NHL Rumor Mill – January 30, 2019

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Latest on Micheal Ferland and Artemi Panarin plus updates on the Senators, Red Wings, and Oilers in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun speculates the Carolina Hurricanes could move winger Micheal Ferland within the next couple of weeks if someone is willing to meet their asking price. He doesn’t think they want to wait until the Feb. 25 trade deadline and risk seeing his trade value drop if he gets injured. LeBrun believes they’re talking to teams like the Boston Bruins, Nashville Predators, and Pittsburgh Penguins. 

THE ATHLETIC: LeBrun thinks Hurricanes general manager Don Waddell will keep going to the Western Conference contenders with Ferland in hopes of driving up the asking price. Waddell seeks a first-round pick for Ferland and preferably a first plus a prospect. LeBrun loves the idea of the Calgary Flames reacquiring Ferland, who was traded to the Hurricanes last summer in a multi-player deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ferland’s recent injury history (including a concussion) could hamper Waddell’s efforts to get the biggest return possible. Nevertheless, if he remains healthy the Hurricanes winger should still attract plenty of suitors. His fate, however, could be determined by where the Philadelphia Flyers ship Wayne Simmonds, as he’s the top power forward in this year’s trade market. Clubs that lose out on Simmonds could turn their focus to Ferland. 


TSN: With Artemi Panarin unwilling to talk contract extension with the Columbus Blue Jackets until season’s end, Pierre LeBrun thinks they could trade him but at the level they want in terms of return. Panarin would have a significant impact upon contenders like Nashville and Boston. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Toronto’s TSN 1050 yesterday, Darren Dreger speculated the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and New York Rangers could be among the clubs to take a run at landing Panarin via free agency. Dreger believes Panarin would love to play alongside Islanders center Mathew Barzal. He noted the Flyers apparently came very close to acquiring Panarin at last year’s draft. He also wondered about the Florida Panthers and Western Conference clubs like the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings as possible destinations. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen acknowledged his club faces hard decisions with Panarin and his fellow unrestricted free agent Sergei Bobrovsky. He feels it would be difficult to land immediate help if they move Panarin before the trade deadline. If such an offer is made, Kekalainen could jump on it. Still, his club’s chances of a deep playoff run are better with Panarin in the lineup. A lot could depend upon the Jackets’ performance over the next two-three weeks. 

Will the Ottawa Senators trade or re-sign winger Ryan Dzingel? (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Darren Dreger speculates Ottawa Senators defenseman Cody Ceci could be in play if they could get the same type of return the Los Angeles Kings got from the Toronto Maple Leafs for blueliner Jake Muzzin. The Kings received a first-round pick and two prospects. Pierre LeBrun suggests they could face competition in the trade market from other clubs, pointing out the Carolina Hurricanes could shop one of their top-four defensemen for a forward. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, Elliotte Friedman believes there’s a decent market for Senators winger Ryan Dzingel, who could reach 30 goals this season. Friedman pointed out Michael Grabner was moved at last year’s trade deadline for a second-rounder and a prospect. 

Appearing on Ottawa’s TSN 1200, Darren Dreger suggested the possibility of the Senators re-signing Dzingel, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. While re-signing Matt Duchene and Mark Stone are the priorities, Dzingel would be more affordable to retain. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Senators general manager Pierre Dorion will likely keep an eye on the trade market to see what Ceci can fetch, but he won’t trade him simply for the sake of doing so. Ceci’s a restricted free agent this summer with arbitration rights. The combined cost of re-signing Duchene and Stone could result in Dzingel being traded, but they could keep him if forced to move Duchene and/or Stone before the trade deadline. 


THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports the Red Wings could stand pat rather than become sellers at the trade deadline. Instead of moving pending UFAs such as goaltender Jimmy Howard and winger Gustav Nyquist, GM Ken Holland could attempt to re-sign them. The asking price for Howard and Nyquist is a first-round pick, while defenseman Nick Jensen will be close to that.

TSN: cited a recent interview Holland had with The Athletic where he indicated he was open to the notion of target offers as a possible way to add a player from a team with salary-cap issues. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings have over $65 million invested in 15 players for 2019-20. Re-signing Howard, Nyquist, and Jensen could eat up a good chunk of their cap space, which won’t leave much to pursue a big-ticket RFA via offer sheet. 


EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson recently explored the rental market for the Edmonton Oilers, listing the Senators’ Ryan Dzingel, the New York Rangers’ Mats Zuccarello, the Hurricanes’ Micheal Ferland, the Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds, and the Penguins’ Derick Brassard as possible trade options. He believes the market for those players is a second-round pick plus a B-level prospect, suggesting the Oilers pitch their second-rounder and perhaps defenseman Ethan Bear. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The market for Ferland is reportedly a first-round pick and maybe a prospect, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flyers seek a similar return. The rest, however, might be obtainable for a second and a prospect. 


  1. Am I reading something wrong or did Darren Drager mistakenly say that the Flyers almost claimed Panarin in a draft, last year, which didn’t exist?

    • yes you read it wrong … “acquired” not claimed

  2. the Wings could also trade Howard and Nyquist at the TDL and then resign them in the summer.

    I believe that Dorion is waiting to confirm if Stone, Duchene or both re-sign. If they re-sign Dzingel will be dealt , if one or both do not sign he could very likely be re-signed.

    Can’t see Ceci bringing back the same assets as Muzzin, then again as the herd thins out the price will got up due to lack of available RD. One thing for sure is Ceci stays his contract negotiation in the summer will be a grind for both sides.

    • Holland will not make a move as his theory is that if someone is willing to trade for them he may not get them back. If hes gonna re-sign them he wont trade them. Which is dumb but hes also not known for making rational or smart moves.

  3. If im montreal i would try to aquire
    From Flyers W. simmonds and T. Sanheim.
    Montreal offers 2nd 2019,N. Suzuki,1st 2020 if mtl resigns simmonds if not 2nd 2020

    • There’s no way that gets Simmonds and Sanheim. Simmonds himself could take Suzuki and a pick to acquire and Sanheim is the better long term value in a trade. Sanheim has arguably been their best Dman this season and is looking like he may develop into a top pair Dman.

    • I believe Sanheim is not a realistic target anymore. If you are looking to acquire a D from Philly, it’ll have to be someone not named Sanheim or Provorov.

    • Not even close. No way Sanheim and Simmonds go for that pittance. If Fletcher made a deal like that he’d be joining Hexy in the unemployment line.

    • Montreal would be stupid to trade the key piece they traded their captain for and waste it on a rental. And no way does Bergeron trade the 1st in 2020, on the off chance of tanking and landing, Alexis Lafreniere.

      If anything, he spends the next season adding to the treasure trove of picks and prospects. If he’s smart at all he’s building up his depth for the Seattle draft in 2021.

  4. Darren Dreger speculated the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and New York Rangers could be among the clubs to take a run at landing Panarin.

    Ok Read it again…… Philly and the Ranger could take a run at Panarin, why? so they can get closer to the wildcard spot. For a player who looks like he want to see what’s out there July 1st.

    Let me take a run at this in all likely hood Panarin isn’t resigning in Columbus and he is a pending UFA, Columbus hold down the third spot 3rd spot in the metro and within striking distance of first. Panarin lead the team in points with 55 and second in goals 19.

    Boston, Winnipeg and whom ever else are knowingly going to give up huge assets to obtain Panarin, a player who most likely is going to walk come July 1st. Not to mention Columbus is in a better spot then Boston in the standings.

    Do you see where I’m going? Other teams are willing to give up assets for a player they know is walking at season end to give themselves a better chance; however Columbus is going to trade their leading scorer for future assets so they can have a lesser chance at winning now?

    I do not see Panarin being traded, better off looking elsewhere. Philly and the Rangers will try coming July

    • spot on Caper

    • “Dreger speculated the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and New York Rangers could be among the clubs to take a run at landing Panarin via free agency.”

      Free agency is key there. The Rangers and Flyers are sellers. They’re not going to sell for Panarin when they can get him for money in the summer.

    • I cant see the Flyers or Rangers trading for Panarin. Too far back in standings to give up players or picks for him. Neither will make the playoffs with or without him. Would have to be a sign and trade (rare) to do that.

      Best to save their assets or trade them for someone else and take a run at Panarin once he hits free agency.

    • Panarin is rumoured to want to play in a big market city. Winning the cup does t seem to be driving his desire fora move. He could very well agree to sign with a team like the rangers and facilitate a sign and trade scenario.

  5. simmonds and ferland shouldn’t return a first and prospect. Maybe a second and prospect or some similar combination. Ferland is not worth a first in my opinion. Panarin could fetch a first and players back. The question now is, wait and see the prices or deal for what you can now before they start to rise?

