NHL Rumor Mill – February 18, 2019

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Updates on Matt Duchene and Charlie Coyle plus the latest on the Blackhawks, Canucks, and Canadiens in today’s NHL rumor mill.

Several teams reportedly have interest in Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene (Photo via NHL Images).


TSN: Barring a last-minute change, TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Ottawa Senators are planning to trade center Matt Duchene. Pierre Lebrun adds this news isn’t surprising and notes the Nashville Predators and Columbus Blue Jackets are among the clubs to inquire into Duchene’s trade status. Dreger also reports the Senators will soon make a decision about Mark Stone’s future with the club. Both are pending free agents this summer.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports it’s believed at least five teams have expressed interest in Duchene. It’s expected Senators general manager Pierre Dorion will step up efforts to move Duchene, Stone, and Ryan Dzingel if he can’t get them to agree to new contracts before the trade deadline. Garrioch adds the Winnipeg Jets are interested in the Senators’ trio.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets’ interest in Duchene could also be tied to the possibility of trading away winger Artemi Panarin before the deadline. Like the three Senators forwards, he is also slated to become a UFA in July.

If the Jackets shop Panarin, it’s believed they want to get a player back as part of the return who can help them right away. If that kind of deal isn’t out there but they still wish to move him, perhaps they can swing a separate deal to offset his absence with Duchene? Should be interesting to see how this shakes out.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: With the Sabres in need of depth at center, Mike Harrington suggests they pursue Minnesota Wild center Charlie Coyle. He’s under contract through next season with an affordable $3.2-million cap hit.

While the loss of Wild captain Mikko Koivu seemingly puts a stop on trading Coyle, Harrington suggests he could be had at a cost of one of the Sabres’ first-round draft picks. He notes Wild GM Paul Fenton was given permission by team owner Craig Leipold to shake things up if necessary. The struggling Wild are clinging to the final wild-card spot in the Western Conference.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Harrington isn’t saying the Sabres are pursuing Coyle but it’s not a bad suggestion. The Wild seem poised to tumble out of playoff contention, providing first-year GM Fenton an excuse to start retooling his roster for next season. I daresay Coyle will frequently surface in the rumor mill as the trade deadline approaches.

At this stage, the Sabres’ three first-rounders (their own plus those they received from the Sharks and the Blues) won’t be top-10 selections. They can afford to part with one of them for a good player to bolster their lineup beyond this season. 


CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Jimmy Greenfield reports it’s uncertain whether the Blackhawks will be sellers after rising into playoff contention. He believes there are seven players – goaltender Cam Ward, defensemen Gustav Forsling, Slater Koekkoek, and Carl Dahlstrom, centers Marcus Kruger and John Hayden, and forward Brandon Perlini – who could be moved without giving the impression they’re giving up on the playoff race.

VANCOUVER SUN: Ben Kuzma reports Canucks GM Jim Benning acknowledged he’d like to have another goal scorer but finding one is easier said than done. “I’m not necessarily looking at rentals. If we’re going to do trades, it’s going to be players who can be pieces of the puzzle moving forward,” he said.



  1. If I’m the Sabres I do nothing, at least they gave us hope to mid February. Make some minor deals if possible at the TDL such as moving Beaulieu, Sobotka and Scandella and bring up a couple youngsters such as Nylander and Olofsson and see what they can do. The defense needs to be retooled and this summer is the time to trade Ristolainen. Funny but if you look at it in that if they didn’t trade ROR they wouldn’t need to trade a 1st for a lower center in Coyle. Look at what they got in return for ROR, Bergland, Sobotka, Thompson…very little production and 2 draft picks TBD later. GMJB came in and was saddled with contracts in Moulson and Okposo plus he took on Pominville’s to get Scandella, that’s over 15 mil for very little production. Pominville and Moulson are off the books this summer and good luck moving Okposo. I might try my luck with obtaining Dzingel and getting him signed before the draft, that’s about the only major move I would make at the TDL.

    I wouldn’t doubt by the season’s end we are drafting close to top 10 and this is a forward heavy draft which is what we lack in the system. After making our pick I might try using the STL and SJ picks and move up if there is a second prospect they really like.

    • It sounds like Okposo’s career is over, he’s had his bell ring way too many times now and this last one is probably it for him. I was reading an article about it yesterday and it sounded pretty terrifying what he went through last time he has PCS. I’ll post it if I can find it again. So Okposo will be LTIR for the remainder of his contract.

