NHL Rumor Mill – December 4, 2018

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Will new Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher shake things up with trades? Are the Kings still shopping for help? Get the latest in your NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: John Boruk reports new Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher will be closely monitoring head coach Dave Hakstol’s performance to determine if a change needs to be made behind the bench. He also wants to address the Flyers’ goaltending and defensive play and will start by looking at internal solutions.

What moves will Philadelphia Flyers new GM Chuck Fletcher make this season? (Photo via NHL.com)

Boruk also believes Fletcher sounds like he’s open to in-season trades, pointing out the new GM cited the club has “nine draft picks this year” as well as salary-cap space to use as possible trade chips.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Donnellon notes Fletcher was never afraid to make significant moves during his tenure with the Wild, including out-biddings several clubs in 2012 to sign Zach Parise and Ryan Suter via free agency.

Donnellon also noted Flyers chairman Dave Scott noted Fletcher’s predecessor compiled a stockpile of draft picks and prospects, which could be used “by a less intransigent GM to accelerate the “two to three more years timeline’’ Scott had been recently given by Hextall, amid the latest bout of bad play by the Flyers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fletcher will want to take some time to assess the roster before he starts swinging some deals. If the goal is to “accelerate the timeline”, some of those draft picks, prospects, and salary-cap space will be used over the next year to bring in more immediate help.

Cap Friendly indicates the Flyers have $31.9 million invested in 11 players for 2019-20, with Wayne Simmonds, Michael Raffl, and Michal Neuvirth as their notable unrestricted free agents and Ivan Provorov, Travis Konecny, Scott Laughton, and Travis Sanheim their noteworthy restricted free agents. Assuming Simmonds, Raffl and Neuvirth won’t be back, they’ll have plenty of cap space to re-sign their key RFAs and perhaps make a big splash or two in next summer’s trade and free agent pools.

If the Flyers don’t improve in the coming weeks, Fletcher could become a seller at the trade deadline to prepare the ground for bigger moves in the offseason. In that scenario, Simmonds could be packaged with a draft pick or prospect to land a promising youngster. If Fletcher’s looking to add, he could dangle some picks and prospects at clubs looking to shed some salary. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cited Elliotte Friedman’s Nov. 30th appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 discussing the possibility of more significant changes coming for the Los Angeles Kings. He believes they’re still looking in the trade market. Last month, the Kings shipped left wing Tanner Pearson to the Pittsburgh Penguins for left wing Carl Hagelin, who’s now sidelined with a sprained knee. 

THE ATHLETIC: Lisa Dillman reports Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick appears to be quickly rounding back into form after missing most of this season to injury. She notes there are short- and long-term implications.

On the one hand, Quick could be their best chance for saving the season. On the other, if they’re too far out of contention by the trade deadline, she wonders if he might become a trade chip, as the better he plays the greater his trade value. She also notes the Kings were pleased by the play of Jack Campbell and Cal Petersen during Quick’s absence. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Kings shop Quick he’ll attract plenty of interest from rival clubs. Cap Friendly indicates he lacks no-trade protection on his contract and carries a reasonable $5.8-million annual cap hit through 2022-23. However, he also has an injury history, frequently missing considerable time with groin, knee, and lower-body injuries. 

One can’t rule out the possibility of the Kings trading Quick but I don’t think they’re ready to go down that road yet. As Dillman notes, he could be their best chance of salvaging this season. Even if they fail to reach the playoffs, I still don’t see them moving Quick at the deadline or the offseason. 



  1. Quick and philly seems a match made in heaven

    • Chrisms

      Good one ….. yes that would be prudent for Fletcher to persue

      What’s the ask?

    • FLYERS

      Fletcher loves to make deals …he has always come with a knack to make a very decent quality top tier trade and make it work in a very tight cap situation …he has also been able to do very well at negotiating contracts to the better of the team concept with players …It will be very interesting to see what he pulls of first !

      If I was him …Id look to trade for Dubnyk right away …he has been struggling and Stalock has looked really good …Wild can clear some cap in that deal and move on ..and I think Dubnyk can settle that position down for this season and next and help the young D men coming up play better around him.!

      Much easier deal to make without having to ship out a major asset in a J. Quick trade that would cost you double the assets going out..

