Senators Ship Duchene to Blue Jackets

by | Feb 22, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 43 comments

The Ottawa Senators have traded center Matt Duchene and defenseman Julius Bergman to the Columbus Blue Jackets for prospect forwards Vitaly Abramov and Jonathan Davidsson, a first-round pick in 2019 plus a conditional first-round pick if Duchene re-signs with the Jackets. 

Ottawa Senators trade Matt Duchene to the Columbus Blue Jackets (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And the first big domino drops leading up to Monday’s 3 pm ET trade deadline. It’s not surprising Duchene’s on the move to Columbus as trade speculation linked him to the Blue Jackets for over a week now. Reports indicate Duchene is joining them as a playoff rental player, though I expect the Jackets will attempt to re-sign him before his UFA eligibility on July 1.

The Jackets’ offense just got a significant boost. Duchene’s a proven first-line center with 58 points in 50 games this season, putting him on pace to blow past his career-high of 70 points. If he and left wing Artemi Panarin skate on the same line they could be offensive dynamite for the Jackets down the stretch and into the postseason.

Speaking of Panarin, who’s been a fixture for months in the trade-rumor mill, reports indicate the Jackets intend to retain him for the remainder of the season. So that’s Duchene and Panarin off the market now as the Jackets load up for what they hope will be a long postseason run. 

Acquiring Duchene could also be a good piece of insurance for the Blue Jackets. Panarin apparently intends to test the free-agent market in July and appears lukewarm toward returning to Columbus. If Duchene enjoys playing for the Jackets, most of the money that would’ve gone toward re-signing Panarin will likely go to their newly-acquired center. 

Bergman, a minor-league defenseman, is likely headed to the Jackets’ AHL affiliate in Cleveland.

As for the rebuilding Senators, this move could be the first of several leading up to deadline day. Pending UFA wingers Mark Stone and Ryan Dzingel are also believed on the trade block. There’s also speculation they could entertain offers for blueline Cody Ceci, who’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer.

The key return for the Senators is that first-round pick, as they dealt theirs to the Colorado Avalanche in the trade that brought Duchene to Ottawa. Depending on where the Jackets finish, that pick won’t be very high in the first-round order but it’s better than nothing. They could also land another first-round pick as part of a return for Stone before Monday.  

Abramov, 20, is a promising young offensive right wing with strong playmaking ability. He has 22 points in 52 games with the AHL’s Cleveland Monsters. Davidson, a 21-year-old right wing, currently plays for Swedish team Djurgardens IF.  Both have NHL potential but could be a year or two away from cracking the Sens’ roster.

To sum up, the Blue Jackets load up for the playoffs by landing a first-line center they hope to re-sign before July 1, while the Senators receive a package of futures that contains one first-round pick and possibly two. 



  1. I have long said Ottawa’s problem wasn’t the location of the arena, but with the horrible front office and ownership. I thought the Karlsson trade was completely stupid but hoped they would turn things around here with a quality deal to maximize the assets they had. They completely proved to me that they have no idea what they are doing as far as PR and the GM offices go. This return was mediocre at best (frankly, I got more in my tax return lat year than they got here with Duchene). Surely they received or would receive closer to the deadline, a better offer. At the very least the return should have been this + Wennberg.
    Not a Sens fan, but just saddened by how the ownership and management have tanked this team.

    • For a rental that’s a good return, you obviously don’t follow trades very much do you?

      • My thoughts exactly Bigbadbruins. Duchene was going and initially, at least, it was going to be as a rental – everyone in the league knew that for well over a week now. So, if any of them thought he could be the ingredient that might put them over the top in this year’s playoffs the idea was to pull their thumb out of their ass and come up with an offer that Dorion could accept. Columbus took the plunge and, who knows, perhaps they can sign him, especially if Panarin is off the books next year. As for Dorion, that wasn’t a bad return all things considered.

