Senators Trade Watch – February 20, 2019

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Get the latest on Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Ryan Dzingel, and Cody Ceci.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports center Matt Duchene has probably played his final game for the Senators. With the Feb. 25 trade deadline approaching and no contract extension in sight, the Senators have decided to sit him pending a trade. Five teams, including the Columbus Blue Jackets, Nashville Predators, and Winnipeg Jets, have expressed interest in Duchene. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman isn’t convinced the Jets are in on Duchene and wonders if the Calgary Flames or New York Islanders will become stealth suitors for the 28-year-old pending UFA center. If the Predators land him, there’s talk they could attempt to re-sign him to a long-term contract. He also feels the Blues Jackets’ interest in Duchene could include center Alex Wennberg, who could use a fresh start. However, his $4.9-million annual average value through 2022-23 could be more than the Senators want to take on. 

The Ottawa Senators are sitting center Matt Duchene as they attempt to trade him before the Feb. 25 deadline (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene’s a goner, it’s just a matter of when and where. The Jets’ depth in prospects could give them the edge in the Duchene sweepstakes but their focus could be on another Senator (see below).

Wennberg could benefit from moving to another team but, as Friedman suggests, his contract could be a sticking point if the Jackets try to dangle him to the Senators. The reason the Jackets are interested in Duchene is they see him as a possible replacement for Artemi Panarin if they end up trading him to another club before the deadline. 


Garrioch also reports the Senators are believed to have offered right wing Mark Stone a deal in the five- or six-year range with “a strong annual average value”. They’re not shopping Stone but are listening to trade offers. Garrioch expects the Flames and Vegas Golden Knights could be among the suitors. 

Friedman reports rumors of a five-year offer worth $10.5-million AAV have been denied. He expects the Jets and Flames are among those kicking tires on Stone but the Golden Knights aren’t interested in him as a rental player. Appearing on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650, Friedman believes the Jets are going all-in on Stone. Jets center Jack Roslovic and prospect Kristian Vesalainen could tempt the Senators. 

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: cites a report by the New York Post’s Larry Brooks claiming the Boston Bruins are also all in on Stone.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the Jets could probably benefit from bringing in Duchene and making him their second-line center, they’re reportedly content with Bryan Little in that role. Stone is said to be their main target.

While the Jets’ first-round pick is in play, general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff reportedly doesn’t want to mortgage his future on a rental player. Unless he can re-sign Stone or Duchene, he could be reluctant to give up Roslovic or Vesalainen. As for the Bruins, they’re also reportedly watching another Senator (see below). 


Garrioch reports it’s believed an offer was recently tabled to Dzingel but he may be holding off in the belief he’ll get a better offer from the Senators if Duchene and Stone are traded. Garrioch believes they have enough prospects in the system to replace Dzingel, who is being closely watched by the Boston Bruins. The Sens asking price is a first-round pick. 

Friedman believes Dzingel’s fate is tied to Stone’s decision. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe noted the recent speculation tying the Jets to Duchene, Stone or Dzingel. He said the Senators covet Roslovic, who’d be a likely ask for Duchene or Stone.  Vesalainen, Mason Appleton, Brendan Lemieux, Nic Petan, Sami Niku, Logan Stanley, Dylan Samberg, Declan Chisholm, and Eric Comrie could also be on the Senators’ wish list. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dzingel would be a much more affordable acquisition than Duchene or Stone but he won’t have the same impact as those two. Still, he could become a decent consolation prize for clubs that fail to land Duchene or Stone. If the Senators trade away both guys, maybe they’ll try to re-sign Dzingel but not if he seeks considerably more than they wish to pay. 


Friedman suggested a decision on defenseman Cody Ceci could come closer to the deadline. Appearing on the NHL Network, Friedman wondered if the Tampa Bay Lightning would have some interest in the right-handed blueliner. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ceci is a restricted free agent so the Senators aren’t under pressure to move him now, though they’ll consider it if there’s suitable interest. He’s also got arbitration rights again this summer, which could also factor into the Sens’ trade plans. 


  1. What am I missing on Duchene? His career PPG is barely better than Derek Stepan’s and he’s played all of 8 playoff games in his entire NHL career. More importantly, he’s never been able to make his teams better . On the contrary, dysfunction seems to follow him. Why is he considered such a hot commodity?

