NHL Rumor Mill – December 1, 2018

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With the deadline for signing William Nylander set at 5 pm ET today, are the Philadelphia Flyers looking into acquiring him? Check out the latest plus updates on Artem Anisimov, Mats Zuccarello and more in your NHL rumor mill.


The Philadelphia Flyers have reportedly spoken to the Toronto Maple Leafs about William Nylander. (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN’s Frank Seravalli yesterday tweeted the Philadelphia Flyers are among the teams believed to have contacted Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas about winger William Nylander. Seravalli isn’t sure if there’s a fit there, and how involved the Flyers were under now-former GM Ron Hextall. Still, Seravalli claims Dubas and Flyers team president Paul Holmgren did chat.

Seravalli’s colleague Gord Miller yesterday cited a Philadelphia source saying the “previous regime” (Hextall) was contacted by the Leafs last weekend. The Leafs “wanted to tap into the Flyers’ young D,” but were informed Ivan Provorov was “not touchable.” The source also said the focus shifted to Shayne Gostisbehere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll know by 5 pm ET today if Nylander re-signs with the Leafs, gets traded to a new club and re-signs with them, or misses the remainder of this season.

Unless the Flyers are willing to part with Provorov, I agree with Seravalli that there might not be a fit there. The Leafs need to shore up their depth on the right side of their blueline but Provorov and Gostisbehere are left-handed shots who skate on the left side. 


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers recently noted center Artem Anisimov’s role with the Chicago Blackhawks became less defined following Artemi Panarin’s departure two seasons ago. He’s since bounced between the second and third line and recently saw fourth-line duty. Anisimov’s annual salary-cap hit ($4.55-million) makes him rather expensive to be in that role. He has two years left on his contract and a modified no-trade clause that expires at the end of this season.

One league source told Powers the Blackhawks “wished” they could move Anisimov while another claimed they attempted to trade him in the past but he hasn’t heard anything recently. That source also believes the Blackhawks would have to absorb part of his cap hit to make a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Powers also noted there’s an outside chance Panarin might return with the Blackhawks as a free agent next summer. Perhaps the Blackhawks will retain Anisimov in hopes of reuniting him with Panarin and Patrick Kane. Otherwise, unless GM Stan Bowman can convince the center to widen his list of trade destinations, they’ll likely hang onto him for the remainder of this season and attempt to move him next summer when his clause expires. 


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis reports Rangers winger Mats Zuccarello told a Norwegian journalist he believes a trade appears most likely. “I guess I am prepared for it. Basically, I’m just waiting for it to happen. It’s a tough spot to be in if I’m being honest.” Zuccarello subsequently clarified his comments through a Rangers spokesman, saying it “wasn’t what he said” while acknowledging he has to be prepared for anything while in the final season of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Entering this season it was assumed Zuccarello and fellow pending UFA Kevin Hayes would be trade candidates because the Rangers were rebuilding. The club’s solid performance thus far this season could, as Cyrgalis noted, muddy the waters. If they’re in the playoff chase by the trade deadline, perhaps management will retain both. 


SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin could face deciding how much of his club’s future he’s willing to sacrifice to find a suitable defense partner for captain Shea Weber, who recently returned from offseason knee surgery. They tried David Schlemko in that role and will turn to Brett Kulak for tonight’s game against the New York Rangers.

Engels note Los Angeles Kings blueliner Jake Muzzin has surfaced in trade rumors this season. He carries an affordable $4 million per season through 2020 and is an established top-pairing guy. However, “the cost to acquire him could be prohibitive”, especially for a player who could depart via free agency when his contract expires. A riskier notion would be giving up a high draft pick or a top prospect for a stopgap measure like St. Louis Blue defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, who’s in the final season of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Finding a suitable defense partner for Weber is a priority for Bergevin, whose club is playing much better than expected this season. Muzzin could be a good addition but the Kings will want a decent return that could include a good young (and affordable) roster player. Bergevin should stay far, far away from the 35-year-old Bouwmeester, as age and injuries have caught up with him. 



  1. A top prospect for jayb? You’d probably be able to take a flyer for peanuts. I like flyers as a match for leafs. One of the few proposals that made sense on this board was pengy. Sanheim and Simmonds for nylander. A conditional 2nd rounder if Simmonds doesn’t resign. Helps leafs now with a needed commodity on wing and in future with a burgeoning d man. Elcs coming to an end Toronto! Time to go for it.

    • Sanheim AND Simmonds is an overpay, everyone on here acts like Nylander is Patrick Laine … sorry, not even close. Of course, Maple Loaves fans are notorious for over valuing their players. They think the Flyers should also thrown in Nolan Patrick along with Sanheim & Simmonds …

      • Funny and typical non leaf fans think they can come and cherry pick the leafs top players for nothing more then a wink and a smile so your point is…. Last i checked simmons is a ufa at years end so no guarantee he stays. And Sanheim, while a good young player with upside.isnt enough on his own tje land Nylander. Along with simmons i think is more then appropriate. If it turns out to be Sanhiem and a 2nd then i think thats more than fair.

