Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 9, 2018

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Are the Leafs pursuing Alex Pietrangelo? Could Auston Matthews be targeted for an offer sheet? Get the latest in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the struggling St. Louis Blues could face some difficult decisions regarding some of their core players. He notes defenseman Alex Pietrangelo has a year remaining on his contract ($6.5 million) and is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent in 2020. Despite a poor start to this season and a hand injury, he’s still highly regarded around the league as an elite defenseman.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly interested in St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (Photo via NHL Images).

Kypreos doesn’t think Blues general manager Doug Armstrong is shopping Pietrangelo but teams are making inquiries. He believes the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of them, suggesting perhaps the Leafs should try to see if they can get the Blues “to possibly bite on (Nikita) Zaitsev’s contract – which is owed another five years at $4.5 million.” Kypreos suggests if they can exchange right-shot defensemen, perhaps a package can be put together for Pietrangelo involving ” a draft pick, a prospect, and then the likes of a young, fast player for St. Louis in the likes of (Kasperi) Kapanen or (Andreas) Johnsson.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pietrangelo isn’t the only Blues defenseman garnering interest around the league, as the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports teams are calling about Colton Parayko, who’s signed through 2021-22 at an annual cap hit of $5.5 million. Armstrong is probably willing to consider all options but I don’t see him biting on Zaitsev as part of a return from the Leafs for Pietrangelo. If he did, that package also better contain Kapanen and either a top draft pick or top prospect. 


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports there’s a “widespread feeling within the industry” that Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews could become the rare player to be targeted by an offer sheet next summer. Matthews is in the final season of his entry-level contract and becomes a restricted free agent in July. Johnston reports there’s been no contract discussions of late between the Leafs and the Matthews camp. He feels the Leafs will have to decide one way or the other how this plays out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Two things to remember here. First. Matthews must be willing to sign an offer from another club. Just because he will be eligible next July to receive an offer sheet doesn’t mean he’ll be receptive. If he isn’t, an offer sheet is no threat to the Leafs.

Second, assuming a cap of $83 million for 2019-20, the Leafs could have over $26 million in cap space. That gives them more than enough room to match what would be a league-maximum $16.6 million per season offer.  Whoever makes that offer will have to hope the Leafs burn up a good chunk of that cap space before re-signing Matthews.

Granted, matching an offer sheet for Matthews could make it difficult for the Leafs to re-sign Mitch Marner and address their other free agents. Still, if the scenario presents itself, they’ll match a Matthews offer sheet and worry about the other free agents later. 


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos believes the Ottawa Senators will approach center Matt Duchene for a decision regarding his future plans. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. Kypreos said there was a feeling a few weeks ago that the two sides might be moving closer toward a contract extension but no numbers were exchanged. If he doesn’t intend to re-sign, Kypreos feels the Senators will need all the time they can to trade him before the February 25, 2019, deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There at least appears a willingness on Duchene’s part to consider staying in Ottawa. The Senators will have to compensate him well to make it happen, perhaps a seven- or eight-year deal worth over $8 million per season. It could come down to erratic team owner Eugene Melnyk’s willingness to pay that much (or more) to keep him. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports there are some teams looking and some teams looking to add in the NHL trade market. Among them include the Los Angeles Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, Minnesota Wild, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Chicago Blackhawks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman didn’t get into specifics other than to say those clubs had different reasons to be in the trade market. In my opinion, the Kings, Wild, Bruins and Penguins are still looking for offense while the Flyers, Blues and Panthers seek goaltending help. The Blues could also be looking for a defenseman, as could the Blackhawks. 


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Philadelphia Flyers have limited options to address their goaltending. He noted Columbus Blue Jackets netminder Sergei Bobrovsky has surfaced in the rumor mill. “It would be hard to believe the Jackets would trade him to a conference rival, but if the Jackets have no chance to sign him, then who knows?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible, but with the Blue Jackets jockeying with the Washington Capitals for first in the Metropolitan Division, I don’t see Bobrovsky going anywhere unless they tumble out of playoff contention by the trade deadline. 