    • I agree – how many players whose career averages of 23 goals – 31 assists – 54 points over 10 seasons can turn their nose up at $8 mil over 8 years? As I said the other day, if a Cup is his deepest desire what top contending team can offer that? Hell, I can’t see too many teams period that will table that offer. He must really hate being in Ottawa (doesn’t like snow and -25 weather??). It’s going to be interesting to see what he ultimately signs for and where.

      • I have always liked Duchene as a player but never got to see him play often when he was with the Avs. However living in Ottawa I have seen him play lots over the past 2 years, he is a complete player, above average skater, good hands, very good vision, soso defensively.
        Since I am not in the room or around the team I can’t speak to his leadership skills and behavior in and around the team but he confirmed lack of common sense in the Uber fiasco.
        It would be funny if he goes to Nashville , because he would be moreorless replacing Turris who was the other principal when he was traded to Ottawa. Turris has been a bust and as great as Polie is as a GM that is one contract he would like to have back.
        Whoever lands Duchene gets a solid #2 center with skill , but as George also noted I would not sign him to what the Sens offered , 8×8.

    • It might have something to do with him putting up a 95point per 82 game pace this season. Since joining the Sens he’s had 107pts in 118games. 118 games isn’t exactly a small sample size.
      You could look at the situation with the Avs, but when you come down to it, he came from a team that was in shambles and landed on a team that quickly became a disaster through poor moves by managment. I’m not sure other GM’s are gonna see him as having low value because the Sens are a circus…

      • Yeah, this season, with the team going nowhere, he’s on pace for a close to 100 point season. The fact that this comes after 9 seasons where he’s averaged 66 points per is underscored by a comment he made in training camp when, miked up during a pre-game skate, offered the thought that he needs to have a good year because “this is a contract year …” That immediately conjured up a remark made many years ago by Alex Daigle after getting a new contract worth around $2 mil per – “I’m set for life” said Alex and right away my first thought was “that;s not what you want to hear from a pro athlete.” Sorry, whoever gives him $8 x 8 (or better) is asking for future problems.

  2. As a Jets fan I would love to see Stone in a Winnipeg jersey. Would be exceptional to have a hometown guy playing for the franchise and is probably Cheveldayoffs best hope of resigning a “rental” player. If he does resign Roslovic a first and Comrie are more than expendable, and they can move out salary via Perreault, and Kulikov in the Summer to make room for Stone and Connor on longer term, bridge Laine and go from there. I expect Trouba will be traded at the deadline. Perhaps for Ceci. Long story short go Jets go! Sign Stone.

    • I am not a Jets guy, however if it was me trading or looking to trade for Stone, I would try for Stone and Duchene and center my package around sending Laine the other way. He is younger but in a funk right now and moving him would allow for the Jets to sign Stone for sure and possibly Duchene and you would have 2 really good lines come playoff time.

      Stone is a gamer even from his days in Brandon and would be a complete playoff changer for any team that gets him.

      • not Jets guy for sure, must be an Ottawa guy. Laine are you f’ing kidding me

    • A week ago on the Tim & Sid show (out of Toronto of course), Sid Seixeiro was adamant that, whichever top contending team landed Stone would automatically become his odds on favourite to win the Cup. Now, I realize that that is just one man’s opinion, but here’s a guy who ostensibly follows the main sports closely so, when he is that convinced about something it gives pause for thought. I think Winnipeg is Stone’s own secret choice of destination as well, but the question remains, will Cheveldayov continue with his seemingly ultra-careful approach to every potential move only to see a rival (like Calgary) trump him with a better offer?

      I have a feeling that Dorion has already told Cheveldayov that he has a better offer than he’s been trying to sell and has set a time-limit of today or tomorrow to s*^t or get off the pot.

      • George…I know sign & trades don’t happen often in the NHL….how about sign & trade Duchene to Nashville…they seem to be a little down on Turris…pretty ironic if it was Turris plus for Duchene signed…would it solve in your opinion something for everyone

      • That’s a hard one Old Blue Dog – Turris certainly has struggled since the trade to Nashville, although at the time they seemed comfortable enough with his play to give him $6 mil per to 2023-24.

        I like him in Ottawa – he and his wife seemed to like it here – and he did play well while here. But $6 mil well? And for that long?

        Seems to me that IF Ottawa agreed to a struggling Turris in exchange for Duchene they’d be doing Nashville enough of a favour on the cap front to also want a 1st and a good prospect.

