NHL Rumor Mill – April 17, 2019

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What next for the Penguins and Lightning after getting swept from the opening round of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan and Chris Peters speculate the Pittsburgh Penguins could shop a defenseman or two, suggesting this could be Olli Maatta’s last season in Pittsburgh. They could try to move aging agitator Patric Hornqvist but the 32-year-old has a $5.3-million annual average value through 2022-23 (with a full no-trade clause through 2021). They also suggest the trade rumors that swirled around winger Phil Kessel over the last two years could ramp up again. With the Penguins core aging, they recommend the club restock for the future. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey expects the Penguins could attempt a rebuild on the fly by moving some high-salaried players to free up salary cap space while attempting to get younger. He believes general manager Jim Rutherford will listen to offers for Kessel. It’s conceivable they could move on from Maatta and they’ll have to figure out what to do with Hornqvist. 

Will the Pittsburgh Penguins entertain trade offers for Phil Kessel this summer? (Photo via NHL Images)

Mackey reported Kessel expects there will be roster changes this summer but doesn’t know if he’ll be part of them. Rutherford entertained offers for the veteran winger last summer but felt no urgency to move him then. Trading Kessel would be strictly a business move, as he’s beloved by his teammates and Penguins fans. 

THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe also expects Kessel’s name to resurface in the rumor mill. He doesn’t know if the Penguins will trade him but believes he’s the most likely to go if they decide to trade a prominent forward. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel still has an eight-team trade list. He carries an $8 million annual cap hit through 2021-22, although the Toronto Maple Leafs are picking up $1.2 million of it. The 31-year-old’s goal-scoring declined over the second half of the season but he still finished with 82 points and had a good playoff series against the Islanders. If the Penguins shop Kessel this summer there will be a market for his services.

The same can’t be said for Hornqvist. His contract is difficult to move, especially with that full no-trade clause, plus he’s got a concussion history and his production was down this season. Maatta looks like he could use a fresh start somewhere else. He’s only 24 and have good puck-moving abilities and carries a reasonable salary-cap hit of $4.083 million through 2021-22. 


THE ATHLETIC: In the wake of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s stunning first-round exit from the 2019 playoffs, Joe Smith expects GM Julien BriseBois will closely examine his club this summer. Smith doesn’t anticipate a major shakeup but believes there will be a change in the blueline with Dan Girardi, Braydon Coburn, and Anton Stralman due to become unrestricted free agents. 

Winger Ryan Callahan has a year remaining on his contract with a salary-cap hit of $5.8 million, making him a trade or buyout candidate. He expects restricted free agent Brayden Point will be re-signed to a big raise and rules out moving Tyler Johnson by pointing to his full no-trade clause. Still, they could look at moving a forward to bring in a younger one. 

ESPN.COM:  Greg Wyshynski and Chris Peters don’t see BriseBois making any panic moves this summer. They point out core players such as Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Victor Hedman, Ryan McDonagh, Ondrej Palat and Alex Killorn are all under 30 and signed through 2022, with Point soon to join them. They also expect there will be changes coming to the Lightning defense corps. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect the Bolts to trade away one of their core players. Head coach Jon Cooper recently signed a contract extension. He won’t be going anywhere but will be under pressure to address his club’s opening-round collapse and his apparent inability to counter the Blue Jackets aggressive forechecking.

The Lightning has over $73 million invested in 16 players for 2019-20. Point will command a big raise that could reach $7 million per season, though the Bolts have had success in convincing their core players to accept less than market value to stay in Tampa Bay. Even if they can convince him to accept, say, $5 million per season, they still won’t have sufficient cap room to suitably fill those blueline spots if Girardi, Coburn, and Stralman depart via free agency.

Moving Callahan via trade or buyout will free up some cap space. They could try to trade Yanni Gourde before his new contract (with a no-trade clause) kicks in on July 1. Having signed Gourde to that deal last November, however, they obviously want him to be part of their long-term future. They’ll be hard-pressed to sufficiently replace those departing blueliners, forcing them to find younger, cheaper options within their system, via trade or free agency. 


