Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 27, 2019

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Latest on Matt Duchene and Derick Brassard, as well as some possible buyers at the deadline and more in today’s Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes the Ottawa Senators could reach a “fish or cut bait” time of around Feb. 10 regarding contract negotiations with center Matt Duchene. Those talks are expected to pick up again soon. If Duchene doesn’t re-sign, LeBrun wonders if he’d be willing to sign a contract extension with a team that trades for him. Under that scenario, the Senators could get a better return than if they moved him as a rental player. Duchene is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. 

Could there be a “sign-and-trade” scenario for Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene? (Photo via NHL Images)

Dave Poulin, however, is skeptical about a “sign-and-trade” option. He points out teams are shying away from long-term deals, noting there was only one seven-year UFA signing last summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The “sign-and-trade” is a rare occurrence so I share Poulin’s skepticism. Perhaps a team acquiring Duchene will attempt to re-sign him afterward. LeBrun noted the Sens could seek a conditional pick as part of the return in case he gets re-upped by his new club.


TSN: LeBrun reports the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets could get into an “arms race” to trade a prime asset for a quality rental player. he believes both teams will add and could target similar players.

LeBrun thinks the Jets kicked the tires on Pittsburgh Penguins center Derick Brassard but they might not have liked what they heard at this point. Frank Seravalli noted the Jets tried to acquire Brassard before the deadline last season and he wondered if they might circle back on the center this year.

Dave Poulin also noted Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds and New York Rangers center Kevin Hayes were linked to the Jets. He also noted Detroit Red Wings winger Gustav Nyquist and New Jersey Devils winger Marcus Johansson are two other forwards who could be moved. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reports I’ve read and heard out of Winnipeg indicate the Jets’ biggest needs are a second-line center and perhaps a left-side defenseman. Simmonds and Nyquist wouldn’t address either of those needs. As for Brassard, perhaps the Jets consider it if they can’t land a better center. Johansson is a winger who has played center before but he also has a long injury history. 


NHL.COM: In a recent column on storylines to watch over the remainder of the regular season, Dan Rosen wondered if the Columbus Blue Jackets will retain or trade goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and winger Artemi Panarin. Both are slated to become unrestricted free agents in July. The Blue Jackets are currently a playoff contender but they could get some good future assets for those two if they intend to test the market in July. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Blue Jackets were out of postseason contention they would probably trade one or both before the deadline. I think they’ll retain both as “own rentals” for the playoffs. 

Rosen speculates the New York Rangers could continue rebuilding their roster. Pending UFAs such as Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello, and Adam McQuaid could be moved before the Feb. 25 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zuccarello and McQuaid are likely goners. The Rangers might prefer re-signing Hayes but only if his asking price is reasonable. It’s assumed anything over $6 million annually on a long-term deal becomes his ticket out of New York.

With the Edmonton Oilers having fired general manager Peter Chiarelli and sitting three points out of a playoff berth, Rosen wonders if they’ll be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: CEO Bob Nicholson said they won’t move their future assets for a quick fix. Combine that with their limited salary-cap space and it’s difficult for them to become buyers.

If they’re sellers they could try moving out high-salaried veterans such as Milan Lucic ($6 million annual average value), Adam Larsson ($4.16 million) or Kris Russell ($4 million). However, they won’t find many takers without agreeing to either absorb part of those salaries, take back another toxic contract, or include a sweetener in the deal like a first-round pick or top prospect. 

Rosen also listed Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, Dallas’ Jason Spezza, St. Louis’ Jay Bouwmeester, Pittsburgh’s Derick Brassard, LA’s Carl Hagelin, Minnesota’s Eric Staal, Washington’s Andre Burakovsky, Carolina’s Michael Ferland, and New Jersey forwards Marcus Johansson and Brian Boyle as possible trade candidates. All are slated to become UFAs except Burakovsky, who’ll be a restricted free agent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds, Staal, Ferland, Boyle, and Burakovsky could attract the most interest if they hit the trade block in the coming weeks. 

Teams that could be potential buyers include the Nashville Predators, Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, and Colorado Avalanche. 