      • With sounding like I am disrespecting the player it wasn’t to smart to be dropping the gloves considering what he has gone through in the past with concussions. Housley said he didn’t sustain a concussion and is traveling with the team to Florida so that is good news as far as his health.

    • I like what Botterill has done. I hope he stands pat or moves Skinner if he won’t sign at a good AAV and will wave his no-trade clause. They’re close to contending. Maybe Okposo and a first for something salvageable?

      • Why would any team take Okposo? On the other hand, if he was accompanied by a 1st it might do the trick – but then why would Buff give up a 1st in a year where they might be in the lottery for 1st overall?

  2. Coyle for the middle 1st rounder.

    • Coyle with the extra year would bring in more than some of these expiring contracts. I’d pay more for Coyle than Simmonds

  3. Been out of the loop for a few days but tried this morning to read up on the posts I missed

    Firstly to all of my fellow Canadians in Provinces celebrating today… Happy Canada Day

    Secondly , I saw that George is back. Glad to see. Welcome back George

    Ok…. starting with Ottw

    All indications are pointing that they will lose at least one and possibly all three of them…. on the one side… great assets to build around; but nothing left. Fans are already in flux with ownership.

    Dorion needs to put full court press on keeping Stone (great leader, always been a Sen, great goal scorer, big, younger than Duchene …. I think Stone could be next Captain).

    Then get as big a return as possible for the other two.

    Destination for Duchene? I really think it should be out West. IMO as it stands right now, I’m 85% confident that TBay wins the SC; but closing in on near certainty that they win the East. With that in mind, trades by Eastern teams should be geared towards how far they can realistically get (home gates) before they meet TBay.

    This is why I didn’t want Leafs to throw any assets at UFAs… great move to get Muzzin (with term) to battle Bruins in first round.

    IMO, a Bruins move on a UFA , throws futures that are important next year, away just to possibly get past Leafs

    In the Metro, I see moves geared to get to the third round.

    Western teams can possibly build to try and beat TBay in the finals hoping that TBay has battled 3 tough rounds

    I realize that many here believe in the All in approach. I buy in to that if there is at Least a fighting chance… which I don’t see from Eastern teams not named Bolts

    Now the exception is with Clb…. if they are going to trade Panarin and feel that his loss (with possibly only young roster player; first; prospect coming back) will have them missing playoffs (Metro unbelievably tight)…. then maybe they go after Duchene for a package similar (or slightly less) than what they received for Panarin… they stay in the race , and have a fair shot at winning one or even two rounds ( very important for a franchise that lacks that credo)

    Leafs, if trading, need to make sure it’s for players with term or a minor tinker at depth. Leafs big moves need to be on July 2nd

    My other favourite team , Pens , should absolutely not give up their first in any trade. If they move the first; they won’t be picking until the fourth round. The Pens prospect cupboard is already thin.

    Before yesterday’s game, Pens weren’t in a play-off spot. The issue has been injuries somewhat, but Sully has gone off to looney land in his line-up choices.

    I get that his hands were tied with GMJR trading Jamie O (HUGE mistake) and the Maata hurt and Shultz not quite ready to return…. he had to play Ruhweedel.

    However when Shultz returned for the all important game against Cgy and the obvious move was to sit Ruhweedel….. nope… Sully sat the much more talented Riikola and played Ruhweedel 16+ mins. Even after Ruhweedel played a very very poor game against Cgy; and again the opportunity to right the ship by playing Riikola (instead of Ruhweedel) against NYR came but Nope … Sully kept the inept Ruhweedel and again played him 16+ minutes and almost single handedly giving the game to NYR (don’t worry JJ was helping out with allowing dangerous opportunities as well ; thank you Casey De Smith for bailing them out).

    If Sully insists on playing JJ, he can not afford to have Ruhweedel on the roster as well.

    Pens should tweak for a depth D; and must sit Ruhweedel and should be playing Simon.

    I’m not sure if there is a viable forward swap out there; and as at now, I don’t see takers for Pearson

    • Oops auto correct goofed me

      “ Happy Canada Day” should have been “ Happy Family Day”

      • Happy Family Day Pengy.

      • And Happy Presidents Day to all our posters south of the border.

        Pengy, IF Duchene wants to go somewhere that presents an immediate chance at a Cup, which contender – east or west – could take him on as more than a rental?, seeing as how, by being dealt, he turned his nose up at $8 mil per for 8 years?

