NHL Rumor Mill – January 12, 2019

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Latest on Sergei Bobrovsky, Wayne Simmonds, Micheal Ferland, Andre Burakovsky and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing yesterday on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590, Elliotte Friedman said he doesn’t think goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent in July, has a future with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He noted Bobrovsky didn’t show up last summer to a meeting with general manager Jarmo Kekalainen, suggesting the goaltender never got over some criticism aimed at him following last spring’s playoffs.

Will the Columbus Blue Jackets consider trading Sergei Bobrovsky? (Photo via NHL Images)

Friedman also noted the difference between Bobrovsky and fellow pending UFA Artemi Panarin, as Panarin has handled things professionally while Bobrovsky’s been unhappy all season. The goaltender has a full no-trade clause and Friedman suggested moving him would be difficult right now, especially as his poor play this season isn’t helping his value. Ultimately, he believes the Jackets have little choice but to stick with Bobrovsky (and Panarin) for the remainder of the season, even at the risk of their departures this summer. 

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis suggests Bobrovsky’s recent blowup with the Blue Jackets is casting a shadow over the February trade deadline. Suggesting the goalie already has one foot out the door and assuming he’d have no problem waiving his no-trade clause, Cyrgalis believes there are countless suitors, though the netminder’s attitude and his poor playoff record could hurt his value. Bobrovsky also balked at consulting a sports psychologist following last spring’s postseason. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At this stage, I think the Jackets have no choice but to stick with Bobrovsky for the remainder of the season and hope that he can finally carry them to their first postseason series win and more.

Of course, another “incident” like the one following their loss to Tampa Bay earlier this week could finally break management’s patience. If they shop him now, however,  they’re not going to get much of a return because of his unhappiness and struggling effort this season.

That’s not to say there won’t be teams interested and willing to take a chance on a change of scenery improving his attitude and performance. His poor play and lousy playoff record dampens his trade value. 


THE ATHLETIC (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED): Pierre LeBrun speculates there’s a good chance Wayne Simmonds of the Philadelphia Flyers and Micheal Ferland of the Carolina Hurricanes could be shopped at the trade deadline as rental power forwards. LeBrun said he’d love to see the Tampa Bay Lightning inquire into Simmonds’ availability. Possible destinations for both could include Nashville, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vegas and perhaps Boston. He doesn’t see Toronto in that mix because of their need for depth on defense. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those guys will get plenty of interest if they hit the trade market next month. The Flyers and Hurricanes could set their initial asking price as a promising young roster player but could end up settling for a draft pick (a first- or a second-rounder) and a prospect.

I think Winnipeg could put more emphasis on adding a second-line center as they did last year when they acquired Paul Stastny. While there are Leafs fans who’d love to see Simmonds in Toronto, I concur with LeBrun that a defenseman (preferably a top-four, right-side blueliner) is their biggest need.  


LeBrun also suggested the Colorado Avalanche could be in the market for an affordable rental forward or a player with term remaining on his contract. The New York Rangers’ Mats Zuccarello or the Los Angeles Kings’ Tyler Toffoli were among his suggested targets. 


NBC SPORTS: Brian McNally reports Washington Capitals GM Brian MacLellan isn’t interested in a rental player at this year’s trade deadline. “I think the only thing we’re going to look for is, is there a hockey trade to be made, salary for salary, player for player in the forward group,” MacLellan said on Friday.

McNally speculates forward Andre Burakovsky could be available, noting he’ll be expensive to qualify this summer ($3.25 million) given his sputtering production (nine points in 38 games) this season. Still, MacLellan seemed reluctant to give up on Burakovsky, citing his youth and they’ll hold his rights for two more years. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burakovsky has frequently surfaced in the rumor mill in recent weeks. MacLellan won’t move him for a draft pick or prospect but I think he would if he was offered a promising youngster who can contribute right away. 


  1. TBay is very likely to make some sort of move , yes

    They need to rid Callahan before next season (and have 16 teams they can do it with, w/o Callahan’s waiving his MNTC)

    See below for my post on Morning Coffee side this morning:

    “I don’t get the Koekkoek (love the name) for Rutta move from TBay’s standpoint .

    Yes he wasn’t playing much and they’ve provided him an opportunity … but why take on a UFA to also not play and get hit with more Cap (buried Cap hit!!!)… I just don’t understand that

    I thought they (TB) might have used Koekkoek and pick as an incentive for another team to take on the brutal Callahan …. one more year at $5.7 M Cap but only $4.7M in Sal.

    To me, TBay lost this trade”

    Now TBay has less cap space and still sits with Callahan

    I realize that Phi already has young D depth; but if TBay does/did have interest in Simmonds ; Koekkoek and pick/prospect could have been sent to Phi . Phi could then keep Koekkoek and move another more prominent D in a bigger trade. Less likely chance but plausible

    As an aside … TBay already hitting on all cylinders …. they really IMO don’t need to make a major move by TDL (barring of course a trade that rids them of Callahan)

    NY4Life or IhateCrosby

    Do you think Rangers may have bit on Koekkoek and a pick/prospect to take on Callahan contract (balancing pick/prospect from NYR to make deal work)??

