NHL Rumor Mill – January 22, 2019

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The Oilers’ re-signing Mikko Koskinen could see Cam Talbot hit the trade block, plus updates on the Maple Leafs and Red Wings in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson believes the Oilers re-signing goaltender Mikko Koskinen leaves fellow netminder Cam Talbot’s future in limbo. Talbot’s performance slipped following a stellar 2016-17 campaign leading to the Oilers signing Koskinen last summer. If the Oilers fall out of playoff contention leading up to the Feb. 25 trade deadline, Matheson believes they’ll shop Talbot, who has a 10-team trade list. Possible destinations include 

Goalie Cam Talbot’s days appear numbered with the Edmonton Oilers (Photo via NHL Images).

Talbot is an unrestricted free agent this summer and there could be openings in Florida, New Jersey, St. Louis, Columbus, and Ottawa. His potential departure will mean the Oilers will have to pursue a backup via trade or free agency. Pittsburgh Penguins’ Tristan Jarry could become a trade target while Brian Elliott and Cam Ward could be available in the UFA market. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 yesterday, Elliotte Freidman speculated over what other moves Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli might have up his sleeve. Besides re-signing Koskinen yesterday, Chiarelli also placed forwards Ty Rattie and Ryan Spooner on waivers.

Friedman wondered if Chiarelli is trying to clear some salary-cap room to make a move. Rattie’s entire salary ($800K) won’t count against the Oilers’ cap if he heads to the minors, while they would save $1.05 million if Spooner ($4 million) is demoted.

Friedman said he’d heard some rumors they might be interested in Washington Capitals winger Andre Burakovsky but “somebody threw cold water on that to me today.” He also doesn’t see them parting with young assets for a rental player. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers’ moves yesterday stoked criticism of general manager Peter Chiarelli and calls for his firing by unhappy fans. However, re-signing Koskinen to a three-year deal and placing Rattie and Spooner on waivers suggests he’s not in danger of losing his job…yet. That could change if the Oilers collapse in the standings in the coming weeks.

Talbot’s days are numbered now in Edmonton. The Koskinen contract indicates he won’t be re-signed this summer.  Chiarelli could see if there’s a market for him before the trade deadline and call up veteran backup Al Montoya from the Oilers’ AHL affiliate. 

I agree with Friedman that the Rattie and Spooner moves could indicate Chiarelli is trying to free up cap space to perhaps acquire a player, one who is either signed through next season or a potential restricted free agent this summer. Burakovsky would fit that profile but reports out of Washington claim the Capitals aren’t ready to give up on him. 


TSN: Darren Dreger said he doesn’t believe the Toronto Maple Leafs’ recent losses are increasing the sense of urgency for general manager Kyle Dubas to make a trade. Citing the William Nylander signing, he pointed out Dubas is a patient GM.

Noting the calls for the Leafs to add a right-side defenseman, Dreger pointed out the market for a top blueliner is very expensive right now. While St. Louis Blues rearguards Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Parayko surfaced in trade speculation earlier this season, the Blues’ recent improvement suggests they might want to add, not subtract. 

Last week, Dreger’s colleague Bob McKenzie said the Leafs’ 2019 first-round pick could be in play. He also suggested a young forward like Kaspari Kapanen or Andreas Johnsson would have to be part of the deal for a good defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs aren’t in danger of falling out of a playoff spot, though that could change in the coming weeks if the losses keep mounting. Still, Dubas has time to examine the market and try to find the right fit. With the All-Star break coming up, he could use that period for some face-to-face discussions with some rival GMs. 


DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa recently reported Red Wings captain Niklas Kronwall would feel duty bound to listen if GM Ken Holland approached him about a trade. The 38-year-old has a modified no-trade clause, giving him some control. He expressed his surprise about a couple of recent reports suggesting the Toronto Maple Leafs could be interested in him. 

Krupa’s colleague Ted Kulfan reported on defenseman Nick Jensen’s improvement this season following a shaky training camp and being scratched from the season opener. The 28-year-old is slated to become an unrestricted free agent and could be moved by the Feb. 25 trade deadline. With Kronwall likely to retire at season’s end, Kulfan feels Jensen would be a low-cost, dependable option for the Wings. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kronwall has hinted this season could be his last and his preference to retire as a Red Wing. Still, if a rival club made a reasonable pitch, Holland could ask him to waive his no-trade. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kronwall finishes this season in Detroit. Jensen has surfaced as a possible trade option but Holland could consider him worth retaining on a reasonable contract. 


  1. Dubas may indeed be patient but is going to have a boat load of cap come the deadline and I doubt he leaves it all on the table, yes I know they will have their hands full with contracts next year but I think there will be some significant moves, not necessarily because of the slump but more due to the amount of space they will have to add.

    • I think Burakovsky is a decent player …BUT
      I dont think this would be a good move for the Oilers right now.. IMO.

      The significant trades they have made have mostly brought in players that are OR were unproven and they took a chance and they lost in those deals and never really got them anywhere…is Burakovsky better than an Eberle or Hall I don’t think so.

      They need to go after players that have a more proven track record and where there seems to be a decent resume behind them or there is internal league talk that the player is a committed quality player in his mid to late 20’s.

      The Oilers have tried to go the youth movement and try to doggy train most of the players into machine moulds of the players that THEY WANT THEM TO BE …but the player really never had that in him to begin with and can not be that player or grow into that mould …and hence they fail time after time with trying to do it that way….they need to make a trade or trades to where in they know EXACTLY what they will be getting back.

