NHL Rumor Mill – January 14, 2019

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Latest on the Leafs, Ducks, Flyers, and Stars plus speculation over the futures of goaltenders Jonathan Quick, Cam Talbot, and Jake Allen in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran recently suggested it might be time for the Maple Leafs to trade defenseman Jake Gardiner and perhaps winger Kasperi Kapanen. Gardiner is slated to become an unrestricted free agent while Kapanen will be a restricted free agent. Re-signing the pair could be difficult given the cost of signing star forwards Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner this summer will use up most of the club’s $26-million salary-cap space. 

Should the Toronto Maple Leafs consider moving defenseman Jake Gardiner before the trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

McGran believes moving Gardiner before the trade deadline might fetch the Leafs a first-round pick. His absence could be offset by younger defensemen such as Travis Dermott. Kapanen, meanwhile, could fetch a good right-side blueliner such as Carolina’s Brett Pesce, Edmonton’s Adam Larsson, or maybe even St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo if packaged in a larger deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both would be bold moves by Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas and not the sort of deals usually made by a team comfortably entrenched in a playoff spot. Dubas could retain Gardiner for the playoffs despite the risk of his possible departure via free agency. Kapanen could bring the Leafs that right-side defenseman they desperately need but Dubas might consider a more affordable rental option and could perhaps peddle Kapanen this summer if a larger move is required. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cited Bob McKenzie’s appearance Sunday on Ottawa’s TSN 1200 discussing possible moves by the struggling Anaheim Ducks, who dropped their 11th straight game yesterday. Noting Ducks GM Bob Murray’s reluctance to replace head coach Randy Carlyle, McKenzie believes he’s been very active in terms of trade options. One could be pending UFA winger Jakob Silfverberg. Another could be drawing upon the Ducks’ surplus of good young defensemen such as Hampus Lindholm, Cam Fowler, Brandon Montour or Josh Manson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McKenzie also pointed out Murray knows his roster must get faster and younger. If Silfverberg doesn’t fit into their long-term plans it could make sense to move him, though they’ll need a replacement for him on their forward lines. If they’re in the market for a young scorer, peddling one of those blueliners mentioned by McKenzie should address that need. How about  Montour or Manson to Toronto for Kasperi Kapanen? Discuss!


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Lisa Dillman and Josh Cooper recently examined the pros and cons of whether the Los Angeles Kings should trade long-time starting goaltender Jonathan Quick. who lacks a no-trade clause. If the Kings were to shop Quick, perhaps the Columbus Blue Jackets (depending on the status of pending UFA goalie Sergei Bobrovsky) or Philadelphia Flyers could become trade partners. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: With all the talk of the Oilers possibly adding a top-six winger before the trade deadline, Kurt Leavins recently wondered if goalie Cam Talbot and his $4.166-million cap hit might be in play. He’s due to become a UFA in July and Leavins doubts the Oilers can afford to re-sign him and fellow UFA Mikko Koskinen, who also has a no-movement clause. 

STLTODAY.COM: Benjamin Hochman recently advocated for the St. Louis Blues to move on from inconsistent starter Jake Allen. While acknowledging Allen has two more seasons with an annual average value of $4.3 million remaining on his contract, Hochman suggested there are ways to get rid of that contract if the Blues can’t find any takers in the trade market. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings could trade Quick but I think they’ll want to evaluate Jack Campbell and Calvin Peterson a little longer before making that move. They could also have other deals planned that will take a higher priority.

It’s hard to say what Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli has in mind as the deadline nears. If his club falls further out of playoff contention he could go into sell mode, assuming he’s not fired before then. Talbot’s inconsistency could make moving him to free up space for a winger difficult to do. He also has a modified no-trade clause listing 10 preferred trade destinations.

Like Quick, Allen lacks no-trade protection but his reputation for inconsistency makes him a tough sell. Hochman may have been referring to a contract buyout this summer when he spoke of ways to get rid of Allen’s deal. 


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Sean Shapiro cites two NHL sources claiming the Dallas Stars have looked into trade winger Brett Ritchie. He’s been a frequent healthy scratch this season and has four points in 24 games. 


NBC SPORTS: Jordan Hall wondered what other moves Philadelphia Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher could have in store after shipping Jordan Weal last week to the Arizona Coyotes for a six-round pick and a minor-league player. Trading pending UFA winger Wayne Simmonds could be one move. Hall also suggested UFAs Michael Raffl or Christian Folin could be shopped. 