  1. On the bright side for Tampa, they get to keep their 1st rd pick, and they probably bring Cal Foote up next season at right D. Curious with all the noise last year about them being favorite to land Karlsson via trade, will they pursue if he hits market?

    • And it’s a much better pick than we thought it would be…

      • Bazinga!

    • Tampa has been revealed as the archetypal team built for seasonal success but decidedly lacking in the type of player who can transition to playoff-style hockey. Why would they now add a to-be hugely expensive D whose concept of defense is merely a rumor? He was again invisible last night, except for his -2, in a 5-0 drubbing by a team that WAS built for playoff success.

      Teams that haven’t grasped onto that lesson by McPhee may go on to titillate, with their seasonal success, a large chunk of their paint-your-face in team colors fan base whose knowledge of the game is about as shallow as a petri dish, but will do nothing to please those who see the playoff weaknesses.

      • Lightning and the Leafs have great regular season teams. Lots of skill, speed flash and dash. All good until the calendar hits April when the Ice Capades season ends and the Mens hockey begins.

        Soft has never and will never win.

      • Does TB revisit the rumors at the trade deadline that they were interested in acquiring Ristolainen? One name not mentioned above is JT Miller…is he the one chosen to be traded? With 73 goals the last 2 yrs does Point give TB a home town discount? With 3 defensemen over 32 becoming UFA’s what’s the plan to re-sign or replace them? Lots of questions to be answered between now and the draft.

      • The fantasy that teams need to be built for “playoff” hockey was dispelled by the pens recent back to backs.

      • Tampa was easily the best team and no this loss doesn’t mean that they weren’t ready or built for the playoffs. They came across a strong opponent, with goal tending and a great game plan. It ended up being a bad match up, nothing more.
        The people who say ‘built’ for playoffs are no different than the ones that would have said the same about Washington last year.

        Easy to comment once the series is over but everyone here other than caper (or chrisms?) had Tampa winning this series.

      • 3 esteem conference finals , a Stanley cup final in the last 5 years. I’d say people are making TB seem like this year was the norm.

      • Eastern, not esteem

      • Well Taz, clearly we have widely differing opinions on seasonal teams vis-a-vis those who excel in playoff hockey. If, indeed, as you say, TB is not one of those teams I describe, then they were not properly prepared to play a totally different game than many of the wide open affairs they had during a record-breaking season. I mean, while I can understand, perhaps, being “surprised” by Columbus in game 1 at home, they should have been able to properly adjust their game for the second one.

        During the season they played Columbus 3 times and beat them handily every time – 8-2 in Oct, 4-0 in Jan and 5-1 in Feb – outscoring them 17 – 3, only to give up 19 goals while scoring 8 in 4 playoff encounters.

        There should have been no surprises about a team that just squeaked into the playoffs – even with the additions of Duchene and Dzingel who, while pretty good players, I don’t see as turning Columbus from a bubble team most of the season into a Conference juggernaut had they been there from the start.

      • And, I should add, when TB went up 3-0 in the 1st period of game 1, their heads became a little too large for their helmets and clearly couldn’t figure out how to adjust to the surprising reaction by Columbus who, instead of tossing in the towel in that game, as I’m sure every TB player thought they would, fought back and eventually won it. And Kucherov, showed his reaction by a brain-fart that cost them a game without their leading scorer. But even so, their whole attitude had to be different for game 2 – but it wasn’t, and everything that had come easy to them during the season suddenly became a challenge they couldn’t handle.

  2. I hate it when I am right and GMJR is wrong. I’d much prefer it the other way.

    I was sure he was going to see that Hornqvist was breaking down and move on. Instead, he gave him a five year deal. I either forgot, or never knew, that he had a FULL NTC. That is borderline malfeasance.

