Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 11, 2018

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Latest on William Nylander and Artemi Panarin plus an update on the Penguins in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


The Toronto Maple Leafs may be finally willing to entertain offers for William Nylander (Photo via NHL Images)

SPORTSNET (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports he still believes the Toronto Maple Leafs’ intent is to sign restricted free agent William Nylander but they’re at the point in this contract standoff where they’re testing the young forward’s trade value.

“Word is that they have asked teams to inform them who teams or interested parties would not be willing to move and also to begin to preparing formal offers for the unsigned Toronto winger,” said Friedman. He added Leafs general manager Kyle Duba declined to comment when asked if this was true.

Nick Kypreos also said the Leafs priority remains to re-sign Nylander and talks are ongoing. While no formal proposal has been made, it’s believed they’re willing to offer up something comparable to that of Boston’s David Pastrnak (six-years, $40 million). Another option is a shorter bridge contract.

The Leafs have until Dec. 1 to sign Nylander or he becomes ineligible for the remainder of this season. Trade speculation has linked him to the Carolina Hurricanes and Los Angeles Kings.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont believes the New York Rangers would love to land Nylander, “particularly if they are intent on continuing their roster purge of just about anyone over the age of 25.” He also believes the Boston Bruins would welcome Nylander but doubts the Leafs would ship him to a division rival, plus the cost of acquiring Nylander would mean the Bruins surrender some of their good young players.

Dupont also doubts the Hurricanes have the assets to land Nylander. He points out they shipped defenseman Noah Hanifin and forward Elias Lindholm to Calgary back in June.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not surprising the Leafs are at least testing Nylander’s trade value. With the deadline to re-sign him less than three weeks away, they must be prepared to consider that possibility and have time to see what kind of offers might be out there in the trade market. If they do trade Nylander they don’t want this to be a last-minute rush where they end up getting a poor return.

The sticking point here will be which teams are willing to exceed the Leafs offer and by how much. I don’t see many being keen to offer him anything comparable to the $8.5 million annually his camp reportedly seeks. Quite frankly, anything over $6.5 million per on a long-term deal is far too much. Still, there could be a club desperate enough to make that move.

Interesting take by Dupont regarding the Hurricanes, who’ve been linked to Nylander for weeks and are said to be closely monitoring the situation in Toronto. Most observers feel the Canes could land Nylander in a one-for-one swap by offering up Brett Pesce or Justin Faulk.

If Dubas is seeking a defenseman and a forward, then yes, the Hurricanes can’t afford to make that swap. That being said, I don’t see teams being willing to overpay for Nylander. The Leafs aren’t dealing from a position of strength here. The calendar is working against them now. 


BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont suggests the Los Angeles Kings’ blatant need for youth and scoring could make them prime candidates to bid for the services of Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, “particularly because of his desire to land in a big city with a robust Russian community.” However, the Jackets remains steadfast on waiting for the trade deadline to move Panarin plus the Kings lack sufficient trade assets to get him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not only do the Kings lack the assets, but also the salary-cap space to re-sign him beyond this season. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $76 million invested in 16 players for 2019-20. Panarin could cost up to $10 million annually to sign. Unless they can shed a significant amount of cap space, I don’t see Panarin landing in Los Angeles via trade or free agency. 


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston noted Pittsburgh Penguins GM Jim Rutherford recently voicing his unhappiness over his club’s performance has prompted some trade calls on winger Daniel Sprong, a winger they’re willing to move on from. They’re looking for secondary scoring.

Friedman noted the Anaheim Ducks are also struggling this season. Noting Rutherford and Ducks GM Bob Murray have a recent trade history, he wondered if there could be a match there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray was on record last spring saying his club needed to get younger and faster so he might have some interest in Sprong. Given the Penguins also seek secondary scoring, however, I don’t think there’s a deal to be had there. 



  1. I don’t understand Kyper’s viewpoint (tone fair I rarely do ) that Leafs main focus now is still to keep/re-sign WW????