      SECOND …Id put to sleep the Wayne Simmonds fiasco and just trade him for the best deal you can get and move on from that situation to clear that out and use that as the sign things are going to change around here …just get the best deal and or assets you can …he should not be resigned buy Philly …he has taken a real big step back ..time to move on for a faster younger winger.

      See if the Jackets would like Voracek for Panarin and a winger prospect and try real hard to sign Panarin.
      If Panarin does not sign you cleared good cap ( suggestion will not be popular here )

      Then move out Goudas and Weis to contenders looking for depth and grit …and look forward to the draft !


      Iam not so sure that the Kings are willing to give up on Quick ..after Kopitar and Doughty Quick is the 3rd best player on that team..sure injuries have plagued him the last few years but in a rebuild you need a solid Goalie to keep things going in the right direction and if you push Cal Peterson to the fore front he will need Quick as a learning tool in his succession…It would really have to be something you could not turn away!

      Where as forward you have 12 and defense you you have 6 to 7 …Legit # 1 goalies you only have 1…its not like they are growing on trees as the league seems to know right now.
      When on his game Quick in my opinion is a top 5 goalie in the league…Kings need to get faster and younger in top 6 roll…they have a very decent D core that can survive a rebuild with up and comer Kyle Clague …but its top 9 is terrible especially down the middle and its depth ..just too slow as the 200 foot game is now the NEW NHL for all 4 lines !

      Really happy for Leivo …hope he does well in Van …leafs screwed him around for 8 years …good luck Josh he should do really well there with a young team !

      • Kal El

        Absolute bang on re JQ being Kings 3rd best asset

        However something has to be done .,.. and if it a big move now that pays off down the road … then maybe JQ had to go

        Chrisms pointed out a good fit/desire for him in Phi. Phi certainly needs a goalie of substance

        I see your point re Duubby in Phi but it’s a higher gamble for Fletcher now as Duuby’s performance has slid a fair deal recently

        Yes re Leivo …Leafs did not treat him well … highly similar (shorter time-frame) for Spring in Pitt

        I don’t know anything about Pettersson but I would have thought a Leivo-Spring Flip would have been a better return for both teams

        I wish Leivo all the best … don’t think Leafs acquisition is likely to ever play for Leafs

        I also wish Sprong good luck; and hope that Petersson is a solid fit in Pens

        I think Jackets would love Voracjek (sp) and prospect for Panarin (I really don’t think they’ll be able to re-sign Panarin in Clb); but that would be a big gamble for Fletcher … how likely will he be able to sign him? My gut is telling me that the Breadman will be residing in NYC next year and therefore will play with NYR or NYI or NJ …, with my current belief that NYR is the most likely
        Heading to meetings now so will be out of the posts for most of the day

      • Friggin auto-correct

        Sprong not Spring

      • I don’t see a Voracek / Columbus reunion in the future. And I definitely can’t see Columbus adding to that deal with Panarin going the other way. Why not just pay Panarin instead of taking on Voracek at his 8.25 and 6 years? Panarin is 2 years younger. And even on an 8 year deal he’d be the same age as Voracek and the contracts end.

    • He’d get there and immediately strain a groin stepping off the aircraft.

      • Ugggggg ( sigh ) …Geroge O

        I expect better from you …lol

      • hahaha good one George, I bet he’d still be better than Anderson!

    • Bang on Chris, Lombardi is still with the Flyers in an advisory role too. NO one knows what Quick can do for a team more than him.

  2. I have a brain embolism

    I know this is not mentioned here but the trade by GMJR (Sprong for Pettersson [no – not that one] ) has given me a major headache

    Trading your top prospect ( who I believe was completely miss-played and miss-managed) just to bump Chad Ruhweedel down the depth chart (probably to waive him); is pure nuts.

    I feel like it,s the scene from Apocolypse now with a bloated Marlon Brando, shaved head, middle of the jungle in 120 degree temps…”oh the horror”

    If he had to trade Sprong he could have parlayed him with another player for a better return… throw in JJ and the 2 of them get a better D back at less $’s

    This better be a pre-emptory move ….now that he has an extra D …. perhaps GMJR is thinking of moving another D with Rust for a winger upgrade… Rust/JJ for Tiffoli?

