NHL Rumor Mill – March 1, 2019

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Latest on the Senators, Oilers, and Kings in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports colleague Marc Savard feels the Ottawa Senators “have a legitimate chance” of bringing back center Matt Duchene via free agency. Friedman also noted the Montreal Canadiens expressed interest in Duchene before the trade deadline but balked at the asking price. He wondered if the Habs will revisit their interest this summer. 

Could Matt Duchene return to the Ottawa Senators this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene reportedly enjoyed living and playing in the Ottawa area so I suppose we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility of his return via free agency. However, he’s going to be the best forward available in the UFA market and will be seeking top dollar on a long-term contract. I don’t think the Senators are willing to spend that much.

The Canadiens will have plenty of cap space but they’ve got one promising center on their roster in Jesperi Kotkaniemi and a couple more (Nick Suzuki, Ryan Poehling) in their pipeline. I think the Habs priority is landing a top-pairing left-side defenseman. 

Friedman also wonders if the Senators, who’ll need to spend this summer to reach next season’s salary-cap minimum, will re-sign defenseman Cody Ceci. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer and a year away from eligibility for unrestricted free agent status. Friedman doubts the Senators will invest in Ceci long-term but they’ll also want to avoid another trade-deadline drama. He also speculates the Senators could use their cap space to target clubs looking to shed salary.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan also ponders Ceci’s future with the Senators. He notes they’ll have to match the blueliner’s salary to qualify his rights. While they may not want to do that, they might have to in order to get to the salary-cap floor. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think this is Ceci’s last season in Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion will probably try to trade him before July 1 to avoid another arbitration hearing this summer. They can come up with other ways of reaching the cap floor for 2019-20. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman said he believes the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t want to trade winger Connor Brown for a playoff rental and discussed a possible Brown-for-Matt Benning deal with the Edmonton Oilers. He heard multiple denials regarding a rumor claiming the Oilers discussed trading defenseman Adam Larsson to Toronto. He also wonders if the Oilers might try to package winger Jesse Puljujarvi this summer with a contract they want to move. 

Friedman also said he heard the Nashville Predators looked at Oilers winger Zack Kassian before acquiring Brian Boyle from the New Jersey Devils in early-February. The Pittsburgh Penguins may have also had some interest in Kassian. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last weekend, the New York Post’s Larry Brooks reported the Oilers were trying to package Puljujarvi with fading left wing Milan Lucic. With Puljujarvi undergoing season-ending hip surgery, the Oilers probably won’t find many takers for him this summer. I can’t see anyone wanting a Puljujarvi-Lucic package. There may have been some interest in Kassian, who has a year remaining on his contract, but the Oilers apparently weren’t shopping him. 


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Los Angeles Kings set a high asking price for winger Tyler Toffoli at the trade deadline. It’s believed they sought a first-round pick and a good prospect “at least”. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Other than shipping defenseman Oscar Fantenberg to Calgary, Curtis Zupke reports Kings GM Rob Blake said he wasn’t close to making any other deals on deadline day. Zupke feels the Kings could make their major moves this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toffoli is signed through 2019-20 and becomes eligible for UFA status next July. Friedman said the Kings hope he’ll regain his 30-goal form. If he does I expect they’ll re-sign him before next July. He’s 26 and could still play a key role in their rebuilding process. Of course, that could change if someone’s willing to meet Blake’s asking price. 


  1. Lucic is going to be hard to move. 50% retained and a top prospect might get it done but I even doubt that. He is currently fourth line on a bottom team. Too bad. A beast when in Boston. A bust in Edmonton.

    Zucker for Frolik and a pick. Not sure why there was any hesitation except I sense Dorion was mucking things up.

    • @ George O

      I think that if the rumour was true that Lyle posted after trade deadline that the Sens turned down a 1st and Anthony Beauvillier or didn’t pursue that deal in a broader sense …they blew it !

