2019 NHL Trade Deadline Tracker

by | Feb 25, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 69 comments

Here’s the list of today’s notable deals heading toward the 3 pm ET deadline. This list will be updated frequently throughout the day.  Following the deadline, I’ll examine the day’s biggest moves in the Soapbox section. 

Florida Panthers trade defenseman Chris Wideman to the Pittsburgh Penguins for forward Sebastian Dea.

Winnipeg Jets trade left wing Nic Petan to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for center Par Lindholm.

Florida Panthers trade defenseman Bogdan Kiselevich to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a seventh-round draft pick.

Buffalo Sabres trade defenseman Nathan Beaulieu to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a sixth-round pick. 

Vancouver Canucks trade defenseman Erik Gudbranson to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winger Tanner Pearson.

Minnesota Wild trade center Matt Hendricks to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for a seventh-round pick. 

Anaheim Ducks traded defenseman Michael Del Zotto to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for a sixth-round pick.

New Jersey Devils trade winger Marcus Johansson to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a 2019 second-round pick and a fourth-round pick in 2020. 

Philadelphia Flyers trade winger Wayne Simmonds to the Nashville Predators in exchange for winger Ryan Hartman and a conditional 2020 fourth-round draft pick.

Ottawa Senators trade Matt Stone to the Vegas Golden Knights (Photo via NHL Images)

Ottawa Senators trade right wing Mark Stone to the Vegas Golden Knights for prospect defenseman Erik Brannstrom, center Oscar Lindberg, and a second-round pick in 2020. 

Minnesota Wild trade forward Mikael Granlund to the Nashville Predators in exchange for winger Kevin Fiala. 

Los Angeles Kings trade defenseman Oscar Fantenberg to the Calgary Flames for a conditional fourth-round pick in 2020.

New York Rangers trade defenseman Adam McQuaid to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a fourth- and a seventh-round draft pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. 

Florida Panthers trade center Derick Brassard and a conditional sixth-round pick in 2020 to the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for a third-round pick in 2020

Florida Panthers trade forward Tomas Jurco to the Carolina Hurricanes for future considerations. The Hurricanes trade prospect Cliff Pu to the Panthers for future considerations.

Arizona Coyotes trade center Jordan Weal to the Montreal Canadiens for center Michael Chaput

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports the New York Rangers trade center Kevin Hayes to the Winnipeg Jets for Brendan Lemieux, the Jets’ 2019 first-round pick and a conditional pick. 

New Jersey Devils trade goaltender Keith Kinkaid to the Columbus Blue Jackets in return for a fifth-round pick in 2022.

Detroit Red Wings trade forward Gustav Nyquist to the San Jose Sharks for a second-round pick in the 2019 NHL draft and a conditional third-round pick in 2020. 


  1. That Kincaid deal is interesting. Prior to this season, his stats were quite good considering the overall quality of the D in front of him in NJ. There are no goalie injuries in Columbus so, does this mean Korpisalo is on his way out or is Bobrovsky?

    • Just my opinion, but I would expect Korpi to go. He’s just not working out and a change of scenery might be helpful. Considering he’s an RFA at the end of the season, I would think that Jarmo would accept the famous “future considerations” for him.

      • I have a feeling you’re right Paul – just that, if neither Panarin nor Bobrovsky re-ups in Columbus, and if he can’t sign either Duchene or Dzingel, he’s going to be left holding a whole lot of nothing if they don’t go far in the playoffs.

    • Sens getting Brannstrom as part of the Stone deal is huge. He is far and away the best player they got from their FAs deals. Brannstrom and Chabot as a the future of the Sens D is looking pretty damn good. I wish the Pens could have made a deal for a Harpur or Ceci with salary retained. Now that the Sens have D to spare, a great young prospect goalie in Gutavsson and a bunch of picks the next couple of years. If they could only trade their owner in for one that was much more competent this franchise would be looking like a contender in just a few years.

      • LOL. Trading Melnyk goes right to the top of wishful-thinking Dee. But I’m afraid we’re stuck with that twit for a while.

        As For Ceci (OR maybe Harpur but not both – I’d prefer it be Ceci) I have a feeling he could be packaged with one of those picks they picked up at this year’s draft to perhaps move up a few notches.

      • Forget it anyways. Senile old Rutherford traded for the only dman in the NHL that is worse than Jack Johnson and he’s paying 1.5 mill more for the pleasure. Why didn’t he keep Oleksiak who is tougher, bigger, AND a better actual hockey player than mf’ing Gudbranson!?!!?! That trade makes me ashamed to be a fan of this team. Gudbranson is not a hockey player, he’s a goon that can barely skate and does more harm than good. But on YouTube he fought Tom Wilson and didn’t lose per say so he must be the answer to all of our dreams. Except when you compare his HERO chart to Jack Johnson and see that Hack beats him handily in every category, then you think about how awful Johnson is, and then you see Gudbranson makes more AAV than Johnson and it makes you want to get a torch and a pitch fork and march on Rutherford’s home. Columbus and Washington both improved their teams incredibly and Rutherford goes out and gets 2 awful, worthless players. It’s time he retires one way or another.

