NHL Rumor Mill – February 16, 2019

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The Oilers are reportedly open to trading Jesse Puljujarvi, updates on Mark Stone and Wayne Simmonds, plus the latest on the Stars in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: Ryan Rishaug yesterday reported the Edmonton Oilers are open to trading winger Jesse Puljujarvi, provided the right return can be found. It would have to be quite high, as Puljujarvi was the fourth-overall selection in the 2016 NHL Draft. Rishaug also said the club is considering sending the 20-year-old back to the minors to bolster his confidence.

The day earlier, Rishaug’s colleague Darren Dreger speculated Puljujarvi won’t be moved by the Feb. 25 trade deadline as the asking price is too high. While Dreger doesn’t know what that is, he thinks it starts with either a first-round pick or a top prospect plus something else. 

SPORTSNET: Mark Spector reports Puljujarvi’s agent Markus Lehto believes his client would benefit from a change of scenery. He suggests his client has doubts over what the Oilers think of him and his role with the club.  “It’s like when the player isn’t trusting anymore. ‘Do these guys really want me here? Do they really trust me to be a top-six guy? A top-nine guy? An offensive player?’ The player is uncertain.”

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson warns against trading Puljujarvi, suggesting the move could blow up in the Oilers’ faces. As an example, he points to center Dylan Strome’s improvement with the Chicago Blackhawks after struggling with the Arizona Coyotes. 

With the Oilers trading Cam Talbot, is Jesse Puljujarvi the next to go? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers already ruined a top draft pick in Nail Yakupov and seem to be doing the same to Puljujarvi. He’s a restricted free agent coming off an entry-level contract so the Oilers aren’t under pressure to move him before the upcoming trade deadline. Still, they’re in a bind here over what to do with the struggling but still-promising youngster.

It might be best to retain Puljujarvi and see if he improves under new management and coaching, as changes are coming in the Oilers’ front office and behind the bench this summer. Then again, it was the revolving door of coaches that contributed to Yakupov’s decline following his promising rookie campaign. If the Oilers maintain a high asking price for Puljujarvi, he’s probably not going anywhere before the deadline.  


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing yesterday on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590, Elliotte Friedman suggested the Winnipeg Jets are the top contender for Ottawa Senators right wing Mark Stone. The Jets have a lot of prospects that could interest the Senators, including Jack Roslovic and Sami Niku. Friedman isn’t sure how willing the Jets are to give up those guys, but he noted Senators general manager Pierre Dorion and his assistants recently scouted the Jets and their AHL affiliate. 

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Chris Stevenson believes the Senators and Jets are perfect trade partners. One director of player personnel Stevenson spoke to regarding a Stone-to-Winnipeg scenario suggested the Senators should push for Roslovic or winger Nikolaj Ehlers as part of the return. He also noted Stone is from Winnipeg and perhaps would be willing to re-sign with the Jets after this season. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Vegas Golden Knights have also shown considerable interest in Stone. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garrioch didn’t say what the Golden Knights would be willing to offer up for Stone. It’s believed the Senators seek a player, a first-round pick and a prospect for Stone or Matt Duchene. The Jets are apparently willing to part with their 2019 first-round pick and have depth in prospects, though GM Kevin Cheveldayoff reportedly doesn’t want to mortgage the future on a rental player.

Of course, if Cheveldayoff can convince Stone to re-sign, that would be a different story. That would mean, however, moving out a salaried player to clear sufficient salary-cap room. That explains the mention of Ehlers, who’s carrying an annual salary-cap hit of $6 million through 2024-25 and lacks no-trade protection. That’s assuming the Senators want to take on that cap hit. 


NHL.COM: Mike Zeisberger reports Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill hopes to add some scoring before the trade deadline. He said he’s open to almost anything, though his plans could change if his club loses its grip on a playoff spot. “We’re very open to making a hockey trade if it’s going to make us better. If we stay in the hunt the way we are, we’re open to adding to our team.”

