Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 4, 2018

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A look at players who should or shouldn’t be traded now plus updates on the Bruins and Flames in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


USA TODAY: Kevin Allen recently looked at several notable players in this season’s NHL rumor mill to determine which ones should be traded now. He believes Toronto Maple Leafs winger William Nylander, Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, and New York Rangers forwards Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello fall into that category.

Trade speculation continues to tie Toronto Maple Leafs free agent William Nylander to the Carolina Hurricanes. (Photo via NHL Images)

Allen doubts the Leafs can get Nylander re-signed to an affordable bridge deal and notes they’ll reach a cap crunch next summer when they must re-sign Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. He suggests the Carolina Hurricanes, with their blueline depth, could be a good trade fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports the Carolina Hurricanes are “all in” on Nylander if the Leafs decide to trade him. They’ve been frequently linked to the Leafs forward in the rumor mill since the summer, with Justin Faulk or Brett Pesce cited as the defenseman heading to the Leafs if a deal goes down. For now, no word on any progress involving Nylander’s contract talks or of the Leafs getting any closer to trading him.

One rumor making the rounds on Twitter last night had Nylander going to the Los Angeles Kings in a multi-player deal that would bring suspended defenseman Slava Voynov to the Leafs. I’ll be very surprised if the Leafs trade a good young player like Nylander as part of a deal for a blueliner carrying heavy personal baggage who hasn’t even been reinstated yet by the NHL 

If the Blue Jackets believe Joonas Korpisalo is ready to become a starting goalie, Allen feels they should trade Bobrovsky now. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agency and this could be his last season in Columbus. Hayes and Zuccarello are also slated for UFA status next summer and could have trade value for the rebuilding Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bobrovsky’s recent struggles and apparent unhappiness are suggestions that he could be traded soon. Until Korpisalo proves himself as a capable replacement, Bobrovsky’s not going anywhere. If the Rangers can find decent returns for Hayes and Zuccarello they could move one or both soon. However, I expect they’ll wait until January when they could be of more value to playoff contenders. 

Allen also notes Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds, Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, Winnipeg Jets defenseman Tyler Myers and Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene have surfaced in the rumor mill. However, he doesn’t believe those players should be traded at this time.


WEEI.COM: Matt Kalman reports Boston Bruins president Cam Neely still believes in his club’s younger players to pick up the club’s secondary scoring. “But we recognize we don’t want to sit around, wait too long, for something that may or may not happen,” he said. Jake DeBrusk, Danton Heinen and Anders Bjork are struggling to score and the Bruins last week demoted Ryan Donato to the minors.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty was asked about the possibility of the Bruins trading goaltender Tuukka Rask, who’s being outplayed by backup Jaroslav Halak. He notes Rask has a modified no-trade clause, enjoys living and playing in Boston, and isn’t likely to waive it at the present time. The clause lists eight teams he could be traded to.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins’ lack of secondary scoring is catching the eye of pundits around the league, who’ve started speculating over the possibility of one of their promising young forwards being shopped for an established scorer. Given the Bruins high placement in the Eastern Conference standings, they’re not going to be rushed into anything. They’ll take their time and wait for either their youngsters to regain their scoring touch or for a good deal in the trade market. 

As for Rask, he always seems to pop up whenever he’s going through a rough patch but he remains a Bruins. Given his annual cap hit ($7 million) through 2020-21, he’ll likely stay that way for a while. 


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports there are some ice time issues for Calgary Flames forwards Sam Bennett and Michael Frolik. In order to find more playing time for James Neal, Kypreos suggests they might have to trade someone like Frolik. Bennett hasn’t asked for a trade but his situation is intriguing as he’s seeking quality ice time. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bennett has frequently surfaced in trade speculation since last season but the Flames are believed reluctant to move the young forward lest he blossoms with another club. Of the two, Frolik could be more difficult to move. Cap Friendly indicates he carries a $4.3-million salary-cap hit through 2019-20 and carries a 10-team no-trade list. He has seven goals in 14 games and is coming off an injury-shortened 25-point campaign. 



