NHL Rumor Mill – February 6, 2019

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Latest on Mitch Marner, Artemi Panarin, Jonathan Quick, Sergei Bobrovsky, Wayne Simmonds, Brent Seabrook, and many more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


TSN: cites a report in the Toronto Star in which agent Darren Ferris, who represents Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner, claims the club has so far made low-ball contract offers to his client. “Nobody else is taking a discount. And now you’re asking (Marner) to take one again? It’s nonsense,” Ferris said, per the Toronto Star report. “Mitch already did them a favor on the entry-level deal.”

Leafs low-balling Mitch Marner? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Marner camp indicated their client won’t discuss a new contract during the season. They were likely waiting to see what Auston Matthews got. Considering how much the Leafs have ponied up for Matthews (five years, $58.15-million) and William Nylander (six-year, $45-million), there’s no way Marner, the Leafs’ leading scorer (63 points in 52 games) is taking a “hometown discount”. Figure it’ll cost them around $11 million annually to keep him in the fold. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports there’s plenty of interest in Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin but those clubs indicate they haven’t received permission to speak with him about a contract extension. Panarin is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and has told the Blue Jackets he’s not interested in talking contract during the season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe one of the clubs on Panarin’s rumored wish list might take a chance if they feel they have a good shot at re-signing him after a trade. He’s been linked to the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, Florida Panthers, New York Islanders, and New York Rangers. 


TSN: Darren Dreger reports trade talks regarding the Los Angeles Kings have cooled of late. While calls have been made about Quick, who has four years remaining on his contract, Dreger feels if he gets traded it’ll happen at the draft than the trade deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quick lacks no-trade protection on his contract so he can be traded anywhere without his permission. If the Kings go that route, however, they’ll likely try to move him somewhere he’d prefer to go. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Florida Panthers are believed to have reached out to the Columbus Blue Jackets regarding goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky but the asking price is currently too high to get into trade discussions. The Panthers could circle back closer to deadline day but if the price hasn’t dropped they’ll wait until July 1 to pursue Bobrovsky via free agency. 


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Philadelphia Flyers’ recent surge in the standings likely won’t prevent them from trading winger Wayne Simmonds if they get the right offer before the trade deadline. Simmonds is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports a source said the Chicago Blackhawks had a conversation about six weeks ago with defenseman Brent Seabrook and his agent regarding his future. With the Blackhawks suddenly back in the playoff picture that may have changed. “What is true is the Blackhawks have checked the market to see what opportunities might be out there, they currently do not have permission to trade him, and Seabrook loves Chicago. If somewhere in all of that, something I said was in error, that is totally my fault.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seabrook denied Friedman’s Saturday report saying he was approached about waiving his no-movement clause. 


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith reports Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ryan Callahan has been informed he’s now the club’s 13th forward. He has one year remaining on his contract with a $5.8-million annual salary-cap hit and a 15-team trade list. He wants to stay in Tampa Bay and hasn’t been approached about a trade but Smith feels this season could be his last with the Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Callahan’s long injury history, his cap hit, and his modified no-trade clause are significant stumbling blocks in attempts to trade him. The Bolts might have to consider buying him out in June.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion said goaltender Craig Anderson won’t be moved before the Feb. 25 trade deadline. Anderson has one year remaining on his contract. 


WGR 550:  Paul Hamilton reports Buffalo Sabres winger Jason Pominville is not looking to be traded. Pominville was responded to a report over the weekend by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman suggesting the veteran forward might be available. “I know I can help this team and be a part of the solution, but it was probably said because I wasn’t playing, then all of a sudden you start making rumors and throwing stuff out there and that’s probably what the case was.”


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is looking at some forward depth, pointing out that he recently scouted the Anaheim Ducks in Winnipeg and Toronto. Bergevin isn’t willing to part with future assets. He might also have checked out Dallas’ Brett Ritchie. 

Winger Mike Hoffman could another Florida Panther to be traded. 

Los Angeles Kings winger Carl Hagelin could be a good fit as a rental player with the Buffalo Sabres. 

The Calgary Flames are among the teams that have checked out New York Rangers winger Mats Zuccarello. Friedman also believes it’ll take a lot to pry winger Chris Kreider away from the Rangers. 