Los Angeles Kings GM Rob Blake is believed working the phones looking for a deal before the Dec. 19 holiday trade freeze. He’s not happy with a lot of underachievers on his roster and nobody would be surprised if more changes are coming after moving Tanner Pearson to Pittsburgh last month. They’re getting lots of inquiries about forward Tyler Toffoli.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toffoli, 26, is a skilled two-way forward who’s exceeded 20 goals and 40 points three times in the previous four seasons, though his production is off that pace (five goals, 13 points in 31 games) this season. Still, if the Kings are looking to move him there would be considerable interest in his services. That being said, I don’t see Blake moving Toffoli unless he’s looking at doing a major roster rebuild. 

The Chicago Blackhawks are reportedly shopping blueliners Jan Rutta and Brandon Manning but the changes might not stop there. There’s talk center Artem Asimov is being discussed. He’s signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $4.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anisimov had a modified no-trade clause listing 10 teams he can be traded to. The Blackhawks might prefer waiting until next summer to move him, as his clause expires at season’s end. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins are playing better of late but GM Jim Rutherford is still believed shopping around for help.

Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon wouldn’t mind adding another defenseman as his club attempts to remain in the playoff chase.



  1. “Bite” on Zaitsev’s contract ???… there will be no “bite” on that contract because it will lead to a “choke” on that contract

    • WOW …lots to say today !! SORRY!!

      1st OFF –

      I have been pounding a few things as of late …one that Zaitsev is the worst contract the Leafs have for his play NOT WORTH IT !
      the year they signed him he was a MINUS 21 …Connor brown had 20 goals and gets half the contract just crazy !

      There have been 3 miss steps by the Leafs
      1 Signing Zaitsev…
      2 Trading for Plekanecs
      3 Not trading Nylander for more physical players when they had the chance.

      As I ve been posting A LOT lately ..the lack of physical play has really been exposed and become a major topic hence our conversations last week when I brought up the Lack of finishing check and not playing a heavy game…it seems as it is now a fore front issue as teams that are realising they can WILL THERE way to win against the smaller speedier teams can have results.

      Ive been pounding this scenario for months now…some teams who think they will get past the first round on running around the rink all game are not in reality…teams like the Caps Bruins and others are now finding success by wearing down teams and capitalizing on the chances they get when they come!

      SHOUT out to Caper …

      What an AMAZING goal by Hienen last night …World Class …just wow!
      As I said last week ..Leafs would not beat the Bruins even without the big 2 …cant do it!


      As Ive learned over the past 8 years posting here …ANY trade scenario is plausable ….there have been some head shakers …but I have really BIG doubt that Peiterangelo is in the sights of the Leafs and WHY IN THE WORLD would the Blues trade him …I cant say nonsense because you never know …but this is really far fetched !

      If I hear that the Leafs passed on Muzzin this would be ANOTHER miss step by the Leafs and very unfortunate!

      Stan Bowman has had a really hard time negotiating with players on contracts and is WAYYYYY to quick to trade players and not find ways to keep them in the mix….he is wayyy to trade happy….he has missed on many opportunities to try and bridge players but instead just gets rid of them instead for lesser players in a deal.

      I feel like they have spent the MINOR league assets & prospects they had over the last 5 years along with quality players just trying to jockey around the club each year …..almost a slow leak process !!

    • @Pengy, your thoughts on the Hyman hit? Personally it was late, and because McAvoy just got back after missing 20 games with a concussion I think it was dirty, but I don’t believe there will be any further discipline.

      • SHOUT out to Caper …

        What an AMAZING goal by Hienen last night …World Class …just wow!
        As I said last week ..Leafs would not beat the Bruins even without the big 2 …cant do it!

      • @ Caper

        Great goal by Hienen last night just amazing hands and a sweet goal ! WOW!

        Your worry about depth is all about patience at this point….some seasoning is all they need …they have a good minor system and the players they have brought up are fitting very nicely and contributing well.

      • He DID target the head. What’s good for the goose has to be good for the gander or else some will start charging that Toronto is getting “preferential” treatment.

      • Hi Caper

        Was out since this morning and just back.

