NHL Rumor Roundup – November 15, 2018

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Are the Penguins done dealing? Could the Islanders trade Nick Leddy? Will the Oilers make a move soon? The latest in your NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In the wake of the Pittsburgh Penguins shipping Carl Hagelin yesterday to the Los Angeles Kings for Tanner Pearson, Elliotte Friedman suggests Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford might not be done making trades to improve his roster. “Do not discount the possibility of Rutherford and Anaheim’s Bob Murray trying a lateral “change-of-scenery” trade,” writes Friedman, adding both are looking to make changes.  He also believes the list of players the Kings could be willing to trade is growing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Josh Yohe reports Rutherford said trade conversations were still ongoing following the Hagelin-for-Pearson swap. Neither Yohe or Friedman specified which Penguins players could become trade candidates but forwards Daniel Sprong and Bryan Rust were frequently mentioned prior to yesterday’s trade. The Ducks want to get younger and faster while the Penguins seek secondary scoring.

Could Nick Leddy’s improved overall play make him an attractive trade target? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports New York Islanders coach Barry Trotz has high praise for defenseman Nick Leddy, citing his overall play despite the downturn in his offense. Staple notes Leddy has occasionally surfaced in trade rumors, “though it’s hard to believe that Trotz would work so hard on remaking Leddy’s game at the cost of his point totals and then ship out one of his top two defensemen without much of a replacement waiting around.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leddy’s improved defensive game could be improving his trade value. Maybe the Isles might consider moving him for the right price later in the season if they fall out of playoff contention. Given their better-than-expected start to this season, I don’t believe Leddy’s going anywhere right now. They don’t need to make any significant changes at this time. 


THE ATHLETIC: Jonathan Willis recently suggested it’s time for the Edmonton Oilers to explore the trade market to address their depth on the wings. He thinks the Los Angeles Kings as a possible trade partner, though the player he felt they should target (Tanner Pearson) was subsequently traded to Pittsburgh.

He also believes they should look at rebuilding clubs such as the Detroit Red Wings (Gustav Nyquist and Thomas Vanek) or New York Rangers, whose possible trade candidates could include Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello, Chris Kreider or Vladislav Namestnikov. Other and perhaps less likely options include New Jersey, Ottawa, Chicago, and Vegas.

Potential Oilers trade candidates range “from Drake Caggiula (speed) to Matt Benning (right-shot defender) to Zack Kassian (pugnacity).” Willis also notes the Oilers have “a fairly rich collection of prospects, especially on the left side of the blueline, and all of their important draft picks for the next few years.”

Willis feels the Oilers would have enough ammunition, including salary-cap space, to swing a significant move at the trade deadline. It’s less certain, however, if they have enough to do it right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Caggiula, Benning or Kassian on their own probably aren’t enough to land the type of top-six winger the Oilers need. I can see one of them being bundled with a quality prospect or decent draft pick.

Finding help right now, however, won’t be easy. Other than the Kings, most of the clubs Willis cited probably aren’t in the market to shake things up at this time. The Anaheim Ducks could be looking to make changes but they’re focused on speed and youth. 


Friedman also noted the recent decline in the ice time of Colorado Avalanche defenseman Nikita Zadorov. He said he hasn’t heard the 24-year-old’s name come up in trade rumors but suggests it’s worth keeping an eye on his status.



  1. Rutherford still has dead wood to unload but yesterday was a really good first step … Bob Murray had the whole off-season to retool and trade and he didn’t pull the trigger on anything … talks a good game but is reluctant to make a deal … still waiting for that IMMINENT Daniel Sprong trade …

    • I would love Mats Zucarello and Adam Mcquaid from the rangers… Zuccarello has been the rangers leading scorer for three straight years and is a finisher..Mc Quaid can play second d pair would slot nicely in to third pair when Schutlz does get back… Brassard and Zuccarello played well in new York together.

