NHL Rumor Mill – January 16, 2019

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Updates on Sergei Bobrovsky, Wayne Simmonds, and Micheal Ferland plus the latest on the Penguins and Leafs in today’s NHL Rumor Mill. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports sources said Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky’s camp, led by agent Paul Theofanous, informed team management that he wouldn’t sign a contract extension with them and was willing to waive his no-trade clause for the right deal. They also presented them with a list of their client’s preferred trade destinations. 

According to LeBrun, general manager Jarmo Kekalainen never contacted those teams because the Jackets decided they want to try and win this year with Bobrovsky. However, the incident last week where the goalie didn’t return to the bench after being pulled from a game might give management a reason to reconsider if those teams should start calling about him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The problem for the Jackets is trying to find a suitable replacement for Bobrovsky if they were to trade him away before the Feb. 25 trade deadline. There aren’t many suitable candidates potentially available. The best is Detroit’s Jimmy Howard but the Red Wings reportedly want a first-round pick for him. Unless the Jackets get a substantial offer too good to pass up for Bobrovsky they’ll likely stick with him for the remainder of the season. 

Interest could be growing in Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds (Photo via NHL Images)


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Vancouver’s TSN 1040, Pierre LeBrun believes Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds would be a great fit with the Boston Bruins, who are calling around in search of depth on right wing. He also suggested the Tampa Bay Lightning could use a physical player like Simmonds to prevent them from getting pushed around in the playoffs as they were by Washington last spring.  LeBrun doesn’t know if the Lightning is looking at Simmonds but wouldn’t be surprised if they were. 

Appearing on NHL Network yesterday, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes Simmonds is garnering plenty of interest. He noted the Nashville Predators have been linked to Simmonds. He also thinks the winger would be a good fit with the Montreal Canadiens but GM Marc Bergevin said he won’t pursue rentals. Friedman also wondered if the Toronto Maple Leafs might pursue Simmonds if they decide they need some “heavier hockey.” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun’s colleague Bob McKenzie last week said the Flyers haven’t decided yet what they’ll do with Simmonds. If they opt to move him, and I believe they will, plenty of clubs will line up for his services as a rental player.

Some Boston pundits have been stumping for weeks for the Bruins to add Simmonds. While we don’t know the Lightning’s intentions, they’ve been willing to make bold moves before the trade deadline in the past. Wouldn’t surprise me if Simmonds is on their radar. As for the Leafs, they need one or maybe two good right-side defensemen. Simmonds can’t help them there. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: During his appearance on NHL Network, Elliotte Friedman also said he believes there’s a lot of interest in Carolina Hurricanes winger Michael Ferland. Like Simmonds, Ferland is slated to become a UFA in July.

Friedman thinks Ferland is more likely to be traded, but with the Hurricanes playing themselves back into the playoff chase, he wondered how that could affect the winger’s situation. The two sides are reportedly not close to a new contract. Friedman suggested the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins and perhaps even the Vancouver Canucks could be among the clubs with interest in Ferland. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If any of those clubs pursue Ferland they better be prepared to shell out a lot of bucks if they intend to re-sign him. Friedman’s colleague Nick Kypreos last weekend reported he’s seeking a deal comparable to Tom Wilson’s six-year, $31-million contract with the Washington Capitals.

Pierre Lebrun speculated the asking price could be a first-round pick and a prospect, but I think Hurricanes GM Don Waddell must get more than that if he’s planning to move a player he acquired less than a year ago. I can see Ferland getting swapped straight up for a young forward with upside who can help the Hurricanes now and in the future. 


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Josh Yohe reports center Derick Brassard continues to struggle with the Pittsburgh Penguins nearly a year after they acquired him from the Ottawa Senators. General manager Jim Rutherford remains mystified by Brassard’s performance, acknowledging the center “for whatever reason” has underperformed. 

Brassard is slated to become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. Yohe feels Rutherford can either retain Brassard for the rest of the season in hopes he’ll finally regain his form or package him with one of their surplus defensemen in return for a third-line center. The Penguins will have nine defensemen once Justin Schultz returns from a broken leg in the near future. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: With the Penguins re-signing goaltender Casey DeSmith last week, Jason Mackey speculates young goalie Tristan Jarry could become a trade candidate. Mackey said several teams have inquired about Jarry. As for which defenseman Rutherford could move, Mackey suggests Jamie Oleksiak seems most likely to go as that move would free up over $2 million in salary-cap space. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford has a reputation as an in-season wheeler-dealer. He’s already made two trades this season, shipping Carl Hagelin to Los Angeles for Tanner Pearson and Daniel Sprong to Anaheim for Marcus Pettersson.

As Mackey speculated, Rutherford could be shopping a promising young goalie, a big, physical third-pairing defenseman and perhaps a veteran forward in Brassard. Those assets could bring in a skilled two-way forward as a rental or someone with term remaining on their contract. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Toronto Maple Leafs might be willing to include their first-round pick in the right package for a top-four defenseman. Don’t expect that package to include Leafs blueliner Jake Gardiner, as Darren Dreger reports the target of Toronto boo-birds won’t be going anywhere by the trade deadline. The club will consider re-signing Gardiner, who’s slated to become a UFA this summer, though he could command over $6 million per season if he reaches 50 points again this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like him or not, Leafs fans, Gardiner will still be patrolling Toronto’s blueline after Feb. 25, though it seems unlikely they can afford to keep him off the UFA market. The Leafs have stockpiled plenty of young talent so they can afford to part with their first-rounder this year, but they might have to package him with someone like Kaspari Kapanen to land a right-side top-four defenseman. 


