NHL Rumor Mill – January 15, 2019

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Latest on the Ducks, Oilers, and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, Elliotte Friedman discussed the possibility of more trades coming for the Anaheim Ducks after they shipped veteran winger Andrew Cogliano yesterday to the Dallas Stars for center Devin Shore. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if Jakob Silfverberg was shopped, noting the Pittsburgh Penguins had interest in the winger earlier in the season. Silfverberg is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. 

THE SCORE: Josh Gold-Smith cited a report from the Ducks website indicating general manager Bob Murray intends to keep trying to re-sign Silfverberg. 

Could the Anaheim Ducks trade winger Jakob Silfverberg? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Silfverberg’s asking price and the Ducks position in the standings between now and the Feb. 25 trade deadline could determine if he’s next to hit the trade block as some sources suggest. Right now, I think Murray’s a buyer. His club sits just outside a wild-card berth and the Ducks GM could be in the market for a player who can help them right now. But if the tailspin continues, Murray could go into sell mode. 


TSN: Ryan Rishaug reports the Edmonton Oilers are making a “full-court press” to add a forward. While the Oilers are pressed for salary-cap space, he speculates their first-round pick in 2019, a goaltender or “maybe a young developing forward” could be in play. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples is concerned such a move could result in the Oilers giving up a big chunk of their future to address this year’s needs. Regarding Rishaug’s report, he speculates either Cam Talbot or Mikko Koskinen, and prospects such as Kailer Yamamoto, Tyler Benson, Cameron Hebig or even Jesse Puljujarvi could be in play. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rishaug’s report is already generating plenty of wild speculation, including a false report claiming Talbot and Puljujarvi were heading to Philadelphia in exchange for Wayne Simmonds.

With the Oilers jockeying for a wild-card berth in the Western Conference, GM Peter Chiarelli is probably feeling pressure from his bosses to swing a deal that clinches a playoff spot. If he can land a quality scoring forward who can help the Oilers now and beyond this season it could be a worthwhile move. Trading away young assets for a rental player like Simmonds, however, doesn’t make sense. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie considers the notion of the Ottawa Senators trading defenseman Cody Ceci to be “within the realm of possibility.”  He said he wouldn’t be surprised if they were getting calls about Ceci and wouldn’t be surprised if they were open to the idea of moving the blueliner. Ceci is on a one-year, $4.3-million contract and is slated once again to become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As McKenzie noted, the Senators aren’t under pressure to re-sign or move Ceci as they are with pending UFAs Mark Stone and Matt Duchene. While they could move him for the right offer, they could also hang onto him for the rest of this season and try to hammer out a new contract. They could also wait until June to see if the trade offers improve, especially if Ceci opts to go the arbitration route. 


  1. Just shocked they are letting this guy continue in power. It’s just a disaster and if he moves a prospect or 1st for a rental, it will set them back years. Funny we don’t hear- “how long before Mcdavid wants out” stories far more often.

    • Because it’s a scary prospect for Edmonton (or the NHL) to admit that. What it really says is that Edmonton will never matter again, too many things going against it. namely big names won’t ever play there again. Why you ask?

      1. Small market
      2. Lousy place (no offense to the locals, or is it offence?)
      3. Game travel nightmare

      • I’m gonna come clean… I have a bias against the team. I think they should be called the Houston Oilers… There, it’s out.

        Nevertheless, all that was said in the previous post remain facts.

      • Edmonton is a great city. Have you ever been there?

      • Yes Calgary thinks it’s a terrible travel time. Oilers are not going anywhere.

      • In defense of Edmonton (the city)… I travel for work and go to Edmonton (among other cities) fairly often. I’ve used public transit and uber there and have never had any issues getting to my destination on time. I have no experience in driving into the city and looking for parking but I would think it’s not much worse than any other city. The city easily has some of the best restaurants in Canada. They don’t get the sort of bizarre temperature swings that Calgary does, so the weather is more predictable. As long as you are prepared for the temperatures/conditions then you probably won’t find it any worse than any other Canadian city that experiences “harsh” winters. The city is awesome in the summer (if you like cycling/parks, etc.), and they have a pretty cool arts/culture scene going on over there. They don’t get the same amount of music acts that Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal get but you can’t really compare Edmonton to those other cities.

        I’ve seen two games in Edmonton; the Avalanche in 2000 and the Habs in 2018. Both games were sold-out and the atmosphere was electric. The new arena is amazing, although I prefer the Bell Centre in Montreal. Perhaps the Oilers are a small market team but I don’t think that is a knock against the city. The team has clearly been mismanaged for over a decade and it really sucks for the city as the fans there deserve better.

        I couldn’t care less if the Oilers ever win a cup again, but I would be disappointed if they relocated. I’d like to see them become a consistently competitive team but they constantly seem like a circus to me. It’s a shame they haven’t been able to build around McDavid but it’s also a shame that criticisms of the Oilers are twisted into criticisms of Edmonton.

      • If Winnipeg can make it then so can Edmonton. Oilers’ problem is a decade+ of poor management, not the city or the locale.

      • Winnipeg is a solid team. But they haven’t exactly made anything yet. 9 playoff game wins. 2 series won , both coming last year. 3 playoff appearances in 19-20 years.
        And have never made back to back playoff appearances.

      • I lived in St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Family farm is an hour away from Edmonton and lived in a small town on northern alberta.

        So a solid 14 years plus living there.

        Without a doubt. Edmonton is the ugliest city I have ever been to.

        Edmonton does not have some of the best restaurants.

        Whyte Ave and the mall are about it.

        Yes, Edmonton has a pretty river valley in the summer. But here is the thing.