      As I wrote the other day its going to take a Leafs / Flames style trade of old to get the Oilers on a track for better overall team play for the future !

      Before the past 2 weeks the Coyotes were on the outs looking in but as of late they are now only 3 points out of a playoff spot and on a tear ..they would have been a good trade partner for the Oilers …with a Hjarmalson & Stepan.
      AbdleKader and Helm would be interesting in Detroit.
      Josh Anderson, Boone Jenner or Atkinson from the Jackets

      Tofoli and Muzzin in L . A .

      Rielly Smith & Cody Eakins in Vegas

      Giroux & Simmonds in Philly

      Yes all the players ive mentioned will take significant pieces from the Oilers… and they have the pieces to make these deals if they are SERIOUS …and they seriously need to make those significant changes …

      Obviously these are just SOME suggestions but this is the way the Oilers should be thinking and doing everything they can to make these types of significant deals happen if other teams are willing trade partners !


      • Kal El

        With you in that Chia needs to move on a trade to get players with a higher certainty in future performance (proven track record) rather than a gamble move on someone that may pan out…. I’m sure Oil fans (who are already seething) are not in the move for a high risk potentially high reward move …. benefits if they do come to fruition; will be down the road… Oil fans want an upswing now

        The catch …. players with proven track records ….with consistent production ….come at a premium because the downside risk is less

        To me, with the player waives yesterday …. he’s positioning for a trade

        I don’t see any GM not taking his call …. he has lost more trades than won over last 2-3 years … so other GM’s might think (not saying they do have, but that they might think) they have upper hand in a negotiated trade

        We’ll see!!

    • Schticky


      Fingers crossed that any moves to use some of that cap space are either for players with term (preferably a D upgrade please and thank-you) or swapping out a UFA and bringing back more UFAs

      Any flip of futures (prospects, rosters, picks) for a UFA is IMO , definitely an unwise move

      Setting aside recent downturn in team play; as I’ve posted before …. it is IMO an extreme longshot (I’m basically thinking not at all) for Leafs to get cup this June.

      Pieces are there right now for out-year use or for trades to get out-Year pieces; that IMO will lead to a pretty fair chance at a SC over the following 1/2 decade

      Tough moves to make …. yep

      Tough negotiations on contracts …. yep

      Tough decisions all around … yep

      I have my fingers crossed

      I’m fairly confident he’ll make at least one move pre TDL

      Would love an upgrade : top 4RHD…. but please make it for a player who is at the very least, under contract for one more year

  2. a Nylander for Pesce and Ferland would make a lot of sense right now. just saying!

    • Nylander is making over 10 million this season, he is due a massive signing bonus on July 1’st, he’s not going anywhere.

    • Way too much for Nylander.
      I wouldn’t do a 1 for 1 for him involving either of those guys.
      Pesce holds more positional value while Ferley has a more complete game than Nylander.
      Leafs look to be in a odd position after this season, like some other star laden teams I ‘spect.

      • Ferland’s value is way less than willie, he is a 40 point guy willie a much higher ceiling. I disagree that they’re even comparable let along Ferland is better, that’s just crazy talk.

      • Kent my lander is a very soft player that barely knows where his own end is, pesce and ferland is an overpayment by a mile

    • Nylander not going anywhere, he has an unmovable contract with the production he has put up.
      Dubas may very well be Dumbass after that signing. Highly doubt Hunter would have been taken like that.

      • WW has a unmovable contract. What are people smoking. July 1st he gets his bonus and cap hit is almost 7 mil but salary is well below 6 mil.

      • LL1313

        Concur on tradable after 1/7

        After SB paid ; actual remaining cash outlay is <$5M per year (only $24.7 M left for 5 years work) and only $700 K remaining for 19/20…. putting aside his play since returning ( I have to believe this will at least have some turnaround soon) ….. then he should easily be tradeable starting Jul 2nd

        B4 then …. Nyet

    • I think our friend “DaBlues” is saying that HAD Dubas traded Willie for Pesce and Ferland BEFORE they signed him – that would have made a lot of sense right now…lol Hind sight is 20/20…

      Simmonds & Gudas is definately doable without giving too much up. Parayko or Pietrangleo would be great but i’m not holding my breath.

      I hope Dubas is patient and if he makes no move because there isn’t one to make for the right price i’m ok with that.

      Sign AM & MM – keep the core in place and see what is available at the draft and internally with Liljegren & Sandin’s development. This team wasn’t built to win JUST this year…

      As for the slump we’re in – i’d rather be playing like this in January than in March…lol

      • 100,%

  3. Just can’t shake the thought that the Oilers are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I posted late yesterday that Kronwall would make sense in TO. Doesn’t have to move being that close. I am sure he wants to play one more spring. His record speaks for itself. Resign with Wings and retire

    • SilverSeven

      LOL … nice metaphor 👍😂

      I’m hoping for them that there is a move out there that can “right the ship” so to speak

      Oddly tho …. with such a tight clumping of teams …. Oil could be in a playoff position after their next 2 games … second game is on Ground Hog Day BTW!