      • Dee because Oleksiak is SOFT, especially when it comes to fighting. He can’t match up against Tom Wilson. Me thinks that is what GMJR has in mind.

  2. Solid move by SJ by picking up Nyquist. Slots in anywhere in top 3, though wouldn’t be surprised if joins Couture line reuniting Pavelski with Thornton. Or he simply lines up next to Thornton. Or he replaces Donskoi on Hertl line. Who knows. Either way it’s a good pickup for Sharks.

    • I agree good pickup by the sharks, thought it would be a bit better return but Nyquist having the a choice mugshot have affected the return

      • Might have* not mugshot

    • I love the pick-up of Nyquist! I was just shaking my head at how the pundits thought SJ would pick up Howard or someone similar. This is going to be an awesome playoffs, for Sharks, especially if Karlsson gets healthy!

    • @ FRANK

      Id really like to hear that song more in the 1st and 2nd periods for F sake !

  3. This Ranger fan is fine with the Hayes deal. We need some grit and another 1st.

    • @ ds & NYR4LIFE

      Good grab the Rangers ….

      If anyone read my posts yesterday I had B Lemieux as one of my wants yesterday on my wish list …as I figured he would be on his way out for cap purposes …as he has been up and down so he would be the first to go !

      I love this player though …he would have been a solid asset for my Leafs has he is a similar style player to a Tom Wilson ..not there but as close as you can get !

      pissed off …f%$@#

      • Could Baby Claude get flipped to Leafs, Bruins, Tampa

  4. Montour to Buffalo!!!! Rutherford should have figured that one out dammit.

    • That was confusing too that Rutherford didnt land montour we had at least that offer from buffalo..

  5. Does Cliff Pu get traded so much because he stinks? Too soon?

  6. OK – things had better pick up in the next hour 45 minutes or this is gonna go down s one of THE most boring trade deadline days ever.

    • H O L Y …C B J …& McQuaid ….

      This goes to show how important Playoff revenue is !

      • Karl E…yes Columbus liaded up with dzingel duchense and mcquaid they are going for it..you must applaud that…but at years end panarin bobrosky dzingel and duchense are all ufas they could all leave.. as for Rutherford not the greztest deadline but grudbrason is i surance and he wont back down from tom wilson or wayne simmons. He plays physical can be ok in Pittsburghs system and Weidman is a solid moving puck dman.. letang dumolin prognosis is good day to day. All healthy letang dumolin schultz pettersson weidman grubrason. Johnson rikola rudwhedel in the press box. Off season move kessel for jason Zucker of Minnesota or josh manso dman of Anaheim.. grudbrason is younger and cost less than mcquaid..

  7. McQuaid to CLB for 2019 4th , 7th and the entire Blue Jackets scouting staff …. have never seen a team trade off most of their draft picks

  8. I am FRICKEN PISSED !!!

    If the Leafs think they have a quality D core they are absolutely CRAZY !!!

    with upgrades and current rosters in there conference thus far and with the way they are playing …they are in deep trouble !

    Gardiner… Zaitsev can not cut it …

    Leafs have NO ONE on this roster to play a physical game or combat one …and the Babcock theory that the Power Play is the best Defense to that style of playoff hockey is a JOKE…especially when your almost last on the PP …

    Id love Kronwall and Bogosian should be able to keep 1st rounders in both those deals …..and its a serious upgrade !

    C MON MAN !

    • Cheer for another team?

      • Amen to that, Toronto`s come a long way in the past 4 years and yet a couple people here seem to think they know so much more than the guys running the team.

    • Karl E..i am surprised Toronto didnt add a dman..i agree with you..

  9. Come on …..Bruins

  10. Wow. Brassard stock really fell

  11. Lyle,

    Do you know what the cap floor implications are for a team like Ottawa. Even without trading Stone (yet) they seem to be low. Do they have to stay at or above a percentage of the cap floor minimum as the season winds down?

    • Senators currently have over $70 million invested in cap payroll this season. Even if they shed Stone’s contract, they’ll be over the cap floor of $58.8 million.

      • Thank you!

  12. Vegas gets stone and so far Ottawa gets grade A Prospect brannstrom

    • Good return.
      Dorian did well considering the position he was in.