  1. If Brass does get moved , Pens must get a replacement …. I can’t see Sheahan as the fix

    …. so the only reason to move Brass …, is to then secure a replacement 3C that is an upgrade

    …. if it’s a slimilar centre … why take the gamble in the move ; and it’s hard to come up with a team that swaps centres (with adjusted picks exchanged) to satisfy both teams

    That means moving Brass to one team for assets that will be used in another trade with another team to get back a 3c replacement… that’s “ifs” and “risks” that just may not be worth it

    Perhaps sticking with Brass as an own UFA rental at 3 C ; and focusing on D upgrade and perhaps a gritty winger upgrade …. is a better idea ???

    If GMJR was just looking for a player for player swap (3C) that was only geared for a “change of scenery” hope for increased play by both players …,. Nothing really out there. The only remote chance I could think of was Richardson (Arz…. 11-5-16 ; minus 4 in 40 games)

    Brass (2 years younger, and a bit bigger) is 8-6-14 ; minus 7 in 39 games.

    Richardson however back on injury list

    There really is no other true straight up trade (that I can think of) that may work

    Better plan

    Stick with Brass; see if you can swing a deal to get Muzzin (or similar ). If GMJR can also get a gritty winger … all good

    GMJR …. do your usual early move

    • Pengy, if Pitts were to trade Brassard to Winnipeg, they should target Nic Petan as part of the return.
      Yes he is smaller at 5’9″ 179lbs been up all season but only got into 13 games and limited ice time.
      Winnipeg won’t put him on waivers because he won’t clear. The kid got a lot of talent but doesn’t fit the game plan Maurice likes to play.
      A team like Pitts who allow the skill to show would be a perfect landing spot for Petan.

      • Hi Caper

        When I first read your post I missed the words “part of”. I thought you were saying 1-1 deal…. I need to have a much more eagle eye on my reads

        Love Petan and do feel that he has been underused .

        Yes would ceratainly fit the mindset of the Pens speed/skill … he’s got great hands. I think he’d be a great add and be a great top 9 winger next year (reg season) …. but not sure this type of winger is what is needed come play-offs this year; and it would still leave Pens sans 3C

        What else were you thinking in return from Winn ? Even if it’s Tanev + Petan for Brass…. Pens still need to go out and get a 3C

        It’s just looking more and more that GMJR is going to have to make 2 trades at least …. 1 moving Brass; another getting his replacement …. and then maybe a third to either upgrade D or get gritty winger…. the more moving pieces and more trades …, the less likliehood of happening

        Strategically if he’s (GMJR) is not going to move JJ ( and for F’@$?#%’s sake it looks like that is what he is hinting at)…. then he’s going to move at least another D (Maata and/or Jamie O) and maybe mire ti upgrade the D and/or get another 3C and/or gritty winger

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s either the first or second GM to make a move (a couple weeks in advance of TDL)

        I still think he should keep Brass as own rental UFA 3C and address the other issues …. less moves … more likliehood of success; less moving pieces and hence less chemistry disruption

      • Pengy I think Winnipeg would do that deal. Petan is a C so he would fit in for Pitts 3rd line C

      • Hi Caper

        I didn’t realize he had ever played C…. I’ve only ever seen him play wing and is listed as a winger.

        From the stats it looks like he’s only played a handful of shifts at C this year …. so I think it would be too much to have him jump in to centre the Pens 3rd line

    • Jamie Olesiak back to Dallas for a 4th round pick. This clears cap space of $2.35 million for other moves which i assume are coming. I liked Jamie Olesiak too bad we couldn’t move Jack Johnson..

  2. Maybe this deal could work for both Habs and oilers
    To Montreal Lucic and puljarvi
    To the oilers. Juulsen and Alzner

    Montreal gets a quality wingers and the oilers get quality defence

    • Mathew

      I always like trades where there is pain and gain for both teams (at least 4 players [at least 2 for each team] moving) … with tough/painful contracts swapped and both teams giving up talent/future talent for same

      Although I think Mntl would not even think of taking on Lucic:

      Teams swap albatross contracts (D for winger) and up and coming talent (winger for D)

      Setting aside NTC ….On paper and just with straight logic …. not out of realm of fairness ( I think Ed would have to kick in to make fair for Mon taking on Lucic)

      However from a standpoint of reality …. I really can’t see Bergevin even considering this move… Alsner is already buried … Lucic can’t be

      Ed eventually may be forced to buy out Lucic

      • Pengy..for all those who dont think sidney Crosby is the best player in the world..which Connor McDavid agrees with shame on you…yesterdays all star game should prove that 4 goals 4 assists 8 points could have had 6 and 6 missed a coue breakawats players missed open shots…ok now back to buisness unless we can get a Charlie coyle type we may have to keep him and use others assests to get a jake muzzin, a brandon montour. Or a manson type D guy..

