NHL Rumor Mill – February 1, 2019

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The latest on Artemi Panarin, Duncan Keith, Mitch Marner, Mats Zuccarello, Cam Talbot, and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports there’s nothing new to report regarding the Ottawa Senators’ contract discussions with pending free agents Matt Duchene and Mark Stone. If they end up in the trade market they’ll join an unprecedented number of elite offensive players available as playoff rentals leading up to the trade deadline. Those could include Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds, Carolina Hurricanes left winger Micheal Ferland and Pittsburgh Penguins center Derick Brassard.

Darren Dreger believes the Winnipeg Jets could join the clubs with interest in Duchene or Stone, though general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is said to be kicking tires on a lot of top-six and bottom-six players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll likely know for sure by Feb. 15 if Duchene and/or Stone will re-sign with the Senators or end up on the trade block. Simmonds, Ferland, and Brassard seem all but certain to be traded. Panarin could be moved but, as we’ll see, that’s not a certainty. The Jets’ need a second-line center and perhaps another checking-line forward. 


TSN: Pierre Lebrun reports hearing several playoff contenders have reached out to the Blue Jackets to inquire about Artemi Panarin’s availability and what the asking price might be. The Florida Panthers aren’t among them but LeBrun believes GM Dale Tallon would be interested in pursuing Panarin and teammate Sergei Bobrovsky via free agency this summer.

THE ATHLETIC (Subscription required): Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen won’t be simply a seller if he decides to trade Panarin and/or Bobrovsky. He’ll want to add players to soften the blow of their departures and keep his club in playoff contention. The Jackets will get better returns for either guy if they can ship them to teams they’re willing to sign with. That could mean giving their agents permission to speak to interested clubs about contract extensions. A more likely approach could be conditional trades where the Jackets get an additional draft pick or prospect if the player re-signs with his new team.

Portzline suggests the Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and perhaps the Vegas Golden Knights or Florida Panthers as possible destinations for Panarin. The Sharks, Panthers, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers might be options for Bobrovsky.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Portzline also noted the Jackets could be willing to accept a return of a top prospect(s) and draft pick(s) and then flip part of that return to another club for an offensive forward to replace Panarin. Moving him could prove too complicated if the Jackets can’t find a separate deal to bring in a scorer to offset his departure.

It’s already been noted that Kekalainen could retain Panarin and Bobrovsky if he can’t find a suitable return for either guy. That could also depend on where they are in the standings. They’ve currently dropped three consecutive games. If the losses mount over the next couple of weeks it could hasten their departures out of Columbus. 


Will the Chicago Blackhawks approach Duncan Keith about a trade? (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Chicago Blackhawks will approach defenseman Duncan Keith before the trade deadline to find out what he wants to do. Keith has four years remaining on his contract ($5.5-million annual average value) plus a full no-trade clause.

THE ATHLETIC (Subscription required): Scott Powers reports it’s unlikely the Blackhawks will make a play at the trade deadline for any pending UFAs they could consider targeting this summer. They’re willing to move winger John Hayden and have let teams know they’re willing to move soon-to-be UFAs Chris Kunitz and Marcus Kruger.

Erik Gustafsson has been mentioned as a trade candidate but they’ll have to be “wowed” by an offer to move him. They’re also not shopping center Artem Anisimov, though that could change this summer when his no-movement clause becomes a modified no-trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Keith. Despite his age and decline in his play, the 35-year-old will attract lots of interest if he agrees to be traded to a contender before the Feb. 25 deadline. Same can’t be said for Kunitz, whose stock has rapidly declined over the last couple of years. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reminds us Mitch Marner’s agent recently said they have no intention of negotiating a new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the season. If Marner, a restricted free agent after this season, isn’t re-signed by July 1, Dreger claims teams “are 100 percent preparing an offer sheet” for Marner.  He also reminded us the Leafs intend to match it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rival clubs can contact Marner’s agent on July 1 about signing an offer sheet but that doesn’t mean he’ll sign one. Marner could tell his agent he’s only interested in signing with the Leafs and that will be the end of it. It could also be a pointless exercise of the Leafs match any offer, though doing so will put a serious dent into their salary-cap payroll and force them to make cost-cutting trades.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing on Montreal’s TSN 690, Darren Dreger said he thinks the Tampa Bay Lightning have inquired about Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds and Carolina Hurricanes winger Micheal Ferland. They might also have interest in a depth defenseman. He wondered if the Lightning is willing to part with anyone off their roster, as the Hurricanes could try to bring some scoring back for Ferland.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes the Lightning have sought a right-shot defenseman for some time. He said they’ve been linked to Ottawa Senators’ rearguard Cody Ceci.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning has a reputation for pulling off big moves leading up to the trade deadline. Though they’re riding high in the standings this season we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility that they’ll be active again. 


