NHL Rumor Mill – January 10, 2019

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Latest on Wayne Simmonds, Dougie Hamilton, Micheal Ferland, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on NBCSN, TSN insider Bob McKenzie reported the Philadelphia Flyers are getting calls about pending UFA winger Wayne Simmonds but they haven’t reached a decision yet if they’ll re-sign or move him before the Feb. 25 trade deadline. McKenzie considers it more likely than not that Simmonds gets traded but it’s not a certainty. He believes there will be a high demand for the power forward. 

The Philadelphia Flyers must soon decide if they’ll re-sign or trade Wayne Simmonds before the trade deadline. (Photo via NHL Images)

Appearing on Ottawa’s TSN 1200, McKenzie’s colleague Pierre LeBrun also believes there will be no shortage of interest in Simmonds if the Flyers decide to trade him. LeBrun suggested adding Simmonds to a powerful club like the Tampa Bay Lightning to give them more muscle for the playoffs is a scary thought, though he adds he has no evidence to suggest the Lightning are interested in Simmonds and was merely using them as an example. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher could be listening to offers from other clubs while negotiating with Simmonds’ agent to determine if a workable new contract can be reached before the trade deadline. Perhaps he’ll try to re-sign Simmonds to a three- or four-year deal provided he’s not seeking much over $5 million annually. If the winger seeks a more lucrative long-term contract, Fletcher will shop him before the deadline for the best deal.

While there may be no indication of the Lightning having interest in Simmonds, they’ve proven their willingness in the recent past to swing significant deals near the trade deadline to bolster their lineup for the postseason. It wouldn’t be surprising if they become a serious suitor for Simmonds. 


SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman believes the Carolina Hurricanes could trade Dougie Hamilton because they’re heavy with right-shot defensemen. He also noted Hamilton has had more games playing under 16 minutes (four games) than those where he’s played over 20 minutes (three games). The Hurricanes need scoring and there are clubs in need of scoring blueliners so Hamilton has value.  

Friedman also reports the Hurricanes and pending unrestricted free agent winger Micheal Ferland remain far apart in contract negotiations. The Hurricanes are determined not to let their UFAs depart for nothing. Friedman suggests the Pittsburgh Penguins or Edmonton Oilers as possible destinations for Ferland. The Hurricanes have also told teams they prefer to wait a little longer before reaching decisions on goalies Curtis McElhinney and Petr Mrazek. They’re also trying to re-sign winger Jordan Martinook. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes apparently aren’t actively shopping Hamilton but, as Friedman indicated last Saturday, they could be willing to listen if someone offers them a scoring forward. We know Hurricanes GM Don Waddell had interest in Toronto Maple Leafs winger William Nylander prior to his re-signing a new contract with the Leafs and there’s been talk that he also likes Leafs winger Kaspari Kapanen. Maybe he would consider swapping Hamilton for Kapanen plus a draft pick or prospect.

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t shy about making significant in-season deals and perhaps Ferland could be a fit. However, the Penguins surge up the standings since early-December had Rutherford recently suggesting he might not be as busy near the deadline this time around. The Oilers need all the help they can get but their priority (as always) is their blueline and Ferland can’t improve that area of concern.

Friedman adds winger Pat Maroon to the list of available St. Louis Blues… He also reports the Tampa Bay Lightning are trying to find a new home for little-used defenseman Slater Koekkoek…There’s interest in Vancouver Canucks blueliner Michael Del Zotto but those clubs are waiting until closer to the trade deadline to save salary-cap space. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just spitballing here, but if the Lightning were to pursue Wayne Simmonds, maybe they’ll offer up Koekkoek as part of the return. 

Teams could be watching to see how the Winnipeg Jets handle backup goalie Laurent Brossoit and winger Brandon Tanev. Brossoit is a year away from UFA eligibility while Tanev is eligible this summer. The Jets have received inquiries about Jack Roslovic but have no interest in moving him.


