NHL Rumor Mill – January 9, 2019

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Latest on Vladimir Tarasenko, Dougie Hamilton, Artemi Panarin, Jeff Skinner, Erik Karlsson and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin suggests the Carolina Hurricanes, Boston Bruins, Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers, and Buffalo Sabres as five teams that should go “all-in” on acquiring St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko. If the Blues decide to move Tarasenko, Larkin feels it’s plausible they could wait until the offseason but didn’t rule out the possibility of a deal by the trade deadline. 

Could a club make a tempting offer for St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko before the trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

Should Tarasenko hit the trade block, the asking price will be high. Larkin speculates it could cost the Hurricanes a high-end prospect such as Martin Necas as part of the return. The Bruins might have to part with winger Jake DeBrusk.

The Golden Knights have plenty of picks and prospects but would have to shed some of their nearly $73 million cap payroll for next season to make room for his $7.5 million salary-cap hit. The Oilers might have to part with Jesse Puljujarvi and Kailer Yamamoto as part of the deal, while the Sabres have lots of picks and prospects to offer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those teams could all certainly put Tarasenko’s scoring talent to good use. While his stats are down this season he could be revitalized playing on a deeper club where he doesn’t have to be a team leader.

Of Larkin’s suggested clubs, the Oilers hold probably the weakest hand. Adding a high-salaried winger when a fading Milan Lucic’s $6-million annual salary-cap hit remains on the books would hamper their efforts to improve their blueline. They could seek more affordable options to bolster their scoring depth.


TSN: During the latest “Insider Trading” segment, Pierre LeBrun reported Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin intends to meet with his agent during the upcoming NHL All-Star break to determine his future plans. If he decides not to re-sign, LeBrun speculates the Jackets could hang onto him for the remainder of the season as a “self-rental”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: As long as the Jackets are a playoff contender they won’t trade Panarin. 

The agent for Buffalo Sabres winger Jeff Skinner intends to meet soon with Sabres general manager Jason Botterill. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if the Sabres don’t re-sign Skinner, who tallied his 29th goal of the season last night.

Ottawa Senators pending UFAs Matt Duchene and Mark Stone could meet with Senators management soon. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, Stone seems the most likely to re-sign. He’s publicly expressed his willingness to stay in Ottawa. Duchene is open to the idea but hasn’t tipped his hand. 

The San Jose Sharks and Erik Karlsson can talk contract whenever they want but can’t sign an eight-year extension until after the Feb. 25 trade deadline. 

Darren Dreger said the Philadelphia Flyers haven’t reached a decision yet on winger Wayne Simmonds. He suggests Canadian clubs such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, and Calgary Flames could use Simmonds. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds might be a better fit with the Flames. The Leafs need an experienced top-four right-side defenseman more than a two-way winger.  I feel the Jets need to acquire another rental center as they did last year with Paul Stastny. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman discussing which clubs might have interest in Carolina Hurricanes defenseman with Toronto’s Sportsnet 590. He said there were people at last year’s NHL Draft who thought Hamilton might get shipped to the St. Louis Blues but the deal fell apart. He speculates they might revisit their interest.

Friedman also thinks the Pittsburgh Penguins might take a swing but doesn’t see a fit between the two clubs because the Hurricanes need a scorer. He also wouldn’t be surprised if the Toronto Maple Leafs looking into Hamilton’s availability. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Friedman that there probably isn’t a fit between the Penguins and Hurricanes regarding Hamilton. If the Blues are willing to part with Vladimir Tarasenko or Brayden Schenn, perhaps Hamilton could be a fit there.

Hamilton could address Toronto’s need for a skilled top-four blueliner with a right-hand shot. However, the asking price could be winger Kaspari Kapanen and the Leafs could be reluctant to part with him. 


  1. Lyle

    First of all I’d like to add my thanks for this site, its perspective and integrity.

    I didn’t get a chance to read/post yesterday and just went through them (yesterday’s posts) now.

