NHL Rumor Mill – December 17, 2018

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Are the Flyers on the verge of replacing coach Dave Hakstol with Joel Quenneville? Get the details plus the latest Leafs and Sabres speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.

Are the Philadelphia Flyers on the verge of firing head coach Dave Hakstol? (Photo via NHL.com)


COURIER-POST ONLINE: Dave Isaac yesterday cited “multiple sources” claiming the Philadelphia Flyers would announce the firing of head coach Dave Hakstol “Sunday night or Monday morning.” Those sources also said Hakstol’s replacement would be former Chicago Blackhawks bench boss Joel Quenneville.

Following Isaac’s report, TSN’s Darren Dreger took to Twitter reporting there was “No communication with Joel Quenneville, yet. Anything is possible.”

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Dave Scott, the CEO of the Flyers’ parent company Comcast Spectacor, said it wasn’t true that Quenneville had been hired.

NBC SPORTS: John Boruk and Jordan Hall report two team sources said no moves have been made regarding the club’s coaching staff. They also cited FOX Sports Midwest’s Andy Strickland reporting Quenneville hadn’t taken the job.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Isaac isn’t a rumor monger and I don’t doubt his sources. However, the Flyers moved quickly to deny Quenneville was replacing Hakstol. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that the embattled Hakstol could be replaced and perhaps the Flyers have their eye on Quenneville. We’ll find out soon enough. 


THE ATHLETIC: Ian Tulloch recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the defensemen linked to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the rumor mill to determine which one would best suit their needs on the right side. Alex Pietrangelo of the St. Louis Blues is a legitimate No. 1 defenseman but the asking price could be comparable to what the New York Rangers got for Ryan McDonagh last season, which included two key prospects plus a first-round draft pick and a second rounder.

Tulloch considers Blues rearguard Colton Parayko one of the better two-way blueliners in hockey. He feels Parayko’s defensive skills could improve the Leafs’ shot suppression and cut down opponents’ scoring chances. The cost could be Kaspari Kapanen, prospect Timothy Liljegren and a 2019 first-round pick.

Tulloch also examined more defensive blueliners such as Chris Tanev of the Vancouver Canucks, Mark Pysyk of the Florida Panthers, and Radko Gudas of the Philadelphia Flyers, noting the decline of their respective performances. Other options include Brett Pesce of the Carolina Hurricanes, Nick Jensen of the Detroit Red Wings, and Jake Muzzin of the Los Angeles Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tulloch isn’t saying the Leafs are actively pursuing any of the aforementioned. He was also being realistic over the potential cost to acquire guys like Pietrangelo or Parayko. Time will tell if the Leafs attempt to bring in players of that caliber or opt instead for more affordable short-term options. 


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington isn’t impressed with recent trade proposals by some in the Toronto media involving the Buffalo Sabres. He noted a recent Sportsnet column including the Sabres among potential trade destinations for Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, proposing “a deal of Conor Sheary, Marco Scandella, Lawrence Pilut and the 2019 first-round pick originally acquired from St. Louis in the Ryan O’Reilly deal in exchange for Pietrangelo and fellow defenseman Robert Bortuzzo.” Harrington considered it  “insanity” that the Sabres would give up so much for a player carrying a $6.5-million annual cap hit who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent in 2020.  

Harrington also noted a recent proposal in The Hockey News in which the Sabres acquire Buffalo native Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Sam Reinhart, Jason Pominville, Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, Brendan Guhle, Victor Olofsson and three first-round draft picks. “No truth to the rumor the deal also includes a partridge in a pear tree,” he scoffed, pointing out Kane’s $10-5-million annual cap hit for the next four years would be a problem. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize the good folks at Sportsnet and The Hockey News were merely spitballing about players who’ve popped up in the trade-rumor mill. Still, Harrington makes a good point about the silliness of those Sabres trade proposals.  



  1. Harrington makes it sound like Sheary and Scandella are Martin ST. Louis and Phil Housley … how is trading Sheary, Scandella, Pilut & a #1 for Pietrangelo & Bortuzzo insanity? I don’t think the Blues are getting enough in return … my god, has he ever watched Sheary & Scandella play?

