NHL Rumor Mill – January 17, 2019

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Check out the latest speculation about Matt Duchene, Wayne Simmonds, Micheal Ferland, Sergei Bobrovsky, Brayden Schenn, and other notable names from TSN’s updated “Trade Bait” board in today’s NHL rumor mill. 

Matt Duchene

Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene rises to the top of TSN’s updated NHL “Trade Bait” list. (Photo via NHL Images)

Uncertainty over the contract-extension negotiations between the Ottawa Senators and Matt Duchene puts the Senators center atop TSN’s updated NHL “Trade Bait” board. Frank Seravalli suggests the Senators will need an answer soon from Duchene regarding his plans. If he opts to test the market, general manager Pierre Dorion will need time to shop him before the deadline. 

Wayne Simmonds

TSN has Simmonds sitting second on their trade-bait listing. The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont noted the Bruins seek a scoring winger for David Krejci’s line. The Flyers could seek a first-round pick and a prospect or two, which would be “higher than any Bruins fan would want”. The Bruins gave up their first rounder in last year’s Rick Nash deal and could be reluctant to do it again. 

Micheal Ferland

The Carolina Hurricanes winger sits third on TSN’s list. Like Duchene and Simmonds, he’s a pending UFA. Elliotte Friedman indicates the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Vancouver Canucks are among the suitors. 

Mats Zuccarello

The New York Rangers pending UFA winger sits fourth on TSN’s list. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman speculates the Edmonton Oilers, who are reportedly shopping for a forward, may have checked into Zuccarello’s availability. However, they prefer not to give up a significant asset for a rental player.

Oilers 2019 first-round pick and Puljujarvi

The pick sits fifth on the TSN board while Puljujarvi is 14th. Friedman believes that pick is “definitely in play” but there’s disagreement in the Oilers front office over moving Puljujarvi. They’ve also let it be known Ryan Spooner is available. 

Sergei Bobrovsky

A pending UFA, the two-time winner of the Vezina Trophy is sixth on this list. Despite all the recent drama surrounding the Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender, Darren Dreger believes the Jackets have “very little” appetite to move him because of where they are in the standings. He feels the only way that changes is if Bobrovsky demands a trade. Dreger still believes Bobrovsky wants to help the Jackets win this season. 

Gustav Nyquist and Jimmy Howard

These two Detroit Red Wings sit eighth and ninth respectively on this list. The Athletic’s Max Bultman recently listed the Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks, Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Stars, and Boston Bruins as possible destinations for Nyquist. MLive.com’s Ansar Khan reports the Wings could seek a first-round pick for Nyquist or Howard but haven’t ruled out re-signing them.

Brayden Schenn

Schenn sits 10th on this list. NBC Sports Boston’s Joe Haggerty reports several sources claimed the Blues center is someone who interests the Bruins. He also wonders if the Bruins might aim higher for Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko. (SPECTOR’S NOTE: The asking price for Schenn will be much more affordable than that for Tarasenko). 

Nick Bjugstad

The Florida Panthers forward is 18th on the trade bait list. The Athletic’s George Richards includes Bjugstad on his list of Panthers who could be available leading up to the Feb. 25 trade deadline. He has two years left on his contract with a $4.1 million annual average value. Richards believes it’ll take “a very nice offer” to pry him away from the Panthers. 

Kaspari Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson

The two Toronto Maple Leafs forwards sit 22nd and 23rd respectively on this list. Both are restricted free agents. If the Leafs are to pursue a good defenseman, Bob McKenzie feels it could cost them Kapanen or Johnsson as part of the return. He also suggested the Leafs first-round pick in 2019 could also be in play. 

Jay Bouwmeester

The St. Louis Blues defenseman sits 30th on this list. Friedman noted he’s been playing better of late and has heard a few teams are watching him. 

Derick Brassard

The Penguins center didn’t make TSN’s list, probably because it was compiled before word came earlier this week suggesting Brassard could be shopped. Friedman noted the Winnipeg Jets were interested in him last season. Brassard resisted but that won’t be a problem this season. Friedmans also suggested the Columbus Blue Jackets and San Jose Sharks as possible destinations. 

The Score’s Sean O’Leary cites a report by The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline claiming the Blue Jackets and Penguins have had discussions about Brassard. (SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Penguins are getting a third-line center in return, they could be reluctant to move Brassard to a division rival that they could meet in the playoffs. Then again, maybe the Pens could move Brassard there for a different return that could be used in a deal with another club to add that third-line center.)