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Appearing yesterday on Toronto’s Sportsnet 590, Elliotte Friedman included the Stars among the clubs that could pursue Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, especially if they free up some cap space by placing some injured players on long-term injured reserve. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien suggests Nill shouldn’t make any panic trades. They’ll have over $13 million coming off their books this summer (Jason Spezza, Marc Methot, and the salary retention of departed goaltender Antti Niemi) and Martin Hanzal’s $4.5 million will be gone in 2020. He cautions against short-term gains when they could have more money this summer to pursue potentially available talent like Panarin or Ottawa’s Matt Duchene or Mark Stone. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nill has to boost his scoring before the deadline. The Stars are among the league’s lowest-scoring teams and hold the first wild-card spot (63 points) in the Western Conference. Even if they reach the playoffs, their pop-gun offense likely makes them a first-round-and-out club. 

Going after Panarin will also mean parting with a good young forward along with a first-round pick and perhaps a top prospect. More affordable options include the Rangers’ Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello, Detroit’s Gustav Nyquist or maybe Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds. 


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports it appears winger Wayne Simmonds remains likely to be moved by the Philadelphia Flyers before the trade deadline. It’s believed GM Chuck Fletcher hasn’t made a contract extension offer to Simmonds, though he could circle back with a last-minute pitch if the trade offers he’s received aren’t to his liking.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, Winnipeg Jets, Nashville Predators, and Boston Bruins are said to be interested. Seravalli believes Simmonds would be a good fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs, though Leafs GM Kyle Dubas apparently isn’t keen on rental players.  


  1. Trading Talbot doesn’t address the long term Goalie need…it just cleared up some cap for Sekera.
    They still need a #1 Goalie on the shopping list.

    I dont see any risk in trading Puljujarvi …the Oilers are in deep trouble for depth and wasting years off McDavids career …

    they need players that can step in and produce right now …comparing the Strome deal is apples and oranges …if Strome and Puljujarvi were in the same draft Strome would have gone higher than him anyways and even in the present day Strome was always projected to be a top 6 guy…Puljujarvi was more of a crap shoot at #3 ….he had greater size in a kids league but that did not translate into the NHL and I dont see him being a top 6 scoring forward down the road …and its best they get what they can NOW or run the risk of going down the Yakupov road and getting next to nothing ….

    the Oilers need a MAJOR TRADE ….as Ive written about before here they need a blow it up trade that is a KIN TO the The Leafs / Flames Trade for Gilmour type deal …if it means adding in one or more of the top 3 players outside Mcdavid on the team to swing a deal that can give them better depth and a scoring winger than they need to do that immediately or yesterday for the matter

    …it has been reported that their has never been more top 6 forwards available at trade deadline than this year …so what are they waiting for …the issues are not going away if you close your eyes …the prospects are far and few between …you need to make a big impact VIA trade …the draft days are over now…you blew it ….you have to build around McDavid via trade now …like TODAY!

    If players like Duchene or Panarin are getting 3 pieces you have to seriously look at maybe moving out Draisitil to rebuild …..YES I KNOW… he is the next best player on the team and is really good and very valuable to that franchise ….BUT …there is no other way from what I see …keep the D intact with Sekera Nurse Klefbom and Bouchard …move out Leon and RNH and get 5 – 6 pieces in those deals and stack up the second and 3rd line and get in a scoring veteran winger for Mcdavid who has pedigree …

    In the Draisitil deal you have to include Lucic as well.

    Oh yea they also need a #1 Goalie now too….

    What I ve written about here is the only way I can see ANY QUALITY changes for the future for this team ..not this year but for the future ….
    It has to be a total burn of the bottom 9 forward players from the active roster and rebuild.

    They dont even have enough cap space to hit the UFA market in July for a fix up front either …

    these decisions are hard …but I dont see any other way !

    Cheers 🙂

    • Gotta disagree Kal El. Lack of patience and “bold” moves is what has gotten the Oil into this place. They are not trading Draisaitl, they need more quality assets not less and if you include Lucic the return would get diluted significantly.
      The only way you can move Lucic is to take a contract just as bad in return, which accomplishes nothing.
      The Oil have approx 5 players that would be considered key guys on a contender.
      McDavid, Draisaitl, RNH, Nurse, Klefbohm.
      Trade none of them but build around them.
      Send PJ down and let him play. They have some decent prospects now. Be patient with them and let them play and learn in Bakersfield. Try and acquire more picks and improve your chances of finding NHL quality players.
      Stop trading away useful NHL players like Strome and Caggiula for not useful players like Manning and Spooner.
      Wait for the bad contracts to expire and stop playing whack a mole.
      Have a plan and work the plan and for the first time in a decade be patient.
      Stop trading away useful

      • i agree 100% with ray bark.forget about all the mistakes and work harder to build your team with what you have and try to eliminate the mistakes.don’t worry about wasting mcdavids years.he is just a kid and there will be plenty of opportunities to win a cup down the road.