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey lists the Hurricanes’ Micheal Ferland, the New York Rangers’ Kevin Hayes, Winnipeg Jets’ Adam Lowry, New Jersey Devils’ Brian Boyle, and Minnesota Wild’s Charlie Coyle as potential trade-deadline targets for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes could seek a scorer or a first-round pick for Ferland. Ditto the Rangers for Hayes. The Jets reportedly aren’t interested in parting with Lowry and I can see the Devils keeping Boyle and trying to re-sign him. Coyle has often surfaced in trade rumors but the Wild’s recent trade of Nino Niederreiter to the Hurricanes could mean he’s safe for now. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers could be looking at New York Rangers winger Mats Zuccarello as a rental player.



  1. I wish Dreger would just realize when he is getting played. I realize that an offer sheet is a tool available to all GMs and that the threat of it is real, I guess. I just don’t understand why it’s said with such conviction, I do not think Marner will be signed by the Leafs by July 1- I see his negotiation being very long and drawn out- so we will see if Dreger’s sources are legit, you just don’t hear Mackenzie ever talking about it? Why is that?
    As a Leaf fan – it isn’t the worst thing in the world, if you don’t match unconditionally, if you match at any obscene number- it’s silly- he isn’t worth any number- so take your four 1st rounders- or make a deal and then maybe you take your 12 million and go sign Erik Karlsson or Panarin or Rantanen or Laine (wouldn’t that be something). I think everyone forgets they can also offer sheet players lol.

    Spec, I have been trying to find an answer for this. The Leafs have Horton’s cap on the books next year, does that mean after the season starts they can go over the cap by his cap figure ? So in theory- can hold off on signing Kapanen and/or Johnsson till after opening night? I thought I had heard that last year? Sounds to good to be true?

    • While they can go over the cap by up to the equivalent of Horton’s annual cap hit, they won’t use that as a reason to hold off on re-signing Kapanen and/or Johnsson. In theory, they could do that, but it can also create other headaches, such as trying to bring up another player from the farm team if injuries strike or if they wish to add via trade or free agency. It would also leave them wide open to Kapanen or Johnsson getting an offer sheet if they held off.

      • Ok I see, so it is partially viable? If Kapanen’s and Johnsson agents know that they will get the term they want but wont be done until season starts- they wont entertain an offer sheet? I doubt they would use the whole 5 mill but if they had to tap into 2 or 3 million it’s there I guess. Interesting loophole. It would help them bridge a year until Marleau’s salary falls off the following year

      • So it is viable? I am not saying they would intentionally use it- or that they would use the whole 5 mill- but in the back of their head if they had to tap into 2 or 3 million- its a bonus. Also if Kap or Johnsson agents know there is a deal but wont be signed until season starts they wouldn’t be compelled to entertain an offer sheet? Interesting loophole …

      • It’s not going to happen. The Leafs have $60.2 million invested in 13 players for next season. Assuming they can get Matthews and Marner re-signed for $18 million combined (it’ll likely be more but I’m being generous here), their cap payroll will be over $78 million. Assuming the cap rises to $83 million as projected, they’ll have less than $5 million remaining to re-sign Kapanen and Johnsson and still fill out the remainder of the roster. They simply can’t “wait” until the start of the season to put Horton on LTIR again and use those minuscule savings to re-sign Kapanen and Johnsson.

      • It will be interesting to see what the Leafs do. Dubas didn’t seem too concerned about it after he signed Tavares, so does he have a deal in his back pocket?
        You look on Cap friendly and look where the money is and options that make sense.
        Marleau – NMC, could sign anywhere chose Toronto, will he wave? I suppose and I think he still has a home in SJ, so maybe but do they want him back at full pop? Would need to be sweetened or $$ held.
        Nylander – just signed and reportedly has a verbal agreement he won’t be moved. If Dubas wants to be a GM for a long time trust in his word matters. So is that even an option? If reporting is wrong, should be a deal they can make.
        Horton looks like the obvious choice – how much would need to be included to deal a $5.3M, uninsured contract? What is a rich team that can afford it and won’t have a cap issue when the season starts?
        Philly looks like one. Need to sign a veteran goalie to help out with Hart so they can ease him in a little bit. Provorov and Sanheim need new deals.
        I just have no idea what the Leafs would need to add.