THE MERCURY NEWS: Paul Gackle reports San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson is open to the idea of pursuing rental talent at this year’s trade deadline. It’s possible he could pursuing a scoring forward such as Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds or Ottawa’s Matt Duchene or Matt Stone. Goaltending, however, is an issue this year as the Sharks’ tandem of Martin Jones and Aaron Dell are struggling this season. Still, Wilson expressed confidence in the duo, pointing to Jones’ playoff record. Gackle noted Wilson lacks a first- and second-round pick in this year’s and lacks a first the 2020 NHL Draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Throughout his long career as a general manager, Wilson has proven capable of pulling off significant in-season trades. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of him landing a substantial rental asset this year. 


  1. Derick Brassard to San Jose??

    • John Eben…….for what in exchange?

      • How about Brassard to Carolina for Victor Rask. Rask is younger version of Jussi Jokinen.

  2. I know he was just musing, but I don’t see a place for Simmonds on the top 9. And he’s definitely not cracking the top 6. So what would they be willing to pay for him as a probable 4th liner? My guess would be, not much.

    I think Tampa should roll with what they have. Maybe some depth moves for injury purposes. But I wouldn’t give up too much. I’d be more concerned with defensive depth moves than anything upfront.

    • Agreed, I get that playoffs are different and more intense than the regular season but seems like any team that has alot of skill in it’s top 9 suddenly needs grit in the top 6 and people speculate and blow their brains out about adding guys to play as 3rd and 4th line players like they are meaningful upgrades Simmons is a good player but currently is playing bout 15 mins a night on a struggling team his totals are down and playing likely even less minutes ago n a place like Tampa isn’t going to change anything especially if they end up over paying for the hype of toughness wins cups. Look back over the past 5 years where is all the toughness that teams like the Caps and Pens Added was Kessel the toughness that Rutherford added to get over the hump? Shattenkirk or tough guy Tom Gilbert the straw that made Ovie play 6 inches taller? Yes the playoffs are a grind but this idea that good teams need to add a middle of the road kinda player because he hits is the magic bean that sprouts Stanley cups is getting outta hand. Here’s a thought the Lighting win an awful lot maybe they should look at just adding some affordable depth instead of trying to reinvent something that seems to be working just fine

      • Disagree Shticky, team toughness means something. I would say Tampa loss last year because they couldn’t handle Washington physical play and with that said Washington physical play also came from their best players.
        Fair point with Pittsburg but still had a couple of players and players like Malkin who is big enough to handle it and not intimated by the physical play.
        Chicago, Boston and LA won their cups with a physical edge and team toughness.
        Wayne Simmonds numbers and play is down but I believe he’ll be a solid top 6 forward for the team that trade for him.
        Also I wouldn’t make light about adding third line player, if you don’t have a third line that can compete well your not likely to be moving on very far in the playoffs.

      • Shticky, great post. I have seen many posts on Leafs needing both Simmons and Gudas. I haven’t bothered rebutted them as I guess people entitled to opinions. The Leafs will not be dealing for Simmons unless we’re giving up next to nothing and there is no way Gudas will be dealt for.

        NY, thanks for your comments on Leafs window just cracking open and your reflecting on competitive teams will all have cap issues at times. Too many here have stated the Leafs need to be all-in this year – my God

      • There was one that I can remember the other day with Gudas Simmons and Matt Martin all going to the Leafs because of win now mode I still have nightmares about.

      • And coming from Leaf fans! Why not see if we can lure McLaren back while we are at it?

      • Jeff Finger! Lmao

      • Trekie,

        I’m not a fan, but you have to call it like you see it. I don’t believe this is Torontos year, I believe they’ll need to make some creative moves in the offseason. I think Tampa will be a tough team to beat this year, but then again who knows?

      • Kind of disagree with ya, Shticky. Speed kills and skill is king in the NHL. That said, guys like Wilson, Simmonds or Kreider who play with a big physical edge bring value to their team. Net presence is important in the playoffs, and Simmonds has been that kind of player his entire career.