        Summer is awesome everywhere in Canada if one goes outside. Just different levels of awesome.

        I get tired of people trying to say Edmonton is a great place in any objective manner. It simply does not compare to any city pretty much anywhere.

        With that said. Best hockey city I have lived in. People are all in there on hockey and the Oilers.

        Consistent sell outs despite a decade of WTF.

        If I was an NHLer I would want to win and wher McDavid plays, well winning should happen.

        Clean house in management.

        Get rid of all those Oilers from the 80s. They won but they are not the role models you want for your kids.


      • Joe Hockey, That was some funny sh**. I live in St Albert now. Nice place and ranked one of the best places to live in Canada consistently.
        Edmonton, not so much. Take Calgary any day.
        Your right Canada is a beautiful country in the summer, especially the north. Untouched, pristine wilderness if you are willing to get out there.
        The Oil need a gut job in management, and that includes the “advisers” from the good old days you speak of.
        Bring them back for happy reunions and move on.

      • Hey. Never been. But it must be better than places like ny Chicago la Miami etc. could you imagine living in those places like human link in-logs? Ewwww.

      • Just imagine being trapped in Pittsburgh?

        Have you seen the women?🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮!

        Seriously! Chicago, La , NY home of stars, models, culture.
        Places people vacation, visit, home of lots of great things!

        Raise your hand if you’ve EVER heard one single person EVER say they wanted to vacation in Pittsburgh? Go to Pittsburgh to “make something of themselves “…..

        Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

        Did I mention the women of Pennsylvania?🤮🤮🤮🤮

      • And what a tool to even judge a place without ever being there! I guess culture would scare most Amish people!

        Indoor plumbing, electricity, women that don’t make you throw up when you look at them….. or marry them…..🤮🤮🤮

      • I have been to Pittsburgh twice, but stayed by the river and didn’t see much more of the city. There for meetings. Airport to there wasn’t all that impressive. St Louis was worse. How come nobody is downtown? the rest looked like a dump.
        Both make Edmonton look stunning actually, and I would take it over either of those in a heartbeat.
        If you want opportunity? Alberta was the place to be for decades. Still better than most.

      • Never been to Pittsburgh. Been to Pennsylvania and was visiting a friend in a small town.

        Country side was post card pretty.

        I am sure the steel city is a dump too.

        Here is the thing.

        It then becomes about proximity.

        Edmonton is in the middle of butt @$%@ no where.

        It even takes 45 minutes to drive to the damn airport to get out of that dump.

        The only advantage Edmonton has is a shorter flight to Vegas and Hawaii.

        And please, go to a Walmart in Edmonton and just listen. Do it. It is a life experience you will not want to repeat.

        Yes, the oil patch was in boom mode. Now people are mailing their keys to the bank.

        I remember when Alberta was broke in the 80s.

        Pitts and Edm are probably two sides of the resource coin.

        But I digress, there are some good looking women in Edmonton.

        Saskatoon is the real jewel on the prairies though.

        I would like to see Edmonton have a relevant team again.

        The City needs it.

      • Obviously you’ve never been to Edmonton. Beautiful people, beautiful city. Change your screen name to Dickhead Dan.

      • Thanks for the one example Deeeeee , I’ll still be taking a few puke bags from the plane if I’m in town.🤮🤮🤮

    • They won’t be moving parts for a rental don’t see it.

      • Caper, if they do ship out assets for a rental then not only is that inept, it is unprofessional as it would suggest PC is doing it to save his job, which is the theme here in Edmonton.
        I hate 2 of the last 3 trades he made this year to “tweek” the lineup to try and save the season. Gave up unspectacular but useful players for dead weight that carries a cap hit into next season with Spooner and Manning. Space they will need desperately and those 2 are sitting in the press box more than playing.
        The Oilers need multiple quality, affordable pieces to actually think about contending. Good luck finding that at the TDL if you are trying to get in as the sellers want the same thing.
        Time to face reality, the PC plan didn’t work start with some fresh eyes and build for 2-3 years out and let your recent pick develop for a change.
        The Oil have McDavid and Draisaitl for 8 years, 2 great assets, build around that. They have pissed away the last 2, don’t keep making the same mistakes.

      • Hey chrisms…be careful knocking what you dont know dude. I grew up in Pittsburgh great place live in Los Angeles a cool suburb of Toluca lake which beautiful so nice so much to do yet can get to Malibu los Angeles eay where do you live hoboken?

      • Beth Ostrosky is from Pittsburgh and she is a 10. Textbook trolling job there though bud.

      • Remind me where Beth Ostrosky lives today? Yeah, like most she ran as fast as she could to NY from Pittsburgh! Lmao

    • Matthews and Nylander for mcdavid and nurse

      • Hahahaha. You are kidding right?

      • nyr4life…wow dumping on Pittsburgh You come out of the fort Pitt tunnels and Pittsburgh skyline is beautiful. Let me guess where you live New York that cess pool where the rats are nuclear size, people are extremely rude, and it the city smells like shi****in the summer.

  2. PC is not that dumb to move young fixed for a rental. I like the idea of Talbot and Puljujarvi but not for Simmonds unless it is plus someone like Phillipe Myers or Sanheim adding a draft pick

    • I’m not sure that I’d agree with your assessment of PC’s level of intelligence in hockey matters but I agree that Simmonds isn’t the answer. What would he bring that the Oilers don’t already have?

  3. Pens don’t really need a winger. They don’t need a goalie so long as Murray stays healthy (🤞) and consistent (🤞). Schultz covers their need for another top 4 blue liner. Schultz coming back also gives them 8 top 6 d men. Not sure what gmjr does. Upgrade brassard?

