NHL Rumor Mill – April 2, 2019

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In today’s NHL rumor mill, we have the latest on Kyle Turris and Chris Kreider plus the Hurricanes could shop prospect Adam Fox.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): In his latest mailbag segment, Adam Vingan was asked if the Nashville Predators might trade someone like center Kyle Turris to make room to pursue Columbus Blue Jackets center Matt Duchene via free agency in July. 

Turris, who’s in the first season of a six-year, $36-million contract, is struggling this season and he’s seeing reduced playing time. With the Predators’ salary-cap situation about to get tight, Turris could be a prime candidate for a cost-cutting move but his poor play this season and expensive contract would make him difficult to move. 

Kyle Turris could face an uncertain future with the Nashville Predators (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Predators have over $76.8 million invested in 22 players next season with all their core players under contract. If general manager David Poile intends on being a player in this summer’s free-agent market he’ll have to shed salary to do so. That could depend upon the Predators’ performance in the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Turris was also limited to 52 games by injury this season. He lacks no-trade protection but his play this season and his $6-million annual cap hit would certainly hinder efforts to move him. He turns 30 in August and that could also dampen his trade value. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently included winger Chris Kreider among the Rangers whose stock is down going forward. While injuries took a toll on Kreider this season, Brooks believes management won’t overlook the decline in his production since early-February. That could factor into their decision over whether to re-sign him to a contract extension this summer or trade him as part of a package for “a legit match-up righty defenseman.” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kreider is signed through 2019-20 with an annual salary-cap hit of $4.625 million and an 11-team no-trade list. I expect the Rangers will meet with his representatives before June to determine what he’s seeking in his next contract. If they feel it’s too expensive they could put him on the trade block leading up to the 2019 NHL Draft in late-June. 


NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Carolina Hurricanes defense prospect Adam Fox is balking at signing a contract with the club. Team owner Tom Dundon said they’ll attempt to trade him. The Hurricanes acquired Fox from the Calgary Flames as part of last June’s multi-player deal that also brought them defenseman Dougie Hamilton and winger Micheal Ferland.

Should Fox return to Harvard to complete his senior year, he’ll be eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. However, there’s a belief he could turn pro if the Hurricanes trade him to a team he likes. Fox is considered by some observers to be NHL-ready, leading Alexander to wonder if the Hurricanes could get a first- or second-round pick for him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Pierre LeBrun believes the New York Rangers could be atop Fox’s list of preferred destinations. Though he lacks NHL experience he’s a righthanded shot, which could make him enticing to the Blueshirts. LeBrun doubts the Rangers will part with a first-round pick to get him. 


  1. Good luck to Poile in trying to deal Turris without holding upwards of two-thirds of that $6 mil cap hit which runs to 2024-25 … when he’ll be turning 36. After contributing 13g 29s 42 pts and a +22 in 65gp last season, the best he could do in 13 playoff games was 3 assists. This year, in 52gp, he has all of 7g 15a 22 pts and is a -8.

    He and his wife were great in the community with all their tireless volunteer work, but after engaging in agonizing contract negotiations with 2 organizations, leading to trades, he quickly signed that Nashville deal … and now it appears they are having second thoughts. I know one thing … and trade won’t involve Ottawa.

    • ” … any trade …”

    • That Turis contract was a loser the day he signed it. It’s just too bad he couldn’t give them a good year or 2 before falling off. Maybe they can trade him to Edmonton for Lucic, just a change of scenery trade if nothing else. A team can only retain up to 50% of a players salary. You’re right about Ottawa, Melnyk isn’t paying anyone other than Ryan and that’s because he can’t grt rid of him.

  2. Larry Brooks suggests every veteran player be traded. Even those in there mid 20’s. Can you succeed without veteran leadership? I think Zucc was the perfect leader to emulate. Brooks is awful.

  3. It’s pretty known that Kreiders production dip had to do with injuries. Not to mention NY trading one of his regular line mates (Zuccarello), and another top 6 forward Hayes away at the deadline….

    Did anyone think the tdl made them instantly better? When you trade 1/3 of your top 6 and replace them with younger , lesser players…. good thing aren’t usually following. Once again Brooks is an idiot. If NY puts him on the market, I don’t think they’ll be any shortage of interested teams, nor do I think his value has dipped.

  4. I doubt they will trade Kreider yet. I see him more as a Trade Deadline candidate next year if an extension isn’t reached.

    Turris has a weakened trade value but I’d say that San Jose, if Karlsson goes, and NJ would be interested.

    Fox is just a prospect. No one has ever traded a 1st rounder for a prospect. NYR has good ties with Harvard hockey. But it would have to be for possibly Pionk or a 2nd rounder.

    • Eric Lindros got 2 first round picks and a whole bunch of players including Forsberg. And that’s right off the top of my head. I’m certain there are more examples.

      • Lindros was going 1st overall and achieved in his junior career greatly. Fox is a former 3rd rounder.