    • That is quite the plan Kal El,
      I would never trade Draisitile, he is young big Center that Edmonton would regret for the next 15 years.
      They have to unload Russel and his 4 million salary, some how get rid of Lucic. Maybe they can trade him to Ottawa after their fire sale because they will need salary just to get to the cap floor. I would suggest trading him along with a second round pick and the oilers would have to retain 2 million.
      I would also send Puljujarvi down to the “A”
      For the rest of the year. Let him be around a winning environment.

      You never know if the oil can dump salary maybe Hall would come back as a free agent.
      Now that would be a dangerous pair McDavid and Hall coming at you.
      As a Flame fan that would make me shudder.

      • Hall and McDavid were already paired on the same line. They had zero chemistry. They are both players who like to drive the play up the ice. Hall doesn’t know how to be the guy to support the puck carrier.

    • I think trading away talent like draisaitl would be devastating, just like trading hall away. We need to dump salary such as sekera and russel, and sign one more stud forward for 8-10 mil. Give us two really competitive lines and make it easier for guys like puljujarvi, benson, Yamamoto, marody to Have success and develop properly.

  2. Jets can’t afford Stone . Would only be a rental
    Strome was not going to blossom in Arizona and was a good deal until Schmaltz got injured
    Move Puljularvi and Talbot ( your sweetener) for something . I said late yesterday Stolarz and Myers. Maybe Flyers a pick -secons or third rounder

    • Silver,
      Yes, you are correct. Jets will be in Cap trouble after this year.
      Although Having watched a few Jets games Laine will not be getting a big fat long term contract. I am certain he will get a 2 or 3 year bridge contract in the 5-6 million range.
      In my mind that would even be an over pay.
      The only thing he can do is shoot the puck.
      He is a defensive liability cannot handle the puck very well and is not overly fast. When he is not scoring he is an AHL caliber player
      It wouldn’t surprise me down the road to see the Jets trade him.

      • @flames fan absolutely agree with everything you said. Not a good skater, defensively horrible and if not scoring pretty much useless. Bridge deal 4.5 million MAX!

      • Little early to writing the Tomb Stone for Laine. Yes is confidence is gone. He also has a team worst -17 next closes is -5 only 4 goals in the last 34 GAMES. Ok I was going to make an argument but boy that’s not pretty.

        He turned 20yrs old in April is 6’5″ 208lbs and is faster then he looks no not fast but not slow. This is probably the first time in his life where things don’t come easy for him. He needs to use his big frame more, be stronger on his skates and need to start moving his feet. Presently standing still and his chin is hitting the ice, with that said his last came was quite productive , was going to the dirty areas and crashing the crease was moving his legs more and not just standing in one spot. He is close to scoring he will score 2 goals against Ottawa today.
        Not the best time for him to have a bad season as it will cost him on his next contract but that’s also a good thing for the Jets.
        Laine was one of the best next to Ovie shot and releases in the game, once he starts to learn how to use his body more efficiently he will be more then fine.

      • Wise words Caper.

  3. I have said this multiple times on this site, the Oilers need to send Puljujarvi to Bakersfield. He played less than 10 minutes last night and accomplished nothing. Again. The Condors have now won 14 straight and are rolling.
    Hmmm, I wonder which would be a better option, the end of the bench frustrated in Edmonton or playing 16-18 minutes a night, getting points, and contributing to wins in Bakersfield? This is obvious and it doesn’t matter what JP wants, do what is best for him. The kid is only 20.
    Mr Sweeney, please stay away from Simmonds he is no longer a productive player and won’t move the needle any more than the guys we have now.

    • Ray, wouldn’t Puljujarvi be a nice pick up for Boston. Got the size and skill. Wouldn’t he be worth the risk of a 1st and a prospect.