        I know, I know – maybe he just wants out of Ottawa and, in reality, where he winds up this month will just be a stop-over before testing the UFA waters this summer. If that’s the case, he must REALLY want outta here if he’s leaving $8 mil on the table because, if he goes to UFA bargaining, wherever he signs can only be for 7 years. To make up that lost $8 mil, some team would have to offer him slightly over $9 mil per – I just don’t think he’s in THAT ballpark.

        Whatever the case, it’s going to be an interesting week.

      • Technically George he’s leaving 64 million on the table. That’s set for life money. He either thinks he will get it somewhere else or he really really hates playing for Melnyk.

      • George… I had forgot it was Presidents‘ Day day….. to all of our American posters here … Happy Presidents’ Day

        Re Duchene and cup contender; as with my previous post…. I’d be referring to the West.

        only teams that I think could realistically be also looking for Duchene long term are VGK and Nsh

        Winn… great add, would truly make them a contender and would be very tough on TBay…. but no Cap room realistically on the re-sign for Duchene

        SJ…. would definitely make them better but not sure if that puts them past Winn or Nash and they are likely looking at big dollars to re-sign EK

        Cgy of course would benefit this year and Duchene could possibly get them to WCF and perhaps push them enough to beat Winn or Nsh. Not enough for SC IMO… and then cap issues out years

        Nsh and VGK have the huge advantage in taxes …. the others are both FLA teams and Dall ( Dall IMO has no chance whatsoever at cup this year regardless of trades).

        $64M offered in Ottw is equal to just less than $48 M in Nsh or VGK…. they both could offer 7 * $7 M (with the same SB as whatever he,s now been offered in Ottw) and he’d have more take-home pay, have to play 1 less year in term and more marketable for an extension in his last year of 7 (at 34 yrs old) then in last year of 8 year (35 and then a 35+ type of contract)

        Does Duchene on VGK or Nsh get them the cup…. a stretch IMO … very unlikely.

        Adding to that… my belief as at now is that Winn is strongest in the West …. Nsh would meet Winn in round 2 ; and VGK not until WCF ( if they get there)…. so with that logic …. if Nsh truly believes the addition of Duchene can get them past Winn…. go for it. The irony is not lost that he’d be bumping Turris down to 3C

        VGK are in tough against both SJ and Cgy and have to play one of them first round; the other in round 2…. that’s a tough 2 first rounds … then likely Winn and if not Nsh… lesser odds of success this year …. BUT …. long term with top 3 centres in Karllson , Duchene, Statsny (in no particular order)…. very good

        The trade if happens …. 1st for sure (both teams have their firsts but Nsh lacks a second so giving up the first leaves them at first pick in third round).

        Roster… I would think it’s Eakin going back from VGK ( Duchene would make him redundant) and he’s got another year in term

        Ottw I’m sure would be looking at Fiala or Hartman as the roster spot coming back

        Prospects …. VGK loaded … it won’t be Glass. Ottw I’m sure would ask for Tolvanen from Nsh…. also shouldn’t be happening

        The advantage to a “ sweetened” package that VGK have … if it comes down to a bidding war is that they have 3 third rounders this year and 3 second rounders next year … some of those can be added to the deal

      • I’m leaning more and more towards the “really really hates Melnyk” scenario Deeeee

      • From Bob McKenzie

        “Pierre Dorion and Peter MacTavish and Jim Clark – the management team of the Ottawa Senators – they’ve been in Winnipeg since I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday they went out there, and they were still there yesterday watching the Manitoba Moose and meeting with Kevin Cheveldayoff and Mark Chipman, the owner of the Winnipeg Jets, during that Moose game”

      • I guess we can file that one under “where there’s smoke there’s fire” Slick

    • Agree on the Bruins not going to give up much for a UFA if it’s a player with contract left might be a different story depending on who, but all it would do is maybe get them past Tor they aren’t beating TB….not enough D not enough scoring and size

      • Jie, Boston has more size then TB, and Boston 1st line matches up well against any line; however the Bruins don’t have a third line, they actually call their 4th line their 3rd line now.
        Their 2nd line of Krecji, Debrusk and Cehlarik (6’2″ 202lbs) is playing well. Not sold on Cehlarik being the answer but right now he is their best option.

        The third line, well better off saying they don’t have one last game Kuhlman, Nordstrom and Frederic, if that Boston 3rd line and when you need at least 3 complete lines to challenge for the cup, the Bruins are a line and a player away up front to compete.