    IMO that focus has slowly shifted and is now mainly in finding an acceptable trade

    Regardless of main focus; this is the right step to take by GMKD as it prepares him for what I believe is an inevitable trade and at the same time puts a little more pressure on the WW mgt team to soften their stance

    I still think he’ll be traded

    Re… wether other teams can/are willing to pay more for WW …. his market value is what teams are willing/can pay…. Leafs can’t really pay more than currently being offered due to the long term Cap horror show that would happen if they pay him $7.5M or more …. other teams have a greater need (he wouldn’t be their 6th best player) and more Cap flexibility

    • I don’t see where there’s any added pressure on Nylander and still think that, if someone is going to blink first it will be Dubas. Comparing his stats to date in the NHL with those of Marner and Matthews we see

      Nylander – season 185 gp 48g 87a 135 pts – playoffs 13 gp 2g 6a 8 pts for totals of
      198 gp 50g 93a 143 pts – and so far has missed 1 game due to injury

      Marner – season 176 gp 46g 104a 150 pts – playoffs 13 gp 3g 10a 13 pts for totals of
      191 gp 49g 114a 163 pts – incl. 17 gp this season with 5g 15a 20 pts – has missed 5
      games due to injury

      Matthews – season 155 gp 84g 64a 148 pts – playoffs 13 gp 5g 2a 7 pts for totals of
      168 gp 89g 66a 155 pts – incl. 11 gp this season with 10g 6a 16 pts – has missed 26
      games due to injury

      So, on the basis of an overall production of 15 (Marner) and 13 (Matthews) points so
      far in their careers (and don’t forget the pts so far this year by the other two), some think Marner is being a spoiled brat, ill-advised by his father and his agent, and should “gladly” settle for a bridge deal paying him $5.5 to 6.5 while totals of $10 to $12 million are being blandly tossed around as the expected costs of signing the other two next year!

      Nylander, so far in his pro career, has earned just under $2.7 mil – not a huge amount by pro sports standards, but a helluva lot more than any of us will ever see over that same span, so he and his camp can stick to their guns for this season, even if it means he misses the entire NHL year, rather than cave into Dubas’ ill-advised effort to low-ball him solely to help him manage his cap problems next season.

      • I find it interesting that teams are supposing lining up to trade for Nylander. Not because of the talent but because the reported contract demands. Does this mean these teams are willing to pay Nylander 7rs at $8m or do they think there is other reasons that Nylander doesn’t want to sign in Toronto (which would’ve been reported, right?) and that Nylander will sign for less to play for them.
        We’ll know soon enough, I would like to see Toronto do nothing and let Nylander sit out the year and start over in October if he doesn’t want to sign in Toronto and their terms.

      • lol, you do not think there is added pressure on Nylander? You mean like missing out $6 million dollars for a year, when there is no guarantee how many years you play? Then, sit out, and go through it again in summer with even less reason to pay, when Matthews and Marner are being negotiated with? Wakey wakey buddy

      • He can earn a big payday in Europe – maybe you’d cave in to “play for the glory of the Leafs” BS but I really doubt he will. What part of the above career stats comparison do you see that says he SHOULD sign now for a low-ball offer only to see his teammates get $10 to $12 mil next year?

        Curious to see your rationale so wakey wakey buddy and fill us in.

      • Just a thought and I know this comment may ruffle some feathers here but has anyone ever thought that maybe Nylander just doesn’t want to be in Toronto. Maybe he doesn’t like playing for Babcock or whatever other reason. Make an unreasonable contract demand and stick to it just to get traded.

      • First things first no offer or negotiation has been done on either Marner or Matthew’s.Second the comparables of Pastarnak and Ehlers puts his value at 6.5 per.Nylander plays a 1 dimensional game Marner and Matthew’s play a 200 ft game.If WN wants to hit a home run sign a bridge deal and prove it.The leafs don’t have to trade him they can let him sit out for the season so they have the leverage and if he is to be traded it will be to the highest bidder. Yes he has potential and could be elite they won’t be giving him away.And they are doing fine without him.