      • Who were the big tough guys that were deadline deals did the Caps have? For that matter who were the big tough gritty guys on the Hawks? It’s a more intense game in the playoffs no doubt but dealing for toughness doesn’t get you any further they are still 3rd and 4th line players how Lucic work out for the Kings I’m not saying it’s not a tough game it is but for the most part you either got it or you don’t, a way to battle toughness is depth win the war of attrition rolling out more talent

    • They five nothjng off their roster just picks and prospect. They team is good but failed tonwin the cup last year. They are close so toss away the future and add add add.

  3. Kapanen for Simmonds straight up. The leafs should be in the win now mode.

    • That would be a gross overpayment. I can’t see more than a 2nd and a prospect. UFA, horrible year….

      The Leafs window is just cracking open, not closed. I know they’re going to be facing some cap challenges, but what competitive team doesn’t?

      • Yep win now mode so let’s trade more skill for less that’s how ya win

      • Agreed and no need for a Hamilton in my eyes just too many question marks for what it would take to get him.

        Look at how Calgary is playing this year without him and now look at Carolina with Hamilton.

        Carolina comment may not be fair but rather stay away from him.

      • Geesh yeah I guess maybe a little unfair…lol Want to maybe look at the rosters besides Hamilton there is a reason the Flames are good and it’s not because of who’s not there.

      • Thats how you win. Yes

    • NY, I don’t anyone beating right now. The Leafs goal is to get in and then we’ll see. Tampa is well setup for years as is Boston, etc etc etc. There are no easy games in the regular season and come playoffs any of the 16 that make it can win, granted the probability of 15 will be far lower than Tampa.

      The goal of every team should be to build a competitive team that can make the playoffs for many years – and hope they can win at least once. This is exactly the Washington scenario. Who had Washington to get to the final 4 last year – not many.

      • meant to say – I doubt anyone is beating Tampa this year.

      • I want to say the same thing but for some reason I can’t help but think of the Lightning kinda like the Sharks or Ducks the past decade..great dominant type team that just kinda finds away to lose the big game I guess no disrespect meant

  4. Bolts and Sharks don’t need to do anything really.
    Hamilton might be ripe for the picking but he will get less in return than his previous two moves. He would be a good fit for the Leafs on the ice but I would be concerned in the dressing room.
    Canes make me laugh give up Skinner for nothing give up Lindholm early in his career for Hamilton and now you need forward scoring and have too many Hamilton’s .

    • Carolina’s management made some cost related moves this summer that were disguised under the over used term “culture Change.” Tom Dundon hasn’t signed his own players that need to be resigned so I never believed Carolina was going to pay Nylander what he was asking. Its easy to tell the media your interested in a player.

  5. Supposedly, Calgary has an offer on the table for Zuccarello. Any truth to this?

    • I wonder what Calgary’s offer might be? A defenceman?

      • No idea? It came from hockey buzz and was tweeted Eklund.

        Supposedly “a great offer” that NY is mulling.
        I don’t see why they’re mulling it…. he’s personally struggling with the rumors, and he’s not in NYs future plans.

        Let him go and move on.

    • Calgary has limited cap space so a player will probably need to be going back the other way. I would guess Derek Ryan or Micahel Stone and a 1st rnd pick or prospect like Dillon Dube.

      • the Rangers could flip the roster player coming back for prospects / picks

      • Nyr4life…Agreed he is struggling with the rumors and very few players ever admit that…..interesting! I would love to get my hands on that third line center Mark Jankowski is he 24, big, can skate, has a shot, scored last night he is at 10 goals, makes $1.6 million. I would give them Brassard and Matta LOL Schultz is skating again and they will add another d-man.

        i think those two players help Calgary.
        I like how Rutherford is making the team younger with the likes of Petterson. Rikola, Olesiak, Zack Ashton Resse, Pearson, Simon Jarry,Desmith while core vets Rust, Guentzal,Dumolin are still pretty young. Mark JanKowski would b a good addition.

    • Nyr4life

      I cannot confirm this at the moment but I heard this offer was made a few days ago and Frolik was part of the package going to NYR, with Zuccarello and more pieces from NYR going to CGY.

      Again, this is UNCONFIRMED at the moment…

      • Yikes! I hate that idea. Frolik is a little too old and too expensive for a Ranger rebuild.