  1. How does this list have Zuccarello, Simmonds etc. over Panarin, Stone, Skinner?

    Is this a matter of actual availability or just sheer stupidity?

    • NY4Life

      Thought the same at first but I think the order is in their ranking of probability of trade (at least I hope it is) 🙂

      • Pengy….There are things brewing in the Burg! Lets just hope when JR does trade Brassard its not to Columbus!!!(they wanted him last year) I can see a first round playoff match-up and the horror of Brassard scoring in OT in game 7 to beat us 🙁

        Heard Brassard’s camp is now willing to waive is trade list and would accept a deal to Winnipeg and Edmonton.

        I have always liked Mathhew Perreault he has 10 goals 10 assists he is the exact same age as Brassard 31 and salary hit is $4.125??? good third line center that can score a bot and skate as well.

        Don’t see anything in Edmonton..

        Also saw a proposed trade (on somewhere of Saad to Pittsburgh for Brassard and Jarry? thoughts? Pittsburgh boy with speed coming home and we ship out 2 that are going anyway?

      • BlackNGold

        Bang on … no thank-you Brass to Clb … I still think it would be a long-shot for Pitt to trade in-div with any team already in and/or vying for play-offs (which includes NYI) with outside chance at trading with Rangers or Canes

        Re: Perrault … and he can and has played C; but this year he has almost exclusively been a winger (maybe 100 shifts or so at centre). If GMJR is insisting on getting a 3C back (and he should as Sheahan IMO is not up to it) then from Winn it would be Lowry… Pens get younger and certainly bigger … but at the expense of creativity; some speed and hockey IQ… so I’m not as keen on that

        Saad coming home would for sure be a nice add but I don’t see that happening :(1) skewed trade in favour of Pens but more importantly (2) after signing Guentz to $6M I don’t think they could realistically fit in another LW at $6M; and (3) Pens still then w/o 3C

        For Ed … 3rd line C …. Spooner … I would like to pass on that

        If GMPC panics and must have Brass/ Jarry …. make it a bigger move for Pitt… (Schticky here is another doozie for you) …. Ed must take on JJ as well ; Pens add a first; but Nurse comes to Pitt (not happening but would be nice)….GMJR then still with extra D that could be moved for a 3C…. want crazier still (another crazy one for Shticky!) flip Nurse then to Leafs for Kadri and 1st


        Ed flips Nurse to get Brass; Jarry ; JJ ; a first ; note: Pens would have to take back 10 % ( max left) of Brass Cap… Ed now has 2 1sts to dangle at TDL

        Pitt flips JJ (already a great deal!!!) and Brass and Jarry for Kadri (two 1sts [Pens out Leafs in] offset each other)

        Leafs flip Kadri and 1st for Nurse

        Chance of happening —— ZERO …. just food for thought and as always … for ships ‘n giggles

      • Pengy,

        I like the fact that you usually put “never gonna happen” , “zero chance” behind these trade proposals because most people that suggest such crazy , lopsided trades don’t. They actually believe in these type of possibilities, and are offended the second someone questions them on it.

        But I have to ask… and I’m not being a jerk or trying to insult . But what’s the point of speculating things that will never happen? Is it a time killer thing? Or something to get the site busy?

        Again, I’m not picking on you personally. Generally speaking, most trade scenarios here are usually god awful, one sided, and have absolutely no input on the team getting hosed team needs or wants.

        I really do enjoy seeing proposals that are well thought out and show some consideration to the other teams needs.

        Seeing these UFAs going to dead teams , ( how often en do we see a Bobrovsky, Panarin, Brassard get dealt to a bottom dweller come the tdl?) while the other team is walking away with a great player is torture.

        My biggest thing is “well, the money works” , that’s usually a sign someone is getting screwed in the deal. And almost always is disgustingly one sided. “Take player that’s overpaid,+ one that is no longer useful, add a lottery protected pick, and give us your best player/ players.

        And believe me, NY Ranger fans are some of the biggest dreamers out there. So I’m not picking on any one team, player or organization.

      • Hi NY4Life

        Certainly not as a time-killer and if my posts inadvertently gets the site busy; that’s just an off-shoot

        I was a “free rider” (only read and never posted) for quite a while.

