NHL Rumor Mill – January 23, 2019

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Latest on the Leafs and Bruins plus updates on Micheal Ferland, Derick Brassard, and Andre Burakovsky in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Michael Hoad lists Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues, Dougie Hamilton of the Carolina Hurricanes, Radko Gudas of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Chris Tanev of the Vancouver Canucks as five right-shot defense trade targets for the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the Blues’ struggles this season they’re still within range of a wild-card berth in the Western Conference. Even if they fall out of the chase by the Feb. 25 trade deadline, I doubt Pietrangelo and Parayko will be available. Besides, the asking price for either guy will be expensive, probably a first-round pick and a good young player like Kaspari Kapanen. The Leafs could part with the pick but are reportedly unwilling to move Kapanen.

The Hurricanes could shop Hamilton but they want a scoring forward, preferably a center, in return. Maybe the Leafs could offer up Nazem Kadri, who’s been relegated to third-line duty this season.

Gudas and Tanev would be affordable rental options but the former is now seeing third-pairing minutes while the latter has an injury history and a modified no-trade clause. 

BOSTON HERALD: Marisa Ingemi believes there are some realistic and appealing trade options for the Bruins. They included the Philadelphia Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds, St. Louis Blues center Brayden Schenn, Carolina Hurricanes’ winger Micheal Ferland, and Ottawa Senators’ winger Mark Stone. 

Could the Boston Bruins attempt to acquire Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of the players on Ingemi’s list have been linked to the Bruins at one point or another in this season’s rumor mill. GM Don Sweeney is expected to swing a deal to bolster his club’s secondary scoring depth, probably by pursuing a winger for David Krejci’s line. He has a number of promising young assets to offer up as trade bait.

Simmonds and Ferland seem the best options. I still think the Senators can re-sign Stone, who’s publicly expressed his willingness to stay in Ottawa. The Blues’ recent improvement could make them reluctant to part with Schenn, who’s signed through 2019-20. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Pittsburgh Penguins are believed to have inquired about Carolina Hurricanes winger Micheal Ferland, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. The Penguins would have to shed salary and LeBrun suggested moving center Derick Brassard. The Hurricanes will want a first-round pick for Ferland but LeBrun wondered if they could acquire Brassard and flip him to another club for a first rounder.  He also speculated the Calgary Flames might look at reacquiring Ferland, who they shipped to the Hurricanes in a multi-player deal last summer. 

Darren Dreger believes Brassard, who’s also a UFA this summer, would be fine with accepting a trade to a playoff club. For whatever reason, things haven’t worked out for him in Pittsburgh. The Winnipeg Jets are thought to have expressed some interest in Brassard. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger also noted the Penguins will need a third-line center if they move Brassard. Ferland wouldn’t fit that role as he’s a top-six winger. Acquiring Brassard and subsequently attempting to move him is a possibility for the Hurricanes but could become too complicated to pull off. A more likely scenario is the Penguins shipping Brassard to a Western Conference playoff club like the Jets and then bundling the return into an offer for Ferland. That’s assuming another club doesn’t make the Hurricanes a better offer.

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): LeBrun speculates the Arizona Coyotes, Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Avalanche, and Dallas Stars are among the clubs believed to have contacted the Washington Capitals regarding winger Andre Burakovsky. The 23-year-old has 12 points in 43 games and was a healthy scratch six times. His annual salary-cap hit is $3 million ($3.25 million in actual salary this season) and he’s slated to become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. 

LeBrun’s colleague Sean Shapiro recently tweeted the Stars and Capitals were scouting each other heavily, with Burakovsky on the Stars’ list of trade option. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burakovsky has promising offensive skills but he’s struggled to break through with the Capitals. LeBrun also noted his qualifying offer this summer would be $3.25 million, which could scare off some suitors. It’s believed the Capitals aren’t interested in draft picks or prospects but instead want a roster player for Burakovsky. 


  1. Puljularvi and a 4th for Burakovsky and a second. Both young and both need a change. The exchange of picks because JP was a third overall

  2. Lyle, you’re wrong about Gudas’ minutes lately. Last 5 games for Flyers D TOI: Gudas had 3rd highest, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd highest. He has arguably been the most consistent member of their backline this season. I like his game this year, but with RHD Philippe Myers ready to make the jump, the Flyers can and should get a decent haul for Radko.