  3. Pardon me. Trouba traded at draft not deadline. Misspoke.

  4. I can’t wait to see how much money Trouba will be asking for, probably Drew Doughty money. He was looking for 8 million now he will want 10-12 since he has 4 goals and 31 points. He’s the next Ray Bourque. Not sure how many teams will be able to afford 8-10 mill cap hit for an average D man who is not a playoff game changer

    • agreed Matt if the Jets go deep in the playoffs and Trouba plays well he will want big bucks. Chevy may decide to resign Myers for less and save some coin to re-sign Morrissey in 2020. Trading Trouba in the off season would bring in some good pieces. Jets have a interesting dilemma, too many good players and not enough cap. Some tough decisions will need to be made in the summer. Kudos to Chevy, he has been patient , not made rash decisions, the Jets have drafted well and developed players on the farm. Example of how to run a good NHL team.

  5. Any rumors coming from the NYP Larry Brooks not involving the Rangers are usually BS.

    The Isles in on Duchene? Haven’t heard that since last year. I wonder if the fans will be tracking flights between Newark and Calgary or Edmonton where the Isles are the next few days. This is the most interesting story at the deadline. LL has said he doesn’t want to be the GM for an extended period of time. He eventually wants to turn things over to his son. The question is do you mortgage the future by giving up a #1, Beauvillier and a top prospect or even 2 for a guy that will help (on paper) for a few months and then can walk? He has Tavares’ agent and we know how that turned out. LL also has to navigate contracts for Lee, Eberle and Nelson and a Duchene addition at 9-10M a year pretty much means the Isles unless they get a hometown discount won’t be signing one of those guys. On the other hand the Isles have not been in this position since the early 90’s. Although I don’t believe they are a true cup contender, a Duchene addition makes them a very scary team. They have not been a high scoring team but such an addition is an automatic upgrade to the top 6 and power play and they are getting great defense and goaltending will be a tough out. Holding onto prospects and picks isn’t a guarantee. Look at Ho-Sang and to a lesser degree Dal Colle. It will be very interesting to see how bad Ottawa wants to sell and how much the Isles are willing to pay.

    • Hey NK, agreed the Isles could be interesting. I’d actually prefer they go after Huberdeau if he’s actually on the market. Good size, scores and has term left on his deal. I hope Lou doesn’t go too crazy this year as they aren’t a true cup contender at this point. The off season could be very interesting given that they should have some cap space. Not sure if they resign Eberle as he’s currently overpaid for his production.

  6. Ottawa is grabbing all the ink. Will be interesting come Monday. The price was too high for Duchene moving to the Sens. Good player but not a great player 3 assets are enough . Sonny Milano a first and a lesser roster player from the Jackets. Roslovic and a first pick for Zuccarello or Hayes . I am hoping that Panarin doesn’t move

    • Roslovic would be worth both those 2 from the Rangers and if you say not enough add a 3rd because Zuccarello isn’t getting you a 1st rounder, Hayes might but Roslovic will probably end up better than both, he’s young on an e.l.c. and has real good potential

      • That is a bit beyond ridiculous. The guy has 17 points in 58 games this year. To put things in perspective Zuccarello has 27 points in his last 27 games. Hayes has 42 points in 50 games this year. You’re not getting both for Roslovic and the bonus 3rd rounder…. that figures to be in the 85-90 overall range? that’s beyond absurd for “potential “.

        Ny would be better off in separate deals landing “potential”.

      • Again, to put things in perspective, Hayes would be 4th in scoring today in Winnipeg. Zuccarello would be tied for 5th with little, and one point ahead of Laine.

        I’d love to live in the dreamworld where you can get 2 players that will end up with 90-100 points combined, that solidify your top 6 for a playoff run ….for a guy that figures to put up 20 something points with “potential “ and a 3rd round pick that has a brighter future as a Walmart greeter than he does becoming an NHL player….

        I’d sure as hell give up Chytl (20 points today) with a bright future for that return!

    • Hey Silver, not sure that Zuc brings back a first unless the Rangers are sending a second the other way. There are just too many guys ahead of him on the market and I’m not sure how many teams will be willing to deal a first for a rental

      • Zuccarello is currently 4 on the board among wingers. Panarin 1st who I don’t believe is going anywhere, and Stone is 2nd who I also believe is a likely (or the most likely) to stay put in Ottawa.
        Simmonds is next in line. But I believe these two players bring a very different skill set to the table.