    GMJR won’t move JJ … should but won’t . If he figures Pettersson can slot in regularly, perhaps he thinks he can move Maata???

    If he’s moving a D it better be JJ orMaata … all other D moves would further the insanity

    Oh the Horror

    This better be a pre-emptory bigger

    • Should have mentioned that GMJR could have called GMKD and swapped for Leivo …. both teams would have received a substantially better return in trade

      Oh the Horror

      • Adding JJ to that deal certainly isn’t adding value, it’s deflating value.

      • Nyr4Life

        So true

        JJ is deflating the value of the entire NHL … LOL

        Maata&Rust for Tiffoli …??? Ur thoughts?

      • From a cap perspective it doesn’t work for LA. La would have to move Muzzin, Martinez or Forbort to make this happen.

        Currently they have Doughty, Forbort, Muzzin, Martinez and Phaneuf under contract for at least this year and next.

      • @ Pengy…

        Love Toffoli …but that is a slight over payment …Plus I dont see the Kings needing Matta …AT ALL!

        They have a quality young D man they have been grooming in Kyle Clague …

        I think Rutheford is done for now …IMO

        He used a non roster player to upgrade his D who will get serious Icetime.

        Not sure there is a big market for Matta looking around the league …

        If I was Pitt …maybe see if you could pry Julius Honka for Matta out of Dallas

        Cheers 🙂

      • Pengy, don’t take this the wrong way, but could you possibly start spelling out names here instead of abbrev. and nicknames only you have for players. Nothing personal as I enjoy everyone’s opinions here. Just hard to follow sometimes.

      • I would love to see JJ gone by any means possible. But he was signed to appease Sid as they are good friends and wanted to play together. So unless he falls apart to the point where you literally can’t roster the guy in good conscience anymore, he is probably sticking around.

    • Jj term makes him unmovable. I’m excited to see Pettersson. Sprong had his chance to impress and failed to do so.

      • Chrisms

        JJ’s play makes him untradeable …. LOL

        Don’t know anything on Petersson so any info appreciated 🙂

        Re Sprong . I must disagree here.

        I don’t believe he did get his chance to impress

        They played him almost entirely with ploddders and laggards

        The times they did shoot him up the line-up he was much much more of an impact

        There must have been some sort of rift between him and Sully as he was consistently in the press box even after good performances

        Fingers crossed on Petterson ; and again maybe this is a small move to set up a bigger one …. Maata + Rust for winger upgrade?

        Should have swapped Sprong-Leivo …. better return for both teams IMO

        Riikola has been impressing me a lot lately and The Big Rig has played very well all year

        Dumo and Letang are untouchable IMO

        …., so if he won’t move JJ… it’s got to be Maata

      • I’m not a Sprong expert, and have only watched him play a handful of times. Only once live. To me it is just another example of a young guy who hasn’t been able to earn the trust of his coach, or in other words earn his ice time.
        The Pens are trying to win hockey games, not do what Sprong wants. Same debate is going on in Edmonton with Puljujarvi and how he should be playing with McDavid, or RNH on the top 2 lines. No, the NHL is not a developmental league the AHL is. Play better and the coach will put you were you are the most benefit to the team, he has every reason to do so.
        Perhaps Sprong, JP and the countless others who have been in the same situation simply can’t perform at a top 6 NHL level, and are either not capable or are unwilling to adjust their game to play in a bottom 6 role and be a value to the team.
        There are exceptions but IMO this almost always falls on the player. Play better and you will play more.

      • Ok. Term and play. Fair point. If sprong was top 6 talent he’d of shown it even with bottom 6 players.

    • @ NYR4LIFE

      Iam going on the assumption…that Panarin wants nothing to do with Columbus …and he will be asking for 11 million plus Iam sure ….sorry to put a possible wrinkle in the Rangers getting him in a post ..LMFAO ! 🙂

      In Voracek ..you would be able to fill his void with relatively the same production for 3 million less

  3. Pettersson is only 22 and 38 th overall selection . What would Striker say.
    You can never have enough defence and I think a good deal. Plus player and defensive .

    Move Quick Quickly and the Fyers or Islanders or Blues make good sense. Cal Peterson looked good against the Flames last Friday and is the future.