      • I don’t know that playing alongside the NHLs greatest and scoring 4 goals and 4 assists in two games 3 on 3 should define the greatest player of the game….

        Not one hit, 3 on 3 … if this was the normal everyday NHL game. I think we’d see players putting up 8-10-12 points a game on a daily basis.

        I’m not taking anything away from Crosby…. but definitely not a game to take too seriously.

      • BlackNGold

        I’m OK with keeping Brassard

        If the only new player (s) coming in is Muzzin (or Muzzin type) and Ferland (or Ferland type) …. Pens should be fine

        Coyle would be an upgrade but has term and will cost assets thatpersonally I’d rather use to get a Muzzin type or a Ferland type

        If Minn falls out of contention …. Staal as an UFA and 8 years older than Coyle … would come cheaper (in assets needed in the trade)

        Marcus Johanson also an option

        If Dall out of it …. Spezza not that far behind Coyle’s production and is
        Above Brass’ production … Dall would have to take back 50%

        Again …. I think first move (after of course waiving Ruhweedel) should be D strengthening move; then possibly grit winger

        LA , should be ready to accept a trade now

        Is there any way Muzzin can be got w/o a first ? …. Maata + 2nd + ZAR?

        …. would Car go for Rust (locked 3 more years) straight up for Ferland?

    • I had a similar thought but No Juulsen which would mean no Puljarvi. Maybe a Draft pick in 2020, not a 1st? Either way this trade would happen in summer after July 1st when Lucic’s signing bonus is paid. Also Lucic must lose his nmc in the trade so Laval is a option. The hope is Bouchard in the AHL could revive his career.

      • Nyr4life…comes off the sick bed he didn’t play with Tavarez, Landeskog, Kane, Stamkos, kucherov, Matthews, Schelfly or Mcdavid..funny Mc david was invisible for the pacific. there was no checking for anybody else either dude!

        I highly think Barzal a terrific young talent is the best in the world.
        Crosby is the most complete player in the game bar none! not the most explosive, not the fastest, but the best and most clutch stanley cups Olympics etc

      • Again, he’s playing with guys that are top nhl talent. 3 on 3 … and yes nobody else was getting hit.

        However, I stand behind my statement! This is not even close to an actual nhl game. To go off of one performance in this joke of a game is a bit crazy … no?

        If this type of game was the norm, you’d see players with 250 points + per season.

      • Pengy..Muzzin and ferland would do the trick and keep brassard…just saw another article Winnipeg wants brassatd bad and vegas blocked that by making the deal with ottawa and both vegas and Winnipeg are going to battle for him..this is a win win for Pittsburgh.

    • Who is the “quality” winger going to Montreal?

      • Nyr4life…dude stand by all you want if he plays with stamkos or .csavid kucherov he might have had 8 goals 8 assists… look at socchi crosby Bergeron Marchand unstopable plays with barzal letang ustopable last years all star game pkayed with ovechkin un stopable olympucs vancouver u stopable highlight goals last year this year unstoppable oh yeah 3 Stanley cups. you tell me whos more clutch ??and better all.around

      • Well when Mcdavid plays for a real team and he’s played as long as Crosby, we’ll have that conversation.

        But again, his accomplishments last night and career are night and day. Last night was meaningless….

      • Mcdavid is the best player in the league hands down, even Crosby says that

      • Puljarvi

  3. Lyle, while Lou is pretty tight lipped about his moves and thoughts. Has any chatter been picking up about Isles potential moves?
    As always keep up the great work. I have enjoyed coming here for many years

    • As Larry Brooks recently observed, the only way to tell if Lamoriello will make a move before the deadline is to look at where his teams are in the standings by then. In the past, he’s made significant moves before the deadline when he felt his club had a chance of winning. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a move or two this year. As for who he targets, your guess is as good as mine.

      • didnt answer my question give me your most complete clutch ayer right now..and go… yes the mcdavid conversion conversation must be held for the future..when Pittsburgh was at Edmonton earlier score tied 5-5 McDavid breKawzy he missed a couple minutes later Crosby did a spin move went through two Edmonton players scored mcdavid 2 ft away..nhl all star game all the worlds best as u stated and whos star shined the brightest…Crosby

      • You seem to take one game scenarios and build mountains out of molehills at times…..

