Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 2, 2018

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The fallout from the Leafs re-signing William Nylander and the latest on the Flyers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

Despite his new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, some pundits feel William Nylander could eventually be traded. (Photo via NHL Images)


TORONTO SUN: In the wake of the Maple Leafs re-signing William Nylander to a six-year, $41.7-million contract, Steve Simmons believes they “will be almost certain to have $40 million invested in John Tavares, Nylander and the eventual signings of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner — which will represent almost half of their salary cap in the coming seasons.”

He points out Nylander will be earning more than Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon, Boston’s David Pastrnak, Winnipeg’s Mark Scheifele, Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau, and Florida Aleksander Barkov. That’s a lot of money for a player “yet to show he is anywhere near the player that MacKinnon, Pastrnak, Scheifele or Barkov happen to be.”

Simmons points out a good portion of Nylander’s actual salary, including two large bonuses, will be paid within the first two seasons. If the winger fails to measure up in years three through five, the Leafs can trade him without restrictions, as the limited no-trade clause only comes into effect in the final season of the deal.

Simmons also believes the Nylander signing and the new contracts due for Matthews and Marner means the Leafs have no room to re-sign defenseman Jake Gardiner, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. “Memo to Jake Gardiner: Start planning your free agency. Your team can’t afford you anymore.” If Ron Hainsey (also a UFA in July) isn’t re-signed, the Leafs will have to repair one-third of their blueline next summer.

THE ATHLETIC: In an in-depth analysis assessing the aftermath of the Nylander deal, James Mirtle examined the potential long-term salary-cap implications for the Leafs. Estimating the new long-term deals for Matthews and Marner could come to within a combined $20-million range, he calculates they’ll have around $72 million invested in just 14 players for 2019-20. Assuming an $84-million salary-cap ceiling next season, that won’t leave much cap space to re-sign other pending free agents such as Gardiner, Hainsey, Kasperi Kapanen, and Andreas Johnsson, which could bring about a roster shuffle.

If the Leafs pass on Gardiner, Mirtle feels they can easily afford to re-sign the others. If they ink Gardiner for around $6 million per season, other players will have to go to make room. He doubts they’ll move Patrick Marleau, who has a year remaining on his contract, suggesting Nikita Zaitsev or Connor Brown could be traded in a salary-dumping deal while leaving the non-Matthews/Marner RFAs like Kapanen and Johnsson facing bridge contracts.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen points out the Leafs can still trade Nylander, and it’s probably easier now that he’s finally under contract. Given the hardball negotiations on both sides, he suggests “it seems likely Nylander will eventually be moved.” 

Allen wonders if Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk might be a good fit, though he has only another year remaining on his contract. Minnesota Wild blueliner Matt Dumba might be a better option. While the Wild would be reluctant to part with Dumba, Allen feels they could use a young marquee forward.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports Leafs management had no interest in trading Nylander during the contract standoff. He feels that’s unlikely to change now that he’s finally signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the Leafs now have a projected $56.275 million invested in 12 players for 2019-20. The new deals for Matthews and Marner will be very expensive, perhaps pushing that cap payroll to $78 million for just 14 players. Even if we assume Mirtle’s lower figure, the Leafs still won’t have much money to work with.

Some have pointed out the Leafs will get some cap relief by once again placing the all-but-retired Nathan Horton ($5.3 million) on injured reserve, but they can only do that at the start of the season, not during the offseason. They are allowed to go over the cap ceiling by seven percent during the summer but must be cap compliant when the season begins.

Perhaps the Leafs can find a taker for Horton’s cap hit by packaging a top prospect or a promising young player in the deal. Whatever they do, somebody’s going to have to move to find sufficient cap room, and it will affect their overall roster depth, most likely on defense.

Even if the Leafs re-sign Gardiner, they’ll have to replace Hainsey, and the problem is compounded if they can find a taker for Zaitsev, which might not be easy given his $4.5-million annual cap hit through 2023-24. That’s why the Nylander trade speculation will probably resurface next summer. I’m not saying he will be traded, but we certainly can’t dismiss that possibility. 