    • SilverSeven

      I like Chrisms idea of Fletcher perusing Quick

      What’s the return?

      • I dont think Philly has the pieces for a trade for Quick …IMO

        AT BEST …Sanhiem, Konecny and an early second round pick.

      • Kal, no chance pulls that in. The last goalie to get anything of substance was Schneider and he netted a first. That was used to select Horvat so Vancouver hit a home run there.
        Don’t get me wrong, Quick is awesome, but is there a more inconsistent roster spot than the goalie? Price, Holtby and others a terrible all of a sudden and Varlamov is Vezina caliber? Its such a sh*t show

      • @ Taz…

        Any other 2 time Stanley Cup goalies up for grabs????

        Top 5 in the world ??


      • @ TaZ

        There is no other 2 time Stanley Cup goalie around with a locked in contract
        ( half of Carey Prices ) I may add …LOL and is top 5 goalie in the world !

        he will COMMAND THAT RTURN …if those are not the pieces or similar on ANY team ..you just do not make the deal !

        Qucik is almost irreplaceable and has HUGE value ..IMO …and the goalie depth chart is really low !

      • Goalies don’t garner that big a return. If he was traded it would be for a prospect and pick at best. Myers and a 2nd?

  4. Voracek for Panarin? Have you seen Voracek play recently? He is an anchor in the worst sense!

    • I’d take him if the Flyers retain part of his salary.

    • @ jon mcgill

      I really have to disagree with you here …sorry…I respect your hatred of Voraeck , however.

      I love how guys after a bad spout in the league are just cast away and they all of a sudden…. JUST SUCK …just like that …LMAO .

      Voracek over the last few years in Philly has been a real high quality player and in some cases over his tenure there …had to carry that team when Giroux and Cotourier were hurt for VERY LENGTHY periods of time …

      While the whole team is not doing well …he is a top echelon player when he has quality surroundings and the entire team is moving forward well…very high quality talent in the right space and time !

      As I said in brackets ..lol
      ( not going to be very favorable suggestion here ) LOL…but one that I think could replace Panarin in quality time and minutes and produce for about 2 to 3 million less than what Panarin will be asking for !

      • You think Panarin will be seeking 10.25-11.50 per?
        I’d imagine that real number is more than likely going to fall around 8.5 ( which is pretty much Voraceks deal ) to 9.5.

        I don’t see any team giving him 10+.
        While Voracek is a solid guy, I’d take Panarin over him. Voracek had some underwhelming years considering he’s paycheck.

      • His paycheck! Not he’s!

      • @ NYRFORLIFE

        I think with this Nylander situation and this contract by Panarin has to be a home run…he will be asking at least $11 million per and settle for $10 …YES !

        I think Panarin ends up with $10 million per on his next deal …absolutely ! ..100%

        The cap is going up and top end talent is taking advantage right now …you will see !

      • So Voracek is where you draw the line. Weren’t you just saying the same for Jeff Carter, less than 2 years after he scored over 30 goals?

      • @ Canadian King

        Glad you remembered that post ..I like Jeff Carter …but in LA moving forward not good anymore…good contract but he is 1 year removed from retirement !

        And NO Voracek is not where I draw the line…I tried to go in better depth of what I was saying …so let me start again !

        If Columbus is going to loose Panarin for nothing …which they will becuase he will not resign there 100% …

        The Flyers have the Cap space ( lots ) to sign a guy like Panarin
        (even with Voracek )

        When Panarin leaves you will be loosing out on a perennial 70 point producer …

        Voracek has been the same point producer.

        Voracek over 5 years has 360 ponts to Panarin in 4 yeasr at 260 points.

        In short …there are not many guys that may be had for that kind of production…Philly may be open for business and the Jackets need to fill that point loss…and one player that I am merely suggestion at a locked in contract with term and money for those quality points is Voracek …I dont see anyone else who has that point production that could be available or a team that would like to maybe move on …is all Iam saying !

        It gives the Jackets security in point production …

        and it gives Philly an option to get Panarin into the fold and negotiate as they have tehehuge cap space to do so ..if they can not retain Panarin then they sell him of and at best they cleared 8 million off the books and look to the draft and UFA class in the rebuild

      • Last 5 years Voracek has 344 points averaging 68 per.