The Nashville Predators are being asked about their willingness to part with promising winger Eeli Tolvanen. With Austin Watson currently sidelined indefinitely, they could be in the market for two forwards. 

Friedman can see the Detroit Red Wings trading goaltender Jimmy Howard at the trade deadline and then signing him as a free agent this summer. They could also just as easily keep him. They’re also attempting to re-sign pending UFA defenseman Nick Jensen. 

The Athletic’s Arthur Staple reported the New York Islanders could have interest in New Jersey Devils forward Brian Boyle. 

The Dallas Stars could have room to add a player if Martin Hanzal is declared out for the rest of the season. 



  1. Marners agent is royally screwing this up, not a chance Marner deserves more than Kucherov for example.

    His agent and likely dad is putting Marner in an uncomfortable position because he is on record stating he wants Toronto to be his home for his whole career.

    • Parents make great agents! (See Eric Lindros)

      An agent has to be all business, there’s no way a parent can do that, too many feelings for the client…

    • not a leafs fan by any stretch of the imagination how ever marner is a very good player and is worth far more to the team than nylander and should not take any type of discount

    • Marner is much better, of an all around player, than A.M

      Marner plays “bigger” & doesn’t disappear in playoffs/tight checking games.

      He is much more durable, as well.

    • Marner has Dubas right where he wants him. Give him Matthews money or wait for offer sheets.

      • Really? Does Marner want to play somewhere else, because if he doesn`t he won`t be accepting any offer sheets?

      • Really? So if the leafs offer 10 and someone offers 12 he won’t accept? Give your head a shake yogi

  2. Matthews left money on the table. Yes instead of taking 15% of the cap he took 14%,enough to re-sign Martin Marincin.

    The domino effect is that the Marner camp is not going to accept less than what’s within the comparable son the team (Matthews and Tavares). The best thing Toronto can do is sign him for 8 yrs and avoid a contract doomsday 5 yrs from now.

    Matthews will want much more than 11,6 per year in his next deal and he’ll have all the leverage of UFA status and age to get what he wants and Toronto runs the risk of losing him.

    But we might still have Martin Marincin.

    I get it that he could have asked for more and that Marner would also have wanted more but given the cap constraints, the Marleau contract and the RFAs wanting good deals for them, thiis will likely mean the end of Gardiner, Zaitsev, Lindhilm, Ozhiganov, Hainsey, Brown and one of Johnsson or Kapanen or both.

    Real challenges ahead. Hard, but hoping the Leafs can make this work.

  3. Here we go again with the panic and trashing people’s parents…agents job get his client the most money, parents job look out for your kids.

    • Think about it for 5 seconds. The negotiation process is one where the players agent points out the reasons why player should be paid, and the GM points out the weaknesses of said player.

      Either you have no kids Schticky or you are able to see your kid as an asset only for the period of negotiation.

      I couldn’t do it, and I think 9 out of 10 parents would be offended through the process.

      • “I know some things in today’s article that were taken out of context,” Ferris told TSN 1050 Toronto. “It was more from the summer and early goings which is normal negotiations with contracts, everyone starts off low, and then you get to a common ground. It’s just an unfortunate thing that this article had to come out yesterday.

      • I have 3 kids and a pretty good idea of the reality of business decisions cowboy, it’s not the organization slaming Marners dad it’s the so called fans of the team. Again the media doesn’t mind going to the same well every time a contract comes up knowing full well what the reaction is gonna be. Panic, insults and lots of click$

      • And the idiot reporter who does this all the time when it comes to this stuff comes out after it’s printed to admit to take an old interview and not in context? Go figure

        Dave Feschuk

        To clarify, the quotes from Darren Ferris in this piece were from yesterday, not from the summer as Ferris mistakenly implied on @FirstUp1050. Just spoke to Ferris,

      • Shticky, read that again. The reporter is defending himself stating that the comment was from yesterday, NOT in the summer as the agent, who is clearly trying to defend HIMSELF is trying to imply. The agent then backpeddled and insinuated that the comments, from yesterday, were meant to imply the process from the summer. I’m guessing the agent got his hand slapped.