  1. Pens: Best Possibilities
    Trade #1
    LHD- O. Maatta
    LW- A. Johnson (WBS)
    To Dallas for:
    C- R. Faksa
    RHD- J. Honka

    Trade #2
    C- D. Brassard
    G- T. Jarry (WBS)
    RHD- C. Ruhwedel
    To Carolina for:
    LW- M. Ferland
    RHD- R. McKeown
    *Conditional 3rd rd pick (Brassard resigns)

    • The J to the E to the double F….. This is not horrible especially the Carolina deal….
      The Dallas deal Faksa has had a real off year and hasn’t played well. (usually he is solid) Not sure he is much better than Brassard at this point..

    • Hi J2theEtotheFF

      I’ll take door number two sire— like the Car trade. Dallas trade skewed to Dallas IMO.

  2. Trading Kapanen would be s HUGE mistake .
    He is the 1 Leaf , that is playing well .. Many Leafs are not.
    Gardiner needs to move on , seriously , a change of scenary would be be beneficial to both he, and the team .
    Gardiner needs a change of environment. His confidence has plummeted ..
    He is a huge hindrance to the team …
    Same goes for Zaitsev – Yikesev !!
    Leafs are not in a good place right now ….
    A lot of players are underachieving ..
    Something is going on behind the scenes , we are unaware of .

    • Ken, you’re right, a lot of Leafs are playing poorly right now. As for something sinister happening, there must be the same problem in Washington – the Caps have lost 6 of their last 10, Leafs are 5-5.
      What’s it like being Wayne Simmonds these days? How does he focus on his job with the Flyers?

    • Zaitsev is a mystery to me. He was so poised and made smart hockey plays his rookie season in the NHL.

      • DS, I’m not sure what is going on with Zaitsev. Prior to him joining the Leafs, he was Russia’s top defenseman in the World cup of hockey, logging the most minutes. Agreed he had a very nice rookie year.

        I know he is a more mature player and should have adjusted to the NHL rink size and game by now. I’m not certain whether this is the issue or whether it’s simply his skill level.

        I know Babcock defends him and plays him alot, which to me still speaks volumes.

    • Or earlier in the year when the Sharks Pens Flames were struggling or when the Avs lost a bunch in a row or when…it’s a long season,peaks and valleys young team
      confidence, 3rd string backup, bottom half team not as deep as some think…there might be a reason they are not playing well that’s not exactly as drama filled as the sky is falling.

    • Lets just all calm down. All teams go through a slump, how many people come out of the Xmas break slow in every day life?
      No reason for knee jerk reactions, been there done that and it led to years of disappointment

      • TAz…fully agree all teams slump at some point…calmn down as u so well said.

    • I agree, I wouldnt trade Kapanen, but if we were able to trade nylander for paryenko i would do it in a heartbeat, re-signing nylander to 6.9 was a mistake and something that can seriously effect us resigning marner and matthews if we dont get that contract off the books. Kapanen has proven to be a clutch player and he’s that type of player you want in playoff games.

      • How many goals Kappy
        (4)have since Nylanders return? How bout Matthews (5)? But signing Nylander was the mistake and that’s the contract you don’t want but you are ok giving Matthews a Max type deal? So the 2 guys that are so much better had a full training camp and most a season so far have a few more goals than the guy who missed camp? and the mistake was signing Nylander at 6.9 and not giving Matthews 100 mill? If a package of a pick along with Kapanen can help the Leafs going down the road it’s probably worth some thought also hope Matthews never struggles cause if you think 6.9 hurts for Nylander what happens if Matthews has another playoff run like his first 2 or he continues to play as he is right now you sure he is the guy you want to be giving 100 mill to? Im not

      • Wee-Willie the playoff ghost, was NEVER going to, NOR EVER WILL, get you Parayko.

        Nylander + 3- 1st rounders, is much closer.

    • I totally agree with Ken….
      they need to trade Gartnier and package deal for top RH defenceman… and bring up d man Rosen replace him…

      • Shticky your assessment of Nylander is way off base. Don’t treat him like he is coming off an injury or something. The guys been playing hockey since he was born give his dad’s a former NHLer. There is no excuse for Nylander, he is absolutely overrated and it’s glaringly obvious. Kapanen at least can break to the net with his speed, but Nylander can’t even stick handle into the top of the circle. Missing training camp is got nothing to do with his poor play. He is just not good enough. Dubas need to explore all options and move his contract. I prefer to package Nylander with a 2nd round ER for Panarin as Columbus might not be able to retain his services. Panarin can be had for 8 – 9 mill per for 4-6 years. It will be something to see Panarin/Matthews tandem. If you gonna pay 7 mill based on assumption why not pay 2 more mill and add a bonifide player to maximize Matthews talent. I would definitely be interested in securing top two lines in hockey. I would then pursue more heavy hard nosed checking line with the bottom six.
        Shticky you said trading away Nylander,Kadri, Marleau, Gardiner, Zaitsev is ludicrous as they are 1/4 of the team that is responsible for Leafs earlier success. You see, this is where you and I differ in view of the the Leafs. I believe if Leafs started the season without these guys they will be neck and neck with Tampa instead of being 16pts behind them as of today. The crazy thing is that you could bring up five players from the Marlies to replace their roster spots and compete for the top spot in the league. It really is an addition by subtraction. TO can be so much better, if they just surround their 5 superstars in Marner, Matthews, Tavares, Andersson and Rielly. These guys are the FORCE in the team while the above mentioned 5 dead beats are the KRYPTONITES ailing the team and suffocating the Leafs to achieve success. It’s like Ying and Yang, Good and Evil, Day and Night, Winners and Losers. Time to get rid of the KRYPTONITES and break free. For the sake of 51 years of loyal Leaf Faithfuls it’s time to do right. Dubas need to grow some walnuts and step up and take charge. He needs to walk into a phone booth if these things still exist and fo the SUPERMAN act throw away his glasses and Rio his shirt to unveil Maple Leaf Logo on his chest and do his job.
        Go Leafs Go

    • Do you think the confidence of Gardiner has plummeted because the fans crap all over him? Honestly, Gardiner is a good player people just focus on the bad.