  1. Gee “all in” might lead someone to believe there are clubs out there that despite getting off to a good start might see the value in Nylander and not overly concerned about the contract stand off with the Leafs or if he is being overrated and not worth more than a low ball/ bridge deal

    • You know it might not be entirely about money or term, but where Nylander fits in with the team. Up until now, Nylander was one of the main players on the team, with the arrival of Tavaras and the emergence of Reilly, he no longer has that status. Nylander sees himself as a center, not a winger, Just maybe Nylander wants to go to a team where he has a chance to be top billing and wingers don`t achieve as much as centers. It might have more to do with ego than money right now.

      • I brought this up yesterday that there’s probably more to this than just money. As for my Rangers, adding a 22 year old stud would be ideal only if they can agree on a reasonable bridge deal. I don’t see either Hayes or Zuc getting dealt until deadline. Hayes maybe if it’s Boston. His trade value will be higher with a team willing to extend him and that can’t happen before Jan. 1st… He’d be a good fit with Boston and it’s becoming obvious he needs to be moved to allow Chytil more minutes and bring up Anderson. Also, draft is loaded with a lot of centers at top of most prospect lists.

      • Yes, I no longer think the Nylander hold out is just money.
        I don’t think he wants to play in Toronto and is forcing them to make a trade.
        This will be confirmed if he gets traded and signs a new contract.

      • he said he wants to play in toronto

      • And Karlsson said he wanted to play in Ottawa. So did Brassard and Hoffman for that matter.

    • Hi Schticky

      There are teams I’m guessing that are in a Cap position to, and willing to, pay WW than the Leafs can/are willing to…. and therefore they would feel that trading for him (WW) would not be an issue as they feel they can sign him at a $ level they can work with… just a guess but it has some merit/logic

      If I’m buying in to TSN/SN reporting … Carolina is one of thise teams

      GMKD must stay firm on his offer or trade him

      Ana has not been mentioned in a while . They aren’t going to part with Manson but IMO (outside of a slow start this year and smaller size) Montour worth targeting

      Prob need more moving parts

      I will throw out a true “Wild-west” crazy one

      WW + Zaitsev + Marleau


      Perry + Montour + Ritchie

      • No way r the leafs going to take on Cory perry’s Salary

      • Hey Pengy…

        Don’t think that Perry would work with his very high AAV…

        On a different note, what would you think of Flames sending Smith, a 2019 1st, Gillies or Parssons to CLB for Brobosky????

      • Lafrench

        I have heard the flames are interested in listening for offers on Smith and I think Bobrovsky would be a good pick up but not with a 1st, especially since they didn’t have a1st round pick last year.
        Treliving knows he needs to keep this years 1st rounder.
        It also depends on the urgency Columbus has in moving him.
        If there was a real sense of urgency I could see sending Smith and Frolik.
        The other wild card would Bobrovsky want to come to Calgary or could the Flames sign him to a reasonable contract in the 6 to 7 million range.

      • LeFrench09

        You’re right it would be tight.

        Cap in 20/21 not the big issue as that is 2 years down the road.

        Cap next year is too tight to sign MM and AM and others and potentially keep Gardner

        It’s impossible with a long term deal right now with WW.

        The Marleau contract scares me. Love him as a player and I have no issues with his talent and what he could produce at 40 starting next ‘Oct.

        It’s the structure of his contract ….$17.5 M (of the total $18.75M) is paid to him before the puck drops on the first pre-season game next September.

        That leaves minimal incentive for him to stay and grind out a full year at 40 years old

        If he retires … his right to do so…. Leafs still on the hook for $6.25M in much need cap space

        Yes my proposal is far fetched but replaces Montour for Zaitsev ; Ritchie for a player that is not even in the line-up at the expense of Perry (6 years younger than Marleau) for one more year past what Marleau was on for

        This then would have options … exposing Perry at Expansion draft ; flipping him with take-back , or buying him out

        Still far fetched and tight on cap; I was just strategizing to upgrade team and especially D long term while mitigating some of the potential Marleau contract risk

        This trade won’t happen but I’m just pointing out that GMKD has to consider big picture items and long term Leafs considerations w.r.t. WW signing or trading

        … a lot on his plate and fingers crossed he can work some magic

    • I’ve said it once, i’ll say it again;

      Whoever gives Bobrovsky big bucks, on a 7-8 year contract- will regret it immensely.

