NHL Rumor Mill – January 11, 2019

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Updates on Sergei Bobrovsky, Brayden Schenn, Wayne Simmonds, Micheal Ferland and the latest on the Devils in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky will meet with management today after he was told to stay away from the club Thursday after an undisclosed incident following Tuesday’s 4-0 loss to Tampa Bay. Asked if Bobrovsky’s relationship with the club is souring, LeBrun noted the goalie controls his fate because of his full no-movement clause in his contract. He said general manager Jarmo Kekalainen told him this incident had nothing to do with the goalie’s relationship with head coach John Tortorella. 

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports if the meeting goes well Bobrovsky will return to practice today and will travel with the team for their game in Washington on Saturday. He is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Before the incident, the Jackets intended to carry him for the remainder of the season. However, Portzline speculates that plan might have changed now. If Bobrovsky hits the open market, Portzline listed the Philadelphia Flyers, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders among the clubs believed to have interest in the goaltender.

Could a recent undisclosed incident force the Columbus Blue Jackets to trade Sergei Bobrovsky? (Photo via NHL Images)

NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. If the Jackets decide to part ways with Bobrovsky, his no-movement clause will give him full control over the situation. If he agrees to be traded he will attract plenty of suitors. While he’s struggled this season there will be general managers willing to bet a change of scenery will help him recover the form that won him two Vezina Trophies. The Blue Jackets won’t just give him away but the pressure to move him quickly could affect their efforts to get a big return. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Carolina Hurricanes winger Micheal Ferland is on the trade market. While that doesn’t necessarily mean Ferland will be traded, the Hurricanes don’t intend to lose him to free agency this summer for nothing. The two sides haven’t talked contract in over a month.

NOTE: I believe the Hurricanes will move Ferland before the trade deadline if they can’t get him re-signed by mid-February. 

Bob McKenzie reports the Philadelphia Flyers will be a club to watch leading up to the trade deadline. GM Chuck Fletcher seeks a starting goaltender, a top-four defenseman, and a top-two or top-three line center. A veteran such as Wayne Simmonds could be traded. Simmonds is slated to become a free agent in July. 

NOTE: There’s increasing speculation suggesting Simmonds will be moved by the trade deadline. While McKenzie said that’s not a certainty, it seems more and more likely he’ll be on the move to a playoff contender in the coming weeks. 

LeBrun reports St. Louis Blues center Brayden Schenn is drawing interest around the league. The Boston Bruins have been linked to Schenn. LeBrun suggests GM Doug Armstrong could afford to wait until the offseason to make that move. 

NOTE: Schenn is signed through next season so Armstrong isn’t under pressure to move him by the trade deadline. If he can’t find a return he likes, he’ll wait until the summer when the trade market should improve. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites NHL insider Darren Dreger telling Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 that he feels the New Jersey Devils could be close to “moving out some pieces.” He doesn’t see GM Ray Shero moving out stars such as Taylor Hall or Kyle Palmieri. “Maybe he wants to dip into the market, or take advantage of someone else who wants to dip into the market early,” said Dreger. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Abbey Mastracco reports goaltending, organizational depth and consistency are the biggest issues plaguing the Devils this season. Goalie Keith Kinkaid’s play has declined since early in the season, noting he was overplayed because of necessity and could be again if promising Mackenzie Blackwood should be sidelined long-term. She also noted they need another top-pairing defenseman like Sami Vatanen. They’re also lacking depth elsewhere in the roster and they don’t appear to have anyone ready on their AHL farm team to call up. 

NJ.COM: In a recent mailbag, Chris Ryan was asked about the trade value of Marcus Johansson, Brian Boyle, Keith Kinkaid, and Ben Lovejoy. He felt Johansson might have the best trade value despite his injury history. He doesn’t expect Boyle to be traded, while MacKenzie Blackwood’s performance could make moving Kinkaid plausible. Lovejoy could have the second-most value as he’s “a smart, veteran blueliner with playoff experience who could provide plenty of penalty killing value to any team.” 