    No true followers here ever think your credibility or integrity has any need to be challenged and any speculation on poaching and/or plagiarism is unfounded

    Thanks for a great site and a chance to engage

    Kudos and mucho thanks

    • Heya pengy, what do you think of this potential and all we are really giving up is Willy and considering how well we played in his absence…

      Nylander and a 2nd for Kreider-Kreider replaces Willy with Matthews

      Kappy, Bracco and a 1st for Petro-Petro replaces Dermott

      Dermott and St.Louis’s 4th for Radko Gudas-Gudas moves Hainsey to the third pairing with Ozzy

      Kreider Matthews Hyman
      Moore Taveras Marner
      Johnsson Kadri Marleau
      Lindholm Goat Brown


      Could sub Johnsson for Kappy and who knows maybe Philly could be interested in Sparks plus plus

      • @leafsforlifeforever Kreider on the Leafs would be ideal for some size and strength… Not sure Rangers eying Willie at all. IF Kreider is available a bunch of contenders would be in on him

        Gudas is too much of a wild card. McQuad still seems logical

      • Agreed on Kreider. And with still having a year left on his deal, he may even attract the attention of teams not contending this year. Hello Edmonton?

        If NY does decide to part ways with Kreider, I don’t think they’ll want any type of salaried player like Nylander in return. Picks and prospects more likely.

        As management and Dolan himself reiterated just a couple of days ago, they’re happy with where they’re at, it’s a process. But they “want to stay the course “

      • Hi Leafsforlifeforever

        The over-all new roster you have listed looks much better.

        However, I’m still firm on my belief that no moves (barring minor tweaks) should happen this year.

        No moves this year that I can plausibly fathom actually happening will bring them the cup this June

        I’d rather GMKD focus on the AM contract and then MM contract once AM signs; keep roster this year basically as is and hopefully get to 2nd round …. will not IMO get to third round this year

        Once he has AM and WW under contract

        Then ….

        (1) *call up Rogers/ Bell execs about getting a Marleau ad campaign for $1M ; get him to agree to waive NTC , pay him his SB on 2/7 and then trade him plus a 4th for “future considerations” (which never come about LOL)

        **2) see below

        3)Also on same day (2/7) after paying WW his signing bonus… trade him for a top 4RHD …. grit/size please … acquiring team effectively gets WW at just less than $5M per year (Cap $7M but cash $5M)

        **2) with foresight of move 3 and better knowledge of cap space … deal/sign to balance roster

        I’d like to keep Kappy;and

        I would try hell and high water to get rid of Zaitz contract; and

        I would not re-sign Gardner or Hainsey

        Paramount to Leafs probability of out-year SC success IMO is an upgrade to D

        Fingers crossed on at least some of the above happening

        *This “playing outside of the rules” (Rogers/Bell) thing is conjecture of course but I’m confident similar “side deals” have happened in the past and will happen again

      • Should have stated …. Marleau then immediately retires with acquiring team …. they pay $0 but get cap hit plus 4th

      • Nylander was over hyped & over rated. Now he’s over paid. Toronto has made some brilliant moves these past few years but Willy wasn’t one of them. If they can move him for a D man they should. Maybe fleece Edmonton before Chiarelli is fired.

    • Agreed!!! 100%..and thanks for your commitment this site and your professionalism!

      • That message was for Lyle 😊Lol

  2. My gut tells me that of all listed above (potential trades and signings) Stone extension will be the first.

    Ottawa cannot lose all three and Stone has publicly said all the right things. Great fit for team; now and in future.

    Would love to see Hamilton as a Leaf (ironically they could have had both Hamilton and Seguin [Kessel trade] )…. but do not want to go “all-in” this year and blow many prospects in the move …. I’m still in the mindset that there window is more likely a couple of cups over ’20 through ’26 ….. very little chance at all this year and a “big” move at this year’s TDL could limit chances of those potential multiple cups in the following 5-7 years

    I don’t see Taresenko as a Cane this year… this brings them back some scoring but does it get them in playoffs this year? IMO , no.

