NHL Rumor Mill – February 27, 2019

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The fallout from the trade deadline is still being felt. Check out the latest on the Flyers, Flames, Wild, Canucks, and Hurricanes in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports the Flames were linked to right-wing Mark Stone prior to the Ottawa Senators shipping him to the Vegas Golden Knights. However, they were unwilling to part with one of their blue-chip defensemen or their first-round pick for a playoff-rental player. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Flames were close to a deal to acquire Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker. He speculates the reason why it didn’t go through may have been because it was in the queue too long at the league’s Central Registry, adding he’s heard Flames GM Brad Treliving was “white hot” over the deal falling through at the last minute. 

Calgary Flames reportedly came close to acquiring Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker at the trade deadline (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t blame the Flames for refusing to give up too much to land a rental player. Zucker, however, may have been another matter. He’s under contract through 2022-23 with a reasonable $5.5 million annual cap hit and would’ve addressed the Flames’ need for more scoring depth at right wing. His limited no-trade clause (10-team no-trade list) goes into effect on July 1 and I wonder if the Flames and Wild revisit this deal around the NHL draft in late-June. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman thinks the Winnipeg Jets thought they had Wayne Simmonds. “They were preparing it and Wayne Simmonds had to waive his no-trade to go to Winnipeg, and it never happened. And instead he ended up in Nashville, and he didn’t have to waive his no-trade to go there.” Friedman stresses he’s not saying Simmonds refused to waive his clause to go to Winnipeg, but rather the Philadelphia Flyers chose instead to send him to Nashville. 

Friedman also believes the Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins contacted the Vancouver Canucks to ask about defenseman Alex Edler earlier this season. Edler is slated to become a UFA in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks GM Jim Benning said he received inquiries about Edler leading up to the deadline but the blueliner refused to waive his no-trade clause. Benning said contract discussions with the Edler camp continue. 


NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports the Carolina Hurricanes waited until the final minutes leading up to Monday’s NHL trade deadline before deciding not to move right wing Micheal Ferland. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and several clubs were interested in the power forward. 

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Pierre LeBrun reports it’s believed the Nashville Predators would’ve sent Ryan Hartman to the Hurricanes for Ferland, but that move didn’t make sense for the Canes, who wanted a top-six forward in return. The Predators instead sent Hartman to the Philadelphia Flyers for Wayne Simmonds. LeBrun adds he believes the Toronto Maple Leafs inquired on deadline day but he isn’t sure if there was a formal offer made. The Hurricanes also looked into Ryan Dzingel and Jason Zucker. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seems like Ferland will be testing the free-agent market if the Hurricanes were looking at guys like Dzingel or Zucker. Maybe Ferland or the Canes revisit contract talks once the season is over. 


NBC SPORTS: John Boruk reports Philadelphia Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher intends to use the money and resources he would’ve spent on now-departed winger Wayne Simmonds toward strengthening the team this summer. He intends to be active in the free-agent market. 

COURIER-POST ONLINE: Dave Isaac reports Fletcher also intends to target clubs looking to shed salary this summer. “I think this summer we’ll have a good opportunity when there will be some teams with cap issues, teams that want to add in free agency and are willing to move a player,” Fletcher said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Flyers have over $46 million invested in 13 players for 2019-20, with youngsters Travis Konecny, Ivan Provorov, and Travis Sanheim all coming off entry-level contracts and lacking arbitration rights. Fletcher will have plenty of cap space to make a big splash this summer via trades or free agency. If he goes the trade route, he could target the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs or Winnipeg Jets. All face salary-cap crunches this summer. 


  1. I know it’s only one game, but I think Philly won that trade…

  2. Flyers Off-season trade targets: 1)top 3 dman and speed/PK forward.
    On the block will be Ghost and prospects.
    Andrew McDonald will either be a 7th defensemen or demoted. Can’t see a buy out with only one season left on his contract.

    • Flyers need a backup goalie (Talbot or someone else), a top pair defenceman and a couple of wingers with speed that can score. MacDonald is likely (hopefully) to spend next season in Lehigh Valley.

      Players I wouldnt trade? Giroux, Vorachek, Konecny, Patrick, Couturier, Sanheim, Provorov, Meyers, Hart and Frost. Id also try to avoid moving any 1st, 2nd or 3rd round picks. Anyone else I would be willing to move in the right deal.