        Much to my chagrin and my “old-school” opposition to the smurfs, the league has changed quickly to the point where, a combination of less hitting and the speed of some of these smurfs is becoming the norm. So maybe they got a couple of gems in the making. Only time will tell, and with at least one 1st round pick, even a low one, and likely at least one more to come for this summer, maybe they can use them and other assets to move up a few notches at the draft. Stranger things have happened.

      • Listening to the experts the prospects are not that great going to Ottawa. Better hope the 1st rounder works out.

        Maybe deadline is becoming a buyers market.

      • An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes than can be made in one field (Niels Bohr)

      • I’d they get a decent nhl player out of one of those guys, and a 1st round draft pick they did just fine.

        The experts should also note that you don’t usually get a young Mcdavid, Kucherov etc for a rental player.

      • @Bigbabbruins

        I agree. If I was an Ottawa fan I’d be dancing on the roof. That’s a hell of a return for a potential two month rental player.

    • What?! Duchene is UFA this summer, meaning Columbus might end up with nothing at all by the time next season starts. Solid trade for both sides.

  2. This could be a serious situation for the Jackets …

    Giving up this years 1st rounder in a really high quality draft year ….and then loosing the 2 players they dealt to Ottawa ….and then loosing Duchene ..Panarin and Bobs for nothing as UFAs in the off season…wow.

    A draft deal for rights if things dont work out ???

    Does Keko have more power at the Draft ??

    • That first rounder is somewhere in the 20’s unless they get unlucky and draw TBL or miss the playoffs altogether. They’re a good team in a very winnable division. Why not load up and take a shot? Waiting to take a shot next season without Panarin or Bobrovski seems kind of silly, even if they haul two firsts and five prospects/players.

  3. Metro is wide open

    It is the year to go all in especially with Panarin and Bob leaving this summer

  4. I don’t like this deal unless Duchene signs an extension. The Jackets just aren’t a serious contender, Abramov is going to be a star, and Bread and Bob will be leaving after the season. Better to trade Bread for a pack of futures than make a futile run in the playoffs.

    • Bob is gone for sure.
      My guess is CBJ keep Bread for the rest of the year.
      Try to extend Duchene before the end of the season
      Then try to sign Bread on July 1.

      • I’d find it bizarre that they’d trade Bobrovsky now? They just pushed all in. I don’t see Panarin or Bobrovsky going anywhere now. I didn’t see either moving this year before this Duchene trade.

        Why now? Who is a better available option for them?

      • If CBJ add a some grit to the backend they will be a tough out if they finish 1,2 or 3 in the Metro. Bob has to stay. Bread only goes if its to Florida who sends back a top 6 winger in the deal.

      • But why does Florida make that deal now? They need 2 extra golf partners this spring? Lol.

        If Florida wants them, they can both be had in the summer for nothing but $$$s and spare themselves giving up players and prospects.

        1 rental going to a non playoff team is highly unlikely. 2 rental players going to a non playoff team would be as likely as getting hit by lightning 3 times in a row while getting bit by a shark and winning the Lottery twice in the same day!

      • For the CBJ to get anywhere in the playoffs, they will have to (eventually) have to beat Tampa. This season, they are 0-3 against Tampa with a collective score of 17-3 against. Bob was in net for all three games. Anyone care to bet on the Jackets winning a playoff series against Tampa. I’m a Jackets fan and I think this was a stupid trade. The only way the Jackets can make this a worthwhile trade is to sign Duchene to an extension, because they sure as Hell ain’t winning the Cup this season.

  5. Agreed NYR4life, Columbus all in now. Dont see them trading Panarin or Bob now. Which means Ottawa could stand to get a nice haul from Stone now that bread is potentially off the market. I see Rangers getting better returns now for Hayes and Zucc.

    • With Duchene off the market, I think Gorton’s phone is ringing off the hook. And Hayes just became a popular guy.

      • Especially in Nashville and WPG NYR.

    • I was talking about at year end.
      Bob and Bread will finish the season in Columbus.
      Bob will be gone after that more than likely. He wants to be the highest paid goalie in the league and whats term. Unless he comes down from that no team will sign him.
      He basis this on 2 Vezina’s. Last time I checked those equate to 0 playoff wins.