      • No it’s not Ed. And I’m far from a leafs fan. Sanheim has potential to be a solid top 4 but hasn’t cemented that. Simmonds is ufa. Simmonds at best would get a 1st back at deadline from a contender so a late first. So a good but not great prospect and a late first for a young top 6 is very fair.

      • One thing is for sure by 5pm est this ordeal will be over and then it’s onto the Leafs were stupid or Nylander was stupid. The Leafs didn’t get enough or said team gave up to much.

      • Not sure Matthews is gonna be Patrick Laine…
        That guy is a competitor.

      • Len, I think that’s what I’ve been looking forward to the most – the pros and cons of whatever happens by 5:00 pm. On the Tim & Sid show yesterday they had Kypreos on and when asked what he thought would happen today, he said all signs point to Nylander not signing or being traded.

      • Nolan Patrick wouldn’t even be a top 6 on the Marlies

      • Final evaluation on Nylander

        – He is asking to much for starters his real value is $6.9..over 7 years AT BEST IMO Pastrnak contract area of things…however Nylander is no where the player IMO.

        Leafs needs are a SOLID shut down beast D man for the 2nd or 3rd pairing who can play PK minutes RIGHT away against a top line in a serious playoff round….and can be inserted into Hainseys roll at times as to give share those minutes with Rielly as a shut down pairing
        This player should come with some level of quality playoff experience but not to old…somewhere in his mid 20’s

        I was an advocate for Wayne Simmonds at the beginning of the year …and at this point in the season I would say… NO ..to that..as he looks as if he has taken a serious step back …so if he comes in a package with a D man for Nylander ..he is a pure rental and a throw in as he will not be signed by the Leafs..he has seen better days Leafs have bigger issues giving that money to Kapanen and is a player on the upswing and wayyy more important.

        If this is a bridge deal …then its for 2 years …at that point Hainsey and Marleau and Gardiner come off the books they will have more money to offer in 2 years time as most of the younger D up from the minors will be on a entry level deal at that point the cap will have gone up significantly and he will get his $8 million after Matthews gets his $12 and Marner his $9 – $10

        With all the talk …there is always a team that is waiting in the wings…behind the scenes ..and may lay out the best deal at noon today … a la David Poille !
        so don’t be surprised at that !

        In the end …I am of the school of thought you TRADE Nylander… ONLY if you get the best D man you are looking for …if it is a project or a young inexperienced player that comes with no playoff experience …

        NO THANK YOU !

        There may be better deal in the off season for his rights when teams have a better sense of who they are letting go and what they want to do and have more money to spend such as the Kings or Ducks…HINT HINT …LOL

        Have a good one fellas !!

      • Amost all fans overvalue their players…fans is a derivative of fanatics…it comes with the territory…

        What there is….is an oversupply of Leaf fans so at times it is overbearing for non-Leaf fans and since the media wants hits it can get overcovered…as there is money in hits

        Even this Leaf fan thinks the Nylander situation has been over analyzed and I am actually was interested in it until a few days ago

        Over and out for now

      • thinking is tough for you eh. OVerpay? Right, a first line winger for a top 3 D, and a soon to be UFA is overpay? What is humorous is how leafs fans live rent free in your head.

      • EdVangimp..I agree Simmons is having a career year and signed to a great deal with no injuries especially recently!..hes a real deal breaker!..and the what if the kid becomes a top dman ..way way over pay!

      • Hi Ed

        Re Simmons and Sanheim as over-value for WW

        I cede that it might appear to be an over-value … but any trade will be at the market value set by the negotiated deal between GMKD and another GM… if we buy into the well reported desire/ask of two roster players (in prime) and many media posts stating something in the ilk of top 4 D and top 9 W … and most m3dia proclaiming this as a likely mix if any deal arises… then this deal fits that market concept to a degree in that Simmonds is a proven vet BUT is UFA and Sanheim is a POTENTIAL (but yet unproven) top 4D… so I think that deal is fair market value.

        A different team may offer a different mix … proven but older top 4D UFA with a young but up and coming and POTENTIAL top 6 W

        I don’t think the deal get’s done at this late in the day… but I stick with my stance that it is a fair market trade value

        That’s just me … as you can see others here concur with you

        Just an agree to disagree stance

    • Thanks Chrisms

      If Leafs are holding out for a right hand shooting D for Phi then Phi only has Gouda and Folin … so non starter

      Sanheim plays both sides (shots left) and is agile ; good in front of the net and can move the puck. Still has some filling out to do but is 6’3″…. and would be in prime for next 7-8 years

      Reporters knock re Sanheim being RFA and a trade out of WW that includes Sanheim is just trading one RFA for another yet to be negotiated

      Some validity to this … but there is no way I can fathom anywhere near as much a problem to re-sign Sanheim ; and he will come at a much more reasonable cap hit.