        Tell us more re: Dubas’ Memorial cup win.


  4. The Habs’ schedule explains Bergevin’s recent scouting. I don’t think he’s looking to trade with the Leafs; maybe the Ducks. He’s usually not that obvious…

    • Never know plekanec was a pretty decent deal for both at the deadline

  5. Boyle is the type I could see the Isles going after for size, depth and pp ability. The Isles pp is killing them and their lack of a quality pp has kept them out of the elite category. That being said, Boyle would be another bottom 6 forward that would muddy the mix unless the Isles could part with someone such as Filppula (who makes $200k more) or Kuhnhackl who are UFA at the end of the season. The Devs would want compensation in addition but at Boyle’s age at best should expect a mid round pick or low level prospect.

    The Isles (like many teams) could really use someone such as Duchene. Top end centers don’t become available that often and on the Isles he would slot in very nicely on a team with Barzal, Nelson and Cizikas down the middle. But we have seen the song and dance routing from his agent last season with Tavares (fool me once…..) so I would stay away.

    That leads to either Panarin whom I feel would be a great add for Barzal. Beauvillier has not produced next to him and Panarin would be a serious upgrade while allowing Beau to play on a less pressured 3rd line. The other option although not as sexy is Jeff Carter. I wanted the Isles to get him last year. A little long in the tooth and he makes a decent amount but is experience, a good player and his salary will slot in behind what Lee, Eberle, Barzal and possibly Nelson will get which makes him from a cap situation look ok. He would be a great 2nd or 3rd line center and would give the Isles serious depth down the middle in a position they have no depth in.

    • Hey NK, not sure about Boyle. He might help the PP, which is not great. Unfortunately the Isles have a lot of bottom 6 guys that they can interchange right now. I think I prefer they stay with the mix they have and find the right bodies to plug in.

      I think Panarin is great but not sure he’s a great fit with Barzal as they both need to possess the puck for their skills to really show. Barzal could use a real finisher and a guy to grind and get the puck on his line. I look at Calgary’s top line and Gudreau has Monohan and Lindhom. They can both be really effective without having to carry the puck all the time.

    • Sorry gone to Nashville for a 2nd

  6. They’re only low balling Marner. Ya okay, that’s why Nylander didn’t play his first game until December. Good talk, Marner’s agent ( the only time he’ll get his name in the paper)

  7. Bruins are very quiet which is a surprise considering a glaring need for 2nd line scoring and a shutdown Dman

    • I agree on the need for some consistent secondary scoring.

      I’m not so sure they have a glaring need for a shutdown defenseman. They are 3rd in goals against per game, and that with missing several defensemen to injury for lengthy periods.

      • 100% DoubleMinor, their D is their strength and where their NHL depth is, and their prospect depth.
        The B’s are back playing to that strength and Cassidy has them in shut down mode again, which they needed to do to get back to winning as they do lack secondary scoring.
        Will be interesting to see how big a swing they make to address it at the deadline.
        I think Caper brought up that Frederic has been called up perhaps as a showcase.
        He isn’t the best short term option for 3C, JFK is IMO, so the theory does make sense.
        Would he get you a guy like Panarin? Nope, a guy like Simmonds if you threw in a 2nd? Maybe.

      • Playoffs…..teams will target the two small Dmen and Chara all series long…..Kruger has been hurt 2 years in a row during playoffs taking hits ….

      • Joe, I don’t want to jinx him but we will have Carlo this year (missed each of the last 2 playoffs). Krug won’t be put in the same situations he was last year, and it should reduce Chara’s load and tough minutes as well.
        They also have Moore now as well for more D first minute depth in case they get injuries again.
        B’s need secondary scoring and a 3C that is more experienced than the current options.

    • We need a 2RW and 3C.
      Some puck luck to compliment the volume and quality of shots wouldn’t hurt.

      • Shoreorrpark, how do you feel about the B’s going after Duchene, if they think you can resign him long term.
        Move Krecji at the draft to recoup some of the assets and cap space. Yes Krecji has a NMC, but has said in the past he would wave it if the team didn’t want him around.
        Addresses C position longer term where the B’s don’t have high end prospects.
        I think Krecji would actually provide a decent return, contract is reasonable these days.