        I’m of the belief that I should have not been free riding and benefiting from the enjoyment of others thoughts

        I learn just as much here from those I don’t necessarily see eye to eye with; as those I’m often in synch with

        Collectively here are some great hockey insights… I truly enjoy the read and the participation.

        I try very hard not to offend anybody. Apologies around if I have blindly been mistaken…. no offence is ever intended.

        No one is right no one is wrong … all opinions

        I preach to all my staff that no idea (presented in faith and without insult or ill intent or offence) is unwarranted or should not be brought up for fear of ridicule. The wildest ideas and conversations have spurned/stimulated some of the greatest inventions and developments over time.

        “Will not happen” “Zero” chance” etc …. all are truly what I believe :

        Ideas for trades etc can work in favour of all parties; meet publicly believed needs; fit within financial (cap and real budget needs) but will not come to fruition . Most of the time it’s due to the sheer volume of assets involved or proposed multiple team trades (a rarity).

        When it comes down to real trades …. we “arm chair gurus” can’t (or maybe to be fair, refuse to) see the internal complexities of making a trade.

        For instance there could be personal issues (coach to current or proposed player or player to player) that the public is unaware of but that has been clearly articulated to the GM.

        There could have been prior “hand shake” agreements that fell through leaving at least one of your potential trading partners not willing to deal

        Also discussions of agents to players to GMs etc and “true” level of probability of waiving a NTC

        Add public pressure and internal direction and personal desire to actually make a trade plus their own individual “risk-return-reward” thought processes and each GM is different

        All the above makes any of our multi-player multi-team suggested trades, highly unlikely.

        It’s all good for thought.

        Similar trades may come but very rare for any “proposed ” multi-asset trades to actually be the same

        I do take the time to logically think through the pros/cons/probabilities on these “strategic moves” ( read : our arm chair GM dreams)… I do this from a business perspective for a living. The proposal I throw out here…. I have no directly personal stake in.

        I’m a realist …. I don’t think there is a remote chance for my actual proposed multi-asset trades. They serve as my thought process to what I feel is fair …. unless I’m clearly stating a joke.

        I can tell you honestly that any trade I propose that would rid Pens of JJ , I truly believe would benefit the team…. but the odds are in reality almost nil …. the coach and GMJR , obviously see a different player than I see. I get that there are friendships involved and public statements and public promises …. but no time and nowhere have I heard or seen them publicly committing to playing him EVERY game and for much heavier minutes than is warranted …. all at the expense of the teams and fans

        So in summary of my grossly verbose response to you above(apologies for that) :

        I enjoy the banter here;

        contribute as I believe I should if I’m benefitting reading and enjoying others’ posts

        Post hypothetical , but IMO , rationalized trade scenarios, but realize that probability of these actually coming to fruition are slim to none. They are trades that I’d personally make if I had the right to make them and with the limitations on the full facts (as I’ve listed above)


      • I really don’t make trade proposals. And for the most part it’s because I’ve been pretty happy with NYs roster.

        I think in think I’ve been coming here for about 10 years, and I doubt I’ve made 10 trade proposals. If I have made 10, 9 1/2 were 100% in Jest.

        There have been about 3-4 Ranger players I couldn’t wait to get out the door over the last 7-8 years . Dan Boyle, John Moore, MDZ, and Callahan ( and only when he was seeking 6+ for 7-8 years).

        Today, I don’t like the contracts of Staal, Smith, Belesky, Shattenkirk and Lundqvist. But I realize NY is NOT getting anything of value for any one of them. In all likelihood, quite the opposite.

        But I’m not in any hurry to get rid of any of them. They’re not a cap problem for a rebuilding team. And honestly, as bad as Lundqvist deal is, I think there is value in keeping him around.
        Having him and Benny Allaire tutor a Shestyorkin, Georgiev can’t hurt!

        But hypothetically, if I put something out there about Staal, Smith…. it would be adding some sweeteners just to rid themselves of the contracts. They certainly aren’t getting ANYTHING back in value. And if they were to be bringing something of value back…. the sweeteners would be getting bigger and bigger!

      • They could always send Brassard to St. Louis for Bozak, & pair him back up with, Kessel .