        Honestly I’d rather a 3rd rounder than anything that costs too much, and doesn’t fit in.

        They already have Staal, Smith, Shattenkirk, Lundqvist and Belesky taking up too much space . No need to add to that pile.

    • Nyr4life

      I totally agree with you. Frolik to NYR doesn’t really make a lot of sense unless CGY is dumping salary.

      Stone to NYR doesn’t really make a lot of sense either as he is dealing with blood cloth issues and would basically be another salary dump.

      CGY has been trying to move Frolik for a while now. Going to NYR, like you said, doesn’t really make a lot of sense…

      So, if the original tweet from Eklund holds true that a great offer is on the table for Zuccarello, what could it possibly be?

      I think a 2nd might be a stretch for Zucc. Dillon Dube for Zucc? Maybe a tad of an overpayment…

      I haven’t heard anything about the great offer being on the table from any of my sources.

      CGY might be interested in Zucc but Frolik would have to go the other way as Zucc would basically play a similar style/role to Frolik’s…

      • if Calgary is going to take on Zuccarello’s cap hit they need to rid themselves of a player making 3-4 mil to make the $ work. Rangers could turn around an trade the player be it Frolik, Stone whoever for a pick or prospect, either before TDL or in the off season. Ottawa needs some mature defensive minded D men, Gorton could work a deal with Dorion, Michael Stone for a prospect.

      • They would need a bit less than 2.25 to get Zuccarello under the cap. If NY holds 50% they would be able to swing the deal.

        I really can’t see NY taking back salary or a player they don’t need.

        After all, the reason for moving Zuccarello is to gain an asset while giving a team a rental player.

        Unless something VERY tempting is coming back the other way, NY won’t be looking to add a player with term that doesn’t fit their plan.

  6. Again I do not understand Hamilton to TML…

    • In away I could see swapping for Hamilton in order to let Gardiner walk UFA keeps a top 4 rhd for under 6 mill cap hit allows Dermott to move in to a top 4 role possibly on the left side of Hamilton next season. Just a thought for going down the road but gives guys some time to develop with his contract

      • Gardiner will be a Leaf for this run. Leaf offseason will keep this site busy!

      • Hamilton to the Leafs is fine by me as an addition but he isn’t the solution. They’d still need to go after a shut down guy

        I’m on the fence about adding more grit to the top 9. Right now the Leafs get a lot more space because the other team doesn’t want to take a penalty but that all changes in the playoffs. Not saying tougher teams are sure to win but they get an added boost to their chances.

        NHL is pretty much the only sport I know where there are two different rule sets, one in the regular season and one in the playoffs – which isn’t a great thing

      • All I’m getting at is I wouldn’t be surprised if the Leafs were to deal for a guy with a contract that has a few years left on it when it comes to a top 4 D despite the fact it might be more of a puck moving D even tho for the time being it seems like it might not be as much of a need or fit as some think. Say what you will about Hamilton it’s a pretty decent contarct he is on

      • And I agree with you. Adding Hamilton makes sense if there is a possible trade that works for both.
        Adding ONLY hamilton isn’t good enough.

        Get Hamilton if you can, continue the search for a guy you want out there on PK and close games.

      • I’m not sure people don’t beat up on Hamilton a bit, he isn’t the typical shutdown D but let ng guy big reach moves very well little older than in Boston now meets Mike Babcock I’m not sure this might not be as bad an option as some think besides the offence he has tools big fast able to close gaps use his reach and now has a coach who seems pretty good at making guys fit in to rolls and uses a players ability to fill a roll seems to have done well with Riley and Gardiner.. Riley Gardiner Hamilton? I know a lot of guys on this site are Laughing but slide Hainsey and Zaitsev down Dermott playing 4th kinda minutes but the majority on 3rd pairing. That D in Nashville isn’t exactly punishing either or Tampa…I’d take Hamilton in a trade all day long just depends on what it is going back the other way if it’s Kapanen pick prospect kinda idea I’d be happy to take Kappy to the airport the Leafs are so deep on the Wing with other younger players Johanssen Moore Bracco all still could develop to be very close to the same type player

  7. When did Matt Stone leave South Park and join the NHL? I totally missed that big news. How does Trey Parker feel about it?

