NHL Rumor Mill – December 10, 2018

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Will the Flyers pursue Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky? Are the Bruins planning to make a trade? Find out in today’s edition of the NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports there are “whispers’ the Philadelphia Flyers could take a run at bringing back Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky via next summer’s unrestricted free agent market. Bobrovsky began his NHL career with the Flyers, who traded him to the Jackets in 2012. Since his departure there’s been a revolving door of goalies in the Flyers’ crease, with none capable of providing stability between the pipes.

NBC SPORTS: Tom Dougherty offers up his take on Johnston’s reports. He points out reports from this summer claiming Bobrovsky, a two-time Vezina Trophy winner, could seek a contract comparable to the eight-year, $84-million deal of Montreal Canadiens netminder Carey Price.

Bobrovsky would certainly address the Flyers’ immediate need for a quality starter, and they have the cap space and drive to pursue him, but Dougherty believes term would be an issue. He suggests a five-year deal would be suitable, as it wouldn’t block the development of promising Carter Hart.

Will the Philadelphia Flyers attempt to bring back goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky next summer? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring another opening-round playoff meltdown by Bobrovsky, the Blue Jackets will probably keep trying to re-sign him up to July 1. If he hits the open market I expect the Flyers will pursue him, but they won’t be the only ones. If they’re unwilling to go beyond five years and $10 million per season, Bobrovsky could look elsewhere.


BOSTON GLOBE: Matt Porter recently reported injuries to several key players (including Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, and Kevan Miller) explains why team president Cam Neely isn’t itching to make a roster-changing move at this time. They could use a top-six winger and an experienced third-line center. For now, they’ll continue looking for solutions from within until the roster becomes healthier. 

NBC SPORTS: During a recent mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty was asked if Columbus Blue Jackets winger Boone Jenner would address the Bruins need for “a big, strong, mean power forward”. While acknowledging Jenner could be good with the Bruins, Haggerty still believes Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds would be a better fit. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Haggerty really wants to see Simmonds in a Bruins jersey. The Flyers’ winger will become a UFA in July and there’s no certainty he’ll be re-signed. So far, there’s no indication the Bruins are interested in Simmonds, who will prove attractive for playoff contenders in need of some additional toughness and two-way skill up front. 



  1. Bobrovsky is undoubtedly one of the best goalies of his generation.
    This year, however, he is the proud owner of a .898 save % and a 3.14 GAA.

    Unless he significantly turns this season around, is anyone really going to give the guy a long-term contract at $10M per?

    • Those stats are somewhat misleading. He had a poor start to the season but over the last six weeks he’s returned to form. If he maintains that level of play, he’ll have no trouble landing a lucrative long-term contract.

      • Take another look at his last 4 games…
        3 goals on 13 shots
        3 goals on 26 shots
        8 goals on 26 shots
        3 goals on 29 shots

        He hasn’t had 90% save percentage start yet in December…

      • Between Oct. 30 and Nov 20, his SP was .920 or better in eight of 11 starts. While his SP is below .900 in four starts in December, it’s premature to assume that trend continues throughout December.

      • Any team that signs him to a Price-like contract is just setting themselves up for cap hell at some point. NO goalie should ever get that much over a long term.

      • but why would the Flyers give him a long term deal when they have a 20 year old phenom waiting in the wings? Can’t wait to see Fletcher & Homlgren tear down all the good Hextall did … won’t take very long.

      • @ ED Van Impe

        Carter Hart is not a PHENOM …BY ANY STRECTCH !!!

        As a matter of fact ..Hextal refused to bring him up this year ..because hes getting destroyed in the minors !

        There is no Goalie PHENOM …out there right now …that is why Bobs is very highly coveted …he is the next best thing or as close as you can get !

        Jim Carey was a PHENOM …looked what happened to him …LMAO …

        Carter hart has DONE NOTHING to earn a the tag… PHENOM…NOTHING!!!

        the last goalie to be tagged a Phenom was John Gibson on the Ducks when he broke into the league.

        There have been A LOT of goalies called Phenoms that have never panned out as well and have never had there day in the sun !

        LOTS !!!

      • As a matter of fact, Hextall didn’t want to call up Hart because he’s a 20 year old goalie and he didn’t want to wreck him considering how terribly the Flyers have been playing as a whole. The kid is adjusting to life in pro hockey, life on his own and he got a shutout in his last start.