    Metro very tight now (Note NYI currently not in play-offs but only 4pts out of Metro 2nd with 2 games in hand) but can’t see a scenario with Car making the playoffs this year

    I also think VGKs making a move to get Taresenko is also a long shot

    I’m a huge fan of Simmonds so him moving to any of 8-10 teams would come as absolutely no surprise to me

    Pirri scored again …. yes I get the “streaky ” mantras …. but he’s definitely worth more than most of other league min. sal players

    Would love him as a Pen… Pens are keeping Ruhweedel on the payroll which is mind boggling to me …. waive him …. odds that another team picks him up are almost nil …. not picked up and then he gets same Sal but plays reg minutes in AHL and Pens free up a tad more cap space

    • “their” not “there”

      ….. again , single finger typing, small screen, weak eyes, weak brain

    • I think you’d love Pirri as a pen until his scoring goes dry and there isn’t much else to his game.

      His salary makes him an affordable mistake. But by seasons end, you’ll be begging to not re-sign the guy. And hoping he spends the playoffs in steet clothes.

      There’s a reason this guy is on his 6th team in 9 years. (5 teams 1 failed tryout).

      • Hi NY4Life

        I’ve posed the same query many times before on him.

        His play; no ifs ands or butts ; warrants a regular NHL position at League min

        So I’ve thrown out the idea in a tongue ‘n cheek mode but with some reality that perhaps he’s had some issues with being “friendly” with team-mates’ , coaches’, or executives’ wives/girlfriends…. this has happened to other NHL players

        If it’s not that then he must be an irritant in the dressing room

        Without any media hint that this is the case …. most media have talked about his lack of a 200’ game; I’d take the chanc3 on him

        If the choice was to have either him or Ruhweedel on the roster I would take Parrish 100 out of 100 times. They are not playing Ruhweedel anyway … why not have a player available in the press box that can fill in and will be productive

        Until he flirts with my wife or my daughter (who I’ve publicly betrothed to #87) ….. LOL … I’m all for him as a Pen

      • Pirri not Parish ….. ahhhhhh!

      • I’d beg to differ. There has never been any questions of him being a cancer or anything of that nature. I think watching him play on a regular basis shows why 6 teams have passed on him being a regular NHL’er.

        The man is almost 27 years old and still finds himself bouncing between the NHL and Ahl and from team to team. This isn’t very common for solid NHL guys. And I’m not buying that at this age he is starting to blossom.

        He’s a streaky scoring guy. And nothing else. If he hasn’t found his way by 27… more than likely he never will.

      • Oooops almost 28! My bad

      • Hi NY4Life

        Responded below to you (and LeFrench09) re Pirri; didn’t want to cut/paste duplicate response here


      • Pengy..Interesting thought on Pirri! I think there are better choices for our Penguins..

        I would love to see Michael Grabner to the Penguins!
        He fills that need that Hagelin did with speed that kills, he gets more breakaways than anyone, and his salary is an affordable $3.75 million.

        -We are in a win mode for the next couple seasons.
        -He would fit well with Malkin or his old buddy Brassard (If we don’t move him)

        Maybe Olli Matta for Michael Grabner or some other combination of Tristan Jarry +..

      • How are Brassard and Grabner old buddies? They’ve never played on the same team, nevermind line.

        I think you confuse him with Hagelin or Zuccarello?

    • Hamilton is not what the Leafs need. Gardiner is a better overall D than Dougie. They need a minute eating shutdown D under the age of 30.

      • DS

        Agree fully that top 4D shutdown mid 20’s guy is what Leafs need.

        Gardner is better offensively than Hamilton; no question there

        Over-all i’d Rather have DH at $5.75 M and 26 next year and year after than Gardner (3 years older) and locked in long term at/near $7M

        A better option IMO ; is trading for Manson

      • “Gardiner is better then Hamilton offensively no question there” Pengy I have a question who has 7,9,5,2 goals over the last 4 season and who has 12,13,17,6 for goals over the last 4 season? Do you put more value in assist then goals?
        Dougie is a better defenseman yesterday, today and tomorrow then Gardiner and who is going to pay Gardiner over $7m per season?

        One last question for you Pengy. I be wondering for a while if you and Striker are one in the same. Lots of similarities, just changed your two favorite teams.