      • Pengy….Three deals..

        deal # 1 Derrick Brassard straight up for Charlie Coyle…..Minnesota is having a fire sale.. salaries almost identical and Minnesota needs a second line two way center we need a third line cost affordable center..

        deal # 2 Jake Muzzin 29, and 24 year old speedy left winger Brendan Leipsic to the Penguins we get our top for D-man and bottom six winger with speed and skill…Los Angeles gets Olli Matta 24, controable tsecond pair defense and our number #1 pick or Dominick Simon a top prospect.

        Deal # 3 Young goalie Tristan Jarry to Carolina and Michael Ferland to Pittsburgh. Carolina’s goalies are inconsistent and both UFAS after this year! Hurricanes get a good young goalie we get a tough winger with some speed and skill (all be it UFA) for the stretch drive..maybe Pittsburgh adds something here like a Jamie Olesiak.??

      • @blackngold: Do you think that Brassard for Coyle straigt up would work? Coyle is signed for another season and Brassard is a UFA after this season.
        Muzzin sounds good, but I’m not sure about Leipsic. So maybe Maata straight up for Muzzin. I would rather retain Simon.
        I’d rather trade a pick for Ferland and package Jarry with “what’s necessary” to get rid of JJ 😀

      • Re: Blackngold deal #3:

        I think I can work with that. Possible CAR goalie of the future for a soon-to-be UFA. The goalie cupboard is not totally barren (Nedeljkovic and Booth are both promising), but help would be welcomed. Jarry could make a serviceable backup to a UFA-to-be-named G for next year. I’m good with Mrazek if he wants to come back.

        I’m not sure you’d need to sweeten it (and it wouldn’t be Oleksiak, anyway). If you feel compelled to sweeten it, we’ll take a 3rd rounder.

      • BlackNGold

        Sorry had meetings

        Just reading through these now

        Re: # 1… great trade for Pens …. I think that is skewed in Pens favour …Juss76 right …. UFA vs one more year …. Pens would have to give a kicker

        Re:#2: Muzzin great add. If there wasn’t a likely bidding war for his ervices I was thinking s 1 for 1 (Maata) would be in line …. LA’s trade off is getting a little more than 5 years younger and added security in term . Maata is certainly NOT Muzzin but I thought youth and term might be enough. Don’t want to give up a first or Simone. Leipsic was a Leaf but didn’t get a good look…. has speed but not a consistent player

        Your not going to like this … but my offer (as there will be a bidding war) would be Maata + ZAR for Muzzin and maybe a 3rd/4th???

        Re: #3 Jarry for Ferland straight up …. if they have to sweeten …. take the mid-rounder above

        I’m very pro on Jamie O at his contract value … I don’t want to lose him

        I was pondering (once again) another set of doozies :

        I think their going to move Brass and Oleksiak (don’t want him gone but they are hinting it)

        Brass to Ed for 2nd and Kassian (50% retained)

        Oleksiak to fetch a 3rd

        ZAR + Maata …. Muzzin

        then trade Pens 1st; Ed’s 2nd from above and 3rd (Oleksiak trade) + Blandisi + Ruhweedel
        (Has to be taken in deal).., for Duch:

        Crosby , Guentzel , Simone

        Malkin Horny Rust

        Duch , Pearson Kessel

        Sheahan, Kassian , D’Angelo


        Letang Dumo
        Muzzin Shultz
        Riikola Peterson

        …. and unfortunately JJ

        The other crazy one:

        Brass and Oleksiak deals as above

        Then trade 1st (Pens) ; 2nd (Ed) ; 3rd ( Oleksiak deal) + Maata + ZAR + Ruhweedel

        For Muzzin + Carter (40 to 50 % retained):

        Line – up identical to above except Carter with Pearson and Kessel instead of Duch

        A ton of moving parts so I know it won’t happen ; but this was to show my mindset if they do move Brass and acquire Muzzin

        I think what is more likely is (especially for Chemistry sake) …. a Maata + for Muzzin and possibly Jarry and a tad more for Ferland …. but keep Brass

        That doesn’t shake the chemistry too much and the addition of Muzzin super solidifies top 4; Ferland great winger add

        I stick with my honest belief …. not a joke …. the biggest and most important move the Pens can make is to have JJ in the press box …. that and not a single trade will definitely strengthen the team

        I’m hungry and gotta head home now


      • Couple of things here.

        Brassard is a 2 way center? That is the first time I’ve ever heard someone accuse him of that!

        How is Brassard and upgrade over Koivu or Staal?

        Staal 33 points
        Koivu 28 points
        Brassard 14 points?

        They’ve still very much in the playoff picture. “Firesale” may be a bit strong for a team that’s basically traded one player of significances, a 5th round pick, and Aberg for Kloos…. not exactly the sky is falling we’re selling everything “ type moves.

        Pittsburgh has made as many or more trades in recent months, is that a fire sale too?

  4. A tweet yesterday by CapFriendly suggested the Oilers putting Spooner and Rattie and if claimed that would free up enough space to activate Sekera off injury reserve; however not enough space if Spooner doesn’t get claimed.

    • If Spooner were to be UFA after this season, I could see a team (maybe even Boston, he played fairly well with Krejci last year) claim him.

      He still has another year at $4M though, I don’t see anyone taking that on.

      • I could see the Sabres taking that chance. They have cap space next season and don’t have to sign any big rfas until 2020 and they’re depth sucks. Problem is they don’t have much cap space right now

      • It could happen of course…Carolina also has the cap room and need for scoring forwards. Some are suggesting NJ could grab him as well.