    Having to pretend like Hornqvist is still a useful player was probably their biggest problem in the playoffs. Putting him (not Kessel) on Malkin’s line effectively turned them into a one line team, because Horny dragged Malkin down and Kessel languished with Bjugstad.

    Cullen was also terrible. Yet, they kept giving him key ice time as if he wasn’t.

    The Pens strategy moving forward has to be to adopt a “what have you done for me lately” attitude.

    No more Cullen. Trade Olli. Find a way to move Hornqvist, if any.

    Shop Kessel, but don’t move him unless your getting a young core piece. Shop Rust.

    Sid, Jake, Geno, Letang, Dumoulin and Murray should be the only untouchables.

    • Maatta might get moved but it would make more sense to get rid of Johnson at any cost. I think any roster turnover will be them moving in some younger players. Boogie and JMac stay as well, Blueger gets 4th line centre. One or 2 of Bellerive, Hallander, Pavlechev, double A, Bjorkvist should get every opportunity to play in the bottom 6. Actually a line of Pavlechev, Bjugstad and Angello would be terrifying as each is over 6 and a half feet tall and have good hands but can also scrap a little. Can’t win every year and the Islanders wanted in more this year.

      • With a nod to teddy who you were clammering for… putting an ahl team on the ice as half the team isn’t a recipe for success. We saw enough of that in the mid to late 2000’s.

      • Islanders didn’t even have a chance….

    • Letang was brutal this series. Keith Jones said he was playing hurt…. no help this year… last year… and won a cup without him the year before that. Might be worth exploring his value in a trade.

    • Chrism, your comment is bang on. Let me shed some light into what happened to Tampa. Firstly, they ran into a very improved team. The adds Columbus made were more on the speed side then the “old style built for playoffs”.

      Columbus won with speed. They were able to out pace Tampa significantly. They controlled the neutral zone and were permitted to skate through the neutral zone with speed and deploy a very hard fore check.

      Yes, once they got into the Tampa zone with speed, it wasn’t hard for them to hit.

      Tampa lacked enough speed to keep up with Columbus and IMO – were not coached properly to counter. I fully blame the Tampa coaching staff. Did you hear Jon Cooper after the game – his comments were on the fact the team played very few meaningful games during the season. I don’t buy that as a reason for their loss, again I blame the team for not being properly prepared and designing a proper counter for Columbus’s speed game.

    • MG and Deee

      Ok I’m trying to stay calm and type with my one finger not shaking… I’m in a frenzy

      Move Olli Maata as the first action item????

      The ABSOLUTE ; and I mean ABSOLUTE ; first move; MUST be to rid Pens of JJ… no ifs ands buts maybes

      He HAS to go

      I can’t fathom a team taking him unless Pens also give up 3 first rounders (only partially joking)

      Option 1…. and absolutely the best…full buyout …. actual $’s not important but cap hit is

      19/20 would only be $0.27M…. that’s nothing

      20/21 & 21/22 …. $1.27M (marginal hit to overall cap)

      22/23…$2.02M (when cap likely near $95M…. nothing really)

      The balance at $1.02M…. meh

      Option 2 ….. Mario has private conversation with JJ … JJ agrees to retire…….. secret SWISS bank account for buyout amount … but $8M ALL at once instead of 8 years each at $1M

      Option 3… Mario with Swiss bank account above; pays Hossa to switch hockey gloves with JJ… JJ permanently in LTIR

      Option 4 : bury him in AHL…. savings on Cap is minimal but at least he doesn’t play a single further game with Pens

      Result of using any of options above ; big increase in GF, Corsi , XGF and drop in GA, Corsi against ; XGA . 11 extra points in standings; 5 extra shutouts; MASSIVE morale boost to team; 30 other teams saddened at the loss of the tremendous advantage they had playing Pens when he was on the ice!!!!

      Once the obvious above is done ….

