NHL Rumor Mill – February 22, 2019

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Updates on Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Wayne Simmonds, Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello and more in the NHL rumor mill. 


OTTAWA SUN: With the Senators sitting out forwards Matt Duchene, Mark Stone and Ryan Dzingel from last night’s game against the New Jersey Devils, Bruce Garrioch believes the trio could be on the verge of getting moved before Monday’s trade deadline. The Senators have yet to get the three pending free agents under contract. He said it’s believed Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and general manager Pierre Dorion wanted to get Stone and Dzingel signed by yesterday because they reached the point where they didn’t want to risk injury to either guy if they’re to be moved by deadline day. 

It’s believed the Winnipeg Jets are the front-runners for Stone though the St. Louis Blues are also expected to call. The Calgary Flames could also be interested but they want an opportunity to sign him to an extension. 

Regarding Duchene, Garrioch reports the Nashville Predators and Columbus Blue Jackets are linked to the Senators center. The Boston Bruins have “genuine interest” in Dzingel. Garrioch’s colleague Ken Warren believes the Blue Jackets could also come calling for Dzingel. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman said the Predators “have lusted after Duchene for some time.” He thinks the Flames, Blues Jackets, and New York Islanders have looked at him and speculates the Montreal Canadiens might have been in on Duchene if they felt they could re-sign him. He believes the Predators would be looking at a “sign-and-trade” scenario.

However, Friedman subsequently reported hearing the Predators interest in Duchene may have cooled a bit. Even if the Sens center is off the Predators’ board, Friedman feels they’ll still make a significant move before the deadline, suggesting targets like the Rangers’ Kevin Hayes or Columbus’ Artemi Panarin.

WGR 500: Brayton Wilson cited TSN’s Darren Dreger listing the Predators, Islanders and Blue Jackets as serious contenders for Duchene. He also noted some believe the Buffalo Sabres and San Jose Sharks could also interested but others aren’t sure. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Jeremy Rutherford considers speculation tying the Blues to notable trade candidates like Stone, Panarin or Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds as wishful thinking. He said Blues GM Doug Armstrong is only interested in hockey trades, not rentals. Bruins GM Don Sweeney hinted he might be done dealing after acquiring Charlie Coyle from Minnesota, though that doesn’t mean he won’t keep an eye on the market for an affordable second-line scorer. 

If Duchene, Stone and/or Dzingel aren’t interested in sign-and-trade/trade-and-sign scenarios it could affect how much interest the Senators received in them, as well as the potential returns. That could take the Predators and Flames out of the equation. I don’t see the Sabres going after Duchene as a rental as their playoff hopes are fading. The Senators’ asking price could be too high for the Sharks. 

Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds is attracting growing interest in the trade market (Photo via NHL Images)


NBC SPORTS: John Boruk cited TSN’s Pierre LeBrun noting interest in Philadelphia Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds has intensified of late but the Flyers are focused on trying to stay in the playoff chase. With the Flyers falling to the Montreal Canadiens last night, Boruk wonders if GM Chuck Fletcher moving closer to making a trade. He wonders if Simmonds might interest the Arizona Coyotes, who’ve clawed their way back into the Western Conference playoff chase. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman thinks the market on Simmonds has come to a halt as teams wait to see what the Ottawa Senators do with Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, and Ryan Dzingel. He suggests the San Jose Sharks, Boston Bruins, and Calgary Flames would love to steal a guy like Simmonds. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There may be growing interest in Simmonds but I don’t see him moving until the Senators situation is sorted out. Teams that lose out on Duchene, Stone, and Dzingel could come calling. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes the Bruins, Blue Jackets and Jets could have interest in New York Rangers center Kevin Hayes. He also suggests Hayes could be an option for the Predators if they pass on Matt Duchene. He wonders if the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs might kick tires on Rangers defenseman Adam McQuaid. 

Appearing on the NHL Network, Friedman linked Rangers winger Mats Zuccarello to the Flames and Dallas Stars. Regarding trade speculation about winger Chris Kreider, Friedman said the Rangers have set a high asking price because he’s signed through next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I consider Hayes and Zuccarello as fallback options for clubs that lose out in the Duchene/Stone bidding or drop out because of the high asking prices. McQuaid will be attractive to clubs seeking veteran depth and toughness on their blueline. Unless someone’s willing to overpay for Kreider, he’s not going anywhere. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: TSN insiders Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, and Pierre LeBrun believes New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello could be busy leading up to the deadline. Dreger claims he’s going to go as hard as he can to pursue Matt Duchene, though LeBrun feels Lamoriello would want to know that he can sign the center. LeBrun doubts the Blue Jackets would trade Artemi Panarin to a club in their own division like the Islanders. 

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes Lamoriello is in on Duchene and Panarin. He also thinks Los Angeles Kings winger Ilya Kovalchuk could be his “Plan C”, though Kovalchuk controls his fate with his no-movement clause. 

THE SCORE: Josh Wegman cites The Athletic’s Arthur Staple reporting Islanders winger Joshua Ho-Sang is open to a trade. “They’re a good team this year. For me, obviously I want to play in the NHL, that’s my main focus. For them, if they need to trade me for pieces to go further in the playoffs, improve the great team they have, then I’m all for it.” Ho-Sang’s spent most of this season in the minors. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No one knows what the always-secretive Lamoriello has in store leading up to the trade deadline. Based on his trade history, however, one shouldn’t dismiss the possibility that he’ll pursue a notable player.

Ho-Sang, who’s struggled to crack the Isles roster, could become a trade chip if Lamoriello decides to go after someone like Duchene or Panarin. The Kovalchuk rumors are based on his previous association with Lamoriello during their time with the New Jersey Devils, but that doesn’t mean the Isles GM is keen to renew that relationship. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports hearing the Florida Panthers asked winger Mike Hoffman to submit a 10-team no-trade list. ” Doesn’t mean he will be traded but obviously teams are calling so Panthers need to be ready,” said LeBrun. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers have been linked to Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin and goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. Make of this what you will. Hoffman was acquired by the Panthers last summer in a three-team deal with the Ottawa Senators and San Jose Sharks. 