        The defense, I’ve been bashing Chara on here for a while but must admit his last 3 games he has played extremely well, maybe he simplified things. For me Carlo been their best dman and hopefully he’ll make his 1st playoff appearance this season. McAvoy has been rounding into form and Miller is very stable, Krug is an offense pp specialist but having him and Grzelcyk together on D is one two many small men for my liking.
        As of today imo Boston is not a serious threat for the Cup, let see what happens in the next week. Hopefully a Hoffman and Brassard deal would help.

      • Agree with the assessment Caper. Never say never when it comes to the playoffs, but maybe they simply deem the price too high right now and make some moves in the off season in free agency and or at the draft for the reasons you mention.
        But, the clock is ticking on key players.

    • Wow I thought I was in a coma for 6 months and woke up on July 1st for a minute there.
      Dorion met extensively yesterday with Cheveldayoff. Supposedly over Stone and getting him signed to a contract. I think all 3 of them are goners. And it will happen before deadline day even arrives. I’m hoping Rutherford stays away unless it’s Pearson going the other way. Blueger has been so impressive these last few games that he’s made it hard for them to send back to WBS, I think he’s finally a full time member of the team. Aston Reese has been phenomenal lately too, I wouldn’t trade either one right now.

      • Hi Dee

        Fully agree wrt Blueger and Pearson

        I love Blueger. Definitely should be here to stay. Ridding Pearson wayyyy tougher.

        Playing Riikola instead of Ruhweedel also a must.

        Pens absolutely should not be trading the first unless it is something spectacular (read not happening)

        Sid 6 points in last 2 games now 8th in league playing 2 or 3 games less than all those above him save for McD (1 more GP than Sid) 👍👍👍👍

        I know you and I don’t see exactly eye to eye on ZAR. Setting aside yesterday,s game where you are bang on, he was good, no questions whatsoever. He’s very good on the forecheck. I also think he should be ahead of Pearsonon the depth chart

        That said, and setting aside these last two games …. if weighing the offensive abilities and all the fancy offensive stats and just the overall flexibility and speed… Simon is the better player. I wish I could dig up the article I read earlier this week but I can’t even remember where it was… the long and short of the article was arguing the depth scoring on Pens (at that time) was faltering and was comparing the two (and this was earlier in the week so definitely before the Cgy and Rangers games ) with just straight offensive stats stats …. Simon was the better player … the article argued for (if choice was one or the other on roster) Simon to play this past weekend. It also cited that ZAR was prone to taking penalties at the wrong time ( he did so in the Cgy game)

        Putting that aside) I can’t see why both can’t be on the roster… Wilson adds grit no question… but offence ????? Hello?????

        My distaste in JJ continues but they are going to play him anyway… Ruhweedel just canNOT also play in the same game … he individually almost handed NYR the victory yesterday. Rikkola needs to come back in ; waive Ruhweedel; bring up Prow if need be

        Why have they not let Angelo have a game or 2?

        Is GMJR bold enough to put the ego aside and move Cullen?

        W/o any trades and until Maata returns I think the best roster to put forward is:

        Sid/Guentz and Simon or Rust

        Geno/Bjuggstad and Simon or Rust

        McCann/ Phil and ZAR or Horny

        Blueger/ Angelo and ZAR or Horny

        sit (or trade if possible) : Pearson, Cullen; Wilson


        Shultz/ Dumo

        Riikola/ *JJ

        * Maata (injured) to replace JJ the absolute very first game he is able to go

        Prow (7th D)

        Waive Ruhweedel

        If they can get a depth RHD for minimal prospect or pick cost ( or in a trade that moves one of Pearson or Cullen)…. great!!!! What would McQuaid cost?

        If there was any chance that An would bite on accepting in trade, the injured Maata ( can a player on LTIR be traded?) + + to get Montour …. now you are talking! That is a long shot

        An all in trade , as I mentioned before, should be avoided unless it’s spectacular… and of course it would mean roster going out just to meet Cap so Chemistry once again gets hit


        Go Pen Go

      • If Riiko was a right shot he would be playing but he’s not quite good enough to play his off side and carry Jackass and Jackass can’t play his good side let alone his off hand side so they need a right shot to play with one of them. If Ruhwedal was a left shot he’d probably be playing elsewhere but as a right shot he’s not the worst depth dman in the world, although he is tiny.

    • In the previous 10 season, the league regular season champs did not win the Cup. Will TB break the trend? I say NO.
      Furthermore if they play Pitts in the first round, that could be scary.

