NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 16, 2019

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Sharks get controversial OT win over the Blues in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final. Check out the recap plus updates on the Bruins, Hurricanes, Patrick Kane, Jeff Skinner, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: An overtime goal by Erik Karlsson gave the San Jose Sharks a 5-4 victory over the St. Louis Blues in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final. Karlsson’s tally was controversial as it was the result of an uncalled hand pass by teammate Timo Meier deemed unreviewable by the officials. The Sharks hold a 2-1 lead in this best-of-seven series.

Timo Meier’s hand pass led to teammate Erik Karlsson’s OT goal as the San Jose Sharks edged the St. Louis blues 5-4 in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final (Photo via NHL Images)

Karlsson and Joe Thornton each scored twice for the Sharks, who overcame a 4-3 deficit after blowing a 3-1 lead. Blues winger David Perron scored twice. St. Louis defenseman Vince Dunn took a puck to the face in the first period and didn’t return. An update on his condition could be coming later today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This game will stand as yet another example of the poor quality of the officiating in this year’s playoffs. The salt in the wound was Meier getting credited with an assist for a hand pass the officials apparently didn’t see. The argument was also made that Meier’s hand pass glanced off Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester and thus no infraction should be called. 

This wasn’t the only call the officials missed in this game. St. Louis winger David Perron flipped the puck over the glass in the second period but no delay of game penalty was whistled. In the third period, Blues forward Sammy Blais got away with a hit to the head of Sharks defenseman Justin Braun. 

Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour said there’s a good chance goaltender Curtis McElhinney will start Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Final. The Boston Bruins hold a 3-0 lead and can close out the series tonight.

NBC SPORTS: Boston Bruins right winger Chris Wagner has returned to Boston for further evaluation of his injured right arm. He won’t play in Game 4 tonight and is sidelined indefinitely.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane set a US career scoring record at the World Hockey Championships. With 36 points, he surpassed Mark Johnson’s previous record of 33.

TSN: The Columbus Blue Jackets signed goaltender Elvis Merzlikins to a one-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Prior to this signing, Cap Friendly indicated the Blue Jackets only had two goaltenders under contract for 2019-20. “The CBA requires that all clubs have at least 3 goalies under contract at any given moment during a league year. Meaning the club needed to sign a third goalie prior to July 1st.” 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Former Canadiens team doctor Douglas Kinnear passed away at age 92. He worked with the Canadiens from 1962 to 1999.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Condolences to Kinnear’s family, friends, and the Canadiens organization.



  1. How in the name of Hell can TWO referees not see that hand pass?? At least one of them has to have his eye on the puck and who’s handling it at all times. What’s the answer – adding a 3rd “referee?” Why not allow the linesmen to make such calls as well? That just keeps an element of a “bush league” tag on NHL hockey.

    • Bush league it is, isn’t it. Take a step back. Pretend you are explaining the game to a non-fan. Define what the rules are. Then go through any playoff game, play by play. Its likely your non-fan would conclude that penalties are simply random events. When is a cross check a penalty? When is a hook, or a slash? What are the dimensions of thee special transgression forgiveness zone around the net that defenders enjoy? How many free shots does one get after the whistle? What is interference? How does one establish ‘ownership’ of a piece of the ice? Why is Marchand allowed to incite, but other not to retaliate (personal bias)

      SInce penalty calls are or non-calls are critical factors in deciding many games, it would be nice to fix this mess.

      Clearer rules enforced absolutely?
      No rules?
      Let the linesmen make calls?
      Coach’s challenges (limited in number) of any play or call.
      An off-ice watcher of monitors official with 30 seconds to buzz down a review?

      I sitll don’t know what is and isn’t a callable cross check but the hand pass rule is clear, and should have been fixable.

  2. ….. “Sharks win due to a blown call”

    ….. “Sharks win due to a blown call”

    ….. “Sharks win due to a blown call”

    ….. “Sharks win due to a blown call”

    How many times is this going to happen in these playoffs?

    They should have been golfing after the first round…. refs get suspended ; public apologies given ; and more scrutiny and better reffing expected … yet a refusal to call a hook and SJ scores seconds later (with a minute left in the game) to tie it and send it to overtime where more missed calls happen and then the penultimate hand pass (for an assist mind you) happens to give SJ another win

    Hockey Gods?

    I join many who would love to see Jumbo Joe finally hoist a cup …. but this is just not the way it should happen

    This should have been a Blues win

    George ….. I’m with you …. how in hell? How in Holy Hannah? How? How? How? could they miss that …. and then give him an assist on it!!!!

    Let the best team win

    • Despite my selfish wish for SJ to go the finals AND re-sign Karlsson (Ottawa would get an additional 1st round pick next year if that happens) I have St. Loo as my “dark horse” team to win it all – but NO horse – even a dark one – can win if it’s hobbled.

      That was just a joke – and as you say they even gave an assist to the hand-passer so someone had to have seen the play! Bloody joke.

      • Terrible call .There has been alot of them this year. I don’t see draft picks helping Ottawa anyway. They have traded a playoff team away.