  1. Interesting that the Panthers would consider trading Hoffman. Considering the season he’s had, you would think he’d be the type of player they would want to keep. Perhaps some friction issues once again?

  2. Good morning

    @ PENGY ….I think that the Pens should pick up Kunitz he’s cheap …and I think he could re invigor the Crsoby line again for at least the rest of this year into the playoffs …they are both missing each other …its not a crazy solution and does not cost much but I think could turn things around for the better up front…..years of experience there and Kunitz is one of the only players to be able to stand the test of time on Crosbys line and do well.
    Pens dont have much to offer for a crazy upgrade so why not try a less expensive option…..


    While I know the Leafs really need a solid winger who has grit and sand paper and plays a heavy game …from the Flyers games ive seen as of late …a Simmonds pick up could be a mistake ..
    he does not look like the old player he was and his skating is not what it used to be to be able to keep up with the Leafs fast pace Iam going to say pass on this player for what it would cost.

    I think if the Leafs can make a deal with Vegas Id like to see them bring in Cody Eakins instead….he plays a real quality all around game ans til has wheels and another year on his contract …he plays just as rough as Simmonds but a bit more upside for another year and a term on contract which helps the Leafs manage into next year where as Simmonds is a pure rental and you will loose those assets for a short term help UFA player who you should not resign.
    Another player the Leafs should look at that may fit into this team and the time line is Brendan Lemieux on the Jets to fill that roll as well….easier trade to make for less and the player you control and he may be the next best thing to a Tom Wilson style player that can score .

    Cheers 🙂

    • I would for the most part agree on Simmonds other than the speed of the leafs comment.

      Correct in the Simmonds’ speed has dropped off, but in the playoffs his gritt probably would counter his speed difficiencies.

      Also, are the leafs that much faster than the other 5 or 6 best teams in each conference? I’m gonna say no.

      Teams like Tampa are not going to want to see their stars pushed around in the post season and may drive up the bidding a bit.

      With that said, he is worth a second round pick and a decent prospect. That’s about it. Also, he is not getting more than 15 mill or so in tcv I’m free agency. No one is signing Simmonds to 6 yrs at 6 mill. It’s not happening.

      If you are really close to a cup I could see him pushing a team over the edge. Don’t think the leafs are there yet.

      He will score on the pp again if given the chance. The flyers have their issues, but big bodies w good hands on pp is not one of them. His role has been diminished on the pp.

    • Imo, Vegas should be buying not selling. Then again, I thought the same of Minnesota. Actually, the only sellers in the west should be the Kings and oilers.

    • Why would the Jets want to trade Lemieux to the Leafs? What you said about him is all the reasons why they shouldn’t

      • @ jeremy

        Chevy needs to clear some cap if he is going BIG GAME hunting …Lemeiux will be the first man gone to help with any major trade Chevy is looking at ..

        ie Stone Dzingle Duchene or anyone else …thats why …they have Lowry for that style of player as well…no need to double up salary when your strapped to sign Laine and make moves at the deadline where you need cap space

      • When you are clearing salary you aren’t going to trade a playing making less than $900K. I have no idea how this is calculated, but as per Cap Friendly the Jets have over $25.5mill in deadline cap space. They will be doing their cap clearing in the offseason. Right now the Jets will be going all in for the cup.

      • @ KEV JAM

        Out of Lowry Tanev and Connor …if the Jets land any big player ..who is the first player that gets sent down ??
        We both know its Lemieux …if the Jets need a million in cap space when they are done doing what they are doing… Lemieux will need to go as an active roster player …by the sounds of it the Jets may need every penny at this point

      • @Kal El
        The way I see it is that the Jets will need to do some trading in the offseason. I am thinking that they will trade either Connor or Ehlers so they can sign Laine, Myers, Trouba, and their other RFA’s. They are not going to worry about dumping salary until after the playoffs. Right now the only thing Chevy is worried about is doing what he can to get the Jets the cup. Everything else will be done after. Also Lemeiux is on his ELC and can be sent down without going through wavers. He would also be a good call up if there are any injuries in the playoffs.

    • Hi Kal El

      Unfortunately I disagree with you w.r.t. Kunitz. He is definitely a motivating guy and well liked, but I don’t think he has the jump he had before and his skills (and hence his production) have tapered off. He would not be aquired to fill in at top 6; so his aquisition for at best 3rd line wing; for me; not worth the cap hit.

      For Pens— wow — I posted again on morning coffee. I get repeated headaches w.r.t. JJ.

      Pens must address D. If Maata is not to return until playoffs, AND they continue to play JJ every night and for large minutes; it is possible that Pens miss the playoffs.

      I would be dreaming if I thought Pens had a shot at the cup this year as is. I can’t see any team in the East, as at now, getting by TBay.

      Pens moves should either be (1) tweak on D to ensure playoffs-bound and with the aquistion/risk geared towards (A) not finishing in 8th (to meet Bolts first round) and (B) positioning themselves to try and beat the Metro match-ups to get to the ECF;

      OR *(2) a true ALL-IN with moves that are true true true ALL-IN; with the outside chance of getting by TBay

      *When I say true “ALL-IN”; it would have to be GMJR admitting he was wrong; and either completely sitting (for the rest of the entire year) JJ or trading him. Nothing short of that. They could acquire massive upgrades and that would be beneficial for sure; but if they continue with playing JJ his minutes; Pens are basically almost starting each game effectively down 1-0 (or more).

      So for reality sakes…. we are talking option 1 and hoping for cataclysmic collapse by Bolts, or Vaz getting the Measles; OR ; OR ;OR… you get my drift.

      A move to get a RHD using a late round pick; helps the team. If they can then play JJ 3rd pairing (because as i’ve stated above, it looks like they will continue to play him) and limit those minutes…. much much better.