  3. Its been said over and over but its high time the Leafs get a top 3 dman somewhere somehow and be nice to Jake and put that new blueliner as his partner and voila most of Jakes big issues will seem to disappear.

  4. GMKD

    If you are trading your first rounder it better be for a D upgrade that has at least 2 more years.

    No moves this year, IMO , will garner cup this year… so no need to blow brains out and give up futures for a cup run this year that will fall short.

    Make some very big moves in July please

    • How many teams win a cup? How many good teams have not won one in a while? So no moves with lots of assets and cap space will bring home a cup this year but maybe if they make a move when the salary cap tighter and less options it will? There is no saying they will win a cup or what year it’s going to happen but the chances of it happening I’d suggest would be better with more options and opportunity to, than less.

      • Schticky

        Bang on. More options, more chances for success.

        However, I believe that there are more options for Leafs come July 2nd (after the two key signing bonuses are paid) and a better opportunity to work trade magic.

        I would absolutely love a cup this year; I just can’t imagine the effective moves (not on paper, actual accepted trades) that could bring them the cup this year.

        I do feel that they are on a very good track (with some hard decisions and needed moves in July) that CAN bring them very close to a cup , very soon

        Noted, that I’m a minority Leaf fan with those beliefs

        I’d absolutely love to be proved wrong. I’ll eat crow if they win this year. With Frank’s Red Hot ladled over it.

        Fingers crossed!

      • Pengy for a guy who can’t see trades on paper or whatever your response was ya sure do spit enough ridiculous ones out daily. That’s part of your charm I suppose but people who in one breath give out things like no trade will help the Leafs then drone on daily about how they should trade this guy and that guy seems strange.

      • Not to mention another guy so quick to say what a terrible contract Nylander is at 6.9 and packing his bags July 1 when the bonus is paid out for that Matthews contract or else face losing the guy who has all of 4 goals in his last 17 to a 12 million dollar offer sheet…so if Nylander is over paid for 1 goal at 6.9 what does that make Matthews 4 goals for 12 mill? I know the difference of a guy who plays wing and center but who you think had more opportunities the past 17 games. I’m not so sure this Cap crunch isn’t maybe getting a little outta hand let’s wait the season out before we start packing bags for all these max type contracts the Leafs supposedly have, wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it doesn’t work out to be as bad as some seem to think it is don’t get me wrong Marner and Matthews will be big deals but I really doubt they are going to be what is being ‘speculated”

      • Hi Schticky

        Your points do have merit and I know we are not eye to eye on some things but as I made clear before and many times, I’ve no issue with the $7.0 M ($6.996M) AAV for WW and agreed with many before that his play coming back later does lack the benefit of training camp. I didn’t expect this low an output, but I certainly didn’t expect him to be gang-busters either. He will come around, I have confidence in that.

        The contract (WW) AAV is not at question to me. It is when it was signed. I was thinking $6.5 would be max if signed before the year started— the extra ½ $M is not a cataclysmic event, and the final $’s always has to be agreed upon by both sides.

        The problem; GMKD effectively capitulated under pressure. Leafs were doing fine w/o WW so there was, IMO, no absolute need to get him under contract in-year. I really would have traded him before the season for a D upgrade (which I believe is the most important thing Leafs need to do). After it appeared that there was going to be a hold-out until GMKD met WW demands; I believe it would have been in the Leafs’ best interest to wait (make him sit) and deal with it post season. Again, this flows with my rarely shared opinion that Leafs weren’t and aren’t in line for a cup this June (signing WW or not for 18/19).

        Signing at the last minute in-year then provided both AM and MM camps a bit more power in the negation, IMO, in that GMKD showed that he can be pushed to make a deal.

        I still stick with the fact that Leafs were producing offence fine w/o WW services so that him on the team wasn’t and isn’t as important as a D upgrade; which I think a trade of him will garner (top 4D); and I believe the best time for that trade is after his SB is paid.

        I do come up with some doozies re: trades but they are for the most part, Pens and/or other teams for in-year 18/19. I’ve provided posts with suggested Leaf trades that I’ve heard (radio or from my own staff) that I find merit in and/or worthy of posting/discussion. Most are complete long-shots. We are all (with the exception of George I believe) working stiffs that take great pleasure in socializing as “arm-chair GMs/ NHL gurus”.

        I am with you in that the AM and MM potential contracts are hyped and the likely end deals are probably less than the top end of what has been currently surmised. They will be big contracts; no doubt. I do stick with my view that w/o an AM signature prior to 1/7 that he will receive at least one offer-sheet. Not saying he would sign it— but he (read his agent) should (and I expect he [agent] would) wave the contract in front of GMKD just to try and squeeze out a higher AAV/better structured deal.

        To clarify w.r.t. your statement “can’t see trades on paper”… I think you are referring to my contention that I can’t come up with (think of) the required trades that would net Leafs the cup in June. What I’m saying is that Leafs are not there yet; and with what trades could be made (both sides agreeing) I don’t think as at now there is a grouping of those trades that would push Leafs over the top to get a cup in 5 months.

        I’m advocating for limited trades by Leafs by this TDL. They are poised with current roster and assets (either on team now or in the pipeline) ; to make moves that will result in a reasonably high probability of at least one cup over a little more than ½ a decade starting next year. If they do trade by this TDL I truly believe it should be for assets that will be on the payroll next year as well (preferably even longer) and should have as a priority, a D upgrade.

        Again, not a WW hater, but feel that in the interest of getting a cup for the Leafs, that his value is best used in a trade to get a top 4D. Also, certainly not a Marleau hater by any stretch. The contract value in total, I did not have an issue with… 3 years and the way it is structured is the issue for me. Of the total $18.75M, $17.5M is paid out by 1/7/19. $6.75M on the Cap for 19/20 is problematic.