    • He is also not a rental, he is under contract next season as well

  3. PC is fired in Edmonton!! So much for swindling more from the Oilers.

    • Why did they let him sign a goalie that’s played 20+/- games and then fire him?

      • Well, if the signing doesn’t work out at least the next GM can say “Hey, not my fault, PC signed that deal.”

      • That is the question folks in Edmonton are asking Yes guy.
        The answer is Classic Oilers for the past decade plus; because what else could they do? Extend Talbot? Make Montoya the starter next year? No cap space to chase Bob.
        Once again their lack of depth, lack of patient development (Broissoit), previous players failing in Edmonton then thriving elsewhere (Dubnyk).
        They once again have no options within and are forced into rash decisions that too often can back fire.

  4. Here’s a far-out trade scenario involving Maple Leafs & Kings. As a NY Ranger fan, 2nd time poster, & a very long time reader this is what I believe more or less to be fair in terms of players.

    Kings trade Drew Doughty & Jeff Carter to Leafs for William Nylander, Nazem Kadri, Kasperi Kapanen, Timothy Liljegren

    Maybe you want to add a pick or player to balance it out, but I think very close to that would be a mutually beneficial blockbuster. I’m not a TML fan & would like to acknowledge the Leafs would be overpaying by at least 1 very good player… Maybe swap Dermott for Liljegren? TML must overpay to get the Kings talking.

    • If the Leafs made that trade fans would tar and feather Dubas …

    • I’ll have to defer to my default comment on trades like this…. How often in the cap era, have you seen 2 teams exchange this many roster players that carry those type of contracts?

      Every time I ask this question, nobody can come up with an answer.

      It just doesn’t work in today’s capped nhl.

      • Hi Nyr4Life

        bang on. That’s why most of my absolute nutty trade “suggestions” I close with— “it won’t happen”.

        I throw out trades to show my mindset on value and what I feel is fair to both teams in need, fit (cash/cap) and availability —but know the reality is that massive trades are so very extreme…. as the magnitude of shear numbers of (A) players/assets in trade and/or (B) term on contract(s) increases; the probability of the trade happening, decreases. It’s just a fact.

        None of the recent big (magnitude of assets moving) trades that I can think of, had more than one player of any prominence with a long term left on his contract.

        From memory:

        Karlsson trade— 10 potential assets exchanged hands: 4 players, 2 prospects, 2 picks, 2 conditional picks

        Duch trade— —total of 9 moving pieces (NOTE: 3 team trade): 5 players, 1 prospect, 3 picks,

        Hossa deal — 9 assets moving: 4 players (including Hossa), 3 prospects, 2 picks

        McDonaugh trade — 7 assets moving: 4 players, 1 prospect, 2 picks,

        O’Reilly trade — 6 assets moving: 4 players , 2 picks

      • Hi Nyr4Life

        bang on.

        That’s why most of my absolute nutty trade “suggestions” I close with— “it won’t happen”.

        I throw out trades to show my mindset on value and what I feel is fair to both teams in need, fit (cash/cap) and availability —but know the reality is that massive trades are so very extreme…. as the magnitude of shear numbers of (A) players/assets in trade and/or (B) term on contract(s) increases; the probability of the trade happening, decreases. It’s just a fact.

        None of the recent big (magnitude of assets moving) trades that I can think of, had more than one player of any prominence with a long term left on his contract.

        From memory:

        Karlsson trade— 10 potential assets exchanged hands: 4 players, 2 prospects, 2 picks, 2 conditional picks

        Duch trade— —total of 9 moving pieces (NOTE: 3 team trade): 5 players, 1 prospect, 3 picks,

        Hossa deal — 9 assets moving: 4 players (including Hossa), 3 prospects, 2 picks

        McDonaugh trade — 7 assets moving: 4 players, 1 prospect, 2 picks,

        O’Reilly trade — 6 assets moving: 4 players , 2 picks

    • If the kings made that trade the fans would riot

      • Amen brother, starting with me!

      • Actually, that’s the exact sort of deal the Kings should consider. They need youth in their system. They’re getting older and slower. I agree, losing Doughty would hurt, but that’s the sort of deal which could jumpstart a rebuild (which they need)….

      • Yes i will have to agree

    • How about a big fat NO!

      Doughty can stay in L.A. for that over payment.

      Take out Carter, Kapanen, and Liljegren, and, I might listen. Don’t know if Dubas listens at all.