      Fingers crossed. 🤞

      • Pengy
        Is this trade not VERY comparable to hall larsson ? Which I’ve heard many times is among the worst trades in nhl history (not my opinion). If not , how isn’t it ? Trading the best player in the deal , for a cost controlled young d man , larsson was playing top pair when acquired and has when healthy since , sanheim isn’t there yet . Underlying issues , team needs and cap situations also factors in both cases . Hall at point of trade and Willie now at point of trade very comparable

      • Nylander ain’t hall and sanheim ain’t Larson. It’s not the off season. It’s a rfa holdout. Player asking for more money than most teams want to pay him. Their is no comparable to hall for Larson at all.

      • What was hall at point of trade chrisms? Wasn’t coming off back to back 60 , Willie is younger . Sanheim isn’t as good as larsson . How aren’t they comparable ? Hall by his own admission was a cancer in the room , Pete knew the contracts coming up and team needs . Willie is holding out , du as knows the contracts coming up , team needs . Top line winger for young cost controlled d man .

      • The situations arnt the least comparable. This is an in season trade vs off season. It is a rfa as opposed to a player who is signed for a reasonable contract. The cap ramifications are far more relevant. The leafs are about to hit the end of elc window so going for a homerun this year is something they should seriously consider.

        The two situations are apples and oranges

      • The players involved are comparable , situations are different , different issues at play , but also many of the same .

      • Fair enough craig but situations are far more relevant than the players involved. Easiest example of that is trade deadline. Look at Kane. His talent wasn’t in question but his situation led to a subpar return. Hundreds of other examples out there. Unfortunately many leafs fans try to put nylander skills in a box and remove the situational factors. Doesn’t work that way

      • Pengy, I suggested yesterday Konecny and Gudas for Nylander. Konecny, although maybe not same value as Nylander, is a young talented winger who I think could put up similar numbers as Nylander playing with Mathews. Gudas is exactly the type of D man that would fit a need. Jill’s penalties and adds size and toughness on back end that they lack. Personally, I think Nylander signs with Leafs today. If not, I think they should wait till deadline when its clear who the buyers and sellers are. There could be some good players available that will help their quest for cup, and teams that aren’t in playoff picture won’t care that Nylander can’t play yet.

      • Hi Craig

        Was out shopping

        Not a comparable trade to Larson/Hall…. different players… Hall was under contract and I’m not sure but I think Larson was as well. Plus the deal I suggested has the added player in Simmonds.

        I doubt this is the deal (if there is a deal) that happens

      • Slick

        I love Konecny and the combine Goudas (sp?) and Konecny offer is fair IMO.

        Goudas certainly a tough DMan and is RHD …, I’m just not a super fan of his… a little slow footed for me but he is a solid D

        Perhaps I just don’t like the name …. Radko just doesn’t sound Leaf-like …. LOL 😂

        Fair offer though

    • way to much for a hold out. Nylander hasn’t earned what he is asking for. No thanks.

      • Players are gonna demand to be paid for what they will do. Not what they did. This is almost certainly going to happen with multiple players next year. Proverov being potentially one of them.

      • Just for the hell of it, let’s play “what if.”

        Over the past 2 seasons this was the production of Nylander, Marner and Matthews in that order:

        22g 39a 61 pts and 20 40a 61 pts for totals of 42g 79a 122 pts

        19g 42a 61 pts and 22g 47a 69 pts for totals of 41g 89a 130 pts

        40g 29a 69 pts and 34g 29a 63 pts for totals of 74g 58a 132 pts.

        If Nylander had been with the team right from the start under whatever he signed for, how many goals and assists do you think he might have at this stage?

        You say he doesn’t deserve what he’s seeking but for difference of 8 and 10 points over two seasons do you think the other two “deserve” what they are rumored to be getting?

      • @ Graig

        When Hall was traded ….

        he was the top Left Winger in the game …over his period of time in the NHL …

        just an FYI

      • KAL El
        By what metric lol ? He was coming off seasons of 38/65 . 38 in shortened season . Never scored 30 goals , 80 points once . Put up 53 points in first year in NJ And was by his own admission , uncoachable. When was he the best LW in the game ??

      • Kal, best left winger? Ovechkin has set the standard at LW for over a decade.

      • Craig at the time he was traded he was a top 5 winger in goals and points scored by a lw in the previous several years. By far and away the cream of the crop at his position

      • At the time he was traded he was coming off the seasons I mentioned . I was an oilers fan then and now and never once considered or heard others consider him at the top until 2 years after the trade . He had 1 80 point season, years prior , zero 30 goal seasons. Wasn’t a leader , or two way player . I’m not saying he is terrible by any stretch . What I am saying is he was very comparable to nylander today .

      • Sorry Craig. Had this debate with the late striker. Statistics at the time he was traded put him only behind ovi and patches statistically for lw at that time

      • It never took place at the time , I know that much . If an oilers fan made a claim like that they would have been roasted and probably were . 2 years later I’ve heard it lots , but as I stated when he was an Oiler , I never confused him for a top 5 lw at any point . Nor did any media outlets .

      • His 6 million cap hit was always considered too much too quickly . How would that be possible if everyone was looking at him as top 5 at his position or if he was even in that debate ? At the time , as an Oiler fan I remember hearing nothing of the sort

      • Craig I’m giving you objective stats. You can google them and look them up. And It quite obviously wasn’t an overpay.