        I’m not denying what Crosby is….. I’m stating the fact that I wouldn’t take the all star game seriously. Again, put best d-men and forwards out there playing an actual game, hitting defending etc…. 5 on 5.

        Nothing on the all star games prove anything! Lundqvist had a pretty good showing. You don’t see me saying it somehow makes him the greatest thing since sliced bread!

        And goaltenders actually have to play a more difficult game than they would normally.

        And cmon, the game in Edmonton where Mcdavid missed an opportunity? I’m sure Crosby has missed opportunities at times, and much worse players come back to haunt those misses!

  4. Drafting drafting drafting! After watching Brazal and Chabot in the allstar game. Knowing the Bruins passed over both and especially remember the pundits couldn’t believe they passed over Barzal not once, not twice but THREE times!
    It’s funny I heard everyone last week raking on PC in Edmonton because the pick they gave to the Islanders resulted in Barzal.
    Just throwing this out there but the guy at helm of drafting for Boston at that time was Keith Gretzky who as you know is now the interm GM of Edmonton.
    Don’t worry though still don’t know what will become of Senyshyn and Zboril still learning the game in the AHL waiting for the turn to explode onto the NHL.

    • Yes, that is true Caper. He doesn’t have a great record in the first round. Did well in the 2nd. Likes to go against the grain a bit too much for my taste.
      On the bright side both guys you mention have started to play much better of late in Providence.
      Might be because many of their best guys were up in Boston due to injury.

      • Hi Ray, yes they are and we hope it continues, Senyshyn has speed to burn, size and shot. Needs to put it all together.
        Also agree it seem Gretzky likes to go outside the box and had some very good success in the 2nd and 3rd round doing so; but, as you mentioned tends to go against the grain to much especially in the 1st round.

      • Both are getting more PP time too. Zborl was really good manning the point in JR on the PP, when given the chance, Can pound the puck too. Hopefully all it takes is a little more time.
        Overall the P Bruins are playing great hockey right now. If they could actually getting solid goal tending, then look out.

    • Definitely made some mistakes there. Looking back at the draft rankings you can see Barzal was the highest remaining prospect. Debrusk was lower around 20-25. Senyshyn wasn’t on anyone’s top 25.
      Zboril was ranked high 12-15.
      Picks should have been Zboril,Kyle Connor and Barzal.
      Gretzky did draft Pastrnak,Mcavoy and Carlo so can’t complain too much.

      • Ya it was a really good draft class Dave. Great time to have 3 mid 1st round picks. What could have been!
        I think Vaak will end up being a top 4 guy too, which is decent late in the 1st round. Lauzon and JFK could also be solid NHLer’s taken in the 2nd.
        So overall a solid B+ ish.

      • Nyr4life…still waiting your best All AROUND player today who is it? Blackngold tick tick tick

      • 1st you’re going to have to figure out where to reply if you need quicker responses!

        Crosby has 2 gwgs this year… he’s not even on the top 20-30 in the league. Or is gwgs not clutch unless they’re in a gimmick all star game? Congratulations…. I guess?

        Landeskog8, Mcdavid 7, Panarin 7, Point 6….Tavares, Skinner, Gourde, Kessel…

    • Nyr4life….im just saying when the game is big..all star match ups with ovechkin or McDavid or the Olympics or stanley cups sidney comes through..ur right one game doesnt mean everything of course..but all these special events Stanley cups olympics all star games match up with mc david Ovechkin he often answers the bell.. your not denying havent backed your claim whos a better all around player now? Make ur case or just acknowledge that he is..

      • Don’t even bring the all star game into this it is totally meaningless

  5. IF WPG needs center & Left hand defenseman….
    NYR can help

    to Pitts: Hayes & 3rd
    to NYR: Brassard & 1st

    to WPG: Brassard , B. Smith
    to NYR: 1st & a 2nd in different draft years.