      • Ya Callahan is a burden contract on TBay for next year

        I think Rangers are progressing properly in their build and yes although an expensive contract; as you’ve said in re-building mode; the big Hank mentorship does have some intrinsic value

      • Richard

        Yes the chemistry was there but I don’t think this would be a wise move … two more years at $5.0M and his productivity is waning …. so IMO the gamble is too high

    • thinking they are not ranked because their current team has indicated their preference is to re-sign them. Duchene and Brisson know the predicament Dorion is in and are going to try and grind him. Best thing is to line up trade partners now and get into a bidding war for his services. Buf and Clb are in tough because they are in the playoff hunt, hard to trade a core piece unless they get fair value back. I also think Stone deal is imminent, they can’t afford to ship out Stone, Duchene and Dzingel, fans will revolt.

      • Nyr4life…..

        Last year Brassard to Columbus was a real possibility. They still want him and look if we get something we really need game on may the better team win…

        ******If you read closely******* I said it was my my nightmare of him getting traded to Columbus. I didn’t propose any trade! (
        (So read closely) I said Brassard scoring in OT was my nightmare.

        The Saad deal I also said I saw on another site!
        (Again I didn’t make that trade proposal)
        (So again read closely) I said it was interesting.

        Saad coming to Pittsburgh brings speed and skill which is what we had a ton of in our two cup runs. Chicago needs a young goalie of the future (Crawford concussion issues/vertigo) and Brassard gives them a solid second/third line center for depth.

      • Chicago is currently using Strome on their 2nd line, and still have Anisimov on the 3rd.

        If Chicago wanted to add Brassard, why now? They’re not going to the playoffs and he’s going to hit UFA. Why not wait? Although I doubt Chicago has interest to bring in Brassard at this point.

        I don’t think Saad being traded is far fetched. But I don’t think Brassard would be a piece coming back for the above reasons.

        The need for a young goalie is also cheaply addressed these days. I can’t think of one in the past 4-5 years that was fetching a roster player.

        It’s pretty rare that we’ve seen a pending UFA being traded to a bottom dweller unless it’s a salary dump. It’s usually a UFA getting traded to a playoff bound team as a rental.

        This trade ( not saying your idea) is a clear cut case of what I was saying to Pengy above.

        Brassard pending UFA
        Jarry no longer needed (Casey Desmith re-sign for 3 years)
        For Saad….

        I just see that as completely one sided.

        Side note…Does Pittsburgh have the cap space going past this year for Saads 6 per cap hit?

        Or did that rumor you read also have Chicago holding retention…. even making this deal more one sided?

    • I think it’s because (as per internet consensus) Stone wants to stay and Ottawa wants to keep him, Columbus needs Panarin for the playoffs, and Skinner is thriving in Buffalo. Doesn’t mean they wont be traded, just means they’re less likely to be traded.

      • Nyr4life….You raise some good points….

        Look Brassard has a friendly cap hit of $3 million..
        Chicago sucks unless they play Pittsburgh 🙂

        Chicago could use Tristan jarry (for sure) and Derrick Brassard if he worked out maybe they resign him?
        He needs more minutes to be effective and in Chicago he would get that. (he is stuck behind Crosby/Malkin)

        Chicago saves $3 million in the exchange.

        The cap does go up next year from $78 million to $83 million that helps Pittsburgh next year.

        Maybe Pittsburgh adds something to that deal???

      • I definitely think Pittsburgh would have to add. But I doubt Chicago would bring back Brassard next year. Supposedly, they’re looking to go all in on bring back Panarin. In order to do that they’d need cap space . Saad is a good start. Brassard would have no chance.

        I loved the guy in NY. He seemed to be good in Ottawa, but just seems unhealthy these days? He came to NY in the gaborik trade. And came as a question mark. Zero complaints on how he turned out! Great guy, but he’d be a tough sell to any basement dweller imo.

    • Meh…it’s nice to see new names in the rumour mill!

    • I believe it’s the latter.

      • Nyr4life..your a ranger fan can you say WT☆☆☆F happened to brassatd? He was strong with the rangers and good for 11/2 years in Ottawa..is it simy he bnewds more minutes? He isnt getting minutes behind Malkin and Crosby…

    • This list is ranking the most available skilled players. Zuccarello and Sommonds may not be as skilled as Panarin, Stone, or Skinner, but they are more likely to be traded.

      • I may have been using the extreme opposite ends of the list.

        But even the in between seems a bit skewed. I doubt Hamilton is more likely to be dealt than Kevin Hayes. Then again , who knows….