    Stranger things have happened !

    • I would be very weary of moving out Callahan at this point in the tenure of the Lightnings season and aspirations of winning a cup.

      He is very valuable to finish off the season for a cup run and any deal that would be made in season ( most likely is a deal that can happen at years end as well to clear that money out )

      I think he is too valuable in the room with his leadership to disrupt the team at this point in a great year….and with the true possibility of winning the cup.

      • Hi BoogeyBomb

        You are correct that any major disruption of team chemistry, for a team doing so well, should be avoided

        I’ve no indication one way or the other whether Callahan is a great influence in the dressing room.

        Team is doing great and depth might be the only thing needed

        Callahan just canNOT be a Bolt next year if they want to remain at the top… his production is terrible for the Cap hit and they have important signings coming

        I would have kept Koekkoek and used him + ? as incentive for a team not facing Cap ceiling next year, to take him… $5.7M cap but $4.7M in cash

        I still believe TBay is Cup fav and by a fair margin… all the more reason IMO that Leafs should NOT make any major moves until off-season

      • Pengy,

        Koekkoek + was not going to be enough to take Callahan for any team. People always talk about teams needing to reach the cap floor…. but that’s never really been an issue.

        As it stands Tampa had to add a pick to move Koekkoek for a guy they sent to the Ahl and buried… not a chance Koekkoek + was enticing enough to make a team take on Callahan. Unless of course they wanted to add a 1st to that deal. Which they lack this year anyway.

    • I don’t think Koekkoek is a fit in NY, and I certainly wouldn’t take on Callahan .

      Koekkoek Is a depth / 7 guy at best at this point. He’s barely played a full season worth of games over 5 years.

      He may improve somewhat, but certainly not enough to take on Callahan’s contract.

      Completely disagree. Tampa will be faced with some difficult choices with or without Callahan’s contract….

      If they get an opportunity to shed that deal, they will be pulling the trigger!

  2. I think the Avs are stuck with the roster they have for the season. Not many changes coming this season. They won’t trade any picks or young players. I think they tough the season out and start making the changes this summer…

    • The Avs would be a great landing spot for Bobrovsky for all the right reasons, and the Avs have a few players and a first round pick a la Ottawa to get it done…Zadarov and one of the 2 Goalies plus a pick.

      The revenue that the Avs would generate this year with Bobrovsky and this team in a playoff run is well worth the first round pick after so many years of disappointment he could be the key with the compliment to this offence and right the ship in this slide.

      • You want to trade the possible number one overall pick for a head case goaltender? Really bright future in Colorado, I wouldn’t disrupt that roster.

      • Bobo’s foibles and proclivities aside; Col would be foolish to give up Ottw’s pick in any trade… their own maybe; definitely not Ottw’s

        Col should, IMO, do “tweaks” only. A good team on the upswing but not realistically at a level this year for SC …. so no need to blow out brains on UFAs

        They could certainly be the “Cinderella” / ” major-upset” team this year but odds severely stacked against to win SC ; so to me risk not worth investing heavily now

      • Colorado would trade their own 1st, not Ottawa’s.

    • Agree….i think joe just sits with all his picks…goaltending has been just horrible….( outshoot peg and flames 3-1 and lose both games…..forget rentals….maybe makar plays 9 games at end of year….

  3. Simmonds to tbay for a young asset such as Cal Foote and or picks.
    Flyers then use assets to acquire a veteran defenceman in the off season. Such as Trouba or Pietertangelo

    • Agree Scott

      See my post above …. Koekkoek and pick could have been used to get Simmonds if they wanted … they now have Rutta (higher cap hit and UFA and buried )?????

      As you’ve put … those assets Phi acquires can be used off season in a trade for upgrade

    • Tampa will have some major D personal changes this summer with UFA and having to pay a few RFA.
      Cal Foote should be part of that. Cannot see them going after Simmonds unless it is to stop Toronto or Boston from making that move

      Tampa could peddle a 3rd or 4th rounder for a depth forward

    • Cal Foote was a no go for the Mcdonagh and Miller trade. I’d say less than 0% chance they’re trading him for Simmonds.

      Simmonds will not be getting that type of return.

  4. Ducks have had wings clipped and are plummeting

    Will be 11 losses in a row after next game

    They MUST do something

    • Josh Manson for Ollie Maata … wishful thinking

      • Hi Ed

        Upgrades Pens but I can’t see want (for Maata) by An

      • Pengy ed van impe…i cant see that trade happening..matta seems to always put it together im the first to run him out of town..hes been solid..as far as manson for matta do t think either makes that trade..if i wanted a ducks defenseman it wouls be Brandon montour who stepped up in fowlers absence…i also would like adam henrique for our third line center swap brassard for henrique..brassards cap hit only $3 million maybe he wakes up getting more ice time there.