  1. The question for Dubas is are the Leafs in their cup window and I would say we are but then again Matthews and Marner are still so young that another year or two of seasoning could do wonders.

    I keep pointing to Nylander because of how well we played in his absence, seems like a complete no brainer to turn him into a reputable proven top 4 dman then go from there.

    If we could add a Pietro and a solid feisty top 6 winger like a Kreider or a lesser version in Ferland in Carolina I see no reason why we can’t contend for the cup this year.

    • I think the best time to trade Nylander was before he signed that deal.

      I don’t think NY will shop Kreider, and honestly can’t see what NY would want from Toronto in return.

      Ferland is a more reasonable target because of his UFA status.

      • Fair enough and for the record I think New York would be nuts to ship out Kreider.

      • If the right offer comes in Kreider would be traded.His value will never be higher either-prime player who excels in the playoffs. Vegas could use a bigger wing like him as could most teams….

        If he gets traded to Tampa…………………

      • Tampa is more than likely not an option. Not without taking on a contract like Callahan. And I don’t see them giving up Foote, so what are they sending back?

        I’d agree that NY would trade him for the right return. But o can’t see Toronto trading anything worth it.

        I’d imagine Toronto would only really be willing to move Kapanen, Zaitsev (a big no thanks) and possibly Gardiner… another no thanks! But I don’t think Toronto actually deals Gardiner anyway.

        That’s why I don’t see a fit there.

      • @Nyr4life Tampa was a joke… because of the amount of former Rangers on the team…

        Leafs maybe could move Kapanen or Nylander(boat anchor contract not looking great as he is a 2nd liner imho). Gardner or any other mid 20s D is not for the Rangers right now

      • I think the best fit for Kreider is Edmonton. But again, I don’t see what NY would want from them (reasonably, from either teams perspective) in return.

    • What about Kapanen and Gardiner to the Blues for Pietrangelo and Maroon—that seems to fill your wish list?

      • As a blues fan, you’d trade Pietrangelo for an UFA d-man and Kapanen who’s a Rfa?

        If St. Louis we’re to put Pietrangelo on the market, I think they could do MUCH better than that.

      • Were not we’re!

      • iowa boy: Agree with Nyr4Life. That is a horrible offer for Pietrangelo. Any trade for him with one year left on his deal is going to be somewhat painful for Toronto. Think Kadri or Kapanen, Dermott or Liljegren, a 1st round pick and possibly more with other pieces going back and forth for cap reasons. 1D with term rarely get traded and the return would be similar to the McDonough trade last year.

      • Pietro only has next year remaining so I don’t about a D man with “term”, that being said I agree, the Blues would not do that deal and would get more elsewhere. The leafs would at least need to throw in a 1st, and possible mid level prospect, like you said Van, it’s going to hurt Toronto for sure.

      • Ny. I’m obligated to say that your grammar kink feels so off to me due to your penchant for utilizing text speak like lol n’at.

    • I don’t know if Toronto is in it’s Cup window or not, but I agree with Lyle that, with their pending RFAs, they could be looking at a cap crunch shortly. So, were I in Dubas’ job, I’d go all in and do everything I can to win it all this season.
      Side note: While I’m a Jackets fan, I honestly would enjoy seeing Toronto end it’s 50+ year Cup drought.

      • On of the rare times I agree with you. Most of the recent cup teams did it with stars on elcs and bridge deals. With the bridge deal going extinct now or never needs to be the motto for teams with superstars in elcs.

  2. I agree with Gary! Since 2017/18, I have always felt that Nylander is the most tradable asset on the Leafs and the mosts replaceable (Kapanen) on the current Roster! How about Nylander and either Zaitsev or Ozhiganov Manson and Ritchie?

  3. Can ANY of you (Lyle), create any kind of happy-ever-after trade scenario involving Jake Allen?? I just don’t see how that will end–who would have some interest?

    • My question about Allen and his contract is what happens if you put him on waivers? If he’s claimed, the claiming team adds his contract to its salary cap total. If he clears and is sent to the AHL, his salary cap hit goes with him.
      Is that correct?

      • No, if he goes to the AHL they only get 1 million in cap relief the rest stays on the big teams cap number.

      • We’ll take Allen and give you Darling and a 3rd-rounder for your troubles.