        Go Leafs Go 🙂

      • Schticky, as you and I have discussed before; we’ll never agree on the Matthews matter. However, from where I see things Nylander hasn’t helped the Leafs – yet.
        With cap crunch, the unthinkable of trading Matthews may need to be considered.

        Lastly, I’d take Matthews at 12 over Nylander at 7, all day every day.

      • Seems excessive to be giving a 100 mill Max type contract to a guy on an ELC under club control who’s had 15 goals since October, yes he was also injured again for a substantial time but I’m not of the opinion injuries help either…it’s almost desperate sounding lol I doubt very much unless he improves dramatically this is a great idea center or not and if as most seem to think here they go out in a round or 2 and it just continues on is he really a guy that can put a team on his back like McDavid? No he’s not thats pretty obvious to me doesn’t mean I don’t like him great player I just question how great. Team seems to win when he’s not in the line up and when the team struggles doesn’t yet seem like he himself turns things around for them 2 playoffs and almost 3 seasons

    • Pengy…. It’s funny that we all talk about whats important and trades etc for all our teams.. We are both Penguins fans and it’s funny whenever Hornqvist is out of the line-up the Penguins struggle…now one talks about just what he means to this team.
      He is skating again should be back soon..

      If we can get him back for when we return home and Schultz back early February and Schitzo Murray (two games in a row under 900 save %)round in to form we will be better.

      • Black N gold

        Yep yep and more yep. Horny is a great impact on the team and with both him and Schultz in the line-up—- much much better team. Murray did have lower save %’ages in those last couple of games, but to be fair, 3 of those total 8 GA, he had absolutely no shot at saving— that makes a big difference in save percentage… he’d be .906 w/o those. He was doing fine up until then and I believe he is on the right track.

        DeSmith also had a stinker… I think they should be fine. Again, roster wise, I believe there is one main fault right now and I’ve gone on and on and on about him. LOL

  5. Re: Pitt

    Again I’m perplexed, agog, confounded, beside myself, dizzied………

    The absolute key to improving this team is to rid the team of JJ. Addition (huge addition) by subtraction.

    I know whose friend he is and I know you made a big deal about getting him off-season GMJR; but this is absolutely getting ridiculous.

    He has sat a total of 1 shift all year for the plethora of mistakes he has made.

    He was directly the cause of 1 goal last night and you could argue two, and he was definitely indirectly responsible (way out of position) on another one.

    He is beginning to ruin the rookie season of Petterson. The young Swede can’t cover two defensive positions at once!

    For whatever reason, coach and GM are completely (and I mean completely) blind to this.

    If he plays more than 10 mins per game in the playoffs, then there is absolutely NO WAY IMO, that the Pens can get to ECF, and they will struggle very likely in the first round

    Pitt now in last WC spot in East (3 pts out of Metro 1st) ; and I would be fooling myself if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe that if they did not have JJ in the line-up all season, that those 3 points (and more) would have easily been theirs— so they would be in first.

    I know I seem (am) a very very bitter Pens fan on this; but after staying up very late just to watch that atrocity and with less sleep — I definitely wake up on the bad side. 🙁

    The other wound that is festering is that they are having Ruhweedel’s sal against the cap. Waive him…. if someone is dumb enough to pick him up — absolutely no loss. If someone does NOT pick him up; Pens still pay same $’s but it does not count against the Cap; and Ruhweedel gets some playing time in WBS.

    I’m not against trading Brassard but don’t think that will net an appropriate return.

    I wouldn’t flip Jamie O. Obviously there is an abundance of D once Shultz returns; and I would have thought that next year Maata would be the odd man out. Flipping Maata frees up more Cap space AND IMO , gets a slightly better return than JO as he is younger and locked longer.

    This following insane suggestion is just to stir up George for a retort post (have not heard from George in a while — George are you out there?):

    How about the insane:

    Brass + Maatta + ZAR + 1st for Duch

    (note this still necessitates a D use of : Letang/Dumo, Jamie O/Shultz, Petterson/Riikola; waiving Ruhweedel; and bringing up Blueger to fill in ZAR’s spot

    Have at me…. things can’t get worse after last night!!

    Rant on Pens done

    • Pengy…agreed we chatted yesterday J.J needs to go and we need to add another defencmean. Like I said yesterday whether its a top 4 guy like Jake Muzzin, Jacob Trouba to pair with the returning Justin Schultz or a 3rd pairing defense first guy like Bortuzzo, Benn, Boumeester…it must be done…

      We have Brassard, Jarry, Olesiak, Matta, and picks for trade assests. Defense, timely goaltending and scoring the clutch goal wins in the playoffs. We give up way too many grade A scoring chances.

      Jake Muzzin makes us really good.
      Schultz Muzzin
      Matta Pettersson Rikola

    • That’s is way too much to give up for a rental player they will have no chance on re-signing. And Ottawa will be looking for more futures than anything. Not sure what you have against Aston Reese but he is more valuable to the Penguins than being a throw in in a trade. There is no reason to believe Duchene will fair any better than Brass in the Pens lineup. Jack Johnson is absolutely the player I would love if they unloaded, just like Hainsy, Lovejoy, Orpik, And Scuderi before him he is an overpaid pylon that brings nothing to the win column. If the Penguins have a poor playoffs again this year I would love to see them inject a huge amount of youth into their lineup next year. They could really surprise people.
      Guentzel Crosby ZAR
      Pearson Malkin Kessel
      Rust Bellerive Hornqvist
      Angelo Blueger Pavlechev
      Dumoulin Letang
      Addison Shultz
      Petterson Oleksiak
      Everybody else is playing on a new team next season. That 4th line would be a nightmare to play against with those 2 monsters on the wings.