      • That “some think Marner is being a spoiled brat …” should have read, of course, “Nylander” – damned faded script

      • Len it’s looking more and more like that situation, everyone and their mothers know players aren’t big fans of Babcocks styles

      • “He can earn a big payday in Europe – maybe you’d cave in to “play for the glory of the Leafs” BS but I really doubt he will.”

        Not a chance the entitled Nylander who grew up in a millionaires household is going to travel on some cargo planes for a few million, nvm the prospect of a career ending injury.

        And the buy into the Leaf bs is why I do NOT want him here.

        Teams don’t have too much in their favor anymore but one is rfa’s and I would be perfectly fine with letting him sit the whole year and either trade him at the draft or work out team friendly deals with all 3 next year.

      • OK Gary, fair enough – but tell us, will you feel the same if either Marner or Matthews balk at what they’re offered next season? And if you’re OK with what they’re rumoured to be demanding – $10 to 12 mil – how do you rationalize that with what they want Nylander to sign for based on the career stats I outline above?

      • Ian, what denotes a “200 foot game” and what stats do you have that suggests Marner and Matthews are significantly better at that than Nylander. Just curious. All I can see is that last season Nyalnder was a +20, Matthews a comparable +25 while Marner was a -2. Not the greatest stat in the world, I’ll admit, but what else do you go on?

      • @George. IF you would watch a Leafs game you’d see thebdefensive game that Matthews and Marner play. Nylander’s plus minus has a lot to do with work done by Matthews and Hyman last year.
        WN is no where close to Marner as far as having a complete game.

        The box score doesn’t show everything, otherwise players like Marc Vlassic should be making 1M

      • Taz, no offense but, spoken like a true GM trying to shave off the cap where he can. “See, son, your stats are just as good as the boys I’m gonna pay $10 and $12 mil per, but when I sit up in my perch in the sky I see weaknesses in your game that might not show up on the stats sheet … but there’s enough missing there that I have to keep you at around $6 mil per.”

      • Gary. Why would nylander worry about sitting out based on the fact he has family money and could make a decent living without signing with leafs? He is comfortable whether he plays another game of professional hockey or not.

        More I look at it the more I realize that nylander has far more leverage than most thought. And some balls to use it too…

  2. So where is the IMMINENT Daniel Sprong trade??? Or were you just spit balling?

      • Go0rge O : big payday in Europe?? what is a big payday over there…Europeans seen to come here for under a million….I really don’t know what a top flight European gets paid….somehow I doubt it is over 3 million…the Russian in special cases may be higher?? It would be interesting to know

      • Old Blue Dog – compared to what we – among the average stiffs – get in terms of pay or pension, what they cane make in Europe dwarfs that by a country mile. To play a bleeding game. Besides, as Chrisms points out, he and his family are already independently wealthy. They don’t need to cow-tow to the Dubas limit.

    • Hi Ed

      See below for my rant re NOT trading Sprong now

    • Pittsburgh media reporting Eddie. Don’t be a snob.

  3. Pens better not ; and should not; trade Sprong. Play him with better line-mates and production will go way up.

    I’ve posted many times before … his value is low (and therefore low return in trade) because of how Oens have played him

    If they are trading him now …. one for one …. look out for another Pouliot let down trade

    If they have to trade him …. IMO , make it a multi-player deal with Spring as the incentive for another team to take JJ in the deal….if LA is looking…..

    Maybe Sprong + JJ + Rust


    Pearson + Muzzin

    This of course in no way happens but it is just my way of showing (1) the stupidity of trading Sprong now; and more importantly (2) the grave mistake that was in acquiring JJ for that many years …. an experimental 1-2 year contract would have been a more prudent gamble

    Playing JJ and Chad R while sitting Jamie O????????????

    Rant over

    • @Pengy
      Would be hard to let Sprong go already.
      Are you up for trading the 2019 1st?

      • Hi ds

        Not at all re offing up 2019 1st …. that would be last resort type of move or something that would have to be a spectacular offer … Pend no where near in last resort panickville and I can’t even fathom a spectacular offer out there now requiring a 2019 1st to Pens

    • Maybe he’s just one of those players who looks good at the lower levels but never quite finds his game at the NHL level. Look at Teemu Pulkkinen, for example. He put up really good numbers in Liiga, put up really solid numbers in the AHL, and he could just never find that next level NHL game. Could be Sprong is the same way.