  8. Simmonds to Toronto for Connor Brown Is better. Brown’s cap hit is 2.2 which would be better for Philadelphia, they get younger and bit faster forward who isn’t a bad checker. Toronto will get a grittier player who will want over 5 million. That makes him a rental unless Toronto can find a way to get rid of Marleau.

    I would say priority would be to sign the younger, faster scorers to term (Marner, Matthews, Kapanen and Johnsson), get rid of underperforming overpaid players, and trade UFA defensemen that are liabilities and ones they don’t have intentions of resigning.

    Toronto should be tiring to get two top four defensemen, and three veteran gritty defensive forwards.

    Who they should dangle as trade bait include Marleau (if that’s possible), Gauthier, Ennis, Brown, Hainsey, Gardiner, Zaitsev, as well as draft picks and prospects to make that happen.

    If the Leafs give up players like Kapanen and Johnsson to get upgrades while protecting overpaid has beens and players who they won’t sign as UFAs they’ll just be creating holes.

    In my opinion, as they stand now they’ll be out of the playoffs in the first round, the second round at most. Cash in on the value of your dead weight when you are up in the standings and retool for next year.

    • What you’re dangling isn’t returning two top 4 dmen.

      You’re calling these guys dead weight, and thinking they can land that return?

      I can’t see too many teams in sell mode looking to take on Hainsey, Gardiner or any UFA. It usually works the other way around. Selling teams want to unload UFAs not buy them.

      • spot on NYR, gotta pay to play

      • Yes dangling dead weight for role players and to dump salary. Leafs have plenty of prospects and draft picks for two top four blue liners. I’m suggesting keep the core, add grit and checking, dump dead weight and use prospects and draft picks to position a run for next year.

        As a Leaf fan, thinking they’re going anywhere in the playoffs with this group is a pipe dream.

      • Frank, see my off topic post below.

    • Finally someone who understands the LEAFS. You are bang on. Too many overpaid dead beats skating circles accomplishing NADA. Dubas need to do real candid roster evaluation. He surely see the same flaws that we see as a fan on the tube. Must sign Johnnson, Kapanen, Marner, Matthews. Must rid of Nylander, Marleau, Gardiner, Brown, Hainsey, Zaitsev and Kadri. That is combined salary of $31.5 mills. Use that money to bring in a real sniper likes of Panarin or Skinner to play with Matthews. Then, add Gudas, Muzzin, Maroon and Reaves. TO need toughness to ensure their young superstars do their thing on the ice come playoffs and not worrying about stretchers. GO LEAFS GO

      • Mike, sure you’re a Leaf fan? You might want to try another club for a while.
        My suggestion is Tanev from Vancouver to Toronto. He’s signed through the 2020 season.

      • Build something that looks like it’s getting better for 3 years and finally on the right path after all the futility then blow it up and start doing business the way that made em a joke for so many years… brilliant it’s not roller derby

  9. I still see these hyped talks about Kapanen and one suggesting yesterday straight up for Hamilton?
    I don’t know what i’m missing so I checked Kapanen stat line in the last 19 games he has 4 goals and 4 assit averaging a low of 13:55 and high of 18:09 of ice time.
    He is getting the ice team but not producing and some think he is worth a Dougie Hamilton, I don’t think so.

    • No it’s not and if it was I don’t doubt it would already be done. I like Kapanen don’t get me wrong but the thoughts of some here that Kapanen an RFA who will be a fairly expensive guy to resign due to his production with his deployment despite maybe being the 5th or 6th best forward on the team. He is just not that precious of a guy and to think he is is just nutty. Kapanen will need to be packaged up with a pick and another prospect likely to have the value some Leaf fans have of him. A 1 for 1 swap of Kapanen is likely a sideways move of getting a good young player for a good young player possibly a D but no Hamilton. The Leafs are loaded with guys like Kapanen that given opportunity to play with Matthews Marners Tavares Riley and pp time will likely also produce points. He’s a middle of the road guy in Toronto he is not suddenly going to be a teams leading scorer or put up 30 + goals in Carolina.