        We’ll see, but my prediction is that he goes unclaimed.

      • And you are correct. Both went unclaimed and I’m a bit surprised. I wonder if chia will try to trade either now offering to retain some salary. He needs the cap space from what I understand

    • That is right Caper, the Oil will need to make moves just to get Sekera back on the roster, which they have to once he passes the conditioning tests.
      I think?

    • Nyr4life-Pengy-Juss76-

      Nyr4life..i agree and disagree with you on the brassard for Charlie Coyle deal. Your right we might have to add something because Brassard is a UFA. but Brassard has a good track record and can be a two way number two center….he was always good in New York and almost all the time in Ottawa except for half a season he was off. Brassard needs minutes and a change in scenery and he will be fine he isn’t getting that in Pittsburgh.. Look, many players change teams and click Sprong was awful in Pittsburgh he is doing well in Anaheim. James Neal was solid in Pittsburgh 4o goals and has struggled in Calgary..it happens.

      Pengy–whatever it takes to get Jake Muzzin you proposal of ZAReese instead of Simon I can live with that.. Matta, # 1 pick and ZAR..im not that high on Simon but ok….Brendan Leipsic has been terrific in the month he has been with the Kings since being claimed off waivers…he is Carl Hagelin 2.0 (you know what he meant for the Penguins) buthe is only 24 and makes $650,000 cheaper too.

      juss 76..I’m not against a pick for Ferland… I’m not sure that gets it done and the competition for Ferland will be steep Toronto is in big on him too.

      Jarry and a pick should and they need goaltending with their goalies both being UFA”S

      these three deals are all doable and make the Penguins a very solid team

      Crosby Guentzal Rust
      Malkin Ferland Kessel
      Coyle Hornqvist Leipsic
      Sheahan Cullen Pearson ZAR/Simon

      Letang Dumolin
      Schiultz Muzzin
      Oetterson Oleksiak/Rikola Johnson

      • Blacknfold,

        I like Brassard , I liked him a lot in NY. But he’s far from a two way center and his career stats show this clearly.

        He has averaged about 60% offensive zone starts, he has never been deployed to shut down other lines, he doesn’t kill penalties ever….

        His defensive zone draws this year are at a career high 56% . That has more to do with playing behind Crosby and Malkin than it does anything. His numbers are way down because of this.

        I like the guy, but he was always considered a defensive liability in NY, oddly even more so when paired with Zuccarello. AV separated them because of this regardless of their offensive production, and moved Zuccarello to Stepans line.

        Very solid guy offensively,Pp, 5v5, ,playoff performer. But never considered a 2 way center. And his stats, numbers all show this clearly.

      • Blackngold…. not blacknfold….fat fingers!

      • BlackNGold, NY4Life, Juss76,

        BlackNGold— Night Owl? 3:37 AM— I think this site is 90 minutes out of synch of Toronto time (also Pitt time)— so your up at 2:07? Waaaaay past my bed-time through the week. LOL.

        Reading this the morning after your post— just shy of 9:30 T.O. time

        Seeing your (BnG) line-up proposed— I like it very much—- save for the very very last name on the list— please catapult that name— if he plays no games in the playoffs— Pens under any roster— that much better. Addition by subtraction (BIG BIG BIG subtraction).

        No question whatsoever; if Brass is moved— Pens must get a 3C somehow— Sheahan is not cutting it.

        I can live with just a Muzzin add, Brass keep, with JJ never playing

        I’m struggling to come up with any other 3C that may be out there to be had (whether a direct flip of Brass, or via another trade using the asset(s) gained from the Brass trade).

        Outside of Coyle? Who are your targets?

        Not sure if you will read my post here this morning?

      • realize now with the time stamp on my post just now that the site is 2 hrs different from me

        —- still BlackNGold— 1:37 AM —- Kudos for you

        I’m ugly enough as it is in the morning (I do get up at 5:30), but 1:37 — ouch!!! Kudos for you!!!

    • Nyr4life…fire sale is an organization thats unhappy with many of its players and tired of losing..Minnesota has made it known many players are available thats culture..penguins have won 2 cups in three years thats tinkering you should know that nyr4life..

  5. Couple questions for all the Chiarelli haters .
    How is prospect pool and core today as opposed to when Pete took over ?
    Did he take over a great team or one that needed a major overhaul ?
    How is his draft record , in Boston and Edmonton ?
    Does anyone believe following last season he didn’t know with the rest of the world it was playoffs or out the door ?
    Did he trade the 1st pick ? Like reported ? Did he give up futures for now ? Why would he now decide he has to make a move to save himself at the cost of the team ?
    He knew all summer , at the draft and up to this point his job was on the line , you may not like his moves , but he will continue to do what he sees as best for the oilers , not himself . A top 6 winger with term or controlled has to be the target , trading assets for that is necessary , for today and tomorrow , trading for a rental would be the mistake . He’s not going to trade a top prospect , Jesse , or the 1st for a rental situation.
    Like the hate for striker on this wall , Pete / striker were to the point where every deal / comment no matter how right or how wrong will be judged only in part , people’s minds have been made on prior deals / conversations and nothing will change those opinions .

    • Hi Craig ,

      Chiarelli has made questionable moves in his tenure with Edmonton.

      – Hall return could have been better.