      This kid has been really good this year and projects to be WAYYY better that the 2 …1 b prospects that the Sens decided on …yes I know the extra conditional offer but …that extra conditional offer may end being that this player is better all ready than what that will be …

      just saying …I would have taken that deal from Lou or expanded it just a little bit to include another prospect piece and supplemented Beauvillier as the conditional first rounder instead …

      Duchene To Long Island


      1st Round Pick
      Anthony Beauvillier
      Potential depth prospects

      Interesting id say

      • Heh. And you probably believe that there was no improper pressure put upon Jody Wilson-Raybould as well. I’ll believe that hockey rumour when I hear it out of the mouth of Lou Lamoiriello.

      • @ George O

        ….been following that quite closely actually

        ..I hope she runs for PM ….wander if she gets kicked out of the caucus

        ….or traded to the PC party for picks and prospects and reimbursement of funds for the failed pipe line company that Trudeau bought on our behalf.

        how about investing that money in Green technology…and pressing the Saudis on human rights issues !! …ohhhhh please don’t start !



      • Now now. I was tlld along time afo tl keep politics out of it. Mine was a silly trump joke. Haha.

    • i wonder if the Oilers could rid themselves of Lucic and his entire contact if they offered their 1st in 2019 and a solid prospect like Yamamoto or Benson. in return the Oilers would get scraps. any thoughts? they should jump at the chance but only if they plan on using that saved cap space for a talented young player.

  2. Good morning

    It is becoming both increasingly obvious and worrisome that both Matthews and Nylander are not big game players …not only that but they disappear all together …if your not putting points up on the board then do something else to where as you can contribute !

    Iam also very shocked that Tavares with 20 games left and 37 goals is not being more agressive and put into situations to where as he hits the 50 goals mark which IMO he should the year with that talent base !

    I just bought a really cool funny hockey T shirt …
    It reads …

    “If you can’t score …DROP someone who can” !

    I hate to say this and it should be different with this line up ….but there is NO HEART on this Leafs team …
    NONE !!!!

    End of rant there …

    @ Caper

    The Bs just blew by both San Jose and Tampa WITHOUT Pastrnak …you gotta be over the moon …with the effort and the latest streak they are on ..amazing, what depth and a no nonsense in your face brand of hockey can get you …..very envious here this sunny morning….
    Good for your Bs !
    That’s how you play hockey !

    HABS / Duchene

    I had been posting quite a bit in the early part of this season ..that I think Duchene wil end up in Montreal …the Habs will throw big time cash at him …and they need a legit #1 center pushing Kotniniemi down a bit where he should be ..I still think Duchene ends up wanting to stay close to Ontario and signs with the Habs it is a perfect match…IMO …and the timing for each of them may not be better !

    POILLE / Nashville

    I think Poille is the best GM in the league hands down ..he has done an amazing job and has managed his cap with the HIGH end talent they have like no other team ..just a fantastic job really !


    They should look at BOTH a Hoffman / Toffoli deal in this off season VERY AGGRESSIVELY….IMO

    • Kal El and Caper

      Bruins looked poised, fast, hungry, excellent and ready to walk over my beloved Leafs in the first round. Period, end of sentence. 🙂

      Re: Leafs and drive/no drive and Mathews/Nylander etc.: See my post yesterday. Cup not happening this year. I don’t see a series win this year.

      You can almost make the same claim for next year, unless serious moves are made. Unless
      GMKD can/will move AT LEAST one of WW or Marleau— they just can’t dress a team that can/will compete for deep playoff success next year.

      If they can move Marleau contract AND trade WW (excellent contract to trade after 1/7 in that receiving team only owes him $700K then next year) for a *top 4 D at $6M range; then we’re talking.

      *Note: Top 4 D to Toronto needs only to be better than *Zaitz…. and there are a ton of defensemen in the NHL that meet that criteria(better than Ziatz), and 3/4 of them by that definition; come in at less than $5.5M annually. So further Cap savings.

      You gotta think that a deal with Canes to get one of their young core D for WW at $700K is viable.