      • Caper

        I think the Pres Trophy jinx just may be over

        Setting aside major injuries …. which can turn any series ANY time… I just see TBay as just too far ahead of the pack this year

        I was thinking of the scariest of scary trades …. basically cementing IMO a cup for TBay:

        The chink in their ( TBay) armour right now and going forward , is Callahan. $5.8M cap that has been used a couple of times on the 4th line wing…. ouch

        See my $ analysis above re tax advantage of Florida teams (and Nsh, VGK, and Dall) over rest of league and most advantage over Mont. , Ottw, Tor…. a $7 M AAV in TBay worth we’ll north of $9 M in Ottw… so …

        My nightmare scenario (basically assuring TBay the cup) is swapping Stone for Callahan

        I said it was a nightmare … so reality is set aside ( Callahan would have to agree to the deal).

        Call Cap hit this year and next is $5.8 M but he’s only owed $4.7 M for one more year (the tight fisted Melnyk would like that deal)

        Stone could sign in TBay for $7 M AAV and have more take-home than $9 M in Ottw (he’d need to insist on a NTC)

        Callahan + 1st in ‘20 (1st in ‘19 has a condition on it) + Joseph + Katchouk for Stone ….. that’s my nightmare…. TBay locks up SC this year and potentially geared up for more in next couple of years (Note would need to trade Miller in summer for Cap room)

        Ottw needs to keep Stone!

      • Even minus Callahan, I don’t see Tampa being able to afford Stone past this year. What is point going to cost?

        Even trading Miller doesn’t solve the crunch Tampa is about to experience.

      • Hi NY4 Life

        I was just thinking if TBay is going to have Callahan in books for $5.8 M next year ; and if Stone would accept $7M…. TBay would try and make it work …. and if they did …. wow

        Longshot at best; your right

      • Sorry reading after I posted …. didn’t make sense
        Meh at I was trying to say is that all else equal … if they could get Stone to replace Callahan at only $1.2M more in Cap …

      • Even on his worst days, and suffering from a monumental hangover, Dorion would never take Callahan back in a trade for Stone.

      • And Tampa has no room even minus Callahan. A lot of raises kick in, Mcdonagh, Kucherov etc. and 3 UFA d-men… and Point to deal with… Tampa simply can’t afford another expensive forward.

        As it stands they’re going to have to shed one of those expensive forwards in the next 1-2 y years, not named Callahan.

    • Pengy..i kow you gonna hate this but rudwhedel played extremely well in the games he has been in..since matta wwnt down and J J well actually has been a bit better..i have been saying this for months we need another d! I heard the penguins are high on adam mcquaid.who is big physical good skater good passer..would fit with schultz..pettersson has been good. Mcquaid for a 4th then eric stahl of Minnesota ufa $3.5 for tanner Pearson $3,75 and our other 4th two tweaks without giving up our first pick.

      • Hi BlackNGold

        If NYR would take a 4th for McQ … then GMJR should jump all over that. I think it’ll cost a min. of a third for him. Rangers may even demand a 2nd…. Pens only have 1st then 4th this year

        Staal would be a great add.Unfortunately I can’t see Minn doing the Staal trade.. taking on the unproductive Pearson as well would prob be a non starter.

        If Staal was coming …. he will cost quite a bit. My understanding is that they are reporting he doesn’t want to leave Minn and has a 10 team No Trade list that (if reporting is correct) is loaded with Cup contenders ( a deliberate move on his part to not have a viable trade partner; as non contenders would not be bidding on a UFA)

        Re Ruhweedel, yes unfortunately I disagree with you there. To me he was brutal. He had 2 or 3 excellent shifts yesterday but they were over-shadowed by costing a goal and very very close to 2 more… if it weren’t for DeSmith on those plays … Rangers win and Pens then would have remained out of a play-off spot. JJ played better than Ruhweedel ( and that’s not saying much)

        Riikola is by far (a “big” by far) a better D-man than Ruhweedel

        GMJR just can’t give up the first;

        and some tweak is necessary to get Pens on firmer ground….. they must focus on making the playoffs and must avoid last WC spot (vs TBay) or golf comes early

        If they can get to the 2nd or 3rd spot… good chance at 1st round victory…. then they are up and running

        I’m still not seeing them (outside of something miraculous in trade over next 6 days; or catastrophic TBay injuries) getting cup this year.

        The first step is the coach realizing that he has absolutely no chance of playoff success ( and maybe even getting into playoffs) if he continues with roster as is

        Sit Ruhweedel.

        Tweak trade for RHD ( McQuaid)

        Light a fire under Horny’s butt

        Pearson ??????