      • Hard to say Caper. I think a first and a prospect is too steep. PJ is really struggling and I think he needs to clear waivers next year, correct me if I am wrong.
        If so, I pass as this guy needs the time to develop and not in the NHL. Unfortunately the Oil they have pissed away close to 3 years of critical development time.
        If you can cut a deal where he goes to Europe for a year and gets some quality game reps in, then OK take a flier.
        The cost? A late first maybe. depends where they pick. If they are in the top 20 I might pass.

  4. I’m starting to think, If the return on Zuccarello is less than a 1st, I’d be fine with keeping him on a 2-3 year deal. If the return for Hayes isn’t much better than that, I’m keeping him as well.

    Why even let a useful player walk out the door for something like a 2nd (Zuccarello) and let him sniff UFA, or give another team the opportunity to talk to him?

    I think both players are happy where they are, why not keep them around if the return isn’t significant?

    As a fan, I wouldn’t be screaming at the possible loss of a 2nd rounder and b prospect. Or in Hayes case, a low 1st and a less than nhl ready prospect.

    • Would you offer Zucc to EDM for Puljujarvi and let him grown with the other young Ranger core?

      • As a ranger fan, I would make that trade in a heart beat

      • As a Ranger fan I would take that chance.

  5. I like both Hayes and Zuccarello. They would have to command a first or sign them. Do not give them away for less

    Losing sucks !
    Not fun for coach’s and management and fans for that matter ,which makes it not fun for the players. ..100% agree that Pujularivi on a winning team is better than getting yelled at every night at. Although they should be used to it because it is the same in Juniors.

  6. Just read it. …Talbot for Stolarz. I was Half right prolific yesterday. Even a Blind Squirrel finds the odd acorn.

    The Oilers save a few bucks this year and next if either would to be resigned. They should have added Pujularvi while they could.

  7. Nic Ehlers for Mark Stone? and you’re a hockey writer. Ehlers who turned 23 on Valentines has season of 15,25,29 goals this season 15 goals in 40 games. Winnipeg is not trading Ehlers for a pending ufa.
    I don’t know how one puts Ehlers and Roslovic in the same sentence. I believe Roslovic will be part of the package for Stone if Winnipeg is able to land him.

    • Agree again Caper. Who is the cap casualty in the off season though?
      If it is Ehlers, they need to get back more than a rental though.

      • The big money names for the off season are Trouba (rfa) Myers (ufa) Laine(rfa) Connor(rfa), they do have other players like Chiarot (ufa) Morrow(rfa) Taniv (ufa) Copp (rfa) Petan (rfa) Lemieux (rfa) and Laurent (rfa)
        They have $23m will 11 players to sign. Depending on what happens at the trade deadline some maybe off this list.
        I believe the hope is for Roslovic to be the second line center, if this is the case that would mean trading Bryan Little and his $5.291m per contract, I say this because Adam Lowry plays third line center and I don’t see them moving Lowry because of what he brings to the table. That would give Winnipeg $28m plus how much the cap goes up by so could be $30m in cap space that and with Laine dropping should be enough to cover it off. Two things one how much is Kyle Connor going to get he is on pace for 31 goals that would be back to back 30 goals season. Secondly if Roslovic is part of a trade by the deadline then need to recess.

  8. Leafs could use Simmonds: what’s the cost? Edmonton will eventually lose McDavid simply because he knows his career is wasted there.

    Virtually every contending team needs something: maybe only Tampa is ok with staying as they are.

    • A lot of people are connecting Stone to Winnipeg, only because he is a Winnipeg guy.
      I think the better acquisition is Duchene who is the center they covet.
      A better fit for Stone is Calgary, the Flames could use a big scoring right winger for their second line.
      Stone would be an awesome acquisition for the Flames!

      • Think they will go that big FlamesFan? They score a lot of goals already.
        I was in Calgary this past week and they were talking more about a 3rd pairing D man.
        I think the Flames look really good right now, just need to see if the goal tending holds up.
        Only one way to find out I guess.

  9. I understand why the Oilers would hope to get a high return for Puljujärvi but I am having a hard time finding a time in the last 15 years where a high draft pick who failed to meet expectations 3-4 years after being drafted was traded for a high-return.

