NHL Rumor Mill – December 13, 2018

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Latest on Alex Pietrangelo and the Blues, Charlie Coyle, Jimmy Howard and much more in today’s NHL rumor mill.

St. Louis Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo continues to feature prominently in the NHL rumor mill. (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: Noting colleague Nick Kypreos recently wondered if St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo was a fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Elliotte Friedman guesses the Blues may have put Pietrangelo in discussions with the Leafs over William Nylander but they opted to retain the winger. One reason why the Leafs would’ve passed is they might be unable to re-sign Pietrangelo to a contract extension next summer. Their preference could be for a defenseman with some affordable term on his contract.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports word around the league is Blues general manager Doug Armstrong is in open-minded listening mode. He doesn’t sense Pietrangelo’s name being mentioned in trade talks but doesn’t rule out the possibility. LeBrun reminds us the Blues captain has a no-trade clause and there’s no indication he’s unhappy in St. Louis. Still, all bets are off regarding the Blues core players as Armstrong considers possible roster shake-up options.

LeBrun’s colleague Jeremy Rutherford dismissed a rumor attributed to him claiming the Blues had informed teams that all players were available, including Vladimir Taranseko. “Armstrong is listening to anything. To my knowledge, the Blues have NOT called teams or informed teams that everyone is available. But some clubs are under the impression that Army would consider trading anyone, including Tarasenko.”

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin lists the Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Colorado Avalanche, and Vegas Golden Knights as possible destinations for Pietrangelo.

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites TSN’s Darren Dreger’s Wednesday appearance on NBCSN discussing the Blues. “My sense from talking to managers around the National Hockey League is that Armstrong isn’t willing to part with any of his core, young pieces. Again, he can see the future in St. Louis in some of these young guys like Jaden Schwartz, but he is willing to consider just about anything else.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Armstrong may be listening to offers but that doesn’t mean he’s going to trade most of his best players. If he got an incredible offer for one of them he could act on it, but those type of deals are rare during the season. If he’s going to move a guy like Pietrangelo or Tarasenko, I think that happens in the offseason when teams are flush with extra salary-cap dollars and more willing to spend. 

Pietrangelo, who remains sidelined with a hand injury, would attract considerable interest around the league if the Blues are willing to move him. That, however, depends upon his willingness to waive his no-trade clause, something he might not be keen to do. He’s also carrying a $6.5-million annual salary-cap hit through 2019-20, which won’t be easy to move during the season. The Blues would likely have to take back a contract or two as part of the return. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle brushed off ongoing rumors linking him to the Montreal Canadiens. “I’ve been [getting traded] to Montreal since five years ago. So it really means nothing,” said Coyle. Friedman cites Coyle’s versatility, fitness, and work ethic among the factors that could make him an attractive trade chip. While he won’t score a lot of goals, the Wild resisted moving him because they know his value. They told interested teams last summer they wanted to package Coyle with a contract they wanted to move, making it difficult to move him.

Friedman notes the Boston Bruins have been linked to Coyle. He also wonders if the Bruins might consider LA Kings forward Jeff Carter.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun cites a recent report from colleague Michael Russo claiming the Wild were listening to offers for Coyle, listing the Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, and Boston Bruins as potential suitors. He doesn’t think there’s much there with the Canadiens and Senators but believes the Bruins may have “kicked tires” on Coyle.

During a subsequent appearance on Montreal’s TSN Radio 690, LeBrun reports the Wild may be talking to teams about Coyle but it doesn’t mean they’re going to move him. He feels the Canadiens are no longer involved.

NBC SPORTS: Joe Haggerty feels Coyle could make a lot of sense for the Bruins if the price is right but thinks there will be bigger and better options available to the Bruins at the trade deadline. He believes the Bruins need a scoring winger on David Krejci’s line once he returns to the second line when sidelined center Patrice Bergeron returns to action. Coyle doesn’t fit that role at this point in his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wild GM Paul Fenton may be willing to discuss Coyle with other clubs but it doesn’t mean he’ll find what he’s looking for. My guess is he wants a more reliable young scoring forward, or at least one with the potential to fill that role.  He could still try packaging him with a contract he wants to move (Nino Niederreiter, perhaps?), which will only complicate things and ensure Coyle stays in Minnesota.