NOTE: Shero might be a seller but he won’t be trading away his best players. I expect he’ll try to re-sign Boyle before his UFA eligibility this summer. He’s a popular team leader worth keeping around. There might be a market for Johansson, who’s also slated to become a UFA, but his injury history could dampen his trade value. Lovejoy could attract interest but Shero won’t get much for him. With Blackwood currently sidelined and Cory Schneider on injured reserve, I don’t see Kinkaid going anywhere for now. 


  1. I don’t get the Flyers-Bob thing…
    Flyers don’t need a long term solution like Bob, they have that in Hart. Bob will cost too much, want too long of a term and they won’t know what to do with him in 2 years.

    And that’s assuming Carter Hart isn’t ready for the NHL. If he is ready (which it looks more and more likely every game), then they need a guy who can split time with him, not an expensive starter.

    I think Fletch is letting things go to see what he really needs and a D veteran is where I would start.

    • agree totally with 1a and 1b concept, Hart looks like the real deal. Bobrovsky’s options are going to be slim, not many teams have the cap to afford 10 mil for a goalie. He may get that price but not the term he is looking for.

    • The Flyers-Bob thing holds no water at all. It’s simply some knucklehead beat writer conjuring up a name and a trade destination.
      It’s what I expect from this board actually. There is no basis or real knowledge about anything. It’s the same old blah-blah-blah everyday and no one ever has had legitimate rumors to talk about.

      • Settle down Carl, feel free to throw out any “legitimate” rumors you want.

      • I heard a rumor that Carl Lancelot has only one nut.

      • Hahaha, well payed Chris!

      • Carl, I agree, whoever keeps bringing this up is a lazy knucklehead writer, but part of the problem is that Hockey has changed so much. Trades aren’t as common as they once were.
        The speculation (this has become) however, remains good, clean, fun…

  2. I could see the Flames making a move to bring back Ferland.

    • As a UFA or through trade? I thought there was a rule where a player can’t be traded back to his original team for a year or something.

      I liked Ferland but I think he is going to want to get paid like a goal scorer I would guess in the 4-5 million range. There are cheaper better options.

      • not aware of that rule Dino. I was more referring to the Flames getting him back on his current deal for this years playoff run. Resigning him @ 4-5 may not be something the Flames would be willing to consider especially at the price point you have mentioned.

    • Ferland has been linked to the Penguins recently but I don’t see him as an improvement over any of the top 9 wings. Another dumb rumour that makes no sense.

  3. Maybe Montreal should explore a trade with Columbus involving Price going back.

    • Anyone taking on that contract would be insane!

      • I agree but the worst they will get is a no lol plus Columbus is acting as though they are willing to sign Bobs long term…worth a shot if I were Montreal.

      • one thing getting Columbus to bite another thing to get Price to agree to move, he has a full NMC. That contract is an anchor.

      • @Fergy22 I had forgot about that and for some odd reason I thought it only started this July…but ya Montreal is royally screwed from what I can see because I do not see Price becoming what he once was again…maybe for a year or two but beyond that forget it, seems he has lost it mentally.

        Maybe the equipment changes are in his head as well.

      • I think if they really had a desire to sign him, it would be a done deal already. I don’t think they like his ask or his term.

        I think if this relationship is to the point of no return, they will find better/cheaper options than Price.

        Montreal signed that deal, and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. That is just an anchor deal!

      • Since the Jackets aren’t willing to give Bob a Price level contract, why would they trade for Price and his terrible injury history? Also, I find it interesting that Bob is having “an off season” in the same year that the Jackets have a new goalie coach? Cause and effect, maybe?

  4. If Ferland is on the Market then Tom Dundon can no longer hide behind “Culture Change” and Carolina fans will have to face the fact that he is cheaper than Karmanos.