        Re Hyman ….Late hit no doubt about it…. had he been a repeat offender …, this gets a stronger look and likely a suspension

        I believe it was a cheap shot but I’ve not seen him do a cheap shot like this before so I will give him the benefit of the doubt and call it a bonehead move that I hope he regrets

        Great game by Boston … could cave been 8-0 … our first two goals should not have been scored as there was a missed Leaf penalty , only seconds before; on both of those goals …. Bos would have had a PP instead of surrendering a goal

        With Kal El regarding playoff series (if it does match up) Leafs vs Bos …. if a fully healthy Leafs play like that (last night) against a depleted Bos team ; imagine what it will be like when Bos is back to full strength

        A move at TDL likely coming but I’d still rather Leafs look long term and make a big trade (WW) after signing bonuses are paid (1/7)

      • oh i see but it is okay for mcvoy to cross check marner into the boards

  2. Re:Offer sheet for AM… there will be no maybe.

    I’ve posted many many times … if he is not under contract by July 1st …. there will DEFINITELY be at least one offer sheet

    Offer sheets are very rare as GMs are worried that the same thing could happen to them.

    The ability to offer sheet a player is in the CBA to lend towards fair opportunities for all teams

    This opportunity will be taken by another team unless GMKD has him under contract

    There is only a required “match” of terms to keep if the player signs the offer sheet

    Why wouldn’t his agent at least council him to wait past Jul 1 just to be offered and then could waive the offer sheet at GMKD …. “this is my market value; come close and I’ll stay”

    Arz is dying at the turnstiles …. every penny they would offer AM over market value (to other teams) is way more than recouped in ticket sales as the hockey hero of the desert comes home

    …4 first round picks in compensation is nothing to a team that is young and has depth and MUST fill some more seats

    I would not be surprised at a 7 year $100 M contract being waived by Arz …. Leafs just can’t match that

    Kyle …. sharpen your pencil!

    • Pengy, seriously doubt that happens. Matthews won’t fill seats. Team winning is only way to build a fan base. Trust me, I’m a N’easter who lived in South Florida for 20 years. When team wins, everyone jumps on bandwagon. Guarantee you, most folks in desert have no idea who Matthews is.

      • Hi Slick

        You are absolutely bang in that winning fills seats

        If you add a player of his calibre w/o taking away any roster spots … more wins should be coming

        That said … hockey is entertainment and “new” customers are drawn to the spectacle and Marketing VPs make their way in this world by increasing sales through any means

        Setting aside any economic analysis…. which I could spout on for hours… in simplest terms … AM coming home will definitely spark interest and will definitely sell more seasons tickets …. the word gets out; they start winning … more sales

        It’s the proper investment to make

        There is no argument that in any market he is worth every penny of $11-12 M in how many points (and effectively then … wins ) he adds to the team … wins as you’ve said … means sales

        I would argue that starting in 19/20 … that his true market value should be $12…$12.5M

        4 first rounders (no loss to roster) definitely worth an offer of $12.5 for a player of that ilk

        For an absolute certainty …. every penny above $12.5 M that Arz would offer specifically for this home-town boy will lead to a minimum of additional 2 cents in revenue

        If AM was from any other place … from any other country … with what numbers he has put up and will put up …. if you have cap space… he’s worth the expense of giving up 4 non roster spots AND North of $12M to sign

        Arz is the exception in that they can ; from a pure business perspective; afford to invest in the $14M range for him…. definitely worth that investment

        Can Leafs match $14M …, cash wise they have buckets and buckets and buckets …. I don’t think they can match that Cap wise tho

        AM at $14 M on Leafs means at least 2 (and possibly 3) of

        Gardner, Kappy, WW, Kadri , Marner will be gone (just to be able to sign 23 spots and have some sort of D)

        ….. unless they can somehow move Marleau …. that might limit the loss to 1; but one of those 5 will be going regardless; if Leafs are hit with AM at $14M

        …. I’m having another embolism… LOL

        …. Leafs must get D upgrade …. please

      • Pengy, I just don’t see Toronto letting Matthews go, besides fact he probably wouldn’t sign elsewhere. They knew this situation was coming when they signed Tavares. It’s not like they brought JT in with an assumption they wouldn’t be able to keep Matthews. They’ll make it work by replacing mid level players with cheaper options. My guess is both Mariner and Mathews both get 8 year deals with the hope of lesser yearly cap hits for both.

      • You guys might be forgetting about the Seattle franchise bump to the salary cap. It could potentially go up 5-7 mill. That’s enough of an increase for the queefs to keep all of these forwards. Even with Sandin and Liljegren as ELC players that D is going to be suspect. And yes their team D is making up for it right now but the playoffs are a different animal. I think this has the makings for a very presentable regular season team that is going to get destroyed in the playoffs year after year unless they get some unexplainable PDO numbers and somehow role their way to a cup. Of course if the leafs do win the cup the entire universe will fall out of balance to the point where there is an epic mass extinction event. Or maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit.