The Canadiens were linked to Coyle last season. However, the latest speculation out of Montreal suggests their focus has shifted toward an experienced top-four defenseman. As for the Bruins, Haggerty would prefer they pursue Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds. 


SPORTSNET: Looking at the Philadelphia Flyers’ efforts to find an upgrade between the pipes in a weak trade market for goaltenders, Elliotte Friedman reports the Detroit Red Wings have made it clear they want a first-round pick in return for goaltender Jimmy Howard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think the Wings are serious about moving Howard. He’s played a big role in their overcoming a lousy start to climb back into playoff contention this season and could earn himself a short-term contract extension.

If they do trade him they might not get a first-round pick for him. However, a Wings fan reminded me that Detroit GM Ken Holland managed to get three draft picks, including a first rounder, from the Vegas Golden Knights for Tomas Tatar last season. So perhaps a first for Howard isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman wonders if the Chicago Blackhawks or Los Angeles Kings would consider trading their starting goaltenders as they look to the future. While Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford and Kings netminder Jonathan Quick have had injury questions they could be big improvements in goal for a number of teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Crawford has a no-movement clause but that ensures he can’t be demoted. He carries a 10-team trade list and an annual cap hit of $6.5 million through 2019-20.  Quick lacks no-trade protection but he carries a $5.8-million annual cap hit through 2022-23, which could be almost as effective as a no-trade clause. Don’t see either guy going anywhere for the foreseeable future. 

The Kings have field inquiries from teams seeking help on defense. Friedman said a rumor linking Jake Muzzin to the Tampa Bay Lightning was debunked. He suggests the Pittsburgh Penguins (among others) could check out Muzzin or currently sidelined Alec Martinez.

Friedman doubts the Edmonton Oilers will move center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The Oilers are playing well of late and Nugent-Hopkins has “quietly turned into a really good player.” If Leon Draisaitl is going to remain on Connor McDavid’s line, they need Nugent-Hopkins production behind them.

The Bruins have been linked to New York Rangers center Kevin Hayes. He could also be a good fit with the Colorado Avalanche.

If the Buffalo Sabres make a move to bolster their playoff chances it won’t be for a rental player. “Maybe for a younger player under team control for a while, but not for a rental.”



  1. Pietrangelo to Pens??

    Where is that coming from … where do they fit his cap hit in?

    Absolutely a great player to have … but can’t see it happen

    Muzzin on Pens??

    Same thoughts here

    Right now Pens have an overage of D and very little cap space??

    If they would move JJ and a piece and bring in Muzzin then you are talking. Since they still keep playing JJ even after massive gaffs like last night … I doubt they are moving on from him

    I’d been advocating to trade Rust (possibly in a multi-player deal) for a long while…. he had been underperforming ….. then he plays ( last night) the best game I’ve ever seen him play ….hat-trick and could,be had a couple more!

    Pietrangelo as a Pen … I just can’t see it

    Muzzin … maybe

    Scoring from top lines is drying up in last couple of games

    …but generally Pens have been better over last 10 games so a big move is less likely to happen

    ….. Now Pimetro and/or Muzzin to Leafs …. yes please and thank-you, but what is the cost

    Again, if Armstrong is operating at a level where almost nobody is untouchable ….. I’m still dreaming and begging for Parayko

    An off season multi-player deal that has WW and Parayko as it’s key components is a much more likely situation

    • ….. Maata for Muzzin?.. and that’s a skewed trade …. it’s all this feeble brain can come up with on a 1for 1

      …. if not that then due to both teams at cap ceiling you’re looking at absolute craziness and utter absurdity in multi-player deals like….

      Muzzin Tiffoli Clifford FOR

      Maata. JJ and Rust

      ….. just ludicrous

      • Hi Pengy

        Big fan of your posts. Enjoy reading them every day.

        Here’s a thought for you:

        MTL need someone to play with Weber. IMO Pietrangelo would be the absolute best fit.