      • Hi Caper

        Lol… I thought it was you or someone else that said I was Kal El…. so I can’t be Striker …. just call me Carrie and we’re good to go

        Re Gardner/Hamilton

        Sorry if my statement inferred that I like Gardner over Hamilton or that I think Gardner is a better player than Hamilton … that’s not the case

        Gardner IMO is a one dimensional player … playing the D position but as a rushing defenceman that is expected to move the puck in the hopes of creating goals (byhim or another player)…. under that scope/definition IMO he is better at that “uni-dimensional” talent than Hamilton

        Hamilton is the far better defensive player who has an amazing point shot that gets goals

        I’d take Hamilton over Gardner anytime and especially more so because of his younger age, grittiness, and much bigger size

        Leafs have enough scoring up front … they need IMO a tougher more defensive minded top 4 RHD

        I still think that a move to get Manson would be more ideal….would come at a lesser trade price tag AND cap hit than DH and would be well worth that difference at the expense of lesser offensive stats (as mentioned Leafs are good to go on offence right now)

        I’d rather see GMKD stay the line this year and not give up assets for a run now that IMO will not happen.

        Moves after season will be a much greater investment in SC probabilities ty IMO

        Yours in Christ


      • Gardiner is a better overall dman than Hamilton? Lol where the F do people come up with this stuff!

      • Nyr4life I believe they played together in New York with the Rangers….several insiders were saying that and they both were there…i could be wrong! don’t think Bob Mackenzie is?

    • Hi Pengy

      I’m with Nyr4life on this one. Pirri was never able to put it all together and never will.

      Never heard of him being a dressing room issue. But apparently main issue is commitment to system and work ethic.

      I’ve said this before: Please don’t trade for DH. Not what TOR needs. You need grit and shutdown defense to play/compliment Reilly.

      Manson in ANA or Parayko in STL…

      • Hi LeFrench09 and NY4Life

        Agree he’s streaky …. but unless someone has info that he’s a skirt chaser or dressing room downer ….. I’m taking him at League min. every time

        I’m just so bitter that Pens are carrying extreme deadweight ( hello Ruhweedel) at the same price

        I fully see your points but barring knowledge of “social” issues on him …. I’d want him on the team

      • Nyr4life…you could be right it may have been Zucarello..need my morning coffee…

    • I love the idea of Simmons as a Leaf but that likely means somebody has to go. Not sure I see Leafs trading for him to play on the 4th line, but would take him over Brown once Hyman returns. The highest he would likely play would be 3rd line which means bumping one of Kapanen, Johnnson or Marleau and I don’t see that happening. I said yesterday on Twitter that McQuaid from Rangers would be a good pickup to add toughness for playoffs. Play him with Gardiner, put Dermott with Reilly and Hainsey on left side with Zaitsev.

  3. Pengy,

    Does a Tarasenko + Allen to Boston for Halak + DeBrusk + 1st make any sense?

    • Hi Iowa Boy

      Cap issues aside that trade from Bos perspective makes sense but I think StL would ask for an additional prospect (Bjork? Seneshyn ?) or even Heinin and if it was losing DeBrusk and Heinin ; I’d decline.

      As a Leafs and Pens fan I certainly don’t want Teresenko in the East … so no thank-you … LOL

    • Let the hating begin.
      Tarasenko+Allen+1st to Boston
      Rask + 1st + Donato or Heinen (anyone but Debrusk) to StL

      • I will throw a curve , how about Tarasenko to the Caps for Burakovsky, Oshie, 2019 1st round pick and prospect let’s say Gerisch or Kody Clark? $$ works for a cap perspective.
        While Oshie’s best days are behind him he was a big part of the Blues from 08-15 and he could bring something to the room that is missing, leading by example.
        I would love to see Tarasenko and OV on the same line.

      • I don’t see St. Louis making that deal. 7 more years of Oshie for that cap hit is awfully expensive move for “leadership “.

        If the Blues move Tarasenko, it’s going to be to get younger. I don’t think they’ll be looking to recapture their past success by bringing back a guy who’s signed until he’s 39 years old.

        Oddly, this is the 3rd suggested reunion player in the last week? Backes , Shattenkirk and Oshie have all been mentioned.

        Their season is lost. And they already have some questionable contracts to deal with, I can’t see them taking on any more.

