NHL Rumor Mill – January 24, 2019

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Latest on the Oilers, Maple Leafs, and Canucks in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


EDMONTON SUN: Derek Van Diest and Terry Jones weighed in on what’s to come for the Oilers in the wake of firing general manager Peter Chiarelli. CEO Bob Nicholson still believes the struggling club can reach the playoffs this season but Van Diest doubts the current group of players can do it with making major moves between now and the trade deadline.

Jones, meanwhile, cited Nicholson saying the Oilers won’t be trading away the future for a quick fix. “We’ll make some trades at the deadline if they are the right trades to get us in the playoffs but not giving away the future,” said Nicholson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately for the Oilers, it’s those future assets that have the most value in the trade market. They won’t find many suitors for fading overpaid winger Milan Lucic or underperforming players like Cam Talbot, Adam Larsson, and Tobias Rieder.

SPORTSNET: Mike Johnston listed Mark Hunter, Kelly McCrimmon, Ron Hextall, Mike Futa, Dean Lombardi, and Mike Gillis as possible candidates to replace Chiarelli. Keith Gretzky is currently filling the GM role on an interim basis. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whoever becomes the new GM will have a helluva mess to clean up. The Oilers have some quality assets to build around in superstar Connor McDavid, forwards Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and defensemen Darnell Nurse and Oscar Klefbom. However, the roster is full of holes that could take between two to four years to suitably address.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly scouting Carolina Hurricanes defensemen such as Dougie Hamilton (Photo via NHL Images).


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman cited a report by TSN’s Darren Dreger claiming the Toronto Maple Leafs are scouting Carolina Hurricanes defensemen. The Hurricanes are reportedly open to trading Dougie Hamilton and teams are interested in Brett Pesce. They also have right-shot blueliners Justin Faulk and Trevor van Riemsdyk but Wegman noted they haven’t surfaced in trade rumors. The Leafs are weak on the right side of their blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hamilton or Pesce would certainly help address the Leafs need for a skilled right-shot defender, but the Hurricanes are believed to be a scoring forward (preferably a center) in return. Faulk was mentioned in trade chatter earlier this season but that faded as the focus shifted to Hamilton and Pesce. 

Carolina GM Don Waddell was reportedly interested in William Nylander before he re-signed with the Leafs on Dec. 1 and could shift his focus toward Kaspari Kapanen, though the Leafs are apparently unwilling to part with him. Maybe Waddell could ask for Nazem Kadri, who’s relegated to third-line duty behind John Tavares and Auston Matthews.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall cited Sportsnet’s Sid Seixeiro stumping for the Leafs to pursue Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds. “Toughness is enough guys who are willing to go in the blue paint. … The Leafs don’t have enough of those guys, this is a player in Simmonds … he goes to those areas,” said Seixeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs’ biggest need is a right-side defenseman. Address that first and then see if you can pick up a tough two-way rental forward like Simmonds without overpaying for the privilege. 


THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston noted NHL insiders such as Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman and TSN’s Darren Dreger reporting the Vancouver Canucks could be interested in Carolina Hurricanes winger Micheal Ferland. The 26-year-old Ferland is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and could be shopped by the trade deadline if he and the Hurricanes fail to reach an agreement on a new contract. 

Johnston acknowledged the Canucks could use a top-six winger like Ferland but noted there’s no guarantee he’ll re-sign with the Canucks unless they’re willing to pay more than market value for his services. The winger also missed time earlier this season with a concussion and his physical style could take a toll on his own body over time. Meanwhile, Canucks GM Jim Benning insists he’s not mortgaging the future just to reach the playoffs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt Benning may have contacted the Hurricanes against Ferland but I don’t see him overpaying to acquire him. If the Canucks remain in playoff contention leading up to the deadline I can see Benning looking for an affordable addition but I don’t think it’ll be Ferland. 


  1. I love these ideas that some teams want to greatly improve their rosters… without giving up young or future assets.

    How do you accomplish both of those things? By trading your horrible contracts?

    Sign me up! Kreider for Lucic Talbot and a 3rd… NY to retain 50%! You’re welcome!

