Leafs Re-sign Nylander

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Toronto Maple Leafs finally re-sign William Nylander. (Photo via NHL Images)

As per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Toronto Maple Leafs have re-signed William Nylander to a six-year contract worth an annual average value of $6.9 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: More details to follow shortly, but the long wait is finally over for the Leafs and Nylander. It went down to the wire, just like most of us expected it would. And at the end of the day, it’s similar to the six-year, $40-million contract ($6.66 million cap hit) of Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak.

Nylander’s new deal is considerably cheaper than his rumored original ask of $8.5 million per season and up slightly from the $6.5 million per the Leafs were said to have initially tabled. As Nylander is 22 and completed his entry-level contract, his new deal will likely lack no-trade protection until the back end of the deal, probably in the final two years. 

This contract impasse has probably earned Nylander some ill will from Leafs fan. But if he quickly regains his form and improves the Leafs’ odds of ending their long Stanley Cup drought this season, all will be quickly forgiven. Coming off back-to-back 61-point seasons, he’ll once again become a key component of their offensive attack. 

Leafs management will shift their focus toward signing next summer’s other noteworthy free agents. Those include restricted free agents Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen, as well as re-signing or replacing pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Jake Gardiner and Ron Hainsey.

As per Cap Friendly, the Leafs now have over $56 million invested in just 12 players for 2019-20. New contracts for Matthews and Marner could be a combined $22 million, pushing the Leafs to over $78 million committed to 14 players.

Assuming the salary cap climbs next season to $84 million, the Leafs won’t have much cap space to keep everyone. And that, folks, could resurrect the Nylander trade rumors heading into next summer and the 2019 NHL Draft. 




  1. Wow. Talk about going down to the wire.

    • Talk about a whole lotta nothing, guess they aren’t trading him for far less or letting ng him sit. Good job Dubas there was no way this wasn’t already thought out.

      • That being said get ready for a whole lot more “whatever shall the Leafs do!?!?” news hinty hint hint trade him later now that he is worth something

      • @ Shticky

        I love your back up stats ..I was just being a prick ..on that day ..

        I love your posts it is a good amount of info …and really make you think !

        You rule the roost !

        As it should be !

      • Dubas caved like we all figured he would, now they trade him for some defense

    • Since this over ….
      now can we all just get along ! LOL

      $6.9 was the magic number I think most can agree that was the concensus around here

      I WOULD LOVE to know what the Leafs turned down in the way of offers.

      Nylander will make up all his lost money when he writes the book!

      For as long as this lasted …there was an AMAZING amount of GREAT scenarios and quality posts exchanged !

      Have a good night there guys …enjoy the game …look forward to discussing HOCKEY moving forward !

      Cheers fellas

  2. I would much rather they let him sit out for the year. That being said, reasonable deal for both sides. Don’t ever say that Dubas does not have the courage of his convictions.The Leafs management have a plan and they are sticking to it, despite complaints from some fans and certain ex general managers and reporters who have no stake i8n the process

  3. Thank the good Lord above. No more Nylander posts

  4. Thank the Good Lird Almighty. No more Nylander posts.

    • So, acc. to CapFriendly the Cap hit is 6.971$ million.

      But we’ll call that “$6.9 million” instead of “$7 million” because that is what rounding is all about?

      Interesting face-save.


  5. Amen!

  6. Very complex deal and designed as a NMC for the duration based on the SB.
    First year salary is pro rated $10M salary (6.77 M) plus a full $2M signing bonus. Net number of $8.77M. AAV of $10.2M. In out years, the AAV is $6.996M. In year two, base salary is $700K, SB of $8.3M. In remaining years, $2.5M in base salary plus $3.5M SB.

    • Correction: for the first 2 years.. is what I meant to express.

    • Pirdham rights some pretty favourable club deals basically like Kadri after July 1st in actual salary a team that did trade would be getting some nice discounts less hit small salary to actually be paid out as the Leafs likely pick up the bonus. Willy makes his cash and has a bigger pool of teams…it’s a nice deal both ways but it makes him marketable

      • He also likely *rights” writes writes properly script auto correct 1-2 punch it appears.

  7. Schticky was right @ 6.9
    Nylander won’t be traded anytime soon
    Sounds like da leafs circumvented cap while trying out some rookies…nice job dubas, hate salary cap salaries but I guess its fair, but only if nylander progresses.
    Gauthier better be in the lineup and not get traded now.
    Go Leafs Go :p

    • Closer to 7 like I said, shticky was 971 000 off I was 29000

  8. I think you are over simplifying. In year 3, Marleau’s contract comes off the books. There are other factors than simply saying nylander will be traded because of year 2 contracts.