  6. Pengy & Dee… Well the party is officially over now for the Penguins unless Rutherford pulls out some magic.. Duchense to Columbus geez….. i have never given up on the Penguins they just are too inconsistent for the playoffs.. i smell burnt toast..

    Carolina is already playing great, Boston along with St.Louis are the hottest team in the NHL, Tampa and Toronto super strong, Columbus now way better Capitals are improving and defending cup champions, Carolina is coming…

    I think Nyr4life said the Penguins had a 75 5 chance to mae the playoffs i thought that was generous now this Columbus move 50/50 at best.

    Can only hope Rutherford does something good even if we have to trade Mr. inconsistency Matt Murray…

    • I think the actual number is 76.1. Mathematically speaking. Carolina I believe is around 75%

      • Those numbers are Vegas odds, I was going with odds based on mathematic probability. I don’t remember the site…

      • Based on play since Jan 1, on TSN I believe, which had the canes at an 80% chance to make the playoffs.

        Unless the pens do something they are out! JJ was a brutal pick up and Murray just can find his game with any sort of regularity.

  7. This day continues to get worse for the Penguins Niick Jemsen now to the Capitals steady dman (i wanted him for the Penguins) and Matt Duchense earlier to Columbus whats next Mc David to the islanders..

    Rutherford get off your rocking chair you getting beat to the punch dude..

    • Not sure what the Pens have in the prospect pool left to give, that they are willing to give.

      • I think some have elevated Rutherford to the status of magician after past deals that always seemed to work out for the best. And he did have some significant success with his moves. But nobody ‘s perfect, and perhaps his magic itself has vanished.

  8. Penguins 76.9% Columbus 70.9%and Carolina 60.8%

    Based of mathematical probability. Not taking trades, streaks into consideration.

    • At this point I’ll take those numbers……..I’m thinking 50 % at best based on well they suck right now! Also that most of the roster not named Crosby, Letang, Guentzal or Dumolin isn’t doing s**t…:)

    • Columbus is 2 pts behind Pittsburgh with two games in hand. They have three games left with Pittsburgh and Boston two games with the Islanders plus games against Winnipeg, Nashville, Calgary and San Jose in their remaining 23 games. Duchene fills their biggest weakness at a point in the schedule where they had to have a true number 1 center.

  9. Jensen to Washington for Bowey and a 2nd round pick.

  10. Jensen would have looked good in a Pens or Leafs jersey….

    • I bet they weren’t offering as much as Bowie and a 2nd though good return for the wings

  11. Wow! This is a huge gamble by Columbus. If Panarin and Duchene sign elsewhere in July, this will be worse than the Lindros trade. Well, okay, maybe not that bad but close.

    Ottawa netted a huge return for a playoff rental.

  12. Completely hypothetical here, but I wonder what Boston, Vegas, Winnipeg or Nashville would pay for Hayes and Kreider?

    More than likely NY would have to take a bad contract back, but I think they’d get a hell of a return!

    And as I said in the earlier post, I have no desire to see kreider go anywhere. Just musing here.

    The idea of another horrible contract makes me puke in my mouth a bit.

    • I wish there was a deal cooking between Ottawa and the NYR because I’d love to see Kreider here – assuming he would agree to a deal to The Great White North 🙂

      • George,

        I think he’s one of those players that would fit on any team. You need speed , grit, power forward, go into ugly areas, net presence… he literally can do anything you tell him to do.

        I think he is exactly what Edmonton needs. But I could see him on about any team.

        I definitely think without a doubt he is NYs most valuable player in so many ways.

        I’m not pretending for one second I have any say, but I think I speak for all rangers fans when I say that the return for him today, would have to be a disgusting price or I’m passing.

        They have a great amount of young talent coming and here already. But absolutely nothing that looks like Kreider.