    • Reposting this for those that missed it on Nov 29th:

      The Nylander thing is coming to a close. On Nov6th, there was some very good debate over Nylander of which predictions were laid out – here they are:

      Nov 6

      7 years at 6.5 by Nov 30th

      7 years at 7.25 after being traded to Carolina with Pesce as the primary coming to the Leafs

      2×5.75 bridge with Leafs

      Ray Bark
      2×5.5 bridge Nov 26

      3×6.7 US Thanksgiving Week


      Will not be signed – sitting

      We’ll see how things go

      • @ TREKKIE

        Thanks for the exclusion !

        LOL …shout out !

        Live long and prosper !

      • Hi Trekie

        No prediction here for fear of jinxing my hopes and prayers …. that is for a trade (today or TDL or off-season ) that nets a D upgrade that IMO increases chance multiple cups between ’20–’26

        As logic bears out …. more suitors … more offers to pick from … likely better package coming back… so best return is off-season ; followed by TDL; followed by last minute one today (HIGHLY unlikely to get a trade and other team sign him now).

        Worst for the team is a long term deal as Cap hit next year crimps available space and will lead to a loss of at least one of current key roster players

        On the radio this morning I heard one other option which I think would work….whether GMKD has the go-ahead and the guts to do it would be TBD… but would be great…..that is to sign WW to whatever contract today (with large SB) and then trade him in the next week…. for D upgrade of course

        Receiving team doesn’t have to negotiate and pays less cash because SB already paid; and knows exactly what the contract will cost them in cash and cap

  2. If Anisimov’s cap hit of $4.55-million “makes him rather expensive to be in that role” then Zach Smith’s $3,250,000 hit for the same role is obscene. I’d take Anisimov and his history of4 20+ goal seasons for Smith and to hell with Chicago holding any money back.

  3. If Homer sells provorov for WW, they will hang the man once and for all…

    Thinking of changing my name to “wrongguyfired”

    • Who Ever thinks Laine is more competitive than Mathews should watch more hockey.While both have a tendency to be streaky Mathews plays a way more complete game

      • @ MIKE

        That goes without saying…Laine grate goal scorer …1 trick pony …

        Matthews is a complete hockey player in all facets of the game ..no comparison ! IMO

        FYI Love both players but completely different end of the spectrum in comparisons.

      • Mike, I agree I see a bit of Laine and he is a slow one dimensional player. However that one dimension, he may be the best in the league. I think Winnipeg will get him signed to a contract in the 6 million range.

      • I agree there are intangibles that Matthews brings, but the numbers are in Laine favor, so the jury is still out on that one…

    • When Hextall was fired I posted a resume of his draft picks after assuming the GM job in 2014, saying

      “While I realize all GMs have made picks at the draft that were later surpassed by much better players – as things turned out – Hextall seems to have a talent for overlooking superior talent since his first draft in 2014 when he took Travis Sanheim with the 17th pick. Taken after him were Alex Tuch (18), Nick Schmaltz (20), David Pasternak (25). Then, with the 48th pick in the 2nd round he took Nicolas Aube-Kubel, while Brandon Montour went 55th.

      In 2025 he took Ivan Provorov 7th overall – a pretty damned good pick – but after him went Zach Werenski (8), Mathew Barzal (1), Tomas Chabot (18), Brock Boeser (23) -and after taking Travis Koneckny with the 24rth pick, Carolina grabbed Sebastien Aho 35th.

      And even though the jury still has to be out on the 2016 draft, he took German Rubtsov 22nd and Pascal Laberge 36th, while Alex DeBrindcat went 39th. In 2016 he took Nolan Patrick 2nd while Elias Pettersson went 5th.”

      At this writing they sit 29th overall just 3 up on last-place L.A, playing at a .458 pace. If that continues they will wind up with 75 points, their lowest since Hextall took over as GM. Are you saying the team he largely assembled would be doing better under a different coach?

      • Interesting post. Thanks for putting it together so clearly. You probably will admit that there is alot of 20/20 hindsight here my friend, and also some opinions we might not agree on. For example:

        24 other GMs passed on Pasternak.

        I’d gladly see my Canucks trade Boeser for Provorov even today.

        In 2016 Nolan Patrick was the concensus #2 pick so you can’t fault Hextall for taking him. Around here there was a lot of disappointment when Canucks picked Pettersson instead of Cody Glass.

        I definitely think the Flyers are on the right path and definitely think they should have either remained patient or, if thry had to make a drastic move, replaced the coach.

      • @ George O

        I reviewed all your stats here on the past stats on the drafts …

        Sure there were a lot of picks that went by the way side ..but a lot of all of those picks were at the end of the first round which means everyone passed on them …

        also most of those players from what Ive seen went in order of central scouting placements …NEITHER HER OR THERE for me but most teams passed on alot of those guys

        Another stat to discuss your thought was what was teh need that each of those teams was drafting for in positional needs …most likely that was part of that process as well …if they were ..short or lacking in the minors all the way up to the bigs in a specific positional need they had to draft what they thought was the best to fill those needs as well….

