Wild Trade Charlie Coyle to Bruins

by | Feb 20, 2019 | News, NHL, Rumors | 22 comments

The Minnesota Wild have reportedly traded forward Charlie Coyle to the Boston Bruins. According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Wild will receive forward Ryan Donato and a fifth-round pick. 

Minnesota Wild trade Charlie Coyle to the Boston Bruins (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to The Athletic’s Michael Russo, the deal won’t be officially announced until 10 PM ET, presumably because of the Wild’s flight delay. No word yet on what year that draft pick will be in but presumably it’s this year. 

This is likely the first of what could be several moves by Wild general manager Paul Fenton over the next several months. He’s received permission from ownership to do whatever he deems necessary to shake up his roster for the short- and long-term, even if it jeopardizes their playoff hopes. With the Wild currently clinging to the final wild-card spot in the Western Conference, Fenton has evidently seen enough and isn’t wasting time retooling his roster. 

Coyle, 26, is a native of Weymouth, Massachusetts so this move to Boston will be like coming home after spending his entire NHL career with the Wild. He’s a versatile forward who can play center or wing, possesses good size (6’3″, 220 lbs) and decent scoring touch, reaching 56 points in 2016-17. He could fill that second-line winger role or third-line center spot for the Bruins. Perhaps this move turns Coyle into the 35-goal scorer he was projected to become when he joined the Wild. 

Donato, 22, can also skate at center or on the wing. While smaller than Coyle (6′,193 lbs), he has offensive potential but found it difficult cracking the Bruins’ roster. He’s earning $900K this season and should be an affordable re-signing for the Wild, who also clear Coyle’s $3.2 million salary-cap hit through 2019-20 from their books. Donato recently said he believes he can become a full-time NHL player. He’ll get his opportunity with the Wild. 


  1. Not a big fan of coyle but will help more than donato for the playoffs

    • Bruins already is playing lights out hockey without pasternak add coyle..a tough out for anybody..they stole Charlie Coyle

      • Coyle has the physical attributes but if you watch him play his hockey iq isn’t the greatest hence his low stats. He will help but he isn’t the answer for scoring on the second line

  2. Hey Lyle, just a heads up that the site has crashed on me a number of times when I”ve tried to post. Not sure if it’s my old computer, the browser or your site.

    Sometimes I get booted from the site mid way through a post and sometimes it just tells me it can’t load the site when I try to post.

    • Does it happen just with this post, or with other posts before today?

      • It’s been happening for the last few days.

      • I’ve checked into things at this end and they appear to be running fine. Occasionally a post might be slow to load but that’s a minor caching issue at our end. Perhaps you should try clearing your browser cache and see if that resolves the issue.

  3. Decent move for the Bruins as a 3rd line player just as long as it’s a plan for another trade for a goal scorer for the 2nd line …..

    • Wow Boston stole Charlie coyle..

  4. Coyle’s size and style will help in the playoffs. In fact I think he will look far better in post seasons than regular seasons .

    Gentleman start your engines !

    • Silverscreen..couldnt agree more. Boston was already playing great hockey..wow they will be such a tough out.

    • Agreed. Also nice, as a Bruins fan, to have some solid C depth if Bergeron or Krejci get injured.

      I think Donato is going to be a solid NHLer but I like this deal.

  5. Boston is going to b such a tough out wow….

    • You said: “wow omg Boston is a tough out” 5 times thia thread, may i ask why?

      Youre acting like they just got Stone & Panarin, instead of a Charlie Coyle…

      Settle down, Meg

  6. As a Bruins fan, I like this deal. Good price. Donato has a chance to be a regular middle six forward on a good team but the Bruins have other guys he couldn’t beat for a spot like Heinen. Plus Bjork is close if he could stay healthy and fill the same role.
    Methinks another move coming, but Coyle’s versatility may mean they don’t? Hope there is and they go for it. In for a dime…….

    • Agree that getting this type of player …size,play on the wing and center just might be their only move, if there is one for a goal scorer just hope it isn’t for a rental

    • Agree he is the third line center answer not the second line winger answer. One more move. Dzingle

  7. I like the deal, but I’m going to be “that guy”. Coyle has had a couple of bad seasons . Is this turning him around? Time will tell.

    Does this move get them any closer to getting by Tampa? I don’t think so. I don’t think Boston has the luxury of stopping here. They definitely need more moves than just this one , in hopes Coyle turns it around.

    Today, Coyle would be 10th in scoring in Tampa, with Cirelli and Palat 2-4 points behind.

    Today in Boston he’s tied for 6th with an 8 Point gap to the next player down….

    • I agree I don’t expect coyle to be the second line scoring they’re looking for

    • Ya, fair enough Nyr, but as a fan I am hoping this is to fill the 3C spot they haven’t had all season. Someone they can throw out when they don’t have last change and check Tavares or Stamkos and hold their own. It was a problem they had to address,
      Now go get that winger and give it a go.

      • Ray I don’t know how much you’ve actually watched coyle but you don’t want him against those centres! His defensive awareness isn’t that great

  8. My thought is how do the Wild, as a team, respond to this? They are in a dogfight to make the playoffs and the GM trades away a good player. I’d be surprised if the players don’t fight like hell to prove Fenton wrong.