  4. LEAFS find themselves in a pricarious situation this morning as the Bruins are only behind 2 pts and the rearview mirror reveals very crowded bunch eager to knock off the Leafs. Not long ago they had a spread of 12pts between them and the last playoff spot team and today it has shrunk to 6 pts. I foresee a turbulent ride to the finish line. I believe the Leafs are better off with few players subtracted from the team before thinking of adding players. Gardiner, Zaitsev, Hainsey need to be traded or demoted. Personally trade them for picks will be ideal. Allow players like Holl, Borgman and Rosen from the Marlies a chance before going all out at the trade deadline. I don’t believe Leafs are anywhere close to being a contender for the CUP this year. Everyone in the media refers to the Leafs being loaded offensive team, but really outside Matthews, Marner and Tavares what do ty Leafs really have as an offensive threat? The answer is NADA. In fact, Matthews never had a real bonifide winger to compliment his elite skill. If Matthews had a Mitch like type of player on his line, he probably have 40-50% more points. Time to weed out the floaters and add more troopers. Go Leafs Go

    • @Muke
      Outside of Marner Tavares and Matthews- haha …does anyone else have that? You don’t think Nylander who has had back to back 60 point seasons is more than NADA…30 goal Kadri? Marleau? kapanen? Morgan Rielly? Come on…
      I agree the defense could improve-but I don’t think they dealing away or “demoting” lol 3 of their top 6 D in January…
      I don’t think the Leafs are a cup favorite due to their lack of quality D, but you refer to them as if they should be tanking for lottery..they are a top 5-8 team in the league, much as you might hate that…

      • Sam, don’t take the bait. The guy’s not a Leaf fan; not sure he’s even a hockey fan.

    • Since Andersen went down the Leafs have struggled & some of their weaknesses have been exposed. Apologies to Marner & Reilly bit Andersen has been the Leafs MVP this year. When Freddy is back in form the Leafs will be fine. It’s ridiculous to suggest that the scoring ends with Taveres, Marner & Matthews. Scoring is not an issue. Kadri having some bad puck luck but getting the chances, Nylander will come into form. What is Reilly, chopped liver??? The defence need to be addressed, the Gardner/Zaitsev pairing is getting ravaged by the forecheck. Hard to believe that Gardner is playing for a contract because his Mr. Hyde personna is far more prevalent than his Dr. Jekyll. With a waiver p/u in net the Leafs lost tot he Bruins in a game where Rask stood on his head. Even if they don’t make any moves I don’t think the Bruins in the rearview, or any other team in the Atlantic for that matter, are really a concern for the Leafs or their fans. Success in the playoffs, that is different.

  5. Quick has got to be a target and one the Kings I would think listen to reasonable offers and potentially pull the trigger if it added speed and youth

    Flames will make a deal . Not sure what but I do like a Zuccarello type deal.

    Oilers are relegate to minor trades. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

  6. Montour or Manson for Kapanen would be a great deal for the Leafs. I think the Ducks could get more for either however…

    • After the ducks traded Pettersson for sprong I think those deals about match what they are looking for

      • Pettersson? Yeah! That’s it Pettersson! LMAO!!!!

  7. Have to love the comments on Nylander’s “boat anchor” contract. Goodness. 61 points back to back making 6.9 million at 22 years of age…no one would take him? Lol, someone paid JVR 7, Evander kane, Paul Stastny at 32! more…ask those teams who they would rather have…

    • I think You have to give Nylander some time right now. But he is currently on pace for about 12 points?

      He definitely needs to turn it around soon. Maybe another 10 games?

      His back to back 61 point seasons don’t mean anything going forward. This is why you don’t pay players coming off their elc deals 7 million per.

      I wouldn’t call him an anchor, but I also wouldn’t call this a great looking deal yet either.

      And I don’t find any of the players named above appealing, but every single one of them are out producing Nylander at the moment.

    • Nylander is now the 6th highest paid player-tell me he is in the top 30 players in the league

      • @DS you base on that on a on year salary cap hit? that’s a bit skewed don’t you think?