        JUST SAYIN …dont get mad ! Deep breathe !

      • If you’ll look back you’ll see where I acknowledge that, while you can point to similar “oversights” (for want of a better word) by a lot of GMs, the fact remains that Hextall seemed to have penchant for either over-ruling scouting recommendations or getting back advice more consistently than others. At the same time, someone DID pick those – as it turns out – better players. So, was it poor scouting (who hired them if that’s the case?), or a question of Hextall ignoring the advice? Maybe that’s part of the reason he got canned.

      • “getting bad advice ….” – not “back advice” – DAMNED faded script

      • Oh, and by the way, there had to be a good reason why Holmgren decided now was the time to fire him. I doubt he just did it after getting up on the wrong side of the bed. “Philosophical reasons” takes in a lot of territory.

  4. Oh boy….hopefully Holmgren will have a few jars today and do exactly that.

  5. In no universe does Nylander bring back Provorov.
    I would also be hesitant to give up Ghost. Although not exceptional in his own end , he is a wizard leading the PP and is on a team friendly contract.

    I can see Simmonds or Konechny as looking good for the leafs. Both add grit and jam.

    • Just how much “grit and jam” can be provided by a 5′ 10″ 175 lb F (Konecny) who falls from the breeze of a near hit?

    • I can see the Flyers trying to make a move without giving up Ghost or Ivan…

      Maybe we get lucky and its a mega 4 team deal

    • Los Angeles Kings have a lot of grit in jam on their defense. The best defense been on your team was asked by Matthews if he would come up to Toronto and basically chuckled saying that they don’t have enough defense. With all that grid on defense and All-Star defenseman where are they?

  6. If for whatever reason William Nylander decide not to sign with the TML, Why not ask the whatever teams that can afford Nylander’s cap for just “picks” first-second-third and prospect !!

    With that being said, Use the combinations of Cap $$ saved from not signing and picks prospect etc. to acquire a Defenseman e.g teams that are pressed against the cap ” Hello L.A.” In February trade deadline!

    Hate to lose William but it appears to be the case moving forward..

    Too bad!

    • Antoni

      Your trade scenario certainly has merit

      The value of picks coming could equate to D upgrade later … it is thr “could”/uncertainty of what may be available in the future and what those pics buy in the future that makes a present deal with current players a better option (more certainty in what your getting now)

      That said … theses pics could net a much better trade down the road … it’s just an unknown now … and I don’t think GMKD will take the risk of what he may get from futures obtained now

      That’s just IMO … he may just go ahead and do the prospects/futures for WW now…. less than 3 hours now

  7. Lyle,

    Ghost is a RD by what I know and also acc to Cap Friendly


  8. Let WN go, please, get Simmonds and Sanheim if that is on the table. WS would love to play with this Leafs team and would give them short term value…Sanheim can play 5/6 D and be a future staple. Not even Holmgren, (who keeps his job for what reason?) would let Provorov go..IP is future Norris winner! I am so tired of the WN story..all this over an unproven perimeter but flashy and skilled player who has done nothing to earn that spotlight? If WN played without AM, he might be in the same slot as his younger brother. Send him to the Sabres?

    • Agree 100%

    • I’d rather trade Ghost than Sanheim because of the cap money.

  9. Shoots L but plays R

  10. Maybe the Leafs need to sweeten and add a first or something to get what they want.

    I like P. Myers and Konecny . Myers got derailed early in his career with injury.> great prospect . I also think Philly is the perfect trading partner. They need changes

    Zuccarello is the ideal TD player

  11. I’d love Boston to get Nylander but don’t see these teams dealing with each other. Boston has some good defensive depth and prospects.
    Carlo plus. No Mcavoy.

    • @ DAVE


      …thats throwing gas on a fire…LMAO

      HOLY! lol

      • Huh
        So not sure what you’re saying.
        Toronto is a better team with Carlo and say Donato,Heinen,one of the other young defenseman we have.
        Keep the cap space in mind.
        Ray bark understands it.

    • Carlo is the type of player the Leafs need, and Nylander would help the B’s. So ya. Throw in Donato.
      Problem is that Carlo will be exactly what the B’s will be looking for when Chara is done.

      • He might be done now. He’s 41 and at that age it gets a whole lot tougher to rebound from a knee injury – especially carrying 250+ pounds.

    • New lender is not being traded. But if he were,Boston will never get their greasy paws on him.

  12. Nylander deep thoughts-;-0

    Manson Anaheim fits need but Willy is overpayment

    Drew still makes sense even with the salary-Kings will waste his remaining peak years…

    Faulk Carolina -see Manson
    Vatanen-probably not available but a fit

    Avs have no RHD to trade but that Sens #1 pick should be of interest

    I still believe Kadri will be a cap casualty next summer- the Leafs need a younger center in the system that fits his role

    • @ Ds

      Vatanen has not looked good in New Jesrey as he did on the Ducks ..IMO ..just as I said yesterday ..when a player comes to a different team ..they dont necesarilly translate well.

      interesting note on Kadri….letting go of Gardiner and Hainsey could keep him safe !

      he is a hard player to replace for all aspects of the game he plays at his cap

      • yes kadri not easy to replace but cap issues

    • Think Buff would offer Risto for Nylander? Fits both teams need.