      Sid, Guentzel, Murray, Letang, Gino … stay and untouchable

      I would argue that no consideration at all should be given to thoughts off moving McC or Pettersson …. the value Pens get for what they pay…. no brainer … they must stay

      I would argue similarly (to a lesser value/contract) for Bjugstad

      ZAR is RFA ; his best value just may be in a trade

      Phil … time to move him. I advocated last summer that he had reached his peak value then. He has for sure now.

      He is on the decline and will decline, IMO , fairly rapidly.

      Under no circumstances can the Pens afford to be forced to protect him in the Seattle draft …. trade him this year…. a must

      Blueger a keeper and a must as 4C

      Bellerive and big Angelo a must on this team next year

      Knowing approximately) where Pens will pick (in the first round in June)…. I would grab Leason , who is the only player IMO that will go that late in the first round; that is likely NHL ready

      The D has to improve …, puck movers needed please…. trade chips:

      Kessel (see above)
      ZAR (see above)
      Rust …. may have to move him if a good offer comes along
      Maata …. I’m not as down on him as I was last year ….. of course he is leaps and bounds better than the player he sat for (JJ) …. but of late he seemed to have had an uptick in play and especially his ability to move the puck

      Now Horny…. I wouldn’t keep him …. but almost impossible to move and buyout way to heavy on Cap… that sucks

      Sully …. perhaps he needs to go …. when he decides to play the worst defenceman in the history of the NHL in 85 of a potential 86 games ; and save for multiple injuries (8 games) when there was no choice; instead of players waaaay better than him …. so maybe time for him to go

      If Pens don’t make significant moves ….Pens just may miss playoffs next year

      Sad day for Pens fans all over

      GMJR … put ego aside …. make some moves …. at the very least rid the team of JJ …. and that single move already almost guarantees Pens in playoffs next year

      • Dee….. The Penguins just need to tweak and reload that’s all. They lost an overtime game and essential a couple 2-1 losses with an empty netter tacked on

        They need depth scoring….. One great add would be center Tyler Ennis of the Toronto Maple Leafs. he is 29, he is really quick, and a better and more talented play maker than Carl Hagelin. He is Carl Hagelin 2.0. he is your 4th line center that can create.

        Plus he made only $650,000 you could probably get him at $1.5 per . He had 12 goals for Toronto playing 4th line and only 47 games…

        That gives you Crosby, Malkin Mccann Ennis. as your top 4 centers.

        Bjugstad needs to play wing with that shot.

        next you need another top 4 defense-man..i’m am hearing that Anaheim will shop Cam Fowler at the draft. Can you imagine Letang, Dumolin, Fowler and Schultz your top 4 that’s good… you use Phil Kessel plus to land him and maybe that’s Olli Matta to so be it.

        Kessel & Matta & Simon to Anaheim
        Ritchie& Fowler to Pittsburgh

        Move Matta & Johnson and maybe add a depth defender. If you can get Fowler to go with Schultz Letang Dumolin your top 4 is set and Grudbrason and Petterson can fill the bottom pairing.

        Crosby Guentzal Rust
        Malkin BJugstad Hornqvist
        Mccann Ritchie (Anaheim trade) Blueger
        Ennis (free agent signing) Zack asthon Reese wilson (free agent)

        letang Dumolin

        Fowler Schultz

        Pettersson GRudbrason

      • Glwaa

      • Pengy/BlacknGold/Dee

        you guys like this?

        to MTL: Kessel

        to Pitts: McCarron & 2019 1st rd pick

        MTL doesn’t give up too much and gets more scoring

        Pitts gets significant cap space AND a good 1st rd pick

      • Why would kessel agree to waive to go to. Town that speaks gibberish?

  3. I remember someone saying they thought Columbus would upset Tampa. They said Tampa had all the pressure and Columbus was lose and had nothing to lose. Also said if Columbus ever jelled look out a lot of talent. Who ever wins between Boston Toronto has an easier road now.