      Rust & Matta to New York
      Zuccarello& McQuaid to Pittsburgh

      yes both Zuccarello and McQuaid are UFAs but Mats could be resigned in the off season…

      • Zuccarello and McQuaid are both 32 years old and you want to trade 2 24 year olds for them? This team needs to get younger not a lot older. McQuaid is a slow, antiquated type defender that is a Ron Hainsy blast it around the dasher, type. We need a dman that can move the puck. Never huge on Zuccarello either. The guys ALWAYS seems to be injured.

      • McQauid is a borderline #6, vastly overpaid and isn’t suited for the speed of today’s NHL

      • Zuccarello has missed 14 games over the last 5 seasons. That’s an average of 3.5 per year. I’m not sure that qualifies as always injured.

        Not saying this trade is good for either team… but judging by games played over the last few years,Zuccarello looks like an iron man next to Maatta and Rust as far as games missed.

      • I like Zuccarello but this is a rather large overpayment McQuaid is about 8-10 months away from a pto

      • Agreed on Mcquaid. But how does Rust help NY? He’s not even helping a team that has a lot more talent than NY. His numbers overall don’t jump off the page and he’s 26 years old. I wouldn’t trade Zuccarello for Rust straight up.

        I’m more than positive they would find a better deal at the deadline.

      • At 24 and w pretty reasonable deal I’m on the fence about Matta I’ve seen a few games admittedly not a huge apens fan but seems to me aside from injury issues he still could easily develop in to a sturdy too 4 type a nda reminds me of Gardiner a lil less mobile but still I think for a UFA seems a little exessive to me Rust is a ligit tho not spectular nhler 2nd 3rd line guy hard on the puck forecheck kills penalties well for the most part, not old cheap…just seems like alot for a rental, and as I said I like Zuccarello I just wouldn’t throw away a very likely top 4 D on a good deal like that

      • Dee..Yes I do we have to maximize the two three year window that is left in the Crosby Malkin Era..

        Zuccarello is 31 as per the website I checked and could easily be signed to a 3 year deal next year… say $5 million per season.

        Matta has never fit in to the penguins system would be a better fit in New York.

        Rangers want Rust (1 goal) so be it. Zuccarello has been the leading score 3 straight seasons in New York. He is a finisher period

        Who is gonna get you that clutch goal in the playoffs? Rust or Zuccareelo 9 out of 10 will tell you Zuccarello. McQuaid fills a depth role and we clear$7.5 million plus.

        if you don’t care about winning keep Rust & Matta..

    • Just passing on the Pittsburgh media take on it Eddie. You should imminently chill out

  2. I know this is a rumors page, but I find it insane how one person suggests Kreider as trade bait in beginning of week and now his name pops up daily. Crazy.

    • Slick62, where do you think Nylander’s apparent
      $8 million demand came from? It all started with
      a speculative comment by one guy, Darren Dreger.
      Everyone scoffed and then, over time, the rumour became “fact”.

      • reminds me of cnn

      • reminds me of faux news

  3. Zucharello could be a good fit in Toronto. Considering he’s been putting up 50+ points consistently with Rangers, it’s not a stretch to figure he can match Nylanders totals playing with either Matthews or Tavares. Toronto could walk away at seasons end or probably sign him for 2-3 years at much less than Nylander is asking. Considering Toronto is a contender now, it gives you a a top 6 player for next 3 years to help cup quest. If Nylander were to sign an offer sheet, compensation for a 6-8 mil contract is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick. Would Zuc a 2nd and 3rd ( or another roster player) be a fair trade?

    • Slick62

      I would hope that the leafs could sign Nylander too a bridge. Maybe a 2 year 6 mil cap hit. 4.5 first year and 7.5 the second. That gives both a chance too hammer out a long term. Worst case the leafs have too qualify at 7.5 and Nylander is still getting good money and the cap will probably be around 85 mil by then

    • Slick, Zuccs would be of some interest to the Leafs but not by a lot, not without a clear sweetner D-man included
      Leafs RW is Marner, Kapanen, Brown with Leivo and Ennis both capable of playing RW. I would think the Leafs have more interest in Kreider, a scorer with a mean streak to help out LW. I like Marleau and Hyman but they aren’t exactly game breakers.