      • Hey Ray, I’d do it if I was Don.
        Krech lives in NC so maybe he would accept a trade there.
        They have lots in the system and on the varsity squad to make a deal work.
        I also like Staal from Minny and TT outta LA if the price is right.

  8. I can see the Habs get Something good out of Tampa or the Leafs.

    Habs take from tampa:
    Callahan a first and Cal Foote
    Peca and a 4th roud pick

    Salary dump for tampa that is paid with the propect and a pick

    Habs from the leafs:
    Marleau + Kapanen
    Hudon and a 2nd round pick.

    It gives the leafs almost 7 mil in cap space for the new contracts coming.

    • If MB can pull that off he should win executive of the year.
      I would be something crazy to see for sure.

      • And 2 other GM’s would get fired. The big question would be how he could persuade Marleau to wave his nmc to go to Montreal

      • Marleaus contract is an anchor Montreal would just buy it out like masons

      • If it was that easy Toronto would just buy it out

      • They don’t have the cap space yogi? Duh!

      • Wow bb not too bright are U

    • If the bonus to take Callahan’s contract is Cal Foote half the league would line up

      • We did give Sergachev for Drouin … and there is no place for Foot in Tampa in the near future.

      • Stralman, Cobourn and Girardi are all UFAs. Lots of space on that blue line starting Oct 2019.
        I don’t think there is any chance that Foote is a part of any salary dump.

        The other proposal makes a bit more sense

    • Ah thats a big no from leafs!..probably Tampa too?

  9. It’s going to be around 10.88 for Mm 1 St off who starts negotiation s with there best offer 2 go ahead bad team offer sheet we either match and trade some pieces, or take 4 1 St round picks probably from a bad team and pick top 10 for the next 4 years. Leafs would have to really think about it look at the draft and the team that is offer sheeting for the next 4 year projection plus free agency if you get a guy at half the skill but have 4 1 St round picks to make the team better over the next 4 years hmmmmmmm 5 players to 1

    • He’s the kid I’d target for an offer sheet.
      Leafs can have 4 late 1st round picks for him.
      I’d give him both term and $.

      • If it’s 4 late picks that’s assuming he’s going to a good team…how many good teams got that much space? And how many rebuilding teams with space going to pay him up front? I just can’t see it

      • I don’t care about any other teams.
        Only the Bruins.
        I’d do my best to make it happen, and make MM a Bruin.

      • Montreal could afford marner and their only one point back of the leafs?

  10. Didn’t Mitch agent say he will only negotiate in off season ,so why is he negotiating through the media now

  11. Boyle to the Preds for a 2nd rounder

    • Damn good depth move

  12. If I were Shanahan/Dubas, I would be feeling out the defense strong offence weak teams with an eye to trading Marner. I am a Leaf fan that is suspicious of all the hype around Marner. I think to trade him now is to trade him at a high.

    The team has too much of its talent upfront not enough on D. This is after the Muzzin trade. Sign a guy for AAV of over 11 million and then give him 18 -19 minutes a game. Trade for Muzzin and your 36 yr old veteran Hainsy still gets 20 minutes a night. The distribution of minutes is a reality check as to changes Dubas needs to make.

    If they think their window and Matthews signing is 5 yrs. They better jump on trading a quality forward for equal value quality D now not later as this spring is 20 % of a 5 yr window.

    Earn your Bones Kyle…

    • I’ll throw one out there OBD, how about Seth Jones and a 1st for MM.

      • No need for a first both are the same caliber at their positions

      • Sorry Ray but I would never in a million years trade a legit stud dman for a winger, let alone throw in a first.

        Yes MM is a great talent but stud d are much harder to find than wingers.

        Just one mans opinion!

      • And jones’ contract is great. CLB will need offence though and MM has that in spades.

    • OBD, suspicious of all the hype around Marner?? Watch this kid play! You and I may not be around ten years from now but Mitch Marner will be and he’ll be a perennial star in the NHL.

      • Don’t tell me Marner is one dimensional either – 5 on 5, pk, power play – he’s a hockey player and a damn good one.