      Now if they go middle ground and move on a Montour type…. that means the first is going for sure; this will help tremendously, but still comes with the JJ caveat listed above.

      Can we please give a shout out to Panarin to come and give JJ a big long hug and cough in his face?

      Re: Leafs

      I’ve preached for a long time; all acquisitions now need to be for players with term. No UFAs.

      Leafs under any changes, will not get by Bolts (save for the cataclysmic events I listed above) and should be focusing on getting past Bruins…. basically earning 2 or maybe 3 extra home gates. They jsut can’t get to the third round unless they finish in 7th and play Metro 1st place and run the table int he Metro Div playoffs. Is that likely? I don’t think so.

      So I’m all in for Leafs to make any moves for term and an upgrade to D is preferable. That said, the best moves for GMKD, will be made , IMO, in July.

      Simmonds on Leafs— yes he would certainly add grit. But, as stated, Leafs need to avoid UFAs.

      Cody Eakins does have term, does have grit, and is doing quite well this year 15-17-32 in 58 games with a +14. This will be his best season ever.

      However, I can’t see Leafs having him come in and bump Kadri to 4C (or were you thinking a swap of Eakins/Kadri?), and Eakins would be a waste at 4C.

      Lemieux would for sure add grit. What’s he cost?

      • @ PENGY

        I humbly disagree on the Kunitz situation ….sorry lol 🙂 …
        you can take a crap shoot at any other player and it could be a bust …but for a million bucks or less and a 5th rounder at BEST he would be worth the pick up ..

        I think Crosby needs him…Kunitz can be VERY effective he just needs that element back in place …the Hawks have not played for much this year ..so Iam sure he is not giving 10000% there but back on Crosby line that may be a different story !
        It is worth a shot at next to nothing ! NO??


        Id play Eakins on the wing it would not effect Kadri at all ….

        Lemieux may need to be moved out anyway as the Jets will be looking for big cap space if they make a major move so you may be able to get him for a second rounder just to take the cap off Chevys hands …I could see him being a quality Tom Wilson style player young and low cost and can grow with the core at low cost !

      • Hi Kal El,

        No worries on the disagreeing. I do see your points; all valid. I just have a differing perspective; and lesser perceived possibility that Kunitz could do those things.

        Re: Eakin on the wing. I had not thought of that. I would think then he’d be on 3rd line and that may be too costly a Cap hit for 3rd line.

        What do you think the ask for Eakin would be. It should be big as VKG is giving up a very effective 3C who is having a career year. On top of that, VGK would need a replacement at 3C…. now if they are in on Duchene? Well maybe. Whatever VGK could get from GMKD for Eakin plus a 1st to Ottw for Duchene…. basically paying only a 1st for Duchene as 3C…. certainly food for thought.

        Lemieux— grit yep. A “quality” Tom wilson type. Is that polite speak for “not a dick” LOL.

        Lemieux is certainly tenancious and plays hard and gritty like Wilson; but is not as talented a hockey player and is smaller (3″ and 10 lbs) but certainly would be a great add to the Leafs who do lack that “grit” / “sand-paper” type

        I still think that serious moves for Leafs need to be done in July:

        GMKD has to truly play GM and not worry about what he may or may not have “promised” to WW….

        Pay the SBs for both Marleau and WW on July 1st. Move WW (great contract for a budget team with Cap space… only $700K due for next year and total CASH AAV of less than $5M; but Cap of $7M) for a D upgrade.

        Whatever it takes— move Marleau. Wheel, deal, beg, plea…,. the Cap hit of $6.25M is just too much to swallow. Marleau can walk at any time after July 1st and all that his is out is about $585K take home pay. What is the incentive to put your 40 year old body through another grueling year and be away from your family for at least half of it; just for $585K take home (he will just have rec’d a big bonus). If he decides to walk and retire…. Leafs still get hit with the costly $6.25M cap hit.

        Regardless of above…. Marner extension a priority.


      • Pengy & Dee….. I hate to say this but stick a fork in our Penguins they are done. Watching last nights game unless they do something big at the deadline its over for this year.

        I have never in the last 4 years thought they couldn’t win it… As good as Crosby. Letang, Dumolin and Guentzal have been the rest of the team inconsistent and uuuggghhhhh.

        Kessel flying tries to stick handle in at the blue line poke check breakaway Kane (for some reason Letang is standing at the blue line next to Kessel) as well) score San Jose…

        Rumors are Simmons after the Penguins game Saturday for Pearson plus hard to believe. Rutherford has mixed in nice younger talent like
        Mccann Peterrsson Rikola Bjugstad Blueger, while many core guys Guentzal, ZAR, Simon Matta, Dumolin are young….

        This team isn’t there yet and they may not even make the playoffs… too bad

        And F*****G Capitals got Hagelin

        AS Dandy Don Merdith use to say turn out the lights the parties over….

      • Pengy……. I hate to say this about our Penguins but stick a fork in them they are done. I have not once thought in the last 5 years (especially) that they couldn’t win. Watching Kessel huge turnover, Jack Johnson struggling to get back in to position as San Jose scored, and the inconsistency of this team..its over for this year.

        Unless they do something big at the trade deadline to bolster the defense and the team its curtains.

        I like that Rutherford has brought in and developed younger talent like Bjugstad, Pettersson, Rikola, Mccann, Blueger, Simon, ZAR, to go with a younger core of Guentzal, Matta, Murray, DeSmith, Dumolin.

        I have even heard Rumors of Wayne Simmons to Pittsburgh for Tanner Pearson plus (GM Fletcher knows Pearson and likes him)but not until after Saturdays contest hard to believe.

        Whats worse is the Crapitals just traded for Carl Hagelin how many X penguins do they need?

        But for this year As Dandy Don Meredith use to say the parties over turn out the lights…

      • BlackNGold

        a quick response before my meetings today…. I’ll be out then until tonight

        I’m painfully with you.