      • It is what it is Vinnie. No sense living in the past. That’s for idiots. A revamp has to start somewhere and a # 1 pick added to the 17 picks they have over the next two years can’t hurt when making deals. Otherwise, why not just rescind the franchise – along with others that have been at or near the bottom a helluva lot longer than Ottawa.

      • Gee George you seem to be sensitive. I just am commenting on what I have seen happening in Ottawa lately.

      • So was I. But your statement that “I don’t see draft picks helping Ottawa” seemed to be an unnecessary dig because anyone who has even a gram of hockey knowledge knows that the ONLY way back to respectability is to draft well and to do that the more picks the better. I assume you see that as well.

      • I understand know, only your opinion matters.

      • Don’t try and pull that BS on me. It’s been tried before. I respect everyone’s honest opinion and have always defended that basic principle. What I see, however, is anyone who attempts to downgrade ANY team without a basis in fact. And anyone who takes that juvenile route with a moronic comment like “I don’t see draft picks helping Ottawa anyway” is either a s”-disturber just for the sake of stirring up some s*^t, or they don’t have a clue. Which one are you?

        Maybe you’re EdVanImpe

      • Wow. You’re some kind of special. From now on I will say. ” George may I say “

      • George. May I say that vinnie is coming off as a steamy pile right now?

      • Don’t worry I understand not to say anything about the Ottawa Senators. I will not talk about them anymore.

      • Is your (really hot) girlfriends biological clock ticking right now?

      • Dammit all, I don’t care if someone wants to voice criticism of the senators – I do it all the time. They’ve certainly invited legitimate criticism over and over with some of their actions and statements – especially the owner.

        But to just come out and say flat out “I don’t see draft picks helping Ottawa anyway. They have traded a playoff team away” is either legitimate ignorance of the game or a deliberate attempt to stir the pot. Hell, the “playoff team they traded away” (I assume he means Duchene, Stone, Karlsson and Dzingel” helped them to one from the bottom a year ago and, except for Karlsson who left before the season began, were on their way to helping them go even lower this year when dealt.

        Maybe the 17 picks they have (with the possibility of 2 more firsts) don’t ultimately help them back to respectability – but they sure as hell weren’t headed up without those chances.

        It’s pretty basic stuff. If they screw up along the way then, by all means, criticize. I sure will.

    • And they will be golfing as soon as Boston runs them over…

      Bad officiating has not been just a playoff problem this year, It’s been a problem many games during the season.

      Until the NHL decides to embrace the visual advantages the viewer has, it will remain an issue…

    • Best team did win.

  3. just bad and shocking….expand replay though?…..get rid of it except to review if puck crossed the goal line!…enough already

  4. This has been a year where controversial calls have dominated once too often ; especially in these playoffs.

    I wonder if the announcement in October of 2018, that MGM Resorts Int’l would become the NHL’s Official Sports Wagering Partner has any bearing on what we are now seeing and what the Refs apparently aren’t seeing !

  5. Hmmm I didn’t see it. I went to bed, sloppy boring hockey. Perhaps Maradona could give some insight as to how the pass was made.

  6. How about Jonathan Drouin even up for Ghost? Anyone think that could work? Or Andrew Shaw and a 2nd? I

    • Why would the Habs make either of those deals? To what end?

  7. A suggestion that is out there is give the coaches get 2 challenges per game, on anything in the rule book.
    Give them another one in OT.
    The issue seems to be the speed of the game and the traffic that obstructs the views of officials.
    The multiple camera angles available remove those limitations we humans have 95% of the time.
    If you want to add a 2 minute delay of game penalty to challenges that fail to prevent shot in the dark horse challenges, go ahead. A max of 4 challenges per regulation game won’t slow it down too much, and even if it does it is preferred to this mess.
    All goals should be reviewed to see if it crossed the line automatically when close, no challenge required.

  8. How many gift games and series wins are the Sharks going to be given? They should be golfing not playing hockey this is embarrassing everyone in the rink saw the hand pass but the 4 stripes saw nothing. I knew they wouldn’t call a penalty with two minutes to play but wow they have been terrible in this years playoffs

    • The sharks deserved a call in their favour, St. Louis got away with so much they shouldn’t have made it to ot! They aren’t saying anything about the missed calls that went in their favour are they?

      • The missed calls are not the issue. this was a scoring play that decided an important game. The integrity of the sport is mandatory, the overruling guideline must always be get the scoring play RIGHT. If a scoring play is allowed to stand that is 100 % wrong, as this one was, you do not have a creditable sporting event.

  9. I am just getting sick of after every goal the ipads come out and everyone is checking, looking for anything they can find for a review….I don’t even get excited anymore after a goal until the puck is dropped….

  10. As a Sharks fan I feel the correct call on the ice was made. The NHL would never miss such an important call. I find no flaw in any of the officiating.

    • Heh. Yeah, right.

    • Are you enjoying your vacation on Mars?

  11. You know the review system is flawed when you can review to see if a player is offside by a millimeter, but can’t review a hand pass that resulted directly to a OT goal.

    • The GAME is flawed!

  12. So proud to be a Bruins fan class organization with class players in Chara and Bergie we trust.