    • First, being in Buffalo let me say Harrington is a moron

      As far as the trades go I would never make the Kane trade for multiple reasons from cap hit to the 3 first round draft picks and hopefully the re-signing of Skinner. Giving up those 3 first rounders would be suicide for the future development of the club and Botterill has said he would build through the draft.
      The trade with STL I would think about but I would not give them back their first as there is a good chance STL next year may not be any better then this season so it would be either our first or San Jose’s first which ever is the better pick. They got ROR so I’m keeping their first. Of course they can always take Berglund back lol

      • Wow Kal, Im not sure if you and Pengy are the same guy or if the nut just falls close to the tree but on what planet is Kapanen the 2nd best winger on the Leafs…is it due to 20 or so games this season? Im a Leaf fan I like Kapanen and am not sure the Leafs need to blow their brains out with a trade, (I agree that they need to do something just not sure its as big as some think) but if the offer was what is proposed of Kapanen a prospect and a late first Id be jumping all over it for either of the 2 D mentioned if I was Dubas. On the other hand if I was the Blues I’m not sure that is anywhere close to enough, the Blues season is getting to the point of being a write off and point of no return in the central for the blues and I’m not so sure the value of Kapanen playing with ROR is even close enough to save it so why not sit it out and wait if you’re Doug Armstrong and maybe make the move in the offseason where there will surely be better offers for 2 top 4 D.

        That’s a real good deal for the Leafs and imo, and Im not sure its even a decent deal for the Bllues depending on the timing of it as I’m sure there would be better deals to be made come the draft or July 1st for either player.

    • Good morning everyone ..Happy Holidays

      @ EDDIE…… your right 100%


      I have seen a few Sabres games this year …and Sheary has looked AWFUL….I would not do Bortuzzo for him on his own …PILUT has been somewhat impressive but still very early in his showing…very much a prospect but looks good thus far.

      this trade scenario is no where near the return that St Louis needs in any which shape or form !

      If you trade Peiterangelo you need to knock this out of the park ..none of those guys address ANYTHING.

      Still say the Oilers are the best trade partner for the Blues !

      BIGGEST MISTAKE of Kyle Dubas career !!!

      I will say this to the day I die …

      The Leafs screwed this Nylander fiasco up like no other …and missed out on the GOLDEN opportunity to really elevate this team to the next level on a return for him…he is not worth the money all ready and I dont see him being worth the money a year from now if not worse ! Dubas made this situation all about HIM WINNING the negotiation and forgot about the TEAM FIRST scenario and it shows all ready!

      The BIGGEST problem with the Nylander situation now …is that you will… NEVER EVER…get the same retrun for him that you could of 2 weeks ago …his STOCK HAS FALLEN …and the teams that were all in on him you can hear there collective gasps of sighs of relief that they did not make the biggest mistake of there tenure as GM of there respective clubs …DUBAS FAILED LEAF NATION in a year that they really had teh chance …now they will have to give up multiple assets to get someone on te back end when they could have just done it by saving CAP SPACE and with one player …just stupid !

      Sorry for my rant !

      Cheers 🙁

      • That Parayko for Kapanen, Liljegren and a first is pretty fair I think. That deal for Kane minus 3 first round picks is also closer to fair. Maybe 1 first round pick that is lottery protected. The sad thing is the leafs have the assets right now to swing a deal like one of those suggested and not really have it bite them for the multiple assets. They can probably get away with one established player for 3-4 assets and be ok.

      • @ DEEEE

        No that is not a fair deal …

        Kapanen alone would be fair ..BUT..

        I would not do that …If I am the leafs Iam trying everything in my power to keep Kappy as they will once again regret the day they loose him….

        Kappy is a better overall player than Nylander is …I will probably get negative feedback on that ..BUT its true!
        Kappy is a complete player and plays every aspect of the game …Nylander is way to soft and is a NORTH & SOUTH player and has a way of vanishing …the DEED is all ready done the Leafs screwed themselves…as I just stated …they now have to give up 3 TOP assets as per your scenario when they could have saved $7 million and just done it with Nylander ..all they have done is give themselves a Cap issue and brought in more of a softer game with more turnovers !

      • Kapanen alone is not landing Paryayko. That’s beyond silly, absurd.
        The guy has 88 career nhl games , 32 points (22 coming this year). That doesn’t land a guy like Parayko. Not today, yesterday or ever. Certainly not on his own today.