        I didn’t like to officially put it down in writing but I’ll say it here…. if they play JJ every game… Pens have absolutely NO chance whatsoever of SC this year. None, zero, zip, zilch.

        Great movement towards youth as you have pointed out

        Re the Simmonds/Pearson rumours. I had not heard that. Thanks for the heads up on that.

        if it is a straight swap… that helps Pens now and takes Cap off the books next year. I’m not sure Phi would go 1-1 swap. If it involves the 1st— forgeddaboutit.

        Now, if it is a straight up swap…. and they seriously limit JJ’s minutes (becasue for Gall Dang sake they seem intent on playing him game in and game out—– ahhhh); then maybe; just maybe ; they can meander through the Metro Div playoffs and play Bolts in ECF

        Step 1— make the playoffs; and

        Step 2, almost as important; make sure they don’t sit in 8th at season’s end

        Simmonds for Pearson; tweak trade for Jensen (or Jansen type); very limited minutes for JJ…. then I have some belief that they can get to ECF.

        A big trade for a Montour type; limiting or axing any JJ time… excellent shot at getting to ECF. That won’t put them past Bolts (barring something cataclysmic) but would be a great showing.

        Now if there is a cataclysmic thing happening to Bolts (German Measles for Vasy????) and Pens have a Montour type and don’t play JJ more than a handful of minutes a night; and Simmonds/Pearson swap…. I do believe Pens match up better against Nsh or Winn or SJ (can’t play like they did last night)

        Now that is a ton of ifs…. so read between the lines here

        Barring that, playing as they did last night; and having a coach that is insane enough to provide a 5 on 2 power play (playing BOTH JJ and Ruhweedel together on the PK) ; then Pens are done as you’ve said

        Fingers crossed on GMJR and Sully reality check

    • @ Kal El Brendan Lemieux makes $839,167 yes he’s an rfa and his contract increase will not be over whelming.

      He may very well be part of a trade package but he won’t be moved because of cap implications.

      Depending on what Winnipeg does teams will be targeting Jack Roslovic, Mason Appleton, Adam Lowry and Sami Niku amoung others before they get to Lemieux.

      One player on Winnipeg that should definitely be moved is Nic Petan he has been up all season and only got into 13 games with limited ice team, got the skill set and has shown it in the AHL but is an under sized C. Doesn’t fit Maurice game style and not getting an opportunity. definitely need a change of scenery. Some one should pick him up on the cheap.

      Of the players I listed above I do not see Winnipeg parting with Adam Lowry, would also think he be one of the most requested.

      • Sorry for the double post..small phone big fingers.

    • I believe (and I’m fully expecting a full on barrage of pen fans comments) that Pittsburgh is in need of MUCH more than some minor tweaks.

      The problem with that is they don’t have much to offer for the top tier players that may be available. Today Pittsburgh has a 75% chance of making the playoffs… which seems pretty good. But their recent play suggests that number will shrink rather than rise.

      Pittsburgh fans need to brace themselves for the very real possibility that without major changes, their window is closing. Hey, you got 3 cups out of the deal!

      I just don’t see ANY team getting by Tampa to come out of the east. Yeah yeah I know anything can happen once the playoffs start. Blah blah blah, presidents trophy winner jinx….

      I can’t remember a team in recent history with such a wide gap in goal differential. +81, next best in the league? +43… good luck out scoring this team!

      And for some reason they suddenly dry up in scoring, good luck getting through that defense and Vasilevskiy who is playing like a vezina winner!

      • @ NYR4life

        I agree …I tried bringing this up in the 60th day of the Nylander fiasco to change topics ….and was told by most Pens fans here that there was nothing to talk about LMAO …and that the Pens were just fine and they just needed minor tweaks… wish I had the day I posted that out of the blue to just talk about a different topic ..it was shot down immediately !

        Good talking points these days now …in the news

        But yes ..they wil be in big trouble …They hav etraded away all the first rounders since Rutherford has been there ….hence 2 cups though !

        But long term now in serious shape

      • 75% chance to make the playoffs im surprised its that high…they are done for this year it kills me to say..hope im wrong..there is no consistency to their game.

  3. Perhaps reality says Melnyk should sell the franchise and move it out of town. And I don’t mean Quebec City. They could no more compete with the warmer-clime, tax havens of the U.S. or the mega-bucks of a Toronto than Ottawa. They’ve made a mess out out of the downtown arena project and the mayor of Ottawa is more interested in the construction of a massive new downtown library (at taxpayer’s expense), obviously feeling that this will generate more taxes and bring in many more thousands of visitors than would a state-of-the-art arena.

    Unlike some other locations, where they would – and have – continued to flock to the rink through years and years of mediocrity, sports fans in this region are only with you win or tie. Whether that signals a general unwillingness to support a loser, and therefore greater intelligence, is open to debate. The bottom line is, current ownership has failed to grasp exactly what it takes to remain competitive in a major sports scene and that you can’t be a poor man’s millionaire and compete with the billionaires.

    • @ George O

      A library …seriously ..does the Mayor know that there is this thing called GOOGLE ..LOL ..I thought Librarys were a dinosaur …do they have a Starbucks …LOL …what a waste of money ..lol…..sounds like someone is getting a kick back from the construction company to build that ! LOL

      Hopefully when things are done after the trad deadline you will have a team that can have assets to build for a future …and we all know WINNING cures everything !

      • Oh yeah, a library – but that’s what you get when you have artsy-fartsy leftists in charge – opera houses, libraries. And, of course, EVERYONE pays through their tax bills whether the majority wants those things or not, even with the knowledge that they will become money pits with limited – and I mean limited – revenue-generating audiences.

      • As for assets after the trades, Kal El, they will certainly have those, but just a few short years down the line, some of those as well the likes of Chabot and Tkachuk will be in line for big bucks/long-term deals and unless the ownership changes, it will simply be more of the same, especially if they have agents like Newport Sports Management (Stone’s agents) who are only interested in making their clients multi-millionaires with absolutely NO consideration for the city in which their clients currently play. And that’s their job after all.