      • Kapanen is 21 and hasn’t reached his potential. He’s got explosive speed, he checks well, he’s an asset as a penalty killer, he can play on any line with any player so to suggest he’s not worth straight up for Hamilton is correct but you can try and get a 3rd or 4th blueliner for prospects and picks rather than deal a player with upside potential that may surpass the value in a few years of who you’d get now.

        Kapanens trade value will be higher in 3-4 years than he is now.

      • I got ridiculed on capfriendly, but I will throw it out here. leafs will not be able to afford Kapanen after signing Mathews and Marner. Perhaps not Johnnson either, and definitely not Gardner if he asks for more more than what he makes now. I proposed trading Kapanen and Zaitsev for Colton Parayko. IMO both teams get value. Trade one of Rosen or Borgman to Wings for Kronwall who will likely retire at end of season or Adam McQuaid. Play Parayko with Reilly, Gardner with Kronwall and Dermott with Hainsey, or if its McQuaid, play him with Dermott. There is your Heavy on the backend. Agree with whoever suggested Brown for Simmonds. Leafs will have no $$ for Brown next year and he is a pretty expensive 4th liner when Hyman returns.Simmonds plays third line with Kadri and Marleau. There is your heaviness up front. Gotta go for the cup this year.

      • Kapanen is a good start, but I don’t see St. Louis being interested in Zaitsev.

        Nor do I believe Parayko is actually on the table. I think Pietrangelo would be moved before Parayko. Honestly I wouldn’t move either.

        Realistically, if either is moving, it will be a for a gut wrenching return. Not a pinch ….or for players a team no longer wants or won’t really miss.

        Think much bigger than the return you’re suggesting.

  10. With Bob being ‘suspended’ by the team tonite could we see some rumors brewing now?


    • It will certainly brew speculation…but speculate is all we can do since we don’t know for sure what the situation is. It does seem less and less likely that Bob will be willing to resign in with CBJ.


  11. I think the most logical Leaf center piece for a defence man …is Kadri plus….my logic Leaf don’t have a true 3rd center as Kadri is better than that and Kadri on the powerplay is denying them a ch ance to have a net presence m

    Who that d man can be that represents fair value I on’t know….I am not down on Hamilton as Sticky is but also am not sure if he is the right guy….haven’t seen him much but for a big guy don’t remember him playing heavy…

    Any idea guys, who would be fair for Kadri + who might be available

    • Like you I have wondered why nobody brings up Kadri. I love him but he could probably be a great second line centre on some teams. Would not land a top 2 D on his own though IMO

      • Kadri isn’t brought up because he’s on a great contract and easily moves up to top 6 when needed. Moving him really exposes The Leafs’ depth down the middle unless you would like to move Nylander there, then you are paying 7M for a #3C
        I cant see Kadri moving unless someone overpays, which won’t happen and therefore no deal is to be had

    • OBD, getting a little repetitious aren’t you? Let me join you – as I may have mentioned before, the Leafs have good centres but no organizational depth at the position. They need to keep Kadri and, if necessary, trade a winger not named Marner.

      • yes I wrote this about this 2 weeks ago and maybe two before that as well….maybe it old hockey guy menopause….

        I was the same last year over not trading JVR and Bozak at the trade deadline and then trading a second for the Montreal center…I called it managements first strategic error…would not let it go for a month

        I don’t get many ideas and whether they are good or bad I hang on to them..my Friday beer buddies find it most charming

  12. Off topic….

    I think with bridge deals going the way of the dodo bird, teams are going to struggle to move undesirable, unwanted bad contracts. Even teams with a large amount of cap space will have to think twice about taking on dead cap space. Especially those with any kind of term involved.

    Teams will now have to concern themselves with locking up players straight off elc deals to big $$$’s and long term.