  2. What about the “penultimate” on TSN trade bait list ..,, at #17 …. Parayko …. LOL . My bromance continues 🙂

    Leafs I’m hoping don’t blow their brains out in trades this year. If there is a trade that nets them a top 4D with at least 2 more years on contract .,, then that would be prudent …. #17 on TSN trade bait list??? Just sayin’

    I think it would be a stretch for a Columbus/Pitt trade to happen

    No mention of the massive trade yesterday … Grant for Blandisi …. LOL:

    If GMJR senses that Blandisi will end up sometime in the future ; on the big club .,.. good move. If there is no thought of that …. I don’t get the trade … Grant at league min for what he was asked to do …. fine by me. If trade was just to free up cap space (Blandisi will be WBS) then I would much rather have had another Penguin (at League min) be the one moved or waived…. say a player who rhymes with Bad Boweevil !!! LOL

    Duch looking very good last night …. the move (one way or the other) will be critical for Dorion…. I just have an inkling that Dorian is going to trade him. Duch has played himself in line for a big ask in contract

    Although the rarest of rares …. there is the remote possibility of trade then signing him back; off season

    Again …. above is mostly geared for a response from George…..

    George , not seen a post in a while …. hope all is well with you

    • Pengy,

      Your bromance won’t come cheap–how about a 1st and lilegren and kapanen?

      • Iowa Boy

        I’m fairly confident that GMKD would likely not go that high; but personally I don’t think it is that far off FMV

        If StL were asking that … GMKD , I would think, might counter with same trade but swapping Brown in for Kappy

        If this were off-season …. WW for CP (with balancing picks) I think might work …. 🤞

      • So you want 3 first round picks for a guy drafted in the 3rd round!?!?!? I think St.Louis fans need to smarten up a little.

      • I don’t think what round he was drafted in really matters. Kucherov was drafted in the 2nd round… I’m more than positive most teams would give up 3-1sts and then some.

        On the flip side Yak was drafted 1st overall…..

      • SOLD

    • Having Paryko on this list at #17, and Pietrangelo or Tarasenko absent from the list entirely is making me think this list is pulled straight out of someone’s butt.

      I don’t believe St. Louis deals Paryko or Pietrangelo…. but I’d say Pietrangelo is more likely the guy they’d move.

      By no stretch am I saying “they’ll never be traded” as we’ve seen some say about other players… I’m just saying unlikely.

      Obviously most of these players aren’t getting moved at the deadline…. unless we see a deadline like we haven’t seen in YEARS!!! But, the randomness is just pretty awful!

      • Just hope list not pulled from O Dog’s butt!!

      • @Nyr4life – Peitrangelo has a NTC and Tarasenko has a 7.5 mill cap hit for 4 more seasons. Those are the reasons why Paryko is more likely to be moved before the other 2.

      • I don’t see a NTC as much of an obstacle. We’ve see ntc contracts moved before. And given the state of St. Louis today, I don’t see Pietrangelo kickingnand screaming over the possibility of trade to a contender.

        I’d say Tarasenko is more than likely an off-season move than a tdl move.

        From St.Louis perspective, you have 13-14 players to sign or re-sign next year. And some questionable contracts now.

        Pietrangelo has 1 year left at 6.5, Parayko has 3 years left at 5.5 and is 3 years younger.
        As I said, I don’t really believe any of them are going anywhere right now. But it would be in St.louis best interest to move Pietrangelo for the long and short term.

      • Paryko plays more like a 1st rounder than most.

    • Hey Pengy

      Just a thought: I’ve been ruminating this one for a while… what are your thoughts on Duchene going to PIT? Ceci as well…

      PITS package revolve around Brassard, JJ, Jary and some plus plus…

      • Just what Ottawa needs, Brassard returning as a pending UFA in a dead season!

        I’d say highly unlikely.

        Picks picks and prospects. Zero chance they’re taking Brassard back. That would REALLY screw the entire Duchene deal into the ground!

      • LeFrench09

        Duch would look great on Pens but to me I can’t see a deal being made that would work for both parties.

        Ottw taking back Brassard I think would be a non starter and even though I’d love for JJ to be moved to any team other than Leafs …. it looks like , unfortunately, they want to keep him.