      • @ George O

        Melnyk is just as interested in making money just the same as Stone and his agents …too!
        If you dont want to pay NHL salaries than own a minor league team id say!

        Whats your take on Logan Brown …I really like the player ….will he be a key cog next year or compete to be a #1 Center in this re build or will you have to go head hunting with the exit of Duchene

      • Kal El, but did you just compare a Library to Google?
        May I suggest googling 1984 by George Orwell and find out which Library has it on it’s shelf and read it.
        Sorry Kal El and the rest, last none hockey post, my bad but had too.

      • @ RAY BARK

        …LMAO …O M G …

        Was in complete jest …of course …LOL

    • George and Kal El, RE Sens

      I’m still holding out hope that (1) Stone is signed and then they can trade the other two for : 2 first, a roster, and 2 prospects; and (2) Melnyk actually sticks to his word this time (spending near cap in a couple of years).

      With the above; Stone as Captain to nuture the re-build and young guns; new assets coming in plus the already good young prospects developing well…. then Sens can field a team that does bring back the fans.

      George re: Melnyk selling…. if he’s doing that; he’ll wait until his Seattle cheque clears

      I know you and I don’t see eye to eye on the success of a franchise in Quebec. I really think it could work.

      I have been to the arena— it is beautiful.

      If I’m comparing the declining market interest right now in the Ottw area with declining probabilities of a downtown arena; vs a brand new state-of-the-art arena in a market ready to go (and had already put in a request for expansion); I really think it would work.

      However, I don’t think a move is going to happen. What is more likely is a Melnyk sale to another Ottw team/individual.

      Fingers crossed on Stone re-signing.

      I asked you before , your thoughts on if Stone is moved as a rental; that he would sign back with Sens in July to become the Captain.

      If that could happen then you are talking about him then building around a team then (with the 3 UFAs moved) and extra 3 first rounders, extra 2 roster spots, extra 3 prospects. Just a thought


      • @ Pengy…& Geroge O

        I think your right Pengy ..about the Quebec arena for one…but thats years away now with Seattle going first and not till 2021 ….

        Second ..I thijk Stone has seen the best deal by the Sens as it has been reprted by TSN …that Stone received a serious serious offer by the Sens….so he knows what hes going to get to stay !

        He will make the sacrifice to go to a contender and most likely re sign to that deal in off season …unless he gets blown away but its best for the SENS to pick up the assets first …ALL PARTIES now know where they stand ..go for the cup run and come back for the big pay check ….

      • Kal El & Pengy – It isn’t so much a question of Melnyk not wanting to pay salaries – they’ve been close to the cap several times under his ownership and the team has also had GMs (Murray and Dorion) who both believe in leaving yourself a bit of wiggle room (realistically in the range of $5 mil) in order to make any late-season additions in the event you see your team close to going all the way. Where Melnyk falls behind is his unwillingness to fork over huge amounts of “up-front” money similar to the Tavares and Matthews deals (which didn’t earn Dubas any friends throughout a lot of the league’s GMs/owners). Probably because, not being in the class of Toronto, NY and other such ownership, he simply can’t – and he’s not alone there.

        Re Logan Brown – the early knock on him had been his unwillingness to play like a big man (he’s 6′ 6″ 220 lbs), but this season, his first in the AHL and after suffering an early-season injury which kept him out of the first couple of months, he HAS been playing to his size and in 39 gp has 12g 22a 34 pts and, along with Batherson, is due to be called up to finish the season in Ottawa.

        Re Quebec – A beautiful arena aside, there are a few knocks against Quebec City. First of all, their population is just 531,900 – smaller than Winnipeg and well below the Ottawa metro pop of 1.250 million. Secondly, they have virtually NO corporate structure – it’s essentially a civil service town. And thirdly, they simply could not function without bringing language into the equation, meaning their pools of GMs/coaches would be reduced to only those who are francophone. And with English being officially persona non grata BY LAW, how do you think they’d compete when it came time to try and bring in key UFAs whose families happen to have English as their language? Never mind trying to hang onto their draft choices when they reach RFA/UFA status.

        I seriously doubt we’ll ever see another NHL team there. It’s also why, despite Laval University’s football success (and fairly good crowds for Canadian college football), no one talks about a CFL franchise there while plans surge ahead to install one in Halifax.

      • Hi George

        I do understand your concerns w.r.t. language and corp sponsorship in QC/PQ. Your points are well taken and have veracity.

        These concerns are there but I truly believe they can be overcome. The pop. situation to me is irrelevant. As you said, similar pop. to Winn. Metro QC at > 800K is more than Winn (780K) and Quebec is a very hockey mad city. They would sell out season ticket sales for 3 years running just like Winn did, IMO.

        Before the dollar went sour the Nordiques were drawing. Francaphone/Anglephone logistics can be worked out. Problematic yes, no doubt. However, I do have confidence in that.

        Re: Corp support; here is where we disagree the most. When they did all the studies going in for the expansion request; according to TSN and SN; corp. sponsorship was not going to be an issue. The mind-set was almost “if you build it they will come”

        I would like to see a franchise in QC and still have one in Ottw.

        Gary says no. So no it is…. for many many many years. When does Gary retire?

        ALL financial studies show a second team in T.O. would bring in league revenues at worst (in any economic model) as the 5th revenue contributor behind only the Leafs, Habs, Hawks and Rangers. Some models had them garnering second place behind only Leafs due in part to the uptick in sales/media from the automatic built in rivalry (“subway rivalry” if Vaughn as one model had) and two media giants in Bell/Rogers involved. But Gary says no. No it is.

        Either way…. I’m pulling for Ottw to continue and Stone as Captain for 19/20 and beyond. 🙂

        Re: CFL and Halifax….. I’m also a huge CFL fan. Great to see a team there; and I would love to have seen a franchise in QC. Who knows down the road? Many CFL greats are coming out of and have come out of “Les Rouge et Or”

        The Ottw RedBlacks have been a tremendous success.