      • Correct, Debrusk is a non-starter in trade conversations. No chance he is traded.

    • No way Boston makes that trade.

      • No way st.louis makes that trade! Why would the blues want anything to do with rask?

    • Bruins are looking for a winger to play with DeBrusk on his line to replace Nash. Might have to give up too much to get Tarasenko.

  4. Lucic scores his first goal in 41 games last night. Watching him often as painful as that is , a relagated 4 line player.

    Tarasenko has fallen and can’t get up. Something is not right for a player behind Ovechkin in goals scored since 2014. I think I would take the boat load in a trade return right now. Must include a first and an A+ prospect and a couple of other assets

    • Agree on Lucic SilverSeven, that contract is an anchor and will be for years. I was at the SJ game over the holidays in Edmonton and it was brutal, and then they got it handed to them again last night.
      The Oil are winning exactly nothing this year and that has to be the thought process even if PC is trying to save the season and thus his job. If he can’t accept that then they need to take away the keys.
      Interesting point brought up by the 1260 morning radio guys yesterday. The Oil had $5.5 Million sitting in the press box against ANH. Each of them were acquired by PC to “tweek” the roster this season to get into the playoffs.
      So he gave up assets (Cagula and picks), took on salary for a guy like Manning and the guy can’t beat out your AHL call up (Jones) for ice time?
      Spooner if he isn’t scoring is useless and you gave up Strome who can at least play a sound D game and PK as your 3C when he isn’t scoring, and now they have another hole there.
      This is obvious IMO, accept the truth about your team and build to a future as you are pissing that away too with these knee jerk trades.
      The Oil need a reboot and it is obvious that current MGT doesn’t get it.

  5. Would love Tarasenko in Boston but don’t see a fit without moving salary out. Also don’t think moving Debrusk for Tarasenko is a good idea. Debrusk has 14 goals 34 games. Tarasenko 12 goals 40 games.
    Boston is getting better letting the kids play. Need to resign Carlo,Mcavoy and others. Best option is to grab a couple rental players for a playoff run.

    • Agreed. I would rather see the B’s get Brayden Schenn. I’d be willing to give Heinen and a second for Schenn. Affordable salary and plays wing and center.

      • Not sure that would get him goodwood77, but if it does, then yes please.

      • then id throw in Zboril too. Hes low enough on our depth chart now with other prospects ahead of him.

      • Heinen and zboril probably won’t have be more than bottom line players and St. Louis isn’t giving up Schenn without a 1st coming back

  6. I think Hamilton + Fleury for Kapanen + Gardiner + a conditional 2020 draft pick helps both teams. Pens fan.

  7. Has anyone heard anything wrt to any team calling Bieksa’s agent?

    Would VGK’s have interest in D depth?

    • Hey Peggy

      Nothing going on re: Bieska. Thought he played really well at the Spengler Cup.

      Re: Ruhwedel I never really understood the signing to be honest. Made zero sense then and still doesn’t.

      I think GMKD should go all in and get Parayko. STL is struggling and TOR might never get a better chance to get him than this year…

    • *Pengy not Peggy lol

      • LeFrench09

        I also thought Bieksa playedwell at Spengler

        Some team will pick him up at TDL…. D depth and great team-mate at no expense roster wise … just cap space … thoughts on his Sal needs and what he might accept?

        $1M in actual cash to play 25-28 games plus play-offs ??

    • LeFrench09

      Love Parayko on Leafs (or Pens)

      StL near cap ceiling now …. and I’m not totally convinced that StL parts with Parayko w/o getting back rostered players …. so almost cap prohibiting trade this season unless they (StL) can shed other sal (Tarasenko??).

      Possibly a trade off-season netting Parayko?

      I would have loved a move pre WW signing that netted Parayko … WW ++ for Parayko… with the WW cap hit as is for 18/19 ; not a chance at happening this year

      • Hi Pengy

        I’m predicting a minimum salary (pro rated) for Bieska. I just think $1M is just a tad too much for him, His age and what he can actually bring…

        I am also predicting an Auston Matthews trade at some point. When TOR signed JT I was convinced WW was out the door due to future cap concerns. GMKD proved me wrong lol

        Gardiner, Matthews, Marner and Rielly all coming up shortly or in near future. And Andersen.