      Fingers crossed

      Go Leafs Go

      • I said this a couple weeks ago and again yesterday they look like the best team in the east….and the Penguins individual worst match-up…

        We do fine against Tampa, Columbus, Washington Toronto..that team is cooking…

      • Hi blackNGold

        You’re starting to convince me

        I was sold on their Goalie tandem as being outright saviours and most of the reason the Isles have been doing so well.

        That said… they were hitting on all cylinders front to back last night.

        Pens still need to get to the post-season before worrying about any match-ups.

        These next 5 games critical: @Buff, @ Mon, vs FLA, vs CBJ, @ CBJ

        Win 4 in reg— good to go

        Lose 4 of 5 in reg… get out the golf clubs

        reality is in between.

        They really need to win in reg vs Mon and gain on points on CBJ (so at a minimum: winning one game in regulation plus the other at least an OT loss in 2 CBJ games)

        They canNOT start off this next 5 games with a loss to Buff tonight.

        Fingers crossed

    • When the playoff hockey starts- A.M & W.N end up playing as


      the whole time.

      This isn’t new, nor something that shall cease- in the future

  3. Hi George,

    I know you said that Sens will be over Cap floor next year; but I reiterate; just in case; that a negotiation with TBay for Callahan may be a fruitful one.

    If they do in fact go after contracts to help get over floor— excellent contract in Calalahan in that (1) Tbay MUST rid his contract and therefore will have to give up something as an incentive; so a prospect or pick coming Sens way; and (2) Cap hit ($5.8 M) much greater than actual Cash ($4.7M) … (3) If Sens already committed to the deal and the cash; can get out even cheaper by buying him out and paying him only $1.57M for each of 2 years; and getting a Cap hit of $2.67M (19/20) and $1.57M (20/21)

    Right now, Sens have *17 contracts totaling $44.8M for next year; and the floor is expected to be about $62.5M; so Sens need to aquire/sign at least $18M in Cap

    *Note: 17 contracts include Gaborik and McCarthur; so really 8 players need to be signed/acquired for a 23 man roster. Upcoming: RFAs : White, Duclair, Wolanin, Ceci; Upcoming UFAs (if they choose to re-sign them): Lindberg, Gibbons, Paajarvi; Nilsson

    Clarkson’s contract (VGK) is also sitting out there; and the layout by Sens would only be insurance premium (not sure what that is; but can’t be more than 20% of actual Sal owed…. so maybe $650K pay out to get a Cap hit of $5.25M). If VGK’s trade him after 1/7 SB paid; Sal owed is only $1M; so Ins. premium would be $200K at Max.

    Just a thought

    • Pengy: I agree will all of this. In fact, TB has to get rid of more than just Callahan with Point getting a gigantic raise next year and Kucherov’s contract kicking in. I think one of Miller and Johnson are getting traded on top of Callahan. TB can’t afford to buy out Callahan’s contract and need all the cap space they can get.

      Another contract Ottawa should look into is Kulikov on Winnipeg. Winnipeg needs to shed that deal with Connor and Laine contracts next year and Kulikov would be a good stop gap for Ottawa’s young defence. He would also be a trade chip at next year’s deadline if he stays healthy. Only problem in the M-NTC.

      • agree the Sens should consider taking on contracts but short term, such as Kulikov or Callaghan, who have a year left.

  4. Pretty sure Lucic has a full no move or no trade. “packaging” him up as the pundits often put it is pretty moot if he simply says “no”. And why would he waive it….to come to Ottawa or anyone else?

    Ottawa should throw money and freedom at Luke Richardson, and maybe an apology for not hiring him last time they had the chance. Their defensive prospect development hasn’t been the same since he left the org.

    • LR would be a good choice as the next head coach if he is still on good terms with the management team.

    • I think you’re right, I sometimes swear I can see his no move clause being triggered when he’s on the ice 🙂

  5. @Kal, agreed on Leafs statement. They play with no urgency, no heart. It’s almost as if every game they play, is the first game they have all played together. Its weird

    • They should have been playing for their teammate last night, cause that’s what good teams do.
      I think the lack of urgency from the 17 other guys was quite evident and may be an indication of lack of leadership.
      Marleau and MR aside of course, as he and Captain Morgan are their only true leaders.
      Different note: I like the smiley kid in Ottawa. He just might be better than his brother in cow town. Between him and Chabot Ottawa seems to have a solid base for character and skill.