      • @ihate
        he shelters ramus so i dont think you make that move… and a haunting move for both

      • Yeah, right. I read that, looked out the window and saw no pigs flying.

  13. What I would try to …

    1)sign Nylander close to but under 7 miilion….

    2) trade 1 st and 2 nd for Muzzin and a 3rd & 4th

    3) ride that to the end of playoffs unless there was a real bargain at trade deadline

    4) decide after the playoffs what to with Nylander or Gardiner

    Gee….being a GM isn’t that hard….why do they get paid so much and get fired so often

  14. Leafs need a Right Hand D man
    so send Nylander & 2nd to NYR for Shattenkirk and Zucc. Rangers hold max of Zucc’s salary.


    In all seriousness….. I will miss Zucc in NY going forward. I never saw him as a locker room or on ice problem. He is a light hearted guy and consummate team player from what I saw one the years. Tony little guy throwing his body weight around to check guys twice his size.

    • As a ranger fan I could live with this.

      • I’m sure you could lol. Not sure if this is a harder level of pass

    • As a Ranger fan I can say … this ain’t happening. Toronto needs Shattenkirk like they need a hole in their head… or a few more holdouts to deal with..

      • The Rangers would trade Shattenkirk for Gardner never mind Willy

  15. I’m approaching this a Philly fan, so take this for what it’s worth. I love Simmonds and Ghost, but I’d be willing to package both for Nylander if there was agreement on a long-term deal with Nylander. Simmonds is a UFA and asking for 6 years. He shouldn’t get that in Philly. Ghost is a great offensive defenseman who has has improved his defense considerably, but I’d still make this deal because Philly can bring up Myers and let the future begin while actually clearing cap space. Just my view.

  16. Nylander will be signed by 3:00 pm today to a 7year contract for 7 million per have a nice day everybody and merry Christmas

    • 10 minutes to go for that one.

      • And hour and 21 minutes later and still nothing. Just 39 minutes left. Will this be like the trade deadline with deals announced long after the deadline hour as long as it was filed with the league before the expiry time?

      • 9 minutes left … tick tick tick. Hope Dubas checked the battery on his cell.

      • Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing – talk about going down to the friggin wire!

  17. What about Nylander for Robert Hagg plus pick(s) or prospect(s)?

  18. Good morning gentlemen
    I think it’s a fair deal Wayne Simmonds and Travis Sanheim for William Nylander it will give all three a fresh start and it helps both teams and as it was said earlier Wayne Simmonds would love it in Toronto and give him a chance to play for his home town team
    Toronto might need to throw in a 2rd pick to get it done

    • Here we go again with the “love to play for his home town team” thing. First of all, how do you know that? All professional athletes are, by nature, mercenaries who will go to the team paying them the most over the longest possible term. That’s one reason why there are at least 15 former players still being paid millions of dollars while they sit at home.

      If everyone in the league who originated somewhere in the GTA went after a wish to play for their hoe town team, the Leafs would have a roster of 106! Anyway, if they hadn’t frittered away both their 1st and 2nd round picks in 2007 they could have drafted him. As it is he went 61st overall to L.A. Had they retained those picks (18th in both rounds) they could have had shots at Max Pacioreety (22nd), Michael Backlund (24th), David Perron (26th) and P.K. Subban (43rd)

      • I find the home team thing humourous too.

        I think it is a great idea when talking about McDavid…but don’t pay it much attention when it is Matthews….

        Nature of being a fan

      • George…take a deep breath…exhale…and again. Until you’ve smoked the whole thing. Relax, there will always be one of those leaf fans on here. Wayne grew up a Red Wings fan btw!

      • LOL. Others can chime in with retorts of varying acerbic degrees, and I should be the one to take a deep breath? Supposedly on a toke?

  19. Love reading the postings here and not trying to stir the pot but i’m glad KD is the Leaf’s GM and none of you guys…lol.

    Truth be told their are good arguments on both sides of what Willie is worth. Anyone have his stats WITHOUT Matthews as his center?

    It is hard to guess what his value is when he’s not signed to a contract either. We guess at what he’s being offered and what he’s holding out for but we don’t know. It seems like from reading over the past year that other GM’s feel the 8+ mill that he is asking for (rumor has it) is out of the ballpark as well. How can Dubas get good value trading him when other GM’s would have no time to negotiate with him now and have to sign him right away for him to play this year…?

    I think the offer is on the table. Does Willie wanna give up the 9 mill he would reportedly make this shortened season that he will never get back? He signs today…

    • Am I missing something here? To quote the great fashion designer Jacobim Mugatu: “I feel like i’m taking Crazy Pills or something!”