        Panarin hasn’t played 4 years yet… this is his 4th. His last 3 years he has 233 points averaging 77 per.

        Voracek over his career of 10 years has averaged just a hair over 57 per.

        I haven’t included this years production from either player.
        However, it would seem Panarin is off to a much better career than Voracek.

      • If there was a chance Philly could sign Panarin…

        Still believe CBJ retain Panarin unless his agent agrees to sign longterm with team in a trade.

    • looked pretty good in that pens game…

  5. Just out of Curiosty …..who on a managaeable contract is going to replace Panarins points when he leaves ….and HE IS GOING TO LEAVE!

    Voracek has solid numbers and has almost been lock and step with Panarin last few years …gesssshhh …come on ..obviouslsy Panarin is younger but the Jackets need to fill a BIG hole and Philly may want to move on it would be a win win….really.

    Jackets recoup an asset and gives Philly a chance at negotiating …they have the Cap space to do so out of only a few teams !

    IaM NOT suggesting they are equal players ..Voracek is older …but it helps the Jackets keep the points they will be missing from Panarin moving on and they will need to fill a lot of points an Voracek has been producing almost the same points year by year !


      I think with this Nylander situation this contract by Panarin has to be a home run…

      he will be asking at least $11 million per and settle for $10 …YES !

      I think Panarin ends up with $10 million per on his next deal …absolutely ! ..100%

      at the least $9.5 minimum…

      The cap is going up and top end talent is taking advantage right now …you will see…thats what its going to cost for Panarin !

      • @ NYR4life

        You think that Panarin is going to sign to be the franchise player of the Blue shirts for less than 9 million per …I dont think so??

      • I agree Kal, Panarin will be close to 9M. 8.5M would be lower end. I’d say 9M give or take 500K

      • I didn’t even say he was signing in Ny. And I put his tag at 8.5-9.5 per.

        Does NY need a “franchise “ player at this stage of a rebuild? Do they already have one with all of these picks and prospects they’ve been stockpiling?

        I’d love to see the guy in NY. But my gut tells me he won’t end up there.

        And I certainly don’t want to see him in NY with a price tag bigger than Kucherovs deal.

      • I don’t think Columbus has an issue giving him the money. Panarin made it pretty clear that he’s just not sure he wants to stay in the boonies. Jackets have cap space and would only be bumping up 3-5 mil to keep him. I agree with NY4 that I can’t see him getting 11m. Kucherov extension starts next year at 9.5 and he’s 2 years younger. Big question will be will he settle for a 5/6 year deal. 9.5 for 6 years?

      • Agreed slick.
        Kucherov is by far much better than Panarin. This isn’t even close. There will be some that say “look at who he plays with”
        My answer is REALLY watch this guy to see who drives his line. 42 points in 28 games already! That man is a monster!

  6. @ Slick 82

    Kucherov is NOT the franchise player Stamkos is ..

    if the Blue shirts sign Panarin …i hate to say this but it does come with a franchise player tag on it …sorry its just that way !

    I really think he will get $10 million IMO in New York

    he will be the most coveted UFA and the cap is going up and a team who is in a rebuild will PAY!!

    • As everyone here knows , I’m also a lighting fan.

      Stamkos is the franchise player? In what way? Kucherov has lead in scoring for this team for 3 years and counting. With the emergence of Point, Gourde, Kucherov and Having a guy like Hedman around… I’m not even sure Stamkos will be in Tampa in 3-4 years from now.

      My son and most die hard lighting fans would be insulted by calling Stamkos the franchise player. Lmao

      • @ NYR4life

        Iam going to take that in jest …

        Your not serious ..Stamkos is NOT the Franchise player in Tampa …really??

        You do realize that Stammer took wayyy less than he could have got elsewhere …so that they OTHER Franchise players you are eluding too could get paid and be there !

      • @ NYR4life

        Iam going to take that in jest …

        Your not serious ..Stamkos is NOT the Franchise player in Tampa …really??

        You do realize that Stammer took wayyy less than he could have got elsewhere ( i.e ) Leafs …so that they OTHER Franchise players you are eluding too could get paid and be there !

      • A lot of players have taken a discount to stay in Tampa. What do you think Hedman would have commanded on the open market?