      • @ CAPER

        You can be sure Iam following very CLOSELY …I watch a lot of Hockey not just the Leafs …LOTS!

        I read your posts daily ! hence why I tagged you

        It will be interesting to see a TB vs Bs match up ..and if the Bs remember there mistakes from last year!

        talent can be matched team for team …but the back end is where this will be decided ..and it looks as if Chara is a man on a mission to intimidate !

    • @ FD

      It is really a weird thing…. I AGREE !!
      Iam starting to think they don’t want to play a Babcock system and it seems as if they are tuning him out !!

      But as a team …they do not have any urgency and aim tired of watching them get pushed around on the playground and bullied ..its disgusting to watch …regardless of the talent level …

      They just can not match a high up tempo game when any type of physicality is introduced !

      They have no answer !

      And what in the hell is Sparks still doing up and Hutch in the minors ….this is beyond me and a HUGE MISTAKE!

      • Kal, they are fine China! Hyman is the only guy that I see digging away and hitting. No offense to him but that’s not a good sign for the overall team

  6. @Pengy and Kal EL, yes the bruins had a very successful month of February 11-0-2 no regulation losses. They beat Tampa Bay 4-1 and TB goalie stood on his head this game could’ve easily been 7-1. But let not lose sight of the fact it was Tampa 3 game in 4 nights and playing on the road. Tampa was just flat from the beginning to end, they had a bad game and weren’t ready to play.

    If you ever read my post on here you know I’m not the biggest Chara fan of the last couple of season; Must give him a ton of credit he has been playing within his limitations and playing very well.

    Hopefully Carlo isn’t injure as for me he has been Boston best all round dman an hasn’t played a playoff game yet because of late season injuries the past 2 season.

    David Krejci this guy impressive me so much, he just slow the game down and wait for the open man but need to shoot more.

    Looking like a Boston Toronto 1st round playoff. Toronto has a ton of skill. For the leafs they need to see Matthews and Nylander answer the call. Last night game vs the Islanders a game of importance for JT. Matthews was invisible, last year playoff he was also invisible. This is a big playoff for Matthews and I don’t believe Babcock should shy away from the Chara matchup but rather embrace it and tell Matthews to go do his thing, keep him in the flow of the game, not worry about pulling him off once Chara on the game. I believe that’s harmful and your not allowing him to play him game. Either way will be fun.

    • Hi Caper

      Sorry if I mis-communicated. I didn’t lose sight of the 3 games in 4 nights for TBay. That was a given.

      It was just that Bos looked excellent.

      I still see TBay as Eastern Conf. reresentative in SC and more than likely to win.

      I can’t as at now; have confidence in Leafs beating the Bruins in the first round; and especially if Bruins (as it seems will happen) finish in 2nd.

      This is OK by me in that it will be a needed reality check for GMKD; and I had never thought once that Leafs were SC bound this year.

      This , IMO, is an expected wake-up call to GMKD; will hopefully have him truly “doing his job” in the summer and disregarding his moral compass in any verbal commitment he may or may not have had with WW.

      The team MUST come first. Leafs canNOT, IMO, field a SC competitive team next year if they start with WW and Marleau (due to Cap constraints)

      Marleau issue is a negotiation but in essence; any movement lies entirely with Marleau

      GMKD can, and SHOULD, move WW (after SB is paid); and preferably for a top 4 D

      fingers crossed

      Go Leafs Go

      • Caper & Pengy..That’s a good point 3 games in 4 nights… but i’m not so sure Tampa is as unbeatable as everyone thinks…
        Physical teams like Boston and Washington can wear on them.

        They are the favs for sure but the east can be had by Boston, Tampa, Washington, Toronto and Pittsburgh.