BOSTON GLOBE: Assessing the Philadelphia Flyers’ recent management shakeup, Kevin Paul Dupont suggests whoever comes in as their new general manager will have to find a bona fide starting goaltender. He suggests bringing back Sergei Bobrovsky, who’s a pending UFA with the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

NBC SPORTS: John Boruk reports the first order of business for the new Flyers GM will be addressing the status of pending UFA winger Wayne Simmonds. Now-former Flyers GM Ron Hextall said he spoke with Simmonds’ agent but the two sides were far apart on a contract extension. It’s believed Simmonds wants to remain with the Flyers but prefers a long-term contract. 

PHILLY.COM’s Sam Carchidi believes Flyers winger Travis Konecny will benefit from Toronto Maple Leafs winger William Nylander’s new contract.  “TK is 21 and has scored 42 career goals. He is an RFA after this season. Nylander is 22 and has 48 career goals and will have a $6.9M cap hit after this season. So there’s that for the Flyers’ next GM.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Former Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is still considered the front-runner for the Flyers’ post, though the club has reportedly spoken with Columbus Blue Jackets assistant GM Bill Zito and sought permission to speak with Anaheim Ducks consultant (and former Leafs GM) Dave Nonis. Whoever gets the job is expected to be more aggressive than Hextall in addressing the club’s immediate needs. 



  1. Not a Leafs fan, but have to say , Nylander probably got slightly more than he’s worth. I don’t blame Leafs for paying him. Seems like they have a good young core that would keep them competitive for years. Salaries are rising, so the fact he got more than all those other guys you listed has more to do with timing than anything. Given he’s only 22, he’ll probably be a good value in years to come. I find it comical that with all the young studs that you knew had to get paid, they went out and signed JT. I don’t think you blame Nylander for cap crunch when you went and tied up 11M to a 28 year old. Seems like they got a little impatient. Tavares does increase their odds of winning, but if he doesn’t bring a Cup to Toronto in next few years, we’ll….

    • Last post on Nylander….not sure how Leafs will address a SOFT D core come playoff time …its just not enough ..hate to say !

      I hope Dubas did not burn bridges on any real potential deals that really could have upgraded them and now those teams are pisssed and will not come back to the table in an alternate deal!

      How the Flyers are EVEN interested in Dave Nonis is absolutely beyond comprehension …him and Burke screwed the Leafs during there tenure and then Nonis drove the spike into the heart of the organization on own after Burke was fired..A complete moron!
      I hope for Flyers fans he does not get the NOD in ANY capacity!

      If the Flyers sign Bobs that will eat almost all the cap they just saved …they are in no position to putt all there eggs in that basket ..Iam a huge Bobs fan and believe he should get paid the big bucks { close } to Carey Price money …but this may not be the team that is the best fit….he would be a pure rental and for no reason as teh Flyers are not in any playoff race to need him at this point.
      Off season discussions at best …but it would be up to Bobs …and if I were Bobs Id sign in Vancouver ..they have an unreal core moving forward where he would be much more involved in the better outcome !

      Topic of discussion

      that may eclipse Nylander is what the heck is Eric Karlsson going to get …I think his value has dropped …which was something I had been pounding during his situation here on my posts ..I was always of the belief that he was in a down turn and when his production dried up that he would be sore spot in a core D due to his lack luster D zone play…if he was in that $11 million range ..I dont think hes worth that money anymore moving forward.
      HUGE RISK …IMO Ive stated in the past and still do .


      • It could be worse for the Flyers Kal El if they consider John Ferguson Jr.!

      • Disagree regarding the Leafs NEEDING a D. The NHL hasn’t really seen an offence this stacked since Gretzky’s Oilers, or Lemieux and Crosby’s Pens. Those teams did fine in the playoffs. If D is si important, why aren’t Hedman, Subban , Burns, Karlsson, and Doughty winning any recent Cups?

      • Thank you!

        Really do hope this is the last Nylander post or post about the Queafs!

        Less of course when Anderson and Reilly get hurt for the year and they are in a big pickle!

      • I agree. The more I see Eric play the more his value plummets. He’ll be lucky to get 8mil per season. IMO.
        Total bust.