        If I’m a betting man and Duch moves by TDL … I think it’s more likely it’s to the west

        …. but Duch as a Pen would be sharp 👍

  3. Re Schenn / Del Zotto flip :

    Both UFA’s and Van saves a fair amount ; but I am surprised that Van only got a 7th for this

    I’m thinking that this was a phased move to set up something bigger … moving either Manson or Montour for scoring???

    • Ducks are making some interesting moves to try and get back on track. I have not seen Aberg play much but to see him traded again makes me think either his defensive game is brutal or he has other baggage dragging him down. He is streaky but has some offensive upside.

    • Del Zotto has been a healthy scratch 25 times and has played in only 23 games, most of which were when Tanev and Edler were injured. He’s a give-away machine and not very good at defence. I’m surprised the Canucks found someone to take his $3 million cap hit, especially the Ducks who are supposed to have such a stellar D. A 7th is ok. Next up – Pouliot.

      • Gord1970

        KK thanks 🙂

        that makes more sense … hadn’t watched that many of their games and didn’t realize that he’d been a healthy scratch all those games

  4. As a Bruins fan I would go after Schenn as the third line center and Ferland as the second line wing. Cost would be a bit less than the bigger names and both guys bring a physical game which the playoffs are.

    • agreed they would be very nice adds for the B’s but at what cost? thinking it would cost Boston some of their young players (Donato,Heinan,JFK, Bjork,Senysyn or Frederic) and not sure Boston is willing to open their wallet to resign Ferland next year. Only one game together but Cehlarik may be the answer on the wing with Krejci and Debrusk??

      • I would do Donato or Heinen and a second and maybe a lower prospect like Zboril if that would work. I’m fine with doing nothing also if the cost is a first, Studnicka or Vaak.
        Also McAvoy,Carlo and Debrusk off the table.

    • Dave, yes they both would fit a need; however they both would cost some significant pieces. Then the two walk off in the sunset come July and the Bruins be in a worst place then before the trades.
      The only player on that I would want Boston to give up a 1st round pick for is Tarasenko because he has term left on his contract.

      The Bruins have an extra Dman with John Moore the healthy scratch the last two games, not sure if they are will to move a Dman because they seem to lose 2 or 3 to injuries when playoff time comes. But moving a dman might be worth to cost of a forward depending on what the plus is.

      • Sure on Tarasenko but at what cost and how to fit the salary.
        I say no unless they take Backes contract back. Then I would give a first and a couple high prospects.
        Unless they take Krug.
        But you know they will ask for McAvoy,Carlo,Studnicka,Vaak or Debrusk.

      • I’m pretty sure B Schenn has another year left after this year on his contract, so B’s wouldnt be getting something that would just walk away.

        If Tarasenko is obtainable I would get him and be totally ok with giving up a first and anyone not named carlo, mcavoy,debrusk, stud, of vaak. The Blues would have to take Backes back to make salary work, but i’d be ok with throwing extra assests in to make that happen.

      • wouldn’t. excuse typo

      • Plus Chara is nearing the end. This may be the last year. Then Krug the year after.
        It would be nice to ease the new guys in next year. If Chara plans on staying, then OK move Moore.

  5. I would be very interested in Bjugstad and he could fill a 3c role. Young affordable and huge. I think it would cost a lot more than people would think. A position player and a first I am thinking. It’s the kind of trade I would look for and not some of these rentals and retreads

    • Bjugstad for Coyle may make sense, similar players, both skilled big bodies but they have never reached their full potential on their current teams.

    • I was thinking of Florida was in a better position Duchene could go there for Bjugstad

      • thinking the Senators would be looking for younger players, if FLA wants Duchene it would start with Borgstrom or Tippett and a conditional 1st rnd pick. But not sure why Fla would want Duchene unless they were 100% sure he would sign a new deal, it’s not like he is going to propel them into a playoff spot.

    • Bruins fans need to realize that the reason Backus is a Bruin is because stl would not give him the contract the Bruins did. You really they’d take him back now?

      • Only way Boston can fit Tarasenko under the cap.
        He’s actually owed less over his last two years than his cap.
        4 million per against his 6 million cap.
        St. Louis would take him back if the only way they can get a bunch of quality prospects or picks.

      • This is I think the 4th player I’ve seen suggested for a St. Louis return in the last week or two.

        Shattenkirk, Backes, Oshie and the other escapes me at the moment.