    • Chrisms

      Concur on your points with the exception of 1 very big point

      When he returns Pens will have 7 top 6 D not 8… under no circumstances should JJ be referred to as a “top 6 D”… he’s playing those minutes but outside of Ruhweedel ; he is their worst D (and worst nightmare)

      Almost every game the rookie Petterson saves his potentially costly goofs

      Unfortunately my gut tells me that Sully and GMJR are blind to this and will not move on from him…ouch!

      Odd man out next year is likely then Maata . Not sure if they make that move this TDL …. but for what??

      Caller on radio had this :

      Phil + Maata for Silfverberg + Ritchie + Manson + 1st + 2nd with a re-flip of Manson and 2nd to Leafs for Kappy

      Although I had posted something similar before and see the merits … this kind of trade is not in the works and won’t be … forggedaboudit

      Now a Maata and say ZAR (or prospect or pick) for Manson is not out of the realm of moves by TDL

      IMO , Pens this year should more or less stay the course …. minor tweak maybe. No giving up a first!!!!!

      D (as you’ve said) with the exception of JJ and Ruhweedel ; is fine

      I’m baffled at why they continue with Ruhweedel “effectively” still on the big club and wasting cap space

      Waive him and let him play in WBS at same Sal paying him now AND save on big team cap….. odds EXTREMELY slim that any team picks him up off of waivers and if they do …. so what!!

      GMJR are you listening?

      • He’s not. And Jj is a top 6 due to who he is. He is unmovable and they won’t bench him.

      • Chrisms

        What if I ask them pretty please 🙏!!! LOL

        “Top 6 due to who he is”
        …. a washed up, mistake-ridden , over-paid….. friend of ….


        Sully did bench the other day ….. for a whole single shift …. wow …. that did nothing

        If they do play him:

        1) a must that he’s never on PP
        2) a must that he’s never on PK
        3) a must that he plays (barring an injury) fewest minutes of any D in any game

        There has not been a single game where they adhered to those humble but prudent guidelines

        Oleksiak , Maata, Petterson , Riikola have all been in the press box at least once this year …. all are better than JJ

        It’s mind boggling that this continues

        I truly truly believe that a D of

        Letang Dumo
        Shultz Maata

        Will cull at least 3 more wins until the end of the year than any D set up that has JJ playing 15 minutes

        That’s just me … a bitter Curmudgeon 😂😂

      • Pengy…I was at the Staples center when the Penguins came to town and well the defense looked weak. I’m not sure guys like Pettersson, Rikola, and Johnson for that matter will hold up in the playoffs. the playoffs are a different animal and then penguins give up too many grade A scoring chances and aren’t physical enough.

      • Pengy……Phil Kessel isn’t going anywhere! I’m not sure why people want to trade the best pure goal scorer on the team. Why would the Ducks give up three players and two draft picks for two players…I cant see that happening and then your flip fop for Kappy who we already had??

        I do like those players that you mentioned in your Ducks proposal just not involving Kessel.

        Manson’s big and tough, Ritchie a useful 4th liner and Silverberg can score…

      • JJ is a good friend of Crosby, and that’s why JJ will play.

      • BlackNGold

        I’m very pro on Petttsson … really like what he’s showing

        Absolutely Johnson WILL be a problem in the playoffs (more so than reg season) ; Riikola a problem to a lesser degree


        Letang Dumo
        Shultz Maata
        Petterson /Oleksiak

        Barring injury …. that is not a cataclysmic D for play-offs…. not ideal but not unworkable

        Re the radio caller’s proposal of ridding Kessel

        I am not against this … it’s just when …. Phill IMO cannot be on the team at the time of the expansion draft…. he will be approaching 34 and FOR SURE will not be anywhere near the producer he is now and having to protect him at the cost of a much younger up and comer is very distasteful to me

        Love his production but he’s hell bent for leather offensensively and when puck is on his stick …. he doesn’t head into the corners for 50-50 battles because he’s afraid to scuffle …. he’ll go in there if no one is around or if he’s clearly going to get there first; he still floats a lot and glides a tremendous amount of time

        So for those reasons I am not against moving Phill before Exp draft

        The trade they suggested of course is a real longshot but the net … if Ana did in fact accept the deal …. is not an over-all detriment to the team

        What a s a detriment at this time is a major shake-up that screws up chemistry

        To my great dismay it looks like they are staying with JJ and Shultz returning soon … with cap crunch next year … that makes a D expendable and me-thinks it will be Maata outside looking in

        I’m a Kappy fan so Kappy on Leafs or Pens is OK by me

    • Chrisms..I Kind of agree with you but the Penguins do need another defense man (maybe not a winger) whether its a depth guy or a top 4 guy. Yes Justin Schultz is skating and coming back but he is going to be rusty and take time to get back. I live in Los Angeles and was at the Staples Center (as I always am when the Pens come to town) and the defense looked weak. I know it was back to back but when the playoffs start and things tighten up and it gets physical we need another d-man. I’m not sure guys like Pettersson, Rikola and for that matter Jack Johnson will hold up. Hearing Rutherford is offering young Jamie Olesiak in trade packages. So it looks like the organization is favoring Pettersson over Olesiak (healthy scratches) moving forward.. We will see I guess.. they need something teams like Tampa, Toronto, Boston, Washington, Columbus will rough them up.