        Taking a discount is great, but that doesn’t necessarily make you the franchise player.

        I said Kucherov has lead this team in scoring for the past 3 years…. my bad it’s the last 4, and we’ll on his way to doing it again this year…

        Sorry, I live among Tampa fans….and not many would go along with that. 4-5 years ago? Okay… no question.

        Today, Not so much. In fact, most fans are starting to wonder if Stamkos will be getting in the way of retaining other players.

      • Kucherov is all world. Stamkos is all world shot.
        Kucherov is top tier and Stamkos is tier2.

        Kucherov controls the play-Stammer waits for the puck.

      • Right now they’re not playing together. Stamkos is on the 1st line with Palat and Gourde.
        And Point is centering Johnson and Kucherov.

        That could change next week, they like to bounce lines around .

      • Kal, I appreciate the fire but your assessments are always so off.
        Re Quick trade – you can’t just set the market to what you think is Quick’s worth. Its a business guided by market price.
        Quick is injury prone, thats not due to luck – it’s his style of play which is uber aggressive. These things add up

        Re: Lightening. Stamkos is NOT the franchise player, Kucherov is the face of that team and currently Stamkos isn’t even the best at his own position on that team. This isn’t a dig at Stammer

      • Right now point is the franchise player. Duh

    • I can think of 20 or so teams he could go to and instantly BE that franchise player. All of which is to say, TB looks pretty good.

      • OOOOpppppssss
        Sorry 🙁

        dbl post ..lost internet connection..

        Driving into Buffalo …to Leafs game …looking forward to seeing the NEW Sabres as well…

        should be a good one..one of the absolute best buildings to watch an NHL hockey game in is in Buffalo …ESPECIALLY when Leafs are in town ..ITS INSANE!!
        Puts the Scotia Bank Center to shame.
        Always a good crowd in Buffalo …would go to watch any game not just Leafs.

        Would love to see a game in Tampa as well ….


      • Right on, George, the Bolts probably have the best lineup in the league. If they are healthy, they are the team to beat.

  7. Having read the various posts above, it seems they are off topic..Since Chuck Flectcher’s father’s is a Leaf consultant….

    The topic today is clearly about the Leafs…

    Therefore, I would say………………………

  8. who are the Leafs going to pursue, now that Nylander is signed.
    The cap will be out of “wack” next season, a significant change will be made.
    As for this season-they have a very favourable chance of perhaps, a cup, without cap issues, but… and BUT…. WHERE does that significant “piece” come into play, as per a stay at home defenseman, in order to go deep into the playoffs, as we all know, it’s a “MUST” !!!
    Who do they sacrifice to accomodate such a move …..

    • Unlike this year next year, Horton will go on the LTIR and maybe Marleau retires. That will give them some wiggle room and hopefully the cap takes a big jump due to the online gambling revenue. Maybe nobody has to be sacrificed because of the Nylander signing.

      • I don’t think marleau retirement helps next year. Unless the leafs honey dip his contract and find a cap floor team A la datsyuck

      • You are correct, Marleau retires , the Leafs still have his cap hit. The problem with trading him is that ntc…. I don’t see him waiving it to ride off into the Arizona sunset. And I can’t think of many teams that would be willing to absorb his cap hit.

        The bottom cap teams like Carolina, have their own players to deal with.
        And The reason he’s in Toronto today and not San Jose is because Sjs refusal to give him a 3 year deal instead of a 2 year deal. So I don’t see SJ making a welcome back retirement party for him.

        Toronto will more than likely have to deal around him.

      • Yes, they`ll have to trade the contract if Marleau retires. Package a pick or a prospect with it or trade his contract to a team for a contract they can buy out. It can be done, teams like Carolina and Ottawa may still need help getting to the min. If Marleau retires the nmc doesn`t apply anymore

  9. Franchise player and best player aren’t always the same. Being a Wings fan there was never any question about Steve Yzerman being the Franchise player even in his last season when he was playing 4th line detail.
    Stamkos is clearly the face of Tampa and will be until he retires or chooses to leave, thus he is the Franchise player.

    • I only live here, what would I know?

  10. Quick is great when healthy, but goalies just do not have the trade value other positions have. That’s reality.

    Not a snowballs chance in hell they move Sanheim even by himself in that trade.