        It’s a matter of playing well going in to the playoffs, team match-ups, and experience…

      • Hi blackNgold

        sorry have to disagree with you w.r.t. Leafs having a chance at winning the East this year. IMO— no chance

        Remember, I’m a dual Leafs/Pens fan; but I canNOT under and stretch of the imagination, see Leafs winning the East this year. Not a chance.

        I can buy Boston winning. I fully expect the EC semi to have Bos opening in TBay… If Bos plays like they did last night for a full 7 games; AND Bolts have hiccups, it’s possible. Possible.

        Wsh is a couple of hits to the head in the ECF (if they get there) from eliminating the Bolts. That is way way less likely. They should be well scrutinized, so Wilson will only get to remove one of their players via headhunting. Then he’ll be gone for 40 games (I hope)

        Pens first have to make the playoffs. If they can get in and win the first series then they become in the “on a roll” mindset; and can get to ECF (barring the above-mentioned Wilson head-hunting listed).

        If Pens do get to ECF vs Bolts…. there is a chance; but it is remote. Pens would need to be firing on all cylinders and Vazy playing average while Murray plays spectacular. Plausible. Yep. Possible, yep; but less likely.

        Again, Leafs… not a chance. Leafs have to meander through Bruins, Bolts and Metro winner to get to cup…. not happening this year.

        Now all that said— miracles do happen

        We need to look only to last year’s Cup champion who should not have even made it to the ECF.

        I’m not saying at all that Pens should have won EC, had they been there, but they should beaten Wsh. It came down to one single blown/missed (grossly blown/missed) call.

        We will put aside the head shot missed to Dumo.

        Game 3, series tied , Pens up by a goal, 3rd. Wilson obliterates ZAR’s face and sends him into 2023. No call, no penatly. The suspension came later. No call on the ice. No penalty. Wilson stays.

        Instead of Pens up by a goal with a 5 minute power play (think about that scenario— they automatically win that game under that scenario)… instead Wilson is available to contribute just a couple of minutes later for the tying goal AND available to trip (no call BTW) that lead to the odd man rush game winning goal.

        That one missed call— Pens win that game and per TSN, no Cup defending team has ever lost a home game four in round 2— they didn’t BTW. So Pens would have been up 3 games to 1 if that call had been made.

        What are the odds then that Wsh comes back from being down 3-1 in that series under those circumstances. In my beliefs— slim to none. But they did win and got on a roll.

        Lose that series; they don’t get to ECF, don’t win ECF and get to cup; don’t get to win Cup. No Ovi celebration. IMO, all made available due to one missed call.

        This is not a bitter Pens fan speaking; as I don’t think Pens could have beaten Tbay last year.

        This is an avid hockey fan noticing how one single play can turn things on a dime. One single play. One missed call is all that was needed IMO, to allow Wsh to proceed past Pens last year.

        So… with that in mind; anything can happen.

        However, I still think that it will be a long shot for Bolts not to be in the SC final.

        If I’m making wild guesses on probabilities (as at right now) for Eastern team in SC:

        Bolts, then Bruins, then Isles, then Wsh, then Pens, then Clb

        Expect the unexpected!!!


    • @Caper…it wont even be close this year. Leafs gone in 4-5 games especially with the way Boston is rolling teams, top ones at that. Toronto have skill, yes but they just cannot put it together team wise. I dont like what I see at all. It’s been concerning for most of the year.

      Bruins are playing fast and tough. I really enjoyed seeing Chara giving it to Kane the other night. Ref saved his life.

      • Pierre Dorion on why he fired Boucher …….LOL

        Pierre Dorion said he met with #Sens players this morning. “I told them that our play recently wasn’t acceptable.”

        Is anyone listening to anyone and do they care what comes out there mouth …

        whats he going to do trade them ..LMAO …the players are like go ahead ….do me the favour !

        They are in LAST PLACE ….no need to reem anyone out after you just traded the teams best 3 players and the BEST player earlier on in the season ….

        Dorion is making himself look like a CHUMP NOW TOO!!!