      • Black N Gold

        I like big Jamie O so I hope they keep him… great contract value

        Petterson has impressed me tremendously so he MUST be kept

        Letang and Dumo are untouchable IMO and Shultz dang close

        They unfortunately WON’T 👎😆 move JJ and return for Riikola would be minimal

        So it will be Maata or Jamie O as odd man out

        Keeping one over the other, to me, will not make a big difference defensively …. Maata likely to get a better return

        Ruhweedel must be waived …. complete waste of cap

        Not sure what the move of Maata or Oleksiak will get back in terms of forwards ?

        Fingers crossed tonight in SJ

      • Pengy…I agree man I like Olesiak too (hoprJR) doesn’t trade him. Olesiak and and Pettersson make a nice third pairing with Schultz and Matta at #2..
        I think J.J. needs to be the odd man out or traded for something he just doesn’t fit like Brassard.

        I hope they move Brassard who at the time was a good choice didnt pan out.

        There are three young third line centers they should go after.

        Mark Jankowski 24 Calgary
        Ryan Dzingle 26 Ottawa
        Adam Henrique 27/28 Anaheim

        All young, talented, and cheaper and more productive than Derrick Brassard..

      • Dzingel is not a center

  4. Good morning

    Dallas – Ducks

    If anyone had read my post about 3 weeks ago Devon Shore was one of my top 10 list of players that would be great for a team that is looking o change to a bit of a more tenacity and heavy game a long with a good combination of skill…I believe in this player but not in Anaheim, the Stars really miss players like Eakins and Rousell who did a lot of the heavy lifting for other players to turn the momentum of a a game these 2 players are very much missed in Dallas….getting Cogliano will MAYBE make Dallas a bit more responsible with the puck and add better on defensive play with speed but Dallas gave up another Eakins Rousell type player again and are a softer team for it.


    Oilers really need to get rid of Chirelli at this point …IT IS SO NEEDED …and way past due!
    They also need to make a MAJOR deal where they need to swing for the Fences ….it has to mimic the Flames – Leafs Gilmour style trade.
    Oilers will miss the Playoffs again this year.
    With the best player in the league again looking to win the MVP …its just a disaster there…they have 3 lines that should be playing in Europe or the KHL and are not quality 2nd 3rd and 4th line NHL calibre lines…almost filler. Big deal you can keep Draisitil and RNH in the mix along Mac D …but with that core you’ve still missed the playoffs again even though they are good players ….at some point you have to make a really hard decision for the fans the team and Mac D to move forward and put a new start together because a lot of the same is starting to become a lot of the same and its really UGLY !

    As we read here there seems to be a very profound amount of really HIGH quality players available right now for the right price ..if the OILERS are scared to make that style deal …than they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t ….but at this point Id take my chances and make that significant deal that can change the direction of the organization not just the team.
    I really think that moving Draistil and a young D man i.e ( Bouchard ) may have to be the pieces that bring about change of direction and culture and clear some cap in the first of at least 2 MAJOR trades….RNH being the second deal.

    For a Team that only has 2 million in cap space and a bottom 6 like this its going no where long term.

    Iam not blaming Leon ..for ANYTHING …its just the ONLY option to restructure this Franchise in a deal that could bring a better start with keeping Mac D as the core …its unfortunately the ONLY way …trading mid level players will only bring back mid level players and putting lipstick on a pig !

    They have already moved out 3 first round picks in the past 4 years …whats a new lottery pick at this point !

    They need to make a serious HOCKEY deal elite players for elite players!

    Its out there this year more than any other year I can remember as lots of teams are willing to make BIG changes with core staff !

    Cheers 🙂

    • I don’t see a clear way for Edmonton to make things better. It has become grossly obvious that they can’t draft themselves out. Can’t win a trade, and UFA hasn’t exactly been their strong suit either. And it’s not all on PC. This team has been an absolute disaster for years!

      Fire everyone! PC, Hitchcock, scouts, equipment guy, hot dog venders, everyone!

      They don’t have many assets worth much outside of Mcdavid, Draisatl. This Talbot + for a forward is just silly talk! Nobody is lining up for Talbot. And if you can trade him, I wouldn’t expect more than a 3rd-4th rounder at best coming back.

      • Ethan Bear, Calib Jones, Evan Bouchard, Cooper Marody, and Tyler Benson. All but Bouchard were drafted by Charillie outside of the 1st round. Drafting hasn’t been an issue for Chiarelli.
        IMO Chairelli made 2 big mistakes. The Eberle trade really hurt the Oilers top 6. Trading Eberle wasn’t needed at that time. He had a decent season, just a very poor playoff performance in his first time making the playoffs.
        The second mistake was letting Tyler Pitlick walk and sign with the Stars. His last season Pitlick was the one who was putting up points from the bottom 6 until he got injured.

      • Cooper Marody Was drafted by Philly 6th round.

        Calib Jones 4th round.

        Tyler Benson 2nd round.

        Ethan Bear 4th rounder

        All are “we’ll see” type of players.

        A 1st rounder has just over a coin flip chance to become a regular nhl’er at any level.
        The chances beyond the 1st round quickly plummet even further.

        I’d agree with Eberle trade. Hall trade was even worse imo. And selecting Hall over Seguinn ….terrible.

        Yak, disaster!

        Lucic signing, brutal.

        Sekera signing terrible…

        Edmonton needs to separate Mcdavid and Draisatl imho.
        They need to spread out their lines. Get a legitimate winger for Mcdavid, move Draisatl to the 2nd line and RNH to the 3rd.

        The problem I see with all that is cap space. Who can they trade for help without gutting what they have ?

        Lucic, sekera are not going anywhere. Talbot isn’t getting any interest or decent return at this point.

        How do they fix this team without gutting their talented players, and leaving the Lucics behind?