        Keep Blueger up

        Give Angelo a shot on 4th line

        Decide on line combos and stick with them for a handful of games…, the constant shuffling is hampering chemistry and subsequently debilitating positive production (can’t win the playoffs with every game high scoring and one goal differences )

        Fingers crossed

        Go Pens Go

      • Pengy,

        I can’t speak for gms, but every fan base here seems to want Mcquaid. Hopefully there is a bidding war. They paid a 4th , a 7th and Kampfer for Mcquaid. So anything more than a 3rd is a bonus.

        I see him going to Tampa in yet another deadline deal between NY and The Rangers south.

  4. The level of flip floppery going on is par-for-the-course.

    The amount of animosity towards Dorion on the radio is crazy. If EVERYONE knew everything, then Dorion’s hand would be even weaker. He can’t play teams against each other if they all know who is signing where and so on..or who has already turned down what deal.

    I have no doubt the Sens get fleeced yet again, and acquire a bag majic beans like they did with the Karl deal, but the less Ottawa fans/radio know the better.

    • I must agree with the consensus that the Sens did not get full value for Karlsson – based on his career stats up the point of the trade – but it’s still too early to describe it as getting fleeced. Yeah, Tierney isn’t anything more than a 3rd or 4th line C with his 39 points and just 6 goals, but they can’t complain about the season they’re getting from DeMelo who’s a +16 on the team with the most goals against in the league while chipping in with 3g 11a 14 pts. And the kid Balcers – described by some pundits as the potential “sleeper” in the deal (we’ll see), was having a good season in the AHL (15g 13a 28 pts in 38 gp) and since being called up has 2g 3a in 15 games with very limited ice time. Norris, a C at Michigan, is having a very good year there and was a member of the U.S. juniors. In addition, Ottawa gets a 1st round pick which could be 2019 or 2020, depending on what Karlsson does in SJ, a 2nd round pick in 2019, a conditional 2nd pick in 2021, and a conditional 1st round pick no later than 2022 (again depending on what Karlsson does). The question now is, will Karlsson re-up with SJ?

      Here’s a good summary from the web (by Zach Leach) of how those conditional picks might evolve :

      “The earliest possible pick chronologically would be a 2019 first-round pick. The Sharks owe the Buffalo Sabres their first round pick in the next NHL Draft as a condition for re-signing winger Evander Kane, but with the additional condition that they make the playoffs. Should they miss the playoffs – a catastrophic result for a team that now has meteoric expectations – the team could opt to send that pick to Ottawa and their 2020 first-rounder to Buffalo if they so choose. If not, and the Sharks make the playoffs as expected, the Senators will land that 2020 first-round pick.

      Ottawa will still have an early pick from San Jose in June though, perhaps even earlier than expected. The condition on that pick is that it is the highest of the second-round picks owned by the Sharks: their own and the Florida Panthers’, which ironically was part of the return from the Sharks’ flip of former Ottawa forward Mike Hoffman earlier this year. Florida is expected to improve this season, but playing in the Atlantic Division with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, and Toronto Maple Leafs means the Panthers face an uphill battle to make the playoffs and could easily end up with a draft slot in the first half of the second round. Whereas, the Sharks should by all accounts be a playoff team and more in the coming season.

      Speaking of Hoffman, the Senators learned from that experience with Sharks GM Doug Wilson. As Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston notes, Ottawa threw in what may as well be a “Mike Hoffman Clause”. After San Jose traded for Hoffman only to trade him hours later to one of the Senators’ division rivals, GM Pierre Dorion added a conditional future first-round pick if Karlsson is traded back to the Eastern Conference this season. The pick must be exchanged by 2022 at the latest.

      Finally, the Sharks sent a 2021 second-round pick to the Senators that carries two conditions. The pick itself is conditional upon San Jose re-signing Karlsson, whose current contract expires at the end of the season. If the Sharks both appear in the Stanley Cup Final this year and extend Karlsson, that pick becomes a first-rounder. In summary, at worst the Senators will receive a second-rounder in 2019 and the Sharks’ first-rounder in 2020 and at best they receive three first-round picks between now and 2022 and potentially a first-round and early second-round pick next year.”

