NHL Rumor Mill – March 12, 2019

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Will the Rangers pursue Artemi Panarin via free agency? Could the Devils trade Taylor Hall this summer? The latest in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Bob McKenzie yesterday told Edmonton’s TSN 1260 not to be surprised if the New York Rangers pursue Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin via free agency this summer. While the Rangers are in the midst of a roster rebuild by loading up with draft picks and younger players, he also believes they want to get better in a hurry. He expects they’ll pursue someone like Panarin via free agency or could look at making a hockey trade to bring in an impact player. 

New York Rangers could target Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin via free agency this summer (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers have over $61.9 million invested in 17 players for 2019-20. Assuming the cap reaches a projected $83 million, they’ll have over $21 million to invest in those free agents and to pursue a big-name talent via free agency or the trade market. 

Their notable free agents include Pavel Buchnevich, Brendan Lemieux, Neal Pionk, Anthoney Deangelo, and Fredrik Claesson. All are restricted free agents and should be affordable re-signings, leaving sufficient cap room to be competitive bidders for someone like Panarin. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero will have no choice but to trade Taylor Hall if the left winger doesn’t commit to a new contract by the draft weekend (June 21-22). Hall has one season remaining on his current deal and becomes eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks ended with the line, “Isn’t that right, Scott Malkin?”, referencing one of the co-owners of the New York Islanders, who saw their franchise player (John Tavares) sign with Toronto last summer. In other words, Brooks feels the Devils will want to avoid the same scenario with Hall.

It’s too early to determine if that’s the case, but we can expect speculation over Hall’s future in New Jersey to increase once the playoffs end in early-June and teams become more active in the trade market. The Devils are undoubtedly willing to sign Hall to a lucrative long-term extension, but it could come down to whether he feels the club is heading in the right direction. 


  1. Panarin to the Islanders or maybe Jersey.

    • Good day guys …

      I can’t wait to see the Bolts and Bruins play each other ..WOW!

      It seems as if the Bs are playing a style of game right now to show of and showcase what they will be like to play against in the playoffs and I think it is directed right at the Bolts …obviously they need to get past the first round ..but in my estimation that should not be problem …and i think that the current run by the Bs is to show the Bolts that they are coming so don’t get to big on yourself …I really like the Bruins chances this year to be an upset team !

      HALL / Panarin

      I don’t see Shero moving out Hall …he stole him practically for free ..
      why give that type of player away again…
      the organization needs this player….what they need to do is compliment Hall and round out the rest of the team …and create depth…its a deep draft and a deep UFA market its a good year to do that and keep Hall
      Id look at moving out Zacha personally.. first !


      there is always a black horse team who gets in on the mix for Panarin ( aka FLORIDA ) ..but it has been reported for a long time via rumour mill that the Blue shirts have been linked to him since the get go of this fiasco …so why would it change now…it seems as if the decisions that the Rangers made at trade deadline also reflected a move that they would be all in on Panarin as well…

      Leafs should look into B . Lemieux as an option for next year if the Rangers don’t resign him…

      @ Caper

      ….just a quick hit on your OFF TOPIC remark..
      you did say to me once on here that it was ok to disagree but there was no need to get very animated and call each other names and keep it civil to a degree.

      ….I think the same should go for crossing a line in a sport that is trying to be inclusive and liberal ..i think that the new NORMS in society have vastly been eroded over the past 3 years …and we need to make sure that things like that get called out and not be given a platform to degrade someone …as you never know who is of that community and who it will offend ….as it does cross a line when trying to give people of that community a platform to be who they are not always hiding in fear …and that is where I feel it can not be normalized and that certain words and phrases have to be slotted into an offensive category moving forward in our society to make sure they are not always oppressed.