    Teams like LA, Chicago, Montreal will have to build around these types of contracts. I don’t see any team willing to take on these deals, and I don’t see the point of the teams with bad contracts willing to retain money for 6-7 years, nor the willingness to do so.

    I can’t wait to see how many holdouts are coming this year!
    And the insane amount of money coming to a lot of guys straight off elcs.

    Rip the bridge deal!

    • NY, this is exactly what is happening. There has been some talk at the analyst level that perhaps the CBA needs to be tweaked for players coming off EL deals. The rational is the players that will suffer if this isn’t adjusted somehow are the veterans that have put their time in. There isn’t enough in the pie for the RFAs and the veterans.

      The young talent pool coming in has been greater then I have ever seen. If I’m a GM, I am never dealing my first rounder for any reason unless it’s for a very young highly skilled player that has some cost certainty until at least close to UFA.

      I don’t blame the RFA players asking for what they believe they are worth. This to me cannot be healthy for the game long term.

      • I agree. It’s not healthy long term. 3 years isn’t enough time to truly evaluate where that player will end up long term in most cases. It’s almost like the NFL. No development time, and a 3 year window to decide on a players long term future.

        I don’t blame the players, I blame the gms. They have nobody to blame but themselves for the state of RFA’s , UFAs , Nmcs, ntc s etc.
        8 year deals for 30 + year old players…. I can’t wait to see the cba negotiations! Lmao…. “Well if we weren’t so stupid and could show just a little restraint or discipline… we wouldn’t be here”!

      • I’m betting it’s a moot point the next few years and I’m fine with it. Guys will take 1 contract after their ELC likely 4-5 year deal that takes them to UFA the “bridge” is gonna go the way of the doe doe bird and I’m not sure it’s not good for the league but that’s a long topic

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. A few GMs who signed long term deals after the ELC have really hurt the league.

  13. Carolina and Toronto, perfect trading partners.

    To: Carolina
    Nylander and Kadri

    TO: Toronto
    Hamilton, Rask and Bean

    • Leafs will not trade Nylander as long as Dubas is GM (Dubas’s public promise). Could Dubas trade him? Sure. But then he has zero credibility with any current Leaf player, and any player in the league who is considering being available to the Leafs.

    • I don’t think Carolina would take on Nylander’s Salary. I do think Carolina has interest in Kadri and that he would be a very good fit in Carolina.

      • Carolina already have documented interest in Nylander and they would be all over Kadri.

        I don’t know Bean too well but know he is a high level prospect. I wouldn’t be touching this deal as a Leafs fan unless Jake Bean is a can’t miss prospect.

      • Taz

        That’s my point they had “interest” in Nylander but they would have never paid him what he was asking so how serious were they. I highly doubt Carolina has any interest in Nylander now that he has that contract.

        As far as the deal itself I don’t belief Toronto would or should do the deal.

        Jake Bean is the Checkers leading scoring defenseman as a rookie, will compete for an NHL job next year, and probably make the team if a defenseman that gets traded in the off season.

        Rask is a 3-4 line center that is over paid.

        Hamilton plays on the bottom D pair but has 1-2 D talent.

  14. I keep reading comments that say Dougie Hamilton doesn’t play physical but that’s actually one of the things that has surprised me this year. He plays more physical than I thought and has had some pretty big hits. My only issue with Hamilton is that I would like to see him play with more focus and consistent effort like he has done in the last few weeks. I don’t think Carolina should trade any of there top 6 D until the off season.

  15. To Carolina Nylander, Kadri, First and Sandin

    To Toronto Pesce, Necas, Ferland and a Pick

    Necas becomes the 3rd line centre at a low cost for two more years, Pesce stabilizes the back end and Ferland gives the leafs a physical presence. Also saves Leafs money for next year to sign RFA’S

    With Pesce on the back end the Leafs could deal Gardiner with a Pick or high end prospect for Muzzin.

    • Noooooo you’re fired

      • Kadri ‘might’ be a summer cap casualty move but he is important to a playoff run THIS season. i cannot see him being on the table
        AM gets hurts.