      • George , unfortunately Norris was having a good year at Michigan but season is over due to shoulder surgery.
        Agreed Tierney is destined to be a 3rd line center on a good team but can play 2nd line minutes for now with Otttawa. As you noted Balcers could be the sleeper, He put up good numbers in the AHL and has shown signs of being a capable winger when given the ice time with better offensive players. Demelo @ 900 k for an other year, solid. Add to that haul Norris when he recovers and a couple of higher picks.
        If Sharks do not win the cup or re-sign Karlsson then the Senators won the trade hands down considering all the pieces they picked up in that deal.
        Keeping Karlsson since they are retooling or rebuilding did not make sense, as much as it stung the Ottawa fans.
        Karlsson makes a very good team a top tier team but he is not good enough to make a last place team a playoff contender.

      • one more piece of info to add, Josh Norris has an Ottawa connection since he played 2 years in the US National development program with Brady Tkachuk, and are considered best of friends.

      • Fergy, they have several decent prospects in the system who look like they may be decent NHLers, but most are at least two & three years away from being “settled” NHLers and my fear is, by the time that happens the team may well be on their way out of town.

        Jacob Bernard-Docker 6′ 181 lb D at North Dakota – almost made Team Canada juniors – having a good college season

        Drake Batherson 6′ 2″ 188 lb – 18g 31a 49 points in 40 games since being sent to Belleville – he’ll be back up before season’s end

        Logan Brown 6′ 6″ 220 lb C – 12 g 21 a 33 points in 38 gp since recovering from early season injury – should also be up as well to get some late season games under his belt

        Alex Formenton of London Knights – had 10 g 12 a and 22 pts in 18 gp before being injured at Team Canada training camp – he’s apparently due back soon, if not already back – just in time for the OHL playoffs

        A real sleeper is Kevin Mandelese 6′ 4″ 185 lb G with Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in the Q who has a 2.75 gaa and a save % .897 – not bad for that high-scoring league – taken in 6th round in 2018

        I read somewhere, too, that Norris could well decide to turn pro next season

    • George. You know how many obituaries for George’s in Ottawa have been written in the past month?

      • LOL. To quote Samuel Clemens “The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated ….”

      • I dont even knoe George O and boom everyone had him buried..granted he did disappear but glad hes back!!! Black n gold

      • OMG Chrism that’s not funny; however when George went awol I did search the Ottawa obituaries. Happy to see you weren’t listed George.

      • So am I Caper, believe me!

      • George

        To be honest. I had feared the worst as well. I didn’t have the foresight (or possibly guts) to search out the Ottw obits

        So glad to see that all is good


      • Caper. I usually speak tongue in cheek but I was dead serious in that comment. Spent about a half hour combing obits during lunch one day.

        Now in the spirit of keeping my mo

        If striker used a real name I might have searched for him
        By now. Unless ny wants to tell us where he buried him…

      • Quit using the word “dead” dammit!

      • Sorry George. I’ll make sure I cease to use that term.

  5. Pearson is minor league bound. He has lost it for whatever reason. Trade him if you can for whatever you can.

    Duchene to Wpg who will let him go as a rental . I believe he is leaving money leaving Ottawa

    If such a deep draft the Sabres should keep all 3 first round picks. Explore the UFA market this summer or wait at least until the draft

    • SilverSeven

      Unfortunately I think you are right. I had high expectations at first.

      Maybe there is a miracle and he turns things around 🙏🤓

      • Pengy i think stahl can be had for pearson mayb e jarry and a 4th… mcquaid is coveted by the penguins along with many other teams and it will take more than a 4th..may we could offer a future 2nd.. i think.minnesota are sellers and stahlwill come cheaper than coyle.
        Rudwhedel was decen t against Edmonton & calgary not so much vs rangers..Anaheim looks to be sellers.. montour for simon and our 1st.. if we want to win we need a top 4 d to go with schultz..montour scandella someone..we then can compete if malkin stays dominant.

      • BlackNGold

        Re:Montour… I would use the first in a trade for him as he has term left

        If it’s 1st and Simon … first of all Pens couldn’t fit it in the cap; and second I think they’d want a D coming back

        If there going after Montour it will have to be a multi-player swap and will have to include a D. Of course I would love it to be JJ but that’s not happening as you and I know all too well.