      • So an overpriced Doughty, you’ll take… while holding on to every prospect you won’t be able to afford? Lmao!

        2nd rounder? LA holds 1/2 for 8 years ?

  5. Since when is the cost for a rental like Ferland a 1st?

    • If the Golden Knights can pay a first, a second, and a third for Tomas Tatar (who had term on his contract), it wouldn’t be unusual for a team to pony up a first for a rental like Ferland.

      • Look at what Boston paid for the shell of Rick Nash last year…

        Also, Ferland’s playing style coupled with his small remaining cap hit (currently less than $700k for rest of season…will be less by deadline) mean that nearly every contending team will at least kick the tires. There’s going to be a bidding war which will only drive up the price.

      • Surely the days of giving up a first rounder for a rental are long gone.

      • LJ,

        If a GM, team feel that a player is going to give them a legitimate shot at a cup, they’re not going to stop handing out low to mid 1st round draft picks.

        Why wouldn’t you take a known player that helps you now rather than a future player that nearly has the success rate of a coin flip?

    • Ferland is a beast in the playoffs.

  6. Looks like rental prices will be high. As a Bruins fan I’m concerned about giving up too much. Might be better off getting a lower priced rental for a second or third pick and lower prospects. Someone like Boyle in NJ.
    Maybe Kovalchuk wouldn’t cost too much and would have another year of him. Might perform better on a better team.

    • Also Kevin Hayes or Dzingel.
      Stone is my first choice but will cost a first and two quality prospects.

  7. Brassard for a bag of used pucks and two spit buckets …

    • whatever is ailing Brassard will make it hard to get a 2nd round pick for him right now. He is money in the playoffs but something is wrong with him
      maybe its a lack of ice time with sid and malkin taking all the minutes?

  8. Leafs would not do that trade, especially since Carter is injury prone….far too much in giveaway-I would give them Nylander and Kadri and a 1st, maybe but even then, Doughty has lots of miles on him! I do smell a blockbuster trade coming for the Leafs however, maybe involving Willie and a first-if Leafs keep falling , that first pick might be in the top ten!!? More likely scene is that they do a mid-range deal to stiffen the teams backbone?

    • I do not see Nylander being traded. He was promised publicly by Dubas, that as long as he was GM, that would be the case. If Dubas reneges, he loses trust with all current players and any future players the Leafs hope to ever attract. If they are going for it this year, and cannot get anyone with term,I see them trading picks and prospects for the likes of Kronwall and Simmonds. If they are looking to take on term, and likely lose Gardiner to Free Agency, they may need to also consider trading Kadri so they have space to resign Kapanen and Johnnson. In case anyone is thinking about it, Marleau will not be traded, agree to be traded or bought out. Coach loves him.

  9. You would think by now the GM’s would automatically be raising red flags when they see Dougie Hamilton been (on the surface) made available by Carolina. This could be his third time traded since 2015, & has been with Carolina less than one year.
    He’s a 40 to 50 point producer, & perhaps his $5.75 M per season salary is a tad bit on the high side; I would guess the issue with him is in the change room.

  10. The issue for Boston, that Tampa and Toronto don’t have is the age of their core.

    Bergeron 33, Krejci 32, Marchand 30, Backes 34 (he’s just bad to the core) Chara 41

    3 of the top 4 forwards are on the wrong side of 30; Bergeron and Krejci has 2 to 3 years of max skill left.

    If Boston wants to win a cup with this core then they need to deal now. I don’t think they need to add on defense but they need to add up front. The first line is excellent and the fourth is fine, it’s the second and third line that need help.

    How much of the future do you part with to take a realistic shot. The player if acquire has to be an impact player and a top 6.
    My top 2 choices would be Schenn and Stone with St.L playing better Schenn may not be available but see how things go getting closer to the TDL and Stone if not signed by Ottawa by the TDL should be moved but he’ll cost the same price as Nash, as my view has changed I be ok with the move because it would give Boston two lines that could compete with anyone else first two lines and Schenn centering the third line would be a solid start to a third line.

    The price would be steep to obtain both players and cannot be Carlo or Debrusk, if so walk away because the team isn’t better.

    Then it comes down to Rask, until proven differently he’s an elite goaltender who can’t win the big game. Hope to be proven wrong.