    • I think you have not watched Ferland play. He would have 20 goals if he had not been hurt. When he’s on the ice he makes a difference. Canes would not consider a trade if they could sign him.

  6. Oilers do not need a rental. They have to keep the depth they are just starting to build. It has been their problem for a decade. First rounders and done.
    Panarin to the Isle is interesting. They have the multiple assets to get it done I think.
    Flyers less likely but who knows. I would think they would have to involve Voracek with some salary held plus a prospect like P. Myers

    • Depth?

      Nugent Hopkins
      the rest

      Tell us more of the Oilers “depth”.

      • Those are forwards. How about defensive depth? Yeah there is Bouchard, Jones, and Bear but there needs to be more.

      • It ain’t great Ron, but it is better than it was. Which if you read SilverSeven’s post, is what he is saying. That is the “they are just starting to build” part of the sentence. Prospect depth:
        Caleb Jones, Bouchard, Yamamoto, PJ (needs to be in AHL), Bear, McLeod, Benson.
        Not stellar, but decent. Some will pan out, some won’t.
        The issue is right now there are too many holes on the NHL roster, and many of these guys will take 2-3 more years. Jones, Bear and Benson are getting close. Hopefully the Oil are patient for a change.
        Problem is the

  7. Just looked Gardiner is +17 . Can’t be that bad and only 3 PP points . If he is truly a liability every time on the ice wouldn’t he be a minus player ?

    • Silver, there are too many Leaf supporters that don’t understand the true dynamics of hockey. AKA -every player on the team must meet their criteria or they are lousy players. I like what Gardiner brings, I am very aware of his strengths and weakness and so is Babcock who loves him. Most GMs in hockey would love to add him and will be chasing him come July 1.

      Enough said.

      • Trekie, Gardiner certainly has his strengths along with his weaknesses. Many of his giveaways, probably the biggest bitch we Leaf fans have, are in part to the forwards not providing proper outlets or the attempt to make the grand stretch pass. He can be prone to having narrow vision or waiting too long for the play to develop, hence the big Pizza on the opponents stick. But don’t let your basic lack of knowledge about the game skewer your perception of his value. The +17, along with many other Leaf +/- stats, is misleading. Without Freddie Andersen in net those numbers would not be near as flattering. Babcock like him, sure. What are his options, Marty Marincin?

  8. Watching On the Fly … after the Bruins picked 13,14 & 15 in the first round right after them Winnipeg picked Kyle O’Connor and then the NYI picked Barzal … wow …

    • He’s Edmontons problem now. (KG)
      Oh, what could have been…
      I’m hopeful and optimistic that the kids he did select eventually pan out.
      1 looks good already.
      The others are still learning how to play pro.

    • The guy who ripped Ken Holland above should read this. Check where Ken Holland drafted Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, etc. His track record is pretty darn good.

    • Actually
      16. Barzal
      17 Connor
      18 Chabot
      I’m sure Boston would trade their three picks for these three.
      Also took Frederick in 2016 with Debrincat still on the board. I was watching the draft and was hoping they took him.
      Still a long career ahead for these picks so you never know.
      Gretzky did draft Pastrnak,Mcavoy and Carlo so not that bad.

      • You know I keep hearing how Boston blew that draft and I get that, but lets face it the draft is really a crap shoot at times. Do you not think there are teams out there kicking their butt for letting Pasta drop to the mid 20’s or Carlo to the 2nd round! Not to mention MacAvoy to 14th I think it was. Where is Patrick Nolan and the list goes on. For all the Barzals, Pastas, and Connors out there, there are a lot of duds drafted in the top 10.

  9. ed vanimpe: You forgot Thomas Chabot went after Connor. Ouch.

    • And Aho and Boeser

  10. If I was edmonton i would not give up on Bear. He showed good promise.

    But hey send a pick and him to ottawa for ceci.

  11. I think Holland is saying the right things to drive the prices up on his available players.

    • with Mantha,Athanasiou, Bertuzzi and Rasmussen the Wings have a sold group of forwards under 25. Add Zadina and Svechnikov to the mix next year they are pretty good up front. I really think they should unload Nyquist at the right price, I would not move Howard unless the return is a) very solid and b ) Howard is willing to accept a 1-2 yer deal. Bernier is not good enough at this stage in his career to be 1a and not convinced that Rybar is ready to be a 1B. I think back to the Tatar trade last year, Holland made out like a bandit in that deal with Vegas getting the Wings a 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

      • I agree. However, I would still trade Howard if the return was good. Maybe a good young goalie prospect? We could always resign him in the offseason.