        You may like the guy, but when is the last time a guy like that landed an established, young, d-man?

      • You beat me to the punch Nyr4life. No GM in the league would make that trade. Period. End of story.

      • Kal El: Nylander alone wouldn’t have landed Parayko either, even if they had identical dollars and term on the deals. Parayko has 3 more years at a reasonable $5.5M/year cap hit. he is probably one of the last players St. Louis will look to move.

      • Hey Kal El, I don’t think Dubas has lost leverage over where he was 2 weeks ago. You have a player who is holding out asking for a ridiculous contract, who was a week away from defaulting on the entire season. Rival GM’s aren’t offering a boatload in that situation unless they can sign him to a reasonable deal, fast. Dubas did the only thing he could. Don’t pay him what he was asking and don’t give him away on the cheap.
        Not a position of strength from where I am sitting.
        IMO the Nylander deal is too high. I had fair pegged at $6.5, so $7 isn’t a crazy immovable contract, just somewhat of an overpay.
        Nylander missed camp and the first 2 months of the season, he will be lucky if he catches up by mid January. Totally normal and should be expected. He also wouldn’t be the first guy to struggle all year because he is behind, and also has the added pressure of making the big $ for the first time.
        He is and will be a good player in the long run if he stays healthy.

      • Sorry Kal I’m also with Deee on this one. Parayko for Kapanen, Liljegren and a first is spot on in terms of fair value both ways.

      • @ Ray Bark


        I respect that you want to jump all over that ..fair enough !

        I am not suggesting that scenario …and should have been a bit more detailed in my response.

        IN MY OPINION …I feel that Kapanen is worth more to the Leafs than the deal itself …I would not even INCLUDE Kapanen in the deal…and if that is a non starter so be it!

        I think stats in this trade scenario is irrelevant its about overall value of what each player is offering and bringing to the club ..

        Kapanen is on pace to have a better 2nd season than David Pastrnak and is all ready at the points Pastrnak finished off his 2nd season with his season.

        What has Parayko done so amazing that his value is worth more …I see Parayko on par with a player such as a Ristolainen or Nurse …both steady eddies both do not put up major points ..but log good minutes and play a physical game….but neither of them have an impact on the score sheet ..Kapanen can put up points and BEAT YOU ….

        Iam not saying this as simply a Leaf fan …but you guys are way undervaluing Kapanen as a player, he is having a breakout season and is one of the best young players on the ice in the league this year …and IMO is pretty much on par with the talent of a Parayko….

        BTW…if Parayko is ALL WORLD as you guys seem to indicate why is he on the block ???LMAO

        In saying that ….would you do AHO in Carolina for Parayko ???

        Just curious

      • @ Kal El in your view what does Kasperi Kapanen next contract look like. he is on pace for 30 goals and 55pts

      • Kal El, I don’t disagree that Kappy is an exciting young player who can score when he is playing with a high end center. Not every winger can do that, but quite a few can. Just ask Crosby and McDavid, but it isn’t like he is setting the world on fire and also hasn’t proven it for any length of time. Parayko isn’t a dud offensively, guys who consistently put up mid 30’s in points are not just stay at home guys.
        He is 6’6″, moves really well for a big guy, can defend and has offence.
        He is a #2 D-man, all day, and has done it for few years, on a good contract.
        The are way more speedy wingers with skill that come available, are available at the draft, and on Toronto’s roster, than young, proven big, mobile, with offence, #2 D-men on affordable contracts.

      • So how exactly can a GM maximize a blockbuster trade inseason, between two young stars? That is not how trading and the cap works. Those types of trades are talked about now but almost always conducted in the summer. If Dubas really wants to trade Nylander, he can do so in the summer. It’s not like the train left, there are still many GMs interested IF Nylander were discussed.

      • @ Caper

        Ray Bark

        Canadian King

        and NYR4life

        First OFF

        For the Leafs to give up a first round pick ..there top D man prospect and there 2nd best winger is wayyyyyy too much for Parayko ..LMAO sorry guys !

        I just want to be very fair in this scenario …and ask a very simple question ..