    • Agree Caper, the time is now. I think the window is this year and next.
      I think they need both 3C and a winger for the 2nd line. I don’t think they will deplete the prospect pool that much.
      It is close but I prefer 3C. JFK will get there soon, but not ready yet. Rotate the hot hand (hopefully they have one) onto the 2nd line.
      The other question is which prospects go if you go big game hunting. Vaak has real value and looked great at the WJC. Not flashy, but skates great, really goo puck mover and has poise of an experienced player. Has played well in Providence as well. I was impressed so hate to lose him, but teams would definitely be asking for him. Is that and a 2nd enough for Schenn? He is probably another year away, but looks close to being ready.

    • Hi Caper,

      Stone on Bos would be scary (for all other teams that is).

      Agree cost of Carlo/Debrusk too high for UFA.

      What if they were given a chance to talk (pseudo negotiate) with Stone’s agent.

      If they felt they could get a deal done that fit needs/budget/term— would you then be OK if Carlo/Debrusk as a must in the deal?

    • Backup Goalie has been prety solid, no?

  11. Re: Leafs and RHD

    I had posted on yesterday’s board (but actually done earlier this morning) a response to Michael Shanks:

    “SN had 5 “top” targets for Leafs for top 4 RHD:

    Peitro (29, 1 more year $6.5M), Parayko (25, 3 more years at $5.5M), Tanev (29, 1 more year at $4.45M) , Gudas (28, 1 more year at $3.35M); Hamilton (25, 2 more at $5.75M)

    By far,if they were the choices, IMO, Leafs should aggressively move on Parayko. I am very biased on him — I’ve had a bromance going with him for quite a while

    Gudas would come the cheapest (Cap and trade give-up); but I would take him last on that list. Super grit no doubt— just not in the league of the others (vision, hockey IQ, Speed, production).

    On the other three— I think Tanev would be the next in trade cost… I like him but would target (if Parayko off the table); first Hamilton, and then Pietro.

    The move, IMO, should be off-season, after July 1 (signing bonus paid)— and should include WW going out the door in the trade.”

    I’m all for a trade that moves term for term. I just don’t see Leafs winning the cup this year, so a move of prospect(s), roster spot(s) [with term], pick(s)for a UFA, to me, is not a prudent move.

    They have the assets now to either be part of a team going forward or as trade pieces for out-years; that will form a team next year and beyond, that has a much higher than average probability of a cup over the next 1/2 decade (starting next year).

    Minor moves or aggressive moves on players with term… good to go now.

    Sign AM and MM.

    Pay SB to both WW and Marleau.

    Move WW for D upgrade.

    Hopefully be able to move Marleau contract ($6.75 M hit but only $1.25M to be actually paid to him after 1/7 for a player at 40) if at all possible. Will take him waiving his NTC (so careful negotiations on that) and a trade partner with space willing to take on a player, then highly likely to retire— dead cap of $6.25M— what is the cost— 3rd rounder?

    We will definitely see what Dubas is truly made up of in the next 6 months.

    Go Leafs Go

    • I’m betting it’s Tanev, Pengy. He’s a great fit for the Leafs. Moves the puck out trouble very nicely. Blocks a ton of shots and he’s a fine penalty killer. The Leaf’s left side defenders and talented forwards will thrive with him on the ice. The Nucks will want their first pick in the draft, plus a prospect, to enable them to make headlines with the draft being in Vancouver. Take it to the bank!

      • Strider

        I’m OK with Tanev– your bang on with his playing assessment- IMO both a 1st and a prospect might be high… I think if they are giving up a first, they are willing to give up more and they might be shooting a bit higher … Parayko of course my hopes — but they might just move on Pietro or Hamilton.

        As long as they don’t go for a UFA— all good.

    • Pengy, if Marleau retires after trade, cap hit, of 6.25 million cap hit, counts against Maple Leafs cap. He signed a contract after 35 years old and team that signs player with that condition is on the hook for contract, if player retires with team that signed him or team he is traded too.

      • Hi Mike

        He’s definitely on someone’s Cap for next year. I believe however, that if he is traded and THEN retires — acquiring team gets full hit of $6.25M — I believe that is the way Datsyuk’s (SP?) went , wasn’t it?

        Anybody here who knows the CBA, know the answer on this one?


    • For D Rentals, I think its Kronwall or McQuaid.

