NHL Rumor Mill – April 7, 2019

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Latest on Jonathan Quick and Artemi Panarin plus a look ahead for the Chicago Blackhawks in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Cooper examined some possible trade scenarios this summer for Los Angeles Kings starting goaltender Jonathan Quick. With the Kings rebuilding with younger, cheaper players, Cooper considers Quick to be one of their top trade chips. He’s signed through 2022-23 with an annual salary-cap hit of $5.8 million and lacks no-trade protection. 

Is this Jonathan Quick’s final season with the Los Angeles Kings? (Photo via NHL Images)

A former NHL goalie suggested the Carolina Hurricanes and Edmonton Oilers could be good fits. Cooper thinks the Columbus Blue Jackets could seek a replacement for Sergei Bobrovsky if he departs via free agency as expected this summer. He also listed the Calgary Flames and Philadelphia Flyers as possible options. The Kings, however, would have to pick up a portion of Quick’s cap hit in a trade. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quick is coming off his worst season as a starter (3.38 GAA, .888 SP) and he has a long injury history. However, he’s only a year removed from a solid 2017-18 campaign (2.40 GAA, .921 SP) and has two Stanley Cups on his resume. If the Kings were prepared to absorb a significant chunk of his cap hit, there could be a team or two willing to gamble on him. 

The Oilers recently signed Mikko Koskinen to a three-year deal but they still need help between the pipes. I’m not sure their new GM will be willing to take the risk. The Flyers likely see Cam Talbot in a mentor role backing up promising Carter Hart.

The Hurricanes would probably want the Kings to take Scott Darling and his $4.15-million salary-cap hit (through 2020-21) off their books. The Flames could be an option but that will depend upon the performances of Mike Smith and David Rittich in this year’s playoffs. 

The Blue Jackets could certainly be in the market for a new starter if Bobrovsky departs. If the Florida Panthers fail to sign Bobrovsky they might be willing to look at Quick. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks noted the Rangers got a close look at a potential piece of their future when they played Artemi Panarin and the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday. Panarin is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and isn’t expected to re-sign with the Blue Jackets. Brooks believes the Rangers will be among the suitors for Panarin, who could command at least $77 million on a seven-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some of you will probably scoff at the notion of Panarin earning $10 million per season on his next contract. The 27-year-old left winger is among the most highly-skilled forwards in the league right now. He’s going to earn big bucks this summer.

Panarin tallied over 70 points in each of his first two seasons as a Chicago Blackhawks, netted 82 points last season with the Jackets and a career-high 87 this season. He will be the best forward available in this summer’s UFA market and will get at least $10 million per season on his next contract. The Rangers, Islanders, Panthers, and Kings are among the clubs rumored to be very interested in signing him. 


ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan and Chris Peters looked ahead at what the offseason might bring for the Chicago Blackhawks, who’ve missed the playoffs for the second straight year. Improving the defense via free agency appears their best bet, as they’ll have around $20 million in salary-cap space to work with this summer.

There’s also been speculation about bringing former Blackhawk winger Artemi Panarin back to Chicago. Given the health concerns of Corey Crawford, it might be wise to have a contingency plan to eventually replace him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Blackhawks have over $61 million invested in 16 players, with all their core players under contract through next season. Kaplan and Peters observed general manager Stan Bowman must ensure he leaves some future cap room open for the eventual re-signings of Alex DeBrincat and Dylan Strome. If late-blooming blueliner Erik Gustafsson has a solid follow-up to this season’s 60-point breakout performance, they’ll have to sign him next summer.

Still, if Bowman can handle this right, he should have sufficient space to address his immediate blueline needs. Winnipeg’s Tyler Myers or Tampa Bay’s Anton Stralman could be within their price range. Bowman could also consider going the trade route by targeting clubs looking to shed salary this summer. 


  1. 11/year is a lot of money for any 1-way player.
    Would love to have the guy, but not at that price.
    That’s Tavares and Matthews money and they both play a 200 foot game.