      • Dee

        Like your 4th line suggestion. I’ve not seen Pavlechev play so I’ll take your word for it.
        Re: my suggested “basket o goodies” for Duch — that was more a suggestion to get George to comment. I haven’t seen him comment in a while. Really hope he is OK. George,all good???

        Re: Duch better than Brass…. This year I believe he would be. Yes it would take a bit of time for cohesion/chemistry but unfortunately Brass seems to struggle out there. The trade I listed is skewed for sure (and again was for George really) but if I had to choose Duch or Brass right now; it would be Duch.

        To clarify re: ZAR; I’m certainly not as pro on him as you are, but I certainly don’t have anything against him. I see his value on the team but feel that a trade that included him would not significantly deter team chemistry (as he is relatively new to the team and does not have a current locked in position). I don’t see him, however, on the top line. Rust, albeit streaky, is better IMO than ZAR. I also (you won’t like this) see Simone as a better winger for Crosby, than ZAR. ZAR is a far better checker IMO.

        Black N Gold had it right earlier. Horny back in the line-up makes a big difference; and when Shultz gets back (and once he is up to speed again), the D as a whole will be better.

        We all agree — JJ is a thorn/barnacle that has to go—- NOW!!!

    • Why on earth would Ottawa have the desire to bring back Brassard?

      He’s a UFA at years end. If they desire a reunion so badly they can just sign him then…. Trade Duchene for prospects and picks… winner winner chicken dinner!

      • Ny4Life

        They wouldn’t

        Post mostly directed at George. I was hoping to get him to respond.

        Haven’t seen any posts by him lately

        Hope all is good George

    • Pengy….who ever ever could that fault in the penguins line-up be????

      Crosby??? Letang??? Malkin???

      Can’t be J.J. could it? 🙂

      Just don’t know why he isn’t steadily in the 3rd pairing or sitting.

      I think Matta Pettersson # 2
      Olesiak Rikola # 3

      would be much better…

      • 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Simmonds will be a great addition to any team

    I’ve watched him play since he was a teenager. I’ve also met him and he is very personable.

    I expect some back-lash on my previous posts but will be in meetings (starting in 10 minutes) for the balance of the day; so probably won’t get back to reading them until late

  7. Even the great teams need some cup luck . You can not do nothing. If you are in you have a chance . Caps down 2 on their home ice and win game 3 in OT on road. One shot away from toast. Go on to win the cup. Caps again a couple of years back up 3-2 against the Rangers lose game 4 with a late tie and a OT by Stepan and lose the series in 7.

    The point is a fine line and the hockey gods decide. You have to act like it is your only chance because it might in fact be

    Simmonds will move but not to the Leafs.

    • Right on, just because this Leafs team may not be good enough on paper doesn’t mean they shouldn’t give it their best shot.
      Ottawa came within one goal of the SCF. Who do you think would have called a Nashville/Ottawa final in January?

      • I couldn’t agree more because teams that thought they were very close to a cup went all out to try and get it…many times it does not work out.

        Then there are teams who seemingly will their way through a few rounds or like Ottawa surprise by playing over their heads.

        Sure there are teams closer to a cup than the Leafs but surely there are trades out there that can help us this year and going forward.

        Sure its nice to have a cupboard full of assets but its time to turn some of them into fixing our weaknesses and not just…wait till next or the year after…injuries alone can scuttle this type of thinking.

      • Taz, I would make somewhat significant moves for players that can help our team now as long as they have term, like dealing a Kapanen and our first for a significant upgrade on the right side of our defense. Again, only if they have term. I would not be dealing alot for a rental this year.

        Biggest reason is our core is still young and very inexperienced. Yes our team appears to be a bit aged, simply due to Hainsey and Marleau, who are not part of the core. Our core forwards (outside of Tavares) are 21 or 22. Our core defenseman are 24 and 21 (assuming Dermott is core -which I’m not sure yet).

        Realistically, the Leafs could be a very top contender in two years – IMO. This doesn’t mean they can’t win this year or next, it just means they should be planning to do whatever it takes to be in that position two years from now and beyond.

    • Agreed. I didn’t expect Ottawa to make it within a Game 7 OT goal of the Cup final two years ago either. Dorion went for it and his deadline moves, plus MacArthur returning for the playoffs, had an impact. Still hate the Burrows trade, but Dahlen still isn’t in the NHL.

      Everyone thinks Toronto needs to make a huge trade to make a run this year, but sometimes the smaller trades have a huge impact. Kempny for Washington last year was gold. Stalberg and Wingels were underwhelming trades for the Sens two years ago, but the depth they provided (plus MacArthur) was a huge part of their surprising Conference Finals run.

  8. What about something along the lines of:

    To MON: Brassard + Maatta
    To PIT: Danault + ?

    Pit get the talented, two-way third line centre they need.
    Habs get the LD they need and Brassard is more or less a UFA throw-in they’d use till the end of the season, then replace.

    • I would be reluctant to do that trade @ 2 for 1. Habs have been very patient with Danault, he is a solid 2 way center, has the best +/- on the team and usually has the toughest assignments, the highest ATOI for a forward and is, by far, the Canadiens best face off man. Brassard’s best days are behind him.

      • Agreed. I pitch this as more of having Brassard as a throw-in (though one with value). For the Habs, it was more about getting a top-4 LHD with term.

  9. As Leaf fan I don’t think proposing changes now is a reaction to 2 bad weeks….at least not for me…the problems preceed the last 2 weeks

    I feel the current management group have done well with a few exceptions and the exceptions have nothing to do with reacting to the last 2 weeks but may have contributed to their creation.