      • All the guffaws and LOLs aside (tell me, does that make someone feel superior or is this some sort of perverted “revenge” for over half a century of picking picking on your Leafs?) – don’t look now but they were in LAST place with them last year, and were on their way to being in LAST place this year with them in the line-up. They can do that without their combined $25m cap hit.

        You have absolutely NO idea – nor do any of us – what is going through the minds of the players, so please don’t try to come across as the new sage to replace Striker and her sermons from the mount.

  7. Boucher just got fired

    So…. it’s his fault that the team lost their 5 top players via trades over the last year?


    • No.
      But he’s still forcing kids to watch from the stands while playing useless warm body veterans first. The goal is not “win now” or “win at all”. PLAY THE EFFING KIDS

    • Pengy no, but maybe the GM feel his coaching style doesn’t fit a young team.

      • Bingo, Caper.

      • Hi Caper, Dark G, and BCLeafsFan

        Excellent points very likely coaching style/not playing kids etc etc.

        I just think the timing stinks. Just days removed from TDL and moving out their 3 top players.

        This could have, IMO, waited a bit.

        I’ve no idea what discussions went on with Coach/GM and whether Bouchard truly wasn’t listening and/or willing to conform… absolutely no idea.

        However, if this was a concern, it was a concern for a while. Nothing dramatically changed since TDL

        Since TDL they have played 2 games. They were not expected to beat Wsh and they out-shot Ed last night in their loss.

        All I’m pointing out is that the timing was questionable; not the actual firing.

        Bouchard will be back as a coach somewhere next year.

    • wow cruel world Boucher gets fired because the organization and owner are a joke and trade what little talent you have… bummer !

    • @ dark G & Pengy

      I think someone told someone else to GO ” F ” yourself …and that’s how it happened …

      No need to put up with that internal BS for another month

      • KalEl

        You just might be right…. throw out the F bomb…. your fired!!!

        As I said above… Boucher will land on his feet… he’ll be back coaching in the NHL again

    • Agreed the Bolts are the favs but then they were last year and got roughed up…and knocked out….

      The Penguins would have beaten Washington last year but Kessel was on one leg which most don’t remember, ZAR got crushed, and Letang f**ked up big time on letting that breakaway happen…and was brutal period! He is back playing well.

      I was being kind about Toronto i know your a leafs fan they don’t have a great chance…but a chance.. their d scares me not super……

      I’m hoping this Grudbrason guy works out…if he can play 12 to 14 minutes, be physical and a deterent to the Wilson’s, simmons and reaves of the world we have a shot. (assuming letang and dummer are back)

      Did you see Reaves f*** up Cogliano last week wow! To the injured list first time in Cogliano’s career.

      Toronto has a punchers chance as do the Penguins…

  8. The Oilers are an embarrassment to Edmonton and the province of Alberta. Katz has to get more involved and get some people in place that know how to fix the wagon. It cannot run on one wheel!

  9. Lyle: a question….the Leafs trade Zeitsev to a team trying to reach the cap floor. They hold a million back…What goes against the cap of the team that traded for Zietsev….the whole value of the contract or the value minus the million….thanks in advance

    • @ OBD

      It will be tough …but Leafs are in no position to eat salary at this point …they need EVERY PENNY …they may have to dump him with a first rounder to find a taker or ask Dorion along with a top prospect to get to cap floor

  10. The value minus the million. In other words, $3.5 million.

  11. Have to say I loved the game last night between the Isles and Leafs. I was surprised at how little effort the Leafs seemed to give. I’m wondering how Babcock manages that D unit because they didn’t look great last night. Sparks actually made some very good saves in the first but eventually seemed to lose heart a bit.

  12. I believe that Leaf management knows they are not a good playoff team…..what they seem to be doing is something parallel to tanking for a high draft choice.

    They have I think the following contracts with July 1 bonus payments. I know these serve the players well but I think they also serve Leaf management well. The following players ( I think not totally sure) get bonuses on July 1. Marleau, Brown, Nylander, Kadri, Matthews ….all of these will be worth more on the trade market July 2 than they are now….