    • Yep but pretty sure you don’t see or hear about too many stories of Uber drivers or wandering to the wee hours of the morning for some of the “kids” you see video of them in the back of the van with the rest of the Marleau on top of that again likely to put up close to 15-20 goals 40 points fast enough to keep up playing top 6 and takes face off for 1 more year… There is absolutely nothing wrong with Marleau or his contract

  9. some people on here were WRONG i guess they won’t admit it

    • I was wrong.
      I guessed 7.3 a long time ago.
      I believe he wanted the same cap hit % as Pasta.
      Good deal for the Leafs.
      Now, trade us Kadri!

      • I was wrong I went bridge and Nov 26. So wrong twice.
        Feel better?

      • At the time just after Dubas trip I thought possibly bridge but after a few days there was little doubt I’m how it would turn out I’m no genius kinda common sense one starts 8 other starts 6 trade rumors swirl then all quiet for 2 weeks? They knew they were not gonna have him sit and waste cap room in a year it looks like they could make a run. Sign him trade him if needed later don’t waste your own leverage on teaching lessons, if he sits his value is nothing next year and your wasting his space now by taking a contract back on a bad trade

      • @ Shore or park ,,

        You were always level headed .. threw out some great posts ..and ideas and kept your eye on the ball !


  10. When I saw TSN post that it was $6.9M per …, I was a little ticked (preferred a sit and get good trade for D upgrade at TDL or better still off-season)

    I had mistakenly assumed that it was going to end up $9.5M in cap this year and around $6.5M out years as a worst case scenario and had hoped that if it was a deal; it was for a bridge of much less cap

    GMKD capitulated … ouch!

    This contract structure is even worse as theynow almost assuredly can’t trade him this year (or almost impossible) and his contract is set at $7M Cap for out years ; and this sets a dire precedent

    I see here I’m in the minority and I accept that; but I stick with my belief (and fears) that this will now cause huge and dramatic out year effects

    This just almost assuredly jacked up the eventual AM and MM contracts so that the trio’s cap in 19-20 could be closing in on $29M -$30M

    If miraculously Leafs can now sign MM and AM for $20M (huge long-shot now) and with same %’age increase in cap to $84M…. with that miraculously low amount for AM and MM ($20M) … about $8M left to sign 10 players (and Gardner out of question) …. that’s 800 K per; league min. This year is $650 K

    ….so (not including Holl) Leafs would only have Reilly and Zaitz as D under contract as then the top 2D… what can they do to pay for 3rd through 6thD at an average of $800 K per????

    So sorry for my negativity as I know I am in a very very small minority and that most Leafs fans seem happy about this

    This bitter aging man …, is over and out…. ☹️

    • Oops

      Did not look at things close enough

      I stand corrected .., light at the end of the tunnel … Leafs have no issue with cash … loaded … they can pay WW SB of $8.3 M in 1/7/19 and trade him the next day …, receiving team effectively getting him for $7.0 per year in Cap and paying effectively $6.7

      Whew ! I hope that’s what Dubas was thinking … there is an out … I’ll sleep a little better tonight …. that saved $7M in cap can be used towards D core


      Right OR WRONG !!

      Gotta go with the sport gut !

      You has some awesome posts …as in what scenarios would possibly be….nothing outlandish ..but just plain and simple good scenarios …money in and money out and quality player for player scenarios ….well documented !!

      No prize to finish first…just go with what you feel is a quality BUSINESS DEAL ..first and foremost !!!

      You have to stick with what you think …

      Leafs missed out on that BIG D man …It will come back to haunt them …IMO as it did Vegas last year and the were stacked ! !

  11. Dubas got schooled. GM’s around the league will be shaking their heads at this one.

    • Totally agree king! Mariners agent is licking his lips

      • Wouldn’t Marner’s agent be licking his lips because of the way Marner is playing?

      • There ya go. His play will dictate what he gets down the line and, so far, he’s playing pretty damned good.

    • I dunno King how many GMs licking their chopsafter the last few seasons in LA? Enjoy Dustin Brown? his contract has how many more years? Please let’s not get carried away with how contracts go, something like 40 % of this contract is paid off rather quickly no? Dubas getting schooled is exploiting paying guys up front in bonus money if the King’s used this kinda thinking maybe they wouldn’t be stuck holding so many anchor contracts.

      • Kinda like Marleaus contract shticky?

      • How’s Alzner working out for you?

      • As bad as our backes is working out