    • If the jets are giving up a 1st and 2nd I think they will bypass brassard and especially smith and just get Hayes for fir that price

    • IHC

      …. you snuck Smith out the door 😉

      Counter proposal

      to Pitts: Hayes
      to NYR: Brassard, 1st (’19), JJ

      to WPG: Brassard , B. Smith
      to NYR: 2nd (’19)

      Pitts upgraded 3C and rid team of JJ …. cost 1st

      Winn got 2nd line C — UFA (currently underperforming at C) …. cost a 2nd and accepting the underperforming Smith

      NYR …. get 1st and 2nd for UFA Hayes … fair IMO ; and flips one D problem for another …. and saves $1.1 M on the D problem contract in each of next 2 years

      Too many pieces moving and of course GMJR extremely unlikely to move the “coveted” JJ…so likliehood close to zero …, but I do see this as an over-all win for all three teams

      • Would I rather have Smith for 2 more years or Johnson for 4 more? Hmmmmmm

        No thanks on any of these deals!

        Smith is not a problem for NY whatsoever. No cap concerns and he interferes with nothing. He’s not exactly taking a job away from anyone, and they’ve had no problem sending him down before, so if he did create that problem, Hartford here he comes!

      • NY4Life

        Dang you party pooper …. I thought I had a great way of ridding Pens of JJ … but you caught on to my ploy… LOL

        Alas …. it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards (Pens moving on from JJ)

        Loyalty and friendships are very important ….. there comes a point where the bigger picture (team and fans) has to be paramount

        That point …. IMO ….. became crystal clear by mid Dec

        Unfortunately , I think this may not become crystal clear to GMJR until mid Feb of ’23….🤣☹️

    • I agree. Ny is much more likely to deal with Winnipeg straight up than they are Pittsburgh at all.

      And I seriously doubt Winnipeg would even listen to anything involving Smith. They are about to be facing some serious cap issues.

      • Ok whatever know what im talking about if you honestly think jeff freakin skinner is the best overall player in the world which is what i asked you..ur dumber than i thought..skinner who was a carolina cast off. You know the question i asked you.if you cant name one dude just say that.yeah gabriel landeskog is the best overall player in the

      • There is definitely no reason to sling “ur dumber “ around.

        You’re definitely a little too fixated on this one game thing. Rust is on fire, Crosby’s the best player ever….because of a joke of a game called the all stars. Crosby definitely has an impressive resume. Nobody said Skinner was the best player ever… and so, he’s a castoff? Lmao because he was traded? Aye aye aye! I guess Kessel is a 2 time castoff plus has salary retention…. I guess he sucks too?

        You were talking about clutch players . Crosby is a great player. But not even on the top 10 in active players in gwgs. Ovechkin 104, Crosby 59! That’s not even remotely close.

        It seems like you don’t want to debate this, it seems you need reassurance that Crosby is the best player in the game. You’re not going to get that here… especially at this stage of his career.

        Put Ovechkin on a team like Canada, give him a better supporting cast in Washington all those years …Maybe he has 4 cups and a couple of gold medals?

        Clutch, 2 gwgs….. He may not even be the most clutch guy in Pittsburgh this year!

        But hey, hold on to that all star dream! I’m sure even Crosby doesn’t cherish this mvp as serious as you do! It’s probably already in a box in his basement.

        And for gods sake would you please start replying in the right place? It’s not that hard! If there’s no direct reply tab underneath…. go to the last reply tab in the thread you’re replying to!!!! Calling me dumb, and treating this whole reply thing like it’s rocket science to figure out? Jesus!

  6. I would be reluctant to move Hayes period. A rangy youngish centerman with some touch. Why ? They have to pay somebody . Zuccarello will serve the same purpose in terms of a return of picks and youth to continue the rebuild
    Not sure what all the fuss on Brassard is about. He does have some history but his recent is not so good . Nyquist a much much better target

    • As Lyle points out, It will probably come to what Hayes is asking. Either way, if they can’t come to an agreement with Hayes in the next couple of weeks, they need to move him.

      A rebuilding team with no playoff aspirations …. losing my their most valuable trade chip for zilch would be disastrous.

      • Agreed. Trade off what you can to gain additional assets for the future since they are not a playoff team.

    • SilverSeven

      I agree that Nyquist should be much more sought after than Brassard… it’s just that Brassard is predominantly a centre that can play wing.

      Nyquist may have played a handful of shifts at C.