    Hamilton and two conditional 2nd rounders to Toronto (Both 2nds become 1sts if Carolina fails to make the playoffs) for Zaitsev and a conditional 6th rounder. (It becomes a 7th if Toronto wins the cup,

    It almost seems like some of these guys may drop some trade proposals here.

    • Yep…and I want a vacation home in Maui without paying a second mortgage. I’ll gladly trade my beat up 2005 Tacoma, a weed-wacker that won’t start and the sandbox my kids don’t play with anymore.
      I expect the seller to pay half the property taxes as well.

    • NY4Life

      I don’t know how many times I’ve scratched my head that GMJR has not jumped on the multiple offers he’s had ….of 2 first rounders for JJ plus Chad Ruhweedel

      It’s mind boggling

      • The thing is those two first rounders would not be a sure thing…they may be NHL players or not.

        We already know that JJ doesn’t belong in the NHL anymore.

        You can’t trade a known asset for an unknown.

      • Double Minor

        I’d trade JJ for a 7th rounder in 2050 and in addition , take back 50% of his Sal

        For whatever reason , coach and GM are putting team’s concerns and fans concerns behind that of friendships and promises of/to JJ

        To me , it’s utter insanity …. if they have to play him to save face …. he must NOT be on special teams and MUST play no more than 10 mins/game

      • Pengy..Rutherford has had offers for J.J and Rudwhedel?

        I keep seeing more brassard back to Columbus what the f**k why would you trade him there? ship him out west fr the love of god..Pittsburgh paper and now Hockeybuzz is saying Brassard to Columbus maybe a three way team deal..good grief Charlie Brown.

        Rutherford must be of his meds…. to ship him there.

      • BlackNGold

        Are you serious? Hadn’t heard that… what was the insane suggested return if he went to Clb and who would be the third team if in a 3-way trade?

        I’ve heard no insane GMs even hinting at a trade for JJ… all in my dreams

        Outside of that …. why is Ruhweedel still on the roster …. waive …. and if he’s picked up (fat chance)… so be it. If not …. at least he gets to play (AHL) at same salary …. either way , Cap space and roster spot freed up…. that’s a no brainer move

      • Whoosh

  2. My garbage for your diamonds in the rough.

    I am not sure the Oil can do anything of significance until the new GM is hired. The list above has some good candidates-Hunter Hextall and Mcrimmon.

    Trade deadline I am thinking hoping is going to be active. A number of teams that need to change personnel and a number still in the hunt and a number that need to keep up with the Jone’s or arms race if you will.

    • SilverSeven, not sure the Oil can do anything of significance once the new GM is hired either.
      Mark Spector made a good point on SportsNet, perhaps he should address the pro scouting department first. They lose so many trades that perhaps they suck at identifying quality players, or they were yes men who wouldn’t speak their mind when a GM was about to make a mistake.
      Either way, it appears to be a problem.
      The only moves that should be happening is the trading of upcoming UFA’s for whatever picks they can get for them and improve their odds of finding young players for cheap over the next few years.
      Send PJ to Bakersfield like they just did with Yamamoto so he can play quality minutes and not get benched or put on the 4th line after he makes a mistake. Leave them their for the rest of the season.
      Let Bouchard play the entire season there next year, other than the odd call up to give him a taste when there is an injury.
      Don’t buyout Spooner and Manning for temporary relief. Bite the bullet next year and get it over with instead of continuing the problem.
      Mr Nicholson – it is not the water. It takes an entire organization to be this bad for this long. Start by looking in the mirror and face the brutal reality, if you can’t than you sir are part of the problem.

      • Great post Ray Bark! Reality sucks but facing it head on is better than continually avoiding it and worsening the future of some decent youngsters by continually adding washed up journeymen well past there prime.

      • The hope is that they finally will. Up and down the organization. They need to evaluate every part of this organization and make the changes where required.
        If folks get in the way of that, get them out of the way.
        To me Nicholson seems like he is capable of that, but I really have no idea. We will know soon enough.

    • Pengy..insidepittsburghsports.com a three way deal Columbus Pittsburgh Carolina….good grief

      my nightmare Pittsburgh Columbus first round Brassard scores in OT to beat us in game 7 fu***K 🙂

      • …. with JJ being the one to directly pass the puck to Brassard!!!