      • Pengy……Duchense to Columbus remember i said the penguins are done well its official now….

        they virtually gave up just two prospects…

  4. I feel compelled to comment that after all my speculation, I am no longer sure the sharks need to add anything. I am still not opposed to adding bob, panarin, or skinner but after that drubbing of the pens I feel that their game is solid finally.

    This is probably their last push to a cup without major retooling of the roster. Picking up Haley of waivers was solid and maybe that’s an indicator of things to come. I’d still like to see them add some scoring punch.

    Who’s their best option? If I had to choose it would be skinner.

    • @ Jshark

      I have to agree with you …
      Doug Wilson has put together a very god team …Iam surprised on the impact Evander Kane has had there he seems a bit more focused and willing to play within that structure and be a better teammate …they look like finalists I dont know where they actually need to delete a player to add a player in San Jose ..it would make little sense …they dont have much cap space to add …maybe look at Ryan Miller as a back up option to bolster that area of things …MAYBE!

      Preds would be there only obstacle I can see for the Sharks

    • Dzingel

    • Hi , Jshark

      Sharks did very well last night and I think minor tweaks might be all that is needed if other western teams stay pat (not likely). See my rationale below.

      They don’t have a 1st to give; so Skinner is out.

      They have 3 hurdles to meet TBay in SC.

      As at now— a Cgy/SJ series could go either way (the nod just might be who finishes first as the other will have to have had a pretty long (IMO) series against VGK )

      With that in mind…. whatever Cgy does… similar strategy to match perhaps?

      Now, SJ vs Nsh or Winn. IMO, both Nsh and Winn, on paper, are stronger now. Winn has struggled last couple of weeks, but I think that is just an ebb in an over-all very good season. I expect them to turn around.

      Both, if we buy into the current reporting, are going all in — Duchene? Stone? etc.

      If one of them gets Duchene and the other say Stone; then IMO, I don’t see SJ getting by either (barring a Sharks massive upgrade) to meet Bolts.

      Re: last night…. nice goal by Kane

      You’re welcome w.r.t. coaching brain fart of having both JJ and Ruhweedel on the PK… it might have been easier on Pens just to award the goal before the puck is dropped for the Sharks PP (if the intention was to have, as they did, both JJ and Ruhweedel defending) and save the extra time for 5 on 5 play. It was basically a 5 on 2.

      At the very least , SJ may have given Sully a very very valuable lesson—- JJ and Ruhweedel should not be D partners and most certainly can never ever ever again be D partners on the PK

      Jumbo Joe still looking good at 39!!!

      Do you think he comes back next year?


      • The key for sj in beating win or Vegas is to stop the seam passes. We saw them do it last night with pit. Cut down on the crisscrossing and simplify the shots for jones. Against Tampa that’s a tough deal.

        I still think the sharks add a player. If nothing more than to change the scoring dynamics for the final stretch. They don’t have pics from this year but they have next years and a second this year. I’d be happy with Dzingel. As far as who you delete, probably milker karlsson. He’s a solid 2 way player but the sharks need to spend more time on the attack. Swap him for someone with more speed I’d suggest. If Calgary and Winnipeg add players the sharks will be forced to mix it up.

      • @ Jshark

        I dont see the Knights an obstacle for the Sharks this year …Sharks should win that series.

        Obviously it has to be played ..bu the Knights are not as god as last year ..Sharks look really really good right now and will give the Preds a run for the Conference winners out West

      • Hi JShark

        Concur on your mindset re potential upgrade.

        If it is Dzingel, I think Ottw is holding out for a 1st rounder plus.

        SJ has conditions attached to 1st rounders this year (’19) and next (’20) with Buff and Ottw; so neither of those 1st rounders can be dealt as at now; and I don’t think Ottw would be looking at a 1st in ’21.

        SJ does have 2 ’19 2nd rounders but one (the higher of their own and Panthers) is already committed to Ottw in the Karllson deal. So if giving up the other 2nd rounder, it would be their own, and Ottw would be then counting that pick as likely somewhere in the pick 60-62 range…. which would then require something more substantial coming back. Not sure what SJ would be willing to part with … would they go their own 2nd rounder plus Merkley? Would Ottw accept?

        Re: ” If Calgary and Winnipeg add players the sharks will be forced to mix it up.”… I think that is almost a forgone assumption… so a bigger move may have to come

        Thoughts on Jumbo Joe playing at 40 next year?

      • @ PENGY

        George O has stated that he does think Dzingle will bring a first rounder …I begged to differ but never know …

  5. Wtf is NY thinking playing players who they are likely trading? Even if they’re working on extensions, Zuccarello, Hayes, and Mcquaid have no business playing in meaningless games until things get sorted out.

    Luckily for them, Mcquaid seems to have escaped a serious injury.

    Smh! I don’t want to hear how this team tried to tank in 2018-2019 season.

    They seem confused about what they are supposed to be doing. I thought this team was on the right track to a rebuild. Quinn and Gorton have lost sight of everything imo.

    • @ Nyr4life

      Just a quick hit on that comment about them being confused ..as Iam confused on your stance now as well…

      I really like to engage with you so please don’t take this the wrong way as Iam not cherry picking …so.. .please correct me if Iam wrong BUT …the other day you had also said that you would like to re sign Zuccarello as he has been putting up decent numbers as of late …but this is a contradiction to why your mad here this morning….

      I thought you were of the mind set of keeping Zuccs and not letting him go for assets and THEN re engaging come July 1st …???

      • I’m all for re-signing both Hayes, and Zuccarello. But that window is rapidly closing. Hayes apparently wants 7 years, Zuccarello 5. And Ny isn’t having it.

        But either way, until that is figured out you don’t risk them.