  5. GO LEAFS GO….Oh how I love my leafs. 5-0 victory over the Bruins tonight will be just fine with me. If Marleau/Kadri/Nylander line stink it out tonight, they need to be sent to one of those SHAOLIN temple in China to do some soul-searching. Oh I wish we had Maroon/Martin/Reaves out on the ice tonight against the B’s instead of our pathetic M/K/N line. Only if Dubas tinker the third line we’ll have the Lord Stanley in our grasp. Go LEAFS GO!

    • I think a very interesting mid level player that the Leafs should look at is William Carrier instead of the players mentioned above.
      Maroon is a bust no need to go back to Martin and there is no way Vegas will give up Reaves as they need him in the line up come playoff time, BUT Carrier could be available and you will not have to give up a core player and delete from the team and he is a very smart player not just a goon he can play,
      This is the player the Leafs should look to go after. As for Nylander Iam not going there and Dubas made the biggest rookie mistake by stating he would never trade Nylander as long as he is the GM, just stupid, Nylnader was the best option to upgrade and nor delete from the team that was really doing well, leafs will rue the day they keep Nylander and move out Kadri or Kapanen instead, would be very regretful, regardless of any cap issues next year, and just for the record its a NO on Dougie Hamilton as well.

    • A line like that would only hurt the Leafs.
      Boston dosen’t really play the heavy game like years past.
      The last game was a result of Bostons team toughness being tested by a few previous opponents.
      Leafs need 2 defensemen.
      Not much more.
      I hope the Bruins put up a 10 spot on the Leafs tonight.
      Wishful thinking, I know.

    • Twin?

    • So Toronto had a Willie Nylander for Brett Pesce deal on the table and balked at it. Swing & a miss on that one Dubas

  6. Burakovsky and Zuccarello are ideal targets for a lot of teams.
    Bob has been brutal in the playoffs his entire career As a result should not be a top paid goalie. His regular seasons have been polar opposite. He will not be going to Calgary. The team is playing with confidence for Big Save Dave.

  7. where is the dude who wrote that Bobrovsky is the best goalie in the world and is the best thing since sliced bread? You were delusional then and more so now.

  8. The Leafs “we don’t need toughness cause we’ll hurt you with our power play” isn’t working too good. We’ll see how things play out tonight. Go Cowboys!

  9. Colorado is hanging on to a wild card spot and Varlamov has cost them 2 straight games. A trade for Bobrovsky for Varlamov and a 2nd round pick could be a worthwhile trade.
    Friedman says Bobrovsky isn’t happy then says Columbus is stuck with him because of his NTC. I don’t think it will be a problem getting him to waive his clause, but he will control where he lands.

    • in fairness grubs was god awefull against peg couldn’t stop a beach ball

  10. Pens should offer Tristan Jarry and Chad Ruhwedel for Michael Ferland and Justin Williams.

    • MG

      An add of Ferland and JW would of course improve team

      Don’t think they need to make that dramatic a move as things going well now;and I’m baffled that anybody who take Ruhweedel in a trade.

      I like Jarry but yesterday’s extension puts him 3 years out on big team likely

      That said …. a Jarry for Ferland and JW is a heavily skewed trade and I don’t see it happening

    • MG..as much as i would lo e to do that no way caroline does that not enough for ferland and their captain….i would think Tristan jarry dominik simon and a second or third round pick for ferland..might work…they have defense they need sscoring and a goalie..

  11. I don’t think Carolina should be in the trade market until the off season. They are playing well without Jordan Staal and his return will give them what they need. For the first time in many years the team is built for the post all star game phase of the season when the physical play picks up and there are less penalties being called. Carolina is a good 5 on 5 team.

    Waddell/Dundon should get more credit for signing Calvin De Haan. His consistent reliable play and his chemistry with Faulk has resurrected Faulks’s career and solidified Carolina’s defense.

  12. Sakic does not move fast anyway but I feel the Avs are going to wait and see what Grubauer can do longer term. He has already played 20 games.
    Varlamov for Bob seems like a decent enough swap but would put Grubauer on the bench too often.

    It is suspicious that B.Ryan had his 9th hand injury recently and George did not comment. It is a bizzare thing for a player.

    • And, if Ryan’s like every other NHL player, he still uses the cut-off gloves that have little or no protection from a slash.

    • Ryan took a pretty hard slap shot in the hand when he played Carolina a few days ago. If I remember correctly it was in the palm. I thought Ryan played well and worked hard during the game.

    • Speaking of George

      I’ve not seen a post from him lately ….

      … nor KalEl ??

      • I miss the guys.
        Sounds silly right?
        It’s true though.
        I just assumed everyone was reading and not commenting.
        I like to pretend that everyone is just fine.

  13. I called out for a Georgie post the other day. Hey Lyle… could you do another email wellness check if we don’t hear from the ol bugger soon?