      – Lucic UFA signing was short sighted

      – Eberle deal was basically a salary offload , and nothing in return

      – Reinhardt deal for two picks (barzal being one ) shows lack of hockey IQ

      – puljarvi draft unfortunate , most scouts had him top 3 . But it is how they have handled him in development that raises questions.

      – every move he has made this year , seem to have been questionable … which leads to the fan base being outraged on social media , for good reason.

      Show me any reliable source that can defend him ? You’re an Oiler fan. Why are you the minority?

      • You don’t see chiasson and koskinen as great signings? Care to explain ? What about mcdavid , Leon , klefbom signings ? Everyone wants to point out the bad , without any context or answering above questions .
        You didn’t answer any of the questions , just perfectly demonstrated my point . Haha . Thank you

      • For one Craig, all your questions were rhetorical.

        I do like the fact that you see the positive but if Chia was better then the Oilers would either be a playoff threat or have lots of assets, beyond Bouchard, there really isn’t much to talk about.

        I was listening to local Ottawa radio here the other day and they were measuring trades made by Dorian, they ended up with (local bias of course) that he has made 7 good trades and 4 bad ones so he’s done really well.
        Well the 4 bad included losing Zibanejad, Hoffman and next years first ++.
        Karlsson trade was counted as a positive. So by that logic, the sens have made some great moves recently.

        The magnitude of trades should have a deeper impact that the sheer number of trades.

      • Rhetorical ? Haha how are they rhetorical, people talk like 4 years is a lifetime for an executive to overhaul a team , mcdavid or no mcdavid . And also talk like this team has no direction or positives . Which leads to the questions . Bouchard Jones bear lagesson marody benson Jesse Yamamoto McLeod skinner , Rodriquez . Nothing there ?
        A win tonight and they are 1 point out of the playoffs and will be adding there #1 d man to there chase , before any moves made or not made . Is that considered out ? A loss and 3 points , is that out ?

      • I am not an Chia fan….and what you have written is fair….but he brought in the goalie he just signed for nothing and he got Chiasson for nothing…

        That said I would fire him and Nicholson for recommending him and fire or isolate from all hockey decisions all the ex-oilers …including Gretsky…

        The owner needs to make a clean sweep and act like the leader….

      • There’s an old saying. “ one oh crap takes away a thousand atta boys”

        Pc is clearly had this the other way around.

        Koskinen a great signing? We’ll see. I’m positive I’ve seen people say on this very board the same thing about Talbot, Sekera, Lucic etc.

    • Craig, sound like nothing will change your opinion.
      However I will agree with you that a lot of poster when The Oilers got into the playoff were chanting PC name for executive of the year.
      When he dealt Hall for Larson it was argue by many on here that was to cost of acquiring a dman of Larsson stature ( I wasn’t one of them, thought it was a bad trade then and still a bad trade today.)
      With Maroon, Kassian and Lucic PC was trying to turn the Oilers into the 2011 Bruins and it didn’t work.
      PC trade record which you did not mention is horrendous; he trade the 1st and 2nd overall pick from 2010 and lost both trades. He had Seguin signed to a great contract then sent him out the door.
      PC was heralded as a good signing but his trade track record speaks volumes.
      A statement I made years ago about PC when with Boston was he seems to undervalue his own team assets and overvalue other teams assets.

      • Caper you didn’t want to answer the questions either ?
        His trade record has been covered at length on here , no one ever includes the good signings and moves he had made or the fact that he has the prospect pool better than it’s been in over a decade and among the top young , cores , 1 on tsn .
        The moves he made in Boston led to a cup , how many consectutive playoffs ? And after he left they continue to go strong , and he still gets crushed like he did nothing for Boston and left them a mess . Yeah only drafted and signed all the key players , kept a franchise in great shape for a decade , won a cup . Pathetic lol

      • Also what opinion did I give ? Other than to say Pete will not trade for himself over the team and the medias take on him and all moves regardless of what they are now ? I asked questions you didn’t touch them . Didn’t say he didn’t make mistakes , or he was gm of the year ?
        But even the good signings and deals are not mentioned and even criticized .

      • Kosk deal?
        31 years old
        51 percentile in goalies save % with more then 20 games .
        Accounting for ~ 6% of cap
        Leap of faith contract

      • Kosk deal at 2.5 now with 14 wins and taking starting job , like the new Deal was heavily criticized and kosk proved Pete right . Haven’t heard a word about it ?
        Chissson no good ? Leon at 8.5 splitting time with mcdavid and without on pace for over 100 no good ? How klefbom look healthy for 4.2 ?
        Again , point being only the bad carry any weight or conversation .

    • I have been a Chiarelli supporter up until just recently. One thing Chiarelli has done right is drafting. When he took over, the prospect pool was non existent. Today there are a some really good looking prospects in Bakersfield.
      When Chiarelli took over the team the weak parts of the team were defence, goaltending, top 2 centres and bottom 6 forwards. The strength of the team was top 6 wingers. Today the top 2 centres were fix by the addition of McDavid (no brainer). The defence and goaltending are descent with the additions of Talbot, Koskinen, Larsson, Russell, Benning, and Sekera. The depth of the defence is an issue. The bottom 6 is still an issue and now the top 6 wingers are a weakness.
      The only player that Chiarelli added to the Oilers core was McDavid, and he subtracted Hall and Eberle.
      I do believe that the Oilers are in better shape today than they were before Chiarelli took over, but it seems that he just can’t make the right move anymore.