  2. Bob has been quite inconsistent, this season. Just ask any Jackets fan.

    • I am a Bruins fan, but selected Bob with my first pick in my fantasy league…that has not paid off for me

    • @ GEORGE O

      Not trying to pick a fight here, I know Iam not a fan favorite ….difference of opinions …BUT….:)

      Why should a top 2 player or top player on a team for that matter if he is a goalie get paid less than a forward or D man for there skill set ..you dont make sense in that statement.

      I have been a very big proponent of Bobrovsky on here since late Sept …and I still am.

      He has been the leagues top net minder for the past 3 years …he took a dismal team to 3 playoff runs in 5 years and 2 Vezina trophys ..only modern era goalie to do so !

      He has been the Jackets BEST player for the past 6 years ….

      While I understand the old saying ..Your only as good as your last shot …


      what have you done for me lately me !

      You do realize that Bobrovsky has kept this franchise in business …and I know you are a smart guy here with what you say in your posts and Iam pretty sure you know the business side of the league and that the POST SEASON revenue is what EVERY owner covets …so in saying that ..Bobs did his job as the best goalie in the World for the better part of 5 years and made that franchise a CRAP load of money ..single handidly getting them into the playoffs with a very suspect team and D core the past 5 years …

      With the ABSOLUTE shortage of quality Goalies in the market place through the better half of 20 teams right now …he is a prize possesion …While Iam not sure he is the right fit in Philly…your remarks that NO GOALIE should be paid to be the best in the World at there position is just not accurate and is setting a benchmark statement that goalies are just fillers on a team and actually not that important ..as the rest of the team …where as in reality they are the BACKBONE of ANY Championship team or any TOP TEAM and should be paid as such and not overlooked …maybe the timing fort Goalies to get top dollar is OFF by about 4 years actually as there window of there PRIME is different than a player …thats where I would say it differs for MAX contract …BUT NOT THE MONEY for a superstar player ! …Just my opinion being a goalie and from what I see on how the perception of the position is not given enough credit or due diligence in comparison to top players ….Thank GOSH ..Sparks.. is not the Leafs #1 even with that core …see what I mean !

      Where would Vancouver sit in the standings if they had a bonifide top 5 goalie in the league…how much does Pitt miss Fleury …and so on …just sayin..

      Cheers 🙂

      • You have your opinion – I have mine. No “fight” in sight.

      • @ George O

        Fair enough…

        there in essence would only be about 3 or 5 goalies in the league that would have commanded Prices money anyways …just like the ELITE D men..Doughty and so forth ..

        Price, Rinne, Bobs, Fleury,
        Lundqvist & Quick in their prime

      • Wow Rinne, MAF and Quick are 3 of the most overrated players to ever play the game.

      • Hey Kal El. No hate or fight intended just some thoughts. I agree that goalies are incredibly important but they tend to be valued less in the league than position players. We see this in contracts and trade value.

        I suspect that in part this is because their stats and performance are often so dependant on the play/system of the team they are on. There are a number of examples of goalies struggling then shining when they change teams (Dubnyk in Edmonton and then not in Edmonton). There are also examples of goalies looking great, getting signed, then being not so great (Darling from Chi to Car). We even see goalies look horrible one year then look great the next. Halak and Greiss looked horrid for the Isles last year and both look very good this year.

        This is the other problem. Goalies can be so inconsistent. I’m a big Carey Price fan but his contract looks terrible right now. He had such a long and consistent track record of excellence and now I’m not sure if he’d be claimed on waivers with that contract.

      • You’re right Styx, Price would not get claimed off waivers.
        Tough to predict at the draft, tough to predict from year to year as veterans in the NHL.
        That is why it is a riskier investment.
        If you’re throwing darts might as well draft a new one every year later in the draft and see who develops. Rinse repeat.
        Goaltending is voodoo.

      • @Kal El
        I agree about the goaltender position.
        I had to watch Calgary muddle through with a plethora of bad goalies after Kiprosoff left.
        We had Hiller, macDonald, Ramo, Elliott, Johnson, and a few others. I watched the flames play their asses off, out playing the ducks in a first round playoff series a couple of years ago only to see Elliott let in soft goal after soft goal.
        I think if you have a top goalie you will have a playoff team. Combine a good team with a top goalie and you have a championship caliber team.