  12. Late to the board again

    Re: Panarin:

    I’m leaning more on the likelihood of Panarin traded than Clb gambling and keeping him; just to stay in the play-off race.

    Very very tough situation for Clb— they know that they can’t re-sign him in-year; and therefore will be bidding on him like all other teams.

    He’ll get the money he deserves and those truly bidding, will probably be very very close in the actual offer to him. From many media posts, it is apparent that Panarin , with all offers basically equal, has a preference to be in a big city and preferentially one with a fair sized Russian population. So…. Long shot that he is on Clb next fall— and can’t Clb afford to let him go for nothing

    If there was another team with a RW UFA and basically producing the same points and goals— a swap of UFAs mitigates the loss of his talents for the remainder of the season as he’s being replaced for similar production— the loss would be chemistry. They would be losing him IMO in the off-season anyway.

    There is no RW UFA of similar age and production out there. So…. The final trade will have to have a 1st rounder ++.

    The greater that the production (of any roster player) coming in the trade is; the less the extra +’s are required in the trade.

    Bidding teams are willing to pay more for Panarin if they believe they have a better than average shot at re-signing him (available cap, available cash, probability of Panarin liking the city [big city, large Russian population])
    From all above, I think the highest probability of a successful trade partner may come from NYI (first of all— New York fits Panarin’s city requirements; secondly , NYI’s have the cap and $’s this year and next).

    A first is coming anyway— what else?

    Prospects— It won’t be Dobson. So Ho-Sang? Dal Colle?

    Now the roster player— NYI would be getting massive production, but would have to give something. I’m going to throw Eberle out there. Certainly nowhere near the production that Panarin gives but is top 6 and is UFA. Clb still could make the play-offs with Eberle replacing Panarin, and could still have shot at winning a series (or 2?). I’m skeptical of Clb making the play-offs if the return in trade is mostly prospects or D or up and coming young roster forwards. Metro tightly packed; and with Panarin gone for the balande (1/3 season)— team points will falter— and I believe they’d fall out of playoff contention.

    From NYI perspective— already in first in Div— the boost of Panarin over Eberle should give them an excellent chance of winning the Div and setting them up to play TBay in ECF— I’m not saying they’d win—in fact, I can’t see it; but that they’d have a fair shot at getting to the third round — and have the inside advantage (location and by then chemistry with team) of being able to sign Panarin on July 1st. As I said— the contract offers will very likely be closely clumped in AAV and SB, and would all be (IMO) for max term.

    …. So would Clb accept: 1st + Ho-Sang + Dal Colle + Eberle for the Breadman??

    The trade is coming IMO; and with it— play-off dynamics will change.

    • Panarin is a LW. The other LW of note are Anders Lee and Skinner.
      I don’t see NYI moving their captain.
      Buffalo knows they have no shot of signing Panarin, but do they have a shot at signing skinner?

      • Taz

        You are right that Panarin predominantly plays LW… he shoots Right but mostly plays on LW.

        Eberle (also shoots right) plays predominantly RW but can and has played on LW

        Ur absolutely right that Lee isn’t moving

        I was just trying to spitball a possible trade … Panarin on Barzal’s wing would be a thing to watch

        Panarin would also look great with Panarin …. IMO just a little less probability of Panarin signing in Bos in July ; than on one of the two NY teams. So with that assumption …. Bos should not offer up as much in trade as NYI

        Re: Skinner …. I may be wrong; but I believe that he is in same boat as Karllsson in that they can’t sign an 8 year extension until after TDL

        I think he has a pretty fair shot of re-upping with Buffalo … he also will get many offers if he gets to July 1st

        I can pretty well guarantee …. neither Skinner or Panarin will be in the Leafs next year … LOL

      • …. ahhhh ….. not “Panarin would also look great with Panarin …” but “Boston would also look great with Panarin”

    • Pengy…. Well we lost our boy Muzzin well your other team Toronto got him..steep price but it makes them extra tough.

      Well the Jekyll and Hyde Penguins at it again lose to last place New Jersey and then beat the best team in the league Tampa go figure…

      1-7-1 vs last place teams 6-2-2 versus first place teams..

      Seems penguins are locked din on Ferland…othes in the organization want to wait it out for Silverberg…

      I like ferland because he is skilled, fast and tough which we will need in the playoffs Washington will goon it up Tampa went hard and heavy after Letang last night…Letang played amazing

      The Blueger call up he didn’t look out of place…Brassard pretty much done i think Jets arent going to give us Lowry but Matthew Perreault would also fit nicely… With Oleksiak gone and moving Brassard we have some cap space..