      (Maybe not the first year/2 but trust me; it will/would be a very regretful decision)

      • What is your definition of immediately then?

      • This doesn’t make sense.

      • Immensely does not = immediately

        Don’t be so quick to “jump the gun”…

  2. Yea all in they want him bad. The price should be high.

    • Common sense to think if there are many teams interested or “all in” for a player then maybe you shouldn’t trade that player.

      • Ya think?

        Seen this movie before..

  3. All in means they are willing too pay a big price and a big price they will.

    • I’m not sure what the piece would or will be or anything like that just all the nonsense that goes on with reasoning, things like if the Leafs don’t think he is worth a deal why would a team whos been bad for years and had issues with with scoring but is off to a good start to a season be interested in a 22 year old who puts up back to back 60 point seasons in his first 2 years in the league? Aho is a bargain why would they want 2 top line guys and the like.. gets a little ridiculous.
      The contract standoff has little to do with the player in question in this case and more about the teams structure.

      • The canes must be fixed Aho got a few goals in the first month of the season and they put up some wins and do fancy claps at the end of the game they don’t need anymore top line type players I know they been bad for the better part of the last 5 years but… It’s that kinda mentality

      • Schticky

        With you … all valid points.

        I can’t get inside the head of Carolina management ; but if we buy into TSN/SN reporting … Carolina willing to trade for WW and obviously feel they can work out contract that fits WW and Car needs

        Stranger things have happened

        Getting Pesce is certainly not hurting the Leafs in any manner

        Can GMKD swing a multi-player deal that has Carolina taking on Zaitsev as well …. if so …. Leafs should be “all in”….

        WW + Zaitsev + Holl

        For Pesce + Fleury + (Bean OR McKeown )

        …I dream 🙂

      • Listen Pengy I’m not sure what games you are watching or some of the other things you write of but I think Zaitsev has been decent and I don’t mind Hainsey could they be better yes but this constantly ragging on the 2 guys that have to clean up after the puck movers is a little overblown if the D is as bad as you say what does making it even thinner accomplish? The biggest issue with the Leaf D is the style of game they play stretching the ice out, putting a different 4 out with Gardiner isn’t going to “fix” it.if the Leaf did happen to get a D I would think you bump guys down a spot to solidify the bottom pairing where you have for the majority 3 guys with very little NHL experience

      • Hi Schticky

        Sorry, I guess we don’t see eye to eye on this.

        I don’t see Zaitsev as a good D at all and certainly not the type I would have in the mix for chances at going deep into the playoffs and certainly not a help in winning a cup. He has bouts of very good play but they are much fewer than the bouts of poor play.

        Just different viewpoints I guess

        I’m not advocating at all that Hainsey is terrible. He’s fine IMO as at now but moving forward I believe in a window of 5-7 years beginning in June of ‘20 where Leafs have a shot at a couple of cups. Hainsey would be too old then for that run.

        I stick with my belief that Leafs need an upgrade in D to reach those goals (a couple of cups over 5-7 years starting with next year’s campaign).

        The trade I offered up certainly is far reaching as with any multiple player deal but I certainly stand firm that if Leafs had Pesce and Fleury and one of Bean or Mckeown then they would have a much better D starting in June of ‘20 than they do now

        Just my perspective and I’m not blind to the fact that other Leafs fans think that the roster as is could accomplish this.

    • What “big price” are they going to pay?

      They have some really nice D pieces but I still can’t see them doing a Pesce + High DP trade (for a winger with W.N’s contract requests/ track record.

      Is that what you mean by “Big Price” they will pay?