        2013 2nd, 2020 1st, Victor Mete

        STL saves just under $6 million in cap space..

      • LeFrench09

        Sorry , posted early and only back to the site now

        Pietro add to Mon would be great 👍

        And those two as a pair would be insane to play against

        A first, 2nd and Mete is pretty close ; a prospect added IMO makes deal fair

        That said … even though fair I think STL prob looking turn things over a little more quickly than a full rebuild so might need a player and 2 prospects instead of the trade with futures (picks)

        Would love to see Web/Pet together

    • Jake Muzzin would be a solid get for the Pittsburgh Penguins…Maybe a red hot Brian Rust to Los Angeles.

      Jake muzzin 29, $4.0 million! He is coming off a monster game playing 30 plus minutes versus the Sabres. (doughty Phaneuf both went down)
      He is big, mobile, can pass, good possession guy

      Brian Rust 26, coming off a hat trick makes $3.75 million both teams win here..

      • One game makes you red hot? Lol. 4 goals on the year, 3 last night, I’d say more like freezing cold.

      • Well one game like that can get a talented young player who’s struggling back on track. bRIAN rust has scored 20 goals and is a good offensive player how many kings can say that…ahhh maybe 3.

      • nyr4life…. One game like that can can a young talented score back on track. Rust has been solid in our cup runs and he has scored 20 goals how many Kings can say that maybe 2 3? good swao for both penguins need a solid D Kings desperately need scoring.

      • Rust has never scored 20 goals. He’s hit 15 and 13.
        So he’s pretty much on pace for that kind of total again this year.

        How many Kings have put up that production? Last year 7 had as many or more….

        Rust isn’t landing Muzzin on his own. And no GM is going to go into a deal exited about his hat trick last night…. Nor should it even be remotely considered a “hot streak”.

      • Muzzin would be great as a Pens no question

        But getting him by sending a forward would really load up Pens D .. I think if that trade happened (which I think would be tough for LA to take straight up) then Pens would need to move a D to another team for a forward

  2. Around 2 years ago I was dreaming (realistically, given their constraints) that the Hurricanes would sign Calvin DeHaan and Charlie Coyle. Halfway there. And now Coyle is reportedly available.

    What would it take? A 2nd rounder and say, an upper-mid prospect? Do the Wild need a warm body in return? If so, how about one of our excess D (a disappointing Hamilton, Fleury, vanRiemsdyk)? I’d offer a C, but, uh, we don’t have any of those…

    • Nyr4life…Didn’t say Rust would land Muzzin on his own… something probably will be added..and where are those 7 players you talk of this year…Kings are having trouble scoring period..Rust would help them they have enough defense.

      • How does a struggling Rust help LA when he can’t help Pittsburgh?

        He’s not going to suddenly be a superstar by switching teams. He is what he is… and if can’t put up good numbers in Pittsburgh……

        So you’re saying LA is struggling to score, so the solution is to add another player with bad numbers?

      • Nyr4life…..He has had an off year for sure every player does..Andre Kopitar was brutal 2 years ago he rebounded. What Im saying Rust is 26 (kings are old) he can score you 15 goals and add some speed.

        Thoughts on this.
        Jake Muzzin/Trevor Lewis to Pittsburgh
        Brian Rust and Olli Matta to Los Angeles.

        Muzzin is better than Matta
        Rust is better than Lewis..
        Kings get younger add some speed
        penguins add a solid d man get some experience.

        salaries almost match up difference of $1 million maybe..

  3. I am nostalgic for the good old days when meaningful trades were made during the season.

    Still not sure what JR was thinking when he gave that mega deal to JJ … future buyout, horrible mistake. Pens season will be up to matt Murray and that is a scary proposition. As fragile as a potato chip. Pens should be in on Howard … only a matter of time before Murray gets nicked again. Opposing forwards love to crash Murray and the Pens soft defense lets it happen. Trade freeze is approaching … can JR make something happen?