    • People in the media need to write stories and I get that. I also don’t doubt GMs are telling Dreger that an offer sheet is a very good option, of course it is.

      I’m of the opinion that none of RFAs will be offer sheeted. Why:

      Firstly, it will drive up the cost of all RFAs across the NHL in perpetuity. The concept of comparable is the strongest argument used by an RFA in his negotiation. Secondly, I can’t imagine GMs wanting the comparable to significantly move up as quite frankly there should not be a GM that doesn’t have high level RFAs either now or very near term that they will need to sign. The cost of doing business within their own team will cost them. If they don’t have high end RFAs near term, they should be fired as they are doing it wrong.

      When offer sheets are not handed out, the comments we will be hearing is – we believe the team would have matched so we’re not going that road. This is what you will be hearing all summer and into the fall if RFAs hold out

      • @Trekie couldn’t agree more…

      • Guys like Dreger and McKenzie have real and reliable sources. They have their reputation to think of before they mention any rumours. They are not just saying things to create storeys, they are above that. Are they always right? No. But you can be sure if they are mentioning it there are certainly GM’s planning for it. Now if the GM’s follow through with that plan is another thing.

      • Agree kevjam both aren’t just saying this stuff they are hearing it, Wether it happens or not is another story

    • Toronto can’t offer sheet anyone, they don’t have a 1st round pick.
      Also find the comment the excerise is a waste of time because Toronto will match, another teams in the East will be happy if Toronto pays extra Millions to sign; therefore making other decisions more difficult. Actually you win either way by forcing their hand.
      MM may simple sign the offer sheet, seeing it as a win either way.

      • Agreed Caper and MM and his agent may well gain leverage. Imagine he signs an offer sheet that gives him a high annual average salary that takes him right to FA status instead of buying out some of those years.

      • The Leafs dont have a 1st round pick for 2019. Offer sheets would be after the 2019 draft and they have their own 2020 1st

      • They have their 1st in 2020…you don’t offer the pick that takes place before July 1st

      • really don’t buy a player who cares about where he plays and who he plays with would just sign the offer sheet lol. Knowing the dominoes that fall after. Do players just play Russian roulette and sign an offer sheet knowing there is always a chance the team doesn’t match ..or takes the time to work out a trade. All account are marner likes it in Toronto- why would you screw your own team. And yes I know money is money- but it isn’t everything (or at least I guess we will see if it is).

      • Caper and rest, I guess we’ll all see come July 1 and after won’t we?

        To some that have commented. I made it very clear that I don’t doubt GMs have said offer sheet are a possibility to Dreger and I wish you all stop focusing on the Leaf offer sheet situation and focus on the entire equation.

        If Marner gets offered sheeted X, one would assume Point and Laine will get offer sheeted more. As well, every GM will be facing this issue at some point.

      • I said it before but if offer sheets are not made this summer with the sheer amount of players who are ripe for them then the system is broke in favor of the owners. the compensation needs to be seriously looked at if we don’t see some of Mathews, marner, laine, aho, point, boesner etc etc, offered.

    • No they can not offer
      sheet anyone. You need your own first which now belogs to la
      Marner will get a offer sheet only if leafs over spend on matthews 12 13 million

      • Yeah they can. Any offer sheet that is made would be utilizing draft picks from the 2020 draft and beyond, because offer sheets can’t be signed until AFTER the 2019 draft.

      • Chrism, I hear ya and you’re right, the mechanisms as they are written in the CBA as they relate to RFAs are absolutely broken. I say this as I don’t believe the CBA was written with what is going on with the RFAs today in mind.

        Costs in hockey are a key driver as teams need to manage against the cap. This RFA explosion in salariess are going to significantly impact the veterans as well, new players entering RFA – once the money is doled out, very little is left for veterans and new RFAs. The cycle will continue.

        Let’s look at baseball. Last year was a record year for UFA not getting signed. This year there are more plus two of the most prominent UFAs in the history of baseball still unsigned. Baseball doesn’t have a hard cap. Is this collusion in baseball or cost management?