        These trade scenarios seem a lot like taking milk out of the fridge, finding out it’s sour, and putting it back to see if it tastes better the next day.

        In all due respect Dave, I seriously doubt St.Louis will care about how the cap implications hurt or help Boston. I think they’ll care more about a return they help them in the long run.

        They’d be insane to make this deal!

        If Tarasenko is shopped, I don’t see them taking on someone else’s problem. And I see him more as an off-season trade than a tdl trade. And even then, they’ll be looking for youth and picks.

      • I think it depends on what the Blues intention’s are going forward. If they intend to rebuild, I see them bringing Backes back. Although Blu3s would want a first and Debrusk. I’m not sure I make that if I’m Boston.

  6. I’d add to that list Lebanc and maybe Braun. The sharks need a better backup. Dell has had a bad run of luck lately. I’d like to see them pick up bob. Also another forward or d-man.

    • Jshark, I don’t get to see the Sharks play much, but kinda surprised you are throwing Labanc’s name out there. I thought he was penciled in as part of their future? then again you gotta give something to get something.
      Bob to the Sharks would be a rental unless they don’t plan on re-signing Karlsson and Pavelski those 2 alone are going to eat up a big chunk of their available cap space.

  7. Wayne Simmonds is from Scarborough and should be on the Leafs. Also, keep him away from Boston and Tampa.
    Ferland I like a little better but injury’s would be a concern.

  8. NY should be making deals before the deadline. And for gods sake stop trying to win games!

  9. If Howard or NyQuil wanted to resign and play longer term for Detroit and the wings are out of playoff contention why not (and this goes for all players in a similar situation) work with ownership to agree to a trade and off season resign if the team is able to get an asset that will help them immediately next season?

    • Maybe they would just prefer to play golf in the spring…

    • surprised we don’t see this more often.

    • Thomas Vanek always gets traded at the deadline, doesn’t he? Why isn’t he on the list?

  10. I like the Victor Rask for Neiderreiter deal and think it helps both teams. It adds to the possibility of Ferland being traded which I’m not in favor of.

    • I like it, too. The fact that they got a warm body for the ghost of Victor Rask is, frankly, shocking. The fact that it’s a useful player makes it even more curious.

      MIN must have something else up their sleeve, and unloading ~$1.25M/year was what they needed. If that’s not the case, then I have no idea what MIN is doing.

      • Minnesota needed some depth at center. Rask was playing better lately.

    • @GP Re: Ferland. Assuming that means he’s out, then CAR must have thought 3yrs@$5Mil of Niederreiter was a better value than the estimated 5yr/$6mil of Ferland.

      I don’t know enough either way to agree or disagree. I guess time will tell.

      • Whalercane,

        Could be Dundon has set an internal limit on the term of contracts and that’s why they keep having problems negotiating new contracts.

    • I think Minnesota just got fleeced.

  11. NY4Life

    Posted my response to your Q to me (0f 3:09 today) way above

    Was “off-site” so to speak, for a while

    Wasn’t sure if you regularly go back above to look for potential responses … so perhaps I should have posted new (at bottom of page)…here… instead … apologies

  12. Well, heck, if we’re going to be creative about Derick Brassard, and just for fun…according to another website, Colorado has an interest in him. So how about Pittsburgh offers Brassard, Maatta and Jarry for Alex Kerfoot and Semyon Varlamov? Maybe throw in a draft choice to even it up here or there around the edges. It’s more or less salary neutral…Colorado gets a young D man with term, a backup for Grubauer (who I assume they view as their starter beginning next year, anyway), and an upgraded #2 center for the playoffs…and Pittsburgh gets a young center with offensive upside, passing ability and the ability to play with high end players, and experienced goalie insurance for the playoffs.

  13. Rask had a tough finish last year with a bad shoulder and the tendon injury with his hand before this season started. A big body 6’2” 200 and a centerman saving the Wild some money. Koivu and Staal have only a few years left and I think a buy low and a positional need situation for Minnesota . I like it for both sides and would give the edge to the Wild.

    • Rask may be a “big body” but I have never seen anyone play smaller/softer on the puck, and I’ve followed this team since 1981. Skinner, maybe, plays as small, but he obviously has tremendous offensive upside. Rask does not. To what degree his shoulder woes have hampered him, i don’t know, but do not let his listed size fool you. I hope for MIN’s sake that his health improves, if that is indeed the issue.