    My criticisms are as follows:

    1) last year at trade deadline it was obvious they were not going to get past both Boston and Tampa and yet the let JVR & Bozak go for nothing…this year is the same…trade or sign the UFAs for God sakes

    2) Signed Tavarres without having a plan to deal with it’s effects on the roster….a good signing but were dishonest in saying they could afford all the players….a Kadri or Nylander should have been in the works as Tavarres signed

    3) it was obvious last year when watching Boston or Washington and comparing them to the Leafs that the Leaf talent was too much upfront and not big enough nor aggressive enough….yet nothing was done to change that truth…

    4) not sure about this one as it is too early…but another management error may be hiring Dubas over Hunter… his apparent template for speed and agility over power and controlling space through strength…have yet to prove out for Toronto…it would be counter to the typical recent SC winners….(exception Pittsburgh)…

    Just believe it is more complicated than the last 2 weeks or reacting to bad plays by Gardiner or Zaitsev…

    • Agree it is more than the last 2 weeks OBD, but the reality is that all teams have and will weaknesses in their lineups during the cap era. TB is awesome and as close to complete as any team I have seen in years.
      I have been a Bruins fan for close to 50 years, today’s Bruins are not the Big Bad Bruins of the past.
      I did not see them intimidate or over power the Leafs in the playoffs, I think they just made fewer mistakes, especially when it mattered most. A more experienced team will have a tendency to do that against young teams.
      What did happen to my Bruins against TB was that they did get out hit, and at times over powered by TB, a big reason is that Carlo was out for the entire playoffs and it hurt them.
      The Leafs have a very good team, exceptional up front with a top 10 tender and possible Norris candidate on the blue line.
      They need a solid, physical RD who plays with intensity, can skate and is aggressive. I think we all agree that is the need?
      This will need to come from a team willing to sell and is out of the playoff hunt. If you look at UFA’s on those teams that fit that description, happy hunting. Not there.
      That means a guy with term and if you want him to play in your top 4 and log 21-22 minutes a night. The Leafs won’t like the price, but they have the assets.
      If it was me, I would target the team that needs multiple young assets up front. My home town Oilers. That D-man is Larsson. Kapanen, plus, plus would be the cost.
      Or they could do nothing as Pengy suggests, or plug in a lovejoy or McQuaid, and they could still give it a good go.

    • I guess that’s what I was getting at yesterday as the difference obd in past I believe the Leafs would not have had the patience to let things develop they would have blown their brains out trying to address things based on the short term result (hello Phaneuef Kessel Bolland Clarkson) but it seems they are taking a longer view of things collecting more of a sample or idea and I really don’t see it as being a bad thing

    • 7 times in the past 10 years the cup has been won by the Pens Blackhawks or red wings…I’m not sure any of em were particularly tough grind down a team types like LA Boston or the caps not to say they were rush teams either but for all the talk of size and toughness is what wins championships I don’t see it

      • MENTAL toughness. I’s a grind, against all good teams, with adversity. Most winners have had opportunity to collapse along the way & have had mental toughness & leadership to overcome. Shouldn’t confuse different (let it go) refereeing style with rough & tumble hockey.

      • Shticky try watching the rest of the league instead of just the leafs, are you kidding me those teams didn’t have tough grind down teams? Do a little research a light bulb will come on a say yes I was wrong

    • OBD, Lou Lamoriello was the GM when the Leafs drafted and developed for speed and skill. So it’s Lou’s fault.
      What’s he doing these days anyway?

      • What a shame. Lou built you a team of speed and skill but stole all your grit on his way out the door….

    • spot on—ive been a leaf fan for 30 years—too soft—did nothing to figure that out–could of got a potential 1st or picks on jvr and blozak—need simmonds and top 3 d—get rid of goat, nylander, brown, trade gardiner etc—we will miss first round again if we don’t address this—dubas is scared–he didn’t want to make a non guaranteed success trade—he was scared of “hall” mistake

    • Old Blue Dog you a breath of fresh air. You are exceptionally accurate in all accounts. What TML need in their management team is somebody like you. Somebody who sees things objectively and speak the truth that may not sound sweet to all ears, but nonetheless TRUTH. TO can’t be compared to the real contenders likes of Tampa, Boston, Washington, Winnipeg, Vegas, Pittsburgh San Jose, Nashville. Those teams have it figured out. They all have 2 lines of explosive offense, a line made of heavy grinders who loves to get dirty and a young line that can provide Sparks and contribute offensively. Not to mention Defense cores that is all about business. TO has a lot of twicking and tinkering before they can be mentioned with those teams.
      I hope somebody in the organization see it the way you do because it’s so apparent.

  10. Pengy….I know Flyers and the Penguins would never trade but????
    Wouldn’t Wayne Simmons be that playoff guy with toughness like Hornqvist? The guy goes to the net (doesn’t do fly byes) and get those tough goals?
    Simmons in black and gold? always thought he was a solid p[layer..

    • blackNGold

      Love Simmonds

      Great add to any team and will be a positive influence to whatever team he is on come day after TDL

      A trade involving Pens/Flyers is highly unlikely— stranger things have happened, but I would be very surprised.

  11. Would Columbus consider Bobrovski to the Blues for Jake Allen, Vince Dunn, and Zack Sanford–add a conditional pick if he resigns?

    • why trade? Blues can sign Bob without giving up Dunn and Sanford this summer. The only advantage of trading would be to dump Allen’s salary but trading those 2 players + a possible pick is a steep price to pay IMO. The other point to consider is that Bob seems to be a ‘me’ guy, not something Blues need in the dressing room.

  12. We are in the dog days of winter, cruise control for some players and teams. I remember two years ago listening to an ex NHL player on the radio, saying teams and players crank it up after the All Star game.
    The cup isn’t won in January and last year champs were not considered contenders by most pundits, most reported their window has closed.
    If your in you got a chance. Not often does the Cup favorite win. Many different bounces come into play. Hot player, Hot or cold goaltender, success on the pp, new playoff performer.
    Simmonds to Boston is fine by me depending on the cost, do not want Boston to give up a 1st round pick for a rental. However the more teams with interest the higher the price so he maybe priced out of Boston.