      It’s like people going on strike for half a year to get a 25 cent raise. At best you get the money back you lost being on strike with the small raise. Nylander could sign and get 9 mill for this season but if he sits out because of the rumored $300 000 gap he will make an extra 1.8 mill over a 6 year contract??? Please! Someone who knows the guy talk some simple economic sense him!

      Where else can he be traded to that he will have EVERY reason to play hockey for?? If he wants to win for the life of his next contract – Toronto is setting up for that. If he wants to put up great stats – who, other than playing with McDavid or Pettersson would he even come close to producing the way he can with Matthews? Endorsement exposure potential? He’s got that in Toronto.

      Am I missing something? Honestly – maybe I am mis reading how this can work but how does he benefit at all from sitting out??? Come summer he’s right back to square one negotiating but with almost certainly some other GM on some other team… He is NO farther ahead by sitting out…

    • @ GEORGE O

      Best line today ! Fume.. Fume !

      Clear your head !

      • But I ain’t standing in line for one!

    • Rarely do I ever see myself agreeing with Craig Button, but today I do on his take on the Nylander affair. In a nutshell he says it takes two to tango and yes, while it is hard to conceive of him deciding to sit the season, it’s just as hard to understand why the Leafs didn’t sign him to the deal he wanted. They had the cap space this year to do so and although keeping him at that level next year while signing his other top stars would have required a magician’s touch, he could have traded him at season’s end, especially if he continued to produce and improve over his previous two seasons. There are teams in the off season who would have been lining up to make a deal for a 22 year old with that offensive talent and, in the end, the Leafs would have come out of the whole episode even stronger heading into 2019-20.

  20. there is no need to be rude or course with others on this site we are all here to have meaningful discussion about hockey every person has an idea and a opinion we should welcome it not berate them for it let’s just share are thoughts and move on .

  21. I’m begining to think Bergevin should use Lehkonen as a trade chip to get a left D like Muzzin. The young fin has been struggling to get goals this year but he has a good value since he has a really strong defensive game, he’s not too small and has offensive potential that might interest the Kings (18 goals in rookie season, 12 goals in 66 games in second season). Begervin could package his young winger to get Muzzin and Kings would love it since it saves on cap space.
    Trade proposal
    To MTL: Muzzin
    To LAK: Lehkonen, 2nd rnd pick 2019, Sherbak, Cale Fleury and Mike Rielly

  22. Scherbak is on waivers. This is a guy NYRs should take a chance on!

    • @ NYR4Life

      Maybe another waivers Oilers pick up in

      If you really want to grease things here today …why dont we suggest who ever picks up Scherbak is doing the Nylander deal and replacing that D sent to the Leafs with Scherbak…at a lower cost replacement ….LOL

      • In all honesty

        Over the past 3 weeks I tried to talk about the:

        Penguins …
        Pitt fans said there was nothing to talk about !

        Bobrovsky …
        put to shame as I was told that Bobs was over the hill….not worth big bucks

        Oilers and Blues :
        needed to make a core change.

        Goalie Changes:
        for about 8 teams

        Panarin trade scenarios and teams that need a new beginning

        All these topics were put buy the way side as Nylander was discussed everyday …UGGGG!

        And for the record it wasn’t just Leaf fans moving the Nylander needle for main topic everyday.

        Cant wait to talk HOCKEY with 30 other teams involved !!!!

        Not 1 person has even chimed in about the Tom Wilson hit.

        Crsobys UNREAL back hand goalzzzzz PLURAL !

        Nice rush by Risto the other night!

        Sabres finally getting some respect ..

        What is Eric Karlssons worth after a dismal start to 2018 in a UFA year ..

        Chabot and Tkachuck have been lights out for Sens
        Had Tkachuck as my Calder winner..I know I know ..Petterson…. we will see !

        Flames and Jackets in top 10 in league thus far

        Marner 3rd in league for pints

        Hawks and Kings sit at the bottom …punishment for winning multiple cups…

        Tomorrow is another Nylander post signing day …UGGGG

      • Haven’t the oilers destroyed enough of their own 1st round picks? Or traded them for pennies on the dollar? Lmao

        This is the last team that needs to be in on Scherbak!

      • I agree this Nylander crap is out of hand just trade him and move on .
        As for Wilson’s hit I thought it was intentional accident not a head shot but blind sided for sure.

      • Hi Kal El

        I’m guilty re WW heavy posting… my bad

        I posted my Wilson diatribe-rant earlier today on the Morning Coffee Spector side

        My future son-in-law does have the best back-hand in the NHL.. just awesome … fully concur… still think he is the best over-all player in the NHL… I am biased though as I will be his father-in-law …. can’t wait to meet him and introduce my daughter