      • Agreed NYR. Talbot, like Lucic, looks more like someone they’d have to give up assets to move rather than get assets for. The Oil are also right up against the cap so any “big” move will require them to shuffle salaries out.

        Kev, god bless your heart man but the Oils farm isn’t in the top half of the league which is a disgrace given they’ve drafted high for years now. You list a couple of mistakes by PC but don’t mention the Lucic contract. They moved Eberle because they needed the cap space which they immediately used to overpay Russell. They seemed to realize that 6 mil per was a bit high for a middle six winger.

        For me the Oil’s problem stems from overpays on almost all of their contracts (Lucic, Dreisetl, RNH, Russel) which puts them in trouble with the cap. This combined with a poor draft/development record means they aren’t very good and won’t be for a very long time. If your going to pay a couple of guys big money then you need to constantly develop young cheap players around them, they just don’t seem able to do that.

      • The Oil have one option IMO.
        They have no cap space and have traded away too many assets for too little return so trading away what they have left is likely a step back unless they find a sucker, which is unlikely.
        That means keep as many of your picks and prospects as possible, and acquire more if required.
        They have some decent looking youth in JP, Bouchard, Yamamoto, Caleb Jones(looks like an NHL player to me). With some maybes like Benson and Bear.
        The more you have the greater the chance that you get some players.
        The Oil need to stop trading away quality assets for quick fixes or change for the sake of change. STOP IT already and have some flippin’ patience with your young guys. It’s called the AHL, let them go there and learn the game instead of trying to do it in the NHL. This will never get better until they do. There is no silver bullet trade that will fix this.

      • They could win the draft lottery again – that would help. Problem is, they aren’t playing poorly enough. The playoffs are still there for Edmonton and even Anaheim if they play better.
        The muddy middle – not where you want to be these days.

      • I don’t see Hughes as a fit in Edmonton. Already having Mcdavid, Draisatl, RNH .
        Kaako would be a good fit, but I’m positive they would find a way to screw that up too.

        I have zero faith in Edmonton’s scouting , drafting and developing ability.

        Not to mention, another high pick for this team would make every single gm, fan outside Edmonton, and probably even Bettman himself puke in their mouth a little bit!

    • Welcome back KalEl

      I was a bit puzzled in the Dall/An trade…. perhaps this somehow works out for both

      Ed is a mess ; but oddly enough; still in play-off hunt…. GMPC basically has little/no negotiating strength in the trade market

      A crazy blow your brains out move now is not advisable

      If he can swing one or two player for player (or close enough to player for player) moves that somehow sneaks them in the playoffs ; he may keep his job…. outside of that ……fuggeddabowdid

    • Owen….He is listed as a center on spotrac.com Player salaries and team contract go to Ottawa and he is listed there…maybe he does both only putting whats printed…have a good day Owen!

    • Pengy…agreed they need to come up big in San Jose! They have San Jose, Arizona, and Vegas left on this trip they need two of three. I also like Pettersson he is big and makes a solid outlet pass.

      Schultz is the key! He needs to comeback strong! He is skating they are saying early to mid February for his return. Hopefully we are still fighting for the top spot in the Metro! Be nice to win the Metro for a change!

      Seems like JR is high on Ferland! I watched the Carolina game the other night he had 1 goal 2 assists solid player.

    • Owen…Dzingle is listed on Sportrac.com (Nhl team and player salaries) as a center just saying.Its printed so???

      He does play both and he is listed as a wing on the senators website

  5. As an Ottawa fan, PLEASE TRADE CECI! He has no hockey IQ and has a negative impact on any partner he’s paired with. Lajoie has looked much better the last few games simply because he wasn’t stuck with Ceci. Maybe a change of scenery will help, but I think Ceci is what he is after watching him the last few years.

    It’s depressing enough being a Sens fan right now. If Stone, Duchene and Dzingel are traded, but we sign Ceci long term, fans will be even more irate. Ottawa has to do whatever possible to keep Stone and hopefully one of Duchene or Dzingel. They have the cap space and could front load the deals next year before Chabot’s new deal kicks in. This would be a given with every other owner in the league, but we’re stuck with Melnickel.

    • agreed Van, time for Ceci to move on. The Senators need to bring in a solid mature defensive minded D man in the off season. I have not seen the past couple of games but Lajoie is currently not NHL caliber defensively, his offense on the back is ok but he is out of position and gets knocked around in the D zone.

  6. I’m going to leave much to those that know more about these other teams than I. However, after wasting three hours of my life watching that pathetic performance by the Leafs last night against the Avalanche, I’d like to offer some perspective.

    1. Babcock needs to light a fire under the collective butts of these hockey players. The way you do that is to start benching anyone that is playing with eggs in their pockets, and/or not producing offensively, and/or not being responsible defensively.

    What he did to Gardiner after perpetual gaffes by putting him with Ozhiganov for the third pairing and moving up Dermott to the second pairing is what is needed. However, Gardiner wasn’t the only one that needed to be hit with a wet noodle.

    2. Can someone explain to me what the relevance of Patrick Marleau is to this team other than taking up 6.25 million off the salary cap and putting the team in a position to trade away young assets that they won’t be able to sign to pay this guy’s retirement cheque? At best, at this point, he is a soft, defensively positionally sound bottom six forward. You can replace him with someone else that would do the same job for about 5 million less.

    3. What exactly is Kadri’s role? Is he out there to score or is he out there to be the go-to checking centre in the Bob Gainey mold. Right now, he’s offensively impotent and defensively confused. He’s always one step behind the play. Give him a role and stick with it.