        @Nyr4life . Fair points but I think based on a 2 year sample size and his age you give him benefit of the doubt. You don’t unload players based on 6 weeks of bad play after missing a training camp. Sorry, he is worth way more than what he is currently being given credit for by many

        Always an interesting debate around Willy, but slump is magnified in Toronto…just like streak is magnified in Toronto. I wouldn’t be dumping him any time soon

      • @Sam I think he was overpaid but a very good NHL player. League in general is going to be in trouble soon with these ‘too soon’ big contracts. Do you think Willy is a top 30 player?

      • @DS No I don’t think he is top 30 scorer BUT his salary is 6.9 million not 10.28. That 10.28 has no affect on Leags- tonne of cap space this year.. and there are many many other players who make more that are worse players- and there are many – who are better that make less. You can’t measure at his lowest point can you? Mitch Marner had 8 more points last year with more Powerplay points..did you foresee a 100 point season coming? I didn’t. I think Nylander has 70-80 point potential based on skill and his linemates- if he hits that next year- contract is good value. The days of Johnny Gaudreau, Mackinnon type contracts are gone..

        To be honest – not sure why GM’s pay so much off an entry level contract- they are required to give a 10% raise…Sign them till UFA years arrive and then have faith they will want to stay with you- if they leave you got their best years out of them at a reasonable price..if they stay ..pay them then..Lamoriello did this is New Jersey. Why overpay for 5 years just so you “might” have a bargain for 3 years of UFA years?
        there is no offer sheet scare (realistically). Use the CBA to your favor as it favors the owners until age 27…

  8. For the Leafs to stand pat with their existing soft defence is not an option. And home ice advantage over Boston with the existing D means diddly squat. They won’t get past the first round once again.
    I’d love to see Gardiner moved at the trade deadline, for a draft pick or a package.
    On a separate deal I’d love to see them bring in someone like Manson, Ana, in a package deal; he is a 6’3″ stay at home D man with a cap friendly $4.1 million for 4 more years.

    • …but if you’re ANA, why would you look to unload a player like that? The same reason TOR would want him is the same reason ANA wouldn’t want to get rid of him.

      • Unless they feel they need more help up front. If their system has Defensive strength and depth it may be worth it to go for a speedy skilled winger like Kapanen

  9. Shticky how about that game against the B’s on Saturday night. Your 1/4 of Leafs roster (Marleau/Kadri/Nylander) line with (Zaitsev/Gardiner) pairing defense combined for -12 in the game. In fact, they were the only players on the ice that showed up in the minus colum. Five players you said you wouldn’t trade as they are valueable to the top 5 team in the league. Top 5 my azz, they are barely hang in, Buffalo is sitting in the 9th spot in the conference with only 6 pts behind the Leafs. Just the thought, if we didn’t have those 5 players in the line up this entire what our record will be? I say we probably have about 4-5 more wins. That’s right, these guys are LIABILITY to the team. We are better off without them. It’s like Marner/Tavares/Matthews is skating with dead weights around their ankle. Dead weights being those 5 useless pile of crap. Expensive dead weights at $26+ mills. Ouch. Shticky your assessment of the Leafs makes me wonder if you even watch any of these games. I used to respect your comments on this board, but I’m beginning to think that you are a little narrow minded. You seem to lack the big picture of it all. This of course is just based on your knowledge of the Leafs. As I don’t pretend to be an expert just an observer of the game. Go Leafs Go

    • I wish I could tell who’s a good player or not by just watching games they play in. I think it’s like thinking you can only win with toughness and upgrading your bottom 6 by trading floating top 6 player to get over the hump.

    • Out played out shot out chanced Boston with a 3rd string waiver goalie and lost to a store wnley cup goalie standing on his head, you sure your “blaming” the right guy or even watching the same game? Don’t get me won’t I don’t know or think if this is a cup team it needs some work but it seems like some here act like the house is on fire then in the same breath say they have been watching this team be just brutal with all this truculant bull shit and don’t remember how bad it was? The Leafs have have a top 5 team in the NHL has lost 3 in a row only 1 time in a season with a 3rd string back up have a Norris Vezna and possibly a Heart candidate and freak out and wants to play good ol days hockey? Trade talent for the magic bean of toughness when the 2 teams that have combined for 6 cups in the past decade or the team that seems to be running away with this regular season in Tampa they were or are built almost the exact same way they don’t really play rough tough hockey now do they?…do you really pay attention should be the question. NVM watching games pay attention to the sport.