        If Parayko is playing with a TOP 10 D man in the league in Peitrangelo why have they fallen flat year after year after year after year …and please do not say its Goaltending …because when Parayko came on board the Blues had Elliott and Allen and Elliot put up INSANE numbers as one of the top 5 goalies in the league and him and Allen were among the top goalie tandems in the NHL for 3 years along with Bouwmeester and Gunnarson and then along came Bortuzzo ….this is not a shabby D core yet they seem to fall short even with a D first
        Ken Hitchcock coach as well…and thats crazy !

        What is the problem then…why is Colton Parayko so all world that he would command a First rounder the best D prospect on a deep team and a top scorer ….its way to much !

        If this was your team …i can bet you guys would NOT be doing this trade either !

        Are the Bruins offering Carlo Debrusk and a 1st rounder for Parayko

        Are the Rangers offering Krieder Dangelo and 1st

        Are the Kings offering Kyle Clague Toffoli and a first

        …NO FRICKEN WAY !!

        Same thing guys !!

        @ CAPER …

        I see Kapanen at a bridge deal at $4 million for 2 years

      • No offence guys …

        but Eric Karlson did not even garner this return !

      • Sheary is a top-9 forward capable of scoring 20 goals…Bortuzzo is a 7th defenseman on a good team.

        You’re crazy.

      • So Pietrangelo and Parayko play together? Hmmmmm
        That’s news to me, Parayko, Pietrangelo, St. Louis, and everyone else on the planet….

        Drouin for Sergachev
        Weber for Subban
        Hall for Larsson
        Johansen for Jones….
        Kapanen for Parayko? Lmao.

        You keep living the dream my friend!

      • @ NYR4LIFE

        B T W …Sillyness is saying that Stamkos is not your franchise player …just because you have a decent goal scorer along side him in Kucherov…sorry but Stamkos is your franchise player and always has been !

        that is like saying Malkin in a better year than Crosby as per points is the franchise player ..NOT !

      • Sorry kal. With no dogs in the fight, the deal is fair. Can’t compare to erik… waaay different circumstances.

        And talk about having your cake and eating it too… Kapanen is better than nylander but will take a bridge deal for significantly less money? Gwa???

      • As far as Kreider and Deangelo for Parayko… Yes, it would probably take that.

        Kreider has a little more NHL experience than Kapanens 11 minutes in the NHL.
        He’s never played with a Tavares or Mathews type center….

        All that being said… would I do Chytl and Deangelo for Parayko? Where do I sign up?

        But…. then again, NY isn’t looking to win now or the near future. So they’re not making that deal.

      • @ NYR4LIFE

        Iam not sure what Iam dreaming about !!

        What Ive stated ..is that I probably would not even give up Kapanen for Parayko as I feel that Kappy is much more valuable to the Leafs right now than Parayko would be …so you got it all wrong !!! Smartass !!!

      • Kal El: You’re neglecting the whole supply and demand side of the NHL. It is way easier to get a scoring winger than a top 4D. Parayko is at worst a 3D on a good team and is on a good contract. He would easily be Toronto’s 2nd best defenseman.

        You’re also overvaluing Kapanen. He is a really good young forward, but this is the only year he has put up these numbers and he happens to have an elite 1C dishing him the puck. I doubt he gets that production without Matthews or Tavares type centers.

        Lastly, Kapanen, Liljegren and a 1st is less than what Ottawa got for Karlsson when Karlsson only had one year left on the deal. Tierney is a 2-3C on a great contract, Demelo has been a solid top 4D on a great contract, Norris and Balcers are high end prospects and they got a minimum of one 1st and one 2nd round pick. Parayko is obviously not Karlsson, but having 3 years left on a good value contract ups his value significantly. St. Louis may need to add a little bit back (ex. 2nd round pick, B prospect) to complete the trade, but it is close.

      • Kal el,

        Is Stamkos a franchise player. Yes in probably every market outside of a handful. Is he in Tampa? No , not any longer. Tampa fans are already concerned about losing a guy like Point .

        When is the last time Stamkos lead this team on points in the regular season or playoffs? Que the jeopardy theme……

        Fans are concerned with his health, and the fact that this team would still be a contender without him. 2016 they went 7 in the ecf’s with Pittsburgh…. remind me how many games Stamkos played? Que the jeopardy theme…..

        But what would I know? I only live with and around Tampa fans while you read on….