        I really don’t see how TOR can keep JT AM MM WW together and upgrade defense…

        Thoughts? Besides obviously trading WW…

      • LeFrench09

        Not impossible for Leafs to trade AM , but very very close to impossible. I think that an unmatchable offer sheet for him has more of a possibility than him being traded

        Posted earlier… should avoid any major moves this season but put all energies into AM and MM extensions; pay SB to both WW and Marleau on 1/7 then trade them; acquire in WW trade , a solid mid 20’s top 4RHD ( preferably with grit/size)

      • Parayko isn’t going anywhere…..Petro, maybe.

    • Pengy…..All I heard was that Bieska wants to play only on the west coast. The Penguins had some interest early in the year but he wasn’t interested in playing anywhere but the west coast..

      • Then I’d think that limits it to SJ and An then; it won’t be LA or Van

        I just thought he would be a good addition in Vegas

      • @Pengy and LeFrench09. I love Nazem Kadri. But nobody has mentioned him as a trade chip. Great contract for a few more years..Use as part of trade to get that top 2-4 D Man with some term the Leafs need. Marleau can play Centre, so can Goat and Lindholm though not as experienced. That puts Marleau on 3rd line where he should be on this team now, and allows Leafs to bring in Simmons for a pick(s) as a 3rd Line Winger. Thoughts?

      • Pengy..Vegas is kind of the west coastish and your right he would be a good addition to Vegas..

  8. Not sure how Hamilton helps the Leafs or why thats the coffee talk of the morning. Muzzin,Edler, Gunnarsson…
    You are not protecting a lead with 2 minutes to go with big Dougie

    • I like that idea, ds – Vancouver may ask Edler to agree to a trade and re-sign him in the summer. Many teams would be in on that possibility. I’d add Tanev’s name to the ones you’ve mentioned.

  9. What about a willy + to stl for terasenko and Petra Tera would look great on Matthews wing

    • Lmao

    • How Matthews and Nylander for Mcdavid Nurse and as an incentive throw in Lucic

  10. Hi All….Read this site every day. Lot of potential GM candidates submit their opinions here. Good luck in your job quests.
    With all your vast amounts of knowledge….where has your talk about A. Mathews and his 12 or 14 million dollar per season contract gone. If contract is achieved, might it rank right up there with Clarkson?
    Just wondering ???????????????

    Just a hockey fan.

    • Nice one, Ted. No GM material here – just guys who like all of the power and none of the responsibility.
      If Marner has a second half like his first, expect the pressure of the Matthews negotiations to go up and up. Young Mister Dubas has a nice problem now that may grow into a really difficult one come summer.

  11. I said it before and I will say it again now. TO needs toughness around Matthews/Marner/Tavares. Dubas need to seriously examine his current roster and realize that we don’t have any sand paper in the lineup. Its all good and dandy with high flying young skilled players in the regular season, but come playoffs those so called skill players won’t be able dance on the ice, as the hitting and checking becomes more intense. TO can’t compete with Boston, Tampa, Washington and Winnipeg. We need to be realistic about the situation. Everyone talking about 3-4 years of window of opportunity, but I am telling you to win the Lord Stanley you need sandpaper every year. As an observer of the game and especially the situation in the Leaf land, there are way too many floaters in the team who have no clue or no assigned role in the team. Marleau, Kadri, Nylander, Brown, Hainsey, Gardiner, Zaitsev are all over paid and over used. That is combined salary of $31.5 million dollars of dead beats taking up ice time off of more deserving players on the roster. The management needs to wake up from this fantasy of Shanna Plan Era and focus on TO’s 51 years of Cup drought and start making real hockey decisions. Stuff like Marleau’s off the ice relationship with Mitch and Auston and his in dressing room presence is absolute joke. Over valuing Nylander is also a joke. Kadri is where he is at a 3rd line centre at best. Gardiner is effective against 20 or so teams in the league but not against physical intimidating playoff style teams who comes at him shift after shift and he will foil like he did against the B’s last season. Hainsey too slow, Brown is Brown. Zaitsev over paid over rated. Time to alter this situation and upgrade. TO must go after RADKO GUDAS, RYAN REAVES, MATT MARTIN, JAKE MUZZIN a combined cap hit of 13 million. Roughly savings of 18 millions and use that money to sign MARNER/MATTHEWS at 10 and 12.5 mill respectively. TO also need to go after Artemi Panarin or Jeff Skinner to flank Auston Matthews. Now we have a CONTENDER:

    We got skill and we got toughness. Time to end the CUP drought.