    Niedereiter(5th overall) for Cal Clutterbuck and 3rd
    Benoit Pouliot (4th overall) for Latendresse
    Brule (6th overall) for Raffi Torres
    Yakupov (1st) for a 3rd/prospect

    The only times I can find where there was a decent return in regards to these players where Peter Chiarelli traded for Larsson (who IMO while not worth giving up Hall for, Larsson was established somewhat) and when he traded for Ryan Strome giving up Eberle.

    I just don’t foresee the Oilers getting anything immediate or decent value of Jesse Puljujärvi unless he turns in to the player he was expected to be.. and if he accomplishes that why trade him?

    • Sorry – I guess the recent Strome/Schmaltz deal may be the best possible scenario for PJ trade

  10. What Sweeney and Neely do will all depend if they think this Bruin team can get past the 1st 2 rds of the playoffs …the way they are set up now even with Pasta back they aren’t good enough to get
    past TB don’t even know if adding a goal scorer and Pasta back gets them past TB ……if it’s going to cost them a draft pick,a prospect and. Player is a lot to give up for a possible rental….

  11. Gagner to Edmonton Spooner to Vancouver

    • Spooner is making his way around the NHL

    • Wow,
      Who would of ever imagined the Oilers traded Eberle for Gagner

    • And sent Puljujarvi down.
      Well done Keith.

  12. Ray,
    Personnelly the Flames defense is the last thing I would be worried about.
    The 2 rookies Anderson and Kylington are performing really well, they also have Valimaki in the minors getting a lot of ice time after being injured.
    Valimaki is the best of the 3 rookies by far.
    I am not sure when Mike Stone will be back but our defense is solid.
    I agree, I hold my breath about our goaltending.
    Rittick played really well before the break but since returning he has been just ok and Smith flops around like a fish out of water when ever he makes a save so you never know if he will stop it it or it will sneak between his legs or arms.
    I think Smith is a casualty of the new slimed down equipment because a lot of pucks seem to get by him when you think he should have stopped them

    • FlamesFan, the reason they were talking about the D was because they didn’t want to just have a rookie available during the playoffs.
      I think the Flames look great heading into the post season, if they stay healthy of course.

      • Calgary have a shot at the Cup, if they get goal tending. They have to be thinking of a move for a goalie.
        Jimmy Howard?

  13. With NJ having significant cap space and still having room to pitch to re-sign Hall this summer, could they offer an expiring contract to EDM to eat Lucic and take Puljujarvi? perhaps something like

    to EDM: Marcus Johansson & 2nd rd (& 3rd pick?)
    to NJ: Lucic, Puljujarvi and 1st rd pick

    EDM gets cap space by taking MJ (an expiring contract) and gets back a 2nd rd pick at least. Maybe even a 3rd
    NJ gets a 1st and a former 1st rd prospect to take on Lucic. It still leaves room to resign Hall
    top 3C for NJ still would be Hischier, Zajac, Zacha

    • I don’t think Edmonton would consider that trade before seeing where the 1st round pick lands. That would be disastrous if it ended up being Jack Hughes. This coming from a depressed Sens fan who is already dealing with a similar mess.

      • Sorry OTT lost their Jack Hughes. I am hoping my Rangers end up with him. Not sure why we are winning lol.

        Fair point. I understand EDM not wanting to give up that 1st. I just figure that NJ has room and can use top prospects and picks since they are not near contending for another few years.

        Sort of surprised MTL with their cap space and Julien being coach has not offered to take on Lucic for a worth while asset and pick.

        I just do not understand how EDM stays this bad for this long with all the top draft picks and players they have had access to for a decade.

    • That price (to rid yourself of Lucic) is too steep.
      Also – Edmonton are not going to deal a 1st rounder and top 4 pick Puljujarvi to NJ and then watch them re-sign Hall.
      With the luck the Oilers are having these days – Lucic would spring back to life as well…..

  14. Great.
    Now Pengy’s MIA.
    Probs off shoveling snow with George and Striker777.

    • Any ideas what the Isles will do, I think they’re close enough to take a chance

      • my anticipation is will be a depth move and not a top 6 kinda of guy. It’ll probably be some guy with character Lou may look to sign beyond the season as it appears that is how is will approach the NYI team by signing Komarov and Martin with past off season. Lou is all about team first so guys like Duchene, etc…i do not see Lou trading for this deadline.