    • Don’t bet on it. No one gave the Jackets a chance against TB. They were too talented and Bob sucks in the playoffs. Except Torts came up with a game plan that countered TB’s style pretty much perfectly and, save for the first period of Game 1, Bob played like the two time Vezina winner he is. Add in the entire team has bought in to playing as a team and doing all the little things needed to win and you’d better not count the Jackets out. I admit to being as shocked as anyone by the Jackets’ sweep (I watched the third period with my jaw hanging open, last night.) and each round does get harder, but the Jackets may be this year’s Cinderella team.

      • Fast, Mean, Heavy, talented, driven.
        Saw then 3 times to close out the season and Jones is superb.
        They’re deep at forward and D.
        Can’t forget Bob.
        Scary team.

      • Paul Bowles, I did! I’m wrong quite often but in this case I picked Columbus to upset the Bolts, main reason I see the Blue Jackets much like Washington Skilled and tough.
        The only team I see beating Columbus in the east is Washington. I don’t think Boston or Toronto can handle Columbus style of play. Columbus is a solid team and if goalie Bob plays up to his standard this team could be in the cup finals.

      • No playoff series in the NHL is easy anymore. Say what you will but Boston or Toronto would much rather draw CLB than Tampa.

      • Don’t get me wrong. I remember cheering when I learned Columbus was getting a team. I – and a lot of Ohio – have waited for this day for 18 years and hope the Jackets give us reason to cheer all through the playoffs. On the other hand, Boston and Washington have owned the Jackets for years. NYI and Carolina have given the Jackets fits, this year. Only Toronto has been a fairly even match up, the last couple of years.
        While I hope the Jackets go all the way, this year, I’ve been a hockey fan since watching Detroit slaughter the San Francisco Seals on the Seals’ first opening night over 50 years ago and have never had my team win the Cup. If it takes the Jackets another couple of years, I can be patient.

    • Probably Striker….

      Im sure he’d claim he “saw it coming” after the Jackets “bounce back season” if he was still around. lol.

    • I hate Crosby where is Montreal’s number 1 pick at what number? you know

      I’m hearing kessel would waive his no trade list for Arizona to be with Rick Tocket again…not sure what they have to offer. maybe Hjalmarsson plus???

  4. Tampa didnt’ scare anyone. Flashy finesse players don’t do squat in the playoffs. Peoples who watch a lot of hockey weren’t particularly surprised. As an Islander fan I found the Pens demise more interesting. Out coached and out “systemed”. The Jack Johnson and Gudbrandsons of the NHL simply don’t have a place anymore. Genius of Trotz to use the Martin line against Crosby. They’d just hem them in their own end and not really try to score, just tire them out and waste their shifts chasing the puck.

  5. Hedman and his 24 minutes a game was a huge loss for Tampa-dont overlook how much they rely on him to be on the ice half the game. He was obviously not right in Game 1. Girardi and Coburn+co were on the ice far too much and over matched.

    And Columbus is a well oiled machine right now with a locked in goalie

  6. If losing the services of 1 player – even one as good as Hedman – is to be their crutch for getting bounced 4 straight by a team that just squeaked into the playoffs in the last week, then they are in even deeper trouble than anyone thought.

    • @George O
      Any team that throws out a D for half the game would be lost without that player. Agree its not a good sign.

    • George O – love the punctuation, man, all correct and very old school of you to care.

      Please continue to write.
      I shall continue to read.

      • LOL. Well thanks rattus rattus. Actually, in my days at grammar school (that’s what we called it then) you got your knuckles wrapped if you didn’t use the proper punctuation – let alone the correct usage of “then” and “than” “you’re” and “your” and “they’re” “their” and “there.”

      • The pilgrims did their schoolin right

  7. Vegas is up 3-1 against San Jose and the reality of it is if San Jose got any goaltending at all this series could be flipped 3-1 for the Sharks.
    Never got how some on here don’t see value in goaltending and seem to think it doesn’t make a difference because they don’t score goals; true but they certainly stop them or not.