      Longterm would like Parayko, but is too young for Blues to give up for the present and future.Pietrangelo would be a cap issue for them next year as Marleau is still on Roster next year and they will not move, trade, demote or buy him out. that is my opinion leaves Tanev as the best option. In his prime, a bit old for a team they will be building around Petterson, Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen. Canucks have 4 RH D on roster and depth in the minors along with prospects to get throught the rebuild. Leafs can offer a top pick and prospects, but it would be worth it IMO. Same applies for Pesce in Carolina. Sorry, do not see any of those other scenarios happening.

    • With Keith Gretzky as interim GM would he trade Mcdavid to Boston for a bunch of his prospects. Would help Edmonton rebuild longer term.
      Krug,Debrusk and Mcavoy could go the other way with some prospects.

      • I think they’d be looking for an interim, to replace the interim gm within 24 hours.

  12. Bruins won’t miss Krech and Chara when they leave they have plenty of young guns to take over now don’t get me wrong Chara is still important this year. Bergeron will be effective for the next five years just to smart and dedicated not to be. Pastrnak Marchand and Debrusk are studs Bruins need one more young winger to be competitive for the next 5 years Simmonds is not him Panarin Tarasenko and Stone would be an upgrade and a move in the right direction.

    • You will be surprised how much losing chars will affect the team, he does so many little thing defensively that stats readers don’t see

      • Agreed. He makes whomever he’s paired with look really great.
        Kinda like Gio and to a lesser extent, Andy Green.

      • 30 Teams would sign Chara in a heartbeat if he wants to play.

      • Whose the one team that wouldn’t?

      • No 30 teams are not signing Chara at this point. Sorry, no slight to the guy. But he does not fit with 30 teams in the nhl.

        Ny rangers, out, Arizona, out, Philly, out, Winnipeg out, Nashville out, LA out, Chicago out…. this list goes on and on!

      • Tampa out, St. Louis out, Anaheim out, Minnesota out,…..

    • Obe, who will be the 2C if Krecji leaves? They don’t even have a 3C right now. JFK next season should be close to ready, maybe even by the end of this season one can hope. As long as he gets the reps.
      They will miss Chara, but he can’t play forever. We are close to the point where the young guys start pushing for NHL spots. Next season likely for one or 2. We will have a log jam. There are options and they can move some other guys for assets. Agree on Chara’s value but sooner or later Chara’s game dips too far. Not many D play into their 40’s and continue to be effective so we will see.

      • Agree Ray, Boston cannot move Krecji wo is playing very well. Trading Krecji is like giving up on winning the cup.

  13. With Edmonton in chaos and still alive for playoffs, as is St Louis, maybe they are both ripe for trading partners with Leafs/ I would take Kassian if I could get him-maybe he is a headcase but he has skills and nastiness:other options for Leafs? Would anyone take McQuaid just for his feistiness? Is he any better than leafs top eight or nine options they already have? Just once I would like to see someone respond when Leafs stars get hijacked and smacked around!! Reaves does this for Vegas…….it won’t solve all Leaf woes, maybe nothing will. All the talk about building for the future is nonsense, this is a win now team and if they fold , miss playoffs or go out in round one again, Babs gets fired? Dubas cannot live on the JT signing alone-that was a deal he made but on its won it won’t get him longevity..he needs something prior to deadline that significantly helps the team.

  14. Keith Gretzky named interim GM of the Oilers, I kid you not …..wow

    • Last name means everything. They love Trudeau too. I hope Messier’s up next. May the farce continue!

      • Not Messier but maybe a Gretzky with a different first initial?

      • Paulina? Why not? They haven’t had much luck with any of the good ol’ boys.

    • Trust me, the connection to the old guard in Edmonton is an issue.
      There are still too many hanging around, which wouldn’t be a problem, but many of them still get to offer their 2 cents to ownership as advisers. He idolized them growing up, and are now his pals.
      Lowe, Gretzky, Coffey, McTavish, Messier.
      Bring them in for some ceremonial events or ambassadors for season ticket holder events, but whoever gets the job of running this franchise needs to be the one in charge.
      Today’s player also doesn’t need to hear about the time Coffey did this or that. He had no NHL experience as a D coach or “special adviser” or whatever his title is.
      But, to be fair to Keith Gretzky, it’s not like he hasn’t had important roles on other teams and hasn’t put in the time to learn. From playing, to coaching, to scouting, to directer of amateur scouting to now assistant GM.
      The problem is if it is in Edmonton, and his brother is here and has the history here, then that question will be in air and it can’t be.