      I’m with you though, Kreider is not the player the Rangers should move

      • I can’t imagine any scenario where NY is throwing in a seeetner for a 50-60 point winger that’s an UFA at years end.

        When Zuccarello hits the market, there will be plenty of interest from playoff bound teams, and they won’t be looking for a sweeter.

      • Oh you meant for Nylander… my bad

    • I may be wrong but if the offer was 8 million for 7 years or 56 million total you divide that by 5 or over 11 million per year so the compensation would be 4 first round picks

  4. Really interesting article about Nylander’s potential cap hit on TSN.

    Basically, if Toronto waits to sign him until November 30th, to a 6 year $42M deal his cap hit this season would be $9.6M but would drop to $6.6M for the remainder of the deal.

    Toronto has plenty of cap this season but will have a crunch going forward. I don’t think Dubas and Nylander conspired to do this, but this holdout may actually benefit Toronto going forward. All of this assuming that Nylander remains a Leaf of course.


      • Thanks Lyle, I had not seen that.

      • I missed that too, but its pretty interesting. We had a guy here the other day who was mentioning the same, though not as articulate – he took some flack from our friend BigBadBruins – I guess we know who was right after all.

        Either way, this is quite positive. Wondering if Willie will push the signing bonus.

      • Taz it was me and the numbers I quoted and I mentioned it were put out more as an example of what Dubas could do than for accuracy. While a couple of days ago there was a rumour that Nylander had turned down a offer from Toronto that was the same as Pastrnaks contract, Nylander quickly denied turning it down. But he didn’t deny getting an offer. So we seem to have some movement from both sides and a ballpark figure.

      • Taz bb contradicts every Person he thinks is a Leaf fan. He doesn’t care if it’s right or not. It’s called trolling

      • Go back and read what you said and the numbers you posted you maroon yogi

      • Hahahaha bb everytime you open your mouth you just show everybody how little you know. You`re actually quite funny you know that. Stupid but funny

      • Lol! Lyle could you get rid of this troll? Every time a say MY opinion yogi has an insult coming back for me

  5. No you don’t trade a player like Nylander for a rental. You try to get equal value not quantity

    • What is the quantity was Nic Schmaltz and Duncan Keith / Seabrook at half salary eat on the defender targeted?

      You simply don’t know, cannot gauge long term upside balanced with just exactly you pay Nylander (or Schmaltz for that matter), so don’t dismiss a two for that adequately adds leadership at a reasonable Cap hit while you decide what / where Schmaltz fits in the Leaf salary schedule.

      Just threw that out even though I think Nylander stays where he is.

      I think Hunter said it bast: Should been erupted before now.

    • Bill no offence but you don’t trade a top line RW who can play centre for the over the hill gang and a guy who’s not living up to expectations even if you pay half their salary. Heck I wouldn’t make the deal for Seabrook if you paid all his salary. Now if you’re talking Toews and Kane and eating half their cap hit

  6. Fairly certain Kreider is not moving anywhere

    Maybe the Avs get involved with the Nylander sweepstakes . Zadorov + +

    • Many also thought McDonagh would not be traded

    • Not sure about Zadorov – talent and nasty is there, just something does not click with the kid. Early troubles were blamed on the dysfunction in Buffalo, not sure why he’s falling out of favor with the Avs.

      • i watch every avs game and am not sure why he is in the dog house!…big fast mobile willing to hit….ok sure a dumb play here and there but no more than nemeth, barberio etc…bedner and zads must not click…took a stupid penalty against bruins in 2nd period last nite ..never returned…barberrio took a dumb one in the first period and never missed a shift

  7. Oilers need to make a move before the TDL if they want to push for a playoff spot. The players mentioned won’t bring back much in return. Their best option is get Puljujarvi back in the line up playing top 6 minutes or see what kind of return you can get for him. I realize he is only 20 but here is a perfect example of bringing a kid into the league too soon. Yes Lucic was a bad signing but what the heck is going on with Strome?