  4. Curious to see if Rangers would be interested in Nylander. At 22 he’d be perfect fit for young rebuilding club. Problem is they don’t have cap space currently to even bridge him. They would almost have to move Hayes and/or Zuc, even if it’s separate deals. Would Rangers trade Skjei? Would Toronto be interested in Zuc? Pionk?

    • I hope the Rangers wouldn’t trade Pionk or Skjei. That would be a mistake. Panarin seems to want to sign with the Rangers it seems and maybe, just maybe we can get WW as a free agent next season also. That would be quite a pair with Zinbanejad or Andersson as their C-man. I don’t think that the return to Toronto will that great as any team that acquires WW will have to pay the salary that he is asking and who is going to trade for him without having him signed?

      • WW won’t be a free agent next year. Leafs own him until he turns 27 or played 7 seasons.
        WW has no leverage other than sitting out till one of those conditions come true.

      • Agreed. Trading Pionk or Skjei at this point wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Trading both would be a huge setback. Imagine a top pairing of Staal Shattenkirk? Or Staal Deangelo, smith , Deangelo or …. however you wish to pair any remaining d-men would be a mess now, and the future.

        As nice as it would be to see Staal, Smith, on the power play… I think I’ll pass.

      • I wouldn’t think twice about trading Pionk for Nylander. Obviously would need to add. A kid who has put up back to back 60 point seasons at age 20,21 for a guy who’s ceiling is maybe a 2nd pair d man? No brainer, unless they’re looking to move Shatty and / or Smith. I’ve always thought DeAngelo was the more talented prospect, just needs to get his sh&t together.

      • Pionk looks very promising. And he’s already playing a 2nd pair role at 23. I don’t see him anywhere near his ceiling at 23 years old..

        Never a Deangelo fan. I don’t think AV or Quinn are huge fans either. Mdz part deux imo.

        Nylander would be a good fit for a rebuilding team. But Not at a cost of good young d. (Without much NHL ready guys behind Pionk or Skjei) And his ask may be a little out of a rebuilding teams reach.

      • Nyr4life. Agree with all about not trading Pionk

        But I have brought it up before that after Marner and Matthews are signed Kadri could be the one to go for cap reasons and that Lias/Howdencould be the new 3rd one center there-do you trade either in a package for Willy? Does either have the same offensive potential?

  5. Nylander one on one for Pesce or Faulk is terrible deal. Leafs need to offer package to kings for doughty

    • If they’re low-balling Nylander due to cap constraints next year, what makes you think they could afford Doughty’s contract?

      • Exactly… where is the logic in acquiring someone like Doughty? The whole problem with the Leafs is there is only so much cap room and they know they have to dole out massive contracts to Marner and Matthews in a year. Bringing in Doughty and his massive contract would make it that much more difficult compared to if they just signed Nylander to what he demands.

      • They afford Doughty by dealing Gardiner with Nylander..

      • And L.A., presuming they go a full re-build, then have to decide if Gardiner, who will be looking for a significant increase from his current $4 mil cap hit, not to mention a long term, does anything for that re-build as he turns 29 next summer. What term is he going to want and will he be worth that increased cap hit into his late 30s?

  6. What’s a fair trade from Boston for Nylander.
    Considering the salary he’s seeking and the higher cost of defenseman.
    Carlo plus prospect or first rounder
    Krug plus prospect.
    Carlo is becoming a awesome defenseman and I don’t want him moved.
    Would like to hear from a leafs fan without overvaluing Nylander.
    Don’t say Mcavoy.

    • Dave, I don’t see Boston as match with Toronto. Not only would I not give Carlo Plus, I wouldn’t give Carlo. The offensive numbers Rielly has been putting up 17games 7g – 14a 21pts they don’t need Krug. McAvoy is not on the table.
      Then you have to remember Nylander supposing want of $8m per. Pastrnak is 3 days older then Nylander and has shown better offensive numbers would the Bruins be willing to pay Nylander more then Pastrnak $6.66 per season?
      Unless Toronto was willing to take a package around Moore and prospect(s) which I don’t see happening because there will be better offers out their for the leafs imo.