    • Hey shorepark. Someone who reads this site regularly informed me that Pengy has been asking about me as well for the past couple of months. As I told Lyle when he inquired some time ago, there has been something I need to deal with – won’t go into details – which rearranged my priorities, and hockey has been one knocked well down the list 🙂

      Still, it is hard to break a habit formed over 7 decades and, at least where the Sens are concerned, I have had an ear pricked to the goings on, including discussion with friends/relatives when together. Looking at it with a somewhat diminished interest, I’d say my gut feeling is, Stone is as good as gone – either to Winnipeg or Calgary. If Winnipeg, there’s NO way Little is part of the return. If Calgary, Tkachuk will likely be one part of the return as demanded by Dorion. Duchene may also be gone, but here it’s not as cut and dried. He’s been offered 8 years at $8 mil per – I can’t see too many top contenders being able to accommodate that and, if someone does take him as a rental (naturally with a corresponding diminished return) and he goes to UFA status in the summer, he can then sign only up to 7 years. Since $8 mil is nothing to sneeze at, I can see him signing in Ottawa soon and be a key part of the re-build. If Stone goes and Duchene stays (or if both go) Dzingel will likely be retained at around $5 mil per for 5 or 6 years. On the other hand, he could be the one to bring back a higher 1st round pick by virtue of being dealt to a team like LA or Anaheim who both need scoring. He has had two past seasons of 14 and 23 goals and with 21 to date is on pace for 30 (or more) so there’s no reason why he could not command a 1st.

      But whatever the case I think we’ll see decisions on all 3 by mid-week

      • Welcome back, George! 🙂

      • George wishing good health for you and your. All the best.

      • Yay, George, great to see you’re back. All the best.

      • That’s a hard pass from LA. You can keep Dzingel if it’s costing a first.

        Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for LA now does it Georgie Peorgie?

      • Heh. Well. judging by your past defenses of any and all criticisms of the “Kings” and their continued spiral towards the bottom (now just 3 points ahead of the pathetic Senators) as those criticisms take form, your inane response above is about what one would expect. Funny, but I suddenly feel envious of all those people who haven’t yet met you.

  15. Tkachuk is not going anywhere for anything

    • I agree silver, I cannot see the Flames trading Tkachuk.
      I still think they will send our 1st round pick,
      Dube, and Frolik but only if they think they can sign him long term

  16. Lyle, now you need to bring Striker back. You know since he has left your site hasn’t reached a 100 comments. Yes I know 60 of them were his.. but just saying. Nobody can anger the masses more.

    • Lololol @ Capers comment.
      Welcome back George!
      Your insight was missed by me, and others I’m sure.
      Wishing you health and wellness!

  17. Sorry Lyle, do not agree on comments about Yakupov. While it is true he went through a few coaches, the bottom line is that he did not think the game well at the NHL level. He went to a few other teams after the Oilers and couldn’t figure it out. Not sure about Puljujaarvi some of the responsibility lies with the player. Look at the kid for Montreal Kotkaniemi he is only 18, first year in the NHL. Puljujaarvi is a big guy who doesn’t seem to know where he should be, at this point he should know. Also why did the Finnish GM of Columbus pass on him in the draft

  18. I don’t understand the infatuation with Matt Duchene. Colorado’s fortunes improved after getting rid of him and Ottawa imploded after obtaining him. Wouldn’t winning teams looking to make a run in the playoffs want to bring in players who are known to be good in the locker room and have playoff experience???

  19. I noticed all the homer Pens fans on here haven’t mentioned this yet so I guess it’s up to me to do.

    Tanner Pearson a healthy scratch tonight, hmmmmm I thought Rutherford raped the Kings on that deal? I guess not, maybe he was literally salary dump for LA?

    And cue the excuses from the usuals in 3-2-1……

    • Oh Canadian king, your so humble.

  20. Traditionally this Sunday usually sees the start of serious trade offers among contenders. I expect Canes to do something soon, maybe a defenseman for Puljujafor?
    The smart GMs will make early moves on Sunday and Monday to set the bidding price and edge out the other contenders.

  21. I started having doubts about Puljujarvi’s psychological makeup when the Finnish GM passed on him at the draft. I am not quite sold on Jarmo’s draft selections in general, but in this case, I will assume something was amiss regarding the kid and/or his attitude. Granted, Edmonton has a horrible history of development, so perhaps those two combined are just a recipe for failure.