    • Fergy, I don’t think the Oil have the assets to contend this year. Previous MGT decisions and now PC’s impatience has caused this issue.
      If you are going to contend for any amount of time it needs to be done through the draft and and developing these players to build the solid core.
      How many true top 6 forwards do the Oil have? I only see 3. McDavid, Draisaitl and RNH. Giving up on Puljujarvi after he was rushed to the NHL is just another example.
      Trading picks or young guys like him or Yamamoto, Bouchard, Jones or Bear will just continue the the last decade plus of futility.
      As will chasing UFA’s and burning your cap space until you are ready to actually contend. Lucic.
      The Oil lack the depth up front and are another significant injury on D away from the lottery. I simply don’t see them as contenders.
      Wait for PJ, Yamamoto and Bouchard et al to develop, then get serious about chasing the cup. It may only take another year or 2.
      If they get some decent goal tending and stay healthy they could make the playoffs, that is the ceiling I see. They need to accept where they are.

      • If dubas fails to get nylander signed ray how many legit top 6 forwards to the Leafs have ? Fergy , that is the last thing Pete should do .

      • Craig, I would go with 5 for sure.
        Matthews, Tavares, Kadri, Marner, Kapanen with borderline on Marleau and iffy on Brown. I live in Edmonton and watch them a lot more then the Leafs, so tough to say for sure on the 6th.

      • Kapanen has proven he is a true top 6 in under 20 games ? Playing alongside Mathews ??
        In the games since he got hurt
        0, 0, 0, 0, 2 , 0, 0 . That’s his points count since the injury . Marleau is not a true top 6 at this stage , and it’s not borderline .

    • This may be one of the few times I miss Garth Snow. I suspect he could have talked PC into a first rounder plus for Andrew Ladd by now. 🙂

      Wasn’t Zack Kassian recently a waiver possibility? Wasn’t his agent given permission to look for any kind of trade for the guy? Not sure how you expect anyone to actually give you something to take that player off your hands.

      Edmonton has tied their own hands with the salaries they’ve given out. Lucic, McDavid, Dreiseitl, and RNH chew up a lot of cap space. They’ve also made some moves that have dramatically reduced their depth (Reihhart, Strome, Larson). I don’t see a quick or easy fix for them.

      • the quick and easy fix for the oil is to clean house chia and todd goodbye and stop wasting Mcdavids prime its a wonder how either one of them still have a job chia should have been let go at the draft when snow of all people hosed him

    • @ Craig, what is wrong with bringing Puljujarvi back and playing him top 6, giving him 16 -18 minutes per night with some offensive players and PP time vs. 11-12 minutes with 3rd and 4th line players? the fact that Chiasson is the 2nd line RW speaks volumes of the job Pete has done.

      • Everything. Jesse needs time in the ahl . Should not be called up . But this does show the hate for Pete well . Just a week ago he was an idiot for rushing him and not getting him to the ahl sooner . Now he’s an idiot for not rushing a call back after he hasn’t played a game down there . He’s 20 , let him gain some confidence and force his way back up . Don’t trade him or bring him bsvk up . He is where he needs to be today .

      • not sure who said Pete was an idiot ? not me, at least not on this forum. Bottom line, at any level, you cannot expect offensive players to play with 3rd and 4th line players and excel. Just won’t happen.

      • you can’t undo what is done but a top 6 of

        Hall – McDavid- Draisaitl
        Tkachuk – RNH – Eberle

        would be a serious upgrade on what the Oilers are icing right now, agreed ?

      • Agreed . Would it matter with the D they would have without larsson ? Without him klefbom would struggle on top pair and everyone playing higher in lineup than they should , could use another d man today not subtract one from the top pair .

  8. If the Leafs are interested in a Cup run sign Nylander and get your other pieces though dealing draft picks, prospects and dead wood off the roster.