  13. I constantly read on here that Toronto can’t get by Boston and here I think Boston will have a tough time getting by Toronto.
    If I was coaching Toronto and playing Boston my game plan would be simple. Every time Chara is on the ice, dump the puck in his corner and chase. He doesn’t skate fast and his decision making isn’t processed as fast as he use to. The game has gotten to fast for him physically and mentally.
    Yes if Boston being doing the same every time Gardiner is on the ice, I believe Boston is in his head.

    • toronto is afraid and too entitled to dig pucks out of corners–except hyman and a rare player–and i am big leaf fan—so frustrating

      • Right on Jeff

    • Caper funny you should write that about Chara…It is was exactly what I believed when he played for Ottawa….There was a period there when he took half a second to get the puck from out of his feet…I thought he went through a period in Boston when I did not see that….maybe it is back as he plays as a 40 yr. old….certainly had a period in there where he was great and you wanted to keep the puck away from him.

      My Dad’s favorite saying….This to shall pass

    • Caper that is a great idea, but unfortunately outside of Hyman no body will go near Chara as they’re afraid of breaking their finger nails.

  14. Leafs might be the eighth best or ninth best team right now and they cannot compete with Jet, Bolts, Flames or Bruins in part due to D issues. They are not a team in waiting, two years from now..that never really works unless you makes some moves…Wilson gave Caps some strength, even if he is a head case….teams with lots of talent fill the gaps, Leafs have not done that. They have too many shinny guys, too few (actually, no) Wendel Clarks

    • How many teams were ranked ahead of Washington last year?
      Name the final four in each conference this year.

    • Ah there it is…jeez lol

    • Thank God somebody with some common sense. Jon McGill you need to approach Shanahan for the GM job. Then maybe we have a chance at the Cup.

  15. I think the Oilers should go after a guy like Wayne Simmons. Put him next to McDavid + Drai/Nuge. This way there is someone on the top line that can score and bust some chops when others mess with McGretzky. He really deserves the protection and another person can finish.

    • The two big questions, of course, are what would EDM be willing to give that PHI would be willing to accept for Simmonds and how does EDM make cap space to afford him?

      The other issue is that they are already paying Lucic big money; he was supposed to be that guy who can “score and bust some chops.”

      • Exactly DoubleMinor, Oil don’t need another tough guy. McDavid needs to play with a guy with a high hockey IQ, with decent skill and wheels.
        Again, the most important part is the brain and that he thinks the game on a high level so they can feed off each other with the right timing. Right now it is Draisaitl but they would rather split the 2 except in times when absolutely necessary.
        No problem going after Simmonds in the off season if the term is short and they can shed salary elsewhere. So unlikely it happens.

  16. have the players tuned out babcock watching his coaching style pulling goalie with over two minutes he has tried this a few times and paid for it also when the leafs are scored on he comes back with his forth line and the opponent keeps the momentum going just a few things i have seen time and time again matthews and many other leafs are just going through the motions something has got to change

  17. Attn Old Blue Dog

    It’s not a case of the past 2 weeks….
    Gardiner has been error prone for a long time.
    He is not going to change in Toronto.
    The game 7 against Boston was the worst game “7” ever by any defenseman.. EVER !!!

    Gardiner needs a change of environment.
    He is a HUGE liability in Toronto… Teams have figured him out… as well as Zaitsev, another “bust”
    You just forcheck the “jeepers” to them, and they choke…. It’s been proven on numerous occasions…
    Does it take another game “7” to prove my pt.
    Gardiner needs to GO…
    I will not win this argument.. the argument will address itself again in this years playoff… It will be another early exit !!!
    Toronto has not got a defense anywhere near to being serious contenders !!!
    I feel there is a morale problem, as well…
    Too many players in “major” slumps right now!

    Nylander, as well… another player with great upside, but should of been traded, with the hold out, and address this right defense situation….
    Gardiner ,,, I repeat…no upside… no future in Toronto… He needs a new home….
    Hopefully, he finds his game,,,, it won’t be in Toronto !!!
    I cannot be more sincere on this !!!!!

  18. Old Blue Dog cont’d …

    YES, I agree…. Hunter would of been the better choice !!!
    This team would have been a different team right now…..
    The fiasco with Marner, and Matthews, and Nylander,,, we would of seen a more positive outcome, and not lingering contracts.

    We would have more “grit”
    Gardiner would have been a goner by now !!!

  19. is Columbus an ideal destination for Gardfner…

    Tortorella has lots of patience !!
    Might be a great fit for him ..

    Give us Bobrovsky …
    Chip in some buy down money , or make a bigger splash !!

  20. The hate for Gardiner is bizarre. All D turn pucks over, all D miss assignments. Some are more physical and aggressive than others. Many more so than Gardiner, sure.
    Not many can drive offence from the back end like Gardiner either.
    He is like Krug for Boston, different players but basically offensive guys that could be better in their own end.
    There are a bunch of teams that would take Gardiner in a heartbeat, I dare say most.
    The guy made some bad plays at bad times, but talk about over reacting.

    • Funny thing is it’s the same type fan that will say that act like that boo players like that and what not then say we should just sign a UFA and wonder why the UFAs they want to sign never want to come to Toronto and avoid the place like there’s no indoor plumbing…hellz yeaah I wanna play there! Maybe I’ll get the royal treatment of people media questioning and insulting my parents too!

      • I give it about 3 years before JT is hoping he can claim insanity to get out of that deal with this bunch.

    • And if it’s all it takes to get Larsson is Kapanen and a pick I hope Dubas has Chias no on speed dial but sadly I doubt it but it would be fun to watch Kapanen on McDavids wing…not a faster pair in the NHL I doubt

      • Shticky, it would have to be more than a late first rd pick. I suggested plus plus. An NHL ready prospect or high upside like Lilgegren. The Oil can’t wait too long for the development.