    • Agree with Taz,

      It’s nice to see that you see the positive in Chiarelli.

      I’ll add some positives to remove any bias in my previous post.

      Klefbom signing not bad

      Talbot deal looked great for one year.

      McDavid draft and signing obvious

      Leon deal, sure

      Nurse bridge , why not

      Maroon UFA signing turned out to be great.

      The trouble with these good deals , they’re outweighed by the bad ones . These bad deals are the same ones that you never mention, or recognize .

      He is now against the cap , and his roster is beginning to look worse then it was when they made the playoffs.

      • How do they outweigh the bad ones so terribly ? Is 4 years a long time for an executive to overhaul what was a really bad team ?
        Is the roster better today or then ? He inherited a team weak down the middle and on d . When this group Pete put together has been healthy , been very effective , just hasn’t been often enough . Now the weakness is on the wing , it is an overhaul ! Not a tweak .
        And in the process of overhauling He has re built the prospect pool (not mortgaged it ) and tsn voted there core tops in the nhl . Whether you agree on top or not , it’s up there for a reason . Also has mcdavid Leon and klef signed longterm on deals that are great today and only getting better over term of deals.

      • Craig, I have defended PC on here for his good moves. I even defended the rational for the Hall trade, although I thought more patience would have yielded a better return.
        Mcdavid, Draisaitl, Nurse signings were fair market so a wash.
        JP, Yamamoto and Bouchard drafts, we will see.
        JP and Yamamota are not NHL players today and should be in Bakersfield. Hitch basically said it without saying it yesterday. Why are they in the NHL? They don’t have options.
        Manning trade brutal, scratched for Jones who you already had multiple times. Hits your cap for 2 years.
        Strome for Spooner. Brutal. Useful player for useless.
        His draft record in Boston isn’t great. His trades are worse. Rask aside. Kessel trade. OK good one, then he pissed it away by which is what really got him fired.
        The core that won were drafted mostly by somebody else.
        Gorton deserves more credit than PC as an interim GM for one off season. He also signed Chara, not PC.

    • http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Peter_Chiarelli/284/1

      There is the history for oil.

      The worst trade is for Talbot. 1st and 2nd, 3 years later done.

      That is why Koskanen looks so bad. Because it is an unproven asset where a high payment is made. This time cap space and not picks. That has been seen before in the market.

      Fans are not rational beings. Maybe Koskanen is the real deal and it is a good contract.

      Eberle has now turned into nada.

      Hall got a hart trophy last year.

      Talbot on his way out.

      Lucic a non factor.

      Another coach.

      One can see why the negative press.

      If one goes into the minute details, maybe Craig, you have a point but it is hard to get by the above for most.

      • Talbot was only a 2nd and 3rd.

      • Stand corrected. Misremembered 2nd and 3rd for Talbot.

        Reinhart for a 1st and 2nd…..ugh.that is even worse.

        At the end of the day, there is a lot of bad.

    • Pengy..I live in Los Angeles big time difference…:)

      You asked other 3rd line centers

      Winnipeg is pushing a bit for Brassard! They were after him last year but Winnipeg was on his no trade list which he has waived this year.(especially since Ehlers is out for a while Brassard may be needed more))

      Matthew Perreault same age as Brassard a bit faster, and a touch better, and yes does play
      center too!!

      Faska from Dallas

      Mark Jankowski solid skater, big, and physical. in Calgary. (this kid can play)

      Those come to mind right away…

    • Pengy…. I posted that at 10 something last night before heading off to bed with the dogs… i’m never up past midnight except maybe weekends…not sure of the post, time difference just know it was 1o something…

  6. A muzzin or Kronwall would look good on the Leafs. Krownwall would remind me of the old leaf teams trading for a guy like Leetch or Nolan and going “all in”. And if the player going the other way ends up being Alan McCauley again so be it haha

  7. I still think that Hitchcock (Chiarelli) will turn to the Blues for some of his former players in a trade—Schenn? Schwartz? Pietrangelo?

    • Pietrangelo has a full NTC and I doubt he would wave it to go to Edmonton right now. Also all of those three make to much to fit under the Oilers cap.

    • I agree somewhat. Ottawa radio was musing this morning that Edmonton was ripe for a “fleecing”….I don’t think Chia will over pay in trades(again). Goalie contracts maybe…that one yesterday was a strange one.

  8. Carolina trading for Niederreiter and signing Taravainen are preparing the team and fans for the Ferland trade. Ferland will probably have to go to the market to see what the maximum term is he can get with his injury history. If he is healthy he can be a difference maker down the stretch and in the playoffs. Carolina cant afford to wait to the deadline and risk him getting hurt. I expect him to be traded by mid February. I don’t think Dundon will sign too many contracts with term of more than 4 years. Teuvo got 5 years, De Haan was 4 years and Aho will get the max. I also think that is why Faulk will be the defenseman traded this summer even though he is playing so much better defensively.

    • GP, spot on for all your points

    • GP – all good points, but I’ll add that I don’t see a pressing need for a deal at this time.

      CAR just got a middle-six winger in Niederreiter for a guy they were just about to waive (or ‘should’ have been about to waive). And, assuming he’s gone, they should get something of good value for Ferland. If that’s the case, I don’t see the need to unload any of the top-6 D for another forward. If someone wants to overpay, sure, it’s worth a look, but the pressing need has passed.