    Unless you can package something for Nathan McKinnon the return of quantity for quality is not worth it,

    To put it in perspective, if you were at the draft table would you draft Brett Pesce ahead of Nylander?

    Not one potential trade candidate woukd be drafted ahead of Nylander.

    Get him signed Dubas!

    • At what he wants? I think so, but many here are saying he’s not a 200-foot player and so worth no more than $5.5 to $6 mil – then in the same breath say Dubas should demand a Top pairing D in return if he does trade him!

      • George, many who?
        The talk is bridge at $5.5-$6 and long term deal should not be at $8M.
        The reason for that isn’t that Nylander is worth it or not, its that the Leafs cannot fit that in their cap structure, if their big three don’t take bridge deals then they HAVE to sacrifice one.
        Someone brought up Aho’s name the other day, how is it that he is a shoe in for $8M and Nylander isn’t? Team situation, being the answer.

        I don’t think Nylander lands a top pairing D-man, that point is fair but don’t cherry pick details to justify your post. Kucherov is signed at $5.5 on a bridge, does he not land a top pairing D-man?

      • Easy there – not “cherry picking” at all. But there have been quite a few who have suggested that very thing, both here and in relation to articles on Nylander in the Toronto Sun.

        If the comparison was only Kucherov I’d say Dubas has a case for that bridge offer because his point totals his first two seasons were comparable to those of Nyalnder. However, where I think he’s getting low-balled – and that’s very likely the way he and his agent are viewing it – is when I hear the numbers being tossed around for Marner and Matthews next summer whose totals for their first two seasons are not all that greater than those of Kucherov OR Nylander. Should they not settle for bridge deals? Kucherov at least responded with 2 seasons of 85 and 100 points. He’s also put up better numbers in 2 playoff appearances.

    • Actually… knowing what we know now… yes. Peace over nylander.

      Leafs fans (most) of them keep putting the player in a box neglecting to take into account the off ive issues.

      So if you had the choice of drafting a top 6 winger who demands millions more than he “deserves” or a solid top 4 all around d man signed to a super reasonable contract…. you take the top 4 d man all day long

      • Chrisms not a chance in hell I would draft Pesce over Nylander. To be honest he is going to be a star you don’t draft stay at home defenders who don’t put up any points over skill not in today’s NHL. He could play in the middle for other teams too.

      • Ok then. Pay the star his money.

      • Thank you Chrisms can’t have it both ways. Why all of a sudden everyone else’s team seem to have a bit of interest in this deal? Maybe because like Shero in NJ they may want a star at an affordable price. If he is a star then pay the man if he isn’t well… Three year bridge 6 mill way better option Willy can make 7 in the last year bonus up, or get less than value

      • @Chrisms wow, are you saying you wouldn`t have drafted McDavid because he might cost too much. I don`t think cost control is the best way to make your selection in a draft

      • Not speaking for anyone but that’s not how I took it Yogi, its the obvious

      • Chrisms says if he could redo the draft he would draft Pesce over Nylander even though Nylanders the better player. His reason for it is Nylander’s demands, so in essence, he`s taking the player because of what the player might cost him down the road. Most teams draft the better player and ignore what it might cost them down the road. So I will disagree with you on this one schticky

  9. If Toronto wants to actually win a cup they will need a really good defensemen, If I’m this 31 year old Leafs GM who’s been given a free ride in life I’d trade him for a D man. But what do I know, he’s the guy with all this professional experience.

    What a dumb idea it was giving Patrick Marleau 3 years, why do GMs insist on giving old forwards multi year to long term deals? This contract might prevent Leafs from keeping team together.

    • So who made the Marleau deal?

      • I remember I was at a wedding (had a very busy day leading up to it for hadn’t checked the news) and my buddy and I were chatting about the habs. He then mentioned that Marleau was signed a $6.25M/year for 3.
        I had a big smile on my face because I thought that the habs had signed him…….that changed quickly..

        I like Marleau, but the first thought I had was what does this mean for JVR and second, how are we signing the big 3 with this contract stretching 3 years.