        Just my two cents, agree with you the system is broken. Where I think the issue lies is how the CBA was written and I think that part of it will be re-written come next extension discussion or lockout or strike

  2. Going to miss Mats Zuccarello @ MSG. I will throw up a little bit if somehow he ends up in Tampa….

  3. Portzline is being lazy. No way does Bob go to the Flyers. Is he watching them play at all? Bob will not do a 2 year deal, so he is out. Definitively out.

    Flyers look to have found their long term guys, could they ago south? Sure, but there is no way they get bumped for Bob…

    If Flyers sent Jake to Colombus for Panarin, what else would they have to to include to get it to work?

    • I think we’d probably have to throw Ghost and 2nd round pick in there for that to happen.

      • I’d do that deal depending on what he wants his contract to look like.

  4. Why on earth would the Flyers want Bobrovsky? Portzline is way off base, Hart is doing a great job and if Stolarz can stay healthy he’ll be a solid backup. Panarin is a more likely target for the Flyers.

  5. I’m not as skeptical as some here w.r.t. Marner getting an offer sheet (or two) thrown his way. I have serious doubts that he’d sign one though.

    With an offer sheet; all the better for him and his agent as they can waive that in GMKD’s face to at least attempt to move up the needle on final contract numbers.

    Marner’s dad, from how I perceive the reporting on his public stance, seems hell bent on being the controlling factor in the negotiation (seem familiar???).

    The end result, IMO, Leafs pay a little more than they would have planned for/were willing to give up; and Marner suits up as a Leaf next fall.

    • Pengy, you are right- does sound a little familiar but I don’t think Nylander was a competition thing- I think he just thought he was worth more whereas I think the Marner camp thinks he is worth the same as Matthews…(argument for a different day) and that’s why they wont negotiate until after the season or Matthews contract is done…
      This will be interesting for sure

      • Hi Sam,


        The familiarity I was more leaning towards as an inference was the dominating father w.r.t. negotiations.

        Circumstances and value certainly different that with WW.

        I truly believe there will be offer sheets; and both MM and his agent would be absolutely stupid, not sharing (waiving in face— LOL) the offer sheet with Dubas. It can only serve to inflate somewhat, the end value of his contract.

    • Pengy…just woke up 945 am los Angeles time turned on hockey central an d saw the trade between Pittsburgh anf Florida.. brassard sheahan to Florida.plus a 2019 2nd anf two 4th round picks for nick bjugstad and jared mccan both with term..bjugstad has some skills..what do you think still think we need another dman..3rd pairing.

  6. Re: Clb and Panarin:
    I posted a lengthy diatribe the other day w.r.t. Panarin and NYI.

    From many posts and media reports, bidding teams are willing to pay more for Panarin if they believe they have a better than average shot at re-signing him (available cap, available cash, probability of Panarin liking the city [big city, large Russian population])

    From all above, I think NYI have a higher than average probability of being a successful trade partner for Panarin’s services (better chance at re-signing him, so willing to pay more) first of all— New York fits Panarin’s city requirements; secondly , NYI’s have the cap and $’s this year and next).

    Clb would accept less in trade if they were basically getting a highly similar player coming back —- Top line UFA RW with similar numbers—- There is no RW UFA of similar age and production out there. So…. The final trade will have to have a 1st rounder ++.

    A first is coming anyway— what else?

    NYI Prospects— It won’t be Dobson. So Ho-Sang? Dal Colle?

    There would then need to be a roster player coming back.

    I threw out the argument for Eberle— Right hand shot like Panarin. Eberle RH but predominantly plays RW however, has played LW; Panarin also RH shot ; predominantly plays LW but has played RW.

    If Clb gives up Panarin entirely for picks/prospects— I think Clb can basically conclude that playoffs this spring; are pretty well not happening.

    Eberle would not put up anywhere near the numbers that Panarin does, but would mitigate some of the loss— Eberle instead of a roster D or a prospect coming back, just may keep playoff hopes alive; maybe even the possibility of winning a round. No forward coming back— I am very very skeptical at Clb in the post-season

    So — would Clb take: 1st, Eberle, Ho-Sang and Dal Colle for Panarin?

    IF (long shot) Clb keeps both Panarin and Bobo… they may win a series and possibly two; won’t , IMO , win East; and WILL lose both in July for nothing ….

    ….And , I would not be surprised, if in fact both go to free-agency while finishing the season in Clb — that both end up Panthers next year.