      Wallmark-Maenalanen-Martinook (UFA)

      plus whatever the Ferland return is and assuming the UFAs listed are re-signed. I can work with the roster above, no need to unload from a position of strength.

      It would help if Fleury had developed quicker, then you could easily swap, say, Hamilton for more scoring, but the drop on D would be too scary for me.

      • Whalercane,

        I agree with you about not trading a D this summer but I don’t believe Dundon will go into next season with Faulk being a UFA at year end. Dundon is starting to establish a track record. If Faulk doesn’t agree to an extension this summer Faulk wont be on next years roster. My guess is they wont agree on term and Faulk will be traded.

      • whalercane,
        If we trade Ferland, I think it will be for a prospect & hopefully a 1st rounder. No team looking to add a forward for the playoff run would give us one of their valued players if they are needing them for the playoffs. According to many sources & GM’s, DW is still looking for a top 6 forward which hopefully is a 2C considering how bad we need a 2nd scoring line center. If we get a 1st for Ferls, I think DW would also use that pick to strengthen our trade for a top 6 forward.
        As far as the D goes, I hope they would keep Pesce. Him & Slavin are great together but he is the one most teams are asking for. I believe we will trade one of Hamilton, Pesce or Faulk for a top forward with the plan that Fox will sign in March & step into a role even if it begins as 3rd pairing. We would still have 2 top 4 Dmen in that scenario.

  9. Craig, correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m just winging it here but isn’t the Koskinen deal 4.5 per year? And doesn’t he only have like 25-30 nhl games under his belt? I’m not knocking the guy cause I do think he’s been playing pretty good but if those numbers are accurate that is not a good signing. Oil thought they had their goalie when they traded for and signed Talbot and look how that turned out, what makes you think Koskinen will be a bargain?

    • You are correct . Except that comment was addressing signings he made in the summer . I was referencing the 2.5 . Which I said came with risk and kosk has proved peter right , he targeted a guy , paid what he had to to get him , he’s not negotiating with himself , and it has worked out great .
      This new deal , carries the same criticism and risk . Koskinen can make it look fantastic at 4.5 , can make it look terrible , I don’t mind the 3 year term , 2 preferred but if he lives up to the deal the 3rd year won’t hurt .
      At point of signing it appears a million to much , but he wasn’t negotiating with himself , and if he’s your guy , and you want him done and cost certainty to pursue other moves , have to get him signed , even if it does mean risk and an extra million to get the deal done .

  10. Most still don’t get it, Koskinen is a real deal. It was obvious for us who know, he’d get the starters job…

  11. Curious as to exactly which team Chia is going to trade Talbot too. Not a long lineup for a 4 million dollar goalie that cant make saves.

    Flyers? Already have 2 overpaid pylons in Elliott and Neuvirth.
    Islanders? Lehner and Greiss both better and cheaper than Talbot.
    Blues? Talbot is not an upgrade over Allen.

    Pretty sure the Soilers are stuck with Talbot.

    • I sure think the Blues would swap Allen(and his remaining 2 years)for Talbot to end the season. They could shop for long term solution in off season. The contracts are similar. Doubt the Oilers would be interested after yesterday’s signing.

      • Why would anyone want 2 more years of Allen’s 4.35 mil cap hit if he is a back up? Also his salary goes up to 5.2 mil next season.

  12. Spooner now on waivers means chia got literally nothing for Eberle. That’s why there’s calls for him being fired.

  13. maybe wishful thinking but I would love to see the day when GM’s hand out 2-3 year deals, except for franchise label players. Teams signing players in their 30’s for 6-8 year deals are playing with fire.

  14. I agree with Old Blue Dog time for Katz to clean house out with everything old and start new. The franchise needs purging old ex Oilers that think they know how to win haven’t. Chia Pete hasn’t produced the latest signing of Koskinen has the whole hockey world baffled. Why now? Too early no necessary! Talbot wasn’t horrible until Dustin Swartz got involved. Two similarities between the Oilers goalies they both are brutal up high, they play too much on their knees. Swartz needs to go! Time to clean house keep Hitch if he’s interested in staying and start the pink slips from there to the top.

  15. TO EDM: Darling and 2nd
    TO CAR: Talbot & Spooner


    EDM clears spooner off and basically just traded for their backup goalie for next year. Darling has 2 yrs left at $3m. They also clear spooner off the books

    CAR gets Spooner as a player to hopefully add for a playoff battle. CAR also has the cap space to make the move. Talbot auditions for a starting job in CAR next yr…

    does it work??

    • if Darling had one year left @ 4.15 vs two it would be more attractive, I might think a B prospect or later round pick would make more sense vs. a 2nd. Also Talbot would have to agree to be traded to Canes if they are not on his list of 10 teams to be traded to.

  16. Lucky Edmonton won the lottery and McDavid or it would be much worse . Coupled with Draisaitl are an elite pair. What is the rest of this number one rated core ?

  17. Would like to see the Bruins ask the NYR what they would want for Kreider & McQuaid …..gives the Bruins a 2nd line scorer with some oughness and McQuaid gives them a toughness they lack to play with the big teams in the league

  18. The only thing the oilers can win is the draft lottery. So be prepared if they miss this year. Might as well fit Jack Hughes with an Oiler jersey right now.