        We’ve seen glimpses over the years at what he could be. The game that sticks out the most is when Ottawa defeated NY to advance to the ecf’s. He played like a man possessed. And all I could think was… why don’t we see this Kreider every day?

        My hope is they keep him around for years!

  13. So the sens management trades a lot to get Duchene who helped them by playing lights out this season then basically one can say they traded away a highly likely lottery pick and traded down for three or four mystery boxes.

    Good asset management or not?

    • You cant use hind sight to make trades. At the time of the turris trade Ottawa beleived the team was a playoff team. They were wrong.

      • Actually they were a playoff team, things just changed. How do you plan for the drama they had to deal with?

  14. Ok out of my meetings now

    Ahhhhhh! ☹️☹️☹️

    I had heard about the trade earlier but still had meetings

    Ottw will be big winners if Clb re-signs Duchene but IMO if he doesn’t re-sign with them; they should have got more.

    I don’t know anything about the prospects at all and can only go on what TSN is referring to as “2 B prospects that MAY make the NHL in a few years”… to me that sounds skeptical for their future which just leaves the picks … and everybody knew a 1st was coming in any deal anyway…. 2 firsts (if he signs)….. very good . If he doesn’t re-sign and neither prospect makes the NHL … not a spectacular deal.

    If he doesn’t sign and one of the two picks eventually fills in wing in middle 6..,, fair deal

    I would have liked to see Wenberberg (sp?) coming in the deal

    Still holding out for Stone to be extended ….. but TSN says now that “it’s highly unlikely”…. yesterday afternoon it was “ a deal might get done this afternoon”

    Wash made a good pick up but IMO overpaid

    Compare Jensen as a depth D UFA that gets Bowey….a 2nd and a (IMO) very solid roster young 3rd pairing D with fair size and I believe good potential; an RFA with another year still at $1.0M

    Now if neither of the prospects from Clb ever make the NHL; AND Duchene doesn’t re-up…. Ottw nets a first…. compare that to Bowey and a 2nd …. and Duchene is a top line C @ > than a PPG

    Lots of ifs there …. I only used it to show that I think Wash payed heavier for Jansen than they should have

    Detroit should have seen if GMJR would have given up his personal number one ranked D ( JJ) for a straight up swap!!!

    What does this mean for Pens …. well as at right now they can likely kiss winning a single round in these playoffs goodbye; that’s if they make it

    Pens have two teams and two teams only to worry about right now or playoffs DEFINITELY out of the question…. Habs and Canes…. finish ahead of both …, and it looks like now Pens open in Long Island

    Beat just one and likely gone in 5th game in TBay

    If both finish ahead of them…. ASta la vista baby

    GMJR ….. be brave ; admit you made a mistake; get ANY available depth UFA RHD for as cheap as possible ; sit JJ and Ruhweedel ; and pray every night …. then maybe Pens finish ahead of both Habs and Canes

    By playoffs ; Maata back … more prayers and maybe Greis pulls a groin so that Pens can get to round 2

    Still can’t see any team in East getting by TBay

    Jim … you blew it ….’nuff said

    Are you going to go absolutely crazy ALL in right now …. because it’s going to have to be along the lines of acquiring Stone ….. and have Dorion be a sucker enough to take on Pearson and JJ…. plus another trade

    Pearson , JJ, ZAR, 1st (‘19)

    For Stone and Ceci

    Then call Murray and get him to miraculously take Ceci , Ruhweedel , 1st (‘20) , and maybe Blueger for Montour

    Each of those trades about a 0.0000000001% chance of happening ; but don’t forget Dear JIM; you got Pens into this mess; you can get them out

    You see now Jim you have

    Crosby Guentz Stone/Rust

    Gino Bjugstad Stone/Rust

    McCann Phil Simon

    Cullen Horny Angelo


    Letang Petterson

    Shultz Dumo

    Montour Riikola ( Maata when back)

    …. that’ll get you the cup right Jim ….. ahhhhh me thinks you forgot about TBay…. oh well Jim