    Also all teams Leafs included will be looking at structural changes to their rosters….therefore trades can be substantial in terms of addressing mutual needs…the Leafs have Kadri, Marner, Matthews, Tavarres, Nylader who can be said to be number one or two level centres…..a tough position to acquire…..

    My guess the plan is to trade some of these skill forwards for skill D men or harder playing wingers…if this is not the plan and if they do not make some changes for better and bigger D men and bigger and meaner D men…the Dubas should be fired before next season begins….this team is not designed to play well when other teams are hitting at will

    An aside ….I am not a Babcock guy….but he can not put on the ice someone who Dubas has not put on the roster….

    A second aside from this Leaf fan…..Montreal, Boston, Tampa, Pittsburgh Washington know how to win…..the Leafs are a highly skillful group of players who don’t

    • Hi OBD

      Re SBs on 1/7

      I can confirm that WW, Marleau, and Mathews do for sure.

      WW contract is the most moveable. Once his SB is paid, there is only $700K further due to him until July of 2020. In addition, the actual average cash outlay for his final 5 years is about $4.94M Per.

      This is an excellent contract to take for a team who wants a young top 6 forward, has space, but has a lower internal budget.

      Leafs need a D upgrade

      Best trading partner for WW, IMO, is Canes for a young D that will slot in as top 4 D on Leafs. They have the D, space, and have limits to internal budgets

      Marleau , after his SB is paid, will only have about $585K in actual take home pay.

      What incentive is that really for him to play and gruelling 82 games, and potential playoffs in 2020 (limited IMO, if they keep both Marleau AND WW) at 40 years of age?

      If he retires after SB… which is his right… Leafs hit with entire $6.25M in Cap.

      Marleau holds all the trade cards. GMKD needs to do some real sweet talkin’ to him on this. Leafs have two media giants as owners… isn’t there a secretive ad campaign that they need to get Marleau in to ? “no collusion” LOL

      fingers crossed

      Go Leafs Go

      • Sorry just to clarify

        Leafs are on hook for Marleau’s $6.25M ; barring a trade; no matter what.

        No Cap ceiling team can afford to take him.

        Options are limited; and all his call

      • @ Pengy …yep

        35 plus rule

  13. Watching Hockey Central right now. Doug McLean is going off on the Sens management/owner. It’s bad in Ottawa man….bad.

    • Doug McLean?? Lol the guy is an idiot

      • BBB

        I’m just waiting for the day that Hockey Central and Hockey Night in Can have a spin-off series “The Dougy/Kyper Hour” with McLean and Kypreos

        Now that would be an intellectually filled hour for sure………..NOT!!!!


  14. Doug McLean, yes did I studder bigbear. Do you not agree Mylnyk is an issue in this Sens fiasco? He is toxic. Another miss yesterday with the arena plans. It’s like a watching a Spanish soap opera.

    • This should be good.
      It’s stutter btw.

  15. Guess I cant spell

    • Meh, English is hard.
      No offense intended.

  16. Carolina is 18-6-1 in 2019 but the toughest part of their schedule is coming up. Carolina’s March schedule consists of 5 back to backs, three segments of playing 3 games in 4 days and 13 of the 16 games will be against playoff teams. If they make the playoffs they wont be an easy out for any team.

  17. With all the drama that has occurred in the Senator’s org. this past year (+), firing Boucher should be the least controversial and IMO, a good thing. My understanding’s he was guilty of playing favourites and had lost the room some time ago. The team needs to play the kids that are up as much as possible in order to help them adjust to the NHL. Boucher had a bad habit of limiting their minutes despite the fact the team is already in last place and going nowhere. There was almost zero chance he was going to be re-signed after the season anyways so changing over to Marc Crawford for the balance of the season won’t hurt. As far as Boucher getting other opportunities to coach in the NHL, two last place finishes never look good on a professional resume regardless of the circumstances. Can’t blame him for the way the team has been dis-assembled but its still a results based business and there’s a lot of coaches looking for an opportunity.

  18. George if you are reading , 67’s Felhaber sign an ELC with Dallas. I know you were pushing for someone to lock this kid up as an overage junior player.