        Definitely not backing away or contradicting myself. You simply cannot risk these players until you have it figured out. If Hayes broke a leg last night and they couldn’t come to an extension agreement…. what happens then? Is a team ready to pay the same price for a guy that probably won’t be ready until the playoffs? … hopefully?

        It’s rotten asset management. I’ve maintained all year this team shouldn’t be worried about winning now. They certainly shouldn’t be risking their assets in a meaningless game. And trying to win that meaningless game in the 1st place.

        Last nights game was a 2-1 game late until a brutal missed tripping call that lead to Minnesota’s 3rd goal, and ultimately an empty netter 4-1 victory for Minnesota.

        I like both of these players , and I could even make an argument for keeping Mcquaid in the short term. He seems to have brought Skjei back to earth.

        But again, until you have that deal signed, don’t risk an asset. Especially when Hope seems lost at coming to terms with any one of these guys in the next 72 hours.

      • And I definitely wanted these guys signed prior to the tdl. Not July 1st. Way too risky!

        They weren’t in a position of playoff hopes to take that kind of risk.

      • @ NYR 4 LIFE ….

        I think there is 2 scenarios here ….

        If the blue shirts have not gotten the asking price on either of those 2 players by now …then they need to play …and that would be 1st reason …they want to keep them instead a negotiate….

        #2 by playing them and also risking injury ..it puts pressure on the team persuing to make that deal at the asking price of the Rangers …and to do it quickly..becuase they will continue to play and if they do get hurt ….its hurts the team pursuing the player more than the Rangers keeping the players and negotiating in off season….IMO

        More pressure on the team that wants the player who is going all in on a cup run to pony up !
        You own the asset …

      • Kal el,

        I definitely don’t see it that way. The pressure is solely on Gorton here. Trade, re-sign, or lose them for nothing.

        Ny isn’t likely to hand ANYONE a 7 year deal. Or Zuccarello 5.

        Recent history suggests 5 or less with the sole exception of Skjei.

        Losing a player for absolutely nothing is NEVER a good idea for a non playoff team. If NY was in a playoff position at least they could save face by keeping them as their own rentals for a push. Not the case hear. They have no shot at the playoffs. So they need to resolve both of these players futures by Monday at 3pm

        I did say keep these guys, but not at any expense, and certainly not at any term. I believe I said a week ago. Zuccarello 2-3 years and Hayes 4-5.

      • Not the case here… not hear!

    • @Nyr4life yesterday I said Boston has moved on from Hayes and now I’m hearing reports there still an interest.
      As I don’t follow that Rangers closely has Hayes played the wing? Would he be a good fit for second line Wing?
      If Boston was adding Hayes, either him or Coyle would have to play second line wing . The interest isn’t making much sense to me other then he is another boy from the Boston area which Sweeney has shown to like.

      • @ Caper ….

        Interesting I thought getting Coyle would put to rest the Hayes going to Boston…has 1 more year on deal and a manageable asset …..maybe Boston is putting it out there just to drive up the price for any teams interested in the east ..i,e it was also reported that the leafs were in on Hayes when Kadri went down 2 nights ago …so it could just be posturing more so than seriousness ….IMO …

        Boston seems set down the middle with Coyle and did not give up too much in an upgrade

      • @ NYR 4 Life

        Right or wrong thats what they are doing….

        They will take it right to the deadline to maximize…Iam sure …but wait and see what happens in OTT …you may get increased value when the losers on Dzingle Stone and Duchene come calling!

      • Caper,

        Hayes hasn’t played on a wing at all in the last 4 years. He pretty much has been their 2nd center for the past 2 years and their 3rd the 2 years prior.

        I’m sure he may have seen some time on the PP or something not at center, but nothing of significance.

  6. Ottawa home games could sound the same as a library next year.

    Lots of speculation I hope it is not anti -climatic on Monday. I am taking a vacation day
    If the suspects are playing maybe no deal is close.

  7. Why are players asked for their no-trade list now, rather than each off-season? Or only asked once at the beginning of their contract?

    Picking it at the trade deadline basically allows a player to decide their fate. They can then pick the 10 teams they know would be interested, for example, thereby blocking any trade.

    Anyone know why NTC’s are done this way??

    • good point Paddy , likely because the player can opt to include a team that is a contender at TDL.

      • Just a quick hit here on a totally different topic….changing gears …

        I live in the GTA …but go to a lot of Sabres games as well due to the prices at MLSE ..LOL …and the barn in Buffalo is one of the ABSOLUTE best places to see NHL hockey played an amazing atmosphere to watch all your favorite teams …and players …being a hockey nut.

        …so I usually get a 10 game pack there …while all the talk may be around Skinner there …a player that Ive noticed have a very decent quiet year there has been Zack Bogosian … he could be a solid pick up pick up for a team looking for a lock down first pass gritty D man …he has some injury issues …but if any Sabres fans here …he has bee really good this year …oh and by the way he shoots….ye you guessed it .. RIGHT!

        A bit pricey but he has one more year on term as well so a controlable and manageable asset !

        Just saying…cough cough …Dubas..

      • That makes sense to me, Fergy. It just seems easier to ask the 10 teams earlier on and then let the player adjust the list if they want. As it stands, the player not only get a limited NTC, they can more or less make it into a full NTC if they want.

        Probably something they and their agents bargain pretty hard for!

      • Hi Paddy and Fergy22

        Just a guess here.

        (1) Player submits the trade list on signing contract and (2) under terms of the contract; has a window each year to provide a new/updated list and/or reconfirm original teams.

        Then (3) at the teams option (under terms of the contract) , they (team) can request a re-confirmation and/or new list…. in other words, opening up the door for the player to re-submit a new list, preferable to both team and player w.r.t. a potential trade.

        This comes with NO knowledge of the actual contracts; I am just speculating here.

        Otherwise the single, one-time list at time of signing; just doesn’t make sense. Things change (current team; other teams’ potential and/or roster, etc. etc.)