    • If he loses Ferland for nothing after losing the trade

      Hanafin 23 points
      Lindholm 51 points

      Hamilton 16 points
      Ferland 20 points
      and undersized D prospect Adam Fox

      • Lindholm has the most points this year of every player who switched teams from last year.
        Memo to Kyle Dubas – talk to Carolina at the trade deadline.

      • Losing Lindholm was why I never liked the trade from the beginning. I believe they were talking Hanafin for Hamilton, which I also didn’t like but made some sense, and the rest happened when they decided they didn’t want to pay Lindholm.

      • Lindholm was never more than a 0.62 PPG player in Carolina and a combined -70 +/-over 5 years. Not defending the trade, but not sure anyone saw 1.27 and +25 coming this year, except maybe Johnny Hockey.

      • SW,

        Lindholm was one of the few Canes that had improved last year. He played the power play penalty kill, OT, and took a lot of big face offs (almost 800) winning 54%. He was also the second best defensive forward on the team after Jordan Staal. He was one of the few forwards that would go to the net last year and he only missed 2 games in the last 3 years. I thought he had his best year last year and when the trade was made I posted on this site how bad it was for Carolina. Carolina never found a player to replace the minutes Lindholm played. Before the season started I thought Lindholm was a bigger loss than Skinner and I still feel that way.

        No I did not see the points he has now but I felt he was a 20 goal 40 point forward. He was ready to break out, Peters and Treliving knew it and said so at the time of the trade. I don’t believe BrindAmour endorsed Lindholm being traded as he apparently did with Skinner.

        You cant just look at points to judge a players value to a team. And comparing points with different quality linemates is meaning less. As is comparing stats of a young players development years to his fully developed years.

  5. Brian Boyle for another Leaf playoff run for depth?
    Santini would fit the Leafs need for a physical young right hand D if Devils would move him

    • Boyle and Santini for Kapanen

      • thats close if you think Santini is a top 4 D longterm

      • Hmm I’m not so sure a 4 C rental and a really questionable upgrade 2nd 3rd pair D is what I’m trading Kapanen for seems backwards I’m I’d rather toss w pick and a prospect in and get better value at that point

  6. Blues have had recent injuries at center (Bozak and now Thomas). Those may slow any action regarding Schenn. I’m still holding out for DeBrusk from Boston.

  7. Debrusk is not going back for Schenn. That just creates a new hole for Boston.

    • If Boston trades DeBrusk they are morons.

  8. I’m not sure I agree with that statement to hold off trading a player because he may have more value in the off season by having more teams involved. It makes sense in logic; however never under estimate what a team with cup aspirations will give up for a player they think will get them over the hump. That same team may not make that same deal in the off season because they may want to see how some of their own players develop, is there some one that can jump up and take the spot? UFA available and more teams willing to deal.
    GM seem to like to over pay for UFA’s and the guy they want come trade deadline. Yes in some cases this fails for example Buffalo trading Kane for a second but moved to a 1st when he resigned in San Jose.
    Also the fact is Schenn case how much more is someone going to give for a player with one year left on his contract.

  9. Another wasted night for Nylander, Kadri, Marleau, Gardiner and Zaitsev. A total of near 27 mills doing absolutely nothing. Love to exchange these 5 guys for Maroon, Reaves, Muzzin, Gudas and possibly Panarin. a total of $18 mills. Oh how beautiful they will look in blue and white. GO LEAFS GO.

    • Maroon would come cheap—how about a 3rd??

      • No, anyone talking about dealing away 25% of a top 5 team in the league for guys they can watch a scrap and a another 10 million dollar player doesn’t get it.

    • They should probably trade Tavares, Mathews and Marner too.

      To NYR Tavares , Mathews, Marner

      To Toronto Mcquaid, McLeod and a 3rd rounder.

    • Wow, so Maroon, Gudas and Reaves can play a combined 9 mins a game and have the same negative impact on the outcome? Panarin and Muzzin can help any team but those other 3 are outdated bums, pining away for them is idiotic.