      I am sure that there are thousands of sponsors that have LGBTQ people at there firms and in the audience…Iam sure Rielly deeply regrets the remark in the heat of the moment as he is not that type of guy who seems to be crass or heartless…he does a lot of community work so its a one off for him and should be looked at as such….. but Iam sure he will own it and do something good with his moment to say sorry!
      I wish that the current administration had not eroded what took 40 years to build all in 3 years….so we actually have to question what is right and what is wrong …what is fake and what is real ..the most dangerous of times is when soceity lives in blurred lines

      Cheers 🙂

      • So 4 years ago, people didn’t use derogatory remarks, racial slurs in sports? Or anywhere else for that matter?

        Oh boy….

        Let’s just leave that thought and political opinion on the yahoo boards….

      • Last comment on this as per Lyles request …

        @ Nyr 4 life

        You missed my point entirely and thats the problem …
        but that’s ok ..

      • No , I got it clearly. You’re using this to push your political views….

        Again, let’s leave that to yahoo.

        But if you feel the need to continue, we can discuss the history of racism, bigotry on the morning coffee thead per lyles request….

  2. Hall has expressed his desire to stay in Jersey. His agent has recently stated he doesn’t see it being a problem. The owners have made it clear they want to sign Hall to an extension. It wouldn’t be a Brooks article without an underlying swipe at the Devils.

    • I’m no Brooks fan , but I don’t see how speculation of NJ trading a pending UFA could be considered an underlying swipe at the Devils?

      I can’t say that I’ve ever seen him say anything bad about NJ.

      Even his remark about the isles owner isn’t a swipe. He’s suggesting losing a guy like Tavares or Hall for nothing is a mistake. Which is a rare occasion I actually agree with Brooks.

      • My opinion is when a player has reached the point where he is going into the last year of his contract you work the summer to resign him if that’s what management/player wants and if you can’t get a contract done by the draft you trade said player. I had no horse in the race but I think it is downright stupid as to what the Islanders did with JT. If Vegas can get a contract with Stone done in less than a day then why can’t a team and player get it done in a month.

      • Len,
        I agree 100%. If you can’t reach a deal, you trade the player period. Unless you can look at him as your own rental player. But if I have to go an entire summer, into the season and even sniffing the deadline and my team isn’t a serious contender… pack your bags! You’re gone!

        I guess best case scenario, you revisit it July 1, and gain assets in the process. A good case scenario, you have assets to show for the lost player.

        The absolute worst case scenario, you have nothing and look foolish in the process!

  3. *****OFF TOPIC***** reportedly the NHL is looking into a slur used by reportedly Morgan Reilly called the ref “F@#King F@g*t” I must be to old, I know times have changed; but man holy, I’ve been called a lot of names during hockeys games and called refs and umpires Dummies, Idi@*Ts etc and have used such words.
    Have we become over sensitive in our sports world were one passionate remarks has the team sending out a PR statement saying they don’t support such statements.
    So now the NHL is looking into it, what can they do and what should they do? Personally talk to the player and explain why they actions are no longer excepted in the game.
    I’ll take it one step further no player should call another player or Ref; Stupid or dumb because they are also degrading remarks and much more hurtful then the supposedly word used.

    Note of my use of #@* this is because I no longer know what words are allowed and what is.

    • I’d place fa@ in the same category as ni@. A term to broadly label insult and deride an entire group of people. He could have gone a different route like jackass, doushebag, etc etc. plenty of other real solid insults out there.

      • Reminds me of the famous experiment in the NHL to have microphones all around the arena so the viewers could hear the players during a game … the experiment ended suddenty when Bobby Clark yelled at referee Bruce Hood “open your effing eyes Hood, ya effing qu*&r”

      • I’m with you, Chrisms. I don’t think I’m a delicate flower and am not offended by much, but the best way to get a slur (as opposed to insult like motherf@#$) out of there, is to have no tolerance for it, even if people have heard worse.

    • I think it’s people being over sensitive these days. Words are just words. Too many people need a “safe” place these days. The word “bully” is thrown around so often it’s become meaningless. Ditto body shaming, etc.