  13. That is an interesting option Ray…agree with Big Bear though not sure a 1st as well would happen…the defense heavy teams I had in mind were Florida, Minnesota and Carolina..

    Colombia may be the most interesting option as they are about to lose Panarin….who is comparable to Marner and they have Werensky

    In general, over 31 teams it does surprise how teams cannot make even trades that resolve problems of both teams

    I am not sure if this relates but if it does it would be under balancing your skill set within a roster. I just finished reading Spector’s article on the Oiler collapse last night…would the Oilers be better off with 2 really solid D men and first rate goalie over Mc David and a 2 nd round draft choice. This would still leave them with Draistl and Nugent Hopkins for centres. A lot of teams are not the strong a Centre, and the Oiler’s would have roster balance..

    Thoughtful idea Ray Bark

    • OBD, you would think more deals would happen. For example my Bruins are deep on the blue line on the roster and in prospects and need help up front. Methinks there is a deal out there that isn’t simply pick(s) for a soon to be UFA?
      One theory about why you don’t see it is fear/job security.
      Bold moves that don’t work out get you fired. The moves you don’t make because “a deal wasn’t out there”, usually don’t.

      • Ray….remember the look on his face the day of the draft lottery…and last night after the Oiler game the fans were complaining..” I drove in minus 30 degree weather for this”….well so did McDavid…it is also a long way from home…

        He could easily ask out….

      • I am starting to think that is a possibility as well OBD. I live here and it is flippin cold this week and I sure as hell wasn’t going downtown to watch that.
        McDavid just seems like the guy who is driven and doesn’t want to be the guy who bails on his mates. Seems to have that old school sense of honor that you have to respect. At least I do.
        But sooner or later he will expect the same level of professionalism from the folks who run this organization. He wants to win as much or more than anybody.

    • Regarding the Oil OBD, I can’t see the Oil ever trading McDavid or Draisaitl, unless the player wanted out.
      After the PC’s late season grasping at straws, desperate moves that made things worse, perhaps that day will come. I never thought I would say that McDavid might one day ask fro a trade but watching the post game interview with him, the look on his face was … give a watch and let me know what you think.

      • Was thinking the oil would happily trade leon for a solid d man, if they keep falling and end up with hughes. Ha

  14. I loved the comment about Marner already doing them a favor. So true. For him and point and ago etc etc. the star players get bent over in their elcs and then when they demand compensation for that when it’s their turn for compensation the fans rake them over the coals. Yo Toronto… your team is no more special to play for than 30 other teams! Ditto ny mont buff Pitt etc etc.

  15. Also. I do wonder if Tavares May have rubbed off on Mathews. Seeing a man get to chrrry pick any team in the league might have factored into the length.

  16. Matthews accepted 5 years as he will be able to go to Arizona when this deal expires. Doesn’t anyone see the writing on the wall? He didn’t want to commit to 8 years when he can get out sooner. Marner will sign for 8 years.

    • I don’t think Matthews signed a 5 year contract so he can bolt in 5 years. I think it was very shrewd move by him and his agent!
      It sounds like he likes Toronto but used a strategy to maximize his earning power.

      The next player that has the potential to set a new high bar is Pettersson in Vancouver. In Two years he could be signing a 5 year deal for 15 million, so when Matthews contract is up he could sign for 17 million.

  17. Angelo
    A 8 year contact with Matthews would of cost Leafs more $$$ per annum .
    It’s ridiculous enough with the contract he has right now !!
    I just don’t know how they can accommodate 20 players , with this salary cap ???

    Oh … by the way .. anyone tuning in , on the Ottawa -Toronto game tonight …
    Gardiner just got an assist – as per a blatant giveaway behind his own net – Ottawa 2- Toronto 1…

    He has to go , along with “ yikes” ev …assanine contract ….
    package him up and get our 1st round draft pick back !!!

    • I get that the 8 year deal would cost more but I don’t think he even entertained it. I think the leafs wanted it. I think he always wanted to go to Arizona and he now will.

  18. As per Angela….”I think he always wanted to go to Arizona and he NOW will” Ya, in five years!