    4. Does Matthews think he’s going to get 12.5 million a year, 100 million contract for playing on the periphery? Watching his play he is always on the outside waiting for someone else to pass him the puck so as not to break a fingernail. Note to Matthews: you are 6’3″ and 215 pounds. Other than my Aunt Sally, the majority of players are smaller than him. Get in there and muck it out. Marner shows more grit than him in one shift than he has been showing in every game for the last dozen.

    5. The Gardiner experiment is over. Move Dermott up to second pairing and consider a Hail Mary pass a la Al Iafrate and try Gardiner on left wing for 5-10 games. He is an absolute liability on the ice, and the only defenseman possibly as bad as him is Zaitsev. He might be able to generate some offense up front. I would pair him with some fast skaters and see how he looks up front before its time to get a return for him.

    • Frank

      Good points

      With you on most points

      What are your Aunt Sally’s contract demands?

      Benching and moving up/down roster …. I’m all good with

      Lighting a fire …. let me strike the first match

      Don’t see Gardner as a Leaf next year… and he shouldn’t be

      I’m sticking with my mantra that no matter what move made at this TDL ; Leafs won’t get SC in June

      Tweaks or moves that net players with term (D priority) is only thing they should do now …. not ” all in”

      Significant moves off-season… pay SB on 1/7 and somehow persuade Marleau to waive NTC…. receiving team (if he plays) only on hook for $1.25M cash but $6.25M cap hit …. cost… mid-rounder or prospect???

      Pay WW his SB … move him for top 4RHD

      This team has great future potential and I really think the right moves off-season can set them up for credible chances of 1 or more cups in the next few years (starting next year)

      • ok, Aunt Sallies contract demands made me laugh 🙂

    • Agree with all 5 perspectives, especially on Gardiner. He is definitely not a defenseman. I try him out on the wing with Kadri and Nylander and bench Marleau for now. Babcock is clueless in utilizing available rosters for optimum chance of winning every game. PP is one dimensional and very predictable. I blame coaching staff for that.

      • I wondered when the coaching staff would finally come under scrutiny. Don’t see too many in-game adjustments these days. Kinda like the Gardiner to left wing idea.
        According to Travis Yost at TSN, the Leafs should benefit from a “strength of schedule” viewpoint down the stretch. Can’t see it so far and, besides, don’t teams want tough games to get ready for the playoffs?

    • Good points to me Auston should be offered up in a blockbuster trade my preference is Florida for Barkov.

      Matthews isnt a fit in Toronto cap wise.

  7. The first step in fixing any problem, is to admit there is a problem…


    • Kudos

  8. Frank ….I too am a frustrated Leaf fan….and I think we have lots of company….to look at some of your points ( I agree with them all)

    1) the role of Kadri has been confused since the signing of Tavares…he is not a 3 rd centre…too good offensively….he is not a high slot guy on the power play….especially when Matthews and Nylander are on the bench

    2) I think Marleau & Hainsey were needed this year & last to have some men in the room…there are a lot of very young inexperienced men in one room….but I think this need is ending….I would let it pass to Tavares

    3) the need that is current is the “heaviness” thing..nobody hits..nobody plays hard on their stick…or with their body…Montreal’s Gallager has more guts in his finger tips than the Toronto roster…he is not exactly a giant

    Sometimes we read about a “player’s only meeting”..I think is time for a “management only Meeting”.

    At that meeting they should discuss
    1)trading Gardiner, Kadri,Kapanen….
    2)promoting any AHL er they have that hits..
    3)ask themselves what the hell is Andreas Johanson (?) doing on the left side of Matthews
    4)if the strategic plan is Willy with Matthews….why are we not playing them together

    This team looks distracted, disconnected, and discombobulated…..they are definitely disappointing to Leaf fans…they also look like they care about the fans and winning for them

    • error above….meant to say the appear as if they don’t care about winning for the fans

      Would add as a total non-Habs fan….that Galleger has more will to win in the tip of his little finger than the whole Leaf roster..and that should shake up Leaf fans like me…and Leaf coaches and management

  9. Frank/undercover habs fan

  10. The Leafs are what we thought they they were.

  11. I have a trade that Mike might like. It very possible Toronto and Boston could meet in the first round.

    Trade Gardiner to Boston this would give Toronto a better opportunity of winning the series.

    • Hahahahahaha

      Man Leafs fans are in full tilt mode! The sky is definitely falling in Toronto these days. Gloom and doom!

      You gotta love the passion! Unless of course you play for Toronto!

      • Crazy years and of an absolute garbage product, finally heading in the right direction hit a bump in the road and suddenly the sky is falling meanwhile have a goalie who looks like a possible Vezna candidate 2-3 guys in the top of league scoring and Riley who looks like he may get a bit of Norris consideration. yeah trade em all. Everyone pile on Gardiner for getting out worked musta missed the part where he was the only guy on his side of the redline and Marners turn over was what started the play but hey it’s not his fault right? Or the Fact that Taveres was schooled at center by McKinnon but let’s not talk about that or that Par Lindholm and Freddie Gauthier do nothing…it’s amazing how none of these things ever get mentioned now I’m not saying the Leafs are gonna win the cup or have any kind of blinders on I was of the opinion that the team needs work at the beginning of the year when everyone was drooling over unsustainable shooting percentages and loaded power plays, but alot of the grumbling and groaning and screaming to bring back some truculance is just out of whack by alot of Leaf fans who supposedly watch so much…does anybody remember how bad this team was just over 3 years ago? Take a breath I’m sure there is going to be more change and it’s still a young team and a long season that’s going to have ups (like the beginning of the year when everyone was screaming about Matthews and how great they all are plan the parade! ) and downs (like how now everyone wants to drop half the team that got em here)

      • If the Leafs want some serious truculence I am sure they could pry Lucic out of Edmonton. You may be able to even swap Zaitsev for him.
        Seems to solve a few of the Leaf fans problems.