    • Caper

      Bang on

      VGKs are playing well; but the true key to the 3-1 series lead; lies with poor SJ goaltending

      I don’t want to take away from how well VGKs have played; but if the series standing differential summary has to be listed as one word…, it is “goaltending”

    • Bang on Caper. Goaltending is the most important position in the playoffs. Seems like we forget that this happens every year. I think we might be over reacting to the series loss by TB. Ya they got swept and once it started going sideways they couldn’t recover.
      IMO there are more than 2 reasons they lost, but the biggest 2 are goal tending and no/injured Hedman.
      Bob save % – .932
      Vasilevsky % – .856
      No Hedman threw off their entire D rotation. You don’t lose a Norris Trophy caliber D man and not have it impact you. He would have played over 25 minutes.
      TB out chanced Clb every game but game 3 (No Kucherov either). Total chances and high danger chances.
      TB has some tough decisions on their blue line but I can’t see them making big changes to their core. Do you throw out Vasilevsky because of a bad series? Of course not. The guy at the other end was accused of the same until this year and he was one of the main reasons Clb won.
      TB isn’t all fancy dancy players. The knocked the Bruins around last year in RD 2 when they also knocked them out of the playoffs. They pushed a tough Washington team to 7 games. This wasn’t about physical toughness.
      The biggest change this year in the regular season and their dominance was their ability to check all over the ice. I think they got away from that when they fell behind in this series.
      TB will be fine and contend for years. They will go on a good run again in the playoffs and maybe even win it all.

      • One thing Tampa didn’t do is respect the Jackets at any time. Not until it was over was there a hint of the Jackets being a good team. As for the belly-aching of losing Hedman, I’m sure it hurts if you don’t have any depth at D. Jackets on the other hand lost Murry and replaced him with Kukan and lost Nutivarra in game 2 because of a predatory hit by Kucherov. How this guy only got one game is beyond me. First offense big deal Jackets still don’t have Nutty. A blantant trip wasn’t enough for Kucherov let me then go over and crush his head into the boards while he’s on his knees. First offense yes so 1 game. The act shameful and I guess even if Nutty was paralized it still would have been the first offense.

  8. Agreed Caper.

    You could even apply that thinking to the series nobody is watching.

    Bishop – not sharp
    Renne – sharp

  9. Hate to say I todaso, but I todaso. I knew the Bolts had their hands full and they did. It was the pressure that was their demise. When the entire hockey world has you as a shoe-in for the cup and your first round matchup is a team that’s not intimidated it’s bound to spell trouble. It’s on everybody but I can’t help but to look at John Cooper, it takes more than a good season to prepare for the playoffs and his team wasn’t prepared mentally

    • Great call on Cooper-totally outcoached-an embarrassment. @ also @ the threat of being killed-I don’t think the Stammer has played like he did b4 his awful leg injury & he’s paid like a Crosby & Ovechkin.

  10. The Habs should consider acquiring Kessel and/or Maata. Both contracts will be expiring just as some of the future core players will be coming off of their entry-level contracts. Kessel would immediately help the PP and Maata is a solid LD who is still young that might benefit from the coaching of Luke Richardson. I think they’re perfect options to spend some of that unused cap money until guys like Fleury, Suzuki, and Brook are due raises.

    • One big concern there could be the upcoming expansion draft. Kessel will have one year remaining on his contract at the time of that draft and will have to be protected. Would an aging Kessel be worth losing a young, promising player in the expansion draft?

      Not saying MTL shouldn’t consider it, just food for thought.

  11. Goalies aren’t worth the big bucks. They only win you Cups.

    • But not by their lonesome. Price is arguably still one of the best goalies in the world, he gets the big bucks, and yet he couldn’t even get them INTO the playoffs.

  12. George, I guess my point is that superstar goalies should get the big bucks, same as star forwards and d-men, but of course teams win and teams lose.
    If Goalie Bob and Vasiliesky had played to their season averages, that series might still be up for grabs.
    I can tell you one thing for sure: if Andersen outlays Rask, Toronto beats Boston, and vice versa.