      • Throw out your bone saws and you hairdryers because I’m about to blow your minds in a less invasive way. Pengy and Kal Al are the same person!!! Think about it, throw your reservations into the garbage compactor and think about the impossiblity of 2 people being so dam similar.

      • Slick

        Was out for the day and just back responding now

        I hope your right but I fear the worst (offer sheet accepted and Leafs can’t match ) … 4 first rounders good but that just pushes the “window” a bit possibly


      • Gretzky filled seats in LA before winning any games. In fa t, he never won a cup in LA, but still managed to bring several new franchises to the left coast.

    • So Matthews signs the offer sheet? Really, so the leafs match and he is forced to play on a team with way less talent.. It won’t happen. PART of the reason offer sheets don’t happen is bc the players wont sign them. So Matthews signs an offer sheet and ruins very chance of winning.. Will not happen.. He won’t sign

      • I just can’t see any responsible owner allowing their team to make a ridiculously high offer that Leafs couldn’t match. You don’t want to escalate salaries like that. Not good for league.

      • Not that long ago you could describe the Leafs as “a team with way less talent” – things change. Quickly.

      • Maybe he won’t sign to AZ for the reasons you state, but there are other teams that can pay him more than TO. He may very well sign one of those. Why is he not signed? His choice, or TO?

      • Sam

        Yes part of the reasons that the offer sheets fail is there are players that don’t/won’t sign them

        This is not a normal situation

        This is a power forward C; number one over-all; with great size and hands

        I’m not guaranteeing multiple offer sheets … I do think that’s a more than likely scenario

        What I do guarantee is that if Arz does not offer sheet Mathews ; they should be considered brain dead and are not only NOT considering the increased positive impact on the team and performance but are also NOT considering the financial gain from investing in this player

    • This is what the Center of the universe needs to understand. They have no cap space, teams won’t be doing them any favours and that they have to go all in this year as it’s the only chance they will have with the cap he’ll they are in.

      Maybe they should gut their prospect cupboards for a better chance next year as they will have the extra 4 first rounders coming from the big offer sheet.

      • Twin

        You are bang on with my greatest fear of what might happen to the Leafs

        Fingers crossed

  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the only team in the league that allows its star players to routinely get abused. Pens are really easy to play against, plus Mike Sullivan doesn’t believe in physical hockey. Ask Ryan Reaves … forget secondary scoring, Pens need some jam and truculence.

    • Hi Ed

      Yep…As a whole ; yes the team is less physical …. but Jamie O will (and has) stepped in when needed

      Teams needing at least one pugilist on the roster every night is now a thing if the past and fights are becoming more and more rare

      That said … I think a team benefits from having a “stiff competitor” /”more rugged” player-type in the line-up

      That’s in the here and now … things are changing tho


    • I think we should send a 1st round pick for a fourth line forward who can “dance”. That’ll do the trick

      • Chrisms

        Only if they can dance the Chalston 😂😂😂

      • Chrism, don’t understand your judgment of lack of toughness. Don’t need a person who can dance but you certainly need a player or two who will make other accountable for their actions.
        If you don’t think team toughness exist anymore please refer to the Stanley Cup champion no one was pushing them around.
        But hey good on you for not wanting anybody defending your star players.

      • I’ll take the two cups the pens had playing fast skilled hockey. The pens went out and got themselves a protector… worked out well for them last year!

        What I love is that despite all the debate about fighting to head shots to protecting our Stars is that all that is year by year being phased out. So no matter who I debate on the topic I know that what I want is happening no matter what. Despite its own efforts to stay a garage league that won’t use the rules and discipline to protect its stars thus creating the silly idea that players have to police themselves the nhl is moving towards respectability slowly but surely.

      • With the way the league is evolving, the optimal players will be those who combine a high skill level with a willingness to engage someone in a fight when needed. Ottawa and Calgary each have one in the Tkachuk brothers. Players of that ilk in the past were guys like Iginla, Sakik, Robinson.

