most 3-4 (72-75-79.5 is alot different out look than 75 79.5 84.5) mill per are expecting their salary to be alinged with that over a term.when the cap starts jumping at 5 mill plus with another expansion coming it’s going to increase salary at a higher rate. Inflation my friend

      • Ray, got you at a bridge 2X5.5
        Shticky get off the fence :). Is he with Carolina at 7×7.25 or bridged with Toronto for how much? If with Carolina, who is the principal coming back, is it Pesce?

      • With Ray on the bridge 5.5-6 for a short 2 year bridge

  10. Shticky ok
    So look at it like this your career is in limbo because you have an agent and your father over valuing your worth and you have the whole NHL saying otherwise would it not be in your best interest to take a short deal and prove it or sit at home and continue to be filled with bad advice

    • And for the record agents don’t have your back they get paid when the player does and his might have ties to the agent it a bad way things get done but in the end it’s him self who makes the decision weather it’s good advise or not it falls on him .
      I say he’s got bad advise on his value

    • How are they or more importantly his father overvaluing him? Do you look at your children and think yeah they are ok but I really like think the neighbors kids are much better?

      • That’s not what I said ok ever parent will over value his or her child and saying that sometimes it will work against them in there careers if you got paid what your parents thought the same with your thought of your child I would do the same but in some cases it’s not the best advise to give to your child if it’s effecting there Career and as for the agent they only look for the bigger better buck it’s not because of the player it a point of greed they make more when the player makes more in some cases it not the player it’s the agent
        But the player still needs to think for himself

      • Isn’t that the point Roger was making, or am I misunderstanding what you’re saying?

      • Roger who is “you have the whole NHL saying otherwise” are all these people? You think other players in a union want a player to take less money? Do you think the boatloads of others who have had to do the same as him and sat out for better deals are? come on man the whole entire NHL GM is saying Nylander is overvaluing himself but hey if you want to trade him give us a call maybe we will give you something for him then straighten him out? This is what I was getting at about overstatements that make little sense the other day. The entire NHL is not saying Nylander is overvaluing himself infact I doubt many besides some media and some fans posting on the internet, are saying anything of the sort.

      • Team present says he is asking the player to take less than market, rival gm if he won’t take less give us a call we will do a trade, players and agents want higher salaries and this would which you are implying doesn’t make sense for them so I wiil go even further out on that limb and say besides the famously “un named sources” not many at all really in the NHL is saying he is overvaluing himself by much if anything. Of course the player started high in attempt to negotiate a contract but it doesn’t look like he said give me 8 long term or I’m not playing, unless you can provide an example?

    • Craig, as it turns out my contract offer to Nylander is much more than what he signs with Carolina for assuming it’s the 7.25 you project.

      6.5million per year
      35 million at %4 percent = 1.4 million per year -a modest return, he should do much better with 35 million invested.

      Just throwing out why 35Million up front should be the way to go for the leafs to make Nylander get what he wants and we stay cap friendly. How nice is it to be the Leafs and have that kind of money power?

    • Schticky, got you down at 2 x 5.75 bridge..

  11. My prediction for Nylander, 3×6.7 with the Leafs week of American Thanksgiving

    • AzWingsFan – got yours noted

  12. Few things at play here first is I don’t believe Nylander is comparable to Pastrnak David is just better. Second Nylander won’t get his fair share with Toronto because they need to sign Mathews and Marner and others. Third Toronto didn’t need to sign Tavares they needed to spend that money on a D man and their big three.

  13. Tremor I say he’s traded just to clear the air

    • I say he misses the season. Dubas, in his first year on the job, can’t be seen to be blinking in this, his first contract impasse – and since he’s sat this long, I can’t see Nylander knuckling under to less than he thinks he’s worth.

      Hell, we’re probably all wrong – but it’ll be interesting to see who’s closest.

      • That is my gut feeling to George, but my head says Nylander gives in. So went bridge for the contest.
        Not many fans of the dad here in Edmonton.
        Oil had an agreement with his agent on a contract and were waiting for the signed copy. Instead he signed with Washington.
        So ya, anything is possible.

      • At this point I think he signs a one year deal just days before the deadline for 6 mill and next fall all 3 hold out for at least the first 2 months and all the leaf fans will go absolutely mental.

      • Deee, that is quite the scenario! Not sure that type of rebellion or tactic is afoot, but WTF would the Leafs do. The fan reaction would be… wow.
        Not that would be pressure on a GM.

  14. George O, what’s in the water in OTT? Now an Uber driver records a conversation and posts it online?
    I know it is a bunch of noise about nothing, but more goofy sh__. Enough already.

    • Much ado about squat. Players bitch all the time – they just happened to be the ones caught on video. Welcome to the New World Order.

  15. I think Nylander signs a 2 year 4 million per bridge November 12th.