    • Hey Pengy, I agree that the Isles make sense as a trade partner in terms of need/location/assets to offer. I see a couple of possible problems. Would CLB actually trade within the division when they appear likely to be fighting with NYI for playoff spot/position? The Isles have also done well with their current cast because, according to Lou and Trots, they’ve all bought in. Would Panarin be willing to play Defence first and sacrifice some of his offence?

      Not sure Lou gives up both of Ho Sand and Dal Cole along with Eberle and a first unless Panarin signed an extenstion first.

    • Hey Pengy, Let me say thank you…..As an avid Islander fan I can only respond with the following statement….. My car is running and I’m willing to drive Eberle, Ho Sang and Dal Colle to the airport or even Columbus if I have to and I will pick up Panarin for the return trip if Lou can pull that one off. Have a great day. Lol

  7. Why on earth would the Canucks want Bobrovsky? Portzline is just being lazy. Markstrom is playing well for far less money than Bob will command, Demko just started his NHL career with 2 wins and Michael Dipietro (Canada’s WJC goalie) is ready for seasoning in the AHL. Goaltending is the least of the Canucks worries – they need 2 top 6 wingers and 2 top 4 D.

    Also, why would anyone suggest Winnipeg, a playoff contender, would trade a heart and soul guy like Lowry before the playoffs. Again I agree with AlexJ, these guys are just being lazy.

  8. ceci to Tampa……LOL….why would they?

    If it does go down, it’ll be like this. Tampa will secretly pick up Cori Connacher from whatever euro trash league he’s in and trade him back to us again for Ceci – fleecing us a second time with the same player.

    • Lol. Good stuff.

  9. After attending the Jets Blue Jackets game last night. I was paying close attention to Panarin, now my view of his play is a small snapshot 1 of 82 games.
    Panarin had 1 goal and 1 assist and was very noticeable all night. Again my opinion is skewed because I was evaluating as a fit for Boston and playing with David Krecji. After a few shifts watching how he controls the puck and what vision he has, being able to see the open man before he is open and dishing off a sweet pass. I said yes ill take some of what Panarin is offering….More please.
    The one thing that really stuck out to me again in this small snapshot, was he was always looking to pass and a couple of occasion forcing the pass, when there was an opportunity to take the puck deeper and go it alone. He not going in the dirty area and he doesn’t have to, his shot was ok but not blistering.
    Panarin has A+ skills and now would he be a good fit for Boston and what they need, yes but no.
    In terms of where he would fit in Boston, second line wing with Krecji isn’t a match for me… my reasoning watching Panarin was a lot like watching David Krecji a cerebral players with a pass first mentality. I’m not sure if two of that type of player would work well together on the same line. Panarin is a better player then Krecji and would he be willing to shoot more if he was feed the puck more by Krecji. If it came to Panarin or Stone, I would want Mark Stone.

    Other observations Duclair play 23 seconds in the first and didn’t see the ice again. Torts said something like if you weren’t ready to play you weren’t going to play.

    Jack Roslovic scored a pp goal for the Jets, but he was a floater for most of the night just skaing around in the open ice, was easily knocked off the puck when ever challenge.

    The game stats said Jets 27 hits Columbus 18 not sure what constitute as a hit anymore but I counted a total of 3 hits, the rest were rub outs or a push definitely not hits.

    The game itself wasn’t exciting, I like physical hockey and the only hits a seen was Jones (what a player) hit Lowry and Lowry coming back after him to return the favor.

    • Get what your saying Caper about the match, but Panarin can shoot it when he wants to. Just needs to more.
      I love the creativity and the poise with the puck and how he creates offence. Debrusk can bang them in.
      Is there a large Russian community in Boston?
      Stone is really good, Panarin is a special offensive player IMO.

  10. Marner is going to get paid!
    I can see a offer sheet for a long term deal at 10 million per. That breaks down to 2 1st, 1 2nd, and 1 3rd.
    Plenty of teams will see value in that.

    • Brian- but 10 million isn’t a crazy high salary that the leafs wouldn’t match- I was thinking someone offering 12-14…
      Either way, his agent (or dad) will use the threat of offer sheet as leverage but they wont sign…it builds animosity with team and fanbase as well

      • His agent would be an idiot not to sign an 80 million dollar contract! The players on the team would not care one bit if he signed it they want to make as much money as they can also, the players loved nylander holding out for more because it just drives their value up

      • Nothing makes for bad feelings like having your dad as an agent.