  3. What’s the deal with Hamilton. Why does every team that acquires him can’t wait to trade him. Red flags all over him.
    Edmonton should just move Mcdavid for 4-5 quality NHL ready players or prospects close to ready. 2 defenseman and 2-3 forwards probably get a couple first rounders also. Someone will pay it.

    • Dave i was thinking the same thing this morning..this young talented defenseman moves a lot why?

    • Hamilton has played well in the last month and has worked his way back up to the first pairing. He is playing with a lot more intensity and focus, as is the whole team. Credit BrindAmour for expecting it and demanding it from every player.

      Just my opinion, and not referring to any specific player, I think a lot of “locker room issues” start on the ice. If a player is not doing what is in the best interest of the team, the players start to question it, police it themselves and it becomes a locker room issue. For a GM its a better sell to call it a locker room issue instead of a performance issue.

    • I think people read too much into Hamilton’s situation. He’s been traded twice. I don’t think he had any intention for whatever reason to stay in Boston.

      Lots of players have been traded twice. Kessel has been traded twice for one example. And he’s constantly in the rumor mills .
      Is he a problem?

      I don’t believe Carolina is actively shopping Hamilton. Not saying impossible, I just think unlikely.

      Ferland is probably a goner. If they shop both, I’m thinking it’s going to have to be a VERY solid return for Hamilton….

      They don’t want to pull a Chia here!

      • Nyr4life,

        I agree with all of your points. Especially the last one.

      • Ch ch ch chia!

  4. surprisingly I dont see the sharks mentioned that often lately. We can all agree that without EK their D is lethargic and passes mediocre a best. That needs to be addressed. Braun hasn’t adjusted well in his new position. He’s a right D and should be traded. Just an even swap with someone who needs a change. Also, Kevin Lebanc isn’t getting the minutes he needs. He’s still developing, but I think he’s better suited in another system. Lastly, the Milkman. He’s a solid 3rd line player that can kill penalties and block shots, and again he’s better than his current 4th line position. Aaron Dell could probably use a change as well, though I dont fault him, largely our defence has let him down a lot.

    All these should be used to further upgrade the defence. A strong defensive player who can pass. The key for the sharks will be zone exits. you cant win games in your own end. IF this is going to be an active deadline, now is the chance for the sharks. this is likely Thornton’s last year. they need to be bold. I dont know who the right answers are, or what the trades would look like. You tell me.

  5. I’m not sure what’s a worse scenario…being the mayor of a Mexican town or GM/Coach of the Edmonton Oilers.

    • FD

      … Tjuana’s current mayor… would certainly like to swap positions …. LOL

      • Pengy…I sent you the site

        The three way deal Carolina-Columbus–Pittsburgh..just discussions… but i don’t even like that….

        Send him out west Winnipeg needs a center and a defenseman perfect fit for Brassard and Oleisiak

        Minnesots has interest in Brassard

      • blackngold, just what Minnesota needs, another 30 something center. I would be stunned that MN would want him even if he is a playoff stud. Is he a UFA at the end of the year? Everyone here thinks that the Wild will move Staal, possibly Coyle, and or Jonas Brodin if they can manage to get some high picks. I believe the Wild is the oldest team in the league and is looking to get younger. A few nice wins recently may delay the team blowup/rebuild 1 more year.

    • I’m not sure either. The cartels in Mexico will kill you for screwing up. The cartel in Edmonton will torture their finest young men, year after year, in plain sight, with no hope of an end to the misery. To the next Oiler GM I say, “Via con Dios”.

      • Pretty funny ŕe Brassard. Trade him because he’s a failure but not to a rival because he might beat you in the playoffs. This makes sense?

  6. Hi Lyle

    I know it’s not on this thread today …. but Anaheim is falling fast …. any whispers out there ?

    My selfish interest is in Manson (or even Montour) ….. Ducks need scoring … I believe only LA has less GF

    • Nothing much of late, Pengy. Doesn’t mean GM Bob Murray isn’t looking around or listening to offers.