        There is a reason for the saying “ a good goalie makes a bad coach look good, a bad goalie gets a good coach fired”

        The only problem a top goalie creates is he makes his team better then the sum of their parts. The Canadiens are a good example when price was at the top of his game everyone thought they were a good team. Turns out they were a terrible team .

    • granted he may not be the next phenom but he has definite upside. Hextall did not want to rush him and put the extra pressure on him to be the saviour but he did not address the goalie issue until he is ready to take the reins. Hopefully fletch and homer do not destroy what hextall has started to build.

  3. What about Bob in the playoffs ? Isn’t that what you pay a goalie for ?
    He might want 10 but I doubt he gets it on a long term deal

    Flyers need a bridge goalie. A backup deserving a starter role. Like Dell .

    • @ DEEEEE

      I respect every person who has an opinion here …but in my 8 years posting here …this is the most asinine comment I have read in 8 years..

      Deee on December 10, 2018 at 1:31 pm

      Wow Rinne, MAF and Quick are 3 of the most overrated players to ever play the game.


      • So, your opinion is etched in gold while those of another are “asinine”??? Interesting. I must have missed the post where you were ordained King S*^t Of Turd Island.

      • Sorry Georgie, anyone who thinks that Rinne, MAF and Quick are three of the most overrated players to ever play the game is a moron. And anyone who sticks up for that nonsense is equally moronic.

      • Why have any of those three when you can have the three best players to ever play the game… Derrick pouliot, Matt Murray, and (insert any unproven ahler here).

      • First off, I sincerely wish you were able to say “Georgie” to my face. You’d find out in a hurry that I am not your average 80 y/o. As for your opinion, while I have disagreed with many in hear on a wide array of topics, I have NEVER resorted to calling anyone a “moron.” But since you seem t think that’s fair ball – be prepared if “nasty” is the road you want to take

  4. Bruins should stay the course. Lots of injuries and still playing decent.
    Will be a better team when Bergeron returns. Adding a top six will cost too much. Should have been done before the season started via UFA.

    • @ Dave

      I agree with what your saying about the Bruins….the minor league pick call ups have been looking really good now with a few games under their belts …Hienen has been brilliant what a goal the other night against the Leafs ..just WOW …great pair of mitts…

      reminds me a lot of Karlsson in Vegas …

      Carlo has really picked up his game as well.
      The call ups are starting to give the Bruins some tough decisions in a months time !

      • Agree on the stay the course plan Dave at this is not the time to make a desperate move as you generally get fleeced.
        The Bruins have benefited greatly from great goal tending. Halak has been great all year and Rask has been very good since his return from his leave of absence.
        We are tied in the league for GA/GP and that is with half our blue line injured and our #1 center out.
        We haven’t played very well, and I think the opposite is true regarding the call ups. What I think it shows is that we have plenty of depth guys that can come in, play the system and hold down the fort IF we get the best in the league goal tending we are currently getting. It also shows we don’t have any high end prospects to replace Bergeron and Krecji, one nice goal by Heinen aside.
        Which, to me means we need to try and win a cup while Bergy is still playing at a high level as the drop off is huge at center.
        A big fat NO on Simmonds. Excellent career, but he seems to have hit the aging power forward wall. Shop somewhere else at the deadline please.

      • @ Ray Bark

        I agree with that 1000%

  5. Trading of Simmonds makes sense with a return of a young player and prospect. Bruins can meet the ask price.
    Flyers can them take a run at Trouba or Peiterangelo athe draft using these assets.

    A solid RH dman is a need. Along with goaltending.

    • If you’ Tor and/or Phi, would you do Connor Brown + 2nd Round Pick for Simmonds? Tor must get someone of Simmonds profile into the lineup. If not for now, they will need it come playoff last.

      • I honestly think Simmonds returns a 1st as a rental… so that would depend on a team really valuing brown highly.

  6. btw,kal el,hart is just adjusting to the pros.he is as close to a phenom as goalies get.he is adjusting really well the last 4 or 5 games. i would bet he ends up a star in the N.H.L. in the next 3 years if he doesn’t get blocked.not many goalies come out of junior and became a star in the pros right away.i am a bruins fan and i would be thrilled and very confident in carter hart if he was on our tea.don’t block him flyers.you will regret it.if i could pick any young goalie for my N.H.L.team,it would definitely be carter hart!!