    • It would be 4 first round picks if the term is more than 5 years.

      • The AAV for an offer sheet, which determines the compensation required, is derived by dividing the total contract value amount by the lesser of:
        number of years offered, or
        five (5) years
        The key word is lesser. 70,000,000 divided by 7 years (7 years is the max a rival team can offer a RFA on a offersheet) is lesser than divided by 5.
        This info came from https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator

      • Kevjam,

        That’s why I said more than 5 years at the proposed 10 mil per year would be 4 first round picks. It was also Strikers favorite thing to point out.

    • its not that simple. the math isn’t that straight forward. that deal you mentioned would be 4 1sts.

      • Brian is actually right. Anything signed between $8,118,642 – $10,148,302 is 2 1st, 1 2nd, and 1 3rd. Anything above $10,148,303 is 4 1st round picks. As per https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator

      • Chrisms,

        I have always thought that the 20 mill for 5 or more years is the best bang for the buck. The most you give up is a second round pick. You can sign a lot of good young players at that salary. Players that have already proven they can play valuable minutes in the NHL. It’s also enough salary that teams up against the cap may not match.

      • Kevjam,

        If you enter the 70 mill in the calculator in Cap Friendly you will see what Chrisms is pointing out.

      • Chrisms: Matt Larkin is wrong about Marner’s AAV going up with a shorter (ex. 5 year) deal. That would take him to UFA sooner and only buy one UFA year, so the AAV would be lower. This is what is rumoured to be happening with Matthews’ extension talks.

        I doubt an offer sheet happens. If it is 5 years or less, Toronto has no problem matching because the AAV is lower. If it is 6 or 7 years, the AAV for the offer sheet team becomes prohibitive and automatically would put the compensation at 4 1st round picks assuming it would be a $60M+ extension. Can’t see any team wanting a $12M-$14M hit for up to 7 years for Marner and lose 4 1st round picks.

  11. I think Keith has value… for the first year or two of his contract. But I’d have to think he wouldn’t be first pair in two years, at which point $5.5M for a couple more seasons would seem hard to stomach.

    Hard to gauge what his value is, with that contract.

    Anyone know if agreeing to be traded voids his NMC, or whether it just lifts it temporarily?

    • From my understanding the NMC would be voided for the remainder of the contract if he were to waive it. I am not 100% on that though.

      He would certainly be a great addition to a contender. Not someone who is in the Norris conversation at this point, but still a very solid top 4D with a rather reasonable cap hit.

      • Thanks, DoubleMinor! Yeah, if the NMC is voided, that makes him a lot more attractive, as he could be part of a salary dump trade in the future, when he (likely) falls out of Top 4D status

  12. Bruins have two needs….scoring winger with size for the 2nd line and a Dman who can actually clear the crease in front of his goalie

  13. I like the deal for the pens. still have their first to go for another winger but maybe they actually hold onto it?

    • why did florida make this move?
      flipping brassard?

      • They did just free up a bunch of cap space for next season. Can’t help but think they have a big name free agent or two on their radar.

      • Probably back to a metro team for another pick. I’d assume

      • Maybe to flip Brassard to Winnipeg or Columbus. They both need centers. Highest bidder.

  14. Oil Fan here, the most disturbing thing I read here was “Oilers open to signing Talbot to an extension”
    Is it just me or should financial commitments for the future be decided by the new GM who’s going to be hired to overhaul the support staff of players and fix the gawd awful cap situation?

  15. What so the Leafs offer to AM? Ten, Eleven? Is he worth more, given the kind of play he has provided for much of this year ? My fear is he does not get much more than he already is and that means he is a really good center but not great, not up there with game changer types. If he wants 12-14 per, what do you give MM? Do you let AM walk? Obviously not..bridge deal? AM would probably play in Europe! I know he has been hurt but his play is that of a floater right now: rarely goes to the net front (when he does, he often scores!). He is a tantalizing talent but will he be the player people predicted? I am not so sure.

    Did someone on here offer Voracek for Panarin? Are you kidding? Have you seen Jake play? Slow, on the margins a player made by Giroux but not now worth even a first round pick

  16. When Holland recently mentioned he would be willing to consider using offer sheets my first thought was we are getting closer to CBA negotiations.

  17. Not based on anything other than gut instinct but I see Matthews as more likely to sign an offer sheet than Marner. Realistically though I see zero RFAs going that route and Chrisms is right – the system is broken.