      • Be that as it may he is a performer for an employer and coworkers with the refs. Not to many employers would tolerate that behavior when you are wearing their logo and on the clock. It’s got nothing to do with sensitivity but with good business

      • He is a role model to millions of young kids. This is totally unacceptable. I do agree we leave in a society that has become too sensitive but when someone is being paid the fortune they are to play the game they love, our kids hero’s should be held responsible for these actions. The game or two suspension he receives and the 10’s of thousands of dollars he loses are nothing more then a slap on the wrist.

      • One of the biggest problems with today’s kids is parents thinking they need outside role models to influence their children….

        Meanwhile, they are too involved with self love, selfies and turning a blind eye to their children when misbehaving or acting like animals!

        Maybe be instead of picking up a camera to get some cheap likes on social media of kids acting like idiots, parents need to put down the phone and correct the behaviors…… and discipline their own children! And stop worrying how celebrities, athletes , rock stars are influencing their children either way? Maybe…. but I’m sure I’ll see some kid smacking his sibling, pouring paint on a carpet , or kicking an animal with an idiot parent behind a camera more so than seeing a parent actually discipline their children…..

      • Celebrities including athletes should not be role models for our kids. But should obviously isn’t how it works. Sure ny (since you posting your views is ok but kal el isn’t) the modern kids are brats. So says the older generation… and they are right. But the generation before you said that about the crappy job your parents did with you… and the crappy jobs their parents did on them and on and on through time.

      • Lol, there it is…. chrism being chrism…. I didn’t bring up the role model thing, I responded. But it’s often used in these cases when bad parents need a place to place the blame instead of looking in the mirror.

        What a derogatory remark has to do with politics, is beyond me. Especially blaming it on any one political party or pretending this is a 3 year old problem.

        People just can’t wait to bring up politics these days now matter what the topic. The current administration I’m pretty sure didn’t influence Reilly to say anything! Especially considering the guy is Canadian!


  4. I think the Rangers will go after Duchene more so than Panarin. Rangers are weak down the middle for offense. Zibanejad is their top center, and the rest are better as either wingers or 3rd, 4th line centers.

    They have talented wingers. Obviously Panarin would still make a big difference and the Russian influence on NYR with youth may intrigue him more, especially with Buch, Kravstov, Shesterkin, Rykov.

    But Duchene would be more ideal down the middle.

    As for Reilly situation,

    I’m looking at the official and he had no reaction. Why? I remember Chris Simon said effing fa…. after being called for a penalty and got the extra two. He was a Ranger at the time.

    • I don’t think the rangers pursue either guy to be honest. And I think it would be a huge mistake to pursue either guy at this point. Ny has a lot of young guys at center and a few more that are capable of playing center. Strome, Chytl, Andersson, Namestnikov, Nieves.

      Just because they currently or will have the cap space , they don’t necessarily have to use it.
      No need for an 8 per deal with Duchene, or 9+ with Panarin. I think they’ll pass on both.

    • Cannot see the Rangers having any interest in Duchene. No need to slow development of the young centers and this dude seems like he brings losing wherever he goes.

  5. Hey, guys, just to let you know that if you want to discuss the homophobic slur incident I noted it in the morning coffee headlines. I don’t mind the discussion but it would be better off in this morning’s Morning Coffee headlines that derailing any discussion on today’s rumors. Cheers!

    • Good idea! Because rumors and coffee headlines are separate but equal columns!

  6. Didn’t the athletic just do an article quoting Sheri as saying, “Zero F’n chance” of trading Hall? Yeah I think he did say that.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Ray made a push for the bread man as well because that’s what the Devils need… More scoring depth. Help on D is coming with some of the kids.

  7. It will be interesting to see how Hall recovers but if the Devs make him available he might be a great acquisition for the Isles. Speed galore. A naturally gifted scorer. 1 full year under contract instead of a rental. Plus the fact there is no guarantee as to health might lower the price a bit. I have a feeling NJ tries to sign him next season and if they can’t sell at the deadline. He is a 6M dollar player who deserves more. Won’t get equal value back.

  8. Ottawa just signed sought-after college free agent RW Max Veronneau – age 23 – out of Princeton. Will join the team this week.