NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 18, 2019

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Blues tie Western Conference Final at two games apiece, John Davidson returns to the Rangers, Stanley Cup Final schedule released, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee Headlines. 

NHL.COM: The St. Louis Blues held off the San Jose Sharks 2-1 to tie the Western Conference Final at two games apiece. Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington made 29 saves while Ivan Barbashev and Tyler Bozak were the St. Louis goal scorers. Tomas Hertl replied for San Jose. There’s concern over the status of Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson, who spent a significant amount of time on the bench in the third period in obvious discomfort. 

San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson appeared to be hampered by an injury during a Game 4 loss to the St. Louis Blues in the Western Conference Final (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a solid bounce-back by the Blues from their controversial loss in Game 3. Binnington once again displayed his remarkable ability to shake off a tough loss with a strong follow-up performance.

As for Karlsson, we’ll learn more about his status between now and Game 5 on Sunday afternoon in San Jose. If it’s his nagging groin injury flaring up it could have consequences for the Sharks in this series. 

The 2019 Stanley Cup Final will begin on Monday, May 27 in Boston as the Bruins host either the Sharks or Blues. 

NEW YORK POST: John Davidson stepped down as president of hockey operations for the Columbus Blue Jackets to take the same position with the New York Rangers. Davidson spent most of his NHL playing career with the Rangers and was their lead analyst on national broadcasts for 19 years. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how Davidson’s hiring affects the Rangers’ rebuild.

TSN: The NHL’s unrestricted free agent interview period begins on June 23 at 12:01 am ET. The restricted free agent contact period begins three days later on June 26. “During the period, pending free agents will be able to meet with prospective teams, but are not permitted to discuss contract details. The NHL’s free agency period will open on July 1 at noon ET.”

SPORTSNET:  Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Igor Ozhiganov signed with KHL club AK Bars Kazan.

ARIZONA SPORTS: Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun donated $10,000.00 to The New Foundation, “a local foundation that focuses on mental health awareness.”


  1. I do wonder also if Karlsson’s groin injury, should that be what the current problem is, and the time missed this season, will have an adverse effect on his pending UFA status come July 01

    • I have always felt that the best contract offer that Karlsson’s apt to receive – in terms of money and term was the one he rejected from Dorion ($80 mil over 8 years). I just can’t see any team taking a long-term (7 years) chance at anything north of $10 mil.

      • @ George..Ya I agree. The one he rejected was and is likely, the best he was ever going to be offered.

        Question is now, its not his skills, but his health and whether a team wants to invest long term in him for serious $. Its too bad this is all happening in his contract year as its clear that whatever is ailing him is definitely affecting his play.

      • Yin’s all severely overestimate the ability of nhl gms to practice restraint of any kind.

      • That factor isn’t overlooked by me – but since they’ve been burned so often by knee-jerk offers you have to think that the lesson has finally seeped through even the dumbest skull. And there are less and less of the Mike Milburys and Craig MacTavishes of the world as the the trend seems to be headed towards the more pragmatic and deep-thinker types like Yzerman, Dubas, Sweeney, Shero, Poile, Rutherford, Chayka, Sakic, Bergevin and a few others.

      • Again George… why would you think that. Name me an off season that remotely suggests that… in the nhl at least. Until we see an off season like mlb had I’ll stick with “they gonna get paid”.

      • Oh. The list. Yserman I’m taking a mulligan on due to his situation in Florida. But Dubas. Marleau. Sweeney. Backes. Shero dunno. Poile. Turris Rutherford johnson horny. Chaka. Dunno but it might not be for lack of trying. Sakic. Dunno. Bergevin alzner. Price too.

        When an nhl star or even just good playerssit out because they ain’t getting the money they want in nhl then I’ll buy it

      • Put it down to wishful thinking.

  2. I always chuckle when there is a discussion re the Free agent “interview “ period … allowed to talk but can’t discuss contract details …. hmmmmm…. nope not buying that one

    I can just imagine them speaking out loud about the fine merits of the city and weather and organization while silently passing hand written notes (with $ and term ) between each other

    Silence ain’t happening 😁

    …. off to do the shopping /errands etc etc now; won’t be able to read/post back ‘till later in the day

    • Pengy;I don’t think leaving a paper trail would be a good idea.

      • Isn’t it ridiculous that teams are allowed to talk with pending free agents but supposedly not about contract terms? Just ridiculous and why is it a problem anyway? Players and teams need to know where they stand leading up to July 1 – the day when GMs around the league lose their minds.
        By the way, Chrisms, it was wise old Lou Lamoriello who signed Patrick Marleau. A parting gift perhaps?
        I think the MLB scenario is coming soon to the NHL – the salary cap will force teams to be more disciplined.
        Having said that, if ever there was a summer for offer sheets, this is it.

      • Hi BW

        I’m sure they diligently chew and swallow the napkins they write on 😂

        The whole thing is a crock

        They all do it

    • Pengy s shopping list

      Juicy juice
      Jamaican jerky
      Jelly’s and jam
      Jumbo jalapeños

      • Hi Chrisms

        At shopping picked up

        Case of Jagua Jam

        A bunch of Juarez Jícamas

        4 boxes of JuJubes

        6 boxes of Jumping Jelly beans

        A pound of Jalapeno Jimmy Dean sausages

        I bought some Japanese Jasmine perfume for my wife

        …. and for my Garden; 20 Johannesburg Junipers

        For our cookout tonight we’re having Jamaican Jambalaya

      • 😁

    • Totally agree Pengy – I always chuckled at that initial 5-year, $37.5 mil contract Chara signed as a UFA with Boston on 1 July 2006, announced as soon as the TV coverage began. And we were to believe that all this had been hammered out in that short span.

      • Hi George…. yep

        Big Z isn’t the only player to have his contract announced in the 1st 10 minutes after the opening on July 1st… all those contracts miraculously negotiated; signed ; sent to NHL head office; AND approved …. in less than 30 minutes …. absolutely the discuss term and $’s ….who are they trying to kid

  3. Well now that St Louis tied series let’s see what miss or horrible call goes to Sharks in game 5. Let me guess in OT San Jose wins with a 5-3 power play with a horrible first call and then when St Louis down one man they clear puck over glass and it has to be called.