  10. Kapanen is going to bring back Pesce, Montour or Mason… If them trades were possible Toronto would’ve already made them. Kapanen on his own isn’t bringing back any of them. 4 goals in 21 2 in his last 12 games for Kapanen he would have to start producing on a more regular bases to get that kind of return.

    • Caper: I think you meant “Kapanen isn’t …” and I agree. Wingers aren’t as valuable as top 4D.

      • Agreed

  11. Leafs are in a position of strength and don’t need to panic, make a couple cheap rental trades at the deadline. They need to be patient and next year their defense will be revamped with pickups from the Marlins. The only time a big trade will happen, will be in the summer. With that being said if ducks and blues start liquidating their teams all bets are off.

  12. We have a Trade Devon Shore to Anaheim Carl and Andrew Cogliano to Dallas. Advantage Anaheim

  13. When Matthews demands 12-13 million AAV and Marner demands 11-12 million AAV, it will be fun watching Toronto try and hold this team together. Gotta think Arizona is just waiting to offer sheet Matthews.
    Both will receive offer sheets this summer if Toronto doesn’t take care of business.

    • The coyotes lose about 30 million a year. Roughly 35% of the population are actually native, the overwhelming minority. Most are transplants.Why are people so infatuated with the idea Mathews will pack the house? Or that the coyotes have the means to splurge on one player at 13-14 million per?

      They’re currently in the due diligence phase of being sold. You try to keep cost down during this phase of a sale. They have no guaranteed future in Arizona. There’s talk of uncertainty and relocation ( Houston).

      Sorry, I’m not buying the hometown boy offer sheet dream. Especially considering the majority of the population are not homegrown in the 1st place.

      • Yeah man!!! Houston would love the Coyotes!
        Already trying to get me some glass season tickets…

      • Not sure why Matthews would want to go into a situation with that type of uncertainty. Methinks he wouldn’t sign it if he got it.
        Would he use it for leverage? Sure. Would he actually accept it and actually go to Arizona? I have my doubts.

      • Agree with most but the fact the majority of the fans arnt homegrown is irrelevant. All things considered having a population not from Arizona can only help the yotes attract fans. Mathews would help grow the brand. Great for bettman and the league. Maybe not so hot for the yotes owners

      • My point is , why would a bunch of people from Michigan, NY, NJ, etc care that Mathews a “hometown” boy plays for Arizona? It’s not the gate attraction people make it out to be.

        And they could Ill afford a 14 million per contract when they’re bleeding $$$’s.

        Most importantly, is Mathews a 14 million dollar player? And does he make any difference in Arizona? My guess would be no to both. I like the guy, but he’s far from the best player in the league, and it would be a gross mistake to pay him like he is the best.

    • haha yeah because Arizona can offer 1 player 16 million when their entire salary cap is 70 million and they draw 8,000 a game. Auston Matthews is good, he isn’t the Beatles lol.

      yep both will get offer sheets of mega millions because that’s what owners want to do – raise the bar so that all future RFAs- use their contracts as comparables,

      Yes making Toronto hurt is appealing to many (jealous fans, lol), making them hurt while inevitably increasing the costs of your own employees is not..this is why it never happens…

      Most owners are businessmen first, not hockey fans, they care about the bottom line…an offer sheet is bad business.

      I guess we will see

  14. If the Oilers traded Adam Larsson for Kapanen they in effect would have traded Hall, last year’s MVP, for Kapanen. Oilerfans are roasting Chia on all boards but this this would raise the hate to a new level. I love that Chia gave a backup goalie a NMC. Who does that?

    • It would need to be Kapanen plus for Larsson. Not even PC is that desperate….. uhh, probably not that desperate?
      Larsson is exactly what the Leafs need though.
      It just creates another hole for the Oil, so can’t see it.

  15. Nylander is not going anywhere. He was promised to Tavaras when JT was being courted by the Leafs.

    • Wrong.

      Marner was suggested as the flank for Tavares. Nylander was always planned to play beside Matthews.

      They have him playing with Kadri to get him going again, and ideally also get Kadri going.

      • These guys are going alright. Marleau/Kadri/Nylander with Zaitsev/Gardiner a combined 26+ mills and against the B’s over the weekend atrocious -12 combined. In fact, they were the only payers in the minus column. Quite the predicament the Leafs are in. Play these guys and drag the team down or lose prospects and draft picks just to get rid of them. What to do? What to do? What would guy like Cam Neely suggest to do if these guys played for the Bruins. I bet send these guys EAST. No not trade them to the Eastern Conference team, he probably send them to somewhere in China or Siberia. Lets see how many minuses these useless ballerinas pile up tonight against the Avs.