  2. All these players contracts that Simmonds are at least 2 years old with more term and we’re actually a bigger % of teams cap at the time than than Nylander is now. The majority of those guys have over a 6.25 mill cap hit on a cap in the low 70 mill range Willy will be 6.9 at a cap of nearly 80and likely 84 after this season. If you look at the contracts and when they were signed it’s no different than comparing those players Simmonds mentioned against players in the same position signing contracts years previous to them. a 6.9 cap hit against an 80 mill cap is cheaper than 6.5 contract against a cap of 73 mill. Instead of comparing their salaries why not compare the cap when they signed the contracts those players ate all generally around 9% of the cap in year 2 Nylanders hit is a little less than that going forward and a lot cheaper than that in terms of actual money

    • Your comment about the percentage on the cap makes sense except for two things. The point made in the article about whether Nylander is as good as any of those players and the second point is that those players are arguably the best players on their teams whereas Nylander is the possibly the fifth best player on the Leafs. Admittedly you are not going to get the Leafs’ best players for 6.9 million but given the cost, it is a high price to pay for Nylander and straps them down the road.

      • By July 1st next year 21 mill of Nylanders 6 year deal at 42 mill is paid. What’s left owing to the others who have just as much time left on their deals? The Leafs are using financial advantage and the hit is inflated to make it a very easy contract and likely an easier contract to move than those other guys too if needed that’s the point, sure those guys contracts are less hit it doesn’t mean signing guys giving them 8 years and 3 or 4 years of NTC makes their contracts Soo much better it’s not the case at all how good does a contract like Nylanders look to an owner when 4 years of a 6 year deal is 5.5 mill? It’s less than SCHEIFELE at over 6 or MacKinnon the reason for the hit is bonus money to lower actual salary comparing the players based on saying he isn’t as good as A B or C isn’t really the case the contracts are structured different signed at different times and in actual salary if the Leafs were to trade him he is not going to cost the team he gets traded to anywhere near the salary of MacKinnon or SCHEIFELE 19 mill of 42 of it is gone by July how much money are owed on those others going forward? More than 20 some million bucks over 5 years?

      • SCHEIFELE is owed over 32 mill after July first it’s nearly 5 mill more than Nylander is owed over the same time in actual money the Leafs just are paying the bonus money up front the hit is gonna matter to a team as much as the salary especially when the cap is expected to grow at a faster rate. Yes Sheifele is likely the better player he also got a 49 million dollar deal as compared to 42 mill and has more term more stability more say in where he is dealt to and gets more salary spread over a longer period. The hit is almost irrelevant.

      • MacKinnon 6.3 per contract was signed when the cap was 71 mill going to 73 it at the time was 8.8 % Nylander 6.9 is 8.7% in year one and will likely fall to around 8.2 in year 2 while we n year 2 MacKinnon was 8.6 again with alot more owed in actual salary the players that are being compared to Nylander despite haveing lower hits are really only structured different it’s like comparing the cost of gas today to the cost of gas 3 years ago it’s not as easy as saying but look what player A makes different time,term and different structure effects the cap hit.

      • It’s an overpay for a soft winger that had inflated numbers with Matthews.
        Look at Kapanen, fringe bottom 6 nhl player on pace for 5 million lol.

        You don’t play rfas you want to resign with the matthews or the mcdavids of the league.

        Think Draisaitl would have got 8.5 running his own line?

        But last year was last year and the leafs needed to give their fans playoffs, even if it was 6 games as that fan base has been starved for a winner! Lol except for the marlies can’t forget bout the big win last year boys! Be the only cup ever presented at the ACC in the next 400 years!

    • All that reasoned analysis in the blurb above aside, the bottom line is, they are clearly in a “win now” mode and why not? As HockeyisLife notes below, that often maligned D (by me included) is playing surprisingly well in front of Andersen who has also shown he’s in a total groove. And, so far anyway, Sparks has shown he can relieve here and there without falling apart.

      And this from someone who has spent the past 52 years quite happy with the fact that they could never win again (why is a long story related to where I grew up in the Ottawa region – Eastview – now Vanier – and predominantly French where wearing a Leafs jersey could get you killed in those days).

      Besides, I have a grandson and daughter-in-law in Scarborough who are die-hard Leafs fans and I think it’s time they got rewarded.

  3. To all those who keep saying the Leafs need an upgrade in D, the Leafs are right now 5th in GA, and first in goal differential. The need to upgrade is very much overblown. As well the Leafs have been drafting nothing but D the last few drafts, (With their higher picks anyways), so they have options in the pipeline.
    Am I the only one who thinks this Nylander deal was totally orchestrated between him and the club as a way to manipulate the cap to both the team and the players advantage, a la Connor Brown last year ? With that in mind don’t be surprised to see a Marner or Matthews holdout next season until at least the 2nd day, (allowing Horton to go on the LT injury list) or even to Dec. 1st allowing for another cap manipulation that we just saw with Nylander. The player misses 25 games, but doesn’t get injured, the team doesn’t overly suffer in the points race, and the player gets paid, and the team gets a better long term cap hit to work with. I totally can see that happening.
    I just wish the Leafs were more honest with themselves last year and had not given up a 2nd for Plekenac, and had traded JVR for picks. (And not given up a 2nd for Boyle the year before). The pipeline would for sure be looking better right now if that was the case.
    And hey, how good is Ian Scott looking in jr. right now !