      • Here is another schooling for ya… Stamkos doesn’t play with Kucherov other than the pp….

        Stamkos plays with Palat, Gourde, and Kucherov plays with Point and Johnson…. this is nothing new….

        So … did you want to continue on with how little you know about Tampa? Or are we good here?

      • Kal El, you’re taking it on the chin here and I don’t mean to pile on.
        I was commenting on the not trading Kapanen straight up for Parayko part of the conversation.
        With regards to the B’s comparison. Debrusk and Kapanen – a stretch but OK, but I favor Debrusk as he has proven it for longer, but close.
        Carlo and Lilegren? One is a proven NHL D-man logging over 20 minutes a night in the top 4 for a guy who hasn’t even proven to be an NHL regular yet. A better comparison is Zboril and Lilegren.
        So would I trade Zboril, Debrusk and a first for Parayko? If the B’s were deep up front and needed NHL D right now? yes I would. But the opposite is true, they need help up front and if they didn’t have all their D men hurt they would be fine on the blue line.

      • Shticky and the rest, there is something that many of you have either not remembered or are not aware of – Liligren, going into his draft year was ranked a top three prospect. He missed a month of his draft year with mono and I assume the recovery after that took sometime as he played in his draft year. Mark Hunter was ecstatic being able to draft him as low as they got him. I don’t see him as an option for Parayko. I’m not suggesting Parayko isn’t worth alot, cause he is. I’m just suggesting Liligren won’t be one of the pieces offered and if that deal lands on another team because of it, so be it.

      • prospects are just that Trekkie prospects, look at the flyers or the Panthers with cant miss D prospects or too an extent the Pens. D prospects have been known to be a bit of a work in progress Lillgren could work out to be that guy but there is no saying for sure, so a prospect a bottom 10 pick and an RFA who is on pace for his first 10+ goal season is what you would take for a top pair D? 88 games 20 goals (yes I know he has played less minutes but comparing Kapanen to Nylander and coming up with Kapanen is their 2nd best winger is short sighted and a little nutty Andreas Johnsson actually has better numbers and ppg than Kapanen he better than Nylander too?) I don’t care about the mono or where he was drafted, its not equal value, especially if the Blues were to wait it out there would be better offers. Just because guys go on runs it dosent make them suddenly worth so much more. Kappanen has been great but lets not get carried away one he will need a contract aswell as Nylander did and 2 its an awful small sample size that he has so far this year and how many “good young wingers” are out there that have numbers comparable to 88 NHL Games played 20 goal 12 assists for a whopping 32 points (its almost the same as Johnsson 37 GP 9 goals 7 assits 16 points in 37 or 32 in 88? That’s not much of an offer for Pietro Angelo or Parayko.

      • “Let the record show that the defense is making the drinky,drinky sign”.
        C’mon Superman, all of that silliness was before lunch today.🍻🥂🍺🍸🍹
        Just because you say “FYI” and “just so you know”, doesn’t make it fact or even close to fact for that matter.

      • What are you smoking , l know it’s legeal in Canada but comon man your Leaf bashing needs to STOP ! Funny last year the Hockey News had Nylander 10 th best young player under the age of 23 in the NHL, yea of course we would have much rather had him signed and playing from game 1. Give the kid some time to the mid season pace the game is played at now !

      • Blues fan here. Kal, Parayko for Kapanen alone will never happen. Kapanen is definitely a nice player, but with Pietrangelo out, Parayko is now getting #1 minutes and he looks like a different player. I’m convinced the Blues will definitely NOT trade him at this point, but if they do, it will have to be a huge return. I personally think Pietrangelo is the one on the block, and Toronto is the perfect destination for him – his hometown, childhood friends with Tavares, and Babcock has gushed about him in the past.

    • Sabres already did a huge favor to Blues by taking cap back with Berglund and Svokta. Huge favor.

    • Sabres need a 2nd line center. No way they take on Kane’s contract and expedite the Hawk’s rebuilding process.

  2. Flyers are a dumptster fire. Comcast needs to gut the team and start with Holmgren and move down. This once proud franchise has become a joke.

    • Agree

    • Schitcy, you’re one of the few Leaf fans on this board who’s opinion I respect and I knew that response from you was coming. By no means am I suggesting I’m right, just my opinion.