      • Marleau/Kadri/Nylander was TO’s 3rd line last night. They combined for zero points again. But that’s Okay they have $17.75 mills between them. This may fly under the radar in the regular season, but when Auston, Mitch and Tavares gets physically pounded by the Caps and the Bruins in the playoffs I don’t expect our 3rd line coming in to rescue for our superstars. If you change the 3rd line with Maroon/Hyman/Reaves when things get sticky they will answer the bell. Their salary combined is $7 mill. A whopping $10.75 mill. Either that money I rather spend it on Panarin to give Auston a legit linemate who can benefit each other. Gudas & Muzzincan replace Gardiner and Zaitsev and provide added toughness and assume the shut down role. Being top 5 team in the league with 58 pts when in their conference the final playoff spot team is only behind the leafs by 6 pts, I hardly call this a great accomplishment thus far in the season. LOL They are one bad stretch away from completely falling off the playoff race. The problem with thus team is that they have too many floaters making too much money while they have 3 starting D man who are actual liability defensively and making top 4 d money in the team. Our 4th line is actually more productive compare to our 3 Rd line in respect to their ice time. All this with mere 2.2 mill combined salary cap hit. Anyway you look at it, financially, performance, and realistically those five players are dragging the team down. When Tom Wilson lay life threatening body check on Matthews, Marner or Tavares who is going to RESPOND for the leafs in our current roster Marleau? Nylander? Kadri? Gardiner? Zaitsev? Hainsey? Brown? Well you decide which one of these guys gonna drop the gloves and send a message to Wilson or anybody in Boston or Tampa. These seven combined for $31.5 mill this season but are they producing like $31.5? Hell no! They are not even worth $9 mills combined. If you aren’t able to produce then at least you can provide toughness so the other producing players don’t get run over. Yes I am suggesting trade away 1/3 of the roster to become better and prepare for the playoffs. Isn’t that we are all fussing about, to make noise in the playoffs. Come on DUBAS, have lunch with Cam Neely and learn few things. TO need to make realistic choices if we want to realize our dream. Matthews/Marner/Tavares/Rielly/Andersson can’t do it all. You need to get some help. Go Leafs Go

  10. Buffalo needs a second line center and Schenn could be an option, I’m sure the blue would want their first round pick back since the next two years they might be lotto picks, but then again maybe Buffalo would be better to keep that pick and offer up their pick or San Jose’s pick. For me personally if I’m Sabre’s GM and team has missed playoffs for 7-8 years I would not be so patient, why waste a year? I know they won’t get a rental they want a young group who is ready to break out, The quote was “players under age 25”.

    • You’re correct—the Blues would want THEIR 1st back for Schenn. But it will take more—McCabe or Pilut or Beaulieu or Scandella….something like that.

    • What happened to Middelstat this year? I don’t watch enough Sabres games to know but he was supposed to be the Sabres 2C of the next decade. Why didn’t Rasmus Asplund make the team either? That kid is the next Barkov if they develop him right. Looks like he’s having an abominable rookie season in the AHL. It’s so hard to gauge players with potential these days.

      • Asplund is having trouble scoring in AHL, he has very good skills and is great in D zone but I doubt he’s a natural scoring talent. Middlestadt is fine but it might take him another year to adjust, it would also help him if he wasn’t playing with guys washed up or lacking in skills.

  11. With the emergence of rookie centres Elias Petterssen and Adam Gaudette, Brandon Sutter could fill Phillies’ 3rd line centre requirement for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    • Sutter is garbage, vastly over rated and hugely overpaid. No way Fletcher trades picks for table scraps.

  12. ***OFF Topic*** looking for thoughtful discussion.

    Brad Marchand refused to fight Lars Eller last night and is being called out for it by the Capital players and other for turtling and no integrity say the Capital players.