  16. Promised to Tavares? Like an arranged marriage?

    • Ummmmm

      Lol? Is that how that works?

      I like 😆 better

  17. IMO the Leafs should aquire a dman or two at the trade deadline. For example Alex Edler if he’s available (ntc??) for a reasonable price. Cheaper options are McQuaid or Lovejoy.
    Pay WW’s signing bonus on July 1st and trade him for a top 4 stay at home dman (Josh Manson or Larsson 🙂 …). Re-sign Kapanen and Hainsey (only for a reasonable one year deal). Let Gardiner walk…. try to trade Zaitsev. Re-sign Hutchinson and Sparks.

  18. Debbie Downer here

    As a Leafs fan for over 5 decades …. they should NOT IMO, go all in this year

    At best ; any conceivable trade(s) (that’s actual trade where other team(s) agree) will at best get them past Bruins and garner them maybe 3 extra home dates.

    Yes the rev for 2nd round Leaf home games is big …. but Leafs are rich and the extra dough would be at the expense of foregoing current assets for UFAs that won’t be fit into cap in 19/20+ where their true window is … that would be hard to swallow

    Several posts today are excellent moves and would make Leafs better now … no question

    The window IMO starts in June of ’20 and can be plausible for a couple of cups over 5-7 years

    Any moves now should be for players who are still under contract next year (at least) and IMO must be geared to strengthening D first and then to add some spice/grit/sandpaper

    Aquiring a D like Manson improves D now and for 3 more years at reasonable hit …. that move would be a wise one

    The cap he’ll is coming

    I don’t question the AAV on WW in out-years as much as I do the actual contract being signed well into year.

    I would have traded him before the season OR have him sit the year and sign off-season or trade him then

    I know what GMKD has publicly stated but if he’s doing his job (improving team and always doing what’s best for team).., then he should focus on AM and WW contracts and once signed he can bite his public words ; apologize later; and trade WW (after signing bonus paid 1/7) for a top 4D…. receiving team gets hit with $7M cap but actual cash per year <$5M… so good contract to trade after SB paid

    I posted (yesterday) my loose "game plan" to at least one cup (somewhere '20-'26) …. most steps are fluid and flexible …. what is not flexible is that current focus should be to get AM and MM locked up

    Debbie Downer over and out

  19. it will be interesting to see how division and conference rivals react once the first couple of trades occur. Who will go all in and overpay for rentals? Teams sitting on the cusp like Carolina,Vancouver,Anaheim will they be sellers or buyers? Are teams going to stand pat and keep or trade pending UFA’s who could bolt come July ? should be an active TDL.

    • My guess is Carolina will not be a seller or a buyer.

      • I have a feeling Carolina will trade Ferland as the optics would be really really bad if they don’t. They already got hammered in the Calgary trade and they aren’t winning the cup this year. I wouldn’t pay Ferland Wilson money if that is the ask either and letting him walk for nothing should be out of the question.

  20. If at the highest level the plan was Willy with Matthews, Marner with Tavares….put them together and leave them for an extended period. Give the plan time to be confirmed or judged to not have been a good plan.

    I cringe when I see Andreas Johnson(?) on the left side of Matthews. The difference in 4 th lines between Boston and T.O. was incredible the other night. Is there a guy in the league as big a Gauthier who is softer. Lindholm is soft as well, Brown I think should be traded or on the 3 rd line.

    BC Leaf fan rightfully was giving me a hard time for always wanting to trade Kadri. But he is not working out on the 3 rd line nor on the power point. So maybe he can go on Matthews left with Willy on the right.

    The supposed Einstein quote was to do the same thing and expect different results is idiocy.This longtime Leaf observer does not like what he is seeing.

  21. Toronto will have roughly 23 million in cap space on July 1st with 12 players signed. Marner and Matthews will eat up at least 19-21 million of that 23 million.
    They are going to have to move salary out and quick. No one is going to take Zaitsev or Marleau without throwing in a solid prospect or pick. The Leafs are going to have to move a major piece. Finding defensive help is going to be costly and finding the cap space is going to be very costly. There was some rumors flying about Alex Pietrangelo to the Leafs. It wouldnt surprise anyone if the asking price is Nylander straight up or if the Leafs try to unload Zaitsez, the price is likely to be Zaitsev, and 1st, and either Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren. Toronto is in a hole and no GM is going to let them out easily.