    • You could put Doug Armstrong in the same category as Jim Rutherford with Armstrong’s off-season moves. O’ Reilly has been excellent but that’s it. A solid goaltender should have been first priority. There’s a problem behind the bench as well.
      St Louis is going nowhere but Armstrong may be.

    • Good point Impeee penguins defense continues to let that happen…

    • nyr4life….Rust has 4 goals in 30 games he is only 26 under control..3 more years

      Toffoli 5 goals 32 games
      Carter 6 goals 32 games
      Kempe 5 goals 31 games

      Rust doesn’t sound too bad now does he.hey keep these guys you will be buried by new years…

      for the record the kings are my second favorite team grew up in Pittsburgh live in good deal for both…

      • Woo hoo! 4 goals! So again they trade for yet another guy not scoring? You’re reaching now.

      • Rust 1 goal in 29 games, 3 goals in 1!

        Let’s not get crazy here…. I don’t see Rust as a guy with much value.

  4. Tarasenko has 20 points and 7m contract
    He needs a change at 26

    • Silverseven, he makes $7M, perhaps he needs to change.

    • Tarasenko is 2nd to OV for most goals scored in the NHL in the past 5 years. The price will be steep to acquire him. I am surprised how many Blues are underachieving this year.

    • Evgeni Malkin and young goalie Tristan Jarry to St.Louis Jake Allen has sucked in goal for years in St.louis

      Tarasenko to Pittsburgh..

      • I would be absolutely shocked if PIT trades Malkin, unless he requested. Which would also shock me.
        IMO Malkin and Crosby will finish their contracts in PIT, and likely their careers.
        Then hang around the rink for another 10 years with a made up PR job.

      • The Penguins give up the best player in the trade but still add? So Sheahan is going to be 2C and Cullen 3C just to bring a very one dimensional Tarasenko in? That makes no sense what so ever in any conceivable way.

      • Crosby is already coaching the young players on the team and has been for years. He will retire around age 43 and walk right into an assistant coaching position.

      • Age 43? Lmao. So everyone over 30 is “old” yet somehow they’ve found the fountain of youth in Pittsburgh.

        You talk about other players over 30, and like to refer guys like Zuccarello as often injured…. but Crosby will collect his aarp card and retire the same year?

        Crosby is not playing until he’s 43!

        How do we even come to that number? Jagr?

      • Yes he will. Crosby has the best conditioning of any player and his drive is unlike any other player. He has always loved playing the game above everything else. Not only will he play into his 40s but he will still be a very useful player, obviously he won’t be leading the league in scoring, but he will be an asset to whatever team he is playing for. I think he will always be a Penguin but they will eventually have to rebuild about 5 years from now and they will trade him to a team with a chance to win out of respect to him. And when he hangs them up Mario has always taken care of his own, so Sid will get to choose whatever he wants to do next.

    • Nyr4life..no one is getting crazy im saying Rust has goal scoring skills most Kings don’t have… Yes he is having an off year but so are many of the Kings.
      As I said i grew up in Pittsburgh live in LA.
      what did you think of that second deal Muzzin & Lewis to Pittsburgh
      Rust Matta to Los Angeles

    • nyr4life rust scored again last night versus the Kings he is heating up…he could help the Kings who are going to tear it down soon. glad my fav team beat my second fav team lways hope for ot so both teams get a point with Pittsburgh getting 2.

      look no Hornqvist, no letang, no Schultz still beat the kings…..Pearson burned his old mates and made doughy look bad.
      Muzzin who I talked about looked great just needs to change sweaters.

  5. I would love to See Parayko next to Weber in MTL

    • I would love to see Paryko next to _______ in _______.

      Fill in the blanks with any team and defenesman lol…kids gonna be a star.

      • Double minor..I would love to see Parayko next to Kris Letang! Then put Dumolin with Schultz when he comes back gives us a nice top 4 D CORPS.

      • I would love to see Parayko next to Darnell Nurse in Edmonton.
        But unfortunately Nurse would probably be headed to St.Louis if Parayko comes to Edmonton.

      • BlackNGold

        Re “Double minor..I would love to see Parayko next to Kris Letang! Then put Dumolin with Schultz when he comes back gives us a nice top 4 D CORPS.”