    There was game this season Lar Eller scored the 7th goal against Boston in a 7-0 victory. The Bruins took exception to Eller celebration and celebrating in front of the Bruins bench.
    Marchand jump Eller they fought and Eller took some solid blows to his face.

    Eller obviously wasn’t happy and last night he grabbed Marchand with gloves off and tugged at Marchand who left his hands at his side and refused to fight.

    After the game and on social media Marchand is being called out. Marchand replied in part we are down 1-0 and we have a chance to go on the pp plus he said he is more valuable then Eller so not a fair trade off. Take for what it is but as a Bruins fan not really buying his answer.

    The question for me is (as I debated this over and over in my head) should he had fought? is he required to fight? Should someone be called a coward because he didn’t fight?

    My initial reaction was disappointment and some level of disgust that Marchand didn’t fight and wanted nothing to do with Eller.
    Today I still think he should have fought but am I wrong? Why is he required to fight? Because he got the better of Eller last game? Because Eller didn’t like the way Marchand went at him last game and Eller wasn’t prepared for the fight?

    Here the thing for me Marchand had a terrible game last night and to my eyes he played scared, he didn’t play his usual game, sure every player has an off night. But putting it into context Marchand refusal to fight had a negative impact on his game, no doubt it played on his mind the rest of the game and I imagine the Capital players told him over and over as they skated by him.

    No he doesn’t have to fight and no someone shouldn’t be called a coward for not fighting but in the end for me I wish he had of fought and be done with it.

    • I’m not a huge fan of some of March and and his antics then being a weasle and not backing himself up when it comes time but this is different I think he was right in this case been there done that don’t need to put on a show in a close game.

    • if Marchand declined Tom Wilson I buy it but because it was Eller and he was the player he assaulted previously he did not abide by the code. At the very least drop the mitts and wrestle him to the ground.If this was the playoffs he would have a better case but it is not and he will continue to be targeted by the Caps until he mans up.

      • First of all Eller has 5 inches and 25 lbs on Marchand.
        Marchand didn’t assault or jump Eller the first time he got in his grill and then won fair and square. He went looking for and grabbed him sure, but didn’t sucker him or anything like that. Eller had time to get ready and go.
        Agree he should have given it another go with Eller and it probably bugged him that he didn’t for the rest of the game, as you never want to back down from that unless it was the playoffs, and even then there are benefits to going at it anyway. You would rather lose the scrap than walk like that.

    • I actually agreed with Marchand not fighting, at that point of the game, last night. Part of Marchand’s role on that team is to get under people’s skin and get them off their game. He was able to get Eller to take a stupid penalty and draw a power-play.

      If Eller challenged in the first couple of minutes, with no score, or if the game was out of hand late and Eller challenged then I would expect Marchand to oblige. Points in the standings have to come before settling scores though.

      I don’t think that affected Marchand the rest of the game. He is ALWAYS a target when he is on the ice, refusing to fight Eller didn’t change that. Boston just got beat by a team, and goaltender, that has had their number for years.

    • I don’t like Marchand and am very glad he isn’t a Leaf, not to say that Kadri is an angel but he is no where near what Marchand is in terms of cheap tactics. Having said this, fully agree with Marchand’s rationale for not fighting.

      Caper, would you prefer Marchand not be a Bruin? I get he’s talented, but he really diminishes the Bruin logo and what it has stood for. JMO

      • Trekie I like Marchand and I like physical hockey, but Marchand with the licking and last night image of his arms dangling at his side, don’t sit well with me.
        My view on hocking has changed over the last couple of season but I still like physical hockey and any game without body checking is extremely boring for me.
        Yes I still want Marchand on my team but disappoint he didn’t just grab Eller and wrestle him to the ice.

    • Marchand was right. He is more valuable and not being in the box was doing right by his team.

    • I don’t think we should judge a player by a few incidents whether it be a lick or a turtle.

      Judge the player by what he consistently does for his teamates and the team all season.