      • The west has just jumped ahead of most of the east other than tb, Jets,Vegas,cgy, sj are just behind tb as best shot for a cup

      • Well to be fair, he put himself in that position by letting all these guys go to UFA…pretty crazy how much talent have left Ottawa with not much back in return…going to be a long, painful rebuild.

      • There has never been a fundamental re-build that hasn’t been painful in pro sports. It’s the nature of the beast. In the many many years I have been following pro sports, if I had a buck for every time I heard or read a fan saying “I’ll never support them again … yadda yadda …” – and then went back as soon as they latched onto some other roster players who begin to shine, I’d be a millionaire. That’s the nature of THAT beast.

  13. Panthers sold waaaaaaay low on Brassard, wow what a garbage flip that was. Surprised they didn’t move Sheahan for a bucket of KFC chicken and a bottle of cola. Columbus is loading up for the greates all in of all time. Lots of much ado about nothing and the Penguins and Rutherford absolutely crapped the bed. Losing Botterill and keeping the old man was the first step on this team’s downward spiral. I have no confidence in Rutherford from this moment forward. He has done more harm than good if you look at his complete body of work in Pittsburgh. Lovejoy, Hainsy, And Jack Johnson should get you fired 9 times out of 10, if not for a hungry, strong, young roster in 16 and 17 he is gone long ago. What happened to playing the young hungry guys? It went out the door to trust a bunch of loser veterans that have no business in the NHL.

    • I am absolutely speechless right now. Rutherford trades a pretty useless Pearson for an incalculable amount of uselessness in Gudbranson!?!??!! I’m done with Rutherford now and I hope he gets Ebola. He has screwed this team up beyond fixing. Why the hell did you trade Oleksiak just to bring in a slower, dumber, all around terrible Gudbranson? Wtf are you thinking you senile old goof? The major roster move the Penguins made today was even worse and that was sending Blueger back to WBS so they can keep sending out Cullen and Wilson without worrying about roster spots. It took Wilson 28 years and 62 games to score his first NHL goal, Blueger had 3 in his first 5 games. He can play all 3 forward positions and is just as good defensively. Are they trying to throw the year to justify starting a rebuild prematurely this summer?!? Rutherford sucks!!!!

      • So are you saying you don’t think Rutherford will get to his 5th Stanley Cup series and 6th Eastern Conference final this year because he doesn’t know what he is doing?

      • Yes, if they win anything it’s in spite of his bungling, just like 2017. He really left Carolina in great shape didn’t he? It’s been almost a decade since they made the playoffs and the only reason they might this year is because of Ron Francis’ excellent building abilities.

  14. Johansson to bruins for 2nd and 4th didn’t give up much but the guy is injury prone

    • We needed 3C and 2RW.
      I think Sweeney did ok.
      I was high on Donato though.
      Hoped to get Mcquaid back for depth as well.

  15. Find it odd Nashville moved two middle 6 wings. Chemistry issues?

  16. I feel Dorion did well overall given the hand he has been dealt. As an Ottawa fan, it is hard to not be angry. We watched the era of Chara, Redden, Spezza, Heatly, and Alfie fall apart. Now we have watched Karlsson, Duchene, Stone and Hoffman fall apart. But on the bright side, we have a great looking future and hopefully; we might not have to watch it fall apart.

    F Tkachuk, F Brown, F White, F Formenton, F Batherson, F Abramov, F Balcers, F Norris, F Davidsson, D Chabot, D Brannstrom, D Bernard Docker, D Tychonik, G Gustavsson

    • JJB , great group of prospects… as you noted we just hope the management group holds to there commitment to spend in the future and keep the nucleus of the team intact.
      The past few years has been Montreal Expos dejavu.

  17. Sorry George.

    • Hey, it is what it is. Just wondering which teams everyone thinks did nothing on this day – not counting minor league deals. TB is one but they didn’t really need to do anything. but what about Toronto, Chicago, Edmonton, Arizona, Carolina? Any others?

      • Plus, one deal that caught my eye was Vancouver sending Jonathan Dahlen to SJ for Swedish league player Linus Karlsson. When Ottawa sent Dahlen to Vancouver in 2017 for Alex Burrows, there were many in here chirping that Ottawa got jobbed, that Dahlen was a sure-fire NHL star who would shine with Pettersson.

        This more or less underscores what I’ve been trying to say the past few days – those GMs with teams that have a legitimate shot at the cup but who sit on prospects when given a chance to land an impact player like Stone, are doomed to be bridesmaids. Unless your drafted “prospects” are named McDavid, Matthews, Marner, Eichel etc. and able to step in right away – you – just – don’t – know.

        Now Dahlen – the “can’t miss” – goes to a stacked team where, realistically, he will become a fixture on their minor league team.

      • Where’s my atta boy damnit!?!?

      • I missed it all this year. Too busy. Did the islsnders do anything? I expected them tk make a splash after losing tavares and then kicking butts all season long.