    • @ Hockeyislife

      In regards to your D man comment …its not that the Leafs have poor Defense per say ..its that they have soft Defense 100%…point in case ..Vegas last year got away with a power house front end but when exposed by the Capitals and the size and strength of the Caps and teams like them they had a hard time.
      And Vegas had a pretty solid D core…but the Caps were just to heavy !

      Leafs have a lot of quality puck movers in the minors …Liljergen and Sandin to be exact ..but they have very litte size and skill…Borgman Rosen and Holl ..whom I wish were getting some NHL time as they deserve it over Zaitsev and Ozighainov ,

      Right now the Leafs are playing in the O ZONE A LOT!! …the D side in teh playoff are going to have a hard time wearing a team down ..I dont think they can with that core at all !

      I have to say I am starting to feel bad for non Leaf fans who are looking to talk something else here …as a huge Leafs fan Iam actually getting tired of it and would rather talk other teams …but ca la vie ..

      • OldBlueDog summed up that Leafs-talk predominance pretty well yesterday. If they continue to do well the positive Leafs talk will persist – if they fall apart the negative Leafs talk will persist – c’est la vie indeed!

        I, for one who is not a Leafs fan, have no problem with any of the Leafs players. In fact I really like watching guys like Matthews, Marner, Rielly and, yes, Nylander and am grudgingly getting more respect for the play of Andersen. It’s the self-centred Toronto-centric media that drives me up the wall.

      • This is where I’m at George.
        I’ve always hated the Leafs and Habs growing up, and for the last couple of decades I’ve pitied them more than hated them.
        Now, I find myself watching them as much as I can.
        I love good, exciting hockey, regardless of who’s playing, and all of the Canadian teams are providing that right now.
        It’s a great time to be a hockey fan.

      • Can’t say you’re wrong vis a vis the “soft” statement. When push comes to shove, the Leafs are hard pressed to do either. That said, the idea is to just avoid it, get to the puck first, and move it up and play in the O-Zone. I think the soft play shows up in the number of shots allowed, mind you lots of those shots are perimeter shots. The Leafs are about 4th in the league in Corsi high danger shots allowed per game, and Andersen is 58 out of 64 goalies in distance per shot on net. So, the Leafs are doing a good job on team defence keeping high danger shots to a minimum, let their goalie see the puck, and focus on the speed of the counter attack. However, in a short series, the best laid plans…….. lol.

    • agree with the last paragraph completely …a major strategic error by Leafs management…if it was Babcock pressure that caused that needs to be something senior management needs to prevent in out years…

      • And with Lou now gone, ….. maybe that was a reason he is gone ?? Jus sayin 😉
        I will be interested in seeing if Marner or Matthews will be sitting out training camp next season to accommodate Horton going on the DL. I think Marleau plays next season, he is so healthy I find it hard to believe the Leafs would find a way to send him to Robidas Island.

        Cap manipulation is the new name of the game, isn’t that why the two asst. GM’s of Toronto were hired ? I still think that the Nylander deal was pre-ordained. Everyone is so happy, there doesn’t seem to be not even a tinge of bitterness or anger amongst the participants.
        Time will tell folks.

    • Great insights on your post’s’ friend and I am in agreement with all of it.

  4. As soon as he signed,I heard Willy packed his bags and jumped on the first cruise ship home to Toronto.

    • Hoo – now there’s a subtle dig!

  5. A few things that I’ve observed recently. First Nylander gets $42M after scoring 48 goals over his 3 year ELC. This works out to nearly $1m per goal. Is this the new standard moving forward? Paying a player a very large sum of money after a long dispute may be a dangerous precedent for the Leafs and I’m sure there are many other GM’s crying in their coffee this morning. Secondly, I can’t imagine how the Leafs will be able to move Nathon Horton’s $5.3M annual contract because it is not insured; therefore, the acquiring team must pay the full amount. I don’t think there has been a situation like this yet. Finally I hear a lot about possible sign and trade contracts and I can’t think of this ever happening in the NHL. There are possibly some contracts that were traded a year later but I don’t remember any right after signing.