    • 100% accurate Schooners.
      Hart is as good a goalie as I’ve seen coming outta jrs.
      He learning and adjusting in Leigh Valley.
      He’ll be ready soon enough.

      • @ Schooners and Shoreorpark


        Also just an FYI …on Hart as well…

        When Jack Campbell of the LA Kings was drafted to the Stars in 2010 11th OVERALL as a matter of fact …which is crazy …he was said to be the next Mike Richter ..and was said to be the one of the ALL TIME BEST American goalies TO EVER come out of Junior hockey in North America…the next American Phenom …

        He has had barely a sniff at teh NHL level and just could not pay at that level or translate his game…he is still a minor league goalie 7 years later !

        I watched him in Buffalo ..at the world Juniors the year that the Russians came back to steal the game from the Canadians in the 3rd period..and scored 4 unanswered goals to win GOLD …Mark Visintine was the goalie for the Canadians who was talked about just like Carter Hart is right now …he was never able to translate into the next level …they are only quality prospects ..and after a few years ..the BIG League team moves on …

        Lots to prove …and if Hextal did not give him a shot yet while he was there …there are issues !

      • There is a very very long list of highly touted goalies that flakes out at the pro level. It seems like it’s the goalies that are picked in the later rounds that for some reason become the real stars at the NHL level.

      • Drafting goalies can definitely be a crap shoot.

        Looking back at the 2012 draft, Vasilevskiy and Subban were both taken in the first round. Frederik Anderson was taken in the 3rd.

    • @ Schooners and Shoreorpark

      I never said he was not a good prospect…he is a GOOD PROSPECT …he is making his way just like a few hundred other top end Goalies here in North America and abroad in Europe.

      He is not a phenom however …Garret Sparks was the AHL goalie of the league last year …and was said to be the best available goalie breaking into the league this year in North America …NOT IN THE NHL!
      Thats what you get… When you arrive !

      The last TRUE phenom or elite goalie coming into the NHL was Fleury…Hart is no Fleury at his age ..not even close ..sorry.

      Id put Carter hart in a great mix of goalies up and coming who CAN BE possibly a quality NHL goalie …A STARTER yet TBD!!

      If I was going into next year and wanted a young #1 to throw out there and start fresh …it would 1 of 2 goalies ..

      Ilya Samsonov #1


      ILya Sorokin #2

      Carter Hart would be down my list yet some !

      Id trade for one of the two Russian Goalies before I gave the job to Hart ..IMO …

      Nothing against the kid at all… just is what it is…

      • @ DEEEEE

        The later round goalies spend more time in the minors and grow there game ..and become a man …young Goalies get ruined in the NHL without seasoning then players do …happens all the time !

        goalies need time to learn they need to relax and be reactionary …not control the play but let it come to them ..those goalies usually have a few years in the minors and are later draft picks as most goalies are anyways

  7. First off Joe Haggerty is a blow hard. Could Boston use Wayne Simmonds, absolutely but no thanks no need to deplete the cupboard for a ufa at season end. See if Rick Nash will sign a one year deal, where the cost is only money. No long term deals for 30yr old declining players been there done that.
    Boston issue is up front even before Bergeron injury this was a one line team, they have prospects but there just not ready yet, will they turn the corner as the season progresses, that appears to be the hope, as Sweeney has been trying for weeks to make a trade obviously he finds the asking to high, hence no trade(s).
    9 out of their last 10 Bruins have scored 2 or less goals. Toronto was over confident and thought they just had to showup and pad their individual stats and got burnt for their cockiness.
    Hard way to win hockey games keeping the other team to 1 goal and you have one player counting for 25% of the teams goals.
    I would’ve like to seen Evander Kane but that ship sailed, my next wish is Mark Stone but he’ll be an expensive sign and maybe to rich for Ottawa liking.

    • Agree on most of that Caper, especially Simmonds. I chose not to reopen the Nash wound, but it is absolutely bang on.
      I think the B’s do need to go for it this year and next, as that is their window, then the inevitable slide will begin unless Sweeney pulls a 1st and 2nd line center out of his arse in the next 2 years.
      I am a huge proponent of patience, drafting and developing players, but when your best players are nearing the end of the prime (Bergy) or the end of their careers (Chara), you need to give one last go.
      Would be interested in your thoughts on that.