      • Pesce is the player the trade would be centered around.
        Fleury has not developed as the Canes had hoped and is dropping on their prospect ladder. Not someone the Leafs would want.
        If you take a look at Bean’s injury history and missed games ove the past 2-3 years it would have to give any GM a pause. The kid appears to be another Tanev, again not someone the Leafs would want.
        McKeowen is still an unknown commodity even though he was drafted a few years ago.
        Again a questionable asset.
        If the Leafs are to trade Nylander they will want a defenseman (Pesce) and a good young forward to replace Nylander.
        One of Martin Necas, Julien Gauthier or Nick Roy would need to be included in the deal IMHO!

  4. “All In” The leaf’s should ask for Dougie Hamilton and Sebastian Aho…… What’s the limit to “All In”

    • Again another overstatement, I’m not saying haters or anything of the sort just that most here that are not Leaf fans are just as guilty of dismissing or ripping on stuff as most here who are Leaf fans here have rather high expectations

      • Shticky, what it is; what does all in mean? What is Carolina willing to give up? Does all in mean any player on the roster is available?
        My point is don’t get carried away with “all in” Doesn’t mean at all cost, mean they have a strong interest and are willing to make a fair trade but I don’t see them over trading.

      • To your point Caper I agree it doesn’t but seems to me it’s a whole bunch of wasted time and effort to be scouting a team like crazy and sending word that you want to be contacted if there was a deal to be made if you aren’t willing to part with something significant either, could be a bigger deal to be made between these 2 they kinda make good dance partners imo

    • Caper

      All in for me ($’s aside as it won’t fit Cap )

      WW + Holl + Lindholm + Gardner + Zaitsev + 1st

      For … Parayko + Bouwmeester + Kyrou

      • Ridiculous on so many levels

      • Nylander for Carlo.

      • Pengy, always enjoy your crazy trade scenarios. I think Carolinas biggest need is in net. How about a 3 way. To Columbus: Darling and Nylander.. To Toronto: Pesce and Milano. To Carolina: Bobrovsky and 2nd round pick. ( from Toronto) and a 1st from Colombus if Bob doesn’t sign.

      • I’m in for that shoreorrpark, may have to add a bit from B’s end though.
        Donato perhaps.
        Groom WN for 2C sfter this season.

      • Ray, maybe add Zac Senyshyn instead of Donato?
        Local product, skates like the wind.

      • Schticky

        ‘Course it’s ridiculous….No way StL is giving up Parayko

        That’s why I through it out there to show the level of incentive that StL would have to be offered to let him go

        In my dreams Leafs have Parayko and Kyrou

        Alas …. ‘it’s but a dream

      • Slick62

        I agree that Carolina would be helped with D upgrade… but don’t see Bobo re-signing there

        So Car gets Bobo rental and a 1st and a second for Pesce and Darling … stretch but not bad

        Leafs get Pesce and Milano for WW and 2nd … skewed slightly but not outlandish

        Clb gets WW and Darling for Milano ; Bobo ; 1st

        That is the hard one… can’t see that one as fair.. tweak or two needed IMO

        The long and short is that the three way no matter how complicated may be the way that some of these upcoming deals go

      • Threw not through …, ahhhhh!

    • All in does not = retarded.

      No one is trading Aho for Nylander straight up, let alone D.Hamilton along for the ride.

      Sometimes people should refrain from throwing all common sense, out of the proverbial window.

      • 1. Retarded means to slow down, or hinder.
        (Terrible misuse of it by you).
        2. I can’t remember any proverbs involving windows.
        3. Pretty sure it was an exaggerated point he was making, or even sarcasm.

    • Have to agree!
      “All in” is Elliott Friedman”s euphimism who also suggests Leafs would be interested in Justin Faulk a defenseman who can’t play defense.
      I question Elliott Friedmans logic.
      “All in” for Carolina probably means something quite different to Kyle Dubas and the Leafs.
      Pesce and Teravainen would be sweet but that is not something Canes are going to do.

  5. One thing for certain you had better get some form of utilization on an asset like Nylander .
    If he sits the year it would be a considerable waste for all parties.