      Matta continues to play better maybe we keep him get a depth guy like a Jordie Benn to play bottom pairing with Pettersson..

      Hearing Montreal like Matta…????

      • BlackNGold

        Ya…. TBay came out gangbusters …. but Pens 3 quickies stymied them

        Agree …. perplexed at their play vs bottom teams …. rust is one excuse (for Mon’s game maybe)… what about the other games before??

        Didn’t like them moving Oleksiak …. hated the return … got back Pens own 4th given to them for Oleksiak.

        When Pens got Oleksiak last year …. he was RFA, not used well in Dallas; unwanted

        Since then …. blossomed ; performed well; under contract at very reasonable amount for 2 more years …. how is the value only a 4th rounder ????

        They should have waived Rueweedel in Dec …. if they did that compared to this weeks Jamie O trade …. Pens would have freed up only about $280K less …. but would still have Jamie O to fill in

        Now if a D goes down …. ahhhhhh …. Ruhweedel !!!!👎👎👎👎👎

        …. and they’d put him with JJ…. that’s just inviting a couple of unecessary goals against — EACH game

        Muzzin …. I was good as you’ve said with him as a Leaf or Pen …. I’m a dual fan…. Leafs for 50+ years and Pens since Mario’s first year

        I’d like Ferland in Pens … risk is that he goes down with injury

        It looks like Cgy and Winn will try to outbid each other to get him …. GMJR can’t afford to over pay in this

        Agree …. looks like Brass is a goner

        Was thinking the other day …. if somehow Minn slides out of contention …. instead of Coyle (good add but with term, good contract and only 26yrs old ….. costly in trade)….. what about big Eric…. he’d cost less in trade than Coyle …. would fit better on team ; I think would produce more …. and at fractionall more (than Coyle) in Cap hit …. maybe $100 K for balance of season

        Yep re Blueger … no qualms here

        They could also bring up big Anthiny Angelo

        If they insist on carrying 8 D … and are not trading …. waive Ruhweedel …. bring up Prow

  13. On the whole drafting thing. If Holland truly knows how good Datsyuk is going to be, does he wait till the two hundred and something pick, to pick him?

    • it’s a crap shoot in the late rounds but Holland and the Wings had a knack for picking up ‘diamonds in the rough’in the middle rounds especially in the 80’s ….in 1989 Lidstrom 3rd Fedorov 4th, Dallas Drake 6th, Vlad Konstantinov 11th round wow !

    • Yes guy, Holland admitted as much when he said that if he knew they were that good he would have drafted them early (Datsyuk and Zetterberg). But to the Wings credit, they were the first team to allocate significant resources to scouting Europe.

  14. All the talk about draft failures but no one can know how said player would have developed on a different team.

    • Absolutely. That’s a huge factor.

  15. To CMB: Simmonds, JVR, Stolarz, prospect and a 1st this draft

    To PHILLY: Panarin, Bobrovsky

    CMB loses their starting goalie but gains their new back up Stolarz and Korposalo can be their starter. They get a 1st too and prospect

    CMB then gets JVR and Simmonds for Panarin. Simmonds is they kind of guy Torts loves and both JVR and Simmonds can play both wings. JVR is also under contract at a cheaper rate than Panarin would be.

    PH can then sign Bob and Panarin with their cap room.
    Giroux can center Panarin and Konecny
    Couturier can center Voraceck and Lindblom
    PH has space with Lehtera coming off at season end and moving JVR

    IF CMB goes for it.

  16. I’ have to ask the Gardiner fans on here ..
    Why are teams not calling Dubas , in regards to Gardiner, if U think he is so great ..great plus and minus -whatever
    He is available !!!
    Smart GM’s do not want him for a playoff run …
    All u have to is play this physical , and trust me , he will cough up the puck ..
    I would much rather have Hsinsey and Dermott , as my second pairing than -Gardiner and Yikesev – Zaitsev …
    Euther way – he is a goner , come summer ..
    I just wish it was sooner than later

  17. Gardiner coughs up the puck more often than a cigarette addict coughs up a lung outside of Walmart.

    The fact that he’s a second pair defenseman to me proves how pourous Toronto’s defense actually is.

  18. you have to read the comment again yourself …Dreger says to teams could take a run at Panarin IN FREE AGENCY …not acquire and walk for nothing