  3. The Calgary Sun per above said Flames not willing to give up a first to get Stone; but TSN specualated the opposiite.

    Either way; VGK added a great winger and he scored huge in his contract (take-home pay equivalent to $12.35 AAV if he had stayed in Ottawa). Something needs to be done in the next CBA to balance out the market inefficiencies (VGK, Dall, Nsh, TBay, Fla).

    If the Flames truly missed out on Zucker due to Queue issues at central processing…. something has to be done. It this technologically advanced world; how does this happen.

    Trades were being announced almost a full hour after the actual deadline.

    If the fax/ PDF’d email or whatever, is time-stamped “on time” then it needs to get processed?

    • I agree that the tax differential should be dealt with, but where does that start and stop?

      Cost of living is also a huge factor. NYC and surrounding areas have a +130% average cost of living over the National average. I’d guess LA is similar. Pittsburgh for example is -1% below national average.

      Home cost, Median sale price Westchester County NY 625k, Hillsborough county Florida 225k, Pittsburgh 149k.

      NY vs Toronto, Average consumer prices in NY +23%.
      Rent +103%.

      Tax differential aside, all things are far from equal.

      • @ NYR4LIFE – Pengy

        I agree …that is a tough call on how you would balance that…..it is almost impossible to correct …there could be an endless amount of scenarios to why a player goes somewhere as opposed to others both personal and financial…..out of 32 teams there is only 3 – 4 teams that have that edge …so be it …you cant be everything for everyone for lets say 5 guys in the league !

        When a player is UFA he has earned the right to go where he wants for what ever reason just like you an I have a choice to work and live where we want if we were offered to go there as well …

        If a player chooses to play for financial reasons or weather ( warm weather ) reasons …just be happy he did not choose your team ….he is only 1 player and it is a TEAM that wins championships not one player …

        if that was the case …Ovechkin would have 10 cups !

        How is everyone going to compete with the city of New York in trying to land Panarin …if that is where HE WANTS TO GO …end all be all !

        Just sayin

      • Quality too: 500-800K in Florida gets you water on one side and golf on the other, with a stress free 30 minutes or less commute.

      • Richard,

        You’re right on the 500-800k value vs. NY. 500-800k in NY gets you 3 bedrooms and 1400 sq. Feet if you’re lucky!

        However having lived in St. Petersburg, and worked in downtown Tampa on Madison ave, I’ll have to disagree with the 30 minute stress free commute! Lmao. The Howard Franklin / I4 dump off was and always will be a nightmare!!!! But beautiful scenery in that commute!

        The Jacksonville area is even worse than Tampa. If you’re leaving at the wrong time a 13-20 mile commute can easily turn into 2 hours!

        Traffic sucks in a lot of places , Miami, NY, Jax, Tampa, Atlanta, LA….

      • There are other inequalities as well… as we have discussed before. How many fa are tempted by things like playing for an original 6 team… playing for their home team (exhibit Tavares) etc.

        Sure cost of living may be higher but how come it seems like Panarin, for example, wants to play for major metro like ny? Bigger Russian population? Should we level out the ruskies in each nhl city to make things equally attractive for fa?

      • I don’t know you can weigh a players personal decision vs. cost of living.

        Panarin and Tavares are teams players that won’t be worried about the cost of living pretty much anywhere.

        If a player desires to play “home” not really much you can do about that…
        we have players from places like Florida and Arizona…

        A ton of Canadians in US , a lot of Americans playing in Canada…

        Again, the average guy in the NHL you can’t compare to the guys getting 11-12 million per. Nor can you compare personality choice vs. taxes and cost of living….

      • If we are talking about fa then we certainly can. Because it’s their choice to play for the teams and live in those areas.

        If we are talking about the plight of rookies and rfas and equality in pay then maybe there is an argument there.

        Point is that each team / area has advantages and disadvantages.
        Winning team vs rebuilding
        Players coach vs hard ass
        High taxes vs low
        High cost of living vs not
        Major metro area vs smaller city
        Endorsement opportunities vs less so
        Rich team history vs not
        Fame vs able to go shopping without being mobbed
        Easy vs hard travel schedule
        Etc etc.

      • A player wanting to play for a team ( Tavares / Shattenkirk) will take a discount to do so. Which is a benefit of the team

        We’re talking about team disadvantage vs other teams.
        Hayes for instance would have cost NY 6.5-7 plus? Where a Florida, Tampa, Dallas, Vegas id venture to say he’d settle for less.