      • Many thanks Lyle

    • Pengy, I was hoping for a Kings win last night to further cloud the Ducks future. On top of that Kase went down and could be finished for the year. Like you said, they need scoring. Good old hockey trade would be nice.

    • Pengy…funny how things work out Daniel Sprong scored again last night…but also got toasted guy went right around him and scored.

      The guys I want the Penguins to get all of a sudden they and there teams are heating up! Charlie Coyle and Minnesota…some of the Blues making the team maybe not want to trade them..

      Brandon montour has been a beast the whole time Fowler was out…he would be a good top 4 fit….who do we send though..rather have Muzzin!

      • FD and BlackNGold

        Yes Muzzin would be great add … but I expect a bidding war and possible overpayment

        Anaheim ripe for picking

        Both Manson and Montour RHD

        Mountour is smaller, faster , and is an offensive defenseman , and 3 years younger

        Manson is a solid stay at home type of D with the aforementioned much bigger size and is definitely more gritty

        So if Muzzin not viable …. each would be great adds

        So what’s it take in a trade …. a D has to at least go back as we’re already high on D numbers (unless separate D move) plus a winger with offensive talent???

        I’d love a top 4 of


        But I’m thinking that GMJR just might not win the bidding on a Muzzin deal

        What’s it take if the move is for either Manson or Montour? And if so …. when Shultz (RHD) is back … they’d (Manson or Montour) be 3rd pairing (and obviously with the absolute brutal JJ)

        The only other possible target in Ana me thinks is Silfverberg…. and that would be a swap of winger for winger I think ??? Yes/No?

        Crazy times

      • “grittier” “has more grit” rather than “more gritty” … fat finger/single finger typing + brain fart …. ahhhhh!

        Oh …. and also …. guy in his late 50’s still not had his Tim’s yet 😀

    • Love to see the Capitals and that cheap as Tom Wilson struggle they have lost 7 in a row ooopppssssss..:(

      • 👍👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺🍺😀😀😀😀

      • I’m not sure what it would take to get Montour from Anaheim? ..they need scoring and we extra defenseman….

        Not sure we are a match unless maybe we move Dominick Simon (who i know you love) but he is young, talented and may be a good fit in Anaheim Like Sprong!

        Then get a top 4 dman in Montour..

  7. Abdelkader to Tor for Kadri and a 3rd in 2020.

    • See comment no.1 by NYR

    • LOL no thanks

    • No Thanks. Leafs need upgrade to Right Defense first. If we are taking on a 31 year old for a Rental perhaps, but JA has years left at over 4 million. Would rather have Simmonds for balance of season for picks. If Leafs trade Kadri, would rather get a top 4 RD with term back, even if other pieces required

    • After last nights hat trick and stellar performance i don’t see the leafs trading Kadri…..

      • Get som thing for Kadri? If Kadri a 50 point a year center goes on the market with his contract now 13 goals and countless posts plus the nastiness he plays with pretty sure the return is more than Abdelkader and his 5 goals so far for nearly 5 mill

      • Don Sweeney here again. We’ll take Kadri off your hands.

      • That happens hand the cup to Boston

  8. Toughness, goes to the paint, excellent PK and Babcock knows him. Can play any line. Wings need cap space, Tor has it and wants to get something for Kadri. Win win

  9. Kadri is not going anywhere. Neither is Matthews, Marner, Rielly, Andersen,Dermott, Johnsson, Kapanen and Hyman.

    Anyone else is in the garage sale table, but it will be the draft picks. Prospects and The ability to absorb salary with their space that will make them get decent return for a playoff run.

    Leafs can thank Mark Hunter for pushing to draft Marner instead of Hanifin. Hunter should be handed full control in Edmonton if they want someone to clean up that mess.

    • Cool, so lets look at it from the other team’s perspective now?

    • Hunter would be a great choice for Edmonton. He does seem pretty happy in London though.
      If I was him the list of conditions to take that job would be firm, or the answer is no.

      • There are a number of good candidates out there that would have to check off these boxes to be successful.
        Have the ability to assemble a strong scouting staff with proven success.
        Analytics department
        Goalie coach
        Strong communicator to manage up to the owner and president.