        I think today there are more and more among the so-called “super-stars” who can tend to be sneaky dirty with two-handed slashes breaking fingers or ankles and then scream about “abuse” when someone targets THEM for a bit of payback. Can’t have it both way.

    • @ Ed vanimpe

      I really think that the trade to open up cap when Pitt made that late season trade ad had to get rid of Reaves was a nail in the coffin for the playoff run….they got beat down and it was noticeable …I know there are A LOT OF CROSBY HATERS….Iam not one of them ….BUT the abuse this guys has taken over his career as a league superstar and best player in the world is a situation that was NEVER addressed in Pitt and has cost Crosby MANY man games and years of play for that matter !!

      Mario Lemieux of all people with his crying about cross checking and abusive play should have known better and had players in place over the years to help Malkin and especially Crosby !!

      Crosby came in the league when it was still a BIG MANS game filled with goons…you will never see another superstar take more abuse than him …NEVER!!!

      • Great post I always say that Crosby is the most targeted athlete in history.

        Never seen any one go through the physical targeting he has started when I watchex him for Rimousix and hasnt let up in the pros.

      • Despite mountains of evidence that so called tough guys somehow discourage cheap shots being completely false people still buy this bologna.

      • Puck, I don’t know about “history” but you’re probably too young to have ever seen Rocket Richard in his heyday. You want to talk about abuse, those were the days when ANYTHING goes was the motto.

    • I have said this multiple times now but instead of calling up Wilson and Grant they should have brought up 6’5” Anthony Angelo who is leading WBS in goals scored and has a nasty steak. He could be the Pens version of Tom Wilson only with less dirty, apprehensible garbage. He has good hands and is a decent skater. He’s just not a 27 year old journeyman like the other 2, and that seems to be the type of player Sullivan is looking for, a similar player to what he was when he plaid. Sullivan is fastly becoming what Bylsma was when he was fired. A coach who lives and dies by playing players with experience but a low skill set. This is exactly the opposite of what he did when he was first hired.

  4. Would you move to Boston. NY, or Philly for an extra 16 million over 8 years? I would, and I think AM would as well.

    Not sure why he isn’t locked up already, there will be offer sheets and they will tempt him to move back to his native country.

    If TO matches, at least it will hurt a competitor that looks to dominate for a long time if they get to keep all their pieces.

    • AM may just do that, Boston and New York. I dont see him touching Philly with a ten foot hockey stick.

  5. Re: Pens GMJR possibly still looking for scoring….

    The addition of Petterson has provided D depth.

    They’ve been sitting Riikola … who IMO had Ben playing well; plus Shultz will eventually return

    This; as I see it; provides a more likely trade opportunity for Pens … that being moving out a D for a scoring winger

    The talk of moving Kessel is not going to happen …. I posted before that a trade of Phill last July might have been the most opportune time … trading him now is almost impossible to lead to a net gain in scoring and even if there was a miracle trade that somehow brought 2 wingers back for Phil (read “nyet”) …. it would have to be a multi multi player and multi team swap

    Rust …. what would he bring back???

    So …. if it’s a trade for scoring … it’s much more likely a D for a winger

    Letang, Dumo untouchable IMO

    Peterson just came … why would they flip him now … return would be akin to a Sprong type that they don’t give chances to

    Pens should NOT trade Oleksiak… great “bang” for the buck (sorry couldn’t resist the saying)

    For maniacal reasons only ; they won’t trade JJ….. pretty pretty please …. but they won’t

    I wouldn’t trade Rikkola … at that price it’s a greatcontract and he plays quite well IMO

    Chad Ruhweedel will get basically nothing in return

    …. so if I’m correct in assumptions above …. it’s Maata

    …. who are the teams that might take him; and what is the return ???

    • Does Pitt see themselves as contenders this year? Rangers most rumored player is Zuccarello. I think he’d be a great fit in Pitt, reuniting with his buddy Brasard. Rangers will absolutely want their 1st round pick, and would either have to retain salary or take back a contract. Sheehan is on a 1 year deal, so he’d be most likely candidate, as Zuc contract also expiring. Zuc+ 3rd for Sheehan+ 1st and 4th round picks. If I’m Rangers I do this ASAP, and hope Pitt collapses and misses playoffs. For Pitt, they add Rangers leading scorer over last few years and possibly spark a playoff run when Schultz returns.