        I would think that , if player wants to stick with their original guns; that their list can stay as is; or even if the door is opened again, they can submit a list less preferential to the team.

        According to TSN, Staal wants to stay in Minn and his no trade list is rife with Cup contenders, in other words, leaving his potential trade market to teams who are either NOT in the cup hunt and/or unlikely to make a move on a 34 year old UFA. He may be asked to re-submit and then provide a list that enables a destination favourable to both Minn and him/his family. Who knows

      • Thanks, Pengy! That makes sense to me and is quite likely how it works (or very close).

        Though it’s actually Staal’s example that made me wonder. He has said he doesn’t want to leave Minny. So, when asked for his list, he simply got rid of the top 10 suitors for him, making it highly unlikely that Minnesota could trade him at all.

        In this setup, I see opportunities for the teams to get hosed each time. But conversely, I also think: serves the GM right for giving a player a NMC!! 🙂

  8. As a long time Sens fan, I am completely disheartened. Losing another 3 top guys on our team, without our own first makes everything hard to swallow. I am more worried because Dorion has not been good in these big player situations and the players seeming to be not in on sign and trade or wanting to test UfA kills their value.

    Guess we have to make the best of it…

    Stone: I’d like him to land in Calgary or Winnipeg. Improve the chances of a Canadian cup. 1st, Roster Player, Prospect, and some additional asset if he resigns.

    Duchene: I think it will be the Islanders and I would actually be okay with getting Ho-Sang back as part of the return. I think a first, Ho-Sang and another pick or prospect would be worth it. Also an asset if he resigns.

    Dzingel: I think he is going to Boston and I expect we end up getting luck with the deadline over payment of a 1st, but reality a 2nd and a lower tier prospect would be okay.

    Ceci: Low key, I think Ceci should be on the move as well. I like the kid personally, but he needs a change and we look to need the assets. Maybe even a swap of some guys who need a change would work here. I’d even except a veteran with a lower tier pick/prospect addition.

    Anderson: Teams need goaltending depth, I say we try and get a low tier asset and give Andy a shot at a cup.

    Moving forward the question is what does Ottawa do? This summer they could try and be a cap dump team and get a few more assets. They will need to bring some leadership into the locker room badly, and then focus on developing the prospects. This is going to be long and painful.

    If we at least dont mess up at the deadline, that would be fantastic. Or just re-sign Stone.

    • @ JJB

      I think if Dorion does a decent job here …you guys could be really set up for teh future along with the other assets you have in place …this could be a win fall for you guys !

      • Until all these assets come up for big contracts and if any of them turn out to be stars, and have agents like Newport, you can bet they’ll be looking for up-front money (as is Stone) which Melnyk will NEVER consider.

  9. IF you could convince the Sens to take on Lucic’s bad contract, plus deal Dzingle, I’d throw Puljujarvi, a 2019 2nd rounder from the Isle and the Oil’s own 2020 first rounder back to Ottowa.

    Resigning Dzingle to a 5-year deal around $4.8m per year (and playing with McDavid) should get that done and it would be financial savings over Lucic’s deal, not to mention the talent boost.

    • Sounds promising – but if Lucic has a limited no-trade deal you can bet your bottom dollar Ottawa is on his list of “no-go.”

      • @ George O ….OMG

        …please… you did not just say that you would take on Lucic contract …Sens fans have been complaining about the Ryan contract and no takers …you will now add this one too …your going to get multiple 1st round picks in at least 2 of the deals pending and you stated that Dzingle shoudl be a 1st as well that will be 3 in total.

        Dorion does a great job…I think you should re think your comment about taking on Lucic for the remainder of his term regardless of Cap floor implications !

      • LOL. I might have said that it “sounds promising” … but that bit of bravado was comforted by the knowledge that Lucic himself wouldn’t come here on a bet. So it’s all academic.

  10. Reply to earlier will jumbo play at 40? If he doesn’t win this year, probably. I’d rather him retire as a shark. But unless he’s willing to take a huge discount I can’t see bringing him back. He’s looked alright the last 5 games which has been good.

    Adding Dzingel would be good. Also ferland could be interesting but they might still be after a playoff spot. If the sharks are going to give up a prospect with upside I’d hope they get a decent return. They also have some 7d In heed and Ryan. Both are decent but not high value. I’d even make a bid for gostisbere, maybe a package of Braun, milker and a prospect. Add in the second if the prospect is weak. Could work out to add on the defense instead of adding a forward. Either way it could be a wild trade deadline.

    • Duchen to the Jackets

      ….mmmm ok ???

      …..sounds done deal !

      • Prospects Abramov and Davidsson going the other way.
        CBJ going all in?

      • No pick ???

        Oh… George O

        …you need a beer …plural …

      • Pierre LeBrun just posted “Believe the full trade is: Abramov, Davidsson and a 1st RD pick for Duchene and Bergman. And a conditional 1st RD pick if Matt Duchene signs with Columbus”

  11. and a 1st

    • Not to be a Debbie downer

      I ….HIGHLY…. doubt Duchene signs in Columbus ….

      So in essence …

      Ottawa traded away Bowers, a first-round pick, Hammond, a third-round pick Turris to get

      A conditional 1 rounder
      Abramov & Davidsson

      And now have no …#1 Center ..

      and most likely will not get that #1 pick ..Duchene will hit the open market ..IMO

    • Got it now….

      1st rounder 2019

      and a conditional 1st rounder 2020

      Fewwww …ok then …sounds better

  12. under the circumstances ok trade , Abramov played junior in Gatineau so the Sens scouts know what they are getting, small but skilled winger. If Duchene re-signs and that is a big ‘if’ then a much better taste in Sens fans mouths with the second 1st round pick coming.
    We’ll see how this tear down plays out a few years down the road. If the Senators load up on high picks and prospects only to develop them and send them packing then the fan base will revolt. Melnyk’s promise was to spend ‘close to the cap 2021-2025’, which means retaining Chabot, Tkachuk, White in the future at all reasonable costs.