        If hunter can do that I would hire him. He has an eye for talent, I don’t think anyone would dispute that.

        If you look at the one constant in all this. It points to one man…..Katz, the owner.
        It might be an issue that as long as Katz owns the team, they will just keep spinning their wheels

    • Frank … U R absolutely CORRECT !
      Hunter wouuld be the ideal guy to save the face of the Edmonton Oiler’s organization.
      I just wish he and Dubas could of figured a way to make it work in Toronto.
      No Gardiner last night ! Leafs Win !
      Nothing would please me more, to see Gardiner packaged and sent for a top four Right defense.
      Leafs also need some “grit” which crucial, to give their star players some space !
      They will be “bullied” in the playoffs, a completety different game, come that time, if they don’t..

      • They also lost to Florida without him and he was great in the win against Tampa

  10. Ferland to Colorado makes a lot of sense to me.

    Hate the idea of dealing Kadri, if either JT or AM go down there is no one who can take over the #2C duties unless Nylander is moved there. That being said; The Leafs have enough forwards, if any of the players not name Matthews, Tavares or Marner bring in a top 4 RD then there should be no hesitation.

  11. The Leafs should try for Larsson. Right hand shot, a few years left at $4.1. A new team, change of scenery I but he’ll flourish.

    • Now the questions are, who would replace Larsson on the Oilers blue line?
      and if the Leafs are not willing to part with Kadri, Nylander, or Kapanen how could they expect to get Larsson? Prospects and draft picks are not what the Oilers will be looking for.
      The Oilers can’t be trading from a position that they have no depth in.

      • True that kevjam.
        He is exactly what the Leafs need though. Would you do it if they offered Liligren and Kapanen?
        Lilegren still needs seasoning and who knows what he will be. But talent there.
        Kapanen is a quality NHL player, how good? Not sure but there is some upside.

      • I don’t think so. The Oilers already have Bear, Jones, and Bouchard as defence prospects and the Leafs have already said that Kapanen isn’t in play.

      • I don’t think so. The Oilers already have Bear, Jones, and Bouchard as defensive prospects. Also the Leafs have said that Kapanen isn’t in play.

    • So Marner for Larsson.

      The leafs jumped on Chiarelli right?

      • I very much doubt Leaf fans are offering up a player like Hall fo him

  12. Philly seems to have the hottest commodity in Wayne Simmonds, this is great for Philly who will over pay?
    If all things are equal and a 1st round pick is up for grabs. Philly decision could come down to

    Boston vs Toronto

    Who do you pick? Would the addition of Simmonds give either team the edge if the meet in the playoffs? Obviously the team leaving the playoff first gives Philly a better position in the 1st round; if both team could be out by the second round if they meet TB which will be early 20th range pick.
    Or scrap the whole thing and trade him to Montreal who could certainly use the size and grit.
    Philly looks like they are in a good position to grab some decent assets and someone will give them a 1st round pick.

    • Caper

      I stick with my repeated Mantra re Simmonds … he will be a great add to any team. Period. Stop.

      I like him and always have.

      That said, my most repeated Mantra has been that Leafs , IMO , cannot get the cup this June… so should not be ponying up futures for UFAs …. with the exception being a multi-player deal that has at least one player with term coming back

      Simmonds would definitely strengthen the offence by adding needed grit and being a great net front presence …. D upgrade is what Leafs need most

      For Bos …. absolutely a great add (Simmonds)…. will just that add get them past TBay…. I don’t believe so

      Someone will likely pay a first for him … or a second and a good prospect … to me …. he is more likely going West … that’s just my gut feeling

      • Simmonds has a list of 12 Teams he will not allow himself to be traded to. I doubt that Boston or Toronto are on it. However if he had anything to say about it I would put my money on him selecting the Leafs if there is a deal to be had.

  13. Toronto !
    Stadium music is embarrassing .
    Tavares overrated . Nylander overpaid . Kadri not really a good hockey player . Why would Matthews resign ? If y’all don’t go get a real dman u might not win a cup til 2045. This year or bust . Write ur senators , oh wait ..

    • Bob b, nice troll.
      Like that you started with the stadium music.
      Not sure where y’all are from, but we do have Senators in Canada? 5 more than the US!
      If in fact you were suggesting we don’t. I can’t tell?