        I don’t know wrt the CBA wether a player on LTIR can be traded (if both teams agree)….. if so … Maata in the deal…. swap of 24 yr old D:

        Note … as with any multi-player swap….. odds of happening exponentially decrease with number of players involve and closeness to cap (both teams basically at max)…. so this won’t happen but I wanted to show you my mindset on using the first:

        Maata ($4.1) + 1st + Rust ($3.5) + ZAR ($0.93) + Ruhweedel ($0.65) …. Pens retain 50 % on Ruhweedel ….total $8.85M


        Montour ($3.34)+ Silfverberg ($3.75M) + Ritchie ($1.64M)…. Total $8.73M

        Sid Guentz Silfv

        Gino Bjug Ritchie (now that’s a “Big” line)

        McCann Phil Simon

        Blueger Horny Angelo (Energy)


        Letang Pettersson

        Shultz Dumo

        Montour Riikola

        Prow (in case of injury)

        JJ ( recording stats in press box)

        That’s a team that can make it to the ECF against TBay

    • Silverseven…agreed peaRson minor league bound he started out ok, but has fizzled..too bad! He is big,strong, andhas a good shot. HE just cant seem to find it and.maybe a better fit somewhere else. He was good with the kings a couple years ago..

  6. Newfie bruin. Bruins should not sell the farm.

  7. I am doubtful Duchene gets 8 million a year in free agency, not on a 7 year deal anyways.

    • So am I – which leads me to believe that, if he doesn’t take the 8 year $8 mil per offered by Dorion he must REALLY be chomping at the bit to get out of town. What will really be revealing is, if he signs with a team he’s traded to now – or as a UFA this summer – what he settles for and for how long.

      • Maybe he goes, wins a cup and signs in Ottawa on a 7×7 deal, dare to dream I suppose

      • The worst possible outcome is if Duchene signs for less money with Colorado

    • Duchene signing in San Jose this summer is my early guess. I have no idea where he gets traded to.

  8. Respectfully, please stop reporting what Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News has to say. The guy is a laughing stock to us Sabres fans & the community of Buffalo.

    • Charlie Coyle was a great trade idea and in a Sabres fan.

      • The Coyle trade was being talked about in the Buffalo media 2 weeks ago. Chris is right. Harrington is a stiff.

  9. Manning on waivers….let’s go Oilers!

    • Just saw on the Oilers website that Puli is on IR. Nothing on Cap Friendly though. Hmmmmmm……

  10. When people criticize Dorian they should off a minute and wonder what freedom or options Melnyk has let him work with.

    I suspect he is on a lot shorter lease than we think. Also suspect he is not doing as badly as people think if they knew what limitations were put on him.

    • Geez, OldBlueDog, I’ve spent the last half hour trying to figure out what that missing word was in front of “off” – was it “back” or “hold” – or one a lot more graphic? 🙂

      • Ha. That brings up its own wonderful possibilities

      • Sorry, it was hold off…..I guess my fingers and mind are going at different speeds….one of many weaknesses.

        But what do you think George of whether Dorian gets too much stick when he is the most unenviable position of all the GMs.

      • He is in an unenviable position, and not having the dominant character of a Brian Murray hasn’t helped. It’s probably why he got the job in the first place. It’s why I keep hoping for a sale to the Laliberté group who would then likely clean house from top to bottom AND get that downtown arena back on track toute de suite.

    • I think he’s done a pretty good job so far.

  11. Off topic, but has anyone heard if Anders Lee has a hearing or not?
    Wicked face slash on Nurse the other night. Worse than Malkin IMO.

    • That was nasty Shoreorrpark, and to make it worse for Nurse the linesman grabbed him first and Lee landed a few uppercuts while he couldn’t defend himself properly.
      I don’t watch the Islanders much, but Lee struck me as a guy who plays a hard game with an edge, crossed the line this time, but a guy you want on your team.

      • Yeah, Nurse got pumped a few times while he was being held.
        That’s honestly the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen that happen to the kid.
        No wonder he’s frustrated with the linesmen.
        Lee is a solid, steady player in the mold of Dave Backes.
        Agreed though, he did cross the line with the blatant face slash, and by striking Nurse when he was unable to defend himself.

  12. The wild are currently holding down the final wc spot in the west. I don’t see them waiving the white flag and quitting now.

    Coyle , Staal, are more than likely going nowhere. They can’t possibly fall that far out in the next 6 days that they give up.

    Then again, I don’t see most of the names being thrown around going anywhere.

    Bobrovsky, Panarin, Stone, Kreider , And obviously Pietrangelo, Parayko, Schenn, Coyle, Staal, Ferland are more than likely staying put imo.

    Philly is hot at the moment, but I think they pull the plug before next Monday.

    • NY4Life, in the resurrection department, don’t forget those St Louis Blues. Wasn’t long ago that they were going to be sellers at the deadline with virtually every guy on the team, including Vladimir Tarasenko, heading out the door. Nothing like a ten game winning streak to quiet the noise.
      That and, of course, hot goaltending.