        You’re never going to be able to change personal preferences . What we’re talking about is a level playing field for cap purposes.

      • I can see that argument ny. Teams being concerned about having to pay more for the same player. But I don’t believe that it has a significant effect on where players chose to go in fa. Or at least no more so than any of the other factors.

    • Pengy…huge win on the road against a stacked Columbus team 5 – 2 !

      No letang, No Dumolin, no Gradbrason…..gut check time baby.. Crosby 2 points, Mccann 2 goals at 13 proving to be a good pick up, and malkn and Guentzal scored.

      i don’t get the visa issue thing someone explain to me…

      Brassard had the same problem last year when he came over missed two games…. They have been playing in the NHL for how long he has obviously played all over the league…i dont get it.. that stuff should be taken care of if they are traveling all over year after year??????? anybody???

      • Hi BlackNGold

        Unfortunately it’s the changing of employers of two different countries for non nationals

        That said… always quicker for a non-Canadian going from a US team to a Canadian team than Non American going from a Canadian team to a US based team.

        Just more stringent policies and red-tape on the US side I guess

        This has nothing to do with new immigration policies in the US; it was always quicker coming to a Canadian team.

        Almost always it can’t be done same day coming into a US based team; but it is far more regular same day coming into Canada

        Unfortunately it is what it is… all good ; Pens won…. and; big surprise … really big, and pleasant surprise… JJ had a pretty fair game

        Still have to keep pedal to the medal though

        Fingers crossed on Letang Dumo playing Sat

  4. I need to solve a debate , sorry if off topic .
    Evan Bouchard never made TSN’s top 50 prospects . Leafs Sandin has moved up significantly , and Noah Dobson made the cut … why is Bouchard left out when he is supposably “ tearing it up in the OHL” . Anyone have any insight on this , Lyle ? Would love to hear other opinions , as I have been listening to an Oiler fan opinion ever since Button released the top 50 rankings and Bouchard never made the list .

    • According to Craig Button, who compiled the list, ” “Not close to NHL ready. Not then or he’d still be there and not now. Very good prospect but has to improve the pace & tempo of his play. That’s developmental but it is essential for success at NHL Level. This is my view of 50 Best NHL affiliated prospects at this time.” Take it for what it’s worth.

      • Thanks , Lyle .
        I understand Buttons take. But it seems odd that a player to be sought after in last years draft , which some expected Bouchard to go as early as 5 overall , and some GM’s expected Bouchard to make the NHL in year one, to not even making Buttons Top 50 prospect list.

        Has Bouchards value as a prospect dropped to the point that D men like Dobson and Sandin are more desirable to GMs across the league , or is this just a case that Bouchard requires more time.
        Sandin is fortunate to be playing 20 plus minutes against men , and seems to be holding his own.
        Bouchard is raking up the points in the OHL, and doesn’t seem to be showing signs of lack of foot speed against these kids. Yet , he didn’t make the oilers, and sits outside the top 50 in Buttons rankings.

        Who thinks Bouchard deserves to be on that list is my question. I know Oiler fans think Buttons list is a joke.

    • @ Tim Horton

      There have been hundreds of players that are top tier players that break records in the AHL or OHL and they can never translate that into NHL …the difference between the minors and the NHL is….. VAST!!!

      The difference between the AHL & OHL is minor in comparison hence why players excel there …

      case in point …Bruce Boudreau …broke scoring records in the minors …but had a really hard time proving to any takers that he could do it in the NHL ..size was a factor then ….but there has been a tone of players that were pegged to be superstars that just cant play NHL hockey ..or it takes them a lot longer to adjust when they do …and then are just average or good at best ….

      Michale Del Zotto or Nail Yakupov for instance has those issue and has been tagged an traded for all those reasons.

      A star one day forgotten the next

      ….being a junior goalie in my day ..my dad always used to say …Your only as good as the last shot you save …and its true !

      • Kal El,
        I agree with some points , that players who excel in OHL, don’t always transfer to same pedigree in NHL. Can list many players.
        To me , AHL is different . As a young prospect, if you can hold your own in the AHL, I would say those players transition much better into NHL players .

        I like your last statement “ you’re only as good as your last shot you save “

        Which makes me think about these prospects I mentioned above , Bouchard , Dobson , and Sandin . I know there are others , but I’m using these three as they’re all young D men in same draft .