  13. Rick Nash officially retires

    • Caper, to complete your Rick Nash post, “due to concussion-related issues.”
      I’m sure when Gary Bettman congratulates Nash on his excellent career, he’ll mention how sad it is that NHL players continue to have their careers cut short by concussions.
      Don’t hold your breath.

  14. I wondeŕ if Bergevin could use the big cap soace the Canadiens have. He could swing another Armia type deal or even try something bigger. Leafs, Tampa and other teams are looking for ways to create cap space. Bergevin could get picks or prospects in return

  15. Off topic*
    Some rds analysts think Canadiens should ask what they can get back for Gallagher. I think a lot of teams would love to get him for playoffs and for regular season. And he’s probably the guy with most value. What do you guys think

    • This is the “grit” playoff teams should be interested in depends on cost of course

  16. Usually agree with you Sticky and I am not a fight fan and do not think it changes as many games as proponents say.

    But when you consider how many times Marchand has initiated things ( Sedin twin, Komorov licking, and last years Eller fight) and that at least some people brand the Bruins as the Big , Bad Bruins I think he should have fought.

    That is maybe why a Bruin guy like Caper is uncomfortable. This guy initiated but wouldn’t respond.

    This from a Leaf fan that thinks that Marchand is a very very good hockey player. Great vision, speed and eyes.

    • I do agree for the most part and I love Marchand the hockey player skills wise just for once he didn’t make a bad decision and that’s generally my issue with him, the side show stuff and he stayed away from it so props to Marchand what’s fighting Ellar proving and taking himself off the ice down by 1? I’d rather he be on it in that situation.

      • I love Ovie too but how many cheap shots that guy give out and never fought? No team that employs Tom Wilson should be whining about dirty players

      • Shticky, do you remember game 4 – Leafs/Capitals, Leafs up 2-1 at that point. Kadri catches Ovi knee on Knee very late in the first. Ovi lay on the ground and rolled around like he would never get up again. Kadri gets 5, Ovi is back in the second for the PP.

        Just something I haven’t forgotten.

      • Trekie: That’s a pretty bad example. Have you seen the images of Ovechkin’s leg after they were knocked out by Pittsburgh? If you haven’t, this article has links and references that hit.


        Ovechkin was criticized by everyone before the leg injury was announced for having a bad playoffs. He should have been commended for fighting through a significant injury. The haters have gone away now that the Capitals finally won a Cup.

      • Yeah a few moments like that with Ovie and I don’t really have a problem with some “cheapness” either it’s just when guys who have been known to do these things call out others that’s dumb to me or things like licking to try and draw a swat to the head, there will always be antics to the game it’s part of the NHL but one weasel getting called out because he didn’t fight another weasle seems like about as close to a staged fight as you can get and down 1 nothing isn’t the time for it. Marchand is a valuable guy on the ice like Kadri gets under skin keeps others head on a swivel no issues with it at all or a guy like Ovie who generally will grind on guys on the way to the bench aslong as it’s not totally classless licking knee on knee or clearly from behind intending to injury type stuff there doesn’t need to be some half ass scrap with 2 guys rolling round on the ice in a 1 nothing game it’s not going to do anything but take away the pp in an important game

  17. I agree with Marchand on this one. You are down 1-0 in a game against a rival team neck and neck in the standings that you haven’t beaten for four years, you take a powerplay. Marchand is not a fighter, he’s a first line all star. He fought Eller last game because Eller was being a prick. That’s where it ends for me. That was a cause and effect. To carry it on is stupid. If I talk trash and get my ass kicked, I got what I deserved and the situation is done.

    • Marchand is a very good player with 10 NHL seasons, 645 reg season +84 playoff games played and a cup, all very positive. On the flip side, during his career… 6 suspensions=19 games, 5 fines for infractions, 2 licking incidents.
      As much as I like his talent, he is a great compliment to the B’s top line, I find it almost impossible for me to stick up for him.