Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 10, 2019

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Latest on Erik Karlsson, Tyson Barrie, and Kevin Shattenkirk in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup. 


THE MERCURY NEWS: In a recent mailbag segment, Paul Gackle was asked how much it might cost the San Jose Sharks to re-sign defenseman Erik Karlsson and if they were a better team with him. Gackle speculates Karlsson could seek between $11 million and $13 million on an eight-year contract, taking up a significant chunk of the Sharks’ salary-cap space.

Karlsson’s injury-related absences from the lineup this season haven’t adversely affected the Sharks. Indeed, Gackle believes they’re better without the former Norris Trophy winner. If they don’t re-sign Karlsson, he feels they should put that cap space toward re-signing their other free agents or to pursue other UFAs this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because of CBA rules, Karlsson and the Sharks could not sign a new contract until March 1. With the club playing so well in Karlsson’s absence, perhaps GM Doug Wilson is taking a wait-and-see approach.

Karlsson was acquired for the purpose of turning the Sharks into a Stanley Cup contender. While his presence in the lineup certainly doesn’t hurt their chances, their performance without him suggests he might not be as vital to their long-term plans as originally perceived. 

Could the Colorado Avalanche trade Tyson Barrie this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)


DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reports the combination of two promising young puck-moving defensemen in Cale Makar and Conor Timmins could make Tyson Barrie expendable before the final year of his contract with the Colorado Avalanche expires at the end of next season. He suggests Barrie’s $5.5-million cap hit could be used elsewhere, while Makar and Timmins are on affordable entry-level deals.

Barrie said he loves playing in Denver and intends to seek a contract extension with the Avalanche as soon as possible. Chambers feels they won’t trade him if they don’t believe they can trade him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barrie has frequently surfaced over the last two years in the trade-rumor mill. However, it may be premature to suggest he’s on his way out of Colorado.

Makar and Timmins are promising but they haven’t played a single NHL game yet. Timmins has also been waylaid this season by a concussion. My guess is the Avs will retain Barrie for next season and see how well Makar and/or Timmins adjust to the NHL game, provided they can crack the roster on a full-time basis. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Rangers could be forced to consider buying out the remaining two years of Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract if he fails to show improvement over the remainder of this season. His performance has declined since suffering a knee injury in 2017 and he’s struggled to adjust in a league that’s trending toward speed. He’s also been a healthy scratch twice this season.

Brooks feels a buyout wouldn’t be preferable but neither is the prospect of Shattenkirk become a regular roster scratch. Buying out Shattenkirk would come at a salary-cap hit of “$1,483,333 for next season, $6,083,333 for 2020-21 and $1,433,333 for each of the two seasons following that.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s the second season that bites hard into the Rangers’ cap hit. If it stayed at around $1.4 million per season throughout, I don’t think Rangers management would think twice about buying out Shattenkirk.

They could attempt to move him in a cost-cutting trade but they’ll either have to take back a toxic contract in return or package Shattenkirk with a first- or second-round pick or a top prospect. He also has a 10-team no-trade list. They could be forced to keep Shattenkirk for next season and buy him out then, but the cap hit for the first year would be $5.316 million


  1. Good morning guys…


    Last year during the Karlsson saga I was pretty skeptical on how long Karlsson can still play for at an Elite level due to his very significant injuries and ongoing issues …and that this should be a buyer beware situation for over $10 million for term ..know a lot of teams are all about the here an know and will take that chance and care more for the next 4 year as opposed to later 4 but as a GM Id be very weery on that deal.

    Last year I thought he would be Tampa bound 1000%
    I bugged Richard Illeff on that …LOL…but with the way that Braden Point is playing and the money he is going to command he is the better spend for any extra money the Bolts will have….so I say the Bolts may investigate again if he unsigned as they may move out some contracts to make room but I think that when Karlsson offense goes dry hes pretty much useless on the back end as his feet have been the brunt of most of his injuries, that will be a big issue for him over the next few years as the league gets younger and faster!
    Can he keep up still ?
    He could be the next Shattenkirk ….

    Id bee really interested to see who is willing to take that on …its Karlssons choice in the end ..My as well stay in San Jose with that core let Burns be the man take a bit less AAV and be a complimentary D man and enjoy the sun!


    Could be an interesting pick up with $5.5 on next year he is a Right hand shot …on the smaller mobile side ..but that right shot could be enticing to a few teams.
    Avs have a good amount of Cap space to re sign him if he doesnt break the bank …they are still suspect on the D side and could benefit in keeping him long term if the money is right ..unless they feel they can upgrade for less via a trade or UFA signing and want to clear out some money that Rantanen is going to command and eat up!
    Avs do need to upgrade the D and also make a decision on either re signing Varlomov and or upgrading there as well….both D and Goalies are hard to come by via upgrades these days !

    have a good one

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Another brilliant piece by Brooks.

    Ny could be “forced” to buy out Shattenkirk? I’d love to know why? They have a ton of cap space, and a ton of cost controlled players and elc players… with a ton more elc players on the way.

    Has James Dolan gone broke?

    Unless they dip heavy in the UFA pool this year, Shattenkirk, Staal, Smith, Beleskey and Lundqvist are all 2 years away from gone. Girardis buy our dips to 1.11 million the year after next.

    Do they feel the need to jack up buyout dollars when that happens?

    The idea of a buyout, or any trade involving picks or assets to rid themselves of a contract that isn’t a problem seems a bit wasteful….

    • agreed.
      They can always slot him 3rd pairing with Hajek an move Pionk to the top slot with Skjei.

      Tough it will be interesting how they continue this Smith situation. Healthy scratched then on D, then on the 4th line, then on D.

    • Agreed Nyr, from the outside looking in, nothing the Rangers have done since starting this rebuild suggests they plan to anything but stick to the process of rebuilding through the draft and developing from within until it makes sense to add UFA’s to compete for a cup.
      They aren’t there yet and it makes sense to have of the bad contracts off the books sooner rather than later. 2 years from now they should need the cap space more than next season.

    • Karlsson should be aware his value will be determined by his performance in the postseason – at least with the Sharks. With that said… Regardless of how well he performs this spring, there will certainly be a number of teams willing to pay a premium for the best offensive defenseman in the league. If SJ wins the cup, and i think they do, Wilson will be hard pressed not to offer a max deal for EK65. If Sharks disappoint, who knows. Interesting times ahead.

      • Brooks is awful
        More negative then positive. Best thing to happen to him was Dan Boyles’ call out. Players should not give him the time of day.

  3. I know it’s wishful thinking but people in Ottawa have mused that a couple of these Sens that have been moved (for middling or lower than expected results) could return to get them to the floor and give the fan base some good will. (Duchene and Karl)

    ….seems unlikely both would but Duchene murmurs of a return are out there.