    • Problem is getting Simmonds will cost Donato,Heinen, or Debrusk.
      Makes no sense. If it can be done for less sure. I don’t want to keep trading away first round picks either. Should have just kept Spooner last year and never made the Nash trade. I don’t think Nash has anything left. Just wait till the trade deadline and see where we are.
      Boston should have a great team in 2-3 years with all the prospects so why move any now for a rental.

  8. @ Ray Bark & Caper

    If you go for it this year and next with Chara and Bergy …

    here is a list of the 2020 UFA D men and Center men options for you outside of your call ups or prospects …definitely a wish washy talent pool for a # 1 Center some decent D men may be had to fill in for your bottom pairings ..MaCavoy Carlo should be your top 2 pairings ..id say ..NO???



    • Kal El, I would target Duchene in the summer if he doesn’t sign an extension, and move Krecji at the draft, and I don’t dislike Krecji and think the return would be OK to the right team.

  9. I am not sure about Bobrovsky or Hart or the other goalies mentioned above, nor what is the maximum salary or contract length for a goalie.

    I have been watching the Oilers a bit lately,,,,they have the best player in the world , have changed their style of play under a new coach….and they are winning

    I can’t help but think that the change that really matters is that the have a big, low stress goalie the lets the puck hit him , watches his rebounds, and kills the play when the team is frazzled. The team has a goalie they have confidence in and now they are winning,

    So what percentage of McDavid’s 12,5 million 8 yeat contract should he get. How many players,if any players are clearly more valuable than the new goalie. St Louis made a number of expensive player changes but not in goal. Where are they?

    It is an interesting decision for any management group. I think Philly, St Louis, Columbus and Edmonton will be interesting to watch in terms of goalie decisions this year.

    • The best offensive player in the world yes but not the most complete player in the world. McDavid just doesn’t have the same drive as Crosby and that’s not a knock on Conner, no one has that drive, it just doesn’t come around very often. Mc David will always be a phenomenal individual player but he’s never going to drive an entire team to win. He’s Gretzky without a Messier.

      • Deee, how do you know how driven McDavid is. Looks like a very driven guy from here in Edmonton.
        Different player, of course, but he puts in as much work as anybody on and off the ice.
        And yes, he is now the league leader or near the top for getting hacked, slashed and held without the call, same as Crosby was/is. Just the way it is.

      • McDavid is the best player in the world now, Crosby is a step behind only a pens fan would say otherwise


      I agree …

      the less movement the better in goal …..thats a confidence thing …not a size thing!

      I think the team to watch for a Goalie move is the Vancouver Canucks ..ive been beating that drum since we have seen Petterson arrive…

      The West has some quality Goalies and in some cases it is making the difference as you say…they need that big time goalie there …they essentially have 2 backups playing a bit over there heads….AT TIMES..

      If this team is going to be legit in a year or 2 out West with the growth they have with Petterson Goldobin Hughes Boeser Horvat and the likes there of they need to look at the model of the Oilers and NOT go with a unproven tendy but someone who has pedigree !!

      They have a few interesting trade chips the Canucks do…

      Iam not a big fan of… Olli Juolevi
      He has been way too soft a Dman in his showings and is a turn over machine and makes poor plays when the game is close ..

      Canucks have a real HIGH quality prospect equal to a Hart in Michael Di Pietro who could be a star as well….if you have a quality netminder to show him the way it would be like GOLD!

      To the Jackets

      Olli Juolevi
      Thatcher Demko
      2nd Round pick 2020


      Boon Jenner

      Throwing it out there …

      • Kal El, when you say to go with the Oilers model and NOT go with an unproven and tendy but someone who has pedigree. Methinks I am misunderstanding your post.
        Koskinen had zero NHL starts prior to this season? Not really pedigree? That is who has carried the Oil. Talbot has been better of late, but he had over a year worth of struggles until a few weeks ago.

      • Kal El, it’s not time for the Canucks to go for it. They don’t have the depth and are in the early stages of their rebuild. They have a couple of good looking goalie prospects but will be better served to linger near the bottom for a couple of seasons and pick up more quality assets.

    • @ DEEEEE

      first OFF …

      I am not Pengy ..from your post yesterday ..