    • Seems like a really bad move for Toronto. Necas is not even close to being ready to play Kadri type minutes at center and Ferland is a pending UFA. I just don’t see how that makes Toronto a better team now or in the future.

  16. Late to the picnic today

    Great posts

    I’m still with the mindset to have Leafs basically stay the course (minor tweaks at best ) for 18/19 … unless a deal that just cannot be refused comes along . Can’t envision successful trades netting cup in June …. focus on the out-years

    D upgrade paramount … top 4RHD defensive defenseman who can log minutes would be preference for me

    Cap crunch coming … so sharpening all pencils !!!!

    I agree as at right now Kadri is most likely to bring back potential top 4RHD; but as I said … off-season is right time for any major moves and in addition I’d like to see Leafs keep Kadri …. affordable and gives Leafs a very very very strong 1-2-3 Cs

    As at now …..Not heard a lot of talk re:free-falling Ducks….lost 9 in a row …. playoff hopes might soon be a fading memory …. Manson very affordable at $4.1M…. they’ll likely want goal scorer back…. just sayin’

    Re Leafs moves … GMKD please focus on the AM and MM contracts right now …. basically let the season play out as is

    Cap space ? Somehow pull the rabbit out of the hat and pay Marleau his SB on Jul 1 and move the contract . Will cost a mid rounder or prospect . Ditto to move WW after SB is paid.

    Agree with Murph that credibility for GMKD plummets if he trades WW after publicly stating he’s (WW) a keeper .

    I could argue that he also publicly stated that his moves will always be in the best interest of the team and this contract IMO was NOT in the Leafs best interest …. I would have traded him pre-season or barring that would have made him sit

    That contract should never have been signed and has moved some negotiation power to the AM and MM camps and is virtually untradeable in 18/19

    Agree Murph that he can’t move WW then negotiate with the other two. Sign them ; then pay his (WW) SB and move him for a top 4 RHD on July 2nd … receiving team gets him at just less than $5M annually cash but $7M cap…. low budget team (Carolina??)

    GMKD can deal with any negative backlash due to “going back on his word” (which most GMs end up doing in some fashion )…. it will be short lived if he does moves that fit a cup contender in under the cap

    Zaitz must go (hope and pray for this) and I would not re-sign Hainsey unless he takes a hair-cut and it’s for 1 Yr

    Gardner just will not fit in Cap plans

    Leafs were fine offensively up to third week in Nov (no WW and some games w/o AM)… so I’d find a much cheaper replacement for Marleau production (see above) and the WW suggested move for top 4RHD fills Gardner void

    Is there then enough room to re-sign those players up for contract that were on roster in first part of season (Kappy ? Oz?) or use them in trades to get reasonably similar production but with a couple of much grittier (“sand-paper type”) guys????

    Parayko as a Leaf … definitely not this year … a dream for next year… a dream I love 🙂

    This next few months will be absolutely crucial for GMKD….

    But at least get AM and MM signed and then work in the rest

    • Hey Pengy

      IMO Zaitzev cannot be moved without a sweetener. That contract is brutal IMO.

      I would keep Kadri but move WW. Trade Gardiner. I agree with not resigning Hainsey unless it’s for a bottom six pairing role at less than $1MM.

      Just curious about what your thoughts would be on MTL youth movement? Bergevin seemed focus on a proper reset. If you were Bergevin you would do what?

      • Hi LeFtench09

        Sorry reading this now (on 11th)

        I actually love what Mtl has in young talent … stay the course and develop them

        Same as Leafs … IMO no chance for cup this year so why blow brains at TDL

        A TDL move may ensure a playoff birth but it is looking more and more like Mntl would be vying for WC spot and I’m not confident at all in them beating TBay and/or Pens and/or Wsh…. so tweaks only or old out and new in ;unless a deal that just can’t be refused arises

  17. Calgary needs to be careful with chemistry and they usually are. Zuccarello for Frolik and a prospect like Kylington would give them 2 scoring lines. 5 of their own first rounders plus the 2 Canes in the lineup. Jankowski and Bennett will remain in my opinion.