        I’m still tilting to Calder with Petterson but do like Mr. T in Ottawa

        …. and yes Sabres play has shocked the livin’ Daylights out of me

      • Ok Kal. I’ll undulge
        1) Penguins. Nothing to talk about. No cap space
        2)Bobrovsky . Nothing to talk about. Columbus not trading as long as they’re contenders.
        3)Oilers and Blues. Now that’s 2 teams that will be shaking things up going forward. Could be some big names on the move
        4) Goalie changes. Only name of interest I would think is Quick. LA going nowhere and not getting any younger. Lacks ntc and I could see his name out there come tdl.
        5). Panarin. See 2 above
        Tom Wilson hit is deja by. Crosby backhand not as good as Duchene backhand swat out of air from circle! Bout time Buffalo starts winning. Kings and Hawks we’re destined to start sinking. No cap space and too much money tied up in older players. Look for Pittsburgh to follow suit. Colombia has been trending up for last few years, Flames under performed last year and made a couple nice moves this off season. Ottawa I had as a bubble team going into season, while everyone focused on circus going on with team. I’m hoping they make playoffs and are able to sign Duchene and Stone. Shut up all the doubters that said they should’ve gave up the pick they used on Tcachuk to Avalanche. Everyone was so sure they’d be in on Hughes this summer.

      • Kel-el, if Marner is indeed 3rd in pints he might expect a visit fro league execs who deal with alcohol abuse! Some of those typos can be brutal 🙂

      • And Pengy, don’t lose sight of Batherson either. This kid has eyes in the back of his head – just watch some of those tape to tape passes to Duchene. Now if only they could develop more consistency in keeping the damned rubber out of their net.

        One ray of hope is that all those young conscripts to NHL D learn from their mistakes as the season wears on and stop repeating some of them. Chabot (90 gp), Lajoie (26 gp), Jaros (22 gp), Harpur (59 gp).

      • George

        Yep re: Batherson and nice goal today from Harpur …. watching game now… lots of nice up and coming talent with Sens

      • George

        Did you ever envision Boedker getting a 4 point game this year?

      • Just over Pengy – 6 – 2 Ottawa. League-leaders in points by D they now have 70 – individual league leader in points, Chabot, picked up 2 more assisrts, Boedker, that “slug”, potted a goal and 3 assists while Tierney chipped in with 1 goal 2a. Not bad for a “dysfunctional” team whose players were supposed to be elbowing each other out of the way to get out of town.

        Karlsson, meanwhile, got zilch while posting a -2. whilem DeMelo was a +1. Caw – caw – caw!

      • I never envisage and specific point production in a game by any player – but I figured (hoped?) a guy with that speed (51, 39 and 37 point seasons largely in a secondary role) might start to produce a bit more playing in a top 6 role. I’ve been around long enough to know that fortunes can turn on a dime and to never get overly excited by results from the opening 2 months of a season. Now the real hockey starts and it could go south just as fast, especially if anything happens to Anderson. But as long as the kids are playing hard, producing and learning as they go along, it can only bode well for the future. I never looked at that roster and saw a 31st place team – nor did expect them to make the playoffs. If their lottery pick – wherever they finish – turns out to be # 1 well, c’est la vie.

      • George


        I’ll be first to admit that I didn’t see them doing as well as they are

        Odds that they finish with the lottery ball in favour of Col now much much less than had been envisioned (at least by me) at year start

        Good looking future

  23. Late prediction. Lou moves in on negotiations. NYisLANDER swapped for Noah Dobson, Beauvillier and Sbisa

  24. Speaking of David Poile making big splashes, how about:

    To TOR: D Ryan Ellis, F Colton Sissons, 2019 1st round draft pick, 2020 4th round draft pick

    To Nsh: F William Nylander, D Nikita Zaitsev, D Timothy Liljegren

    Or Nylander to Columbus for Panarin. Let some vets go as UFAs to free up some money, and holy hell, imagine a line with Panarin, Matthews and Kapanen, or Panarin with Tavares and Marner. God damn.

  25. Before old men wanted to be paid for what they did n probably couldn’t keep doing today kids want to be paid for what they think they can do. Wilson finding it harder and harder to play dirty that’s a lot of $ sitting in the penalty/press box

  26. Augustus

    Re: Panarin-WW deal … NYET

    Nash deal… if I’m GMKD… I’m signing and running as if I’m the women in the IKEA commercial screaming “start the car; start the car”

  27. Baffling … no punitive action in Wilson

    This is just more incentive for him to do it again


    • Yes, that inconsistency by Parros can’t be a good sign. That hit wasn’t by some player with no previous history of reckless hits, in which case Parros might have decided on a gimme. But not with this idiot.

      • My biggest fear

        This continues … he could put someone in a coma

  28. 6 years

    • 6.9 …. bad for Cap next year …, Leafs will lose a key player next year due to no space

      • Pengy, we worry about next year after this year completes. Right now, we’re very well positioned to make a run.

        I’m glad it’s over and looking forward to watching he and Matthews together.

      • Trekie

        Fingers crossed.

        The other option as they pointed out (and I think I mentioned yesterday, not sure) was that with contract now in place; other teams now know cap hit exactly, don’t have to negotiate; and also don’t have to pay the SB ($2M) because Leafs owe that as of today; so trade return might be more firm and possibly higher than what may have been offered yesterday and earlier today.

        No matter what ; roster as is this minute will be minus at least one key player come drop of puck on 19-20 season

        Here is 🙏 ,ng for a 🏆


    • 6 yrs 6,9 per

  29. to all the naysayers nylander signed