  14. Simmonds is also an addition to team defense His toughness is all over the ice. I also wonder about Hamilton and why he seems to bounce around? Why does he need an ass kick form the coach? My best Leafs deal is with Flyers-let them have Nylander and a first for Wayne and a d-man…maybe a big package for Provorov and Simmonds? Would the Flyers take Nylander, a first and prospects or throw in Brown and and a top prospect> Liljegren maybe?

    • Only players that would be in the conversation for provarov would be Mathews Marner Reilly. Gotta think smaller

    • Provo is not going anywhere!

  15. The only Leaf forwards who I think are absolutely untouchable are : Matthews,Marner,Tavares,Nylander(because of deal with Dubas)and Marleau because of his NMC,and perhaps Hyman because the Coach loves him. Anyone else is fair game if the deal is right.

  16. Ducks need offence, Leafs need D How about Zaitsev Gardiner, Johnsson, Brown, Liljegren and a first for Montour, Manson and Ritchie. Salaries very close.

    • Not the worst scenario I must say, but I do not think Anaheim would part with both Manson and Montour.That would also stack Anaheims left side even more at the expense of the right.

  17. Hamilton is a different duck anybody who wants to be called Dougie has issues. He asked Boston to trade for Freddie they said no thanks so he wanted out.Calgary did them a favor but it never worked out very well. Mr Hamilton needs to play in the KHL for a couple years than maybe he will figure out playing In NHL is a privilege not a right.

    • Pretty sure the privilege of paying him millions to do so is now and will be for awhile all the owners.

  18. That music every time the Leafs score….I don’t know what to say other than the scowl on Ovechkin’s face appeared to have been further aggravated by it.

  19. What I love about Washington is they got rid of Trotz and actually thought anyone could coach this team to a Cup. As a Blues fan, I love to see Brayden Schenn for Brett Pesce and then we can move out Pietrangelo. As for the Oilers, for starters, they should be looking at players like Jeremy Bracco and Daniel Carr. just maybe they can catch lightning in a bottle on the cheap. just saying and LGB!

    • DaBlues

      I think you have something there w.r.t. Carr. That would be a cheap low risk pick up with potential for a good upside.

      He’s doing fantastic in AHL and has had some bouts of good play in the NHL— just not consistent

      Not a bad shot— would be a minor league deal and they could bring him up for a try

      They’ve got to try something, anything— and this move has basically no downside as he’s in the AHL now— just whatever cost to acquire— swap another AHLer ????

  20. I may be a bit dumb for suggesting but is EDM in a position to offer Adam Larsson , a Right handed RD, to TOR for Nylander? What would balance it out?

    To TOR: Larsson, Lucic (1.5 m held) & 1st or 2nd
    To EDM: Nylander, Zaitsev & 1st

    TML gets right hand D man
    EDM gets a winger for McDavid

    • Could they also try

      TO CAR: RNH & Sekrea
      TO EDM: Pesce & picks & solid prospect

      CAR gets a scoring forward and center, a left hand Dman (when he returns can be 2nd or 3rd pairing) and give them depth for this year and next.

      EDM gets cap relief and the prospects and picks. They already have 2 top centers and they can use the cap space to restructure faster. Pesce also gives them a right hand Dman back also that is 8 yrs younger than Sekera.

      EDM can then trade off Petrovic & Manning at the deadline for additional assets.

      would give them

      or something like that

      • How about moving puljujarvinor yamamotto to ottawa for ceci.

    • Absolutely not lol what on Earth is taking on Lucic contract worth…be lucky if Larsson was enough at this point let alone throwing Nylander and a first in

    • Seriously?..Lucic!.good lord and Larsson?..not likely!Lol..those are chia mistakes they’ll be in Edmonton for the remainder of their contracts!

  21. Well the day has moved on. I try to.stick to LyLes dailey topics but chatter here seems to have come tona close

    So, with Stone and Duchene still unsigned. What do you all think of the chances they do sign? Lyle?

    • I think Stone stands a better chance of re-signing than Duchene as he’s seemed the keenest about staying with the Senators.