      I’m prepared to do Sandin as part of the package but not Liligren. You and I can circle back on this guy in 3 years (defensemen take awhile) and we’ll see how that turns out. Ultimately it’s up to Dubas to see how badly he wants Parayko. You and I agree it will take alot, I’m of the opinion to leave Liligren out of the equation.

  3. Someone really values Patrick Kane
    Could probably do better than Kane for that package
    Surprised the hockey news didnt add Ristolainen as a throw in to get Seabrook to

    • Ha Ha, well said, and I don’t like complimenting Hab fans.

  4. Hakstol=dead man walking. I’ll bet Flyers brass have been asking/interviewing about availability of many potential coaches. Not sure what to expect from Fletcher. He hired Boudreau. He’ll look probably for a proven NHL guy (Tippett? AV?)

    • Vincois, Tippett has given every indication that he enjoys his new Seattle job and isn’t leaving it to coach again, even in Seattle.
      Can’t blame him, change is good.

      • Well said Ray, Tippett is firmly entrenched in the Emerald city for the foreseeable future.

      • Happy to see a fellow Sasky boy do well.

      • I’m with ya Ray, Moose Jaw man myself, born and raised before moving on.

        How about you?

      • Humboldt boy.
        Went to tech school in Moose Jaw though, had a good time there. mid 80’s, I’m old.

  5. One thing I think we all know, when following your local media team, it’s very apparent that most of them no little about any team outside of their division and simply forget about it when it comes to the other conference.
    Which in context makes sense because they cover their own team 24-7 with little time to pay attention to what and who is doing things elsewhere.

  6. To avoid boosting trade, players should play a minimum season game to be playoff available.

    • Were you in the Life of Brian?

      • That made me laugh harder than I probably should have.

  7. I was initially pleased with the Rangers return on McDonagh before you realize he would be the #1 D on half the teams in the league

    • It still made/makes a lot of sense. Mcdonagh on a 8 year contract wasn’t fitting into their plans.

      Pretty pleased with Howden so far, the rest is yet to been seen.

      And apparently, they’ll be able to trade Howden for Parayko or Trouba in the future according to some here…. 😅

      • Howden and Lundkvist for #1 D time will tell. Maybe Miller for the not very good Names is what disappoints me…

        Either Blues Dman should return similar

      • They also got Namestikov and Hajek in that deal. Miller being involved I definitely would have liked to have seen Foote or Sergachev in that deal. But….. I still think Mcdonagh wasn’t fitting into a rebuild.

        And it’s nice to see Mcdonagh shutting the pie holes of all those who believed he was overrated. He was always a great dman, but wasn’t exactly given the luxury or opportunity to show his offensive side in NY.

  8. Kal El you lose your debate when you say Kapanen for Parayko is a fair trade.
    You also said Kapanen is more important to the leafs at this point then a player like Parayko.
    The leafs biggest weakness is on defense, and they need a top pairing dman to help, if you think that Kapanen alone can bring that then you should jump all over it. But to say Kapanen is more important then a top 4 dman, then I don’t know how to debate that with you because it’s obvious you have a strong opinion on Kappy. So wouldn’t matter who the return was even a Victor Hedman wouldn’t do the trick or would he.

  9. I think the Leafs should be offering Kadri & a third level defenseman…..maybe Zaitsev for a 2nd level D (but one without dominant traits than existing Leaf D man) and a 3 rd level centre who is not a scorer but a digger, backchecke and a banger.They have too many alike players.

    I would be approaching D dominated teams who need scoring or LA and Blues….who need to make changes sooner rather than later….

    I don’t have an idea who is fair value from the other teams as I don’t watch them that often.

    Also don’t think it is common for one team to out trade another team. On these boards fans think and sometimes it is true. Not that often tough.

    • little poor writing there…sorry Grammar Hammers

  10. To MTL: Parayko (will be amazing beside Weber)

    To Saint-Louis: Petry, Lindgren, Armia or Hudon, 2nd rnder 2019

    Honestly, I would consider it if I was both teams. Even if Mtl is giving alot

    • Someone is giving a first.

      • Id say and if I was Armstrong its gonna be an earlier first than 25-30 overall unless the prospect is a cant miss top 10 in the league type prospect, otherwise its just more spare parts for a top pairing D.