    • Muckler traded Marian Hossa to Atlanta the same day he signed him to a long-term deal – for Dany Heatly

      • Think the main point here is, like you said George they are all in and they will not be trading Nylander this season at anyrate anyway maybe if they wiff again In the playoffs they could consider it but thats still not likely till after July 1st when that becomes a very favourable contract to move (if Nylander continue s to put up good numbers which with this line up looks like a pretty decent bet). Also if they do end up being in the position of having to move some of the players they have now due to having too much talent to afford it’s only gonna help restock the cupboards in the long run, it’s a good position to be in and some of that media coverage you mention seems to be ignoring or not really mentioning that part, just the whole sky is falling routine that seems to follow the team. Of all the problems and garbage this team has gone through the last half century having a great group of lots of young talent and what are we gonna do with it all should be the last of their worries

      • LOL. Yeah. An analogy would be a miser clutching wads of high-denomination notes lamenting about the fact there is no more available shelves to stack them.

  6. I would say that the Horton contract is untradeable. The reason is that the contract is not insured. Meaning teams that need to hit the cap floor would have no interest as they have to payout actual cash, not just cap dollars.

  7. Say what you want, the leafs are in a better position in all areas, offense, defense, goaltending, prospects and management in along time. Time to sit back and enjoy.

    • Say what you want about the leafs but their still losers, and are the Cleveland browns of the NHL.

      Cheers to another 50 boys least they got the Marlies and Matthews for the rest of this season!

      • Hey Twin not sure if you’re paying attention to time but despite having alot of really good young players over the years the last Oiler cup was nearl 30 years ago aswell and despite having guys like having guys like Hall McDavid and all those other high picks, it doesn’t look like there is another coming anytime soon (didn’t make the playoffs with the (best player in the game last year?) If the Leafs are the Browns what’s that make the Oilers? Oh that’s right the Oilers are just being the Oilers

      • There was 6 teams in the 60s. The oilers have won 5 cups in under 50 years.

        Next contestant please!

      • Twin it’s time you got a life ! Give credit where credit is due the Leaf organization is on the way up . A plan has been set in place and we will see the success or demise of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the next 10 years . As a Leaf fan l am excited for our team, so Buckle Up it should be fun and exciting time for Leaf Nation .

      • Twin is absolutely right. They have been losers for the past 50 years. How’s that rebuild coming along in Edmonton btw?

      • Well FD it’s been going on for about 28 seasons and with just 1 or 2 more top 10 picks to go along with the 4 first over all picks they have had over the past decade and hordes of top 10s I’m sure they will turn it around any day now

      • Look shticky is talking to his other personality! Lmao the leafs rebuild has been half a century and they still aren’t contenders! Anyone who thinks the defense is ok when they’re constantly giving up 40 shots a game has no idea what they’re talking about! Anderson will get wore down yet again and the soft forwards will skate away from the puck lik3 they did against the bruins last year

      • In calling a team “losers” what is your cut-off in order to label a team that way? Here is the list of teams that haven’t won in 10 years or more – where do the “losers” start to kick in?

        Toronto – 51 years
        St. Louis – 50 years
        Vanc – 48 years
        Wpg-Ariz – 36 years
        Pha – 43 years
        NYI – 35 years
        Atl/Cgy – 29 years
        Edm – 28 years
        SJ – 27 years
        Ottawa (modern) – 26 years
        Florida – 25 years
        Montreal – 25 years
        NYR – 24 years
        Nash – 20 years
        Atl/Wpg – 19 years
        Minn/Dallas – 18 years
        Min Wild – 18 years
        Columbus – 18 years
        Colorado – 17 years
        NJ – 15 years
        TB – 14 years
        N.E.;Hart/Car – 12 years
        Anaheim – 11 years
        Detroit – 10 years

  8. when the leafs once again get eliminated in round 1, and finally realize they need defence and have no money signing both marner and or Matthews may not be the priority.

    Either that or having luxuries such as kardri, kappanenen, Marleau, ect.

    I hope they don’t trade all their prospects at the deadline cause it looks rather apparent that with 8 roster spots and 8 milion in cap space that 8 rookies will need to be plugged in somewheres lol.