        Quite a different scenario.

      • Mike there’s no place for logic or facts representing reality here! Come on man!

      • You said no one has ever traded a first rounder for a prospect. I said that’s not true and you are now back pedaling. Fox was a third round pick but he was rated the 48th best prospect in the NHL last fall which means his stock has risen. He is definitely closer to a sure thing than a late first rounder in this years draft would be so he could easily earn the Canes a late first rounder at least maybe a third as well.

      • Griffin Rinhart was a prospect when Edmonton traded a first and a second for him.

  5. The Adam Fox situation is the latest example of a huge gap in the CBA when it comes to prospects. All these draft picks have to do if they don’t like the idea of playing for the team that drafted them (and essentially opened up their door to the chance of playing in the NHL) is simply to refuse to sign and if enough time passes they automatically become a UFA and can go wherever they wish, while the team that drafted them gets a wasted pick (I know Carolina didn’t draft him but you know what I mean).

    I understand the argument players want to have control over their playing career but that argument doesn’t fly with me. UFAs either earned it over several years of playing, or are given that status if their team doesn’t want them anymore so they can freely find another home. Prospects haven’t earned anything at a professional level and want to reap the benefits that most players work hard towards in their careers.

    • I have the same problem with no trade/limited trade clauses … they’re in a 31 (soon to be 32) team league – all supposedly on an even playing field. They go where they’re dealt. If they don’t like that arrangement and want stability for their family, then get a 9 to 5 job.

      • Sour 🍇

      • Whether or not that’s true – it’s still my opinion. And I know I’m not alone in a growing list of sports fans fed up with tails wagging the dog. But, I acknowledge there are still more who choose to look at it differently. C’est la vie toujours.

  6. It’s a damn shame that all rookies don’t get to choose there future like fox. He can either wait till ufa, giving him unrestricted choice but costing him a year of salary… or he can narrow his teams down and force canes to move him to a preferred destination.

    Always thought it odd that the d strong canes had him thrown in that trade. He would want a team he can get good minutes. Rangers would be good with that d.
    And a 1st is ludicrous considering the leverage the player has.

    • Fox is an interesting debate, if he choses to return to Harvard then he’ll wait a year and be a UFA and sign wherever he wants.
      Does this require fixing by the NHL? Not to me, Fox who turned 21 on February 17th will be 22 if he waits a year was a third round pick of Calgary in 2016, still isn’t signed so if he wants to wait a year and sign wherever then by all means.
      By all reports sound like he would like to play for the Rangers who potentially have 3 second round picks, if the Tampa or Dallas pick stay at a second round pick would Fox be worth giving up one of them picks? If they both become 1st round pick then NY could offer up their own for Fox.
      My one big question is if Fox sign this season, means he burns a year off is contract does that make him eligible for the expansion draft? If yes then that certainly will be taking into consideration.

      • I just wish there was a similar plan for chl drafted players. If they don’t sign by a certain age.. say 21…. then they get to be ufas.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t give up a 1st for Fox, especially NYs own which no question will be top 6-7. That would insanity. Ny has too many young d-men already that are stuck outside looking in because of Staal, Shattenkirk, Smith etc. No need to add yet another guy in his early 20s to rot away in Hartford.

      • Fox will be a top 4 defenseman on the rangers if delt there. He’s going to be a very good puck moving rearguard for 10 years or more imo. Elite skater and a very good temper with the puck. I’d be thrilled to get him for a 2nd or even a 2nd and a 3rd.

      • Shorepark,

        Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. I’ve heard this song a few other times… Matt Gilroy, Mike Mottau, Jimmy Vesey….

      • True enough. Time and opportunity will ultimately tell the tale.

  7. Justin Brazeau, 6’6″, 225, undrafted, led the OHL in scoring this year. Like Adam Fox, he is 21 years old and his team has been eliminated from the post season. Why has he not been snapped up by an NHL team? If I’m a GM, he’s the kind of win-win candidate for an ELC.

  8. Kreider is another player to emulate, like Zucc. Plays hard, physical specimen and extremely intelligent. Speaks several languages, excellent mentor for the young Russians as well as the remainder of the youth core. I believe, a solid building block. Brooks be damned. Stopped reading Post because of him.

    • I think I read Brooks posts just to see what idiotic thing he’ll say next.

      He, like a lot of beat writers likes to play both sides.. “Why NY HAS to sign Shattenkirk “ fast forward one week…”what a horrible signing of Shattenkirk “. Just once I’d like to see these writers eat crow!

      “I was the first one to say sign Shattenkirk, boy was I wrong”!

      But pigs will fly before we see that.

    • Thanks, George.

  9. Personally I think for any drafted player the same eligibility should be present no matter if they play junior, college, university or come from oversea’s. All the power to them if they want to forego a decent salary sooner and choose where they want to play. But by waiting there entry level contracts should still be of the same 3 years for all!