      • The way Anderson has looked lately I don’t see him for the Vezina this year

      • Guess it depends on what recent is missed a month hirt last night was his first game but top 5 goalie in GP sv% wins top 10in gaa despite playing behind the D you say is terrible NVM Vezna how the Leafs look without Andersen? NVM the Vezna if he plays anything like he did in the beginning of the season he might get in to the Heart conversation how many games the Leafs lose with no Matthews or Nylander? How they look with no Freddie?

      • Lol nice deflection shticky you don’t change! Lol

      • 903 save percentage the month of December is not in the vezina running

      • Good thing he doesn’t have one of those handcuffed naked in the prison shower 10 million dollar goalie contracts eh biggie? being such a big bruins fan

      • Dubas just gave one of those out to a soft no heart player eh FD!

    • Ahahahah….seriously I’m telling you, Gardiner has a contract will all the other teams in the league. They come in and pay him to F%&k up! He looks like a newbie juggling 6 balls at once.

    • If only that scenario played out. It will be magical…

  12. Seems like just yesterday some pundit was suggesting the Leafs move Gardiner for a 1st rounder…

  13. Sabres will have a lotto pick again, they are done. Missed playoffs for 8 years. Better luck next year. The GM will not make any moves until a few days before draft.

    • I like what the GM doing he trying to bring up players the right way. Let them develop in a winning environment the Amerk team was a mess b4 him. There a few times he should of brought up a player or two Pilut n Smith maybe Olofsson but he can use a lil more time in AHL. I think he trying to bring up value on Scandella n Beaulieu and trade them with a few other no goods. Next year after a few players are gone the kids can come up n battle for a roster spot. A trade and or free agent signing for a player that fits the long term plan will help. The team not being in the playoffs for a long time is not his fault just bad GM b4 him but it brought us Dahlin. I was hoping for a playoff spot this year just like any other fan of there team but now I want our lotto pick to hit and go from there. Housley on the other hand I’m not sure about him

      • I go to many Amerks games, the team has zero centers that will ever make an impact in NHL, Nylander gives a terrible effort and can’t even score well down there, Olofsson is very good he is much older, I would like to see him get a chance in NHL when they dump Okposo in minors next season. Amerks really have not much scoring talent besides a few veterans

  14. Shticky I agree with your overall view that the team has come a long way, …the players are young…Leaf fans ( as do others just more Leaf fans) are over re-acting…


    What I don’t understand how this management group can continue to ignore the fact that the team lacks size and hardness. That is a team with a disproportionate amount of its assets on the forward line.

    Their job is to do something about it. You as a good hockey observer who I have reading for a while should wonder what happened lately in the whole picture that started some fans to boo. I think part of it is caused by not seeing changes that seem obviously necessary.

    They did not sign a defenseman like De Haan who was out there. They did not make a trade with their excess forward resources with a team with excess defense. They did not trade skillful players for equal valued aggressive players.

    Management like the players seem too ready to accept what is .

    Management left good enough alone and expected different results. The fans may be impatient but they are not so arrogant to believe that things done the same way produce different results. They know that change is needed. Does management??

    • How is it the same? In past years they overpaid for truculance they drafted poorly made terrible trades, now that they drafted and develop players and hit a bump everyone goes back to saying they should be signing or trading for truculance again, despite teams like Tampa Pittsburgh and the Hawks all being built on the same principal…the only thing that’s the same are nutty Leaf fans that keep longing for the days of Wendal Clark. The game is not the same yes there needs to be some changes and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some big ones considering how much cap the Leafs will have for this season as far as rentals go, chances are pretty good there will be a heavier player or 2 added and likely a D, but my issue is with this shoot everyone in to the sun because gasp we hit a bump and suddenly Dubas is an idiot Babcock is clueless every guy with a funny sounding name or over the age of 25 should be traded. People wonder why so many Leaf fans are a joke? Because 95% of their millions of fans don’t pay any attention to the sport, just the team and the awful army of media that follows them around.

      • A bump? Their defense has been terrible! You just pay attention to the leafs not the sport shticky!

  15. Downfall of Dubas since acquiring Tavares.

    1. Should have signed Marner/Matthews to a 8 years max deals at $9/$12 respectively.

    2. Name Matthews as their Captain.

    3. Trade AHL goalie of the year Sparks for 2nd round pick.

    4. Trade Leivo for a 3rd rounder.

    5. Trade Nylander for legit d-man. Or explore an option to trade Nylander + 2nd rounder for Panarin.

    6. Sign both Johnnson and Kapanen to 3 year $3 mill per extension respectively.

    At this point in the season, you don’t have to be so called expert to realize that the Leafs don’t have the roster to go all the way. Thus, Dubas now need to make a proactive decisions in trying to improve the team. What are these decisions:

    1. Trade Marleau ASAP Leafs don’t need baby sitter for Marner/Matthews, They need to grow up.

    2. Trade Nylander for d-man or explore Columbus for Panarin.

    3. Trade Kadri for Muzzin if not Gudas or 1st rounder.

    4. Gardiner for ? I don’t know anything of value I suppose.

    5. Zaitsev + 2nd rounder for /Reaves/Maroon/Carrier/Martin/McQuaid. Anyone of these guys.

    6. Brown for anyone of those guys or a pick

    7. Hainsey for any one of those guys or a pick.

    8. Call up Justin Holl and pair him up with Dermott, if Babcock has a problem with that, fire him and hire me. Lol.

    Top six forwards:

    Bottom six forwards:

    Defense Parings:
    Rlelly / McQuaid
    Gudas / Muzzin
    Dermott / Holl

    Goalie Tandem:
    Andersson / Hutchinson

    Coaching Staff:

    Me (Mike) / Caper / BC Leaf Fan

    Guranteed Back to Back to Back Stanley Cups.