    • Brian, Apparently Marner’s ask before the season was 72 mil (guessing 9X8). I can’t see that number going down given the season he’s having. You may be a little light with the 19 – 21 million for Marner and Mathews. I’d guess it’s more like 22 – 24.

  22. This is very smart group of mathematicians. All these numbers being thrown around.
    I don’t think Gardiner can handle another playoff against the bruins, so do everyone a favour and trade him for draft picks. Move Dermott to his spot. Use a draft pick for McQuaid( you have to be tough to fight Reaves, win or lose).
    Edler would be a nice pick up for the power play. All the passing they do sometimes you just have to shoot and hit the net.
    Therefore if you cut Hainsey’s minutes this would be addition by subtraction.

    • You can trade Gardiner and add Edler and McQuaid. Thats a downgrade on offense and does nothing to alleviate the cap issues for next summer. The Leafs need to go all in this year because they are in huge cap trouble next summer.

    • Finally, somebody with some senses. Bang on everything you said.

      • Mike, so do you want to keep Gardiner or not? Read Brian’s post that you agreed with again.

        Agree with Brian, go for it now. The Leafs will have some tough calls to make in the off season. They will need to significantly sweeten deals to move the Horton contract (to who I have no idea). And to move Marleau if he accepts a trade. If they don’t resign Gardiner, another big hole to fill on a already shallow blue line.
        It may take another couple years to be as good as they are right now, and no guarantee they will be.

  23. I’m not sure how Kapinen has gone from being considered a B level prospect when the Leafs acquired him to being worth a top 4 D man now. He’s putting up decent numbers on a team that tends to score a lot but that’s likely to decline now that Nylander’s back.

    In his 99 career games he’s got 37 points. Kinda looks like middle six winger to me that certainly isn’t worth a guy like Pietrangelo or a quality young D man like the ones mentioned.

  24. Just saw on TSN that it’s a buyers market. Who’s giving up a 1st for Gardner when there appears to be a lot available on the market?

    • Gardiners market is small. Pretty much playoff teams only, and you can scratch half of them because they don’t need him.

      Who would pay anything (non playoff teams) knowing that there’s very little chance Toronto re-signs him?

      And would Toronto actually deal him to another playoff team? My guess is Gardiner stays right where he is.

      • I would bet $$ on that too NYR.
        IMO the Leafs are in a great position for this season. They are a solid, defense first RD from having a legit shot at the cup.
        After 50 years of not winning one, and cap issues coming, I can’t fathom a reason not to give it a go.
        Does TB look great right now? Yep. Plenty of president’s cup winners don’t make it through the playoffs.
        And I don’t even like the Leafs.

  25. Lyles brand growing!

  26. Zaitsev – aka Yikesev

    Zero IQ -Jake …. gotta ..gotta GO
    Again tonight … Gardiner is his usual self – – a huge liability , as he was in the Boston game …

    I have to wonder how this team would look, if Hunter was the present GM .,

    Nylander , most likely would have been traded , as would of 1- of Gardiner, or Zsitsev .

    Also mentioned by Hunter, Matthews and Marner should of been signed last summer .

    Mcilhaney would have stayed put ..

    Same old .. Same old Maple Leafs …
    so close and they mess up once again with poor management decisions .

    • 100% accurate statements. I wish you were the GM. You truly understand the current situation with the Leafs. Dubas dropped the ball on many fronts. He could’ve easily swapped Nylander for a quality defenseman especially during the hold out as Nylander was highly sought after by number of teams. Mclihany was that calm presence that TO needed when Andersson struggled. Now there is too heavy of burden on Andersson to be flawless every night. Gardiner/Zaitsev are both very average at best. I rather promote Justin Holl and Borgman or Rosen as these guys are not afraid of heavy games. I swear Gardiner should have became a Ballerina not a hockey player. And, yes Marner – Matthews should have been signed to a long term contracts before the season began. A lot of work to be done, before we can think about a parade down Yonge St.

  27. Sorry Lyle! As always you are the biggest man!

  28. Sticking with Peter Chiarelli at the trade deadline reminds me of Dr. Evil asking, “why make trillions when you can make…..billions?…”


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