  19. Ok guys don’t usually post things but I’m going to try a trade proposal that would never happen haha. As a Leafs fan the 7 million for Nylander never bothered me. What bothered me was it took all of the attention away to resigning Matthews and Marner. Now there prices have gone up. I originally thought they should trade Nylander for best package of draft picks and prospects because I saw cap being huge issue next year and we have to many players similar to nylander in system that I believe can be cheaper options. May not have ceiling he has but in cap world 7million for him doesn’t fit in our plans I truly believe. If toronto doesn’t do something Leafs aren’t going to be able to afford to resign one of their UFA and in my mind that can’t happen. I would rather have both andreas johnsson and kappenen over Nylander. Not to say Nylander won’t be better player. Just having 2 for 1. That being said this year we have to address our top 4 D and need to add a physical bottom 6 forward. Now I want to say again i realize this trade would never happen but I’m curious to see what Edm/Leafs fans think of it. Wouldn’t be 2 for 2 might have to throw in an expiring contract to balance out Cap ON edm end. Maybe draft picks to make it more realistic teams retaining salary ext. But here we go.

    EDM trades Lucic and Nurse and and expiring UFA

    To Toronto for Zaitsev and Nylander.

    Lucic 6 million
    Nurse 3.2 million
    Expiring UFA

    zaitsev 4.5 million
    Nylander 7 million

    Why this trade works for both teams. First off Edmonton gets rid of Lucics bad contract. While getting a young top 6 forward.

    Leafs get a physical 3rd/4th liner that hopefully brings some experience for younger players and a physical top 4 D as a replacement for Gardiner next year. And when he is an RFA after next season Leafs will have cap room with Marleau off the books to afford to resign him. Plus leafs get rid of a bad contract too.

    26 million cap space next year.

    Getting rid of Nylander and zaitsev would free up 11.5 million.

    Add in 6 million for Lucic and 3.2 million for Nurse 9.2 million. Difference of +2.3 million

    That leaves approx 28.3 million for next season

    Matthews 8yr/11.8 million per
    Marner 8yr/9.5million per
    Kapannen 3yr/4 million per
    Johnson 1yr/2.5million per.
    Gardiner walks.

    Then Leafs lineup looks a bit better in my mind going up against a team like Boston. Then after the 2019/2020 with Marleau off the books cap hopefully going up
    Leafs will have $$ to resign Johnsson/Nurse. And by then Lucic will have 3 years left and I believe salary would only be 4.5 million. So might be able to get rid of 7 million cap hit by working something creative out with Seattle or a team like phoniex trying to get to cap floor.

    Plus Leafs could still look for a rental on Right side. As I think nurse alone won’t be good enough this year. But instead of targeting big name go for a 5/6 player like Gudas/bring back polak. Something that won’t cost alot and a player that brings experience on right side. As you can tell I’m a Leafs fan don’t have the same anaylis on Edm side but I think getting rid of Lucics contract while adding top 6 forward with speed may work out to be a solid trade for them. And again this is based on Leafs shaking things up a bit. Getting more physical for Boston. While being able to resign Johnsson/Kappanan. And replacing Gardiner with a local kid in Nurse.

    Let me know if you are a edm or tor fan and what you think.

    • Hi Michael

      Reading this the day after

      I like trades that have both pain and gain for both sides.

      Pain (Zaitz and Lucic) and Gain (Nurse, WW to play with McD)

      This trade as you’ve said is highly unlikely to happen and could logistically only happen off-season as WW cap in-year is 10.2M (6.996 next year, and after SB paid, Ed would only have to pay $24.7M over 5 years ….$4.94M AAV

      Nurse on Leafs — I’ve watched him since he was a teen — would be a great add.

      Ridding Leafs of Zaitz— perfect

      The kicker in the whole deal is Lucic. Setting aside his NTC…. I can’t believe anybody in Leaf mgt; and especially GMKD; would want to take that contract on.

      The team is built around speed — yes grit they need , no question. But the grit has to have enough speed to keep up with the competition to be able to catch them and be abrasive to them.

      Lucic contract to hard to swallow

      Agree to move on from Gardner

      IMO— Leafs should not make any moves of roster, prospects, picks for UFAs this year; unless there is also a UFA going out the door.

      I’m sticking with my contention that the Leaf Cup window begins next year and additions w/o term on contract for UFAs will be a waste.

      Term for term— no prob. Pick/Prospects for player with term — also OK.

      SN had 5 “top” targets for Leafs for top 4 RHD:

      Petro (29, 1 more year $6.5), Parayko (25, 3 more years at $5.5M), Tanev (29, 1 more year at $4.45) , Gudas (28, 1 more year at $3.35M); Hamilton (25, 2 more at $5.75M)

      By far,if they were the choices, IMO, Leafs should aggressively move on Parayko. I am very biased on him — I’ve had a bromance going with him for quite a while

      Gudas would come the cheapest; but I would take him last on that list. Super grit no doubt— just not in the league of the others (vision, hockey IQ, Speed, production).

      On the other three— I think Tanev the next in trade cost. I like him but would target (if Parayko off the table); first Hamilton, and then Pietro.

      The move, IMO, should be off-season, after July 1— and should include WW going out the door in the trade.

  20. I would go after Ferlund. Dump cap by packaging Draisaitl, Puljujarvi, Lucic and/or pick for Pirri and a d-man. Many people thought Lucic was a smart move. How many people thougjt Domi would do what he has in Montreal hindsight is always 20 -20.