      • @ Slick 62

        I think Pitt sees themselves as a contender every year …if you just barely make it into the playoffs ..and you have Crsoby Malkin Hornqvist, Letang with a decent supporting cast and quality goaltending you would be right there and on your way and make a go for it …teams know anything is possible when you make it into the playoffs…injuries can happen and luck and momentum are instant Karma and can be significant in winning a round…along with amazing talent.

      • Kal El. That’s my point. I think adding Zuc would help if they’re committed to a win now mentality. Especially if Shultz is full strength heading in to playoffs. Would they give up a 1st for Zuc? He’s one of the more offensively talented players available

  6. @ Slick…

    I have to admitt thats a really tough call…hes a quality player and finisher ..would pair up with either Malkin or Crosby well and can play throughout the line up on PP & PK …as he is a great skater.

    Id have to say this i guess….if you have a deal in place for Kessel and you know its a DONE DEAL …I make the trade for Zuccs to fill that roll BUT I am not iving up a first round pick in 2019 …it would have to be 2020 …this years draft is said to be very deep in teh first round

    Id start contract talks ASAP …give ZUCCS term at a lesser Cap AAV …but I only do that if I know I have a deal for Kessel waiting in the wings that will close to help with cap and what ever the return is there that you can recoup ..IF not I am keeping the first round pick as PITT really needs to start collecting some young players again through the draft !

    • Kal… back to my original question. Does Pitt see themselves as contenders? Trading for Zuc is a win now move. Not talking about keeping future assets. Trading Kessel would also be counter productive. My proposal gives back the Rangers 3rd round pick. Have to figure if Rangers have another sell off they’ll be picking at near the top of each round. Pitt you’d hope will be at end of each round. I added Sheehan as a bottom 6 guy that would free up 2 mil in cap space.

      • @ Slick ..

        Yes I d say Pitt sees themselves as contenders FOR SURE ..especially when healthy.

        Once again …I think the Zuccs deal would only happen if they have a trade for Kessel in play that can bring back a decent return …givig up the $6 and half million and then doing something by bringing in Zuccs …you will save money on the…get the same type of player per say for a playoff run and if he walks you will have $6.5 million in cap space next July ….plus the assets you have in teh Kessel deal…so I only go with Zuccs if I have a deal for Kessel in place to replace him for the run !

        After the run now have more options without Kessel but you did not lessen your by trading him….if Pitt trades Kessel they need to make up the points somehow…and it will give them long term flexibility as well….in multiple ways !

      • Kal, I’m not sure what you’d be looking for as a return for Kessel, but I’d assume it’s roster players to help win. That would also bring back salary. Zuc deal is to add “secondary scoring” I’m a Ranger fan and no way do I put Zuc in same league as Kessel as far as scoring. If Pitts going to make a run, they’re not dealing Kessel.

      • @ Slick

        I think it was either yesterday or the day before ..I was suggesting quality trade partners in a Kessel trade would be the CANES…for a few reasons ..

        1) missed out on Nylander
        2) 16 million cap space
        3) They have stated in the public domain that they are on a serious hunt for a goal score.
        4) Kessels term is perfect for where there team is at right now.
        5) Canes have the perfect trade chips for Pit ..Youth prospects and 1 or 2 veterans that can be a throw in.

        My suggestion due to the Pens having so many issues on the back end was a deal that would involve …

        Justin Faulk
        a roster player and
        Either a pick or prospect.

        With this deal …PITT can then be open to trading Matta for an upgrade in your top 6 for a younger player under contract to secure that for a few years to come.

        This deal would also save PITT $2 million which is HUGE for them …and still leave the Canes with $14 million in cap space…depending on who the roster player it could be more was.

        benefits ..Canes more goal scoring they are looking for

        PITT benefits with solidifying the back end with a PP guy and veteran presence cap space and allows for a secondary move with Matta to upgrade further preferably a younger more progressive forward than Kessel at a smaller cap hit.

        Thoughts ?? 🙂

      • @Kal El

        I dont think Kessell would want to play in Carolina and considering the Karmanos comments when Rutherford signed him, the feeling is probably mutual. I’ve always been a fan of Kessel but he is not what Carolina needs.

        I am very concerned that Wadell/Dunden will try to fix their off season mistakes and make another bad trade by not being patient.