    • Simmonds would cost less than Kreider but again other teams will bid too.

      Other than Willy the Leafs should go into the playoffs with the current roster and just some grit depth upfront and on D.

      Willie would have fetched more before he signed….

      • ds

        Yep … that WW contract is pretty well a non mover this year but after SB paid on 1/7 ; a budget conscious team with Cap room gets him for just less than $5M a year actually but with $7 M cap… trade him then in a move for a top 4RHD (with size/grit preferr3d)

    • Agree with a lot of what you said. However we had Martin…too slow. Marleau is going nowhere..nobody is trading for that contract unless as cap hit collateral damage, and not sure but Marleau might have to agree. Coach loves Marleau. His contract is the biggest and most difficult puzzle piece to replace, cause it aint movin. Hainsey is worth his salt, just not on top pairing.

  12. Just throwing this out there for a discussion does Zaitsev and a first get Muzzin ?

    • No, move along!

  13. Seems like it just doesn’t matter what Dubas says- I guess Nylander is getting dealt,lol. They are not trading Nylander! not arguing merits of should they or are they better if they do. Dubas told Nylander he would not trade him as long as he was the GM. I get GMs have short memories- but its not happening, definitley not this. How does that look if he turns around and deals him after promising him he wouldnt- how do Matthews and Marner react to that?

    Sidebar- this is Nylander- he isnt a gritty player who goes into traffic- this is his game and they knew that and are fine with it…otherwise they wouldn’t have signed him.

    Preface, I am die hard Leaf fan …last rant, I love the energy Kapanen brings really do- but dont mistake that for high end talent..his stats are a bi product of playing with AM34 and other skilled players…..so when a player like Dougie Hamilton or Pietrangelo or Parayko are talked about- guys who who eat 25 mins a game,i shake my head when Kaspari Kapanen is the road block to getting a deal done..come on…I am not trying to move him- but when its for a top RD – all day long…

    Back to Matthews, so while Marner gets a Canadian Olympian in his prime on his line, Matthews gets a mix of 35 year old Marleau or Kapanen or Brown on his for the start of the season and then we get straight faced comments about Marner and Matthews getting the same deals- are you for real? Do small skilled wingers lead teams to Cups or do Franchise centres?

    Marner is a high end skill player, yes JT has benefitted too, but to say he and Matthews are the same cap hit- is just ridiculous.
    Will be interesting to see how Leaf nation reacts to Marner when his old man insists he wants 10 mill a year and holds out..will he get the same treatment as Nylander…I dount it because his last name isn’t MarnerSSEN …

    • Sam: Agree with everything you said. If Kucherov just signed for 8 years at $9.5M/year, why would Marner get $10M+ when he has four RFA years left? The Leafs are screwed if they sign Marner to that amount and would likely regret the signing within a couple years. You can’t pay 3 forwards over $30M and ice a consistent cup contender unless you draft extremely well with late first round picks.

      Further, Reilly will be getting $8.5M-$9.5M/year on his next deal and Andersson will likely be $7M+/year as well. They need to save some money somewhere. Nylander will likely be the odd man out and I don’t understand Dubas saying he won’t trade him. Dumb rookie mistake. Kapanen and/or Johnsson will have to be traded for defensive depth too.