  18. Well they dumped Pearson. Does gudbranson have term next year? If not goodmove.

    • Yes he has two more years at about $4mil per….Pens should of stuck with Haglin !

      • 🤢

    • 3 more years at 4mil per.

    • Rutherford -“ how can I get someone more useless than Pearson and Johnson put together but still has a ridiculous cap hit and term on his contract?”
      Benning-“ I have the perfect guy that will absolutely destroy your team short and long term!”

      Rutherford-“Where do I sign good buddy?”
      Benning- “I just traded one of my best forward prospects away for nothing so I kind of needed this win good buddy!”

      Rutherford-“. That’s cool, don’t forget I’ll let you sleep with my wife any time you want as well good pal!!”

  19. So the Flyers traded a warrior for a 4th round pick and a project?! REALLY Cliff Fletcher? …. Better off letting him walk for nothing since that’s what the Flyers got in return anyway!! Absolute BS!

    • Ya didn’t like that move for philly Hartman is a 3rd liner and 4th rd pick isn’t a great return

  20. Gudbranson’s contract is actually up after 2020-21season…so Pittsburgh has his contract next season and the one after….which two years is horrible enough, Im sure it will feel like three!

    • Well coupled with Johnson’s abhorant contract and having to lose Shultz and Matta in the process will look extra awful the longer it plays out. F Rutherford from this point out I just want him gone. He’s done way more bad than good.

  21. The Oilers did exactly what their season and past history indicates. NOTHING

  22. Shocked CHI did not try and move Anisimov or Saad. They need cap space to turn the ship back around.

  23. Avs stole a solid middle 6 guy for nothing!….not a move that wins a cup but solid!

  24. TDL best moves

    1) VGK gets Stone
    2) Buff gets Montour for waaaay below fair
    3) Johansson acquisition by SJ prob sets them up to finish first in Div ; and easier first round match-up

    Re Stone trade; Ottw is getting a great future D but I thought they’d get a first as well. Lindberg is a UFA … so from what they were originally reporting as the ask : 1st, Roster with term , and top prospect; they scored huge on the prospect but only a second and a player for 20 games

    To add … VGK secure Stone for 8…. in the Duchene deal they got a first and conditional 1st if re-signed!!!!

    So great future for Sens; but should have been a first instead of a 2nd IMO

    Biggest winner …. Stone gets a contract that is equal in take-home pay of 8 years at $12.35 M in Ottw (or Toronto or Montreal) …….Vegas, TBay, Fla, Nsh; and Dallas… have massive unfair tax advantages over other teams

    Now biggest loser …. not hard to guess on this

    GMJR sees the massive score that Botterill gets ; that would have saved Pens season for sure… then starts drinking first thing in the morning

    Realizes with current D injuries Pens could miss playoffs …. so drinks even more instead of negotiating all day for some reasonable trade

    Then he passes out and doesn’t wake until
    2:45 and thinks the solution to save the year is D with size…. bingo … one call ….. got a D with size and rid the team of underperforming Pearson

    After he called in to central processing to finalize the deal it was only then that he realized who he got in the trade…. size …. yep… fit in budget …. yep…. RHD… yep….. but oops Gudbranson …. better than JJ… but only margainly ….

    So now GMJR panics ; downs 3 doubles of Jim Beam; weeps at his stupidity for trading Jamie Oleksiak ; then does what only he can…. solves the day by acquiring the esteemed MR Wideman


    Now here is the only way Pens are saved from play-off extinction:

    1) unbelievably quick recovery by Dumo , Letang ; and Maata ; coupled with JJ ; Ruhweedel ; Gudbranson sitting all games


    2) JJ sitting all games along with the miracle of all miracles …. Gudbranson turns his year completely around and shines due to change of scenery

    Anybody want to give odds on either of those happening???

    Sad sad sad day for Pens fans


  25. Pearson has gone bad and would have been sat or put on waivers .Take what ever you can. I am no scout but seen enough to know that you weren’t getting a lot for him. Shouldn’t have traded for him in the first place. Trading back O..whoops. I lot of zigging when Rutherford should been zagging. Bjugstad should be all right.

    Columbus and Winnipeg did the most. A big thanks to Ottawa for keeping it interesting.

    • Surprised Dorion did not attempt to get Anderson to a contender who needed solid goalie depth…..even for a 2nd rd pick. He can always sign a goalie in the summer. ould have been nice to see Anderson get a shot at the playoffs.

  26. I find it interesting the polar opposite view points you get on the Stone trade when you listen to TSN and Sportsnet.
    TSN thinks Dorion did a great job, Sportsnet thinks Dorion got fleesed.
    Personally I am very surprised Ottawa did not get a 1st round pick in the deal