        Waddell/Dundon have improved the back end. Carolina has improved their goals against per game from 22nd last year to 4th this year. They should not trade a defenseman for offense and change what they did right. Carolina will have enough offense if they can improve the power play to at least the league average. If Bind’Amour cant do that with the talent he has then he better get an assistant coach who can.

      • Kal El… I still don’t see how this helps Pitt. Subject was adding secondary scoring. Kessel is an elite scorer. They have Letang on right side, who is having a very good year offensively. They have no need for Faulk. They should get Schultz back before playoffs. Again, even with trading Matta, you’re not improving team for a run this year.

  7. big Leaf fan here….don’t see them dominating for a long time without some significant changes….they have too many forwards cut out from the same mold…..too many defensemen cut out from the same mold….they need diferent skill sets throughout the line up

    • @ Old Blue Dog

      I am not sure if you read my posts or not …but I was at the Sabres game this past Tuesday and on my Wednesday post ..I rang the alarm bells…you should go back to my Wednesday posts …as I think you will find a kin ship in our thought process and your statements today !

      I will see if I can find it and send you the link to the page for it to be easier for you.

      Look forward to your thoughts …


    • OLd Blue Dog

      Here is the link to Wednesdays posts …have a look and a read …I brought this topic up before it was brought to light yesterday …see what you think in what I was saying this past week…it marrys very well with your post today.

      Curious to hear your comments …

      Thx 🙂

      • @ Silverseven


        How about somebody just finishes a GOSH DARN Check already ….and make a guy pay for his move ..LOL penalty in that ! GEESH !
        Finish a check guys !!

      • Curious, I’m a kings fan, I wanted nylander badly, would muzzin/martinez and toffoli maybe a prospect (leafs wanted kale clague) for nylander have done it for you? Maybe something coming back the other way to kings to balance money out.

      • Kings ’67

        Just reading your post (see below) now (my time 6:25 AM on 10th)

        You had me at Muzzin and Tiffoli ( and maybe a pick)…. the rest was major over-pay for the Kings

        I realize you were trying to balance cap… 🙂

        I would take that deal in a heartbeat

        Your post from yesterday :

        “Curious, I’m a kings fan, I wanted nylander badly, would muzzin/martinez and toffoli maybe a prospect (leafs wanted kale clague) for nylander have done it for you? Maybe something coming back the other way to kings to balance money out.”

        Cap aside … Muzzin plus Martinez … more than fair but now Kings down 2 D


        Muzzin & Martinez & Tiffoli


        WW & Oz

    • Bang on this has been coming for ages the Leafs cant forecheck and or cycle the puck down low its all run and gun or quick play to score off of turnover neither of which will win you a Stanley Cup.

      To me the Leafs are still in the rebuild and only Freddie JT Auston Reilly and Marner should be off limits for trade.

      Saying this Im a huge Leafs fan and hope we are wrong but I don’t think so.

  8. I beat Elliot to the punch a few days back. Too many teams looking to make a deal for one not to happen. I still think it will be after the holiday freeze but maybe something before the 19th. Should also be an active trade deadline.
    When the drums stop we should look out

    Leafs bottom six and definitely their 4 th line needs work. They have had 4 fights this year-3 last night. You can still get pushed around and out muscled without going on the pp as the deterrent

  9. KalEl I do read your posts and just re-read last Weds. I agree with a lot that is there. And last nights game reminded me of last Tues. vs Buffalo. I would add that unless the Leafs change some personnel and systems most NHL teams can drive them to the perimeter easily and more so in the play offs.

    I think they should make trades to rectify this. I would have considered a 1 st Leivo and a prospect for Muzzin. Last nights proposal for Pieterangelo was way too much from Leafs a year and half Pieterangelo.

    I would trade one of Nylander, Kapenen or Kadri for some size and strength players. I know Kadri is one of the Leafs who shows guts but they are not going to trade Matthews or Tavarres. Kadri because he has a good contract and has 32 goal year may get the type of defenseman needed maybe along with a real 3 rd line centre not a quasi 2 like Kadri.

    To win you need to be able to control space. The Leafs tend to go to the perimeter without being pushed out there by the opposition. They don’t seem to be able to control where the need to go at some times in a game. They need to have other options on the D. With the exception of Hainsey who is showing his age the Leafs D seems designed to skate the puck out. They need a couple who can be trusted to succeed in the last few minutes of a play off game.