    • “Outplays”…..

      • Amazing that most Pens fans place the blame on Jack Johnson and Erik Gubrandson. No venom for Jimmy Rutherford for putting the roster together? No hate for Mike Sullivan who was clearly outcoached. Wheres the outrage towards Crosby, Malkin, Kessel and Letang? All complete no shows.

      • Freudian slip? Who knows what goes on the nights before a game and the days between games. Hell, maybe THAT’S why TB and Pittsburgh went out in 4.

        Kidding aside, I get what you’re saying.

      • Not sure where you get your sample size Ron but in the burgh the only individual getting a pass in any form is Crosby… cause he’s Crosby. So far if most of the people and pundits In pburgh had there way sully would be fired gmjr would be retired and kessel Malkin letang would be traded.

      • Task is an ugly dude. Looks like an evil elf. I’ll bet Anderson does outlay him

      • IMO more Milos Raonic than evil elf Chrisms.

  13. This is a guess only. This morning I went to a Tampa fan site. They were upset by all the meaningless games they won and paid to attend. I have close friend with Leaf season tickets whose biggest hockey problem is how to get other people to buy certain tickets. This afternoon Burke was on Hockey at Noon show saying he was told the word went out to all teams after game 2 in the Boston series that closer calls were going to be made. One guess I have is that this only the beginning.

    Owning NHL teams is a mega-buck undertaking. And while you have to win 16 games to win the Stanley Cup the owners have to sell season 82 games along with pre-season games.The owners like profits and the players like being overpaid and getting fans out to watch or watching on TV for as many games as possible is how they get it.

    My guess is that change will come from the top from both the owners and the NHLPA reps. that they will insist on empowering season games as there are so many of them and that is where the owner and player comes from.

    The owners and the players are “pros” they want to be shown the money.

  14. Point should be getting 10 million a season the way contracts are given these days.

    • Not for 1 goal 0 assists in 4 playoff games he ain’t. Not from me anyway.

  15. Ron Jull…i agree and disagree with you on your view of the Penguins.

    Your assessment is mostly right on….. But to Blame Crosby who freaking carried this team all year when Malkin missed 25 games, Schultz missed 53 games, Murray 15 + GAMES, Rust and Letang these guys MISSED 20 plus games Hornqvist missed 15 games that isn’t fair..

    was his playoff ideal no but they was way more blame here..

    Sullivan did get out coached and Rutherford’s moves some where good some not life of a GM.

    i don’t mind Grudbranson he wasn’t bad neither was Pettersson. they will get better.

    What kills me is Sullivan keeps running Letang out on the number one power play and the little bitch refuses or cant shoot the puck from the point. Teams just pack in down low. They know he wont shoot they are almost begging him to shoot…Schultz has a cannon hes on the number two power play…plus we gave up so many shorthanded goals because of letang bad decision-making skills or Malkin’s stupid as passes.

    My heart rate triples when Sullivan puts Malkin back at the point on the power play he is so shaky.

    They wouldn’t even be in the playoffs without # 87 yeah one assist in 4 games isn’t great but..

    Malkin on one hand did have 3 points but too me he is The most disappointing superstar ever!! hE He has all world talent but no drive..Malkin is an enigma…If he had the drive of Crosby, Ovechkin, McKinnin, or Kane .. he would be unstopable…

    Which why he wasn’t voted to the top 100 of all time…

    Letang was awful, Murray gave up some weak goals and Malkin was well Malkin skates around that’s about it

    Not enough depth scoring period.

    Look we lost an overtime game the two games were basically 2-1 with an empty netter in both…some tweaking in the off season for sure..

    Tampa was way more disappointing to me!

    I have a hard time blaming Sid who had a great season, carried the team, played all but 3 games sorry he gets a pass..plus he has the teams best players every night where Malkin and kessel don’t.