        Bad teams don’t get better making deals like this one or these ones proposed between the Leafs and Blues by some of us Leaf fans here.

        The money doesn’t work either way for either team (unless the Blues were absolutely insane and took a contract back) the prospect is too young or green to say for sure he is the nugget in the deal, the pick is late and Kapanen is at best a gamble that could end up with a bigger contract than either of the 2 D going back the other way in a deal, it is so up in the air that I just cant see it being even close to enough. Never say never but, doesn’t make sense to me.

    • They wouldn’t be playing beside each other . Much like he doesn’t play alongside Pietrangelo… both rh shots, Rh dmen….

      Unless you ask Some who believe Pietrangelo and Parayko have been playing on the same line for years….

      Like Stamkos playing with Kucherov….😂

  11. Wow
    Just getting to read the posts of today, now. Some heated banter.

    Re: Parayko. I’ve wanted him in a Pens or Leafs jersey for a long time. I truly believe he is the real deal and I do see him as top 2 D for Canada at the next Olympics.

    He would be a great addition to any team but this is a big move. I do not see this move prior to the trade freeze in the next couple of days. At trade deadline it would be more likely.

    In the summer I advocated for a big multi-player/asset swap whose principals were Kessel and Parayko. I also advocated for a trade with lesser extra players/pics that had WW and Parayko as the key players in the deal.

    GMKD did , IMHO, a big disservice to the Leafs organization and the fans by signing WW to that contract. He should have traded him off-season. He still could have traded him early season but once Nov came around the skewed Cap hit started to parse back on the available dance partners.
    By the second week in Nov I was convinced (and remain convinced) that he should have sat WW for the year. Leafs were doing fine offensively. He was not needed this year. I was (and remain) convinced that Leafs will not vie for cup in June of ’19….. too many hurdles and too much additions needed (read D upgrade) that would be tricky in-year via trades.

    Re: Market value for Parayko. I’m blinded and jaded when it comes to Parayko as I’ve already professed my undying love for this guy. That said, market value is set by two GMs who agree on a price. Who is a motivated seller and how “greedy” are you for the services of a coveted athlete. I’m very motivated to get him but very wary of letting Kappy go.

    I wish a deal could have been worked out before this season in a WW and Parayko swap (other assets involved). St L at the time had no foresight (as with the rest of the league) that they would plummet into the abyss. That trade was not going to happen.

    If (and I’m hoping and praying) Parayko is still a Blue at year-end…. GMKD should easily be able to swing a deal including WW the day after his signing bonus is paid (paid on 1/7).

    Now… Kappy + Liljegren + 1st for Parayko. I’m sure that is truly what Armstrong feels is the value. Is it fair— because GMKD backed himself into a corner with the WW deal; has now shown he will capitulate under pressure and does not have the upper hand in the deal—- he may (to my discontent) sign-off on this… hence then making it a “fair market deal”. Ouch.

    I don’t want to lose Kappy at all. Leafs were producing fine w/o WW and with Kappy up on the big lines. Kappy , IMO , will not cost the contract that WW got; so the available Cap is better under a move of WW for Parayko off-season and Leafs would have the offense they had 3 weeks ago and a premiere (IMO) top 2 D.

    Trading Kappy ++ for Parayko in-year, IMO does not put them over the top to win the cup now….just looking at the Winn/TBay game of last night has convinced me even more of that now.
    So that trade would (1) not get them the cup this year and (2) more importantly, still have them in cap crunch hell with AM and MM signing plus what they are already committed to for other big contracts.

    The only way I would move on my coveted Parayko by giving up the troika of Kappy, Lilgegren + 1st is if I’m absolutely sure that Tbay or Boston is likely getting him if I don’t. That move would set them (Bos/Tbay) up in the out-years where Leafs window is (IMO).

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get Parayko off-season; sell WW; and gear towards a couple of cups over the window of ’20-‘26

    ….. Uhhhh …. My other offer….. JJ for Parayko, Armstrong holds back 50% of Parayko’s sal….. do I hear Supertramp “dreamer” on in the background—- Yowzer!!!!

  12. could we have hockey facts that help to bring rumors to reality.

    • I don’t understand 😶