        Regardless of who plays with who … that’s a fantastic top 4

        Bottom pairing of Oleksiak and Petterson

        7th Riikola

        That would mean Maata and JJ could be moved

        I would think STL would insist on substantial return and it might have to start with Kessel (not sure if StL is still on his list)

        Pens solidify D … SUBSTANTIALLY solidify D….but lose a whack of offence

        Putting aside the nightmare situation of both teams at Cap ceiling… and forget the fact that STL can’t be blind to how bad JJ is …. but if it’s something like Phil and JJ for Parayko (read … not happening… but bear with me) … what could Maata possibly reap in forward talent ?

        Pens just not built to win 16 playoff games 2-1

        Parayko on Pens … my super dream …. is soooooo hard to happen … it would have to be multi-player multi-team trade

        …now Parayko (if available)…. is more likely to end up a Leaf than a Pen

        As you know Im S dual Pens/Leaf fan … so good by me there

        Leafs loaded in young offensive talent … this could happen off-season

        Pay WW his bonus on July 1st then flip to StL for Parayko …. balancing picks/prospects to square the deal

    • Parayako, Weber And Letang are all right handed dmen, and all play on the right side.

      Chances are, they’d not be paired together.

      • Who cares about right left if your good you can play anywhere…

      • That’s not exactly true. Certain dmen have had success playing on their off side. Not one of these guys have been tested for any significant period of time on their off side.

        They’ve all spent pretty much the entirety of their careers on the right side. How any one of them would do long term on the offside would be anybody’s guess.

        A lot of guys can’t make that adjustment with ease. I dare say most. I’m not sure it pays off if they slip down a notch to play on their off side.

      • Pengy…I agree would love to see Parayko on the Penguins and Rutherford could pull that off if anyone can.

        Im thinking:
        Colton Parayko and Tyler Bozak (who has had a lot of success with kessel)

        to St.louis

        Olli Matta/Derrick Brassard/goalie Tristan Jarry /Riley Sheahan or our number one pick.

        Grant has come on he and Cullen can alternate at 4th center Bozak sliding in to number 3 center

        salary cap gos up nect year $3.5 millin to $83 million bozak can be resigned cheaper than brasard

  6. I’d grab Bouwmeester right now.
    He’s healthy and has been playing very well for the Blues.
    Probably wouldn’t cost too much and he is a really good player.

    • I’d be careful grabbing Jay B, he’s a big dude!

      • He’s gentle as a kitten.

  7. what always astounds me with these “thoughts” from pundits is that they rarely do their home work. At least they’re starting to mention no-trade clauses and such but the cap hit of the player compared to, or in relation to the cap space of the rumored team AND the futures needing to be signed never seems to enter in to the discussion….until those rumors get into the forums and the fans of those teams rip those rumors to shreds….sure a rumor of player x + y coming to team z sounds great…but we need sign all these players to new deals and already against the cap…..like…THINK.

    • very valid point Dark G. We should never assume a player with a NTC is going to agree to go somewhere that is not is on his no trade list. Teams with limited cap space either need to trade like for like $ cap players or get their trade partner to eat $ unless they are obtaining a player who makes less. Hockey is now as much about the business as it is about player talent.
      25 years ago a GM could call on another and say ‘I need a RD and you need a LW , let’s swap’ there is so much more involved now.

    • Dark g..what s debbie downer you are…my thoughts did the homework on my proposal

      Salaries almost identical..pens in win mode now kings get you ger and speed..dontsee you putting anything out there..muzzin lewis make sense for Pittsburgh matta 24 solid second pairi g Martinez 30 phanuef 30 plus muzzin 29 doughty 28 29.

  8. In reading this, what defenseman or contract are the Wild trying to unload with Coyle? Vancouver has draft picks and can offer Gagner as well since he has a low cap hit. What reasonable deal can be had between Minny and Van?

    • Casare Maniago for Orland Kurtenbach … can we shake on this?

  9. Just as i thought dark whatever the f**k you are no comment…