  15. I have a very reliable source associated with the Leafs that states “the Leafs are not worried about eventually signing Marner, he is a Ontario boy and they are certain that Mitch does not want to play anywhere else but Toronto”. ‘He says “the Leafs want to get Matthews signed as there are rumblings out of Arizona that if Matthews becomes an restricted free agent, the Coyotes are ready to provide Matthews a massive offer sheet that the Leafs simply can’t match, due to their cap situation.”
    Matthews would give the Coyotes the home bread super star.

    • Lol suuuuuure

    • Arizona is not offering anything to anyone! Lol..the owner is trying to get the nhl to value the team at 500mil….its currently valued at 300mil. And their debt is 326mil approx numbers. He’s(onwer)is trying to sell the team..in which they’ll be in Houston in 2 years! Matthews promised to j.t. 100% he was signing in Toronto..take it for what its worth? And Bobby Orr also made it clear that Matthews is going nowhere He’ll be signed imho .before the tdl ..but i did hear that Ratty in Colorado is being offered sheeted! As well as the jets better get prepared!🙄Lol

  16. if I was in Edm shoes I would not make any rash trades. Put the word out that Kassian, Brodziak, Reider, Rattie, Spooner, Manning, Petrovic, Talbot are all available for picks or prospects. No sense trying to pull a rabbit out of their @ss to make a playoff run, they need to look to the future.

    • Yep

  17. Chiarelli fired as GM. Looks like someone wanted to take his fingers off the phone before he traded another star player for limited return.

    On another note, some sobering statistics for the merry bunch here.

    William Nylander salary (not understanding it to be 10 million or 6.9 million this year) but here are the numbers:

    If its 6.9 million and he’s played 20 games, and registered a whopping four points, that equates to $420,731.71 US per point.


  18. Lots of decent arguments for keeping and trading William Nylander. The one that tips the scales though is the fact that, as someone mentioned, Dubas promised Nylander that he would not trade him while he is the GM.

    Dubas is still young enough that he is building credit and trust with his own team and with GM’s around the league. It would certainly hurt the credibility of the Leafs for other players who might wish to play there. It would be a total Melnyk move.

    So the Leafs will have to look at other options if they want to upgrade their blueline. Unfortunately for them, Nylander is their biggest trade chip right now if they consider Kapanen untouchable.

    Who else could be enticing to other teams and who would be the return? It will take a bit to think… (deeental plaaan – Lisa needs braces!) …

  19. If the Leafs are going to go all in, then the players they should target would be Mark Stone, Micheal Ferland, and Colton Parayko.

    Assuming their 1st rounder is in play, I would suggest Zaitsev and Brown and Liljegren and Bracco could be bait.

    Stone as UFA for 1st.
    Ferland and Pesce for Zaitsev, Brown, and Moore.
    Parayko for Liljegren, Bracco and 2nd.

    • Frank, nice players to target but the deals are just a little Leaf friendly.
      How about below for more realistic IMO:
      Stone for 1st and decent prospect or a 1st and 2nd.
      Ferland and Pesce for Kapanen and a 1st.
      Parayako for Kapanen and a 1st


    Does it work??

    • No! Let’s start with Kesslers cap hit….

      • Ooooops wrong nope! Why on earth would Carolina take one of the more sought after rentals, and turn it into lucic?

      • Thinking Talbot is a better option than Darling and with McElhinney next year they can let go of Mrazek

        get first crack at Talbot and see if he is a long term solution. reduce chance of bidding getting too high.

        just thinking aloud

      • I’d take Darling buried in the minors for the next 3 1/2 years at 3 per over Lucic in the NHL for the next 4 1/2 years at 6 per. I don’t see Talbot starting any bidding wars. There’s always plenty of cheaper options via trade or UFA for goaltenders.

        Carolina needs to maximize a trade on Feland. Turning him into Lucic is like a Chiarelli move.

  21. TO ANA: Brassard & pick
    TO PITTS: KESLER ( if he waives NMC)

    would he?

    does it work?

    • From the Oilers to the Leafs, I would take Talbot to finally solve the backup goalie problem. Oilers would take their pick from either Garret Sparks, Michael Hutchinson, or Kasimir Kaskisuo, who is simply awful. I think Sparks would do well in Edmonton but that defense will find a way to let him down. Speaking of which, I would love to get Petrovic to give the Leafs a little toughness on the blueline which they badly need for nothing more than a draft pick so that their skilled forwards don’t get pushed around.