    Enough from me ….I have enjoyed your posts

  10. Don’t know what it would look like, but does anyone think Ottawa and CBJ could exchange goalies, Bob for Anderson. CBJ gets #1 with some security and Ottawa trades rights to Bob at draft as they won’t resign him. Not sure of Bobrovoski,s contract/movement clauses

    • Doubt very much Ottawa wants any part of Bobrovsky – and vice-versa. A better option would be Anderson to Florida (where he lives) for Reimer giving Florida two solid veterans to ride the rest of the way and until one of Montembeault or Cowley is ready for prime time. Ottawa, who have NO playoff aspirations, could ride Reimer (and hopefully a better back-up) until one of either Gustavsson or Hogberg is finally ready.

  11. Leafs:
    1. if matthews & marner are not signed, both could be offer sheeted by 2 or more teams.
    2. dubas needs to resign or replace: matthews/marner/gardiner/kapanen/johnsson/sparks/lindholm/hainsey
    3. I agree they are not tough enough, yet still young…management/babcock know what they are doing…rome wasnt built in a day & they are exceeding expectations.
    4. gauthier better get in lineup

    • The trend I see with the Leafs is similar to Washington versus Pittsburgh over the years. If Toronto doesn’t find a way to beat Boston, it won’t matter how good they are against the rest of the league. I guess the same would go for Tampa Bay. To win the big prize, a team needs to win its division and, until the Leafs prove to themselves that they can do it, all the rest is noise.

  12. Wow, I think Kyper’s proposed trade looks like a symptom of CTE. The Blues take a bad contract, a pick, a prospect from a system that is, at best, mediocre, and a B level mid six winger in either Kapanen or Johnson? In exchange they give up one of the better D men in the NHL? I have to believe that some other team would actually be willing to give up assets of value and not ask the Blues to take on a bad contract for Petriangelo.

    • Styx

      I don’t like to make light of those who have CTE …. but have to regretfully admit that your comment did make me snicker

      I think Kyper just spouts off to be heard … very little thought goes into what he says

      His proposed trade is not happening …. count on it

      • Hey Pengy, I hear you brother. As someone who has had more than a few concussions I’m definitely sensitive to the issue 🙂

  13. Muzzin, toffoli, clague (leafs wanted clague in this deal, Blake said no) for nylander and maybe something else coming back. Not sure. This offer was thrown around until nylander signed from the kings

    • Kings ’67

      Reading this on Mon morning

      See my response post to yours above

      That offer is more than fair … over-kill if you ask me

      If that was the ask by GMKD…. it was too much

      The next thing he would have asked for is a straight up WW for Doughty trade … LOL

  14. Few things first still trying to figure out how the high powered Leafs lost to Providence Bruins.
    Second wasn’t it Toronto who targeted Phil the Thrill and forced Boston’s hand.
    Third the hit on Charlie was crap talk about payback coming in next match.
    The Bear was poked now who will answer the bell?

    • Hi Obe

      Bruins Prov team beating fully healthy Leafs team is just the proof I need to show; as is ; Leafs will not get past a healthy Bruins in a series …. upgrade needed

      Re Kessel trade … that was not forced on Bos

      Burke publicly stated he was against an offer sheet … if he had offer sheeted (using same contract)… Leafs would have Dougie Hamilton as the comp would have been 1st & 2nd & 3rd instead of 1st & 2nd plus ANOTHER 1st ( Hamilton) that he did give up

      Looking back …, Leafs would have been way better off with Seguin AND Hamilton AND 2nd rounder than what they got out of Phill

  15. Loved reading everyone’s comments. To hear Leaf fans, “all we need is a top two D-man” is amusing. How many of those are actually available EVER let alone the middle of a season? The Leafs have cap space and prospects and will retool some depth on defense at the deadline but nothing earth shattering.
    As for toughness, I say TJ Oshie played a HUGE part in a cup win for the Capitals and THAT is the type of toughness every team needs but it, too, is rare to find.

  16. Muzzin Toffoli and Clague would be a blockbuster and would need to involve more than just Nylander on the return.

    • Silver Seven

      Concur… that would be a huge over-pay

      Can you imagine the modification needed for a WW bobble head if that trade went down … LA would have to make his head 3 times bigger than anybody else’s