    Sitting back it will be funny to see them s**t the bed this year too. Cheers to at least another 50 years leafs fans!

    Least the marlins gave yas a championship in Toronto that will tide yas over for another generation

    • Felt bad about that for you twin you get the best player in the game and have to watch the Leafs in the playoffs cause your team still stinks must be rough lol and you had watch the Devil’s too? No wonder your so bitter

      • You comment about the Oilers last cup almost 30 years ago but they went to the finals in the 2000s. If they didn’t hire a piece of crap for a gm they wouldn’t be far off from going again.

      • Since the Oilers last won a cup how many playoff appearance? I admit the Leafs have been crap but since the Oiler last cup the Leafs have made the playoffs more than the Oilers so if the Leafs are so terrible what does that make the Oilers? Yes it’s been terrible but let’s not get carried away the Oilers have been just as bad and easy to argue just as if not more irrelevant for the last 30 years with better draft position so what does that say? Wanna dance around and point fingers screaming about how bad someone else is? Take a look in the mirror that’s not exactly a great record either 30 years or 50 it’s been decades since either was good and if anything the team that he is screaming about how terrible their history has been has made the playoffs more than the Oilers have over the past 28 seasons so who’s worse?

    • Twin, you must be in great shape if you run like his mouth. When it comes to the Leafs you can hate them, envy them or rate them … but the bottom line is, the Oilers ain’t them for the foreseeable future.

      • I’m just stating the facts. Ask your granparents about the last cup parade in Toronto… and we’re not talking about the blue jays or marlies.

        Let’s all remember this post not just when the first round is over but when the leafs go another 50….

        You guys need to sober up it’s sunday afternoon somewhere!

        I am sorry tho, I’d hate to bring everyone back to reality…. for all I know maybe the leafs make the big trade and win a round or 2 this spring… Jesus when was the last time they won a round? We’re any of you guys old enough to remember? Google it and get back to me

      • My grandparents?? Well, since I’m 80 that would be around the time the Senators were a powerhouse in the NHL and winning lots of cups. So, I won’t be remembering squat 50 years from now. You might, if you’re lucky.

        As for the Leafs, in 2003-4 they lost in round 2 and the year before in round 3. The Oilers lost in the finals in 2005-06 and after that they went 10 straight years of no playoffs before losing in round 2 in 2016-17. Then, out again last year and with no better than an outside chance of making it in this year. They might if Vegas and/or SJ continue to sputter and Hitchcock maintains his strict team discipline mode. But really, with the way both teams are structured up front, on D and in goal, do you expect the Oilers to be more successful when the dust clears than the Leafs?

        All this comes from someone who is a “fan” or neither – but that doesn’t stop me from looking at things objectively. So, tell me (as I asked elsewhere) which team do you see as fundamentally – and I stress fundamentally – stronger than the Leafs right now (and this has to include Nylander’s firepower added) from top to bottom with no flaws that can be exploited?

      • For the record nothing in lyle’s post has any reference to the Oilers.

        Please try and stay within the realm of today’s agenda folks.

        Also, with all respect to the Toronto Maple Leafs, and their 50 plus year cup drout ( being one of the longest in pro sports) everything mentioned on here is true.

        It dates back way before the current lead management took over, and long before cap management was an issue.

        The leafs will have some searious cap issues after this year as Lyle and everyone else has referenced.

        You guys have gone way off track, this post is supposed to be about what the TML have now that they signed their 7th best player and that they will have 74 million invested in just 14 players.

      • Well, if we’re looking at the relative success of the two teams in more recent history, let’s go back to the turn of the Millennium and compare the two in terms of how much joy they brought to their respective fan bases by looking at their records in total for the 17 years to date (no 2004-15 season and the shortened seasons)

        Toronto – 653 wins 549 losses 160 OT/SO for 1568 points to go with 7 playoff appearances and 11 rounds

        Edmonton – 587 wins 610 losses 168 OT/SO for 1342 points to go with 4 playoff appearances and 8 rounds

        From this fan’s perspective,

        Ottawa – 704 wins 499 losses 160 OT/So for 1568 points to go with 12 playoff appearances and 22 rounds

      • DON’T

      • FEED

      • O

      • K

    • No offence but I’ll take winning the Calder cup last year over winning a draft lottery 4 times in 10 years.