      I think NYR would be wise to re-sign Hayes as I also think focus for Pens should be elsewhere and should keep Brass as “own-rental” 3C and make moves for D upgrade and gritty winger

      Keeping two big and productive men in Zib (25) and Hayes (26) as your top 2 centres to rebuild around is not s crazy idea

      And for Pens if they had Muzzin and say Ferland …. keeping Brass would be Ok

      Top 4 D of

      Letang / Dumo
      Shultz/ Muzzin

      Plus 3rd pairing:

      Petterson / Riikola

      **Don’t play JJ

      Centres : Crosby , Malkin , Brass

      Top 9 wingers: Guentzel , Simone, Horny, Kessel , Pearson , Ferland

      With 4th line of
      Sheahan ; Angello ; Blueger/Cullen

      …. that’s ceratainly a competitive roster

      …. would mean available to move to get Muzzin and Ferland:

      Maata, Jamie O, Rust, ZAR, 1st

      Again all conjecture … and too many ifs …. just think it’s better if Brass stays …. and trade focus lies elsewhere

      • Holy crap

        # 1 son just pointed out a huge blunder of mine

        How could I have forgotten that other most prized asset that Pens could offer up in a trade

        I’m sorry I forgot to include the highly coveted (by a minimum of 25 teams) Chad Ruhweedel . This asset will be the piece that is a must for trade partners to close the deal on …… uhhhh …… NOT

        I’ve used up my share of sarcasm for a month now

      • Carolina apparently is looking for a 1st and or 2nd and top? Prospect and kings asking 1st and top prospect..kings not looking for contract money term players their trying to clear cap for next year

    • Nyr4life…. The questions was who is the best all around player in the game today? Simple dude…no fixation,,,

      I said name a better all around player in today’s game. You spew out GWG’s, power play goals, who scored the most on Thursdays CMON….I’m talking all around player.

      You can’t answer or wont..and please don’t go in to should of’s, could of’s that’s bs.bro!

      Hell if Mario Lemieux didn’t retire for three years in the prime of his career and miss a full year to cancer and another full year to back injuries that’s 5 years at 40/50 goals a pop 200 goals he would be there with Gratzky goal wise.. you cant do hypothetical.

      So lets not do that stuff you can say what if Crosby had steven stamkos for 8 years instead of Pascal dupris, Chris Kunitz or Jake Guentzal CMON DUDE.

      Answer the question who is your best all around player in the game today? Who you got?

      you cant answer or you wont because you know already… ok game over on this topic.

      sorry for calling you dumb I just don’t like guys that cant back up or wont answer the question.

      have a great Monday 🙂

    • Nyr4life..OMG really Ovechkin has had a stacked team in Washington for years that’s more bs your spewing!
      They choked and got beat by the best player in the world time after time after time until last year.

      Washington has/had Backstrom, Kunetzov, Oshie, Wilson, Shattenkirk, Burakowsky, youngs guys like Nate Schmidt, Vrana Orlov they had vets like justin williams and others they even stole Penguins Orpik, Niskanan, hell even our coach Todd Reardon they had Green for a while…yeah the didn’t have much of a team… your right what are you smoking..

      Dont even get started about team Canada Russia has been stacked for years Malkin Ovechkin, Datsuyk Kovalchik kucherov serkcehov federov (back in the day) Vaselinsky in goal

      most of the Russian teams were completely stacked…

      what world are you living in..:)

      look the considered 3 best players in the world considered by media and the players to be the best are Crosby McDavid Kucherov.

      Ill help ya pick pick one…

  7. Nyr4Life and ihatecrosby both agreed that losing Hayes for nothing is foolish when the Rangers are rebuilding. Definitely.

    I’m not sure what exactly is going on with the Avs, but lately I have seen that Tyson Jost is currently buried in the AHL. Would a package of Hayes and a draft pick land Jost for the Rangers?

    • If NY trades Hayes, they shouldn’t be looking to add picks for a guy struggling on the NHL level.

      Hayes is nearly averaging a point a game. I don’t think they’re adding anything for Jost who has struggled this year.

      If Duchene isn’t actually available before or at the deadline, Hayes will be by far the most sought after center. And I don’t think they’ll be a shortage of teams lining up with better deals. And NY shouldn’t consider packaging anything along with him.

  8. How about Tyler Bozak to Pitts as 3C—solid on defense, good faceoffs, and can chip in with offense.

    • Hi IowaBoy

      Bozak did have chemistry with Kessel and is a fair C …. just think it’s a longshot trade

      I think if GMJR goes that route …. he’d insist on at least 40% take back

      • Pengy,

        It would come fairly close to that “straight up” trade for Brassard that you were discussing earlier. I agree that contract/$s would be an obstacle, but I think it’s a good option for both clubs.