        So depending on how things shake out , Zuccarello could find himself being the most realistic option for teams looking at the deadline.

        A 2nd for Zuccarello makes keeping and extending him seem like the better option for NY.

        I’m not saying he lands a 1st, but I think NY is looking at the alternative at this time . They’re gauging what he wants to stay.

  7. I stick with my hopes (for Ottw) to keep Stone (as their new captain to re-build around) and trade Duchene and Dzingel separately for a total of 2 firsts, a roster player, and 2 prospects. That’s 5 new assets to build around.

    I am not blind to the fact that odds are stacked against him staying; but I truly think this would be best move for Ottw.

    If all 3 go— loads coming in; but not much to build around until the new front develops and comes in as regulars.

    If he goes— I believe the best fit for him is in Winn and for sure this then makes Winn the WCF favourite. I’m not convinced that Stone on Winn puts them ahead of TBay; but it sure does amplify the odds tremendously.

    Yes I also believe that Trouba is gone next summer. Will his exit and maybe another be enough to re-sign Stone? And if not; where does he sign in the off-season (is there any chance that he could then come back to Ottw; then with 8 new assets from trading the three; to take same offer as what is on the table now (it seems it is not an 8 year, so still viable) and still be the captain to build around)?

    George, that last question was mostly directed at you; but thrown out there for all to comment.

    Duchene to me, less likely on the Jets

    I don’t see him on any team making them an immediate cup favourite. Stronger…. even much stronger…. for sure. But, cup favourite?

    The big battle is really Nsh and Winn fighting for basically the same rentals. Not only do each of them want one of the big Ottw UFAs; they more importantly don’t want the other to score in the trade.

    I think SJ is waiting in the weeds to see Nsh and Winn blow their brains out on All-In moves and then can re-assess and make their moves accordingly.

    If Clb moves Panarin and then basically turns those assets into Duchene…. has that realistically changed anything in their current odds for success?

    Clb is in the worst predicament— stay the course— lose both for nothing; and possibly staying the course they might not get in the playoffs (Metro is uber tight right now). Trade Panarin out; bring in Duchene— to me doesn’t change the production of the team and the only change is chemistry— they are in the same boat— may not make the playoffs; but also may get in two rounds; outside chance of 3 (not getting past TBay regardless of any moves).

    This last week before TDL is the most mixed up/exciting I’ve seen …. ever

    Leafs…. please tweak at best only —- NO UFAs

    Pens…. ditto unless the tweak is depth RHD for late rounder. Do NOT give up the first unless there is a spectacular offer that just canNOT be refused (and this would likely have to be a multi-player switcheroo ).

    Dorion, George, and all Sens fans— I truly wish you the best in the next few days

    Chevy— no one will question you if you go all in— in the mindset of NIKE—- Just Do It!

    Sweeney—- too much of a gamble IMO, to go all in all in— I just can’t see them getting by TBay— Leafs and Bruins moves should be geared towards beating each other to get the extra 2 (outside chance of 3) home gates. All in would be a waste. Any move to get term—- Kudos!!!

    Bergevin— you got loads of time — and loads of space— and pics— moves a plenty can be made— if they are for players with term. Moves on UFAs, IMO, are fruitless for the Habs this year.

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    Start your engines

    • The latest talk here is that the most recent offer to Stone is just north of $10 mil but over a 5-year span as opposed to the 8 years in the earlier offer. He has until tomorrow at the latest to decide. If he’s in the line-up tomorrow against NJ, and with a “C” on his jersey, then he’s decided to sat. If he’s not in the line-up he’s on his way elsewhere. Duchene is already scratched tomorrow and could be gone later today.

      • “decided to stay …” not “sat” LOL

      • Any idea what the 8 year deal was for?

        I wasn’t expecting a C on his jersey that quick but did expect him to be made captain if he stayed

        Fingers crossed

      • The number I heard first in his case was 8 years at around $9 mil per – or $72 mil over the length of the deal.

        They aren’t prepared to make that $10 mil over 8 years but did counter with that annual hit over 5 years – which, if he takes it means he can then re-negotiate in 5 years time while still essentially in his prime. The ball is in his court – I doubt Dorion makes another offer.

      • Thanks George

        I’m still rooting for him as Sens captain next year