    Carolina traded Lindholm and Hanifin so the Leafs could potentially get what they want if they go that route

    • SilverSeven

      They’ll get something … now or later

      Worst case scenario is no trade and not signed this year… so wasted year… not going to happen , but is the worst case scenario… and they then still have the “ asset” for next year

      I really think WW is playing in the NHL in November tho

  6. I noted this earlier in the week….each team should have their own definition of a re-build..and three teams I think should get out their dictionaries are Anaheim, LA and Saint Louis…what are their rooster’s age and talent distribution based on positions of strength and weaknesses…

    Any team that needs to get young after doing their individual analysis should take risks and make their changes early….better a month early than a day late is an old saying

    If the Leafs offered Nylander and Ist and either Dermott or Brown…any of those teams could make a significant portion of their younger fast..and the time has value in that circumstance.

    I am only talking a fair return….but I suspect it might be more than those who constantly say Nylander is soft….only got those points as he played beside Matthews ( ironically they also say Matthews can not stay healthy enough to play a lot of games) and that he wants 8 million and is not worth it…of course he isn’t worth it …precisely why he is not signed…

    As a Leaf fan I will be very interested in how it turns out…and like most if not all here…I don’t know.

    • Who are these “there are those who constantly say” people you speak of? Fans, reporters or someone who personally knows the athlete? If it’s the first two, well those options are pretty much worthless other than ridicule. Fans and insiders know about the same which sadly is not much.

      • It is my impression of what I read here and on other forums…it is not scientific just an impression….And this just a rumour web site for what I assume is a group of hockey enthusiasts, not the ground work for a legal deposition where witness statements are being taken.

  7. StLouis is ripe for a change

    Toronto – Pietrangelo, Schwartz
    StLouis – Nylander (signs for 7.5),Brown, Dermott, Sandin

  8. Toronto – Pietrangelo, Schwartz
    St.Louis – Nylander (signs @7.5 mil), Connor Brown, Travis Dermott, Rasmus Sandin

    • Haha Little bit of an over playmen there

    • For Pete and Schwartz, Armstrong will want Nylander and Morgan Reilly +.

    • Fergy22

      Absolutely love Pietrangelo

      My swing for the fences with StL would be Parayko…. a dream that unfortunately will remain as a dream for a long long time

      With Maginty that as you’ve laid out the trade it is skewed and also with Shororrpark that the demand back by Armstrong for Pietroangelo AND Schwartz will not be far off demanding that Reilly is in the deal

      Looks like most posting here are in the mindset that a multi-player deal just might be the way this one goes down

      As long as Leafs upgrade their D.., then I think any deal on the table needs to be reviewed and considered

  9. WW to Colorado for Ottawa’s pick and Zadorov….

    • COLORADO IS NOT GIVING UP OTTAWAS PICK + ZADOROV FOR NYLANDER (who is asking for an exhorbiant amount of $$$ for the body of work he brings to the table.

      Even if Nylander was signed for 5mill a season= they STILL WOULD NOT even consider a trade for Ottawas 1st pick.

      imo: the Leafs DONT need another smaller winger who is gun shy come playoff time.

  10. I still say Philly fits perfectly fine with Toronto as trade partners WN to Philadelphia and Sanheim and Simmonds to Toronto and it Toronto has to add a 2nd round pick

    • It’s alot better then Eks trade proposal of Voynov for William Nylander I really would like to have what he’s smoking

      • Roger

        The delivery (of what he,s smoking) will arrive from Canada post at same time Arz raises cup LOL

      • What? Are you seriouly making fun of someone for posting and talking pipedream NHLtrades right now??? You’ve posted at least 4 ideas worse and more unimaginable than that one, here today… whatever he’s waiting on from Canada Post is likely on back order thanks to guys like you

      • I agree, the trade proposal of Voynov for Nylander is so ridiculous its not even worth talking about…..Much like 90% of the Nylander trade proposals I read on here. Don’t believe me? just read the two right above this comment.

        No way Stl and Col make those trades.

    • Roger

      Love Simmonds and Sanheim …. don’t think Philly would be looking into that trade but that certainly is a move in the right direction for Leafs

      Trade value both sides pretty darn close IMO … I just would be surprised if Philly makes the offer

      • It would be good for both teams and it give the Leafs much needed size and grit

  11. LMAO I just don’t get some of this rumour crap and HB comes up with some doozy stuff