      I enjoy reading Pengys posts however …

      In regards to your McDavid – Crosby post …

      I know there are A LOT OF CROSBY HATERS….Iam not one of them ….BUT the abuse this guys has taken over his career as a league superstar and best player in the world is a situation that was NEVER addressed in Pitt and has cost Crosby MANY man games and years of play for that matter !!

      Mario Lemieux of all people with his crying about cross checking and abusive play should have known better and had players in place over the years to help Malkin and especially Crosby !!

      Crosby came in the league when it was still a BIG MANS game filled with goons…you will never see another superstar take more abuse than him …NEVER!!!

      McDavid will never have to go through that at 18 years old against a Pronger on every team league wide !

      I agree …geeeesh… it must be a cold day in HELL!

      LOL 🙂

      • None of this is accurate.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Setting aside any of Kal El’s thoughts on McD; Crosby; Mario …. one thing from his post above is undeniably accurate… Kal El and I are not one and the same

        I have no idea how old Kal El is but I am confident that inferring that Kal El is me has aged him considerably and probably unhealthily “whethered” his looks.

        My wild guess is that Kal El is in his 30’s ; I’m now closer to 60 than 50

        He has much more overall insight on all teams than I do, and has way more insight on Western teams than I do.

        I think Deee paid a great insult to Kal El for saying he and I are one in the same

        I’m much more narrow-minded and cantankerous than he is; and I’m very Leafs-Penguins centric

        I’d love to be 20 years younger tho



      • That means you’re to old to be accurate. My point stands.


      • My younger self might agree with you


  10. When you trade a player it is all timing.You trade when things are going well.The B s dont have a top 6 forward in the organization now.Especially at center.Look at their stats,they need a top 6 forward and it may take carlo to get one.

    • Steve, if Carlo is the answer for a top 6 forward, we best continue to win 2-1

  11. I have always been a big fan of the ‘power forward’, a player who can play top 6 minutes, score,bang in the corners and drop the mitts. Simmonds is all that but in today’s game we now see those players go on the decline once they enter their 30’s. Any team signing Simmonds to long term lucrative deal would be making a mistake. He can be effective for another 3-4 years but age and wear and tear will catch up to him.

    • Agreed Fergy, I love guys like Ferland (now in Car) or Simmonds but they definitely have a shelf life.

      • Anderson in Columbus and Woods in NJ also fit the bill but they are a dying breed

  12. Posted early today in morning coffee before the Rumour Mill section was out

    Back to reading and posting only now

    Re Bobo …. great goalie and I think many teams would love to have him

    That said I will not be sorprised if his camp does in fact ask for $10 * 8 but I’d be shocked if he gets that

    I believe this due to two key factors. The Price contract and what production he (Price) had last year and at times this year, has scared off teams from loading so much cap into a goalie.

    The other thing seems to be the more recent “remodeling “ of team cap formulae to spend “reasonably” on goal-tending and an attempt to build a winning team NOT solely on the back of a single netminder

    I think Clb should try their best to re-sign him but at much more reasonable hit….. maybe 7 yrs at $8.75….. with appropriate signing bonuses to sweeten the pot

    Re young goalies in the minors being deemed “superstars in the making “ etc…. I believe this is the toughest position to predict (at draft time and even at 19 or 20) the future NHL success of

    No question that on average ; young forwards enter the NHL at an earlier age than D ; and D before Goalies

    This may be a combination of true skill development but must also be a factor of risk. Bring in an 18 or 19 year old forward and they have a bad shift or game ….. there are 11 other forwards out there balancing the play. For a young D… 5 others.

    Start a young goalie and there is only one other goalie dressed to bail him out and a disastrous first outing for a young goalie; IMO; is much harder to shake off than for a young forward or D

    Gut feeling …. Hart and Sansonov will do fine and may even be top goalies in 5 years. A little less certainty in my gut for Sorotkin

    …. but there is a chance I could be completely wrong on one or even two of them. They could fail to develop and never become solid NHL players.

    I am confident in saying that one of those 3 will be a top 10 NHL goaltender in their late 20’s

  13. Ian Scott . Highest drafted bantam goalie into the Western Hockey League. Ahead of Carey Price in his year. Fourth round pick by the Leafs. You won’t see him for another 4-5 years at least and I would consider him a phoneme

    • Yeah, Scott is projecting pretty nicely. Quick kid.
      Very confident in his abilities, and rightfully so.
      He sure doesn’t give up much.