    • His problem is that his worst gaffes happen at the worst possible time. He does not lose any battle on that dreadful goal in Colorado Game if Marner corrals the puck at the Blue line. But Gardiner was the last player that Leaf Fans saw battling for the puck.

  21. As a Flyers fan I love the fact that they have the UFA who is in the biggest demand this trade deadline.
    I expect a advanced prospect or young player and a draft pick. Nashville option would be a Dante Fabro type player.
    Flyers can then package a young player, prospect and picks in the off-season for a veteran dman like Trouba or pieterangelo

  22. Maybe TB and PHILLY can be partners

    TO PHILLY: Callahan, a top prospect and 1st rd pick
    TO TB: Simmonds & Weise

    TB gets some grit for their playoff run. Clears cap following the season.

    PHILLY gets a 1st and a top prospect albeit eating a yr of CALLY

    Also thinking maybe PITT can convince Kesler in ANA to waive his NMC for a cup run.

    TO ANA: Brassard & Oleksiak
    TO PITT: Kesler

    • From a Philadelphia perspective I like the trade. They need a penalty killer plus the weise will help offset some of Callaghan’s cap hit.
      Ideally I would want Foote as the prospect. If not, then a Taylor radych type.

  23. Over reacting ….
    This is absurd …
    put the word out there … If there is a bunch of teams that would take Gardiner in a heart …
    Why isn’t he gone ???
    Trust me in this one …
    Gardiner is indeed available !!!!

    He will sign a “fat” contract somewhere, but trust me on this one !!
    It won’t be the Toronto Maple Leafs extending his contract ..

    I so much would love the fact , your statement was TRUE !!
    In regards to his vast hockey talents , and how teams would be licking their chops to have Mr. Gardiner !!!
    Trust me … No one is smelling the coffee on this note …
    Jake the mistake will remain a Leaf , for now , but definitely not resigned !!!

    • The reason he won’t be resigned is the cap not the quality of his play.

    • OK,Ken, I trust you. You are wrong but I trust you. Feel better now?

    Is the very meaning of overreacting pretty sure one ! Would work in showing your reaction

    • Do you honestly think ken is wrong shticky? Why argue Jake is terrible always has been and hasn’t gotten better in his own zone, you’re the only person over reacting look how many posts you have made

      • BBB, send a message to Mike Babcock. He keeps putting him out there.

      • Ya says a lot about Babcock but that’s all he has, whose better ? Babcock options are pretty limited aren’t they

    • Shticky you are way over your head. Gardiner is not a defenseman. How can he be called a defenseman when he doesn’t defend. When Gardiner is on the ice TO goes on penalty kill mode. If TO sign Gardiner in the summer that will be the final nail on the coffin far as Cup is concerned. Dubas will lose his job if that happens..you will see. I think there is a scenario where he could play as a winger somewhere. But touting him as this top notch offensive defenseman, you need to have your eyes examined.

      • Mike shticky is one of those leaf fans that only wears the blue and white glasses he thinks gardiner isn’t a bad dman and actually likes Marleau contract! Lol

      • Mike, you used specific game plus minus tats on here multiple times to slag Gardiner. He is third best on the Leafs at plus 18. Playing mostly with Zaitsev. Their second leading point produced from the back end (most come at even strength) and second on the team in minutes played/game.
        Ya he sucks.
        I noticed you didn’t bring up the fact that Tavares was -4 the other night, just the one play where Gardiner was on the ice for a goal against that wasn’t really his fault.
        For some reason people need a simple answer and someone to blame, I guess it is Gardiner in Leaf land.
        The Leafs have a good team, people need to chill.

      • Ray have you really looked at the leafs first 22 and last 23 it’s night and day, everyone and their mother knew the leafs need defense it’s bad plain and simple Anderson covered that the first 22 games but the last he has been mediocre and the leaf# have struggled. Gardiner is a bad dman he really should be a forward someone said on here if so many teams want him how is he not traded for a defensive dman?

  25. Hi Mike
    Read Ray Barks comments, as well ..
    It’s mind boggling !!!

    It’s also mind boggling , how Nylander is still a Leaf !
    We had the ideal opportunity to obtain our 1st line , right side defenseman ..
    Another opportunity – our the window ..
    We were so close – after 52 years of mysery ..
    It’s deja vu all over again …
    Leafs are the same old Leafs ..
    The Hope became reality , and now , we are going to the direction , which left the Leafs fans astray for all of those years ..
    Quite frankly, I am getting fed up with Leaf management decisions .

  26. Another Note :::
    Keep your eye on the Boston Bruins …
    Their compete level is off the charts …
    They have the most under rated coach in the nhl ..
    Boston is going to make alot of noise, come playoff time ..
    Rask will be an extremely difficult warrior .
    Boston Bruins are built for the playoffs … Bergeron can single handingly shut Matthews down
    Nylander is making Pastrnik money !!!
    Who would u rather have !!
    Than enter Marchand !!!
    They have the best line -compete level – competing at both ends of the ice – some might argue this pt .I hope Boston tweaks their lineup , and proves me right !!!
    You heard it here !!!
    I am s Leaf fan .. but a realist !!!
    I may have to change my way of thinking .. I wish my heart would’allow me …
    I should be cheering for the Bruins !

    • There ya go Ray and Caper you can have him as a waiver wire pickup price

  27. I think the Oil might want to take a look at Nyquist to slot next to McDavid. He has a high hockey IQ, quick feet and protects the Puck well. Not sure what the rental cost would be, probably a 2nd and B prospect gets it done. I’ve watched him since he played for Maine and I don’t think he ever reached his potential under Babcock, but as Blashill has eased the reigns I have really seen his creativity come back, really showing this year.