      • Agree
        Carlo alone fair trade.
        Boston could really use a top 6 forward.
        Probably better to wait till the deadline.
        If he wants out of Toronto maybe he would take pasta type money. Taxes higher in Toronto I believe.

  7. Doughty is overpaid, and isnt leaving L.A. he is on record saying he doesn’t want to play anywhere else, especially in a fishbowl which Toronto/Montreal are the worst ones. If Doughty wanted to go anywhere he wouldn’t have signed that extension. I can definitely see a trade between Pitts and L.A. swapping underperforming players in Sprong and Toffoli, or Pearson. Would be a good old fashion hockey trade. I still firmly believe Nylander gets a 2 year bridge for around 4 million. That to me is the most plausible outcome. Most likely a contract like Trouba’s with a the lions share on the second season due to games missed this year. Why trade a good asset when its at its absolute lowest value? It doesn’t make sense.

    • Overpaid? Lol arguably the best all around dman in the game, you think nylander has held out to sign a 2 year bridge for 4million per? Players would hate you as a gm lol

  8. Dubas needs to make a final contract offer to Nylander and say take it or leave it, and tell his agent we are not trading him unless we get an offer that only makes sense for the leafs.

  9. Lyle….”most observers feel the Hurricanes could land Nylander is a one for one swap for Brett Pesce or Justin Faulk”

    oh yeah maybe the amateur fans of other teams on these boards or Hockey buzz….but Bob McKenzie on Leaf lunch dismissed this one in less than tenth of a second…beside him was Pierre Lebrun who was nodding his head in agreement…two observers don’t agree

    Who are these observers…I have not observed one of them.

    This amateur procrastinator says if that is the best offer is one of those 2 Carolina defense men…there won’t be a trade….and if he doesn’t accept a reasonable offer compared to Pasternak…he sits or plays elsewhere

    I know what I am about to write is not a widely held opinion…but I think there is a real value to establishing Dubas’s credibility and they are not going to win the Cup or maybe get out of the conference this year regardless…so him sitting out is no real big deal

    • OLD BLUE DOG, if you’ve been following this site for any length of time over the past couple of months, you’d know who they are. Simply go back and re-read anything I’ve linked to since September regarding Nylander, the Leafs, the Hurricanes, Justin Faulk and Brett Pesce.

    • Toronto`s already passed on Faulk this past summer when Carolina was trying to dump him and the cost would`ve been far less than Nylander at that time. Dubas will sign Nylander later this month at or around 7 per. The cap hit for this year will be around 8.25 mill which Toronto can absorb. It won`t give them much wiggle room for the rest of this year but it can be done. The rest of the years if it`s a 7 yr. deal will be about a 6.4 cap hit, which fits into Toronto`s budget. This way Nylander can get a deal closer to what he wants at a cap hit Toronto can afford going forward.

      • Yogi, WRONG. lmao. 7.5 million at least one million over the max he will get. Where do you get nonsense like this

      • Bobby Mac raised this option back in Sept. I said about 7 mill not 7.5. Sorry, Mark, you don`t understand how the cap system works. This is one way Dubas can give a player a little more money and keep the cap hit a little lower. Not only that Mark Dubas can pay Nylander the entire 7 mill for this year using a signing bonus to pay him the difference of what he has lost by sitting out the start of the season. It`s called bending the rules. Capfriendly can give you more accurate numbers as to the cap hit, since it changes for each day that goes by. And Mark, if you think 6.5 mill per is the max anyone, will pay Nylander. You`re dreaming

      • Yogi your numbers are off! I don’t think you understand how the cap actually works and I’ll almost bet nylander signs with another team for around what the leafs were offering as Len said above it’s looking like he doesn’t want to play in Toronto

      • Out for a little Sunday morning trolling are we. The numbers are actually Bob MacKenzie`s, but he used Nov. 15th as his reference date. The purpose is to point out that Toronto can pay Nylander more Money by waiting and still get a cap number they can live with. I know you can`t understand things like this bb, but such as life

      • Maybe go back and listen to Bob again! Quit adding fake news and trolling on here

      • Wow, bb you really don`t understand how it works. You know less than I thought.