    • I would sign him in a heartbeat if it were 5 years ago and the Rangers were making cup runs, but they are not at that level anymore. Best NOT to sign him and keep the space till they have the roster figured out. Only season 2 of the rebuild.

      Where I would spend $$ is luring Yzerman to take over as President since Sather left that role.

      • You got that right. Wherever he goes he will build a contender, but I think Detroit is the only team in the running for him…

    • Matthews couldnt check a hat. His annual disappearing act is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

      Soft soft soft, please dont squeeze the Charmin soft.

      • If you do not like Matthews, I will trade you Vesey and Shattenkirk for him…since you dislike his play that much =)

      • He dislikes his play … he’s not insane! 🙂

  2. Panarin is good but he is no Pastrnak who makes less than 7 I know it was signed a couple years ago but any team paying him 10 is looking for trouble. Will see where he signs and know if he is all about the cash or wants to win.

    • Obe, are you serious ? Panarin is no Pasternak ? I support a neutral site team, and there is no question that if I could have only one of the two on my team it would be Panarin – by far. If you were to put him on a line with Bergeron and Marchand, he might give Kucherov a run for the scoring title.

    • Hes better than Pastranak…
      Ummm Bergeron and Marchand for starters….

  3. 5.8 is very reasonable for a starter. Despite his bad year I doubt the kings would have to absorb much of any cap hit. The canes scenario is an interesting one. Darling plus a good prospect or young player… maybe on if the young d men waiting in the wings for quick works well for both teams.

    • If I am GM Rob Blake and I am trading Quick, I am certainly NOT taking Darling back. The better option in that scenario is to just keep Quick. Idea is rid salary along with adding cap space. Taking Darling negates most of the cap of trading Quick away. Quick is also still on of the best goalies in the NHL despite his injuries these past 2 years.

      I honestly think Quick and Philly makes the most sense. He can take 65-70 % of the load and let Hart slowly work back in to build up the stamina it takes to play a heavy work load. If Quick gets tired or shows wear…..jut play Hart more. It is the safest investment Philly can make.

      I do not see how Talbot can mentor Hart just because they are friends. Talbot had a solid year in NY before being sent to EDM, where he has never won a playoff round. Not sure what he can teach Hart.

      Quick can teach him a lot….. Quick has won in the NHL and on the Olympic stage he has played extremely well.

      just IMO.

      • apologies…he did win a playoff round…. *amnesia*

        just don’t see Talbot as a solid investment.

      • No thanks to the always crippled Quick. Good goalie, but no thanks. Harts the starter and it makes zero sense to give up any assets for a 6 million dollar backup.

    • Quick was one of the nhls worst starters this year. Could be a lot of reasons for that but regardless it’s the truth. Darling has only two years left as opposed to quicks four. The deal would free up over 1.5 in cap space. If a young nhl ready player was coming back with darling this deal makes a ton of sense.

  4. I cant wait till Canucks finally start atracting GOOD free agents worth their salt.
    Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser and now Quinn Hughes along with whoever they select at #9.
    Surely players around the league will soon take notice and wanna suit up with these guys.

    Would love to see a line of

    • The Nucks already have a bunch of beast free agents….Ericksson, Sutter, Beagle….why would anyone sign with bottomfeeder Vancouver? Because they like sushi?

      • Well thanks for your personal opinion.

        Ya they were bottom feeders the past few seasons.

        Im sure you would love to have one of Petey, Hughes or Boeser on your team tho eh?

        Again, having these kids will be noticed by other good free agents.

        Sutter, Eriksson will/should be dealt with soon. Green has scratched Eriksson and benched him a few times.

      • Boeser, Pettersson , Horvat and Hughes are excellent pieces for the Canucks and a sign of a better future. Best if Vancouver stays the course and uses the draft and college fa’s to build their roster.

        Edler, Tanev, Ericksson, Sutter, Roussel, Beagle are brutal.

        Beware of Dim Jim throwing bags of loot at fa’s in a desperate attempt to make the playoffs, otherwise youll end up with another Ericksson.