        I can’t fathom that there isn’t some gentleman’s agreement that PM sits out the last year of the deal one way or another. I use the word ‘gentleman’ tongue in cheek

      • If he agrees to waive his no trade clause he will be easily traded as well. Once his signing bonus is paid next July he only has $1.25M salary against a cap hit of $6.25M.

        I imagine Arizona, NYI or some other team with the cap space available would jump all over that.

        I think, as I believe most do here, that the contract was a year too long. It boggles my mind though that they also included the NMC in that final year.

      • Lets not forget that when the Marleau deal was signed no one thought The Leafs rebuild would be this far ahead in only two years. I know I liked what Lou, Hunter and Dubas had done but didn’t think that we would be contending in Marner and Matthew’s 3rd year.

        I still would like Nylander to sign – but if they can’t get a deal by Dec. 1st then let him sit. No use getting low balled on an offer for him out of an arbitrary deadline. Him not signing puts him another year older before he gets UFA status (I think). Let him and his old man think about the 6 million they left on the table that they’ll never get back…

        I would have to think that the longer this has gone on the more other GM’s would start wondering what it would take to sign this kid and do they really want that hassle? I Would think this would be a deterrent, lowering what they would offer Dubas, and thus lowering the value of the asset… Anyone agree?

      • I highly doubt there was a gentleman’s deal between Lou and Marleau that transferred over to dubas . The only way out as I mentioned the other day is the sudden career ending injury or symptoms forming . Is that how Marleau wants to end his career ? He didn’t negotiate the nmc for no reason under this gentleman’s agreement , what would be the point ?? Is Marleau and family going to finish his career on the road for a team looking to reach the cap floor ? Who can afford him and wants him , that he would want to go to next year ? That is an easy trade ?? Any other scenario and the cap hit stays on the books but those two , if you want to call them legitimate options . Borderline at the very best .

      • Swiss they don’t have to wonder at all , any of the interested teams could have been speaking with gross directly all along during this process especially as it has pushed towards the deadline

      • The word “if” serves the function of identifying/introducing a conditional clause.

        I said “if he agrees to waive his no trade clause he will be easily traded.” I did not say it would be easy for him to waive it, or that he would be inclined to.

        Maybe try reading people’s posts, maybe read it again to make sure you comprehend…maybe have a dictionary handy… before you start making sarcastic comments.

      • Which part was sarcastic double minor ? That is all out reality . IF Tampa would trade kucherov for Lucic it would be an easy move . Does that make sense ? That would have been sarcastic . I was supporting my case on why that if is highly highly unlikely .

      • I didn’t think that was sarcastic or rude in the slightest . But I wrote it , maybe it was , meant to be realistic

      • One more thing about Patrick Marleau – he could play out his contract with the Leafs and never be a liability. He can play centre, he can move up and down the lineup, he doesn’t get hurt, his team-mates love him. He could be the fourth line centre in his final year and still be an improvement over guys the Leafs have used.

    • @matt…..Get your facts straight before you post. Dubas didnt sign Marleau that would be LL. Also, who had a free ride all thier life? Take the Wally glasses off

    • Dude get off the crack . Free ride your a clown

      • He has had a free ride! Look at his history before you yap fd

  10. Have to say I”m a bit boggled by the Kings Pens trade from the Kings side. There appeared to be at least some interest in Pearson (hell he could have gone to Toronto, they named the damn airport after him already 🙂 ). I know Hagelan has speed, something the Kings lack, but the Kings actually got even older in this deal.

    They got one year of Hagelan (I believe his contract ends this year) for Pearson. In a year where it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere I’m not sure I see the value. Granted Pearson’s value is depressed by his production but I would have thought they could have gotten an asset more in line with where they are.

    • Looks like big change is looming for LA.
      It’s probably time.
      They were a good team for a while.
      Should be able to restock the cupboards by dealing off the old hands.

    • I believe this trade is an indication that the Kings haven’t given up on this season but also keeping their options open for easier to move pieces.
      Pearson has never shown much, at least Hagelin is defined as a player

      I don’t mind this deal either way

      • This could be the case as well.
        Agreed though, solid trade for everyone.