      • You obviously have no idea how the cap works! You really no very little, try reading up a bit it will definitely help

    • I don’t think Dubas will blink. We get caught up in the different scenarios talked about by the media because that is what they are supposed to do but as I have mentioned in the past the leafs have the power and control. If some GM offers the leafs a deal they can’t refuse WW will get traded, but once again the 30 other GM’s will not be offering much as the old saying goes they will not be throwing Dubas a life preserver they will be throwing him an anchor. Remember the leafs do not have to trade Nylander, it is not like he is a UFA where he can walk for nothing.
      The leafs management team has set up a budget to pay what they think each player is worth so Nylander will have to take what is given to him or sit out the year. Dubas knows it is better to have Nylander sit for a year than get pennies on the dollar if he trades him.
      I firmly believe Nylanders camp has to blink first as they have little power in this game and Dubas knows this.
      All the talk about trades and speculation is fun but when the rubber hits the road only one of two things will happen, Nylander either signs or he sits.
      I cannot envision a trade happening.

      • I hope this is happening as well, just not sure which I am hoping for more…for him to sit the year, leaning this way because we are not winning the cup this year…or someone blows his socks off with an offer.

        The offer is possible as to this point I think Dubas has played this very well.

  10. Panarin is way too old to sign long term, it’s a young mans game, a long term deal would get him past 31. Ask the Kong’s how they like old forwarss

  11. It would take some guts to let Nylander sit. It is the third option but a real one.

    I would take a F and D and a pick – 3 assets
    That should be the ask.

    • Couldn’t agree more SilverSeven. Many dumped all over Dorion for dealing Lazar, Hoffman and Karlsson saying they would find it almost impossible to make up for the lost production of the latter two, and that Lazar was a “stud” in the making. Well, that “stud” is now in the AHL and the 2nd round pick they got for him turned out to be Colin White who has so far produced 6g 5a 11pts. Hoffman had to go, and the nay sayers were calling Boedker, who they got in return from SJ, a “slug.” So far Hoffman has 7g 5a 12 pts for his $5.2 mil cap hit while Boedker has 2g 7a 9 pts for his $4 mil hit. As for Karlsson, he sits at 0g 7a 7pts and is a -11 for SJ after turning down a $12 mil offer from Dorion, while Tierney has 2g 13a 15 pts +1 while D-man DeMelo has chipped in with 2g 5a 7 pts and is a +7, while Rudolfs Balcers, described by some as the potential steal of that trade, has 5g 71a 12 pts in the AHL Then there’s Josh Norris at Michigan, currently with 6g 7a 13 pts in 9 gp, that 1st round pick in 2020, 2nd round pick in 2019 and conditional 2nd round pick in 2021, presumably based upon whether or not Karlsson re-ups in SJ. They are going to look awfully dumb if he doesn’t.

      The point of all this is, Dubas can similarly re-coup some valuable talent for a Nylander by accepting what you suggest rather than sitting on his ill-advised “principles.”

  12. we should have rumor about nhl expansion too.

  13. Yea totally agree I saw the same thing on Leafs lunch with Bob Mckenzie your right Old Blue Dog if Bob is dismissing it I would agree the rest of the talking heads are just guessing.

  14. Confirmation Bias…I think that is when humans tend to observe or agree with the point of view we had before we read or heard something…this Leaf fan may be guilty of that..