        If these players weren’t already drafted , what order would they go in this years draft when compared against each other . Would Bouchard still be ranked the highest ?

      • How about this guy – Guyle Fielder – born Nov 21, 1930 of Canadian parents in Pottlatch, Indiana – dual citizen. 5′ 9″ 160 lbs. One of the slickest puck handlers to ever play the game, in two seasons with the Lethbridge Juniors he scored 91 goals and 115 assists 216 pts. Einning the MVP in 1950-51. From 1951-52 to 1972-73 – 22 full seasons in the PCHL/WHL/AHL, mostly with the Seattle Americans/Totems of the WHL, he scored 438 goals and 1,491 assists for 1,929 points in 1493 games played. He added 19 goals 83 assists for 102 points in 110 playoff games. He won MVP 6 times and 9 times was the leading scorer. He was a 1st team all-star 9 times and a 2nd team all-star 4 times. In his last 4 seasons he was over 40.

        He got all of 9 games in the NHL in regular season play – 3 with Chicago and 6 with Detroit, and 6 playoff games – 4 with Detroit and 2 with Boston.

  5. Maybe Callahan to Philly in the offseason.

    • Hi Yzerfan19 (love the handle BTW)

      Yep… Callahan HAS to be moved in the off-season.

      I thought maybe also Ottw

      Cash owed much less than cap hit— very valuable for a team needing to reach Cap floor

      • Ottawa makes the cap floor without taking on a Callahan.

      • Hi George

        Thanks. I didn’t realize that; thought they were going to struggle to get there (floor) that’s why I thought a Cal move to Sens would be perfect… higher cap than Sal AND TBay would have to up the trade to motivate a team to take his contract on


    • IF a cup, maybe Callahan retires *&stays on Lightning staff)

  6. In this day and age of modern technology it should be an impossibility for a trade not to be accepted if otherwise valid. Sitting in the queue too long? Bogus! With email and text, everything can be date and time validated, and as long as a trade is registered in time, it should be allowed to stand unless otherwise not legal in terms of league rules. Who cares if it takes hours to review and formalize legitimate trades registered in time.

    • In this day and age everything has a timestamp on it, so it is pretty much impossible. We don’t know the details of the situation. I am under the impression that the time stamp on the deal was 3:0X. So IMO on this situarionTrie can get all huffy he wants, it’s his fault for not hitting the submit button soon enough.

  7. sorry, situation Trie*

  8. Mark Stone is excited about the management group in Vegas. Yes, the management group. Lol. I don’t blame him one bit. Looks like Eugene skimps not only on his GMs and head coaches but his new PR group: “And when you get to the ‘multiple draft picks’ part of your scripted media conference Pierre, imitate Richard simmons as best you can. Man o man these guys are easy to make fun of. What a bunch of losers.

  9. Bouchard wasn’t overly impressive with his cup of coffee with the oilers, same with the world juniors. He is a defensive liability with his foot speed and as with lots of young defence prospects he needs time in the AHL to work on these facets of his game. Button is very good in his junior rankings and would help lots of teams with their drafting. His GM skills and foot in mouth disease make for great conversation though!😂

    • I watch Bouchard closely in the games he played with the Oilers. He did some really good things and also did some and made some mistakes you expect out of rookies. I wouldn’t say he was “wasn’t overly impressive”. IMO Bouchard has learned all he can from the OHL and should be developing in the AHL this season. He has learned all he can in the OHL. At this point he is more likely to develop bad habits that he can get away with in junior that he won’t be able to get away with at the NHL or AHL level. I would love to see the agreement between the CHL and NHL change that NHL teams can send some of these players to the AHL instead of back in junior.
      After Nickoles comments a few weeks back I’m optimistic that the Oilers will send Bouchard to the AHL next season at least.

  10. To Philly: Spurgeon & Zucker
    To Minny: Ghost and what?? What players & prospects would Minny want that Fletcher would give up to acquire these two and give Minny cap space.

    • I hate crodby…close but wrong team. Jason’ zucker and jonas brodin to Pittsburgh ….

      phil kessel olli matta dominik simon and Tristan jarry to Minnesota..thats my deal

  11. A first from the Flames wasn’t the issue to land Stone. I believe Valimaki was.

    Zucker better suited anyway. Too bad he got away. They will revisit draft week for sure but things change.