    • Mike, I haven’t been an assistant coach but, if you need a Head Coach…..

      • Actually, Mike, I nominate Shticky for Head Coach. Let him face the Toronto media every day.

      • Leivo was traded over a month ago and the Leaf fan who watches so many games musta missed that one

    • As a Ranger fan, I’d be happy with a 2nd for Mcquaid. And I’d be even happier with a 6th rounder and Toronto keeping Zaitev.

      Ny already has 5 horrible contracts that would be near impossible to move . 3 of them on defense. They don’t need to add to that problem.

      • Kadri for Gudas or Muzzin I think speaks volumes of how much this guy pays attention to the sport NVM the fact that Leivo plays for Vancouver

    • Mike i’m a great coach/GM in my own mind.

      • Lol I found gured it out, it’s really been Mad Mike Milbury the whole time gang!

    • Patrick Marleau has zero points in 9 games, he’s 39 years old with another year of big cap hit remaining, no team will want him.

    • Marleau zero points in 9 games, age39 big cap hit this year and next. Good luck trading him

  16. Ceci to Pitt for Jack Johnson and your first round pick please.

    Is Ceci worth a first round pic? No. But, it gets you a young fairly competent D man, and gets rid of an incompetent old one and the contract.

    • 🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🍺🍷🍺🍷🍺🍷

    • Dark G, you are on to something here , throw in Angello with Chlapik going back to Pitt and retain 1 mil on Johnson and this could work

      • 😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏😀🙏🍺🍷👎🍷

    • No thanks to Johnson. Worst case, Ottawa can walk away from Ceci this summer and use the money elsewhere.

  17. At our meetings I always leave 5 mins at end to banter on non business issues just to lighten the day up

    At the meeting just now, one of them threw out the topic … “what credible big move by TB would make any and all moves by all other GMs mute”

    Here is what one came up with that had us at first laughing but then got us going on viability and probability…. not out of the realm of possibilities IMO:

    Calahan + 1st (’20) + Martel + 2 prospects …. he definitely said Katchouk but I think he said the other prospect was Verhaeghe …..to Rangers for Hayes and Zucc

    That to me is long-shot but a plausible trade and basically stops just a wee/tad short of certainty in handing TBay the cup in June

    • As a Ranger fan I kinda like it. Except that Callahan part…

      As a lighting fan I pretty much hate it.

      Hayes seems a bit overkill. They have Stamkos, Point, Cirelli as their 1-2-3.
      If they feel they’d like to be a little better at center, move Johnson to center the 3rd line, move Cirelli To the 4th. Move Miller to the 2nd line left wing in place of Johnson.

      Tampa should make a depth move or two. Not blow it up.

      • Agree Nyr. I would like to see just one team that is crushing it like TB is right now just stay the course and add for depth in case of injury.

      • I think he was focusing on a way for TBay to rid the Cal contract to be ready for next year and had the idea for Hayes to play wing … he’s done this in the past (however sparingly) and has done fine IMO

        Either way …. TBay needs only a small tweak this year but ABSOLUTELY must send Callahan packing in off-season

  18. There is another Frank on here that’s a Habs fan. I’m a Leafs fan and can’t stand Montreal.

    My Aunt Sally is three inches shorter than Matthews and has a solid 20 pounds on him and yes she’d lay him out flat even if he plays on the periphery.

    I personally like Gardiner. He reminds me of that kid that plays road hockey who’s popular only because he’s the only one on the street that has an actual net to use while the other side uses pylons.

    The problem is pylons serve more of a purpose than him and Zaitsev defensively. Someone will sign him on July 1. (Hopefully Boston) but until then I say try him at left wing and see if he can contribue offensively. Nothing to lose at this point.

    Agree with many points about Babcock. He’s a great coach but could benefit from adjusting lines depending on opposition and the way the players are playing.

    • Frank (the Leaf fan)

      …. so Aunt Sally is UFA???

  19. Speaking of Zaitsev, best line of the night went to analyst Jeff O’Neil when they showed a clip of Nikita Zaitsev sliding 37 feet in the defensive zone on his stomach. O’Neill wondered what he was doing maybe making snow angels on the ice.

    That will be the highlight reel when they indict him in the Hall of Fame. Sliding across the ice.

    Even Chris Kotsopoous never slid across the ice.

    • Right on Frankie. You know your stuff.

  20. Sorry should have said induct him in the Hall of Fame.

    Anyone who woukd induct him into the Hall of Fame should be indicted.

    • Induct, indict; tomatoe, tomaatoe; draft, schmaft!
      The great Cliff Fletcher, folks.

  21. Prediction Leafs sign Gardiner to a five year 30 million dollar contract plus he is promised he will never be traded. Anybody care to take that bet?

  22. I think the biggest blunder Dubas made was signing Taveras. It really screwed up their salary structure, the next big mistake was caving into Nylander, I would have made him sit if he didn’t accept a reasonable offer. So between Taveras and Nylander, they have thrown a wrench into Toronto,s cap situation and in turn their team.

    • Funny thing everyone screaming how overpaid Nylander is point to 1 goal in 14 games also tend to be the ones screaming bout how it’s a no brainier Matthews is worth 12 long term Matthews has exactly 3 more goals than Nylander over the same slump still think there’s that big a difference?