    While I am sure that Lyle has put references to observers that feel Pesce and or Faulk for NYlander might get Carolina Nylander…I don’t

    On Leafs lunch two credible observers Bob MeKenzie and Pierre LeBrun did not feel that was enough from Carolina ( my confirmation bias here)

    I also feel and I know most people don’t agree with it…but I feel if NYlander does not agree to a reasonable contract in comparison to Pasternak’s contract or if the trade offered to the Leafs is not of equal value ….the Leafs as an organization are better off letting him sit or play elsewhere ( with its injury risks)…

    Establish some “confirmation” of your fair pay policy…Remember with or without Nylander the Leafs probably won’t get out of the division or the conference

  15. Hey Lyle I would have to disagree with you assessment of Nylander: “Quite frankly, anything over $6.5 million per on a long-term deal is far too much.” Really? Currently sure but how much do you think a UFA who produces at a 60pt pace worth?
    We both know the Leafs can low ball all they want since they have cost control on the final RFA years the Leafs have Nylander but the Leafs are looking to buy some UFA years and Nylander has set his projected price of those years…I I hope they include cap inflation. Plus from that segment last night, it was clear the Leafs haven’t event made an offer near Pastrnak’s so Leafs are lowballing/playing hardball which they should be.

    At this point and since the Leafs have over $11m in cap space, why not offer Nylander a one year deal for the max they can offer in the form of something like $5.5M salary and $6M signing bonus? Come Jan 1, he inks a 5 or 6 year deal at $6M or whatever taking into account he already got an extra 6M in his bank which should help come in much closer to his figure and at the same time get him locked up long term at an affordable cap hit for the team. They have the cap space this year and next to make things work easily and this is also be done without even touching Horton’s LTIR cap relief of +$5M so I can’t figure why not do that other than it would be a first I think.

    • Tavares has only averaged in mid 60s point range over his career and he got 11millio!

      • Apples and oranges….UFA vs RFA…that doesn’t mean Tavares didn’t get too much…although the Sharks supposedly offered 13 Million…

      • It’s funny you say apples and oranges now but1 year in that changes! Apples and oranges to you nylanders livelihood

  16. The only way I trade Nylander is if it skill for skill and young for young. Those defenders on Car. are not what you trade a skill guy for. If you did that you probably end up with a JVR for Schenn trade or a Hall trade all over again. I would let him sit for a year before I went anywhere near that crap.

  17. Interesting stuff: I am not persuaded that an gives leafs what they need to be cup contenders. When AM is back, we will see where they are but they need to close the door on willie, either get value or let him sit! Pasternak showed last night why willie is not his comparable!!

  18. If Toronto is to trade Willie they need size and grit the team plays better if there is a deterrent on the team it helps open the ice for Marner , Matthews, Tavares and will only create offense and the physical side will be under control

  19. Score and time, the two biggest factors in a game. Don’t you think in the Nylander situation that the current score and time points to a bridge deal?

  20. I wish Pens were trading Letang. I think they should do it . His trade value is probably high to get decent return . To have money to get two , one top 4 and probably a great prospect. I hope they trade Brassard back when he returns.

    I would trade Letang, Brassard, Rust and Sprong.

  21. I was just posted on another site that Nylander just turned down a contract worth 6.6 million a year over 6 years
    That being said they need to trade him or let him sit and the bad part for Nylander is the Leafs hold his rights till he’s 27 and could leave him sitting for five years if they want

  22. If traded, nylander(+) most likely goes to a team in need of wins, offense, or rebuild.
    Although salary is an issue, usually you can manage it in trade scenarios.

    To toronto, could be a left winger or defenceman, old or young…who knows.

    I could see Rangers/Arizona/Colorado/Carolina/Anaheim/St.Louis/Vegas/Chicago/Florida/LA being interested. Maybe a multi-player swap or 3 way deal, with a slightly better offers coming closer to the deadline.

    interesting contract & trade scenarios…similar to karlsson, must be a swedish meatball thing

    • If I’m not mistaken, if he’s not signed by November something, he’s sitting the rest of the year?

      If that’s the case, I can’t see too many teams lining up at the deadline to acquire his services for next year.

      If I’m correct, Toronto will more than likely be dealing him at the draft.

  23. That’s why I would love Simmonds and Sanheim to Toronto for William Nylander and a 2 Rd pick

  24. The Pens also lack quality D prospects. A F prospect (Sprong) for D prospect is possible.