      • The cherry on the cheese cake is that 2 of the 4 first overall picks were later deemed problems but yeah Leaf the Leafs GM is an issue

      • Good job boys a Toronto based hockey team won a championship in the last 50 years. My apologies.

        Golf clap!

      • Where is Edmonton anyway? Does anyone really care.

      • Shticky is really trying to win an argument he has both personalities going in the same thread hey FD(shticky)

      • If the Oilers win another draft lottery they will have as many first over all picks in a decade as they do cups in their history not sure their history is the same as it used to be either whole decade of top 10 picks with 4 first overall sorry but you don’t think that’s way worse than signing Nylander to 6.9? Getta hold of yourself

    • Habs won last night….so here comes big bear. When they lose we dont see him for days. You Leaf lover!

      • Hey Shticky…grab me a beer on the way back from the fridge will ya?

      • Wouldn’t you just grab it………DUUUUH

      • Doesn’t that mean you will just grab it?

      • *opens FD a pint of Clifford’s stout° (delish btw) Cheers my friend!

      • You guys know you`ve reached celebrate status when both bb and twin are coming after you. And careful the mariners now have an agent according to bb. The price of fish and chips will go through the roof now

      • hey it’s yogi, how about nylander cap hit you were so far off of! Lol you need stop trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about you dumb dumb person

      • Hey, bb still crying yourself to sleep I see. How could I be off I never predicted what Nylander would sign for? How`s the mariner’s contract talks going, guess we`ll all have to pay more for fish. Nice to see you respond to bb now. You are entertaining I`ll say that, keep up the good work.

    • The TROLLS!

      • Lol fine I’ll stop.

      • But its so cute the way they run around making ng those slurpy noises

  9. This and one more season for Horton. Same for Marleau.

    I still maintain the Flyers are a good trading partner. Holmgren would need to make the deal.

    • Ya know what bigbear, be a good lad and grab us (me) one instead.

      • Ok, me too… Wait who am I?

      • Lyle would you get rid of this fukn moron! I haven’t wrote one comment on here today

  10. I agree with the general concept that teams are going to have have problems related to young guys coming off their ELC getting big money while guys with more years who are better or more valuable getting less….A prime example now would be Nylander a 6.9 million vs Rielly ate 5.5.There will be many examples within the year. I have no idea how the Leafs or anyone else will deal with that.

    I think the Leafs have built in some flexibility that they may be able to use as it relates the cap and future signings.

    After a bonus in July Marleau”s actual cash will be low (?under 2 mil?)..At some time next year or so almost 50% of Nylander’s cash will be paid out so he will be attractive to teams with cash issues but desires to do well. The Horton contract will be hard to move but it may be moveable. The cost to the Leafs probably prohibitive but possible.

    I like the NYlander signing but I think he or someone else will end up leaving because of it. Why I like is after the signing they have control of who may may be traded to and whether to hold back some money to make the trade better. They will also know who they are getting back and presumably, it should fit a need.

    If you are a Leaf fan you need to hope they can make some progress, or get some success before the piper must be paid.

    • That last line pretty well sums up the way the game has evolved with the cap and all Old Blue Dog. Look around the league right now and try and pick out one team that is clearly heads and shoulders above the Leafs in terms of balance of firepower and defense. There aren’t any. They sit 2nd overall just a point back of TRB and have the best goal-differential by far (+ 28). And that firepower is only going to get stronger now.

      • Just add a luxury tax next cba and we all move on:)

      • Thanks, George, love the article. And, for setting a pro sport record for lockouts – no one does lockouts like Gary – he is enshrined in the Hall of Fame. What a guy!

  11. George: doesn’t the pendulum always swing too far…years ago when I watched my first game in the 6 team league….the players were treated like chattel..with a clown like Ballard having almost absolute rights and managers like Eddie Shore and Punch Imlach could be arbitrary as hell .

    Now the players have a great deal of rights…and it can be frustrating and hurtful to fans like aspects of the recent Nylander fiasco

    But my thoughts….the trend is correct and I would rather the rights and power in the hands of the players than ownership…not saying it is equal…just more so

    Also the hard cap pushes more evenness between the teams….which makes for better TV…where I now watch most of my hockey t

    Where I am going after this writing is 0 watch one my grandsons play…he is not AAA AA or anything like it…he only started enjoying it when his parents dropped him down two levels…and it is better hockey to this old dog as it comes with a smile