  11. The Isles will have to suck a lot harder than they have so far to consider moving one of their top pairing D men. They do have a number of young guys playing reasonably well but no one ready to step up like that yet. Perhaps in a couple of years if Dobson and Wilde progress quickly but then it’s not clear how much value Ladd and Boychuck will have.

  12. As for the Oilers, they need to find someone that can play at the speed McDavid does, they don’t have anyone on their roster that can and still score. So it might take a three team trade but they need figure out away to get Nylander at all cost. Also they need to ditch Lucic and his contract to make it work. Someone will take him, if you throw in a 1st round pick.

    • I’d like to know from Oilers fans how they see Darnell Nurse? He has been playing 2nd pairing for a while and as per TSN’s recent u24 list he was projected to be a 2nd pairing guy inn the long run as well. IF that is the true projection then what are the chances that Willy & Nurse be centerpieces of a trade?

    • Putting McDavid and Draisaitl together seemed to work just fine yesterday against the Habs. But the problem with the Oilers is, if they do that on a regular basis they really have nothing in the way of secondary scoring. McDavid has 26 pts, Draisaitl 20 and Nugent-Hopkins 18 – after that it drops off a cliff to Chiasson at 6 pts among the F. But they are also thin on D and if they deal one of their better ones away to get, say, a Nylander, any offensive gains they make will be lost to a weakened D. It’s a classic Catch-22 in their case.

  13. My memory is foggy at best. Is there any rule prohibiting Toronto from trading Nathan Horton contract?

    • Nothing stopping Toronto from trading Horton except finding another GM dumber than Nonis. That may be impossible to do

  14. I agree with letting Willy sit for a year than to accept a low ball offer.

    A low ball offer to me is anyone you would NEVER draft ahead of him.

    Not Pesce who is good defensively but brutal offensively. Not Faulk and his 1978 moustache who can’t defend in his own zone. Not quantity pieces that you can get through the trading of draft picks, prospects and dead wood on the current roster.

    7 million for 8 years is not that unreasonable, given that he will likely come under Marner and Matthews and by years 5-8 he’ll likely be underpaid in comparisons to other scorers.

    Not sure what the numbers are but it would seem unreasonable for Dubas to try to get him long term for under 7 and ridiculous for Nylander to be expecting over 8.

    Sign him or let him sit!

  15. Hey Mr. Dubas, if you are reading…

    please review the Adam Larsson to EDM for Taylor Hall deal and tell us how that went.

    Please do not be Peter Chiarelli 2.0.

  16. I agree completely Frank no way is pesce in the same level as Nylander only a fool does that trade. I not think Dubas is anything like Chia at least I hope not.

  17. Funny thing is a lot of people keep using Pastrnak as a comparable for Nylander last time I looked Pastrnak was leading the NHL in goals by a pretty wide margin. Nylander is exciting young forward but he’s no Pastrnak.

    • Last I looked Pasternak is vastly underpaid why should Nylander jump ogg a cliff too? The cap is 15% higher than when Pasternak signed his deal and Pasternak wasn’t leading the NHL when he signed it.

  18. Obe yes he is but he is playing on a stacked line. Don’t get me wrong he is a stud but I believe Nylander is going to be a star and so does a lot of other people including Hunter who drafted Marner when Babs was pushing for Haflin Iam taking Marner every day and twice on Sunday lol

    • Wasn’t Nylander playing on a stacked line?

  19. 4Life was going to say same thing according to Leaf fans Nylander was playing with God. Man on tv you say Nylander is going to be a stud while Pastrnak is already a stud and Nylander shouldn’t be paid as a stud until he is one. I hope and pray Toronto over pays him.

  20. Not sure hyman is a top flight player he is more of a third liner but if you put Marner I would say that is stacked. If your hoping for Toronto to over pay it won’t be by much. Lol

  21. Nylander + (choose a dman – dermott) for larsson