  5. If I needed a goalie I would look at Vancouver since they dont know what to do with Marky and Demko. Try and get Markström and then sign him to 5,5 at 5 or 6. In my book he has proved he can be a no1

    • What do you mean “they don’t know what to do with Marky and Demko”? They’re both playing and playing well. So not only do they know what to do with them, it’s working out very well.

      • Better listen to Ron. As a flyers fan he has a ton of experience in this regard

      • Chrisms :

        Lol, Philly is as big if not bigger goalie graveyard than Vancouver. A mess for 30 years. Im praying Hart is finally the solution.

      • As a pens fan I ain’t. But as a hockey fan you get an all father and a few Hail Marys

    • Markstroms a joke. Vancouver will rue the day if they open the vault for him. I think Demko is about to get Schneidered. Left to rot on the bench then traded away after wasting 3 or 4 years riding the pine.

      Markstrom/Demko = Luongo/Schneider and Depietro is Eddie Lack.

      • You must be in bed early.
        Watch a game or 2 maybe


      • Youre right, the 82 Canuck games I watch every season probably isnt a fair sample size, lol.

  6. First coach out the door – Florida fires Bob Boughner. Others to follow no doubt.
    Some guy will have a pretty good lineup to coach in Florida but they sure need goaltending.

    • Housely`s out too

      • You sound vindictive bob. Guess miserable fired coaches love company

    • That “pretty good lineup” missed the playoffs……again.

  7. Money doesn’t buy team happiness. Take a look at the NHL leader board and you see McDavid second overall $12.5, Kane 3rd overall @ $10.5 and Draisaitl 4th overall and only 1 of 2 players to have 50 goals @ $8.5 not in the playoffs.
    If any GM is offering Panarin $10m or more let him have him.
    Toews and Kane both make $10.5 per season and Chicago 3 cups came before them contract were in place. They had to sell off key assets to stay cap compliance and ending the Blackhawks run at the top of the NHL.

  8. Does anyone see Taylor Hall staying in NJ? This player been to the playoffs once in 9 season. Much is made bout McDavid not being in the playoffs and showing his frustrations, but no one mentions Hall.
    I don’t see Hall staying in NJ who finished 29th in the standings staying there unless there is a major shift upwards in the standings. He is getting to the point were must of his prime seasons are behind him. Could NJ move him at the draft if they feel he won’t resign?

    • Caper…..if I am NSH I am offering Turris and a prospect and 2nd rd pick for Hall and getting him onboard this off-season.

      • Figure Hall would garner a bit more, the prospect would have to beTolvaanen

      • Turris has shot his bolt. $6 mil for the next 6 years? For a 3rd/4th line C? No thanks.

    • He’s destined to be a Bruin, in my very humble opinion.

      • He would definitely fill a need shoreorrpark, not sure he is the right guy to sink a bunch of $$ into.
        Wasn’t the most dedicated guy when he was here in Edm. Shero had to have a man to man with him after his first season in NJ too. Simply wasn’t fully invested in being the best he could be. Then he stepped it up, played great and won the MVP. This year? Meh.
        Which Hall do you get once he signs the big $$ contract? Great talent but risky IMO.

  9. That would be something if Hall got to free agency and signed with Edmonton.

  10. Does anyone see Joel Quenneville in Florida or Buffalo. Been reported that Quenneville wants to go to a contender, neither of these teams are a contender today but could they be tomorrow? I’m guessing he’ll end up in Florida, with the potential addition of Bobrovsky and Panarin this would push Florida closer to contention.

    • If a coach has any ego he’d want to be the next Trotz. Florida or buff would be perfect

    • Friedman is reporting that they have been in talks for a bit. Not final but getting close in FLA.

      • Betcha an attaboy he sings for 5 or 6 million, for 5 or 6 years in Fla.
        That would fix many issues and concerns for them both in the short and long term.
        It’s not every day you can get an effective culture changing coach like Q.
        More to worry about in the Atlantic division. As if it wasn’t bad enough already.