  14. Why is it that Simmonds is never linked to Edmonton?

    • The have a more expensive and less productive version of him already

  15. going to be interesting to see SJ’s plan for next year. EK has been on a roll but will come at a hefty price. Is having EK and Burns on the back end sensible? I would also expect the Sharks to resign Pavelski on a shorter term deal , lets say 3 years, but he won’t come cheap. Meier and Labanc are RFA’s and will get nice raises form their ELC’s. Donskoi, Thornton and Sorenson are UFA’s. I doubt there will be $ left to resign these 3. 19/20 Sharks have 13 players signed with 22.7 million + CAP increase, so lets spitball 26 million to get to 23 roster spots. Locking Radil in @ .7 next years looks like a smart move. Anyone have any thoughts on what Wilson may do?

  16. Wow more nuts than a Snickers bar as far as some of the Leafs stuff here today

    • Yes, but awesome conversation none the less.
      Great reading so far.

  17. Hamiltons play has really started to pick up. Carolina’s defense is pretty solid right now I would not trade anyone of them during the season.
    Carolina finally has a dependable goalie the team loves to play in front of. Thank you Toronto!

  18. Just throwing this out there. It would be a big trade but…

    To StL
    Backes, Krug, JFK, Zboril, Cehlarik and a 2nd

    To Bos
    Tarasenko, Maroon and Edmundson

    It would bring back the fan favorite in Backes and would help even the money out some. Plus StL would get a puck moving Dman three quality prospects and a pick.

    • That is a big trade. B’s get the best player and the Blues get a very good offensive D man and good prospects.
      Looks like a lot for the Bruins to give up in quality youth but they get to dump the Backes salary.

    • I seriously doubt St. Louis has any desire to bring back Backes.
      This reunion stuff and St. Louis is getting silly.

      If St. Louis trades Tarasenko, it’s not going to be a reunion trade. It’s going to be a youth movement trade.

      • simmer down Nyr4life….just kidding, the reason people are throwing out Backes, Oshie, Shattenkirk is because many teams can’t take on the 7.5 cap hit Tarasenko brings with with him. That being said as it has been noted by Lyle these are the types of player moves, the guys with sizable cap hits, that are most likely going to occur in the off season.

      • I’d agree with that, but you don’t trade a Tarasenko for a horrible contract either.

        This isn’t a mid season or tdl deal, this is an off-season deal. And then they don’t have to take back a horrible reunion deal…. that they’ve already moved on from.

        Is Prongers deal still out there? We can’t leave him out of these talks. Lol

      • Imagine taking Lucic back in a deal for Pastrnak….in order to balance out $$$’s and to bring back “leadership “….. now it doesn’t seem so appealing does it?

      • StL has not been the same since Backes left. He played well there and the fans love him. It is more to balance out the money and still giving StL some quality youth to build on in doing so. Kind of like Belesky being included last year in the Nash deal. Boston gave up more to include him.

        I understand StL is looking to rebuild, but even when they do that, they still need some leadership for the young guys coming in. Backes gives that leadership.

        Putting Lucic for Pastranak straight up is like apples and oranges. You’re missing the big picture.

        So take Backes and Zboril back and don’t include Maroon.

  19. How about this trade Matthews and Nylander for Mcdavid, Nurse and as an incentive Lucic

    • In a heart beat

  20. Nyr4life

    I am with you. My gut feeling is that Tarasenko ends up in CAR before end of season.

    CAR sends out youth D (top 4 and a D prospect).


    • I like it! This makes sense. It brings both teams something they need. Without bringing back a horrible reunion contract.

      • I also like your posts re: NYR and their rebuild. Stick to the plan.

        Bergevin seems committed to a youth movement as well. I am curious as to what your thoughts are re: MTL? If you were Bergevin you would do what?

      • Yes, and an East rph

  21. Meant to clarify:

    Obviously the above proposal is just a start. And meant Top D prospect from CAR…

  22. Shattenkirk and Backes are not having a good year and may not improve next year. I think Tarasenko is awful this year. More than likely to improve next year.

  23. Any GM would have to complete some in-depth due diligence on Tarasenko before trading for him. I would be very wary about what is causing him to have such a bad year.
    Are drugs, alcohol, money extortion, relationship issues causing his play to deteriorate?
    All these items have plagued previous players.
    I hope it would be none of the above but it makes a person think there must be something going on behind the scene

    • I’ll go with a horrible overall team for $100 Alex.